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Picked up at at a bar


She turned into the parking lot she knew she shouldn’t stop
but what the hell her husband wouldn’t be home for at last
an hour and a half why shouldn’t she have one drink to take
the edge off. Parking the truck around the far corner of
the building so nobody would see it she quickly made her
way inside the bar. The first thing she noticed was that
obviously the “older” crowd “ran” the bar during the early
evening but as the night progressed the younger crowd invaded
and the older guys retreated home in defeat.

Walking across the bar she could feel their eyes on her but
was relieved that the stares were not emphasized with hoops
and hollers’ of “Hey baby, I want some of what you is offering.”
Or “Hey baby,
take a walk on the wild side.” You know the usual kid’s stuff
that was so often the case with the younger crowd.

Approaching the bar she hopped up into the high stool and
adjusted her skirt before crossing her legs. Before she
could even ask the bartender was walking towards her with
her drink in hand. “This one is on Billy in the corner, “
he said as he placed the drink in front of her and motioned
with his head in Billy’s direction.

Turning she smiled at Billy raised her glass to him and took
a drink; mouthing the words “thank you” to him she turned
back to the bar and savored her drink.

Sitting at the bar she sensed something was missing but
yet couldn’t put her finger on it. Puzzled, she shook her
head in an attempt to shake the thought from her head but
unsuccessful. She sat and stewed over the difference as
she sipped her drink. Well you know how you get when you are
lost in thought; your body carrying on various tasks, but,
honestly you have no idea that you are doing anything. Well,
that was exactly what was happening at this very moment.
You see the more she was lost in thought the quicker her hand
lifted that glass to her lips and well before she knew it
the glass was empty and two others had taken its place and
now the fourth sat empty in her grip. When she finally did
“snap” out of her deep thoughts she came to the realization
that she was now “half snapped” herself.

The speakers around the bar snapped startling her as the
jukebox came to life. Her heart raced in her chest she let
out a little “yelp” then giggled softly as the men of the
room looked over at her. Turning her back to them she wiped
the sweat off her forehead and without making eye contact
with the bartender ordered herself another drink. “The
music! The music was missing!” she exclaimed proudly.
The bartender smiled broadly at her and nodded his head
in agreement. Satisfied that she had figured out what was
missing she settled back in the chair and slowly churned
her hips to the beat. God, she felt like dancing. She could
feel the “fingers” of the music as they caressed her body
twisting her to the heavy bass beat. Then just as quick them
“fingers” fled as the strong hand gripped her arm.

Turning slowly she gazed into the softest brown eyes she
had ever seen in her life. The dark brown iris was sprinkled
with a smattering of yellow the pupils shone as if filled
with oil. Blinking, she pulled back a bit and took in the
stranger’s entire face. He had a strong jaw his long brown
hair just barely touched his shoulders and he had at least
two days growth of stubble. All in all he was kind of cute
she thought, hell she found herself letting her eyes travel
over his chest and downwards hoping to see the “whole package”
if you know what I mean. She didn’t hear him the first time
he asked her to dance but she did hear his second request
and was soon slipping off the stool to join him. “Whew!”
she exclaimed as she fell against him. The drinks were having
an effect on her and well seeing as she had failed to move
from her perch during the execution of four drinks her legs
still needed a period of time to adjust to the alcohol coursing
through her veins.

He caught her in his strong arms as she fell into him. Her
face pressed against his chest she inhaled deep taking
in his strong masculine scent and for a second fought off
the urge to taste his flesh. He easily lifted her. Her feet,
for a brief second, even lost contact with the floor. “You
ok?” the stranger asked his strong hands holding her shoulders.

Embarrassed she looked towards the ground and told him
she was. Well, looking down could have been a mistake cause
when she did she couldn’t have possibly missed the large
bulge in the stranger’s jeans. God! She hoped he was a janitor
or something and the bulge was nothing more than a huge pile
of keys or she had been missing out on what a real cock was.

You see her husband was the only man she had ever “been with”
and even though his cock was slightly larger than the national
average reported she had seen many others much larger in
the various movies her husband had “forced” her to watch.
Well, he didn’t really force her; she just made him think
she didn’t enjoy watching such filth but honestly she had
a collection of her own she kept hidden in the closet. She
was the classic “closet nymph” case study. Her neighbors
saw the prim and proper woman but the walls of her bedroom
knew the truth, she was an insatiable “sexaholic” if such
a thing existed. Along with her hidden movies were several
toys of various lengths and girths. Some were for strictly
clitoral stimulation others manufactured for g-spot
agitation. She found herself wondering what his cock was
made for. Would the girth be such that she would feel her
clit being stroked with each plunge or would the curve of
his manhood smash into her g-spot with each penetration?

The crotch of her panties began to heat up as once again her
mind tossed around thoughts. The stranger who held her
up became an inanimate object he was no longer a man. He had
become nothing more than a structure, one with an unknown
treasure, a treasure she knew she wanted. Even if she could
just hold it, feel her fingers slide along its length. To
squeeze it and feels it’s texture. Her clit was tingling
now she had to fight off the urge to reach down and rub it.
His words brought her back to reality. His one hand moved
down her back and came to rest on the small of her back. She
willingly followed him out onto the dance floor, squeezing
her buttocks tight as she walked in a failed attempt to pacify
the tingling of her clit.

By the time they reached the dance floor, the faster bass
beat had been replaced by a slower one. The stranger calmly
took hold of her and eased her body against his and waltzed
her around the room. His body was so warm she found herself
clinging to his chest her head lay upon his shoulder her
eyes closed tight her fingers lazily stroking his back
slid upwards to play with his hair as she was completely
consumed by his being. She loved the way he held her. His
thick fingers of one hand gripped her hip the other resting
on the small of her back his fingers stretching downwards
to lay along the top of her buttocks.

Lifting her head from his shoulder she felt the electricity
race through her cheek as it brushed his, the course stubble
scratched her fair skin. With her arms around his neck she
played with his hair as she gazed into his eyes. Sweeping
his hair back behind his ears so she could once again look
into his beautiful brown eyes, the eyes that at one time
were open so wide were now half closed and filled with what
she would best describe as lust. Her fingers slid through
his hair gripping his head she traced his cheeks with her
thumbs then without warning pulled his mouth to hers and
kissed him. The kiss caught the stranger by surprise she
could tell because his first instinct was to pull away but
she had a grip on his head and well her tongue has slipped
past his lips and now gently caressed his.

She felt the hand on her back slide down over her ass and grip
her buttocks pulling her towards him. His tongue that until
now lay dormant in the bottom of his mouth came alive and
swirled around hers his lips closed in a soft oval she felt
the subtle tug at her tongue as he softly sucked at it. Breaking
the kiss she gasped at the sudden change of events. The pounding
of her heart filled her head as the reality of the situation
settled into her conscious. Here she was kissing a complete
stranger in a bar while her husband was probably at home
waiting for her. It was then and only then that she felt “it”.
“It”, of course being, the massive length of hot flesh that
ran half the length of the stranger’s leg and still seemed
to be growing.

Forgetting all about her husband she dropped an arm from
around the stranger’s neck and slid it between the stranger’s
legs. Goosebumps formed on the back of her neck when the
tips of her fingers felt the thick cylinder shape of a cock
running beneath the stranger’s jeans. Jesus, she had to
stoop a little to run her fingers the full length of his cock
the thick head of his cock pulsed under the tips of her fingers.
She could
feel a wet spot on his jeans as she circled the tip of his cock
with her fingers. Sliding her hand back she took hold of
the cock hiding in his jeans and gave it a firm squeeze. His
fingers dug into the fleshy cheeks of her ass as she did so
and his head fell onto her shoulder his soft wet tongue swirled
across her flesh as he kissed the base of her neck his breathing
becoming ragged as she continually ran her fingers along
his thick shaft.

“Oh God!” he whispered his whole body shaking as he clung
to her. Funny how things change minutes ago it was she clinging
to him fighting off the effects of alcohol now it was his
turn to cling to her but instead he was fighting off and impending
orgasm. Her fingers left his cock her palm spread out across
his taunt stomach and moved steadily up his chest. She pushed
him back away from her and looked him in the eye before spinning
around and walking towards the rest rooms at the rear of
the bar.

He stood there like an idiot not sure if she wanted him to
follow or if the game was over and he should find his seat
and stay there. He watched her turn and head down the hallway;
his cock was throbbing wildly almost painfully in his jeans
and he knew he had no choice but to head to the bathroom himself
as there was no way he could sit with his cock in this position.
Just as soon as she had disappeared around the corner his
feet were in motion. He hurried towards the bathroom his
hand in front of his crotch hiding his obvious excitement
from his buddies in the bar. At the far end of the narrow hallway
was the ladies room and half way down the same hall was the
entrance to the men’s room. At first, he walked right past
the men’s room door and had his hand on the ladies door about
to push it open and rush in and fuck her brains out but at the
last second he decided against it and with his head hung
low he trotted off to the boy’s room to relieve himself.

Meanwhile in the farthest stall from the door of the ladies
bathroom, she sat on the toilet; her dress pulled up around
her waist; her one hand buried in her panties furiously
rubbing her clit as she licked the fingers that had been
playing with his cock. Fuck, she was hot! Alcohol had most
always affected her this way but she had always been able
to control herself till she and her husband had arrived
back to the sanctuary of their home. She plunged three fingers
of one hand into her mouth, sucking them hungrily, sliding
them back and forth across her tongue imagining it was a
thick hot cock fucking her mouth. Wet sucking sounds filled
the tiny stall as her mouth filled with saliva coating her
fingers before trickling from the corners of her mouth.

The fingers of her other hand rubbed her clit faster and
faster her hips rose her thighs spread allowing her hand
full access to her hot dripping pussy. The smell of her secretions
filled the air; her nipples throbbed and grew under her
blouse until each nipple rubbed itself raw against the
stiff fabric of her bra. She ripped open her blouse and unsnapped
her bra her breast fell free of its confines but yet remained
high on her chest her nipples pointing skyward as they begged
for attention. She pulled and tugged and twisted each nipple
her other hand frantically caressing her overheated pussy
she quickly approached orgasm. “Whew, oh God! Yesssss.”
Her whole body convulsed her hips shot up off the toilet
her fingers invaded her spasms filled cunt as she came.
“Oh God yes! Shit yeah, ” she moaned. Inhaling through
clenched teeth she pulled her fingers from her pussy and
licked them clean loving the taste of her sweet wet cunt
on her fingers.

Licking her fingers clean she sat for a moment and composed
herself before even attempting to get dressed. It didn’t
take long before her mind was again focused on the stranger’s
cock. She just had to see it. Maybe, she could convince him
to just let her take a look at it. You know study it - she could
explain how she had always thought that the actors she saw
in the movies were fitted with a synthetic cock and no one
man had a real cock that big. She laughed at herself, like
right, what man in his right mind would let some total stranger
take a look at his cock She came up with a plan maybe if she
also offered to suck his cock maybe then he would be willing
to let her see it. So there in that stall is where her life
took a detour she was about to see only the second real cock
in her life. Not only see, but, suck it as well and the mere
thought both shamed and excited her.

She decided to ditch the bra at this point and quickly removed
it and stuffed it into her purse before slipping back into
her blouse leaving the top three buttons undone this time.
She stood in front of the long narrow counter and looked
at her reflection in the mirror. Fixing her hair she washed
her face and then patted it dry. She examined her form in
the mirror turning to the left and right to ensure her blouse
was tucked in. Inhaling deep she couldn’t help but catch
whiff of her pussy. Shit, she should have slipped off her
panties they were soaking wet with her juices now and surely
anyone within a foot or two of her would make no mistake as
to what she had been up to. Her saturated panties joined
her bra in her purse.

She strutted out of the bathroom and walked quickly down
the narrow corridor towards the main bar area. She was shocked
to see that many of the patrons had already headed home for
the night, no doubt most were married men and they knew that
arriving home late for dinner meant they were on the shit
list for the night and that almost always meant no tail before
bed. She was happy to see “her” man had not left yet. He had
moved his beer over to the bar to where she had been sitting
and now sat smiling at her as she made her way towards him.
Rising as she approached he pulled her stool out for her
and took her hand to help steady herself as she hopped up
onto the stool. The bartender appeared out of nowhere and
placed another drink in front of her and was gone before
she could protest.

She turned her stool to face the stranger and for the first
time realized that he had put on his jacket. His jacket was
one of them full length things you often see spies and sleuths
wearing in the older movies you know the ones that end just
below their knees. What she saw next excited her more than
anything had ever before. The stranger’s jeans were open
fully and his thick vein encircled cock lay half flaccid
along his inner thigh. Her eyes met his she could see the
fear in his eyes not sure if she would approve of his actions
or slap him across the face and run screaming from the bar.
To be honest, she didn’t expect this turn of events and yes,
her first thought was to run from the bar find the nearest
police station and report the incident. However, when
she looked down between the stranger’s thighs she saw his
cock twitch and then slowly begin to rise.

Looking down the bar, she saw that the bartender had been
distracted by the new couple who had taken a seat at the far
end of the bar, and before the stranger could react, her
fingers had taken hold of his beautiful cock. Shit, his
cock was so hot and soft but yet firm she couldn’t help but
squeeze it tight. Slowly she began to slide her fist back
and forth along its length her eyes widened as his shaft
continued to grow under her caresses until she could feel
it lying along her forearm each time her fingers caressed
his balls.

“Mmm, you like my cock don’t you honey?” Damn it under any
other situation she would have taken offense to a man other
than her husband calling her honey but due to the circumstances
she let it go. Turning till her shoulders were squared to
his, her thighs pushed between his thus forcing him to spread
his legs she dropped her other hand down to his cock and began
to stroke him with both hands.

Fuck his cock was huge! It was far bigger than even the gag
vibrator her girlfriends had bought for her for her at her
“stag”. She could still remember the giggles and gasps
when she opened it that day. She often smiled smugly to herself
knowing how good their gag gift felt sliding in and out of
her. They, themselves, would have been rushing back to
the store to get one of their own. However, what she now held
in her hands wasn’t a toy it was a real cock! And what a cock
it was! She couldn’t even get her fingers to meet around
this monster. Hell, her toy was thick but she could easily
get her fingers around it, there was no way in hell she was
about to be able to do so with this cock. The head of his prick
was leaking pre cum profusely now she could feel the warm
slick stickiness of it under her fingers, as she pulled
the thick foreskin up over the bulbous head then stretched
it back exposing the plum shaped tip.

Christ, she was hot! Her pussy was throbbing in anticipation
of how this monster was going to feel as it drove up inside
her. The tip stretching her open then being driven deeper,
the thick blue veins that snaked their way along his shaft
rippling along the sleek inner walls of her pussy, her muscles
constricting attempting to impede his cock’s advance
but failing miserably when he took hold of her waist and
yanked her towards his bucking hips. She could feel a puddle
forming under her as she sat there and watched both her hands
slide methodically up and down his shaft. Her fingers coated
in a thin film of his pre cum ran effortlessly along the smooth
flesh. She now wondered if the idea of removing her panties
had been a good one cause sitting as they were, she was forced
to lean slightly forward with each down ward stroke, and
upon sitting back, her one fist twisting the head of his
cock as the other jerked the upper portion of his shaft repeatedly
she found that the puddle had spread.

She was dizzy now, panting, in her hands she held the type
of cock she had always figured to be only available in plastic,
fantasies, or her dreams. She could smell his secretions
now, her mouth watered. She shifted forward on her stool
and worked her legs around till she had one leg draped over
one of his knees. It startled her when he pulled her stool
across the ceramic floor. The loud screeching caused many
of the other patrons to look over at them; she was relieved
to find that after a quick glance. Their privacy was returned.

Their foreheads met both gazed downwards between their
bodies, his hands felt so good sweeping back and forth over
her calves a suppressed moan echoed between their bodies
when his one hand disappeared under her skirt and the back
if his fingers grazed her swollen pussy.

Her grip tightened. Removing one hand from his cock she
sat back slightly, lifting his eyes to her he watched as
she spread her fingers. Strung between her fingers was
a fine web of his seminal fluids, her tongue eased from her
mouth and she looked him directly in the eyes as she licked
her fingers clean of his fluids. “God you taste so good!”
she panted, her tongue lapping at the palm of her hand seeking
any trace of his sweet tasting cream. She felt his cock thicken
in her fist as she spoke, a wicked naughty grin creased her
mouth realizing that maybe he was the type that enjoyed
talking while making love, telling their lover what they
wanted, what they liked.

Once again this was something she thought only happened
in the movies, you see her husband wasn’t much of a talker,
he was a good lover yes, he was sure to look after her needs
before his own but their love making wasn’t movie quality.
To her, there was nothing more exciting than hearing your
lover’s cries of ecstasy to hear them pleading for something
more, the excitement in the cries when their demands were
met. Oh God, how she hoped this stranger was just such a lover!
It was about then that she first became aware of the thick
rough fingertips tracing the valley between her swollen
pussy lips. Her hips immediately jerked forward his forehead
was lying on her shoulder she could feel his hot moist breath
on her breasts. Each pass of his fingers over her entrance
tightened up her entire lower abdomen.

He would rotate his wrist the tips of his fingers would press
together and rim the entrance of her pussy, stretching
the tight membrane that protected her entrance. Her hand
left his cock as she held his shoulders in order to steady
herself, her head pushed against his her hips rocked and
jerked towards him with a mind of their own. Looking down
between her legs she could see that he had pushed her skirt
up around her waist, the small patch of pubic hair that covered
her mound was slick with her cunt juices she could see the
milky white droplets clinging to each strand. Then with
two fingers, side by side, and a third sitting just below
he pushed them forward into her. Her entire body convulsed
her thighs tightened around his waist, her buttocks clenched
tight, her ass skidded across the puddle on the seat and
instead of pushing her pussy away from the invading fingers
she found herself sliding forward, filling her cunt with
his fingers.

With his hand palm side up, she was able to feel as all three,
of his thick, rough fingers disappeared into her pussy.
He curled the tips of two of his fingers upwards and tickled
the roof of her pussy. This sent her body into a series of
convulsions her pussy clamping tight around his probing
fingers the strong inner muscles of her pussy tugging at
his fingers sucking them deeper inside her. Her legs began
to shake. Jesus Christ! Her teeth ground together her body
stiffened for a moment then went limp as her juices sprayed
from her pussy filling the palm of his hand. His fingers
didn’t stop. Her pussy pulsating he worked his fingers
in and out of her dripping snatch her slick oily cream facilitated
their movement. He drove his fingers as deep inside her
as he could and twisted his wrist, it felt as if a wedge had
been driven up deep inside her forcing the deepest walls
of her pussy apart.

Her head fell back her eyes rolled back into her skull her
thighs tightened again squeezing his hips. Her ass rose
off the stool her pussy bucked up against the invading fingers.
Her new position offered him a wider range of movement his
fingers flew in and out of her now. The wet sucking sounds
of his fingers working her pussy echoed in her ears. She
no longer seemed to care where she was or who was there. She
arched her back and threw her pussy at his fingers. “Finger
my pussy! Oh Shit! Yesss!” she seethed. Her eyes were glazed
over by the time she found the strength to lift her head and
look at him. Her jaw was tight, “Fuck! Oh God! I am going to
cum!” she hissed through clenched teeth. Her whole body
now rocked back and forth on his fingers. Her stomach felt
as if it was tearing as her second orgasm gripped her.

“Arghhhhhh! Yes! Oh Yes! Please don’t stop! Finger my cunt!
Ah oh GAWD!!!” her pussy let go a steady spray of her juices.
Her cream sprayed his chest and cock as it escaped from around
his probing fingers. Gently, he eased his fingers from
her pussy and slid both hands under her ass. Holding her
ass in his hands he bowed his head forward and softly kissed
her swollen pussy lips. Her body still twitching with the
previous orgasm bucked wildly at the feel of his warm wet
mouth sucking at her pussy. When an even warmer thick soft
tongue delved between the sensitive lips of her pussy she
thought she would lose her mind. He held her ass in his hands
as her body fell back to the stool her shoulders now lay on
the stool she could feel the back of her blouse become saturated
with her now cool cream as he pulled her pussy to his mouth.

She lay there gazing up over her heaving breasts at the stranger’s
face between her legs. She could feel his tongue as it slid
into her, swaying back and forth, his mouth opened wider
she felt his lips on her pussy then a slow soft suction as
he withdrew his tongue and sucked her sweet cunt. She heard
him swallow then heard him softly growling, as he tasted
her for the first time. Her hands shot down between his lips
and her pussy separating his mouth from her pussy so she
could pull back the tender folds of her pussy for his tongue.
He took the hint and as she held her lips apart he traced her
slick entrance with the very tip of his tongue. Looking
up at her he saw that her eyes were closed tight her head rocked
from side to side as she babbled incoherently.

With a devilish laugh, his tongue left her pussy and moved
along her slit to her over sensitive clit. The tip of his
tongue barely made contact with her clit all instead he
concentrated on the fleshy hood that protected her clit.
Licking up to and then around her clit she could feel his
lower teeth brush her clit whenever his tongue licked above
it. He adjusted her ass in his hands she felt his thumbs slide
up between her legs and pull apart the wet folds of her cunt.
His lips found her clit; he sucked at it, his lips holding
it tight allowing it to squeeze between his lips so his tongue
could flick its tip. Her hands left her cunt; she gripped
handfuls of her own hair and pulled. The combination of
his tongue and teeth and tongue combined with her hair pulling
sent her over the edge again.

Her hips bucked her legs tightened around his neck almost
cutting off his oxygen she grabbed hold of his hair and pulled
his mouth against her contracting pussy, sliding her cunt
from his chin to his nose covering his face with her juices.
Slowly the contractions subsided she felt her body weaken.
Gently, he lowered her ass back onto his knees. Opening
her eyes, she smiled weakly. The stranger’s face shone
with her fresh juices. He licked his lips and smiled back
at her.

Tightening his stomach muscles he slapped his rock hard
cock against her pussy. A wild look came over her without
saying a word she reached down and took hold of his cock and
held it tight against her pussy. Gently, she let her hips
rise and fall loving the feel of the thick hard shaft of his
cock nestled between the swollen lips of her pussy. He reached
down and using his thumb he pressed against the base of his
cock pushing it out from his loins. In its new position,
she could feel the heat of his shaft on her clit as she rubbed
her pussy up and down its length.

Suddenly she stopped. Her face filled with horror. She
had been so lost in what was happening she wasn’t even aware
that many of the other patrons had moved over and now sat
a mere few feet from them. Her first instinct was to cover
her pussy but when she tried to do so she found it to be impossible
as the stranger’s cock was being ground back and forth along
her slit. Glancing from one man to another she was shocked
to see that under their respective tables, they had slipped
their cock out and now stroking themselves as they watched
the stranger’s cock gliding back and forth between the
exposed lips of her pussy. She also couldn’t help but notice
that the two other men’s cocks were also much larger than
her husbands as well. She was so intrigued by those two men’s
cocks she didn’t even realize that the stranger had slid
his stool back in order to allow him to tickle the tight entrance
of her pussy with the tip of his cock.

But that all changed when he pushed forward. The smooth
head of his cock passed easily between the lips of her cunt.
When she felt the head plowing into her cunt she instinctively
tightened her pussy muscles. This, however, did nothing
to deter his advancement if anything it just forced him
to press forward faster. His cock was tapered somewhat
the head being the thickest then tapering down only to thicken
as you approached the base. She felt every glorious inch
as he worked it into her. The thick soft veins pulsed with
the beat of his heart as he sunk his cock deeper. She felt
as if she was going to be ripped in two by his cock. Her throat
felt full her hands pressed against his stomach stopping
his progress forward.

“Oh God, please no more! You’ll tear my pussy apart!” she
whimpered. The stranger held still, smiling at her. He
was used to his lovers asking him to stop, but he also knew
that they didn’t really want him to stop completely, they
did honestly want all of him inside them, and they just needed
time to adjust to his cock. He pulled his cock back slowly
and could hear her exhale when the head of his cock was about
to pop free of her cunt he eased forward again hearing her
inhale as his cock once again filled her. She kept her hands
between her legs her palms pressing against his stomach
preventing him from freely driving the full length up inside
her. He was happy for the moment he had at least half his cock
sliding in and out of her sweet tight cunt and knew that if
he played his cards right he would be soon buried to the hilt
and have her screaming at him to give her all he had.

He worked up a steady rhythm testing her every now again
seeing if she was ready for a bit more of his cock. She was
lying on her back with her legs draped over his arms as he
held her hips and fucked her. She moaned steadily her tongue
lashed her dry lips. He released her hips and was happy to
see that although
she kept her hands flat out in front of her she was bucking
her hips up to greet his cock at the same time. He licked his
lips as he gazed down at her, “You like my cock don’t you?
Love the way it fills your sweet cunt, don’t you? You do want
all of my cock, don’t you?” he whispered between grunts.
He didn’t really expect her to answer he already knew what
her answers were. “I want to see all of you, ” he whispered
and then in a flash he had a hold of her blouse and had ripped
it open to expose her breasts. “Fuck, you have gorgeous
tits!” he remarked.

Reaching for them, he took hold of both swollen nipples
and pulled at them twisting them hard; he squeezed them
between his fingers and let them slip from his grasp. Her
nipples snapped back against her breasts for a second;
her arms became weak, he took the split second lapse in her
concentration to drive a couple more inches of his cock
inside her. “Oh, God!” her upper body rose her mouth hung
open as she felt the head of his cock drive deeper into her
cunt than anything had ever gone before. Her back arched
her eyes filled with tears as his cock explored new territory
deep within her. Recovering from the shock her body relaxing
slightly her hands once again pressed against his stomach
not sure if she could possible take any more of his cock.

Once again, he settled into a slow steady rhythmic pumping
working his cock back in forth inside her testing her resistance;
from time to time, seeing if she would allow more of his cock
inside her. Her shoulders now rocked side to side; her sweat
soaked hair clung to her face as she moaned uncontrollably.
“Come on baby, just a little more, you want a little more
baby, ” he cooed. His words seemed to relax her; she unlocked
her elbows and allowed him to drive a bit deeper. Once again,
her throat closed up. His cock felt as if it was buried deep
in her stomach she had never felt so full. Her one hand dropped
down to her pussy. Her fingers on each side of his cock, she
could feel his thick hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt.
“Just a bit more, baby, just a bit more and you will have all
of my cock, baby, ” he grunted and pushed his hips forward

Using her fingers, she felt his cock and was scared to find
that although he was buried inside her; she could
still wrap four fingers around what remained outside her.
“No please I can’t take anymore. Please don’t make me take
it all, you will rip me to shreds, ” she pleaded.

The stranger, however, had another plan. He pulled his
cock from inside her and rolled the shaft across her mound.
Her fingers played with his cock as it moved back and forth
across her mound.
He stood causing her legs to fall to the floor before she
could react he had taken hold of her by the hips and turned
her around to face the stool. Using one hand, he pushed her
shoulders forward causing her to bend at the waist. Kicking
her legs apart with his feet, he stepped up behind her and
holding his cock in one hand dragged the head along her slit.
She purred; her legs straightened; she rocked her hips
back and forth loving the feel of his cock teasing her entrance
and clit.

He continued to move the slick smooth head of his cock up
and down her slit. His hands lifted the back of her skirt
peeling the drenched fabric from her ass he flipped it over
the small of her back and got his first good look at her ass.
He couldn’t help but caress the smooth firm cheeks of her
ass. Her juices had long since drenched the crack of her
ass and now his thumb teased her asshole circling the tight

Oh God! He didn’t expect to put his cock in her ass did he,
she thought. The head of his cock left her slit and forged
its way up between the cheeks of her ass. Pressing his hand
flat down over her ass, she felt the tip and then shaft of
his cock slide over her asshole. God, it felt so good. She
had no idea that something like this could feel so good.
She soon found herself reaching back and pulling apart
the cheeks of her ass so she could feel more of his cock sliding
over her tight asshole.

“Hmmm, you like that honey?” she heard him say. His thrusts
now were more determined; more forceful. The tip of his
cock caught her asshole on more than one occasion causing
her body to tighten up. His hand pressed down on the small
of her back causing her ass to rise higher into the air. His
hand slid back and covered her asshole forcing his cock
to press against the tight ridge protecting her asshole.
She had no idea when the men had moved but when she lifted
her head to check on them she quickly found two standing
within reaching distance. Both had their pants around
their ankles and their cock in their hands. She had never
been so wanton in her life she couldn’t take her eyes off
the two cocks being stroked in front of her but yet she couldn’t
take hold of them because she also loved the feel of the thick
hard cock sliding between the spread cheeks of her ass.

She motioned with her head for one of them to move closer.
The shorter of the two was quick to react and now stood in
front of her. His fingers wrapped around the base of his
cock; he rubbed his shaft all over her mouth and cheeks.
The two men simply smiled at each other. Tilting her head,
she managed to get the head of the cock into her mouth and
wasted no time taking him deep into her throat. She wrapped
her lips tightly
around his cock and began to bob her head up and down while
swishing her tongue back and forth. The new stranger grabbed
a handful of her hair and forced her head up and down. His
hips moving back and forth as he effectively fucked her
mouth. She could feel his cock swell as it slid back and forth
across her tongue and into her throat. She let go of her ass
cheeks and reached for his balls pulling and tugging at
them as he continued to fuck her mouth.

The hand on the back of her head became more forceful; driving
her head down to meet his cock; driving his cock deeper into
her throat causing her to gag slightly before withdrawing.
Faster and faster, he fucked her mouth; her spit dribbled
from around her lips soaking his balls and her fingers.
Suddenly, she felt her head being pushed down farther than
ever; the cock in her mouth expanded and then rippled jerking
back slightly; it shot forward again as his balls escaped
her grasp and slammed up against the base of his cock. He
was cumming, and he was going to cum in her mouth! She fought
to pull her lips free of his cock. She had never allowed her
husband to cum in her mouth as she had thought it dirty and
repulsive. She tried again and again to break free from
his cock but attempt after attempt was thwarted by his heavy
hand on the back of her head.

Now, at some point during her struggle, the stranger behind
her had taken advantage of the distraction and now had half
of his cock buried back inside her sweet tight cunt. He was
bound and determined to feed her cunt all of his cock and
he seized the opportunity. Holding her hips firmly in his
hands, he rocked his body forward causing his cock to lunge
forward and bury itself deep inside her. Her back arched
as his cock drove up inside her. The other stranger lifted
his hand from the back of her head. As his cock popped free
of her throat, it let loose with what was the first of many
blasts of his thick hot seed. The roof of her mouth burned
with the warmth of his cream; she could feel pools of his
cream forming at the top of her throat; before she could
swallow, she felt the second blast scorched her mouth.
Gagging slightly, she was forced to swallow his cum. And
was surprised to find it wasn’t so disgusting it was actually

The man behind her now began to fuck her gently. The full
length of his cock was now accepted by her tight cunt; he
worked his hips back away from her and then while holding
her hips in his hands drove his cock deep until his balls
slapped at her mound. She found herself lifting her feet
off the ground allowing the stranger to slide her back and
forth along his cock at will. She took hold of the cock before
her and sucked and licked it clean drawing the last remnants
of his delicious seed from his balls. Completely drained
the stranger stepped back and allowed the other man to take
his place. She was all too happy to take hold of his cock and
give him what she had just given the other. Behind her the
stranger continued to fuck her sweet cunt. Faster and faster,
he drove his cock in and out of her well-lubed pussy.

Looking up at the new stranger she stroked his cock and whispered,
“I want you to cum all over my face. Will you shoot your load
all over my pretty face?” she felt his cock grow in her fist.
She had obviously found one of his private fetishes and,
well to be honest; it had always been something she secretly
wanted her husband to do. But her husband wasn’t the type;
he would always either shoot off inside her or would turn
quickly and catch it in his hand or a tissue if there was one
close by. So many times, she had fought off the urge to take
hold of his cum-filled hand and smear his hand across her
face. Oh, to see the look on her husband’s face as his cum
ran down her cheeks, gathering it around her mouth. Someone
hollered “Oh Shit!” and the next thing she felt was his hot
molten seed splashing her face.

The cock in her hand had literally exploded. The thick cock
was alive in her hand; each shrug of the muscle brought forth
another blast; each successive one thicker, warmer, and
sweeter; all racing down her cheeks to her hot, hungry tongue.
The excitement of having a cock explode all over her face
caused her to black out for a second. Her body tightening
then going completely limp in stranger’s hands behind
her allowed him the opportunity to gain some leverage.
He took a half step back and kicked her feet wider apart.
Leaning forward he used his weight to force her shoulders
to support her weight; her fingers gripping the back of
the stool for some stability.

His breath was cool then hot as it swirled over her sweat
drenched flesh. His hands moved gracefully along her hips
over her sides; the tips of his fingers stroked her heaving
swollen breasts as they dangled below her. His fingers
moved over her breasts, caressing her nipples gently,
his fingers merely holding her nipples stroking their
very tips. His arms wrapped around her loosely; his hips
eased back gently, his cock sliding deliciously slow back
over the silky velvet collapsing walls of her cunt. With
his arms locked under her, he drove his hips forward catching
her completely off guard knocking her forward. The stool
tilted, her fingers slid down the back of the stool, her
face landing on the cum-soaked seat. She could smell her
own cunt on that seat. Much of the puddle of her juices from
earlier had by now been soaked up. All but a cool pool she
felt spreading under her cheek. Her mouth instantly began
to water. She had never tasted her juices before. Her face
made a slurping sound as she lifted it from the chair. The
stranger behind her moved his hands up her body once again
up over her waist his thumbs pressing inwards along the
base of her spine sending a shiver through her body. His
hands moved up to her shoulders caressing and massaging
them expertly as he fucked her from behind. Having already
three or more orgasms since it all began her pussy now hung
open begging for his thick hot cock to re-enter. His hands
slid under her arms his thick strong fingers gripped her
shoulders she could feel his biceps bulge against her sides
as he jerked her back towards him. His cock drove deeper
than ever before inside it felt as like he was trying to get
him balls up inside as too. Her yelp of pain was drowned out
by his cries of pleasure. He held her body tight in his arms
behind her his hips slapped against her ass as he fucked
her with short powerful thrusts. “Oh God! Oh God!” was all
she kept saying.

Her lips trembled and her arms gripped the stool; her breasts
slapped hard against the stool with each thrust. Her constant
moaning only served to arouse the stranger more. He held
her tighter still and fucked her harder. Harder, like she
liked it! She had yearned to be taken. To be really taken!
You know, fucked till she was too sore to walk “Harder please,
please fuck me harder, ” she pleaded, “please.” He knew
she was a hot little number but, Jesus, none of his lovers
had ever wanted it harder. He released his grip on her shoulders
and stood up behind her; his hands settling on her hips;
his eyes focused on his cock sliding in and out of her sweet
pink pussy. She settled in on his lead and soon she was rocking
back and forth in time with his strokes. Her head hung down
between her arms. His fingers stroked her neck; tossing
her head back, she felt his fingers slide up into her hair.

Collecting her hair into a tight ponytail, he wrapped her
hair around his one fist and then with a soft swift jerk he
pulled her head back towards him. She was forced to look
straight ahead. She could see the stranger’s eyes sparkle
in the mirror in front of her. He held her hips tighter than
ever now and fucked her hard. She did her best to steady herself
under his barrage of thrusts but was fighting a losing battle
as his cock waged war on her pussy. She felt her body tightening
again and fought to hold off her coming orgasm; her vision
went black; her legs suddenly felt like rubber. “Arrghhh!”

His hand quickly unwrapped from her hair and to grip her
hips before she could slump to the floor. He balanced her
abdomen on the stool with his hands on her hips as he arched
his back to push his cock further into her pussy. Totally
at his mercy now; her body wracked with pleasure, her legs
pushed apart by his strong muscular thighs pushing his
cock into; her arms and tits hanging down towards the floor
as he continued to balance her abdomen on the stool and fuck
her orgasm filled body. Again and again she came flashing
in and out of reality; gasping for each and every breath.
Then, she felt the stranger’s cock take a mighty lunge and
expand deep within her stretching her pussy. Then with
a grunt, she felt his cock flood her cunt. He attempted to
continue to fuck her as he came but ended up falling forward
on top of her; crushing her under his weight as his cock unloaded
inside her. It wasn’t till she felt his cum oozing from around
his cock in her pussy that she realized just how full she

She still isn’t sure when he left. All she remembers is turning
around to look for him; seeing men standing around her,
jerking on their cocks to cum on her; seeing her husband
sitting on a stool, his eyes filled with lust as he stared
at her cum filled cunt before coming to stand near her and
unzip his pants.

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I have to admit you are definitely a vivid writer and leave
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THAT IS A GOOD THING, do not hange a thing. I'll diefintely
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