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Poor Technique



She began tenderly caressing his limp prick. She couldn't
get over how nice and warm the velvety skin felt against
her trembling fingers. His cock reminded her of a warm,
fat worm in her palm as she closed her fingers around his
prick. Giving his cock a loving squeeze as she instinctively
pulled back on his loose foreskin, she was pleased and excited
to see the end of his pink cock-head peeking out.

"Hey, do that again, " he urged, loving the
way Amy was fondling his prick.

"Pull the skin back and forth."

When Amy did as he suggested, he could feel the wild pleasure
streaking up and down his cock. Shit, it felt a million times
better than jacking himself off. Getting hornier by the
second, Jimmy could feel his cock starting to twitch and

"Hey!" she giggled as his cock started to throb
and swell under her caresses.

"It's moving. What's happening?"

"I'm gettin' a hard-on, " he said

Amy stared in amazement as Jimmy's prick swelled bigger
and bigger in her hand. His cock continued throbbing and
growing until his prick was standing up stiff and straight
in her grasp.

"Does it feel good to have a hard-on?" she asked,
thrilled by the way his hot erection was throbbing in her

"Shit, yes!" he exclaimed.

"But it would feel a lot better if you'd slide
the skin back and forth."

Trembling with horny excitement, she took his loose foreskin
between her thumb and forefinger and began peeling it back
down over his stiff cock. Her eyes became larger and larger
as the shiny pink flesh of his protected knob began to appear.
She stared at the little hole on the end of his gleaming cock-head.

Nothing had ever felt so good to him as Amy's fingers
sliding his tightly stretched foreskin back and forth
over the sensitive head of his prick. As the intense pleasure
streaked up and down the length of his hard, cock, thick
bubbles of cum began oozing out from the end of it.

"Is that jizz?" she excitedly asked.

"That's just stuff that leaks out when I get horny, "
he explained.

"Like the cream that's oozing out from between
my legs right now?" asked the wildly-aroused youngster.

"Is stuff leaking out of you?"

"Shit, yes, " Amy giggled.

"I've never been as hot and juicy down there as
I am right now."

"Let me see, " panted Jimmy.

"You promised to let me see your pussy if I showed you
my cock."

"Okay, " she giggled, standing up and quickly
removing her nightie.

Jimmy's prick began throbbing more violently as he
stared at Amy's naked little body. She looked so cute
with her slim waist, softly rounded belly and smooth hips.
Her tits were nothing like an adult's big, heavy knockers,
but she had two cute little lemon-sized breasts that were
capped with big, juicy nipples that made his mouth water.

Her tits were perfectly formed, standing out firm and pointed
from her chest. Letting his eyes move on down over her body,
they came to rest on the sweet, puffy lips of her cunt. The
creamy flesh around them had a wispy covering of soft red
curls. Her moist little pussylips were gleaming with a
slippery coating of cunt-juice that was oozing out from
between them. Compared to the mature sexy female body,
Amy didn't have much, but her juicy little cunt and
pointy tits were driving him wild.

"Geez, " he panted.

"You sure got a pretty little pussy."

"D'you wanta play with it for a minute?"
she giggled, hopping up onto the bed with him.

"Shit, yes!" her stiff-pricked boyfriend

When Amy spread her naked body out on the bed next to him,
Jimmy almost shot his wad. He couldn't believe Amy
was really going to let him fuck around with her cunt. Reaching
out, his trembling hand first touched the inside of her
thigh just below her little red-fringed pussy. He could
feel her entire body shivering as his hand slowly moved
higher. The smooth flesh of her naked thigh was soft and
yielding, and the closer his hand got to her pussy, the hotter
her skin felt. Amy was holding her breath in anticipation
as his fingers moved closer to her horny cunt. It was a naughty
and exciting feeling to know that a boy was going to play
with her hot little cunt.

"Jimmy, " she panted.

"When you play with my pussy, will you French kiss

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"You know."

She blushed.

"Stick your tongue in my mouth."

With his finger almost to Amy's crotch, he put his other
arm around her and pressed his hot open mouth to her softly
parted lips.

"Mmmmmmmm!" she moaned, feeling his tongue
gliding in around her own.

Probing around in the hot wetness between her legs, the
tip of his finger found the damp fluff of soft red curls that
surrounded her little driping cunt. This was the first
time Jimmy had ever touched a girl's pussy, and a wild
thrill raced through every nerve in his body when the tip
of his finger reached the hot slick flesh between her juicy


Amy squealed with delight when his finger wormed into the
slippery hotness of her oozing cunt, brushing against
the sensitive little clit at the top of her slit.

"What's wrong?" he panted, quickly pulling
his finger out.

"Am I hurting you?"

"Shit, no, " she giggled.

"It feels really neat."

When he screwed his finger back into her horny little cunt,
Amy let out another squeal of delight as her hot juices boiled
around his invading digit.

With their mouths locked in a deep passionate kiss, Jimmy
began fingering her a bit more urgently. Moaning and squealing
with excitement, Amy was writhing her naked body all over
the bed as her hot little cunt creamed around his plunging
finger. Amy had seen the pleasure on her parent's faces
when they were fucking each other, but she couldn't
believe anything could feel this good. As Jimmy continued
fingering her cunt, the little redhead got hotter and hotter.
With her knees steepled and her feet planted firmly on the
bed, Amy was arching her hips, hotly writhing her slippery
cunt up around his wildly-plunging finger. As his finger
zipped in and out of her heavenly little pussy, he was eliciting
soft squeals of delight from deep in her throat.

Completely overwhelmed by these wild, new sensations,
the ecstasy was building and building in her little, uninitiated
body. She instinctively knew it was a naughty thing they
were doing, but she'd never felt anything this good
in her whole life. Nothing else seemed to matter except
the fantastic tingling sensation in her overheated little
slit. She was frantically arching her hips, trying to fuck
her cunt back up around his plunging finger. The intense
pleasure between her legs built and built until she was
aware of nothing but the screaming ecstasy that was jolting
her entire body. As the searing heat radiated from between
her legs to the tip of her toes, her naked body began tensing
and then suddenly exploded into a wild, jerking climax.

not fully realising what was happening to her as she writhed
through her very first orgasm.

Screaming and lurching all over the bed, she was unconsciously
squeezing his plunging finger with her climaxing pussy,
coating it with her hot, orgasmic juices.

"OOOOOH, SHIT! OH, SHIT!" she screamed.

Babbling and moaning, she glued her hot, open lips to his
as her body lurched and bucked all over the bed. When the
last delicious tremors finally subsided, she fell back,
completely exhausted.

"Oh, God, " she panted, smiling at Jimmy.

"That was so good."

"Amy, " he whispered a few minutes later when
she had completely recovered from her orgasm.

"Will you play with my cock again?"

"Sure, " she giggled.

"If you'll suck on my tits while I do it."

"That's a deal, " grinned Jimmy, anxious
to get his lips around those tiny but pointy-hard nipples.

Facing him on her side, Amy wrapped her fingers around the
hard, hot meat of Jimmy's stiff prick. A wild tingle
rippled through her body as she stared down at the throbbing
cock she was holding. Moving her hand up and down, she was
thrilled by the feel of his soft foreskin sliding over his
rigid prick.

"Does this feel good?" she whispered.

"God, yes!" he panted.

Unable to believe that she was really playing with a boy's
hard cock, she began moving her hand a bit faster. With his
prick throbbing deliciously in her grasp, Amy could feel
it growing even harder and thicker as she pumped.

"Gee, " she giggled, reaching down and cupping
his cute balls in her free hand.

"Pricks are fun to play with."

As Amy continued deliciously jacking him off, he gently
grasped one of her firm little tits in his hand.

"Oh, yes!" she hotly whispered.

"You promised to suck it."

Lovingly stroking his hard meat, Amy watched Jimmy's
mouth moving toward her tit until his warm lips closed over
her nipple.

"Mmmmmmm!" she whimpered.

"That feels so good Jimmy!"

With his lips sucking and pulling on her nipple, he flicked
the quivering bud from side to side with his tongue, sending
delicious chills streaking through her hot, flesh. Parting
his lips further, the excited boy sucked more of her hard
little lemon-sized tit into his mouth.

"Oh, Jimmy, " she whispered.

"That feels good too."

After sucking her spit-soaked tit for several more moments
he finally removed his mouth from it.

"Don't stop!" she squealed with disappointment.

"Did you like that?" asked Jimmy, hungrily
licking his lips.

"Shit, yes, " she giggled, squirming around
to get her other tit near his mouth.

"Now suck this one."

Amy let out a soft moan of satisfaction when he suddenly
wolfed her other nipple into his mouth.

"Mmmmmm, " she moaned, stroking his hard prick
a bit faster as his lips and tongue worked on her quivering

Rapidly sliding his foreskin up and down over Jimmy's
erect cock, she could feel his entire body trembling from
the intense ecstasy he was feeling.

"Oh, Jesus!" he suddenly panted, rolling onto
his back when he felt his climax rapidly approaching.

"Bring me off, Amy! Keep pumping my cock!"

"What do you mean?" asked the confused young

"I'm almost ready to shoot my load off!"
he gasped.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked.

"Just pump faster!" he panted.

"Pump faster!"

Realising that she was really going to see a boy shoot his
juice, she excitedly stared at the little slit in the end
of his cock as she rapidly stroked him.

"Aim my prick at your tits!" he heatedly panted.

"Let me squirt cum on your tits!"

Excited at the thought of his jizz shooting onto her tits,
she quickly leaned over him so he wouldn't miss. "Pump
faster!" he squealed.

"Bring me off! BRING ME OFF!"

Amy's Aim wasn't as good as it might have been,
and when the boy's stiff prick exploded, his thick,
white jizz splattered all over Amy's face and neck.

Strolling along nakedly with Max following them, they
had just walked around a clump of bushes when they almost
bumped into a donkey that was grazing by the bank.

"My God!" cried Amy.

"Look at the hard cock on that bastard!"

"Holy shit!" Alice gasped.

"It's as big as my arm!"


"He's ready, " observed the little redhead
as they stepped up next to him.

"Look at that shittin" hard-on he has."

"Maybe we should jack him off, " Alice suggested
when the donkey made no attempt to shy away from them.

"The silly thing sure looks like he needs relief."

"Help yourself, " urged Amy.

Alice reached under his belly and stroked the length of
his hard shaft with her fingers.

"Jesus Christ!" she breathlessly whispered.

"That's the hardest, hottest cock I've
ever touched!"

"What's it feel like?"

"Try it."

Reaching out, Amy grasped the donkey's thick prick
in both of her soft little hands.

"Oh, shit, " she said with a giggle.

"Touching his cock makes me horny."

"I know, " agreed Alice.

"I'm starting to get all hot and wet between my

"I wonder if he'd like a blow-job."

"I'll bet he would, " Amy giggled.

"Let's give him one."

"I'm willing, " claimed her depraved
aunt as she began licking his big knob.

While Alice slobbered around the donkey's cock-head,
Amy grasped the base of his thick prick and began running
her tongue up and down along the sensitive underside of
it, making the animal bray with delight.

"He likes it, " said Alice.

"D'you think so?"

"Shit, yes!" the woman repeated.

"Just keep lickin" and we'll soon pop his

Feverishly licking and lapping on the donkey's enormous
cock, they soon had the full length and girth of it completely
saturated with their sweet, warm spit. Anxious to bring
the animal off, they continued lustily sucking and licking
on his huge, thickly-lathered prick.

Braying noisily as the intense pleasure in his throbbing
boner increased, the trembling beast began excitedly
pawing the ground with his hoofs.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Alice., "The
silly sonovabitch really digs this!"

"You're not just shittin'!" agreed
Amy as she continued feverishly licking up and down the
slippery length of his spit-drenched cock.

"It's blowing his mind."

"Mine, too, " the horny woman panted.

"The taste of this prick is really turning me on."

As Alice momentarily started licking the animal's
lusty balls, Amy brushed her long red hair back from her
face, and opened her mouth as wide as possible, she slowly
moved it toward his bulbous cock-head. Finally managing
to wrap her widely-stretched lips around his huge knob

Little beads of perspiration stood out on Amy's upper
lip as her leeching mouth sucked and pulled ravenously
on the donkey's enormous cock-head.

"Goddamn!" panted Alice as she slavishly licked
and sucked on his bloated balls.

"How the hell were you able to get that big fucking"
prick in your mouth?"

"It wasn't easy, " the little redhead
gurgled around his big, meaty cock.

Excitedly braying, the trembling donkey began pumping
his hindquarters back and forth in a frantic fucking motion,
working his spit-soaked cock-head around in little Amy's
hotly-sucking mouth

Because of his loud braying and from the way his trembling
body was jerking, Amy knew the donkey was on the verge of
blowing his load. Thrilled at the prospect of tasting donkey
cum, the cute youngster clamped her horny little lips more
tightly around the base of his huge cock. Sucking with all
her power, she began drawing the cum up from deep in his balls.

The pretty little redhead suddenly felt the thick hot jizz
splattering against the back of her throat. She had never
dreamed that anything could shoot such a huge amount of
cum, but the youngster valiantly sucked and swallowed
until the donkey quit coming.

They were suddenly brought back to reality again by the
donkey's excited braying.

Staring at him, they could see a string of slimy sperm dripping
from the end of his rigidly-erect boner. He nervously pawed
the ground with his hoofs.

"Jesus Christ!" exclaimed Amy.

"The silly bastard still has a hard-on."

"You're sure right, " Alice grinned.

"He acts like he wants another blow-job."

"My God!" gasped the horny woman when the donkey
suddenly lowered his head and wetly licked her naked pussy.

"He's after my cunt."

"He must like the smell of it, " Amy observed
with a giggle as the animal continued sniffing and licking
Alice's gold-fringed twat.

"Holy shit!"

Alice squealed with joy as the donkey began licking her
hot, juicy cunt a bit more vigorously.

"He's really going after it."

Paul began swirling his tongue around deeper, lapping
greedily at the slippery walls of her lust-slickened inner
flesh. Softly moaning with excitement, the wildly-aroused
man plunged his tongue in as far as it would reach, his nose
rubbing against the damp curls around her oozing pussy.

"Oh, yes, darling!" she squealed.

"That's the way to eat cunt!"

Trying to hold his frantically-writhing wife still, Paul
cupped the soft cheeks of her ass in his palms and teasingly
ran the tip of his tongue up along the length of her pussy
until it reached her clit.

"EEEEEEEEGGGHHH!" she screamed, her entire
body shivering from the electric-like contact.

Knowing how much his horny wife was enjoying his expert
tongue-fucking, he continued rhythmically stroking
her clit with his experienced tongue. The sensitive, little
bud was stiff and hard as he rolled her clit around between
his lips. She trembled and shuddered. Moaning loudly,
the horny woman rubbed her sopping cunt all over her husband's
face. She could feel his fingers digging into the soft flesh
of her asscheeks as he slurped hungrily on her ravished

The friction of his hard shaft against her clit was driving
the woman wild, and her juicy pink pussylips were glistening
with her frothy discharge. Crouched beneath the wildly-humping
dog, Alice could feel herself being carried closer and
closer to a bell-ringing climax.

"Fuck it to me, doggy!" she squealed with delight,
her big firm tits jiggling furiously beneath her as the
dog further increased the tempo of his thrusts.

"Oh, fuck! FUCK! FUCK!"

A man would have probably tried to hold back until Alice
reached an orgasm, but not Max. The animal was completely
disinterested in anything but his own sexual gratification.

The only thing the dumb beast was aware of was the heavenly,
tingling sensation in his prick as he raced madly toward
a jizz-spewing climax. Listening to the delicious slurping
sound of his hard prick zipping in and out of her cunt, Alice
feverishly ground her ass back against him, writhing her
overheated slit all around the slippery length of his hard
cock. Her big, full tits burned with excitement as they
heaved and bounced below her.

"Oh, God, Max!" the horny blonde whimpered,
loving the fantastic fuck she was getting.

"That's the neatest cock in the world!"

Never had Max fucked her with the enthusiasm he was showing

Feeling his furry balls slapping against her bottom, Alice
was being carried to new heights of ecstasy. She was conscious
of nothing else in the world except this hard dog-cock that
was pounding into the darkest depths of her ravaged cunt.

"Fuck into it!" she hysterically squealed,
her tongue lolling out like a bitch in heat.

"Fuck your doggy-prick into my cunt!"

As if he could actually understand his pretty blonde mistress,
Max began fucking deeper and harder into her juicy pussy.
The beautiful, big animal's hips were jerking with
a blinding speed as he frantically fucked his prick into

"Oh, you sweet, fucking" beauty!" she
whimpered, arching her ass up to better receive his magnficient

"I think I really love you!"

The unbelievable rapture mounted and mounted in her writhing
loins as Alice slammed her hot ass back to get the full length
of Max's cock in her.

"OH, FUCK!" she squealed, raising her creamy
ass a bit higher to give the Labrador still better access
to her deliciously-ravished pussy.

"That's the way to use a cock!"

The beautiful blonde's entire body was tingling with
unbelievable ecstasy as the dog's long, red boner
vibrated rapidly against her sensitive clit.

The heavenly speed of Max's quick thrusts was bringing
her such intense pleasure that she was almost losing her

"Oh, you beauty!" she sobbed.

"God-damn, but you can fuck!"

This was the wildest screwing she'd ever had from the
dog, and as he brought her closer and closer to a thunderous
orgasm, her glazed eyes were staring sightlessly ahead.

"OH, YOU SWEET FUCKING" DOG!" she shrieked.


Feeling the heat increasing in her loins, the madly-aroused
woman was digging at the carpet with her fingers, humping
and bucking beneath the dog's powerful thrusts.


Alice cried.


As if he knew what she was saying, the animal instinctively
began pounding faster and deeper, the top ridge of his long,
red shaft streaking deliciously against her quivering
clit. Crouched on her hands and knees with her ass thrust
high in the air, Alice was taking every magnificent inch
of his plunging dog-cock. The rapture she was feeling was
beyond her wildest imagination, and she was no longer aware
of anything in the world except the hotly-sizzling dog-prick
that was fucking in and out of her cunt.

"Oh, shit, baby!" she squealed, clawing at
the carpet with her nails.


Each deep thrust of his juice-slickened cock was driving
deeper and deeper into the horny woman's overheated
pussy. This was the most heavenly fucking she'd ever

"OH, FUCK!" she suddenly cried at the top of
her lungs.


At that very instant, Alice felt his deliciously-hot jizz
shooting into her cunt, and she exploded into the wildest
orgasm she'd ever had. Never in her life had the woman
ever experienced such intense pleasure. Completely overwhelmed
by the magnitude of her unbelievable climax, she continued
writhing her sopping pussy back around his
spurting cock for several more moments as
the heavenly orgasm continued washing through her cunt.

she was completely unaware that Max was sniffing up between
her legs. Suddenly feeling the heat of his breath on her
pussy, Amy opened her eyes to see the big animal's face
between her thighs.

"What do you want?" she innocently giggled,
completely unaware of what the dog had in mind.

Max had licked and fucked Alice enough to know what to do
with a woman's juicy pussy, and this cute little red-fringed
cunt was the best thing he'd ever sniffed.


Amy giggled when he suddenly pressed his cold wet nose into
her fluffy, little bush of red pussy curls. She was just
about to push the pesky animal away when his tongue flashed
out and swiped up along the length of her sweet slit. The
youngster's entire body shuddered from the intense
pleasure it brought her.

"Oh, Max, " she excitedly whispered.

"You're a naughty doggy, but that sure feels

Before the youngster fully realised what was happening,
the big animal drilled his long, pink tongue into her cunt.

The incredible feel of Max's tongue slipping into
her hot little pussy sent jolts of frenzied ecstasy through
every tingling nerve in her naked body.

"Ooooooooh!" she squealed with joy, excitedly
writhing her juicy cunt up against his snout as the animal's
hot, wet tongue swirled deeper and deeper into the tasty
depths of her deliciously-scented twat.

"Is he hurting you?"

Jimmy excitedly asked.

"Fuck, no!" panted Amy.

"This feels fantastic!"

"He's lickin' your cunt just like Uncle
Paul did to Aunt Alice."

Jimmy laughed.

"I know!" squealed Amy.

"No wonder she liked it so much!"

The cute little youngster was almost hysterical, her breathless
squeals filled with passion. Grabbing at the dog's
ears, she forced his mouth further into her open slit. The
joy of her very first tongue-fuck was filling her cunt with
an excruciating pleasure.

"Ooooooooh...aaaaahhhhhh!" whimpered the
horny little girl, writhing her dripping cunt up around
the big dog's plunging tongue.

Screaming in blissful agony, the cute little redhead couldn't
believe this exquisite pleasure she was feeling for the
first time in her life. Watching the animal's broad
nose and mouth burrowing hungrily up between her wantonly-spread
legs, Amy was grabbing at his face, trying to force more
of his incredible tongue into her little, hotly-flowing

Her entire body was filled with a lascivious warmth as the
beautiful animal feverishly licked on her naked cunt.
The big, black Labrador licked deeper and deeper into her
fresh-tasting cunt as her delicious juices oozed out,
spreading a frothy film over his nose and mouth. Max plunged
and twisted his tongue around deep in her steamy little
pussy. Max's cock throbbed violently under his furry

"Ooooooh! Yesssssss!" she squealed, her entire
body tensing as she thrilled to the feel of his tongue gliding
in and out of her hot, slick channel.

Her adolescent body aflame with lust, the youngster began
unconsciously rubbing her cute, hard-nippled tits as
Max hungrily licked and tongued the velvet-soft flesh
of her drooling cunt. Half-crazed from the feel of his wonderful
tongue in her pussy and the hotness of his animal breath
against the tingling flesh of her flowering cuntlips,
she passionately writhed her cunt up around his tongue.

"Oh, God!" she sobbed almost beside herself
from the intense pleasure she was feeling.

"It feels so fucking" good!"

"D'you think he'll make you come?"
her brother excitedly asked.

"Shit, yes!" she gasped.

"I'm almost there now!
Wantonly squealing with joy, Amy was grabbing at his head,
trying to force his mouth even deeper into her sopping cunt.
Feeling the animal's tongue drilling into the hot
slickness of her frothy little twat, Amy's long, red
hair was flailing wildly around her face as her head whipped
from side to side.

Excitedly writhing her drooling cunt up against his snout,
the horny youngster was wriggling her cute ass all over
the bed, her sweet body lurching nakedly as her hotly-aroused
pussylips sucked passionately around his tongue.

"Ooooooh, you sweet fucking" doggy!"
she moaned with joy as the intense pleasure built and built.

Her excited body lurched violently as his hot, rough tongue
lapped around in her cunt, the rough, wet surface sending
a million delicious sparks flying through her pussy.

"Oh, shit, Max!" she gasped.

"That's the way to lick a cunt!"

Never had the youngster experienced such thrilling sensations.
Closing her eyes, she could feel the pleasure radiating
from between her legs to every part of her little, adolescent
body. She could hear the obscenely moist sounds of his tongue
slurping on her swampy cunt while the tip of the dog's
tongue teased her quivering clit. The delicious sensations
were building and building in her loins. The youngster
realised that it was depraved and perverted to let a dog
lick her pussy, yet it was filling her with the most intense
joy she'd ever experienced. She knew she should push
the animal's mouth away from her cunt, but she completely
surrendered to the overwhelming ecstasy that was flooding
through her body. Maybe it was depraved, but she didn't
give a shit as her tingling flesh responded to the fantastic
tongue-fuck she was getting.

"Oh, yes, sweet Max, " she whimpered as the
heavenly ecstasy continued building in her pussy.

"Eat me good, honey."

Reaching down with her fingers, she spread the fleshy lips
of her cunt farther apart to allow his swirling tongue greater
access to her little lust-swollen pussy. The youngster
was completely overwhelmed by these wild new sensations
as the intense pleasure seemed to increase.

"Oh, you hot-tongued beauty!" she insanely

"Don't ever stop lickin'!"

Deep in her mind, the horny little redhead knew she was committing
a depraved act, but she'd never experienced such joy
in her life. Suddenly nothing else seemed to matter except
her rapidly-approaching climax that seemed only seconds
away. She writhed her crotch up against his face, trying
to get more of his heavenly tongue into her steaming little
cunt. The intense pleasure between her legs grew and grew
until she was aware of nothing but the electrifying sparks
of sensation that were exploding throughout her body.
An ecstatic tension gripped the youngster deep in her cunt
and she seemed to freeze.

Holding her breath in her hot, scorched lungs, she waited...
waited...and then suddenly exploded.

"OH, FUCK!" she screamed to her brother who
was still excitedly watching.


Squealing in ecstasy, Amy twisted and thrashed, frantically
writhing her spasming cunt up around his hotly-licking

"OH, SHIT, JIMMY!" she shrieked.


Wanting to protect his sister, Jimmy grabbed Max by the
collar and pulled the animal out from between her legs.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Amy a few moments later
as she sat on the edge of the bed slowly recovering.

the horny little redhead dropped to her hands and knees
on the floor. Max had fucked Alice enough to know what this
position meant.

Slowly inching forward, the dog began sniffing around
Amy's juicy cunt while his bone-hard cock speared
out from under his belly.

"What's he doin'?"

Amy whispered to Jimmy as she felt the dog's hot breath
on her bare ass.

"Just smellin" your pussy, " said Jimmy,
excitedly rubbing his own hard prick.

Without any further warning, the dog let out an excited
whimper and hurled himself onto Amy's kneeling body.
Throwing his big paws over her shoulders, he drove the full
length of his fiery, red cock up into the youngster's
little virginal cunt.

Pinned down under the huge animal, Amy was surprised that
she felt practically no discomfort at all as he began rapidly
spearing his hot, slippery cock in and out of her unused
pussy. The youngster hadn't known what to expect,
but as the deliciously-wild sensations mounted between
her legs, she slammed her little ass back to give the beautiful
animal complete access to her slippery cunt.

"Holy shit!" she squealed to Jimmy.

"I'm gettin" dog-fucked! Look, honey,
I'm being fucked by a dog!"

The youngster's entire body was charged with electricity
as the animal's super-hard prick vibrated rapidly
against her screaming clit. The machine-gun rapidity
of the dog's thrusts was almost driving the youngster
out of her mind. Digging her fingers into the carpet as she
knelt, Amy could feel Max lustily drilling his hard boner
in and out, making her tits bounce crazily beneath her.

"YES! YES!" she screamed, her cute ass wildly
wriggling as the animal feverishly fucked into her hot,
little cunt.


"How does it feel?"

Jimmy excitedly asked.

"Does it hurt?"

"Shit, no!"

She grinned.

"It feels neat."

Her entire body was tingling with pleasure as Max's
rigid cock blazed in and out, stimulating every slippery
inch of her sweet, little pussy.

"Ooooooh, yes!" she whimpered, creaming all
over his fantastic dog-cock as she shook and wriggled her

"That's the way, you sweet fucking" doggy!"

As she kneeled with her ass in the air and her little freckle-dusted
face resting on her arms, the big dog violently rocked her
body. Her little pointy tits were jiggling deliciously
beneath her as his furry hips drilled his hard, red prick
in and out of her sizzling cunt. The youngster was almost
out of her mind from the intense joy of it all, thoroughly
enjoying the erotic slurping sound of the animal's
stiff prick as it deliciously fucked into her.

"Oh, sweet Max!" she cried.

"I love your cock!"

Kneeling beneath the feverishly fucking animal, Amy was
slamming her sweet, ass back to meet every thrust of his
rapidly plunging cock. The lips of her frothy cunt sucked
and pulled ravenously on his rigid prick, trying to get
even more of the dog-cock into her little adolescent cunt.
The hot juices that oozed out from between her prick squeezing
cuntlips were splattering all over his furry belly Little
Amy had never enjoyed anything so much in her life. Each
deep thrust of the animal's bright-red prick was carrying
er to new heights of ecstasy. A wild grin covered her flushed
face, and her eyes rolled around crazily in her head as she
frenziedly clawed at the carpet with her fingers.

"OH, MAX!" she suddenly screamed, wildly waving
her ass around.


Shuddering from head to toe as her cunt contracted and spasm'd
around the length of the animal's plunging cock, little
Amy was swept up into the wildest orgasm she'd ever
had. The pleasure of her fantastic climax was intensified
when she felt the dog's scalding cum shooting into
her cunt.

Suddenly letting out an excited whimper, the huge dog leaped
up and threw his paws over the kneeling woman's shoulders,
driving the full length of his fiery, red cock into her slippery
cunt. Pinned down under the animal, Alice could feel his
hard shaft spearing rapidly in and out of her pussy. As the
deliciously-wild sensations mounted in her flaming cunt,
Alice threw her arms around Bernie's waist to help
support the animal's weight on her back.

"Oh, yes!" she squealed, momentarily removing
her mouth from Bernie's cock as she raised her ass to
give the dog easier access to her slippery cunt.

"Just fuck me good!"

Once more sucking frantically on the man's tasty cock,
Alice's entire body was charged with electric-like
sparks as the beautiful animal's super-hard prick
rubbed rapidly against her screaming clit. The machinegun
rapidity of the dog's strokes was building up to such
an intense ecstasy that Alice could hardly stand it. With
her arms locked around Bernie's waist and her lips
sucking frantically on the man's lurching cock, she
could feel the animal's fantastic prick knifing faster
and faster into her sizzling cunt. It was thrilling to feel
that bright-red cock drilling deep inside of her as she

Alice's big, full tits were swinging wildly beneath
her as the force of the animal's wild humping violently
shook her naked body.

"Harder, Max, harder!" she whimpered around
Bernie's spit-drenched boner.

Sucking passionately on the, man's thick cock, Alice
felt a delicious warmth between her legs as Max's long,
red penis made her seething pussy boil. The wildly-aroused
animal was panting loudly as he drilled in and out, slamming
the entire length of his prick into her with every rapid

"Mmmmmmmm, " she moaned in ecstasy.


Each time the animal drew back for another inward thrust,
the thrill of it made Alice shudder and shake. She could
feel it fucking into her with a jerky rhythm, probing into
her hot, slick pussy with a canine hardness. Knowing nothing
about gentleness, the panting beast was ravaging her hot
cunt with his plundering cock, his furry haunches pounding
against her soft ass with every rapid thrust.


Alice panted around the thick prick in her mouth as the unbelievable
joy between her legs increased. Crazed by the moist hotness
of his mistress" juicy cunt around his stabbing boner,
the whimpering dog began fucking even faster. The woman
was so hot and wet that the animal was insanely drilling
his long, red cock through the delicious folds of her scalding
cunt-flesh. Thinking how good it felt to be fucked by her
beautiful Labrador, Alice tightened her pussy muscles
around his wondrous tool, increasing the friction as he
pumped it in and out. Thrilled by the way her dog's bone-hard
prick was fucking into her, Alice's tongue began working
overtime on Bernie's cock, whipping it into a lathered
frenzy. Taking almost the entire length of his thick boner
into her mouth, Alice could hardly wait to taste the man's
creamy cum.

"Oh, I love these cocks!" she excitedly whimpered.

Alice was almost out of her mind from the intense ecstasy
as Max penetrated her cunt deeper and deeper with every
thrust. Each time he pulled back, his swollen cock drew
her pussylips and clit out with it, and each returning thrust
would deliciously push them back into the soft folds. The
way his hard prick was pushing and pulling her slippery
cuntflesh in all directions was the most incredible thing
Alice had ever experienced. The unbelievable hardness
of her dog's cock was enough to drive the woman wild.
Thrilled at the way her pet's fantastic prick was reaming
out her slit from the rear, Alice's face was bobbing
faster and faster over Bernie's loins as she sucked
ravenously on his straining prick. The handsome man's
entire body was trembling and jerking from the wild sensations
being induced by Alice's hot, slavering lips.

"Oh, my God!"

Bernie gasped, digging his hands into her long, blonde
hair as the softness of her tongue swirled around his big,
hard cock. The feel of his tasty prick sliding over her tongue
was driving the horny woman crazy. Wrapping her hot, juicy
lips tighter around his cock while her dog continued fucking
into her cunt from the rear, Alice took his prick deeper
and deeper until she felt his swollen cock-head nudging
against the back of her throat. Slowly lifting her mouth
with a powerful suction, she could feel the man's entire
body shuddering with ecstasy.

"Suck, Alice, suck!" he moaned, half-crazed
from the heavenly feeling of her leeching lips slithering
up and down over his ready-to-explode cock.

With his breath coming in short hot gasps, his hands were
curled into her hair, forcing her mouth down tighter over
his throbbing boner.

"Suck, Alice, suck!" he shouted again, almost
out of his mind from the intense pleasure she was giving

Sucking passionately on his shaft as she knelt beneath
her feverishly fucking dog, the woman's entire body
felt warm and wet from the intense ecstasy that was flowing
through her. Her soft lips were sucking deeply on Bernie's
thick cock as wave after wave of prurient pleasure washed
through the depraved woman's naked body.

Alice could feel the tumultuous pleasure mounting throughout
her writhing loins and could hardly wait to feel the animal's
hot dog-jizz shooting into her pussy.

"Come on, Max!" she squealed back over her shoulder
as she temporarily pulled her mouth off Bernie's big,
tasty prick.

"Fuck me harder, you big-cocked beauty!"

As if he actually understood her, the big, dumb beast began
drilling his prick even harder into her pussy while Alice
ground her cunt back against his furry loins.

"THAT'S IT, MAX!" she screamed.

Each backward thrust of her soft, wiggly ass was bringing
her new and more intense waves of convulsive pleasure.

"Oh, you sweet doggy!" she whimpered.

"Fuck me good, darling! Fill me with jizz, you beautiful,
big fucker!"

The unbelievable joy that was streaking through the naked
slut's body was further enhanced by the knowledge
that she was being ravaged by an animal. The realisation
that a dog was fucking her seemed to intensify the pleasure.

"Oh, my God!" she heard Bernie sob as she started
sucking even harder on his cock.

Alice was aware of how much the handsome man was enjoying
the blow-job, and she wanted to please him even more. Her
mouth was flying up and down over his spit-drenched boner
as her swirling tongue lapped wildly around it.

Reaching down as Alice vigorously sucked on his throbbing
cock, Bernie grasped her bouncing tits. He lightly pinched
and pulled on her big, turgid nipples as the beautiful cock-sucker
writhed and jerked beneath her feverishly-humping dog.

"Suck it, honey!" he sobbed as the incredible
suction of her lips increased.

"God, what a hot broad you are!"

Lurching wildly, Bernie's hips were rocking up and
down on the edge of the bed as he frantically plunged his
cock in and out of her mouth.

"Jesus Christ!" he panted, his breath coming
in hot, ragged gasps as he pressed his hands down on the back
of her head.

"Keep suckin', baby! I'm almost there...almost

Wanting to please the handsome man as much as possible,
she sucked deeper and harder on his lurching tool as her
dog continued fucking into her from the rear.

"Oh, shit!" the man cried out.

"I'm ready to shoot!
Just keep suckin" that cock!"

Sucking deeper and harder, the beautiful woman could hardly
wait for him to flood her throat with his deliciously-thick

"OOOOOOOOH!" roared Bernie, digging his fingers
into her long, blonde hair and slamming her mouth down tighter
over his prick.


Then without any further warning, the man exploded a torrent
of cum into her mouth. Sucking wildly, Alice was able to
swallow every tasty, slippery drop of it. Thoroughly enjoying
the delicious treat he was giving her, she thirstily drank
up his heavenly spunk until his limp penis slipped out of
her sucking mouth. Excitedly licking her lips, Alice was
once more able to concentrate on the wonderful dog-cock
that was fucking into her from the rear.

"Oh, yes, Max!" she panted.

"Fuck me, baby! Fuck me good!"

The woman was almost out of her mind with pleasure as Max's
long, red prick penetrated her pussy deeper with every
stroke. Pinned down under the animal's weight, Alice
was moaning with joy as his hot, slippery cock zipped wildly
in and out of her writhing cunt.

"Oh, Max, baby!" she squealed.

"You sweet fucker!"

Sitting on the edge of the bed with his limp, wet prick dangling
down between his legs, Bernie could hardly believe his
eyes as he watched the animal fucking his friend's
beautiful, blonde wife.


Alice screamed. Like a bitch in heat, the wanton slut kept
her creamy ass high in the air, giving the animal plenty
of access to her overheated cunt. Whimpering with joy,
Max was drilling his long, shiny cock deeper and deeper
into Alice's sizzling pussy. His furry hips were just
a blur as he rapidly fucked his bright-red boner in and out
of her slippery cunt. Hunched over under the wildly-humping
animal, Alice's glazed eyes were staring crazily
into space, her face flushed with excitement. Sitting
on the edge of the bed, Bernie was breathlessly watching
the dog fuck his prick in and out of Alice's gold-fringed
hole. He couldn't believe the rapture on her face as
she writhed beneath the savagely humping animal. Now fucking
into her as only a dog can, Max's cock was flying in and
out at a dizzying speed, his tail wagging crazily as his
drooling tongue dribbled saliva all over her back.

"Fuck it to me, Max!" she cried out with joy as
the lust-crazed beast further increased the tempo of his
rapid thrusts.

The woman's dangiing tits were jiggling and bouncing
like crazy as the big animal rocked her deliciously-naked
body. He was almost knocking the breath right out of her
every time he drilled his long, hard cock into her juicy

"Oh, yes, Max!" whimpered the depraved woman.

"Fuck my cunt!"

Excitedly watching her, Bernie could see how much Alice
was thoroughly enjoying getting fucked by the dog. Her
beautiful face was grossly distorted with perverted lust,
her tongue lolling out just like the dog's, as she feverishly
slammed her ass back to meet his deep thrusts. Helplessly
aroused by the red-hot friction of her pet's hard prick,
Alice was creaming all over the slippery length of his cock,
making his prick glisten with her frothy juices.

"GODDAMN!" she squealed.


The beautiful blonde's face was flushed with pleasure
as she excitedly took Max's hard, rapid strokes. The
hard, red meat of the dog's thrusting prick was fucking
the juices right out of her sizzling cunt, the thick, white
cream splattering all over his belly.

"FUCK, THIS IS GOOD!" shrieked Alice.

Max's furry hips moved with a blinding speed as he fucked
his long, red boner into the slippery hotness of the beautiful
blonde's juice-slickened cunt. As the ecstasy mounted
in her steaming pussy, Alice slammed her ass back even harder
to receive the full thrusts of his hard cock.

Like all dogs, Max wasn't slow or gentle about fucking,
and as he feverishly fucked his mistress, his tail was wagging
madly, his long, red cock pounding deep into her. Watchin
the woman perform this lewd act with her dog, Bernie could
hardly believe what he was seeing. The big Labrador was
fucking her with a powerful savageness, rocking her body,
making her big, full tits jiggle crazily beneath her. Bernie
could see that Alice was in a state of sublime ecstasy. Her
lovely face was distorted into a mask of animalistic lust,
her tongue lolling out just like her wildly-fucking dog's.
She was urgently slamming her ass back to the tempo of his
strokes, creating a heavenly sensation as her slippery
fuck-juices boiled ceaselessly from her wantonly aroused
cunt, deliciously coating his long, red prick.

"OOOOOOOOOH!" she screamed with joy.


Flushed with sexual bliss, Alice was shrilly squealing
as she took the repeated thrusts of the animal's hard
cock. The noise of their wanton fucking was obscenely squishy
as Max's long, red boner reamed the hot juices right
out of her.

"OH, FUCK, IT'S GOOD!" whimpered the crouching
blonde, clawing at the carpet.


Having no thoughts of stopping, the wildly aroused dog's
teeth were bared in an insane grin as he vigorously fucked
into her.

"Oh, sweet humpin" Jesus!" sobbed Alice
in ecstasy.

"That's the way to fuck a cunt!"

The woman's entire body was being jolted by the thrusts
of Max's steel-hard cock. The machine-gun rapidity
of the dog's strokes was, carrying the wildly-aroused
blonde to new heights of ecstasy. The perverted pleasure
built and built in her loins as Max's blistering cock
knifed into her hotly-creaming cunt.

"OH, MAX!" she squealed.


The animal had fucked her countless times in the past, but
it had never felt as fantastic as now. Feeling herself rapidly
racing toward a mind-blowing orgasm, the beautiful woman
firmly braced her hands against the floor for support and
passionately screwed her cunt back around the dog's
deeply-plunging prick.

"OH, FUCK!" she squealed.


With her climax starting to engulf her, the woman was almost
hysterical as her dog's juice-slickened boner raced
in and out of her exploding cunt.

"OOOOOOOOH!" she suddenly shrieked.


Alice's body was writhing wildly as her orgasm enveloped
her. Her horny juices boiled out around the animal's
throbbing boner as her cunt muscles deliciously contracted
around his cock.

"CREAM ME, MAX!" she sobbed.


The words were hardly out of her mouth when the dog began
coming. Yelping wildly, the animal shot spurt
after spurt of
slippery jizz into the beautiful blonde's cunt.

When her exhausted pet finally pulled his spent prick out
of her pussy, Alice rolled onto her back and smiled at Bernie
who was stroking a brand-new hard-on.

"Oh, honey, " she whispered, spreading the
lips of her cum-filled pussy apart with her fingers.

"Why don't you empty that hot load right in here?"

Alice continued toying with her sensitive joy-button
until the youngster was almost beside herself from the
intense pleasure.

she moaned with joy when the woman's finger found her

"That's it! Oh, how good!"

"That's it!" squealed Amy, opening her
sweet thighs still wider, giving the depraved woman even
more access to her wantonly-exposed cunt.

"Oh, shit, that feels good!"

With her shapely little legs splayed lewdly apart, Amy
could feel the woman's middle finger carrying her
closer and closer to a bell-ringing climax.


"Oh, Jesus!" squealed Amy when Alice's
tongue found her sensitive clitoris.

"That's it, Alice!"

Sucking the pearly little joy-button between her lips,
Alice began flicking her tongue all around it, bringing
squeals of delight from deep in the cute youngster's
throat. She instinctively knew how to bring profound pleasure
to Amy's clit.

"Oh, shit!" the youngster shrieked.

The youngster began whimpering louder as Alice's
tongue continued stabbing at her throbbing clitoris.
Writhing feverishly on the edge of the bed as the two men
watched, the cute youngster was almost out of her mind with

Hungrily going down on a pussy for the first time in her life,
Alice seemed to instinctively know how to bring the cute
child the most pleasure. Swirling her tongue into the most
sensitive parts of the girl's heated cunt

"That feels good!"

Whimpering and moaning from the intense pleasure she was
feeling, Amy squeezed her soft little thighs more tightly
against Alice's horny juice-drenched face. The intense
ecstasy was streaking so wildly through the youngster's
body that she could hardly control her screams. As Alice's
depraved tongue carried little Amy closer and closer to
a climax, the cute little girl thought she was losing her
mind. Alice was so busy going down on Amy's tasty cunt
that she didn't notice Max slinking into the room.
Seeing his mistress kneeling Max's hairy penis rose
quickly to form a large and noticeably throbbing erection
as he sniffed around her juicy cunt and asshole.


Alice shrieked, completely shocked when the animal suddenly
mounted her and speared his long red cock into her cunt from
the rear. Alice always enjoyed her dog's fantastic
prick, and feeling it burrowing into her, the cunt-sucking
blonde eagerly welcomed it. Still licking feverishly
on Amy's little pussy, the woman began slowly grinding
her hips in a circular motion as Max worked his cock deeper
and deeper into the hot slickness of her writhing cunt.
The sex-crazed woman was filled with a wanton ecstasy as
her beautiful dog's hard boner slowly filled her tingling
pussy. When Max had buried the last hard inch of his canine-cock
into her juicy, overheated slit, the feverishly-aroused
woman lewdly writhed her creamy ass back against his haunches.

"Oh, goddamn it, Max!" she gasped, momentarily
removing her mouth from the youngster's little red-fringed

"That big cock feels so fucking" good in my cunt!"

With the beautiful Labrador's heavenly prick buried
deep in her horny pussy, Alice once more lowered her face
into Amy's hotly oozing crotch. The deliciously-fresh
aroma and taste of the child's sweet cunt seemed to
get better and better as the dog began fucking his cock in
and out of her pussy more rapidly.

Her entire body trembling with excitement, the kneeling
woman thrust her tongue deeper and deeper into Alice's
cute and hotly-leaking cunt. Hungrily sucking the tasty
juices from Amy's little pussy, the depraved woman
was acutely aware of her dog's fantastic cock plunging
in and out of her seething cunt. With the animal's furry
weight on her back, Alice was almost oblivious to it, conscious
of nothing but the delicious warmth of the slippery, red
boner zipping in and out between her legs. Pile-driving
his rigid cock into her with the blinding speed that only
a dog can achieve, Max had her cunt deliciously tingling
from the hot friction, bringing wanton squeals of lewd
rapture from deep in the debased woman's throat. With
his forepaws wrapped firmly around her naked waist, the
insanely aroused animal was pounding his long, red boner
deeper and deeper into Alice's writhing cunt while
she feverishly sucked and licked on Alice's sweet
pussy. Buffeted by the wildly-fucking dog, her big, full
tits were bouncing and jiggling wildly beneath her. The
hotly aroused animal's hard cock sent wondrous sensations
churning through her cunt.

"Oh, sweet Max, " whimpered Alice, once more
removing her mouth from Amy's cute pussy and banging
her hot ass back against his furry belly, almost matching
the rapidity of his blazing, fucking prick.

"God, how I love the way you fuck!"

The heavenly friction of his slippery dog-cock speeding
in and out of her lust-slickened cunt was driving Alice
wild. Passionately sucking on Alice's cute juicy,
hot pussy, the horny woman's entire body was on fire
as Max's long, hard cock reamed out her sizzling cunt
from the rear. The woman's slippery cunt juices were
flowing all around the hard length of his prick, thickly
coating the dog-cock with her frothy discharge.

"Mmmmmmmm, " she sobbed into little Amy's
hotly-oozing cunt as the feverishly aroused animal's
strong forelegs gripped her deliciously-naked body and
pulled her creamy ass back against his furry belly, working
his long, red cock still deeper into her bottomless cunt.

The heavenly pressure of Max's hairy body against
her soft bare ass sent a searing heat scorching through
her scalding pussy. The woman's body began writhing
more passionately as the awesome pleasure increased.
It was the heavenly height of depravity to be sucking on
the cute little youngster's adolescent pussy while
her beautiful, big-cocked dog fucked into her obscenely-exposed
cunt from the rear. Trying to work her tongue even deeper
into Amy's tasty pussy, Alice's lust-crazed
face was saturated with the girl's hotly oozing juices.
Sucking feverishly on the youngster's teenaged cunt,
Alice was becoming further aroused by the lewd sound of
the dog's cream-slickened cock pumping noisily in
and out of her horny pussy. As Uncle Paul and Jimmy sat on
the edge of the bed watching, the man couldn't understand
how his wife could possibly enjoy what the dog was doing
to her. The animal's savage fucking was virtually
knocking the breath right out of her lungs.

"Oh, Max, honey!" the woman panted.

"Give me more of that beautiful cock!"

Alice had never been so completely aroused in her life.
It was pure heaven to be sucking Amy's juicy little
twat while her dog's magnificent prick slid in and
out between her hotly sucking cuntlips.

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned, her mouth ravaging
Amy's cunt.

"Fuck me good, you sweet doggy!"

Passionately sucking on Amy's tasty quim, Alice was
almost beside herself from the sweet agony of Max's
hard boner fucking into her writhing pussy.

"Oh, yes, Max!" she squealed.

"That's the way to fuck!"

With the dog's prick driving recklessly into her steaming
cunt, Alice was sucking out the hot juices from Amy's
tasty pussy. Max was fucking his mistress into an ass-shaking
frenzy as he savagely pounded his boner in and out of her
sizzling cunt. The beautiful animal was holding nothing
back as he brutally slammed his hard prick into the woman's
slippery pussy.

"Oh, God!"

Alice sobbed into Amy's juicy little cunt.

"You sweet fucking" dog!"

The beautiful animal's cock made a slippery, meaty
sound as it squished in and out of the depraved woman's
snug pussy. Whimpering and moaning in ecstasy, Alice could
feel Max speeding up the tempo of his thrusts as he rapidly
approached his climax.

"WHAT A COCK!" she suddenly screamed, momentarily
pulling her face out from between Amy's legs

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