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Paying It Forward, helping a curious fence-sitter with a little push.


A message came in from what could hopefully a new friend. Two years my senior and like myself a widow. That alone could be grounds to start but her quick air clearing fact that she's been bi curious her entire adult life set us in stone.

Having that same singularity, one which thanks to a very kind and understand soul I made it past just curious and now an active and loving bisexual woman. I was thrilled at the possibility to pay it forward as such. My own enlightenment only a few years earlier and still fresh in my mind.

I used my own feeling and experiences with the hope that they're general to most. But of course putting my own spin on it. After some back and forth the date was set and here's how it went.

The light from her car shined in my window, she's right on time. I stand to greet her at the door, already having put my plan in motion.

A kiss on her cheek and a welcome to enter, as soon as the door latches behind us I pull her near. A harder and more to the point kiss upon her soft lips. As our tongues danced in the others mouth I reached up and undone the top button of her blouse. Not being stopped I continued until she was naked before me. Her body was simular to my own, a bit war torn by children and time. But that was of little consequence to me, she was beautiful in my eyes.

She stood shaking a bit until I softly said for her to not worry and to just breathe. As her chest expanded I took her hand and escorted her down the hall and to the master quarters, past the bed and into the large bathroom where the tub stood at the ready. She placed her hand on my shoulder to steady herself and stepped in, the warm water embraced her lovey body.

I could see the stress melt away from her face and she even cracked a smile when I begun to undress myself right in front of her. Now also nude her face changed to a bit of confusion as instead of joining her in the tub plenty big enough for two I instead stepped into the adjoining shower.

There I stood cleaning myself while all the time watching her, she slowly ran her sponge up and down her yummy body. She was so beautiful doing so I couldn't stop myself from reaching down to touch myself, she caught me but only smiled. Then she began to tease me even more. Around and around she incircled her breasts then using the back of her hand she brushed away the bubbles exposing her legs to me.

I was thankful for the water beating down hard upon me as it hide my first orgasm from view. I gathered myself and dried off then I stepped toward the tub taking a seat on its edge. I outstreched my hand to wash her back afterward she leaned in tight to me granting access to her breasts.

Her nipples were quick to react as I rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers, she began to moan softly. There we stayed until she felt comfortable taking the next step. I patted her body dry and arm in arm we took the few steps to my bed. Another kiss as I grasped her hands then I slowly lowered her onto the cool sheets.

Softly I told her how beautiful she was and to allow me a second to drink her in. Her face no longer shown of fear but now lust, lust I was happy to return in kind. I reached to my nightstand, a half full bottle of baby oil stood at the ready. A little on my palms and I worked it rubbing my hands together. Then starting at her feel I started to massage her.

Slowly I worked my was up her body but when I came against her smooth womanhood I passed it up with intention, instead continuing up her body. Reaching her chest I took one in each hand it's extra flesh escaping between my fingers. Knelt on the bed I leaned over her once again locking lips and as we kissed I lowered my body upon her thigh, my wet pussy leaving a snail track on her lower leg.

Reluctantly I left her soft mouth and returned downward. A good visit to each nipple and then a trail of light kisses between her chest and a chain of them as I moved even lower. My warm breath on her wanting mound had her speaking in tongues her wants clear after I parted her outter lips using just the tip of my tongue.

"eat me, eat me please" she rambled on over and over again. I slipped my palms under her bottom and went to work, over and over I changed from sucking her clit to darting my tongue in her sweet box. She chanted stop, stop, I'm going to cum but that fell on depth ears. And soon thereafter my happy face was sticky with her seed.

She said thank you, thank you that was wonderful. But little did she know I was not finished yet. She laid there with eyes fixed as I stepped into my harness, those eyes grew when I returned to my dresser retrieving a large pink dildo. I snapped it in place and again I reached for the baby oil. I stood there stroking my plastic cock until she begged me to fuck her.

I pressed the head upon her fat clit, pressing downward she began pleading for more. Inch by inch I pressed my manhood in her finall to the point we were tight body to body. Starting slow I began to push in her, it wasn't long before she arched her back, a clear sign she's about to cum. A few quick and hard plunges did the trick pushing her off the edge.

Exhausted I laid at her side fully satisfied and thinking it was over. That's when she stood up, her warm hands roamed over my body. Then to my surprise and delight she lowered her mouth upon my flesh. After a bit of time spent on each breast she clearly had other plans.

She locked on my engorged clit and began sucking it as if it was a tiny cock. While I cupped my breasts I asked her to finger me, the three action all at one time proved to be too much providing me a wonderful orgasm.

We laid there awhile sharing kisses and whispers. Then after recharged we began all over again. So happy to have found another friend and aiding on her discovery of her new life.

I've helped other over time and I even called on the basic game plan but none are as sweet as your first, I hope I was just so to mine.

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Very hot thank you for sharing


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Good Story! Looking forward to reading the rest of your articles!


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very sexy good story


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Looking forward to reading the rest of your articles -- Great story's

you do have a very beautiful body -- I am also bi-sexual male - I enjoy eating pussies as much as sucking guy's hard cock's and swallowing there sweet loads --


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Love that!!! Way Hot !!!


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you do a great job of building the suspense and the eroticism


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Your stories are amazing and have gotten me so hot happyf;


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Another amazing delightful story - thanks for sharing