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Photo session leads to much more


I've tried to avoid classrooms since college. I wasted
too many days of my life sitting at a desk listening to a lecturer.
Even walking down this hall in search of 208 made me a little
uneasy. The fluorescent lighting, smell of janitor's
supplies and the clack of shoes on the hard floor made me
uncomfortable - not in the nervous sense, but in the bored-dreading
sense. I thought about heading back out to my car. But before
I could give it serious consideration, the person standing
at the door made eye contact.
"Looking for the photography class?" he asked.

When I nodded he told me I was in the right place and invited
me to go in and have a seat. A couple other guys were scattered
in the first two rows and I took a seat closer to the back.
I intended to stay kind of inconspicuous. I wasn't
interested in class discussion or answering questions.
I was there just to listen and hopefully pick up a couple
of tips. While I thought I was an ok photographer, I wanted
to improve my picture taking. I thought it would help my
business. That's why I signed up for the class. That,
and I got $50 off when I bought my camera last year. The certificate
expired this month, so here I was.
Looking at the others made me think I was in for a dull three
weeks. I pegged the guy with his own tripod as being a little
too serious about his craft. The other guy had a camera from
Walmart, it appeared. I only hoped to learn something and
that the classroom time would be as painless as possible.

"There are only three of us?" I thought to myself
when the instructor closed the door and walked up front.
This was going to be more unbearable than I thought.
The instructor, Tom, spent the first 10 minutes describing
the topics and techniques we would cover in the class. Tripod
guy vigorously took notes. Walmart boy accidentally snapped
a picture while messing with his camera. I was just about
to stab myself with my pen when the door opened.
A woman peeked her head inside and then came in after apologizing
to Tom for being late. She quickly walked back to a seat a
few spots to the right of me. She looked to be in her late 20's
and had short, dark-brown hair that swept to each side of
her face. She tucked a strand behind her ear as she pulled
out some paper and a pen from her bag. Probably sensing that
I was looking her direction, she turned towards me. I quickly
looked away and pretended to be carefully listening to
Nothing had changed in the eight years since graduation.
I still hated classrooms and an attractive female still
easily distracted me. Suddenly the class became more interesting.
I know it sounds corny, but the presence of a woman made me
feel like the 20-year-old college guy I was who only went
to class to meet girls. I couldn't keep myself from
looking over at her again.
No ring. Guys my age check for that sort of thing. At least
from the profile view, her eyes were big and full and looked
green. Her round, sun-kissed face was accentuated by lips
I would describe as graceful. Rich, pink lipstick made
them slightly glossy. She wore a light blue t-shirt with
a scooped neck that fit her nicely. And her khaki shorts
revealed plenty of her tan legs. On her feet were brown sandals.
She wore pink polish on her fingers and toes to match her
"Now why don't you all give me an idea of what you
hope to get from this, " Tom asked, snapping me back
to the class.
I was dead on with tripod guy, Alan. He was there to refine
his 'artistic expression and composition'.
I'm not against that as a concept, but he said it like
he was a world-renowned photographer. We found out Chris
got his camera at Target, not Walmart. He just wanted to
learn how to take better pictures of his kids and dog.
I told Tom I was expanding my design business and wanted
to learn how to take better pictures for the web. I hoped
to learn everything from straightforward black and whites
or executive headshots to manipulations with Photo Shop
because my clients' tastes were all over the board.

Melanie, funny I had already thought of her as a Renee or
Rachel, said her company had sent her. She was their new
public relations specialist and since she worked for a
small organization she was going to have to handle a lot
of the photography herself.
"Well it sounds like you and Ryan will both want some
practical advice since it's for your jobs, "
Tom said. "I think we can accomplish that."
Even if it was superficial, I liked the way Tom unofficially
partnered me with Melanie. I was pleasantly surprised
when she smiled when I looked over at her.
We went over a lot of camera basics the rest of the time. I
forced myself to mostly just pay attention to Tom since
I didn't want to be the guy that wouldn't stop looking
at her. We were told each week we would have an assignment.

"For next Tuesday I want you to take a picture of what
you think you're best at, " Tom said. "Give
me what you think is your best shot. Whether that's
a portrait, landscape or whatever, it doesn't matter.
And don't spend a lot of time trying to refine your shot.
I just want some place for us to start." <br>
Nothing came to mind for me. I pretty much viewed myself
as average regardless of the subject. As we all packed up
to leave, I introduced myself to Alan and Chris. They didn't
seem as intolerable as I initially made them out to be. I
hesitated long enough to time my walk out with Melanie.

"So what kind of company do you work for?" I asked
as I opened the door for her.
"It's a landscape design firm, " she said.
"They mostly do projects for wealthy clients. So
they hired me to do some of their PR and marketing and to take
some pictures of their completed projects. You've
probably seen their sign on Grove Street - Luxury Landscapes."
"I know exactly where that is, though I've never
hired them for any projects around my place, " I said
with a grin.
"I know what you mean. On the other hand, living in
an apartment I don't have any reason to use them."
We exchanged a few more pleasantries before heading to
our cars.
Our conversation helped make the decision of what kind
of picture to take for next week. Now I just needed to find
a place to get some nice shots of some plants, landscape
or flowers.
On Saturday morning I got up early. I knew enough to understand
that the lighting would be a little better than if I waited
until the afternoon. I pulled out of the drive in my Jeep
without a destination in mind. I hoped to see some place
and be inspired to pull over. I live in a small town, so I figured
I would see something in the first half hour of driving around
or I was going to have to come up with a different approach.

I finally decided to park on a street in a wealthier section
of town lined with old houses. My guess was some of the wives
belonged to some gardening clubs or had the time and money
to hire the right contractors. It didn't take long
to find a few shots. One house had a stone fountain in the
center of a circular drive surrounded by plants and flowers.
Several had flowers along the front gate or the entrance
to the driveway. I was able to take a few macro shots of tulips,
lilies and daffodils. I stopped after a couple dozen or
so shots figuring I could get at least one decent print from
the bunch.
As I headed back towards my car I saw a woman working in her
yard. I slowed down as I approached her house. She had a hat
on to block the sun and her blonde hair was tucked up inside.
Several wisps fell across her ears. But what caught my attention
were her wonderfully long legs. I admired her each time
she stood and knelt to tend to her plants. Her ass looked
incredible in her cutoff jean shorts. I debated whether
or not to try to snap a picture. But I found a spot where I was
blocked a little bit by a tree and somewhat out of view. I
got a great shot when I zoomed in and she bent over at the waist
to pick something up. When she stood she stretched and arched
her back. Until then I hadn't noticed her large breasts,
but they made a couple of nice, full swells in her tank top.
I quickly snapped another picture before moving along.
I didn't want to press my luck.
On my way home I stopped by a local deli for an early lunch.
Hardly any place to eat around here so it's about the
only choice if you're out and hungry. As expected,
when I went inside I found a long line at the counter.
"Ryan?" I heard someone say behind me as I paid
for my sandwich.
When I turned around I saw Melanie sitting at one of the tables
by herself.
"Hi, what has you out on the town this morning?"
She held up her camera.
"Just trying to do my homework." <br>
"Yeah, me too, " I said. "Would it be ok
if I joined you?" <br>
She replied by extending an open hand to the empty chair.
It was the first time I noticed her smile. Not sure why, but
it reminded me of Ashley Judd a little bit. She had on a pink
sleeveless shirt. She had an unassuming look, but one that
was effortlessly sexy.
"So, did you get anything good?" she asked me.

"I don't know how good, but I think I have enough
to go to class with this week." <br>
"Do you have your camera with you? Let me see your pictures."
I had it in my pocket, so I took it out and turned on the LCD
screen so she could see the shots.
"Hey, these are pretty good, " she said. "I
guess if I need some tips I'll know who to ask."
Before I could mentally chalk one up on my side of the board
she giggled. Before she even said anything I knew what it
"What do we have here?" <br>
I leaned over to look, feigning I wasn't sure what she
was talking about.
"How did those get on there?" I asked with mock
I tried to grab the camera from her but she pulled back out
of my reach. Then she started to laugh. That was nice. Not
only was I now a picture taking peeping Tom, she found it
funny too. I tried to recover.
"Well, what can I say? I was out looking for great pictures
and saw an opportunity I couldn't pass up."
She stopped laughing long enough to hand me her camera.

"Here, take a look at mine." <br>
She had a bunch of very nice architectural shots of the old
part of downtown. A few she snapped in black and white of
some of the details on rooflines or around doorways were
really good. When I saw her last picture I stopped to look
up at her. It was of some guy with his shirt off up on a ladder.

"That's why I laughed, " she said. "I
just thought it was funny we both took some skin shots. That
guy was painting a house and I took his picture and he didn't
even realize I was there." <br>
That made me less embarrassed. We finished our lunch. I
found out she moved to the area a few months before when she
decided it might be easier to find a job someplace like this
rather than going up against 50 applicants for every job
that came open in the city where she lived. She got tired
of waitress jobs on the side to support herself. She was
a business major in college but always had a creative side
and liked writing so she found herself doing marketing
and PR most of the time. Within three weeks of moving, she
landed her job.
"I know it's short notice, but how about dinner
tonight?" I asked.
She hesitated a second, but just short of making me wish
I hadn't asked.
"I think that would be nice. What did you have in mind?"
"Well, there are only a handful of places to choose
from around here. I could cook something to if you want to
come over to my place." <br>
Felt like I was on a roll, so I went with the come over to my
place line.
"Well, you don't look like a psycho so I guess
that would be ok. Besides, now I have a picture of the suspect, "
she said before taking my picture before I knew what she
was doing. I considered protesting but her smile defeated
that thought.
"Ok then. How about seven?" <br>
She agreed and I gave her directions to my house.
The one recipe I had any confidence in was a baked shrimp
pasta dish my grandma gave me a long time ago when I moved
out on my own and she assumed I would starve to death. On my
way home from the deli I stopped for a bottle of wine and bought
yellow rose at the flower shop next door. I was trying for
somewhere in the middle of the scale between full-out putting
the moves on this woman and looking like I never had any dates.
Before she arrived I put the rose in a vase on the table and
lit a candle. Simple, with a hint of class, yet not overdone.

When she arrived and I answered the door I was impressed.
This girl looked great in t-shirts and shorts. But in a light
yellow summer dress, she was amazing. The top two buttons
were open and the color showed off her tan skin. She wore
dark red lipstick and again stunned me with her smile. The
heels on her sandals made her an inch taller and without
looking I knew they complimented her legs. She was incredibly
sexy with a touch of sophistication layered over girlish
charm. I literally could have just stood and watched her
for hours.
But that would have been awkward.
"Hi. Come on in. Find the place ok?" <br>
"Yeah, it was easy. I like your place. Not too bad for
a bachelor." <br>
We had a few minutes of the uneasy, first-date small talk.
But it didn't last very long. She had a way of making
you feel like you'd known her a long time. I offered
her a glass of wine and we went out to my deck while dinner
finished cooking. I don't have a stereotypical breathtaking
view or anything. But I live in an older neighborhood with
a lot of large trees that give me some privacy in the back
yard. And it was a nice night with a breeze that felt good.
When we sat down I couldn't help but appreciate her
legs as she crossed them. We talked about how long I'd
lived in the neighborhood and I told her some stories about
some of my more interesting neighbors. I hadn't noticed
her laugh as much at the deli, probably from the embarrassment.
But I'm a sucker for a girl with a great laugh and hers
was very nice. The timer for the oven went off just as I headed
inside to refill our glasses.
Over dinner I think we both started to feel the wine a little
bit. Every story seemed funny. And because I loved the sound,
I wanted to keep making her laugh. When she did, she tilted
her head back just enough that I noticed her neck. Was there
any inch of this woman I wasn't attracted to? To say
it made you want to kiss it isn't quite enough, but I
can't think of a more honest description.
After dinner I poured the final two glasses from the bottle
and we moved into the living room. She sat on my sofa and sat
in a chair across from her. I put in a CD and we both sipped
our wine. We didn't talk for a few minutes, but the silence
didn't feel uncomfortable. More, it seemed like we
both were just enjoying the moment and the music and relaxing
after a long week. After a couple of minutes I got up without
saying anything and went back to my office.
When I got back, she looked at me a little suspiciously but
didn't seem to care where I went. She laid her head back
on the sofa and closed her eyes. On the foot of the crossed
over leg a sandal bounced slightly to the music. Since she
wasn't looking I took the opportunity to admire her
body again. Her breasts were full and round and soft under
the material of her dress. Her nipples, while not erect,
were barely visible. Even covered, I could tell she had
a flat little tummy and elegant curves down across her hips
and thighs.
"Smile, " I said.
She lifted her head up and looked at me right when I snapped
her picture.
"Hey, what do you think you're doing?"
she protested.
"Well it's only fair. You got a picture of me and
now I have one of you." <br>
"It was not fair. You have to give a girl notice. I might
have fixed my hair or something." <br>
I looked down at my screen to review the shot.
"Nope, believe me. You looked great." <br>
"Let me see." <br>
I went over and sat beside her and handed her the camera.

"I guess it's ok. But it could have been better."
"Oh yeah? What would you have done?" <br>
"Well I could have smiled for one." <br>
So I went back to my chair.
"Ok, here's another chance. One-two-three."
But she didn't smile. Instead, she surprised me by
slipping the strap of her dress down over a shoulder and
giving a kiss to the camera.
I laughed and told her she was right. I should have given
her notice. I liked this one a lot better.
I took the camera back over to her so she could see.
"I'm such a goof, " she said with a laugh
when she saw the picture.
I couldn't resist the urge to kiss her any longer. I
put a finger below her chin and brought her lips to mine.
You know how sometimes you just feel a surge deep within
yourself when you first kiss somebody? That's how
it felt to kiss Melanie. I hadn't noticed before that
she wore perfume, but it was perfect on her. I breathed in
deeply as we kissed. Her lips were a perfect fit on mine and
I let their warmth linger for several seconds before taking
a break.
We both looked at each other as our minds sorted through
the flood of feelings. When she smiled I leaned in for another
kiss. This time we let our tongues explore. I tasted the
wine on hers. It didn't take long for a bit of the passion
that had been smoldering all evening to surface. Soon,
we were kissing with a fervor matched only by the intensity
of my pulse. Our hands began to explore one another. I loved
the way her skin was warm and her body soft, yet firm. Her
hand raked across my chest and down onto my stomach where
she rested it on my side. I could feel some arousal building
at her touch. Then she broke away.
"Ok, I showed you some skin now it's your turn, "
she said as she grabbed the camera.
I raised an eyebrow as I looked at her and asked what she meant.

"You just showed me a little shoulder, " I said.
"It's not like I can lower my shirt down over my
arm." <br>
"So take it all the way off." <br>
She grinned and I tried to decide if she was serious. Either
way, I chose to call her bluff and pulled my shirt up over
my head. I can't say that I'm completely ripped,
but I'm also not embarrassed to take off my shirt. My
biceps, abs and chest are all reasonably defined.
"Now lay back and put your hands behind your head."
I did as she requested, slightly apprehensive and yet turned
on by her boldness. She stood up, pointed the camera at me
and clicked.
"Oh, that one's very nice, " she said with
a giggle.
"Well that's not really fair, " I said.
"I gave you a lot more for my picture than you gave me."
"Yeah, but I don't have a shirt I can take off and
if you think I'm taking off this dress, you're
crazy." <br>
"Well you have to give me a little something, "
I said as I stood up to take the camera away from her.
I sat back down on the sofa and waited to see what she would
do. I was slightly disappointed when she sat down again.
But that quickly changed when I saw what she had in mind.
With a mischievous grin, she began to lift her dress up her
sexy thighs. I tried to steady the camera, but my hands began
to shake as she teased me by ever-so-slowly raising it up
little by little. She turned slightly to face me and bent
her knee to rest her left leg on the sofa while her other remained
on the floor. She finally stopped inching up her dress when
I could barely see her white panties underneath.
"That's enough for now, " she said.
She gave me a sexy smile as I took the picture. The camera
catches so many things. This time, it clearly caught her
seduction. Just enough of her panties showed to torture
and tease me. I couldn't take my eyes off the picture
on the camera's little screen.
"My turn again, " she said. "I think you
know what's next. You've seen my underwear."
Ok, so far she'd managed to outmaneuver me in our little
game by basically remaining fully clothed while getting
me to remove first my shirt and now suggesting my pants.
I was having too much fun to think about who was winning.
But even given the circumstances, it still felt like me.

I stood and loosened my belt. Her eyes looked up at me with
a mix of anticipation and naughtiness. They seemed to sparkle.
Finished removing my belt, I unbuttoned my pants. I then
lowered the zipper and pulled my pants open enough to give
her a glimpse of the black boxers I had on underneath.
"Uh-uh, " she said. "All the way off."
I smiled and nodded acknowledgement of her request and
lowered my pants to the floor. After I stepped out of them
I took her demand a small step further. I tugged my boxers
down so that the waistband revealed my lower abs and stopped
just short of showing too much.
She grinned.
"Now it's getting interesting, " she
With that, she took the picture.
"Not bad, " she said with a smirk as she reviewed
the results.
Before my arousal became too obvious, I sat on the sofa again.

"Something doesn't seem fair here, "
I said. "So far you've seen a lot more of me than
I have of you." <br>
"What are you suggesting?" <br>
"I think you know." <br>
"Yeah, but I want you to tell me." <br>
"Take off your dress for me." <br>
I was struck by her confidence when she stood up. I sensed
she knew she was sexy and enjoyed showing off her body.
"You're about to become a lucky boy."
Yeah, I would say she was confident. Slowly, she turned
around to face away from me. She grabbed the material of
her dress at the waist and slowly raised her skirt. Inch
by inch more of her legs and back of her thighs were revealed.
I couldn't take my eyes off her. She hesitated when
she got close to exposing her ass.
"Are you sure you're ready for this?"
Damn, I liked her attitude.
After I managed to groan that I was, she took hold of the bottom
of her dress and lifted it the rest of the way up and over her
body and tossed it to the side. I was momentarily stunned
when I saw it wasn't white panties I had seen, but instead
a thong that fit her round, tanned ass to perfection. My
eyes were focused there as she turned. I studied the small
triangle of material that covered her mound. My eyes traveled
up and I saw she had a simple, white, silky bra to match her
thong. There was no clumsy underwire or padding. Rather,
there was just enough material to support her beautiful,
full breasts.
"So don't you have a picture to take?"
Looking at her hypnotized me into forgetting what we'd
been doing. I obliged and lifted the camera to take the shot.
Literally, she was sexier than any picture I'd ever
seen. I drank in the sight of her as she walked towards me
and took the camera out of my hand. She set it on the end table
and crawled onto my lap, straddling me. I felt my cock flush
with excitement. She wrapped her arms around my neck and
leaned down to kiss me. I put my hands on her ass and squeezed
her tightly. She was raised on her knees slightly, but lowered
just enough to let my cock graze against her enclosed pussy.
Involuntarily, my hips thrust against her. She groaned
deeply and nibbled on my lips and tongue.
I reached behind her and unhooked her bra. As her breasts
fell free, I again thrust towards her. My body was reacting
to this incredibly sexy woman. I wanted her and my whole
body was driving toward having every inch of her. It took
restraint to keep from overpowering her with my lust.
She made a giggling squeal when I stood, lifting her into
my arms. I carried her back to my bedroom. When I got to the
edge of the bed I laid her on her back. I reached to turn off
the lamp on the nightstand when she stopped me.
"You can leave that on, " she whispered.
She gave me a wink and a grin as she showed me she brought the
camera back with us. This woman was driving me insane.
I leaned down over her and tasted her lips again. I kissed
across her cheek to nibble on her ear. From there I sucked
my way down that beautiful neck. She ran her fingers through
my hair as I nuzzled there. My hand cupped her breast, massaging
where I wanted to go with my mouth next. Her hard nipple felt
great against my skin and I couldn't wait to taste it.

With four nibbles I worked my way down to her right breast.
First, I kissed around the soft flesh. I let my tongue wet
her skin and subtly exhaled air to raise more, tiny bumps
on her flesh. After a few seconds I finally took her nipple
deep into my mouth. I sucked it all the way in, flicking my
tongue across the taut morsel. With each flick she gasped
and her body quivered slightly. I squeezed her tits together
so I could transition to her left side without my mouth losing
contact. Her right nipple was still wet and I rubbed it between
my fingers as I began to suck on the left.
When I had both nipples fully hard and wet from my mouth,
I squeezed her tits together again. I cupped the full mounds
of flesh into my hands and pressed them together. While
kneading her flesh I let my mouth kiss and suck from one nipple
to the other. As I continued to gently pinch her nipples
in my fingers, my mouth trailed down across her stomach.

When I reached the waistband of her thong, I pulled down
the front enough just to give her one teasing kiss just above
her tiny mound. Her hips jumped from the bed to meet me. She
sighed when I pulled the material back up and was relieved
when I placed my fingers under the thin straps that went
across her hips. With a firm tug, I pulled them down and she
lifted off the bed to allow me to slide them all the way off.
I stopped briefly to drink in the sight of her beautiful
pussy exposed to me.
With my hands, I raised first one foot and then the other
so I could suck on her toes. After placing each foot back
on the bed I placed a hand on each knee and parted her legs.
My mouth began to explore the soft skin inside her thighs.
The closer my kisses got to her sweet pussy the more I could
sense her warmth and smell her arousal. There's something
about being between a woman's legs that makes you feel
completely intoxicated and surrounded by sexuality.

Before long, I wanted to taste her as badly as she wanted
to be tasted. I started with several gentle kisses on and
around her furry mound. I loved being that close to her sex.
My kisses became harder as I began to work my way down closer
to her hot, sweet nectar. With one full stroke, I ran my tongue
all the way up her wet slit. She moaned loudly. With that
encouragement, I licked and probed my tongue until I found
her clit. It was still tucked away just a little, but I could
tell it was beginning to swell with arousal. My first touch
on her special spot was just a light stroke of my tongue.
She grabbed my hair and pulled me closer in between her legs.

Her excitement drove my sucking and licking mouth. I wanted
to pleasure her and feel, see, hear and taste her excitement.
As I let my tongue tease her clit a little bit more with small
circles around and around, I heard the camera click.
I hadn't noticed, but she had grabbed the camera again.

[You could only see the top half of my nose, my forehead and
my hair. The rest of my face was hidden. The camera found
focus around my closed eyes, so everything else in the picture
was softened and a bit blurred. Her spread legs formed a
perfect valley for me and her tummy was a flat surface leading
to her exquisite, soft, furry mound. The fingers on one
hand were entwined in my hair and the camera captured a perfect
frame of a woman being pleasured by her man.]
Our eyes met and she smiled ever so briefly before resting
her head back on the bed again. My mind raced with a jumble
of lust, arousal, curiosity, excitement and fascination.
I had never been with any woman like Melanie. Now, I wanted
her climax. I had to feel her lose control and push her over
the edge with my mouth. I buried my tongue insider more deeply
than before. I probed and licked and stroked the depths
of her fire.
I placed a finger inside her opening and began to gently
thrust it in and out. I nibbled at the inside of her thighs.
My finger stroked up to her clit. As I massaged and rubbed
her button I looked up to see her in ecstasy. Out of the corner
of my eye, I saw the camera.
[This time, the flat surface of her stomach guided my eyes
to the swells of her tits and the hard nipples she pinching
between her fingers. You could see a slight strain in her
neck as she tilted her head back. Her mouth was open, the
only indication in the picture of the groans that escaped
her lips.]
She didn't acknowledge my camera work, too lost in
the building heat between her legs. With full concentration,
I covered her pussy and clit with my greedy mouth. As I kissed
and sucked all around her womanhood, my tongue never left
where she wanted it most. Both of her hands were now on my
head, pressing my face against her tightly.
I groaned and the vibration from the sound traveling down
my tongue sparked her orgasm. Her whole body tensed and
she let out a scream. Her hands flew from my hair as they clawed
at the sheets on each side of her body. I eased the intensity
of my tongue, allowing her to enjoy the waves of her climax
without driving her insane. Her tits heaved up and down
as she gasped for breath. I watched them, loving the full
experience of taking a woman over the edge. A woman's
body at the height of ecstasy is an amazing, gorgeous sight.

As her sparks subsided and her breathing slowed, she clawed
at my arms to pull me up to her. She had a satisfied smile and
a glow on her cheeks. On her forehead were tiny beads of sweat.
She didn't say anything, but only pulled me close for
a slow passionate kiss.
She stroked my cock through my boxers as she tongued my ear.
I was on my back and she was beside me. Her soft hand expertly
massaged me and her hot mouth was driving me crazy.
"Take some pictures of this, " she whispered
in my ear before kissing her way down my neck.
I about came in her hand right there.
I took some deep breaths to maintain control as her sweet
lips traveled across my chest and down my stomach. My body
twitched when she pulled my waistband away and ran her tongue
along my abdomen. Moving on from there, she licked along
the inside of my legs. She let her tongue come tantalizingly
close to my balls through the leg opening in my boxers. My
erection was now full and protruding at attention under
the material.
She positioned her body between my legs and rose up to kiss
me on my stomach as she pulled my underwear the rest of the
way off. I loved the feeling of my cock unrestrained in front
of her. I couldn't wait to feel her mouth on me.
She took my shaft firmly in her hand and lowered her lips,
giving me only a kiss.
[The swollen mushroom head looked like candy against her
lips. Her innocent eyes contrasted against the naughty
position of her mouth. Her hand gripped tightly with greed
at the thick base, suggesting she would not and could not
let go. She had what she wanted.]
From the beginning kiss on the tip, she moved to give me several
full licks along my entire length. She ran her lips from
base to tip and back down the other side, not letting me put
my cock fully in her mouth yet. Because I loved the way she
teased me, I resisted the urge to force myself inside.
I was desperate to feel her wet warmth all around me. But
she continued to avoid that and tease me. Instead, she moved
her tongue and lips down to my balls. Gently, but firmly,
she took one and then the other into her mouth. A sucking
sound escaped as she let each one fall from her mouth. I gasped
for air, the torture becoming almost unbearable. Sensing
I was just about to beg her, she took me into her mouth.
I grabbed the camera again as she began to slide her lips
up and down on my cock.
[Beyond her oral assault on my cock, you could see her nipples
still erect on the tips of her swaying breasts. The wide
shaft stretched her lips tightly. Her eyes were closed
in passionate concentration. My hand rested on the top
of her head. It looked as if I were fucking her mouth.]
She released me from her mouth and smiled at my taking the
picture. I groaned and whispered that I couldn't take
it much longer. She was going to make me cum.
She crawled up from my cock, allowing her tits to rub against
my body. She kissed me and stroked her pussy against my erection,
making me wet with her nectar. She sat up, taking my cock
in her hands and guiding it between her legs. She rubbed
the head back and forth against the opening before rolling
down and forward, engulfing my full length. Hot, liquid
fire swallowed my cock.
It took every ounce of my concentration to maintain control.
I knew if I lost focus for one second I would erupt. I wanted
to stay on the edge of climax as long as I could, enjoying
the intimacy of being inside her and the lustful craze of
staying just within the boundary of losing my mind. I loved
watching this beautiful woman with her incredibly sexy
body grind herself up and down on my steel rod.
She placed my hands on her breasts and told me to pinch her
nipples. As I did, it seemed to send a spark through her body
that propelled her to churn against me with increased intensity.
Her movements produced a slapping sound as our bodies slammed
together. As I continued to massage her breasts and pinch
her nipples, she lowered a hand to her pussy. She tilted
her head back, losing herself to the ride as her fingers
stroked her clit. I concentrated on the ceiling, nearly
delirious from pleasure.
After a couple of minutes I moved her hand and replaced it
with my own. I gently stroked and circled the hot little
nub I had enjoyed with my tongue before. I could tell she
was close to cumming again and slowed my caress, while also
increasing its intensity. Slowly, I rubbed my finger against
her button.
As she orgasmed, I captured her again.
[Is there anything more beautiful than a woman who is sexually
satisfied, savoring the release of climax? In the first
shot, her head was thrown back. Her breasts were cupped
tightly in her hands. In the second, she looked into the
camera. Her hair had fallen into her face a little and she
bit her lip. You could see the molten desire in her eyes.
With two pictures, much of what makes a woman such a perfect,
complete, sexual being was portrayed.]
My cock was now close to the point where it was starting to
ache with the need to cum. She climbed off of me and turned
over onto her back. With clawing arms and hands, she pulled
me on top of her. She greedily reached down for my cock and
guided it into her once again. With one thrust, I buried
myself as deeply as I could. My mind and body battled over
the desire to have the feeling last forever with the need
for release.
With full thrusts, I balanced my speed between the intensity
with which I wanted to pound her, and the need to remain slow
enough for both of us to fully enjoy the action. I watched
as her tits jiggled and bounced with each thrust and smiled
back as she looked into my eyes. The wonderful glow of satisfaction
radiated from her face.
"We need one last picture, " she whispered.

I had to stop my movement completely to keep from cumming.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath to focus and sustain
control. It was obvious what she meant and my mind raced
with disbelief. She risked the chance to thrust up on me
one last time before putting the camera in my hand and moving
from beneath me.
She motioned for me to sit at the edge of the bed. She crawled
between my legs and rose up on her knees in front of me. Without
torturing me for even a second longer, she took my cock into
her mouth. She slurped her mouth up and down as her hands
cupped and massaged my balls. It was more than I could take
and when she thrust down with one deep swallow and I felt
the head hit the back of her throat, I lost control.
"I'm cumming!" I screamed.
[Her hand was gripped tightly around my shaft after she
pulled back on me firmly. The first bit of cum dripped onto
her waiting tongue. Her head was tilted back and her eyes
were closed. Shots of my thick cum fired high onto her forehead,
her beautiful face and on her lips. The second picture captured
her tenderly sucking the rest of it from the still thick
head. The last picture was of her grinning with my cock resting
against the side of her face.]
We showered and crawled back into bed. Lying there together
in the nude under the blankets we reviewed all of the pictures.
With each one I became more amazed by the woman beside me.
Her smile as she viewed the pictures told me she enjoyed
it too. When she took my hand and placed it between her legs,
the incredible heat and and honey on my fingers confirmed
We never returned to our photography class. Instead, we
continued to practice on our own from time to time. In the
two years we've been together, we've taken hundreds.
Each one as hot as the first and as amazing as the last.

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I have to say that taking pix of the beautiful women I've
been blessed with over the years has been a great source
of eroticism. my cock swelled as she posed for the photo
of her panties, but when she took a photo of you sucking her
pussy, I nearly blew it. It makes me horny as fuck when a woman
will take pictures also, I may be a nasty boy, but women that
know how, and love to fuck are what makes the world go round...I
love taking photos of fingers in pussy.