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Princess & The Pirates


In the sheltered cove the two landing boats touched the
sand at the same time, about a hundred yards apart. Although
the two pirate crews had met to trade, they still regarded
each other warily. The landing parties approached slowly,
watching for signs of betrayal. Still, the men were reasonably
confident, as confident as anyone could be when dealing
with thieving scum. These two ships had met on this Caribbean
island many times before, and the transactions had always
been mutually satisfactory. The leaders of each party
talked for a while, showed each other their wares, and agreements
were reached.

Finally, the Spaniard said, "We have something else.
Something we know your Captain is fond of."

"All right, let's see, " answered the
First Mate of the French brigand.

The Spaniard raised his hand and a crewman approached from
the rowboat carrying a sack. What could this be, the Frenchman
thought? Too big for treasure - maybe a hundredweight of
fresh fruit? He reached the trading party and placed the
sack on the ground. Untying the cord he turned it over and
pulled away the dirty canvas. On the sand sat a beautiful
woman of about twenty years. She was dressed in the gown
of a young Spanish lady, obviously one of some wealth. She
squinted in the sunlight, blinking while her eyes adjusted
from the darkness of the sack.

The French pirate knew Captain Renoir would be pleased,
but he hid his eagerness in order to improve his bargaining

"Well, I suppose she might be worth something. If
your men haven't ruined her!"

"Untouched, " the Spaniard assured him. "I
swear we have kept her away from all the men. There were plenty
of other women in the captured ship for our pleasure. This
one was so fine we saved her for a trade."

Jean-Pierre knew his Captain liked them with their spirit
unbroken. He preferred that happy task himself. A price
was agreed upon and the men shared a drink of rum to end their
trading session. Isabella Theresa Alonzo de la Vega, beautiful
young Spanish noblewoman, was now the property of the French
pirate ship "The Golden Sword".

Back at the ship the French Captain greeted the precious
cargo with appreciation. She stood on the deck, averting
her eyes as he walked around her and took in her lovely features.
As he moved, his gold earring sparkled in the sunlight.
She was petite, no more than a couple of inches over five
feet, with a slender waist, ample breasts and full hips.
The young aristocrat seemed tiny next to the hulking pirates.

"This one is very special. I shall keep her in my cabin, "
he said to his First Mate.

Suddenly the beauty looked up at the Captain, defiance
flashing in her dark eyes.

"Never!" she spat. "I will never give
myself to you, pig!"

"Wonderful!" The Captain grinned. "Filled
with Spanish spirit, like a true thoroughbred!"

"Pig! Dog!" she yelled at him. "The King
will hang you all!"

A burst of laughter from the crew told her that these men
did not fear the Spanish crown.

"You do not wish to be my personal companion?"
mocked the Captain. He was handsome in a rough way, with
long hair and a goatee beard.

Her cold stare was his answer.

"Fine. But I assure you that by the time we are finished
you will beg me to take you."

"Never! I will die first!"

"That will not be necessary. You will change your
mind long before that."

Although she was outwardly defiant, her confidence was
beginning to waiver. What torture did he have in mind for
her? Would they whip her? She had never suffered real hardship,
and could only hope her resolve would remain unbroken.
Educated in a convent, she had been raised with images of
martyrs suffering horrible tortures for their faith.
Since she was a girl she had imagined that if called upon
to do so, she too would remain faithful to the end. She was
determined to endure any torture for her virtue. But there
was one more possibility.

"The king will pay handsomely for my safe return, "
she said, trying to keep a note of pleading out of her voice.

Captain Renoir laughed, shattering her last hope. "I
have a ship full of treasure. Ransom means nothing to me.
You are the treasure I seek."

He stepped back and the First Mate came forward. Grabbing
her slender wrists he quickly tied a piece of rope around
them and secured it to a black iron ring above her head on
the mast. The crew was silent as they stared at the bound
woman. Her eyes were clenched tightly shut as she avoided
their hungry gazes. The Mate pulled a dagger from his belt
and began to cut her elegant brocade gown away from her trembling
body. In minutes she stood before them in her corset and
pantaloons, shame flushing her face crimson. The mounds
of her generous bosom bulged from the tight corset. Reaching
to her head he pulled out the ivory comb that held her long
black hair in a knot. The radiant tresses tumble free, shiny
and thick.

With both her hands bound to a single ring, the Mate easily
turned her around so her face was to the mast. The crew looked
at her straight back, criss-crossed with the laces of her
corset. The Mate pulled his cutlass and slowly, gently
inserted the sharp blade up her back under the tight laces.
As the cold steel slid along her smooth skin she shuddered
and a soft whimper escaped her throat. With a single jerk
of his arm the razor-sharp sword sliced through the laces
and her corset fell to the deck. She was bare from the waist
up; her perfect smooth back exposed to the crew.

What now? she thought. Is he going to whip me? If he does I
will not cry out. Holy Mary please give me strength! She
was grateful that her back was to the men, hiding her bare

But even that small consolation was short-lived. The Mate
grabbed her arm and spun her around, and suddenly she was
facing the evil pirate crew, her perfect, proud breasts
completely exposed to their stares. She heard gasps of
appreciation from within the crowd, but she kept her eyes
clenched shut, unable to look at them. Against her will,
her smooth pink areolas had begun to pucker, and her nipples
were hardening.

Oh, God, no, she thought. Don't let them see my nipples
getting hard! It's just the cool air, she lied to herself.

The Mate looked down at the snowy mounds of flesh and grinned.

"What's this?" the Captain mocked. "Her
nipples are getting hard. Is it possible our proud beauty
is actually becoming aroused?"

With that he reached out and grasped one of the sensitive
nubs between his thumb and forefinger. She gasped, and
her knees sagged, pulling on the rope securing her wrists
to the iron ring. He rolled the tip of her breast between
his fingers, as if judging a piece of fine silk.

"Bring the brazier, " he ordered. "And
put the branding irons in the coals."

Her eyes shot open wide at the words, and she was looking
directly into the cruel eyes of the Captain.

Oh, Jesus, no. They can't do that, please don't
let them do that!

"That will be for later, my dear. If it is necessary."
His threat gave her hope that she could avoid the searing
pain of the branding iron.

Now the Mate took out his dagger again and began to slice
away her pantaloons. The final piece of her dignity would
soon be gone. As he yanked away the shreds of white linen
her ivory thighs were bared. She squeezed her knees tightly
together, hoping to protect her sex. The men stared at the
silken fur of her mound, many beginning to breathe more
rapidly. The gorgeous captive, bound and completely naked
before them except for her high-heeled shoes, was a profoundly
stimulating sight.

Captain Renoir reached down and forced his hand between
her thighs. Though she pressed them together with all her
might, he pushed them open as easily as parting a silken
curtain. She was trembling like a frightened bird, but
whether from fear or from arousal he couldn't tell.
He knew that once in a great while they were fortunate enough
to acquire a female captive who was unable to keep from becoming
aroused by her captivity. Years of sheltered denial and
thoughts of suffering martyrs sometimes produced a woman
who secretly craved the humiliation of being sexually
tormented in front of the crew. And if this was such a woman,
she was certainly the most beautiful one he had seen. The
final proof was only inches away.

Sliding his hand up the silken skin of her inner thigh, he
approached her sex. She was whimpering now, pleading with

"Please, no. Oh please don't! I beg you, sir,
have mercy. I am a virgin."

He ignored her pleas, and his rough hand reached the junction
of her thighs. He cupped her sex and she cried out. He pressed,
and his finger slipped along the tight furrow. He had his
proof. The haughty Spanish virgin was betrayed by the soaking
wetness of her cleft.

Withdrawing his hand, still staring into her eyes, he reached
back and held his hand up for them to see. As the men saw the
dew on his fingers glistening in the Caribbean sunlight,
a mighty cheer rose from the pirate crew.

Tears rolled down the cheeks of the vanquished beauty and
fell onto the glistening swells of her naked breasts.

The First Mate untied her hands from the ring and lifted
her easily, carrying her to a nearby hatch cover that could
serve as a platform. Placing the squirming young woman
on the surface he gestured to several crew to grab her wrists
and ankles and hold her down. They pulled her legs apart,
revealing her glistening slit to the staring pirates.
Her sex was covered with fine silky dark hair, and the tight
crack was shiny with her juices.

Hanging from his belt was a leather pouch and a long wide
leather strap. He withdrew an ivory-handled razor from
the pouch and opened the blade. With expert strokes he sharpened
the blade on the strap. When the captive girl heard the sound
she looked up, saw the blade sparkling in the sun and gasped,

"Dear Jesus, what are you going to do?"

Jean-Pierre bent over the girl and pinched a clump of her
pubic fur in his thumb and forefinger.

"Don't move, my dear, or you may get cut."

Isabella froze in fear as her used the razor to slice away
the clump of hair. He continued to cut away her hair until
her mound and pussy lips were covered only by short stubble.
He then sharpened the blade on the strap again and reached
for a shaving mug and brush. Whipping up a lather he spread
it over her virgin pussy, taking extra time to stroke the
soft brush up and down her slit. A barely audible moan escaped
her lips. He then used the razor to expertly shave the last
of the pubic hair from the darling girl. Wiping away the
last of the lather with some shreds of her pantaloons, he
stepped back to admire his work. Her beautiful young pussy
was completely bare and smooth. Her sex was fully exposed
to the stares of the men, without even her hair to provide

Jean-Pierre gestured to one of the crew, who then carried
over a device like a wooden sawhorse used by the ship's
carpenter. On this one, however, the long bar that connected
the legs was covered in padded leather. They lifted the
shaved girl and lowered her onto the device lengthwise,
so that she was straddling the bar. Her feet just reached
the ground, so that she was forced to stand on her toes in
her high-heeled shoes. This raised her bottom so that it
was high in the air and her back was arched like a cat. Her
firm breasts hung down on either side of the bar. He grasped
her wrists and tied each one to a wooden leg. Her tear-stained
cheek rested on the leather-covered bar. The pirate then
lifted the frame with the bound beauty and positioned it
so that her raised behind was facing the gathered crew.
Sounds of whimpering were heard as she protested weakly.

The Captain ran his hands over her perfect arse-cheeks,
and he felt a shudder pass through her body. Gently he pulled
the globes apart, opening her up to the stares of the lusting
pirate crew. He pulled harder, and the lips of her hairless
virgin sex parted to reveal the glistening furrow within.
It was soaking wet, filled with the copious flow from her
aroused pussy.

"Take a good look, men. Our little beauty may protest,
but her pussy tells the truth!"

"No, please! I can't help it! I don't want
you to touch me. Please don't, I beg you, please let
me be!" She twisted her head, and was able to look back
at the crew. When she saw the hungry stares of more than a
score of ruthless men she groaned in shame and defeat. Her
most private secret place was opened to their gazes, and
they could see that she was dripping wet. The inner membranes
glistened, and they could see the delicate little bump
of her sweet clit, sheltered in its pink hood. The entrance
to her vagina was spread open, the hole barely protected
by the fragile petal of her virgin hymen. As the pathetic
moan escaped her full, red lips, they saw a trickle of her
cream escape the secret depths of her vagina and run down
the exposed flesh to drip from her twitching clit.

Captain Renoir reached for the shimmering droplet as it
hung from her open pussy and caught it on his finger. He then
lightly touched the wet flesh and slid his finger up the
furrow, spreading the slippery juice over her hairless
lips. No man had ever touched her there, and she could not
stop the low moan that issued from deep in her heaving chest.
He slid around in the wetness, brushing over her tiny pee-hole
and finally touching her screaming clit. Her whole body
jerked as if shocked when he touched her clit, and she groaned
again. His finger skated over the virgin pussy-hole, and
then spread the wetness up to the tiny crinkled bud of her
arsehole. A sudden gasp from the lovely virgin testified
to the shock and surprise she felt at having him touch her
rear hole.

"Oh, no, sir! I beg you, you must not touch me there!"
she cried.

Renoir ignored her pleas and gently ran his finger back
and forth from her tiny anus to her twitching clit, spreading
her sweet pussy flow along her slit and between her rounded
arse-cheeks. Her pussy had become swollen and red, the
lips parting wide and the inner petals blossoming open.
A ribbon of feminine secretion ran from her tight hole,
over her throbbing clit and collected in a viscous puddle
on the leather of the bondage device. He dipped his finger
in the puddle and carried the juice up to her tiny, tight
anal pucker. He deposited it on the crinkled rosebud, and
repeated the process several times, until her arsehole
was thickly coated with her pussy cream. He then rubbed
his thick finger against the clenched opening, causing
her to moan and cry out. He pressed forward, but her arse
was too tight to admit his finger. He rubbed her slit some
more, prodding and pummelling her tiny clitoris to arouse
her and relax her arse. She was moaning continuously now,
unable to hide her growing passion. Once more her pressed
his finger against her arsehole, and this time it slowly
began to yield, the tip of his finger entering her darkest
nether opening.

"No…please…not there…it is a sin…oooohhhhhh…aahhhhhhhh…please
stop…mmmmmmmm…oohhh YES!…NO…NO…I MEAN NOOOO!!!"

Slowly his finger slid in, aided by the lubrication of her
own juices. He waited for her anal muscles to relax, and
then slid more of his finger up her tight arse. Finally her
snug arse tunnel was squeezing several inches of his finger.
He started to move it out, causing her to cry out, then slid
it back in. As her tiny anus began to adjust to the intrusion,
he sawed the finger in and out in a steady rhythm, finger-fucking
the captive virgin beauty in the arse. She continued moaning,
getting louder and no longer caring who could hear. Suddenly
her hips began to move in little circles. She shoved back
on the finger, using her toes for leverage.

"By the balls of Satan, " exclaimed one pirate,
"she likes it!"

"Look at the little harlot fuck back!"

"NO…NO…NO…it's not my fault! I can't help
it! Please stop, please!" she cried. But all the while
that she was protesting, she was rotating her hips and shoving
her arse back to meet the invading finger. Renoir rubbed
his finger along the slick, smooth lining of her rectum,
electrifying her nervous system. With his other hand he
reached for a hanging breast and pinched the long hard nipple
between thumb and forefinger, pulling on the breast tip.

He withdrew his finger, and the bound captive girl wiggled
her arse to urge him back. Little whimpering pleas escaped
her full red lips. But he did not neglect her for long, as
his fingers returned to stroke her hairless open pussy
lips, rubbing the juice along her crack and probing the
entrance to her virgin pussy. He pressed against the fragile
membrane that guarded her virtue, but by now she was so aroused
that she no longer feared the loss of her precious maidenhead.
To distract her, he pinched her nipple harder and twisted
her breast tip, and as the crew of brutal pirates watched
intently, Captain Renoir quickly thrust his finger forward,
deflowering the sweet princess in an instant. She let out
a sudden gasp as the moment of pain got her attention, but
it passed quickly as her uncontrollable lust washed over
her. His thick finger was inside her virgin tunnel, and
she loved the sensation. He twisted it around, loosening
her up and stimulating the young woman. For a brief instant
she realized that she was no longer a virgin, but she had
ceased to care some time ago. She was so aroused by her helplessness,
by her naked exposure to the stares of these evil men, that
she only wanted to be used and degraded.

While he finger-fucked the bound virgin, he loosened his
pants with the other hand. As the Captain moved to her head
he nodded to another pirate, Jacques, who took over fingering
the girl's heated slit. Renoir withdrew his large
erect cock and held it in front of her face, and her eyes widened
at the site. She had never seen a man's penis before,
erect or not. Although she had imagined it, this was many
times larger than anything she had dreamt of. She stared,
mesmerized by the pulsating organ. Clear fluid was leaking
from the hole, dripping off the end and collecting around
the collar of his foreskin. Rather than be sickened by the
sight, she was fascinated by it. She found herself wondering
what it would taste like, how it would feel in her mouth.

"My God, what is wrong with me? Have I become a whore?"
she thought. Realizing that she would never return to her
life as a princess, that she was going to be used in every
filthy way by these outlaws and would become the crew's
woman, she thought that in a sense she was a whore now. And
aren't whores woman who enjoy carnal pleasures, who
yearn for a man's hard organ? This is what she had been
taught by the nuns. The very hopelessness of her situation
added to her arousal. The fact that she had no choice, that
this was being forced on her somehow gave her the freedom
to surrender to her lust. Unable to stop herself, she opened
her mouth and stuck out her tongue, reaching for the dripping
organ. She heard laughs of derision from the crew.

"Look, the little slut wants his cock!"

"She wants to suck it, the whore!"

"Captain, give the wench what she wants! Stick it
in her mouth!"

Renoir moved closer, so that his cock was inches from the
straining tongue. He let her have just a quick lick and pulled
away. The brief taste of musky man meat was like a drug to
the innocent girl. The taste of his pre-cum assaulted her
tongue and she thrust it out and wiggled it, begging for
more. He continued to tease her, letting her taste it and
then pulling away. Meanwhile her pussy was melting around
the other man's finger, and she finally snapped, losing
all control.

"Please, I beg of you, sir! Put it in my mouth. Let me
suck it, let me taste your member!"

"You mean my cock? Then say it! Beg me to FUCK you in
the mouth with my COCK!"

"Please, I cannot. I have never said such words! Just
let me, please!"

"Sorry, my dear, not unless you ask the right way!"

A moment passed while she resisted, but it was useless.
Finally she cried out,

"Yes, all right! I can't stand it! Please fuck
my mouth with your cock! There I've said it! Cock…cock…fuck…fuck...fuck
my mouth! Shove that big hot cock in my mouth and let me suck

He responded by doing just what she asked. He shoved his
hard dick into the girl's open mouth. Her lips closed
around the head, and her tongue frantically licked the
pre-cum from under the collar of his gathered foreskin.
She was surprised by how hot and silky it felt in her mouth,
and she wanted to touch it with her fingers, to feel his ball
sack hanging below, to pump the shaft. But her hands were
still bound to the torture device, and he thrust in and out,
fucking her mouth. The pirate seemed to read her mind, because
just then he took out his big knife and cut the ropes holding
her wrists. With her hands free she grasped the big rod,
stroking it and pumping the shaft while the leaking head
filled her mouth. Pirate pre-cum and her own saliva dripped
from her lips and down her chin.

"By Davy Jones, she's a natural-born cocksucker!"
exclaimed one pirate.

Isabella sucked frantically, drunk with the musky flavour
of hot prick and cock juice. Captain Renoir pulled his dick
out of her sucking mouth and Jacques pulled his finger from
her tight virgin pussy so the Captain could bestow the first
fuck upon the lust-crazed princess. Suddenly empty at
both ends, she whined and pleaded,

"No…no…please…don't leave me! I need you in
me, fill me, please!"

Then she felt the Captain rub his cock along her gushing
hairless pussy crease. At first she thought it was his finger
again, and she moaned in pleasure as the probe bumped over
her raw clit several times. But she became aware that whatever
was the source of the delicious friction was larger than
his finger, and she realized it must be his manhood just
as he pressed it against the virgin opening. She held her
breath as he pushed forward, her tiny orifice resisting
the rude intrusion. But he pressed harder, and slowly the
enormous head began to stretch the tight pussy. The hole
expanded until the wide rim of Renoir's throbbing
dickhead popped inside the whimpering girl's untouched
vaginal canal.

"Oh...OH MY!…oh sweet lord! Holy Mary Mother of God!"
the devout young princess was babbling and praying as the
massive instrument entered her body a millimetre at a time.
He moved steadily forward until her snug vagina was filled
with hard pirate dick. Then he stopped and waited for her
pussy to adjust to the intrusion. But pussies are made to
take cocks, and Isabella's was no exception. Slowly
the tight canal expanded and Renoir began to slide out a
few centimetres, then back in. His strokes got longer,
and almost imperceptibly Isabella began to push back to
meet his thrusts. With each stroke she let out a tiny moan,
and he soon was sliding the full length of his rock hard fuck-stick
into the hot girl's trembling body. She was now shoving
back hard, trying to get him as deep as possible. The big
purple head of his dick was bumping against her virgin cervix
and the feeling made her even crazier with lust.

Jacques had been pumping his engorged prick, and now he
was ready to use her mouth. He moved closer and she opened
her lips without hesitation as he slid into her hot oral
cavity. The virgin princess was now filled with cock at
both ends while the pirate crew looked on. Most of them had
their pricks out and were stroking them while they watched.
Renoir placed his hands on Isabella's perfect firm
round arse cheeks and spread them open, exposing her puckered
arsehole and giving the men a clear view of his juice-covered
dick stretching her pussy. With each thrust the young woman's
glistening labia pushed in, and with each outstroke the
tight flesh pulled out, clinging to his fat cock.

Unable to resist any longer, the men gathered around the
once-proud princess. Rough hands were all over her silken
body, feeling her big breasts, pinching her nipples, stroking
her arse, even probing her hairless puckered anus. She
loved it. Wild with repressed fuck-need and masochistic
lust, she revelled in her degradation.

Jacques was now close to cumming, and the innocent girl
was in for a new surprise. His thrusts into her sucking mouth
became faster, but she had no clue as to what was about to
happen. Suddenly she felt his already huge member expand,
further stretching her lips. Then he thrust forward into
her wet mouth and froze, and a thick bolt of hot pirate cum
shot from his dickhead and filled her throat. The smell
of hot sperm filled her nostrils as the puzzled sweetheart
realized that this must be his seed. Her lips were stretched
so closely around the massive cock that it formed a tight
seal and none of the hot slime could escape. She had no choice
but to swallow as the hot juice poured from his dick. To her
surprise she loved the taste, and gulped it down eagerly.
Jacques pulled his spurting dick from her mouth, thick
cum pouring from her lips. He pumped his cock, and she stared
wide-eyed as the tiny slit opened and another rope of white
jizz shot from the end of his penis and into her open lips.
She was thrilled at being able to watch the seed shoot from
his prick and still have it in her mouth so she could gulp
it down. Another spurt landed on her lips, and another across
her delicate nose and soft cheek. A seemingly endless supply
of jizz shot from his big cock and splattered the lovely
face of the innocent princess. Whatever landed in her mouth
she swallowed, but much of it covered her aristocratic
features, dripping from her nose, lips and chin.

While Jacques was still cumming, another of the pirates
who had been pumping his dick and feeling her tits also began
to cum. He aimed at her face, and suddenly two big hard dicks
were shooting jizz on her face and into her mouth. She didn't
even flinch, she just held her lips open and swallowed the
mixed sperm as it coated her tongue and filled her mouth.

The Captain was ready for something else, so when the men
finished cumming on the girl's pretty face he pulled
out of her pussy. Cum sprayed from her mouth as she blubbered
through sperm-covered lips,

"No, don't! Please don't stop! I want you
in me!"

Ignoring her pleas he used his knife to cut the ropes that
still bound her ankles to the bondage frame, and lifted
her off. He carried her as if she were weightless over to
the raised hatch cover where she had been shaved. Someone
had covered it with a pile of blankets to make a softer surface,
and as he dropped the whimpering princess on top her large
firm breasts jiggled and swayed. He pushed her legs apart,
but he didn't need to force them. She spread her legs
open eagerly, waiting for him to re-enter her dilated pussy.
Her shaved crotch was covered with a combination of her
own juice and pirate pre-cum. She was wet from her belly
to the middle of her glistening thighs. Her face was covered
with jizz, and she was using her fingers to push the gobs
of cum from her cheeks into her mouth, sucking the musky
juice from her fingers and swallowing it. She thrust one
sperm-covered hand down to her spread pussy and rubbed
at her inflamed clit button.

Men surrounded her, some holding her wrists, while others
held her ankles and pulled her legs back. This raised her
arse, displaying her wet pussy and tiny arsehole. Renoir
positioned himself at her raised crotch, smacking her
open pussy with his long hard on, torturing the hopelessly
aroused darling girl. He slid the cock along her crack from
her clit to her arsehole, up and down until she was begging.

"Please don't make me wait, put it in! Fuck me,
please! I want you in me…please, in me!"

He stopped sliding around in her open crotch, and she thought
finally he would fuck her. But she was puzzled because the
head of his dick was resting at her back hole, not her pussy
hole. Had he made a mistake? Surely he couldn't intend

"OH GOD NO!! You can't! STOP! IT WON'T FIT!"

But he had already begun to push his big cock into her arse.
She shrieked and tried to pull free, but the men held her
tightly as he forced his cock into her tiny virgin rectum.
When she felt it slide into her behind she had held her breath,
expecting to be torn open. But the finger-fucking he had
done earlier had loosened her sphincter, and because of
that and the copious quantity of juice that had run from
her pussy and into her arse crack, his dick entered her arse
with less trouble than it might have. As when he fucked her
pussy, he held still and waited for the flesh to stretch
and accommodate his girth. When she realized she was not
going to be torn open, she began to breathe again. The pain
was intense at first, but slowly her arse tunnel relaxed
and the pain was replaced with a full feeling. Now he began
to move, slowly at first. She noticed that it was not hurting
at all now; in fact there was a strange stimulating feeling.
It was different than the feeling when he had fucked her
pussy, but not bad. The men stopped holding her, and she
put her hands behind her knees and held her own legs back.
Tentatively she began to push back as his strokes became

"Oh God", she thought, "I'm being
fucked in my bottom in front of a crew of filthy pirates!"
This thought was actually stimulating to her and she became
more aroused as he picked up his pace and started to saw in
and out of her packed bottom. "Oh sweet Jesus, "
she thought, "I like it! God help me I like it!"

Out loud she began to gasp out encouragement,

"Oh, yes! Do it! Fuck my tight arse! Fuck me hard!"

Renoir was fucking her hard, using the beautiful girl's
arse like a pussy. He began to cum, and his cock swelled and
shot a huge wad of steaming hot cum into her arse tunnel.
She screamed,

"Oh God, yes! Shoot that hot seed into my arse! Fuck
me like a whore!"

He pulled out and held his squirting dick at the entrance
to her arse. The hole was stretched open, gaping wide and
unable to close. The men stared in disbelief as he pumped
the open pit full of white-hot jizz.

"Yes!" screamed the sweet girl, "Fill
me…fill my arse with your seed!"

He shoved his cock back into her wide-open arse, fucking
her jizz-filled tunnel.

"My mouth…put it in my mouth! I want to taste it!"

She already knew she loved the taste of male seed, now she
wanted it from her arse. He obliged by pulling out of her
rectum. His dick was still erect, but shrunken just enough
so that the foreskin had slipped halfway over the cockhead.
His prick was covered in the cum from her arse, with a large
quantity trapped under the foreskin. She dropped her legs
and he moved to her head, shoving the dripping organ at her
face. She grasped the base and hungrily licked it all over,
gathering the jizz on her tongue and swallowing noisily.
She concentrated on his foreskin, licking around the loose
collar of skin and working her tongue under the rim to suck
up the trapped jizz. It had the same wonderful scent of maleness
as before, but with the wicked taste of her own arse added.
She had surrendered completely to the most depraved lust,
and wanted more.

She spat out the now clean cock and gasped,

"More. I want more! Do anything you want to me, just
give me more!"

The men lifted her up as one of the pirates lay down on his
back, his erection sticking straight up. They placed her
on top of him and he grabbed his cock and held it at her pussy
as they lowered her down onto it. She immediately began
to hump wildly, fucking herself on his dick. But when he
wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly so that
she couldn't move she was puzzled. Suddenly she felt
someone behind her, and she realized what he was doing.
The pirate behind her placed his cock at her arsehole and
thrust into her wide-stretched arse easily in one move.
She now had two big cocks in her body at once, plunging into
her pussy and lubricated arse. She could feel the thin wall
of flesh that separated the two erect dicks being rubbed
between them. Her whole lower body felt stuffed, and she
loved it, wiggling and thrusting back. She sat up straight
to see three men in front of her, their hard cocks standing
at attention. She grasped one in each hand and looked at
the cock in the middle. The man was a jet black African, and
she eagerly plunged her mouth over his enormous cock, the
girth stretching her red lips to the limit. A few hours ago
she had been an innocent virgin princess, and now here she
was on the deck of a pirate ship with three cocks inside her
body and one in each hand, being fucked like a seasoned harlot
while slurping and sucking like mad on a black cock.

The idea was too much for the innocent girl, and she felt
a sensation she had never experienced. It was her approaching
orgasm, and it hit her completely by surprise. She thought
she might be dying as she began convulsing and spasming.
The black cock was wrenched from her mouth, and her eyes
rolled back in her head as sperm and saliva drooled from
her lips. The rough crew found this amusing, and they laughed
and made derisive comments as she shook and trembled in
her first orgasm ever.

"Look, the harlot spends!"

"What a cunt!"

"Cum, you whore, cum!"

She dimly realized this was yet another wonderful thing
she had not known, and she continued humping the cocks inside
her, drawing out the wonderful spasms. Her orgasmic writhing
caused her vaginal muscles to squeeze and milk the big cock
inside her and brought off the man in her pussy. It was the
first load of male seed to bathe the walls of her tender vagina.
As the hot liquid injection filled her channel and blasted
her cervix, it brought her over the edge of another wracking

"By the cock of the devil, the bitch is cumming again!"

She still had a cock in each hand, jerking the purple rods
while holding onto them for support. She felt them both
begin to jerk, and she opened her eyes in time to see thick
streamers of cum fly from the dickheads and hit her in the
face. She opened her mouth wide, eager to catch the foul
juice on her tongue. It filled her mouth and she swallowed
in big gulps, not wanting to lose any of the precious fluid.
Much of it missed her mouth and draped her face with white
streamers. The African now shoved his massive black cock
back into the defiled princess's dripping mouth and
discharged his colossal balls directly into her throat.
The liquid load filled her gullet faster than she could
swallow, and with her stretched lips sealed around the
coal-black shaft the fluid backed up into her nasal passages
and ran from her nostrils. She pulled her head off his spewing
prick to avoid drowning in the black man's sperm and
the remainder of his load spurted onto her face. As she gasped
for air, the pirate implanted in her arse shot his seed into
her guts, the hot liquid searing the delicate tissues of
her rectal passage.

They pulled their softening cocks from the young noblewoman's
forever-stretched passages and placed the sperm-drenched
aristocrat on her back on the blankets. The pirates gathered
around her, holding her wrists and ankles so that she could
not move. She was still burning with fuck-need, her spread
crotch running with sperm and her own vaginal fluids. Their
cruel faces stared down at her and she wondered what they
were going to do to her next. She wanted them to use her in
the vilest ways possible; she knew she deserved to be degraded
and defiled for her evil lust. She looked up and saw Captain
Renoir looking down at her. He took a piece of her ruined
gown and used it to wipe some of the cum off her breasts. She
thought perhaps he was being kind by trying to clean her
up. His hand felt between her legs and rubbed at her inflamed
clitoris. She whimpered at the stimulation, trying to
hump her hips up to meet the invading fingers. As he rubbed
her clit he called to Jacques,

"Bring me the needles, Jacques, the little slave
is ready for her piercing!"

"No, please, don't hurt me! I'll do whatever
you want!"

The Captain laughed, "Of course you will. You have
already revealed yourself to be a lusty whore. But you cannot
be a member of the crew unless you are pierced."

"My ears are already pierced, sir. I will wear rings
in my ears as you wish."

"Quiet, slut. I will tell you what you will wear."

Isabella looked around at the men and saw they all had pierced
ears with gold hoops, some with several in one ear. Perhaps
he intended to create additional piercings in her ears.

Jacques handed the Captain several needles about four
inches long. They were sharp and thick, used for sewing
the heavy canvas sailcloth. He held one close to her face,
her eyes widened with fear. With a sense of horror she realized
that she was also feeling aroused. How was it possible that
she was stimulated by the idea of being pierced in front
of the evil pirate crew?

"Dear God, " she thought, "is there no
end to my depravity? Truly I deserve to suffer for my sins!"

Her guilty thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Renoir
cupped one of her large breasts in his hand, and pinched
the nipple between his fingers.

"Oh, no! Not that, not my breast! Please, please,

"Hold her tight! Keep her legs spread so we can see
how her pussy reacts to the piercing!"

Her shaved crotch was spread wide. The lips were open and
puffy from her arousal and the fucking she had received.
Her precious clit was red and swollen, protruding from
its little hood for all the pirates to see. He squeezed the
flesh of her breast tip in his fingers and pulled it away
from her body, stretching the nipple and areola. The sweet
captive stared in horror at his hands, unable to look away
as the large needle came closer to the delicate pink flesh
of her bosom. She jerked when the sharp point pricked her
silken skin at the base of her nipple, but they held her down
and she could not move. The Captain pressed the needle slowly
into her flesh, prolonging the torture. The skin broke,
and the needle moved inexorably deeper, burrowing through
her breast tip. She screamed and struggled, but to no avail.
A single drop of her noble blood ran down the swell of her
generous breast and onto her belly as the point of the needle
came out the other side of her flesh. He slid the needle back
and forth, enlarging the hole. The pain was intense, and
she screamed into the Caribbean sky. Suddenly she was seized
with a convulsion, and the men watched in awe as the delicate
princess had an orgasm in front of them from the nipple piercing.
They watched her erect clit twitching rhythmically between
her swollen labia and saw sweet juice squirt from her pussy
and drench her thighs.

"Goddamn, the wench is cumming from the piercing!"

Captain Renoir pulled the needle out of the nipple and inserted
a gold ring into the fresh hole. He moved it around in the
tiny orifice and pulled on it, stretching the beauty's
breast flesh. The cruel Captain reached between her spread
legs and shoved a finger into her pussy, stirring it around
and coating it with her abundant juice. Then he rubbed the
sticky fluid on her other nipple before stretching it away
from her chest and thrusting the needle straight through
the flesh in one sudden move. Unbelievably the abused princess
instantly had yet another wrenching orgasm. He inserted
a gold hoop into this nipple also. Then he took his erect
prick in his hand and moved between her legs. He shoved it
deep into the sobbing girl's still-cumming pussy
in one thrust. It filled her channel and stretched the sweetheart's
pussy lips like tight bands around the shaft. She felt as
though his cock was filling her up to her chest. As he plunged
in and out of her body her engorged clitoris, still twitching
from her orgasm, rubbed along the shaft. He reached for
the rings in her bruised nipples and pulled on them, stretching
her taught flesh and causing more pain. She wrapped her
legs around his hips and pulled him deeper into her screaming
pussy, arching her back and convulsing in a massive continuous
orgasm. As she flung her head from side to side she opened
her eyes and saw the faces of the crew staring in disbelief.
Never had they seen any woman get such pleasure from all
manner of degradation and abuse, let alone a princess!

Captain Renoir began to cum, shooting his prodigious load
of hot seed into the precious girl's squeezing fuck-channel
and filling her innocent womb with jizz. He pulled out,
his giant cock covered in mixed sperm and girl-juice. He
brought it to her face, slimy strings hanging from the twitching
tool. She looked at the Captain's dripping pole and
a deep moan escaped her throat as she grabbed the shaft in
her slender fingers and shoved the head into her mouth.
She sucked hard, and was rewarded with a few more spurts
of cum on her tongue. She swallowed these gratefully then
licked all the slime from her master's cock and swallowed
that too. She lifted the heavy rod and placed her pink princess
tongue on his hanging balls, lapping at his scrotum and
bathing the hairy sac with her saliva.

As she licked the Captain's balls another pirate shoved
his cock in her leaking pussy and quickly added another
load of cum to her collection. Now the crew descended on
her and she was used in every hole repeatedly. She continued
to have orgasm after orgasm, especially in response to
being triple-fucked. Having a cock in her pussy, her arse,
and her sucking mouth all at once was an endless source of
excitement for her. Hours later, when they had finished
with her, she lay on the blankets drenched in sperm. Her
lovely long black hair was a tangled mess, soaked and matted
with jizz. Her belly was full with the huge quantity of pirate
sperm that she had hungrily swallowed, and it ran in a steady
flow from her pussy and arse. The tips of her breasts were
swollen and bruised from the men pulling on the rings in
her freshly pierced nipples. She was slipping around in
a vast pool of pirate jizz that had run off her body and collected
beneath her. With a gesture from the Captain one of the men
threw a bucket of seawater over her as Renoir ordered,

"Clean her up and bring her to my cabin!"

One week later, a lone figure stood on the deck of The Golden
Sword dressed in a red silk blouse, leather boots over the
legs of her black pants, and a golden sash around her slender
waist. Her hair was held in place by the ivory comb she had
worn the day she came aboard. As she looked out over the blue
Caribbean Sea her hand absently touched her breasts through
her blouse. The soreness was gone now and she smiled slightly
as she felt the golden rings and remembered her initiation
as the Captain's woman. Her life of luxury and boredom
as a Spanish Princess was gone forever, replaced by a world
of adventure and lust as a Pirate Queen! Renoir came up beside
her and put his arm around her shoulder and she knew she had
never been so happy in all her life!

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Would love to have been the princess on that ship. Please
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