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Pleasing the security team


It was early morning and Maria and I were ready to go to work
and as we left home I checked our mail box, my usually envelope
with my monthly payslip was in, I opened it and as usually
I wasn't too much enthusiastic with what I saw, anyway
it was a new job for me, my first six months on it, and I knew
how many deals I had closed that few months but what I didn't
know was the value of each commission until then, but not
only was my payslip there, it was another envelope too which
I opened and there was my rewards for the deals I had closed,
it was really a crisp cheque, so I said to Maria pulling her
in for a wet kiss "If it’s like that every six months
they will make me a very rich man."

We finished our kiss and we travelled to her work place first
and as she went to get out the car I held her arm and said, "Were
going out to celebrate our success at work tonight ok?"

"Yes, be ready for that, I’m feeling really wild"
Maria replied and left for work while blowing a kiss to me,
I just waved a good bye and thumbed up and drove to my work
place too, the day went normal and I picked her on five o clock,
she'd had an easy day as all the managers were in meetings
all day, so as a secretary all she'd done was serve some
coffees and walk around, so I took her straight back home
and told her we'd be going out at seven for dinner and
then a few drinks, her outfit was already out on her bed and
she was to trim her pubes in to a thin, short strip how I liked
it, then I got myself ready and went downstairs to watch
a match that was on whilst I could hear Maria getting ready

A few moments later I heard her footsteps on the stairs and
waited eagerly for Maria to come through in the outfit she
had chosen for that night, she pushed the door open and came
through, she looked stunning she looked sexy as hell in
her outfit, her hair was done perfectly as was her makeup,
three buttons of her white blouse were undone and most of
her cleavage was visible between the blouse and the deep
gap of her tits, the half cup bras she was wearing sat just
underneath her nipples so the top of her areola and nipple
was pressed up against the thin white material of her blouse
and were almost completely visible. [image] Her skirt was one of the shortest she have, it finished not
much below her ass and the tops of her white stockings were
visible even as she stood there so I knew that later on as
she sat without her legs crossed if anyone looked up her
skirt they'd see that she was wearing the thinnest
knickers available, Maria runs towards the door urging
me to leave so leading her out the house with my hand on her
ass and whispering on her ear "My God, you looks pretty

Maria slowly turned her head back and kissed me deeply,
we walked hand on hand silently until our car and we didn't
speak until we pulled in to the car park of a pub restaurant
not too far away from where we lived, I switched off the engine
in the very large car park that was probably half full, I
waited in my seat for her to get up and move, then I left her
outside the car for a minute before I got out and I was happy
to see that the cool air had made her nipples a bit harder
and strain even more against the thin material of her blouse,
Maria winked at me with that wild smile that always make
chills on my spine, then she followed me in to the entrance
of the restaurant and we stood waiting at the stand like
the sign instructed us.

I noticed a couple of people look over and stare at Maria
and then go back to their dinner with approving looks on
their faces, this was just the sort of reaction I hoped for,
a waitress approached and asked for our name and then took
us to our table for two in the far corner of the room, I was
walking behind them both and clocked a lot of head turning
and whispering as Maria walked by and by the time we were
seated she was clearly enjoying the attention but she was
flushed in the face too, we ordered our drinks and then looked
through the menu, I then called the waiter, a young guy,
over to take our order, we ordered our food and I noticed
the young lad looking down her top as he took her order and
I smiled to myself, Maria just didn't realise just
how desirable she looked, as he left I told her laughing
"You know he couldn't take his eyes off your tits
the whole time he took our order you know that?"

I told her, she smiled back to me and turned sideways in her
seat leaning against the wall, I watched as she spun sideways
so she had her back to the wall and she was looking out in to
the majority of the restaurant, then with a wild grin she
put both feet on the floor and I watched as she opened her
legs, not too much, but enough to expose her knickers to
the room, I started playing my role play and I told her "I'm
going to the toilet, just stay like that until I'm back
and after we can check the effect on your audience."

Maria nodded smiling and then lowered her head a little
and sipped her drink so that she didn't have to look
out at the glances she was receiving from other tables,
I left and went to the toilet which was across the other side
of the pub between the restaurant and the bar area and when
I turned the corner I looked at Maria still sat with her knees
apart and white knickers on show, then on my way back I saw
at least five or six tables looking over at Maria, mostly
men and as soon as I sat down Maria whispered, "That
man over there in the red shirt don’t take his eyes out
of me"

I looked around and saw a man sat further up the restaurant
with another man enjoying a beer as they waited for their
plates to be cleared, he looked similar in age to us and the
other man looked a few years older, so I kept keeping an eye
on him and he'd glanced over maybe four or five times
in the time I'd been watching and once their plates
were cleared they both got up to leave, then Maria noticed
the other man with him and said “Oh Damn, the man with him
is Ken and old guest on our firm, " she said looking
downwards as they both looked over as they headed for the
bar area, Maria looked at me and smiled wildly, I knew something
was running on her mind.

A couple of minutes later our food arrived and Maria quickly
swung her legs back in under the table and we ate our dinner
in silence and finished our drinks before paying the bill,
I then told her to follow me as we went through to the bar area,
Maria spotted the two men she knew straight away and we carried
on in to the bar area and sat at one of the bar stools in the
middle of the bar, she stood next to me and I just looked at
her and then at the stool beside me so smiled wildly and sat
facing the room while let her legs part enough to all to see
her knickers. [image2] The bar wasn't all that busy, other than the two guys
opposite, the two men from the restaurant Maria were playing
pool and three other men round the bandit, so it was pretty
empty, as the bartender approached I ordered drinks for
us and then watched as Maria slowly turned in her stool and
placed her feet on the foot rest and then parted her knees
a little, I could see from the reaction of two guys sat opposite
that her thin knickers were on show, then the two men from
the restaurant took up seats next to the other table and
it took them both about a minute to lock eyes on Maria's
knickers too and the one in the red whispered something
to the other and they both looked up and smiled at Maria who
looked away as if she hadn't see the exchange.

We stayed until late drinking and Maria’s legs were beginning
to open and close in a slowly rhythm, the three men had left
and one of the men sat opposite even thanked her for the show
as he put his glasses on the bar and left, Maria just smiled
at the man and took another swig of her next drink, only us
and the two men she knew remained as last orders were called.

I'd got the impression long ago that the men from the
restaurant had no intention of leaving until Maria had
gone, so we finished our drinks and I told Maria to head to
the car and that I'd be there soon, once she had pushed
her way out the door I went over to the men at their table and
said "Hi there, I noticed you looking over quite a
lot and wondered if you knew the lady I was with?"

"Yeah we know her, Maria isn't it?" said
the man in the red shirt, and the other just nodded in agreement,
and tried to excuse themselves “Well, sorry we didn’t
mean to annoy you, but we couldn’t keep our eyes out of
a so graceful woman with a so beautiful outfit, by the way
I’m Peter and my friend is Ken and we apologize if we have
annoyed you.”

"Well no problem, and if you two have been hanging
around for what I think you have, then follow me out to the
car park in five minutes, " I said and then walked
away leaving them astonished and speechless to finish
their beers, when I got out to the car Maria was leaning against
her car door, the cold had done wonders for her nipples and
they were like hard bullets straining against the white

"Here let me help these out a bit, " I said unbuttoning
the remaining buttons on her blouse and letting it fall
open so that her nipples were free in the cool air, I then
turned her around so that she was facing me as I leant against
the car, Maria dropped immediately on her knees, her skirt
had ridden right up and her knees were open so she could balance,
I dropped my cock out my fly and she took it in her mouth right
away and began sucking me off.

A couple of minutes later the door of the pub opened and Peter
and Ken turned and headed in our direction, Maria didn't
seem to hear them approach until the gravel right beside
her crunched under their feet and she looked up in disbelieve
as she'd totally forgot about them, Maria stood up
and I put my cock away in my jeans and pulled her close to me
turning her towards the men she knew and she tried to close
her blouse together to hide her tits, but I kissed her ear
and she let the blouse fall open again and her tits were on
display to them in the middle of the car park

Being far back in the corner of the car park surround for
a small bunch of trees, we were relying on the glow from the
street light and the one big security light in the opposite
corner, it wasn't great but it was just enough so that
we could all see each other clear enough without straining
in the dark, so I whispered on her ear that was the time to
get fun and then I told to them "Get your cocks out,
let’s make a small party" [image3] Instantly both men reached down to their flies and buttons
and opened their jeans and flopped their cocks out in to
the fresh air, watching their cocks hanging out Maria smiled
to them as I stepped aside and she slid herself down the passenger
door and opened her legs in front of the two men and then opened
her mouth and runs her tongue along her lips then asked looking
at the two men with stiff cocks being pumped in their fists
"I’m ready, who's first?"

"I'll go, " said Ken shuffling forward
between her open legs and pushing his cock forward into
her open mouth until he had his full length all the way down
into her mouth and then her lips closed round his shaft,
he then leant forward and put his hands on the roof of the
car and began sliding his cock in and out of Maria's
mouth like he was fucking her cunt, meanwhile Peter came
closer and stood at the side so he could see her readily accepting
Ken’s cock into her mouth, he then took advantage and
began playing with her boobs and nipples, Maria loved it
and her moans of gratitude became more audible.

"Don't be greedy Ken, " Peter said nudging
his friend and reluctantly Ken pushed away and let Peter
take his place, he didn't take up the same stance as
Ken but chose to let Maria control the blowjob as he stood
with an arched back pushing his cock out towards her, Ken
like Peter chose to maul Maria’s tits for a while and then
he asked looking across at me "Can I play with her pussy?"

"Why not Ken? Of course you can, she's been teasing
you both enough all night so it's more than f fair, "
I said laughing and giving him the green light to play between
her legs, Ken didn’t waste his time and took his coat off
and put it on the ground beside her and knelt on it and then
I watched him ease her knickers aside with his fingers before
rubbing her folds briefly and then curling two fingers
straight up inside her and locating her clit with his thumb,
Maria’s body arched under the pleasure and she moaned
loudly from between Peter's legs, his cock still working
in and out of her mouth.

"Fucking hell Peter she's dripping man, she’s
a very hot woman!" Ken said pumping his fingers in
her with extreme ease as her pussy began to juice under Ken's
fingers as he easily separated her folds and found her clit
with his thumb, I stood back and watched as the two men took
her against our car in the corner of a pub parking lot, it
was a truly incredible sight and my cock was hard as rock,
then Ken and Peter swapped places three times over the next
fifteen minutes as each took a turn in her mouth or crouched
down fingering her soaking pussy.

It was as they were about to swap again that Maria stood up
between them and turned around she faced the car and put
her hands against the window, then she pushed her ass out
a bit and spread her legs as she saw me coming over, I lifted
her short skirt and bunched it at the small of her back around
her waist, then I pulled her flimsy thong down to around
her knees so she could open her legs that bit wider so that
her thong was stretched between them, so she was more than
ready to be fucked, I then looked round at Peter and Ken still
holding solid cocks and said, "I assume you both want
to fuck her?"

"Fucking hell I wouldn't say no, " chirped
up Ken.

"Well what are you waiting for?" I asked looking
at them both and stepping aside as Ken dived forward and
grabbed her hips and lined his helmet up at her wet pussy,
Maria moaned as her pussy accepted his cock and I smiled
watching how his cock disappeared so easily inside her
pussy, once fully embedded inside her he held her back on
him and savoured the feeling of her wetness on his cock and
then said looking over at Peter and me, "I knew Maria
for a long time and I never expected to be balls deep inside
her, dis you Peter?"

Peter didn't answer, he just kept watching Ken fucking
Maria and how she was struggling to control her moans as
Ken powered his cock up her sending vibrations through
her body and wobbling her tits around uncontrollably,
the fucking she was receiving from Ken was doing the trick,
and he was certainly hitting her spot as her moans became
squeals while her orgasm rose and finally erupted in a noisy
tirade of explicit language and requests for him to fuck
her harder from Maria.

Ken did just as she begged and fucked her continuously as
her body shook and her legs went weak, she then hung her head
down between her legs and with his next thrust Maria stumbled
forward, so that she was nearly doubled over, with her shoulders
against the door panel and her head looking back through
her own legs, probably looking at Peter holding his cock
while waiting his turn to use her, meanwhile Ken smashed
in to her for a couple of minutes more, each time harder,
and using her position folded against the car to hammer
her hard as he knew she couldn't move or stop his thrusts,
finally with one deep hard push he slammed her and then pulled
out leaving her gaping and whimpering against the car.
[image4] Peter took his place almost before she could unfold herself
from the car and with one easy movement his cock was spreading
her folds and fucking her pussy, he took a minute or two to
lubricate his cock by sliding it in and out of her hole a few
times, and then like his friend he began a merciless assault
on her pussy, being sure to give her his full length on every
powerful thrust, Maria moaned loudly over and over as she
was pounded in to the car by Peter who wasn't going to
relent or stop until he too had made Maria get her orgasm,
and from the way she was beginning to moan and groan while
urging him to do what Ken had did before, I didn't think
he'd have to wait too long.

Peter was pounding Maria even harder which she seemed to
enjoy and she squealed in delight as his cock mashed in to
harder and deeper, she exploded under a wild orgasm a few
minutes later and I was sure that her squealing would alert
the staff from the pub so I told Ken to fill her mouth, which
he did by kneeling down and awkwardly jammed his cock in
her mouth quietening her down while her orgasm subsided,
then once Peter felt Maria relax he slid his cock from her
and pulled his friend up and moved Maria from her awkward
position and pulled her head straight down on to his cock
and filled her mouth with it.

Maria cleaned him off and then he passed her over to Ken who
filled her mouth once again and enjoyed filling her mouth
over and over until he was satisfied and wanted some more
of her pussy, he then walked her round to the bonnet slowly
as she was shuffling with her knickers still around her
knees, then Ken and Peter lifted her and sat her on the bonnet
of the car and I walked round to a better position to watch
just as they laid her back and removed her knickers so that
the men could spread her legs wide for the first time, then
Peter said to his friend at the same time as pushing three
fingers in to her soaking wet sticky pussy. "Look
at that pussy Ken, made for cocks"

Ken didn’t answer, he just stood between her legs and
pulled Maria down the car a little, so that her pussy was
right in front of his helmet and he pushed his cock back all
the way inside her until his only hairy pubic area crushed
into her swollen pussy lips, Maria let out her gasp of approval
and then laid there and took Ken's cock again for over
ten minutes before he stepped aside for Peter.

Peter fucked her hard for nearly as long as Ken, then he grunted
that he was about to come and almost immediately he filled
her pussy with his load, as he pulled out Ken watched Peter’s
sperm begin to leak from her stretched pussy, and only when
it began to run out he entered her again, he pushed his cock
inside her and then he fucked her again until he too couldn't
hold on any longer and he filled her pussy with another torrent
of sperm.

Once he'd pulled out they sat on the ground for a while
to recover their breath, and then as both men had dressed,
they shook my hand and thanked me whilst Maria was still
sprawled out with her legs spread leaking both men's
sperm, Ken then pulled out his phone and said, "Maybe
I can give you mine and Peter's number? I sure wouldn't
mind fucking Maria again if there was a possibility?"

I took his and Peter's numbers and handed him mine and
with that they walked off in to the darkness across the car
park, I looked across at Maria who was still sprawled out
and spread wide and she looked up and asked me, "Come
and fuck me I need your cock in me, I want to suck your cock
and I need you to come on my ass."

I pulled down my jeans and my boxer briefs at once and, without
saying a single word, her mouth went straight for my cock,
she was working it with her short little tongue and her firm
lips, she licked the sides up and down, then sucked on the
head while pumping away at the shaft with her hands, then
sucked on the shaft with force, I then took it out of her mouth
and rubbed it past her pussy and her ass, Maria was dropping
wet and her asshole was already lube up, she shuddered as
soon as my cock touched her asshole, but then she started
working it into her ass more aggressively than she normally
had and her loudly moans started become lice screams, she
was eager and she got it in within a few rocks back and forth
before picking up speed, I just needed to told her "Please,
keep your mouth shut so I can make sure nobody sees or hears
us." [image5] Maria replied with an out of breathe "okay"
as her tight ass pressed hardly against the sides of my cock
and she started to bite her lip as she worked my cock deep
into her ass, it was really dark outside, cars were driving
outside the empty parking lot but they couldn’t see us,
Maria was all while breathing more heavily herself and
I could hear her getting close to an orgasm, so I started
thrusting my body against hers every time she thrusts down
and onto my cock, I fucked her for ten minutes making her
get a couple of orgasms, but then I couldn’t hold it any
longer and I told her I was going to cum soon, Maria just mumbled
"Yes. Give it to me, fuck my ass."

I stopped thrusting and started moving her body up and down
on my cock, faster and faster, I filled her asshole pushing
my cock deeply inside her and she started to moan out as well
while I kept pressing my still convulsing cock into her
ass, then I pulled my cock out and I added my remaining load
in to her well fucked pussy mixing my load to the spunky mess
left by Ken and Peter, as I finished I put my cock away and
Maria sat in the passenger seat with her tits hanging out
and legs opened, we stayed in that position for a few moments
in silence, catching our breathe, just at that moment a
twig cracks underfoot, damn it appears that we've
been caught and we're unable to hide what we're

Maria stood up shakily quickly dressing up her skirt, we
turned and saw a small group of security guards from the
pub with the doorman, he explained in no uncertain terms
that the pub had cameras of surveillance all over the parking
lot and we are in trouble, but suddenly Maria started laughing,
then she told the astonished men that she was very horny
and feeling wild, so she would love to share her pussy with
them too, I was speechless and looking around they were
all running their eyes all over Maria’s body, I felt her
pressing herself to my chest and her fingers grabbing deeply
my arm, so playing my role I asked her if she wanted really
to do that, of course I already knew the answer, I knew how
much Maria loved to be fucked by a group of men, and how much
I loved to see their cocks enter her while she sucked my cock,
so a knowing smile flashed between us as she nodded slowly
agreeing to the events that are about to take place so I just
turned to face the men and said “Ok, if she want you and
you are in the mood to, let’s go for it!”.

The doorman was tall and athletic and he appeared be the
oldest and extremely confident too, he guided the others
and together they lift Maria to a nearby kind of picnic table,
he then approached her placing his fingers under her chin
and lifts her face towards him, while telling she have beautiful
eyes and a very sexy mouth, he kissed Maria hard, his hand
on the back of her neck holding her to him, and she could feel
the urgency behind it as he pressed her towards the picnic

I watching them mesmerized as are the other men, he turned
Maria around and bends her over, then he whipped up her skirt
exposing her glistening pussy, I heard murmurs of approval
from around me and I knew that all security men could see
how wet Maria was, the doormen grinned and slides his thick
fingers into Maria’s pussy and immediately he could
realise how turned on she was, Maria just wanted him to stop
what he was doing, she wanted him to fuck her, she wanted
badly his cock inside her, she wanted to please him and be
pleased by him. [image6] Maria felt him harden through his trousers, his cock pressing
against her ass, then she heard him unbuckle his belt and
unzipped it, Maria glanced over her shoulder and saw him,
cock in hand, he grinned as he noticed her watching him,
then, without warning, he plunged his cock all the way down
into her pussy and began immediately to fuck her hard and
deep, his cock filled Maria completely and I could see how
Maria was enjoying having that fuck what was turning me
on while I watched it happen, then Maria sneak a look in my
direction and she saw that me and the rest of the men are already
wanking in front of her, it drives her even wild knowing
that what she was doing was causing us to react that way.

The doorman kept fucking Maria hard, fucking her hole for
his own gain, he shoved his full length into her and increased
his thrusts, she was truly enjoying being dominated so
roughly, she was struggling not to cum as he increased his
strokes but he nears climax and grabbed her hair as he fucked
her deep, Maria was clenching around him, his cock was rubbing
her g-spot and he was pulling her onto him with every thrust,
and then, before she knew what was happening Maria got a
wild and hard orgasm, panting and bucking against him,
he moaned loudly as he felt her shudder under him, then he
pulled out and immediately began wanking over her, Maria
turned her head and begged for his cum, he couldn't
hold back and brought himself off all over her, the security
men’s whistles and mines were audibly appreciative
and Maria gasped as his spunk covered her.

He swears loudly but quickly recovered his composure as
her breathing steadies too, he looked over at Maria as she
released his cock and moved towards her, he reached the
table and trailed her fingers over her lips, through her
hair and down her back as he moved alongside her making his
way behind her and once there he sank to his knees, runs her
hands up her legs and kissed the backs of Maria’s thighs,
she knew what he was about to do and she quiver in anticipation,
then he runs his mouth over her, lapping up all of the cum
covering her and she could feel the thick spunk trickling
between her ass cheeks and down onto her pussy, he took his
time slurping up every drop, then began to lick her tight
hole tasting his spunk mixed with her cum.

Then one of the security men took over, Maria hadn't
moved, she was still bent over the end of the picnic table,
her legs spread, pussy on show for all to see, he moved into
position behind her and dropped to his knees and he licked
her slowly and steadily moving over Maria up to her ass,
then he circles her asshole with his tongue and then Maria
smiled to me, she knew how he wanted to fuck her, he slipped
a finger into her ass while slowly fingered fuck her pussy
turning Maria on, getting her wet, then he pulled out his
cock and slides it into her dripping pussy hole, he got himself
covered in her juices whilst he stroked her asshole.

Maria was on the brink of an incredible orgasm as he removed
his cock from her pussy and pushed it slowly between her
ass cheeks, he shoved his cock into her ass hole and Maria
whimpered in pleasure, she wanted her ass well fucked by
his cock and he wasn't disappointing her, Maria turned
her head and looked at me, so she could see I was mesmerised
by his cock sliding into her ass and for the look of satisfaction
on her face, and she knew I was enjoying that as much as she

He began to fuck her spreading her cheeks wide and fucking
her slow at first, he becomes more forceful with each thrust
until he was fully inside her ass, he took her on the table
plunging into her over and over groaning as he did it, Maria
was incredibly tight around him and she could feel him responding
to it as his hardness was building inside her, Maria could
even feel he was close as he began to moan and swear, telling
his friends how tight she was and how filthy she was, then
he shuddered and Maria could feel as he exploded with several
spurts deep in her ass, he shoots his spunk into her and she
could feel it drip down her legs as he pulled out.

Then he too lapped up all of the sticky spunk, licking it
from deep in her ass, his tongue burying into her ass hole
making sure he captured every drop of it, Maria then grinned
at me, she easily could imagine how much I was enjoying watching
another man fuck her ass and cum deep inside her, then Maria
noticed that other security men had moved closer, he wanted
his turn too and she wondered how he wanted her, anyway she
wanted all of them have their way within her and she was shaking
with anticipation. [image7] The doorman motions to the remaining men and they eagerly
move towards Maria, they gestured to each other and positioned
themselves around the picnic table, the man behind Maria
told her to turn onto her back and as she did it she saw the
men who surround her, they are all middle aged, all of them
are well built and chiselled, they all were gazing at her
hungrily and all of them had their cocks in their hands and
were already stroking themselves, Maria smiled wildly
to them as she was loving to see them hard over her and she
knew she was going to get to suck them all soon enough.

Then the man at the end of the table runs his hands up Maria’s
thighs spreading her open in front of him, he rubbed her
clit without touching her pussy and within minutes she
was writhing under his touch, he continued to stroke her
as he slides his cock into her soaking pussy, he fucked her
ever so slow, hardly moving inside her, it drives Maria
wild, she clenched and unclenched around him and before
long she arched her back and cum hard all over him under an
intense orgasm, and as Maria bucked against him the surrounding
men began to play with her tits, pinching and licking her
nipples and she cried out in pleasure, he hadn't cum
yet and Maria knew she was about to be well and truly fucked,
then she was suddenly aware of the men on side of her and she
reached for them, they slide their rock hard cocks into
her hands and she began wanking them all off and they moaned
as she turned them on, Maria looked at me and I could see her
expression of joy and pleasure, I winked and thumbed up
at her as I was truly enjoying her performance with the men
on her.

Maria wanted them wild on her, she wanted them to cover her
with their spunk and she wanted them to lick it off her afterwards,
she took a dark haired man in her mouth, sliding down his
length and sucking him deeply, he moaned loudly as Maria
runs her tongue over the tip of his throbbing cock, meanwhile
her pussy was being fucked hard and deep and I smiled as I
knew Maria always loved being filled like that, then she
shifted her attention to the next man and she heard him groan
as her lips wrapped around his shaft, Maria was really turned
on while she alternated between the two men, sucking and
wanking each of them in turn, they were both close to the
brink and she kept them there as her pussy was pounded fast
and rough, she was being very well fucked and filled.

Then, the doorman, the man had fucked her before and myself,
we all joined them, Maria knew what was about to happen and
it turned her on more than anything, she was beside herself
knowing that we all were going to cum all over her, Maria
was on the brink and as the man fucking her pussy felt her
tighten around him he slides his thumb over her clit and
she almost jumped on the table under a violent and wild orgasm,
Maria completely in ecstasy looked at me and I could see
the intense pleasure on her face, then she signalled to
me and the rest of the men and we all began to stroke our cocks
over her, she alternated between all of us, sucking and
wanking each of us in turn, she was licking and sucking as
many as she could and I noticed that even sometimes she was
sucking two men at the same time, both inside her mouth.

Without warning the energy around us turned to the top and
before Maria knew what was happening all men are sliding
their fingers and cocks into her mouth, her pussy and her
ass, she was unable to discern which man she was tasting
or sucking, Maria just knew I was one of them and she was loving
every second of that, almost all the time she was having
a cock in her ass, fingers or a cock in her pussy, cocks on
her hands, and a cock or two in her mouth and she was bucking
wildly as her body was shaking again and again over her continuous
orgasms, that pleasure seemed to go on forever and Maria
knew different men were putting their cocks wherever they
liked, fucking her arse, fucking her pussy, she heard men
groaning as all her holes were filled and we all exploded
in close succession, then everything stopped.

Maria’s eyes fluttered open and she saw we all standing
around her, she was covered in spunk, it landed on her, dripped
off her, it trickled over her tits and her pussy and she rubbed
the cum into herself as we watched her mesmerized and in
disbelief as we all were panting hard while we recovered
ourselves, they all were acting like typical friend guys
high fiving each other but Maria’s eyes were fixed on
mines and she could see how much I had enjoyed seeing her
being fucked by all of those different men, I moved close
to her and slowly slide my fingers over her cum soaked body,
I rubbed it into her and then I slide them into her mouth and
Maria gazed at me, her eyes glazed with lust as she sucked
my fingers, then we heard the men clapped in approval, they
were still present and they were discussing her antics
enthusiastically, looks and gestures of approval were
exchanged and then the doorman comes to speak to us while
trailed his fingers over her naked body, still spread out
on the table, he grinned and thanked her for the great fuck,
and of course no troubles anymore, and Maria and I just burst
in laughs. [image8] With a good bye the security guards headed back to the pub,
the relief washed over us and I pulled Maria to me and kissed
her deeply, then she noticed as the doorman grabbed my arm
and muttered something to me and I smiled and nodded, while
she buttoned up her dress and strained to hear what was being
said, I motioned for Maria to join us and speak to him and
he explained that a few other security men were on duty inside
the pub and watching everything through the security cams,
they were free off duty as the others returned back and they
asked if they too could get their chance with Maria.

Maria looked in my direction, her eyes locked with mines
and I felt Maria getting aroused again, I wondered what
was about to happen, my curiosity got the better of me as
Maria walked over to the doorman just in time to hear her
agree to let them have her however they wanted, he thanked
her with a sweet tap on her face and called over the remaining
security men and before she knew it from out of nowhere a
squaddie appears in front of her and Maria had hands all
over her, running over her tits and snaking under her skirt,
I was behind her and she leant against me, her ass pressing
against my cock, while strange fingers found their way
into her pussy and Maria moaned in pleasure, I told one of
the men to unbutton her dress which he did eagerly, he slithered
it down over her hips so she was naked again in the centre
of all of us.

I pulled her wrists behind my back and let the men roam freely
over her, she was quivering as mouths and fingers explore
her body, then without warning Maria felt on her knees and
I knew what was about to happen, she then begged for cock
and quickly she was surrounded by men and Maria moaned in
pleasure as the first cock slides into her mouth, she sucked
him deeply, her lips wrapping tightly around his shaft,
as the other men and myself circled around her, cocks out,
wanking slowly, then each one of us took turns in her mouth,
I knew she wanted to keep them all stiff if she wanted their
cocks inside her later, at that time she was enjoying each
time a new cock was shoved into her mouth, and she was truly
loving how turned on they were and she took pride in keeping
each of them hard by sucking each one and then moving out
as looking to other cock.

At one moment me and the doorman stood together in front
of her, our cocks were almost touching and Maria winked
in complicity at us and licked and sucked both of us together,
her tongue running over our cocks teasing we both at once,
then she continued to please we both taking our both cocks
into her mouth at the same time till you were close and as
you were about to climax she told us she want we both wanking
into her mouth, we gladly did it stroking ourselves firmly,
her tongue darting over we both and within seconds Maria
was slurping up our hot, sticky sperm, as we exploded at
the same time it was too much for her to swallow, so it runs
over her lips and trickled down her chin onto her tits, the
doorman quickly knelt and licked it off her, obviously
he was a cum licker’s lover.

Looking up Maria noticed another hard cock on top of her
face, he was wanking over her and his cock was glistening
with precum, he was so turned on and asked her to wank him
and make him cum, the other security men were around the
picnic table recovering and were unaware of the scenario
unfolding before them, Maria grabbed his cock and stroked
it firmly then she wrapped her lips around the head of his
cock and flicked her tongue over him while sucking him slow,
making him even hard, Maria continued to turn him on until
he couldn’t hold back and shoots his cum over her face,
she immediately started licking and sucking it from him,
my fingers slide between her legs and I could feel how wet
she was, I hardly touched her and she cum all over my fingers
as the security man silently moved out of her.

The other men had recovered and they sauntered over to us,
as they approached us Maria asked me if I was enjoying and
having fun, and the only thing I could answer was how much
I wanted to see her being fucked in all her holes by all of
these men, she kissed me passionately mumbling how I could
read her mind and I just burst in laughs. [image9] As the new security man came over Maria she wrapped her arms
around his neck and kissed him, their tongues danced together
and he leads her to a grassy area surrounded by trees, so
me and the remaining security men followed them, he then
told Maria he wants her to ride his cock and pulled her down
on top of him as he sinks back onto the grass, she sat astride
him, sliding his huge cock into her pussy hole, she could
hear we all gasped as she took all of him into her, he then
reached up, pinched her nipples and she arched her back
as he asked all the others to start fucking her too.

One of de security men and myself were the first to reach
Maria and quickly positioned ourselves in front and behind
her, Maria knew how much I love fucking her ass and on that
position it will give me a good view of her sucking another
man's cock, she quivered with anticipation and quickly
began to lick the security man’s cock in front of her while
her pussy was being filled from below and as she stretch
forward I spread her ass cheeks wide and slide a finger into
it, I played with her asshole for a while and then I eased
my cock into her, Maria nearly orgasm right then as she was
filled all three ways but she knew she have to hold back.

All three of us began to take her, slowly at first then becoming
more urgent, I fucked her ass deeply pushing her onto the
security man's cock into her pussy with every stroke,
while the man fucking her mouth had his hands in her hair
and she moan as he hardened into her mouth, Maria’s pussy
was filled completely and the man grabbed her hips pulling
her down onto his stiff cock, I even could feel him inside
her as I fucked her ass and to be honest that made me incredibly

Maria always loved being fucked in every hole and she knew
she was close to orgasm, she tightened around the throbbing
cock into her pussy as she told us all that she was about to
cum, we double our efforts, all of us fucking all of her holes,
pummelling her hard and fast, Maria’s orgasm was building
inside her until she finally exploded squirting her cum
all over the guy below her, Maria bucked and shuddered as
he cums deep into her soaking pussy, the man on her mouth
shoots his load down her throat and she swallowed every

In the meantime Maria knew I was about to climax as I increased
the speed of my strokes, a couple of strokes more and I released
my cum deep into her ass, Maria felt my spunk filling her
and as I pulled out it dripped over her ass cheeks, the doorman
immediately dropped to his knees behind Maria and lick
it out, sucking up every drop, then as the security man pulled
out from her pussy the mix of his cum with her juices dribbled
out of her slowly and she moaned as the doorman buried his
tongue inside her pussy hole tasting the spunk deep in her
cum-drenched clit.

Maria kept on her hands and knees, she knew we all need time
to recover so we can take her again, however the two remaining
security men were hard and ready, they had waited patiently
for their turn and now they wanted to have their cocks in
all her holes, so Maria moved aside and watched eagerly
as one of them eased his cock into her slopping pussy, the
other slides his cock into her mouth and they fucked her,
they paced their rhythms on her, then they switched positions
fucking her however they liked, fingers, tongues and cocks
filled Maria, they finally flipped her onto her back in
the long grass and knelt next to her, they stroke their hard
cocks as she played with her pussy and as Maria arched in
pleasure, their hot cum hits her, covering her, and then
they rubbed it into her body keeping Maria aroused.

It was too much for me to resist and I and the other security
men approached her once again, she was on her knees and I
offered her again my cock, Maria eagerly took it into her
mouth flicking her tongue over me, I hardened as she sucked
and licked my cock and she was so focuses on what she was doing
that she was aware that the men were watching her performance
appreciatively, I moaned in pleasure enjoying every minute
of it, then I took it out of her mouth and told her to spread
her legs and as she did it she felt a man behind her, he trailed
his rough hands down her spine and over her ass, he reached
around her and cupped her tits before pinching her nipples,
in the meantime another man stood next to her and taking
my place he slides his cock into her mouth Maria took him
eagerly and as I knelt in front of her, she began to stroke
me firmly, and then another man appears to her left and began
to wank over her

The man on her mouth swapped places with the man rubbing
her body, so Maria leaned forward, took his cock in her mouth
and sucked him slowly as the other fingered her soaking
pussy, he brought her to climax as she finished with the
man on her mouth too, she took his spunk in her mouth, Maria
heard me moaning and she turned to kiss me, she could feel
how hard my cock was in her hand, she knew I was ready to fuck
her again, so she pressed my back and I lie on the grass sliding
below her, she straddled my cock and the remaining men shift
their positions accordingly, I just moaned as her cum-soaked
pussy slides onto my cock, I filled her completely and Maria
moaned too as she felt me all the way inside her, I pulled
my mouth to hers kissing her deeply, we reconnected and
for a while we were lost in each other.

Then Maria felt a hard cock pressing against her ass, he
fingered it slow as we kept our kiss and she was beside herself
as once again she become more and more turned on, I could
feel her pussy tighten around me and as the man on her back
slides his cock between her ass cheeks and forced his way
into her Maria climaxed again, squirting over my cock,
surprised I groaned as she soaked me, then I pulled her to
me whispering filth in her ear as she was fucked by both of
us, my cock was in deep into her and I could feel the other
cock into her ass, that turned me on and I growled at her to
suck and wank the other men watching us, Maria was filled
with lust and desire and gladly did what I asked and started
pleasing them, she was swapping them between her hands
and her mouth and turning them on. [image10] I fucked her pussy hard grabbing her hips and pulling her
onto me, the man on her back thrusts hardly into her ass,
and she always had one of them into her mouth while stroking
the others, so Maria was filled all three ways, she was being
fucked every which way and she can't hold back and with
a loudly scream of ecstasy she exploded under another wild
orgasm, her cum was all over the place, bucking and writhing
in amongst we all, seeing Maria orgasm in front of us pushed
we all to release almost immediately into all her holes,
cum filled her, dripped from her and runs over her as the
man finished in her ass, the man she was stroking shoots
his hot spunk all over her tits as I filled her pussy and the
man she was sucking climaxed into her mouth.

As we all pulled out of her the doorman felt down under Maria
so her soaking clit was hovering above his face, he slides
his fingers into her ass and began to play with it as she licked
and slurped all spunk from her pussy hole, he tasted her
juices and our cum as he buried his tongue in her, he was clearly
enjoying feeling the cream mix on his mouth and within seconds
he pushed Maria back on the grass, he spread her legs and
fingered her ass before sinking her mouth to ass hole, and
before long she could feel his tongue circling her asshole
licking and probing to taste all the cum that was still dripping
from her.

The men around us had all recovered and were getting hard
watching mesmerized the doorman licking Maria out, he
was so turned on again, he just couldn’t hold it any longer
and once again he shoved his already rock hard cock into
her pussy, Maria cried out in ecstasy as he entered her,
she begged him to fuck her harder, he pinned her wrists to
the ground above her head and pounded his cock into her pussy
hole, taking her fast and rough, thrusting into her again
and again, I looked around to see the reaction of the security
men around us just on the exact time they began to wank furiously
over her as the doorman was making Maria cum again and again,
her body quivered and shakes as he kept her climaxing taking
her to new extremes of ecstasy.

Maria squirted and squirted over his cock and as she arched
and orgasmed under him the men stroking their cocks around
her finished shooting sticky spunk all over her body, the
doorman pulled out and Maria begged for his cum too, he stroked
his cock and released his spunk all over her pussy, then
he rubbed it in and fingered fuck her as he stretched her
fully, shoving two, then three, then four fingers inside
her, Maria and I couldn't believe that, I was still
so turned on watching them and finally she whimpered with
pleasure as he gave her one final incredible orgasm.

They were left panting, exhausted and totally satisfied,
the men around us too and Maria was on a dishevelled mess,
then they started to collect their clothes and we did the
same, they kissed Maria and shook my hand in turn thanking
us as they left through the park and back to pub, leaving
us alone again in amongst the trees I helped Maria with her
dress, taking her time, letting her settle herself after
everything that had happened, smiling to her I whispered
in her ear that I had never seen her so sexy and wild before,
she kissed me back and I wrapped my arms around her and gaze
deeply into her eyes, no words were needed but I knew what
Maria wanted to say as I easily could see from her lust filled
eyes that she had loved every minute of please and be pleased
by an entire team of security men, so I gently pulled her
to me kissing her softly, sweetly, letting her feel my emotions.

We lied on the soft grass, quietly intertwined as time passed,
the darkness and the silent creeps in around us and we headed
reluctantly back to our car knowing that we had a fantastic
an amazing time and those memories would last until the
next game we decide to play.

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