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Pay For Play Cheerleaders


Chapter 1

It was Nancy Peterson's first appearance as a Valley
High cheerleader.
The stands rumbled with a full house of cheering fans. Nancy
high kicks. Her dark-blue skirt featured inverted pleats
and swirled
sexily on her fine, tanned legs.

She wore a tight white vest that had blue stripes down the
arms, an
inch-wide white stripe across the chest, and it pulled
tightly against her
big teenette tits, two whoppers that bobbled like ripe
grapefruits. Nancy
knew her titties were attractive to men. She realized early
on, when her
tits bloomed that she was blessed with a real set of suckies.

She kicked high. Her skirt flew up, giving the fans a good
look at her
shiny, slick, white bloomers that tugged in at the muffy
crunch of her

Nancy's succulent-looking tits wobbled and splashed
up and down as she
kicked her right leg, kicked her left leg, then twirled
her blue and white
pompoms with outstretched arms.

Her dark-brown hair, done in a sweep on the sides, a slick
pull on the
top, tied into a long ponytail in the back with a white ribbon,
behind her like a whip. Her tossed bangs were cut straight
across her
forehead and enhanced the beautiful, angelic cut of her
lovely face.

There was no question about it ... she could have placed
high in the
finalists of the Miss Teenage America contest.

The band blared.

The crowd watched.

Nancy bumped her curvy, luscious hips to the left, to the
right, not an
inch of fat on her sleek body. She turned around, her back
to the stands,
with the other six cheerleaders. They all bent over in unison,
blue and
white tennis shoes flat on the field, legs spread, and wiggled
their fine

Nancy's little skirt pulled up over her tight bloomers.
She pointed her
darling ass at the bleachers, her asscheeks sliced high
with the elastic
cut of her bloomers which left a juicy slice of shimmering
white skin

Nancy rolled her hips, bumped her ass, and the swirl of her
round rump
was a joyous sight to the boys and men in the stands.

Nancy squatted down lewdly with the gorgeous girls, bumping
her ass,
hands on her knees, skirt flying, head turned back, chin
on her shoulder,
and a delicious new thrill zinged through her incredible

She got hot.

She saw the stares of the men in the crowd, how they gawked
longingly at
her fine frame. She loved the way they stared at her.

She turned, in time with the other girls, and faced the stands.
kicked her leg high, showed her crotch, then danced hop-scotch
to the
right, then to the left, bent over, wiggled her upper body,
rolled her
head, ponytail circling.

Her pants got wet.

Good grief! Nancy thought. I'm gooshin' my bloomers!

A seeping hot spritz slicked against the shiny white tights.

The band brought the pep song to an abrupt end, and Nancy
rushed to the
sidelines with the other girls, still tingling and buzzing
with this new
rush of excitement.

Chrissie Madison, one of the cheerleaders, leaned over
toward Nancy.
"Jeez, those guys up there were really givin'
you some hot looks."

"I know, " Nancy whispered back.

"Well, give 'em a good show."

"Huh?" Nancy gave Chris a puzzled look.

"Hey, half the people in the bleachers don't
give a shit about football,
touchdowns, first downs, all that dumb shit. They're
here to see us wiggle
our ass and bounce our tits."


"You're damn right. See that guy up there -- no,
don't look now, dummy
-- the one on the last row next to the press booth ... the one
with the
binoculars and camera?"

Nancy waited a moment, then turned and saw the man. "Yeah,
I see him."

"He hasn't missed a game since I've been
a cheerleader. He's a rich
bachelor. I checked him out. He's constantly checking
out my body."

And a good body it was. Chris was lithe, thin, and she had
a fabulous
All-American face, flat tummy, bouncy titties, rich,
supple hips, and brown
hair that she wore in double ponytails.

"Wow! Just comes to see you, huh?" Nancy asked.

"You got it."

A time out was called.

The band blared.

The girls ran onto the field. Nancy was in line, and the girls
their feet far apart, hands on knees, squatted down, moved
from left to
right in time with the music.

Nancy looked up at the man Chris had pointed out. He peered
through his
binoculars. She thought maybe he was looking at her too,
because she
noticed he moved the glasses to the left, then back to the

Now she burned. Her panties slushed. Her pussy squished
and oozed,
making the crotch sticky and gooey.

Golly, I hope it doesn't run down my leg, she thought.

She stood up, kicked high. Her crotch was drenched, soaked,
wet, little gooshes of cuntjuice dribbled and seeped through.
A drop of
cum trailed down her thigh.

Nancy kicked higher.

The men and boys in the bleachers watched with hot, fuck-smut

The band finished.

Nancy went back to the sidelines and managed to wipe the
sopping drop of
cuntjuice off her thigh on the inside of her skirt.

"Didja see him lookin?" Chris whispered.


"See what I mean?"


"See, half those guys came to see us."

"Whew, wow!" Nancy said.

"I love it, don't you?" Chris smiled.

"Yeahhhhh!" Nancy hissed hotly.

After the game, as the girls were putting their gear in little
blue-and-white canvas bags, a man came up to Nancy.

"Can I take a picture of you?"

Nancy turned around. The man was tall, in his forties, very
He had a very expensive camera.

"Sure, I guess, " Nancy replied.

He quickly snapped a photo.

She turned fully to him, and he flashed off another.

"Thanks a lot, " he said, smiling admiringly
at her luscious body, her
pretty face, then he turned to walk away.

"Golly!" Nancy exclaimed.

"See, see what I mean?" Chris asked.


"Guys come and get all hot watchin' us. Some of
'em take pictures and

"Wow, it's far out!" Nancy replied.

"It's really great bein' a cheerleader,

Nancy affirmed with a nod of her head that it indeed was great
to be a

The two darling girls walked toward the school house to
put their pom
poms away.

"Did you get hot out there tonight?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, " Nancy admitted.

"Let's go to the girls room and finger-fuck,

"Well, ah ... I ... sure, I guess."

But before the darling schoolgirl cheerleaders could
make it to the
schoolhouse, a big blue Chrysler pulled up beside them
on the road.

It was the man who had taken Nancy's picture. The handsome,
older man.
He beckoned the girls over.

"Hi, " he said, with a friendly smile.

Nancy looked at Chris. Chris smiled and nodded her head.

"See what I mean, " Chris whispered.

"Nancy, come here a minute, will you?"

"Should I?" Nancy whispered.

"Sure, see what he wants, " Chrissie replied.

Nancy walked to the car. The handsome man looked at her pretty

"I'd like to take some more pictures of you, Nancy, "
he said.

"Howdja know my name?"

"I heard your friend call you Nancy when I took the
picture of you."


"Look, I'll pay you five hundred dollars if you'll
meet me at my motel
and let me take some pictures of you."

"Wha ... Ah ... jeez, I ..."

"Here, see." He opened his wallet which was
stuffed with money.

"Well, I dunno. Lemme talk to Chris. We were gonna
go get a pizza."

Nancy went back to Chris. "He wants to take pictures
of me. He offered
me five hundred dollars."

"Ooooh, boy!" Chris whistled. "You're
gonna let him, huh?"

"Should I?"

"Sure, I would!"

Nancy thought about it. Chris was older. She knew so much
about life,
and Nancy wanted to impress upon her that she wasn't
a stuffy, average

"Okay, " Nancy said, then walked back to the

"Well?" The man smiled.

"Sure, " Nancy said.

"I'm staying at the Holiday Inn. Why don't
you just get in and go with

"Maybe I better meet you there."

"Okay, here's money for a cab." He handed
her twenty dollars.

He drove off.

"Jeez, he gave me twenty for a cab to meet him at the
Holiday Inn!"
Nancy exclaimed.

"Well, we better go to the toilet and get fixed up,
so you look real hot
and sexy when you go to see him, " Chris said.

"Will you go with me? Kinda stay in the cab and wait
for me while I'm
in his room? I mean, you know, in case he's a bad guy or

"Sure, " Chris replied.

Chapter 2

The girls went to the restroom and dipped into their purses
for make-up.

"Jeez, five hunnert dollars!" Chrissie whispered.

"I wonder what kinda pictures he wants?" Nancy

"Sexy ones I'll bet. That's a lot of money,

"I know."

"Here, I got some bubble-gum pink blush. Try it."

"Oh, good! I got some real neat pink lipgloss."

Nancy blushed her cheek with the pretty pink, layering
it on her
farm-fresh face. She applied a thick, pink gloss to her
juicy, pouty lips.

"We'll call a cab from the hall phone, "
Chris said.

When the cab came, they were waiting in front of the school.
They got
in and rode to the Holiday Inn. Nancy gave the driver the
room number, and
he pulled the cab around in the back of the motel to a layer
of rooms
overlooking the river.

Nancy gave the driver the twenty dollars and instructed
him to wait with

"Well, sure, " he said, happy to have a fare
and a pretty cheerleader
sitting in the back of his cab.

Nancy walked up the stairs to the second floor, found the
room, and

The man opened the door. He wore swim trunks. He had obviously
taken a dip in the pool. His hair was still damp. His body
was firm,
tanned, his stomach hard and muscular.


"Hi, " Nancy cooed, then walked in.

"I'm so happy you came, " he said, picking
up his camera.

He checked the camera, loaded a new pack of film into the
back, then
pulled a wad of bills from his wallet. He counted out five
hundred dollars
and handed it to Nancy.

She had never seen so much money, and a zip of excitement
zinged through
her as she counted the fifty-dollar bills and put them in
her purse.

"Why don't you stand there by the dresser and
I'll take a couple
pictures?" he suggested.

He flashed off three pictures of Nancy standing in her sweet
blue-and-white cheerleading uniform, her big titties
pushing succulently
against the tight white vest.

"Now, why don't you pose in some of those sexy
ways you did on the

"Like when we did cheers and stuff?" Nancy asked.


"Well, like this I guess, when I put my legs far apart,
squat down like
this, put my hands on my knees?"


"And then I turn around with my back to you, "
Nancy said.

She turned, held the same pose, and the little blue-and-white
pulled high on her ass, showing off her tight white panties.
Sweet slices
of her rippling ass juiced below the stretched elastic
lines of her

"Oh my, Nancy!" the man huffed, shooting several
pictures. "Now turn
around and hold your skirt up."

"Well, ah, okay."

Nancy turned around and lifted the pleats, held them high
and let him
take several pictures of her bloomers, so slick, so white,
so tight at the
cunny V between her legs.

"You are so pretty, so fine!" he gasped.

"Gee, thanks, sir."

"Why don't you roll your hips like you do when
you cheer?"


Nancy rolled and slithered her hips in a glorious bump and
grind as the
hot man took pictures. She saw the bulge in his swimsuit,
a huge erection
there, a bending, curving protrusion, like he had a big
cucumber in his
swim trunks.

"Take your pants down." He trembled.

"You didn't say anything about takin' my
pants down, sir."

"Just take 'em down for a moment ... please?"

"Well, gee ... you never said --"

"Look, I'll give you more money, okay?"

"Well, ah ... you wanna see me take 'em down, huh?"

"Yes, " he huffed hotly.

"How much more money?"

"A hundred dollars."

"Well, okay then. I'll pull my pants down for
you, " Nancy said.

She thumbed the elastic top, peeled the tight bloomers
down her thighs
and showed the man her pussy.

"Ohhh-oh, oh, Nancy!" He gulped, looking at
the thick fuzz, the brown
patch of cunny hair between her legs.

Nancy was real hot now, seeing the big hard-on he had, doing
such sexy
things, and her cunt spritzed and gushed. She stood sexily,
holding up her
skirt, her panties on her thighs, her pussy revealed to
the flashing

"Unbutton your top."

"You gonna give me more money for that?"

"Yeah, another hundred dollars."

Nancy slowly unbuttoned the white vest, pulled it apart
and showed him
her white bra, a bra filled with the juicy overload of her
big teen

Once again Nancy lifted her skirt and stood like a teen goddess,
vest open, bra bulging, skirt flagged up, panties on her
creamy thighs.

The flash unit sparkled.

The man's prick thumped in his swimsuit.

"I dunno if I should be posing like this, " Nancy

The man unloaded the film, then stuck in a new roll. "Would
you take
'em out?"


"You know, your tits."

"Well, jeez --"

"Just slip 'em up over the top of your bra."

"Well, I suppose, but that's all."

Nancy pulled out her titties and set them up like juicy mangos
on top of
her bra, her big round teen tits jutting proudly, her nipples

"Oh, honey!" the man panted, then flicked off
several shots. "Why don't
you turn around and do that squatting pose?"

"Like this?" Nancy asked, turning, bending
over, setting her feet apart,
rolling her ass, putting her hands on her knees.

"Oh yes, like that!"

He flashed more pictures.

"My goodness, what a fabulous ass you have!"

Her dumpling asscheeks, plump and round, smooth as polished
glistened and rippled as Nancy swirled her schoolgirl
hips, shaking her ass
in sexy semi-circles.

The man put the camera down.

Nancy was as hot as a furnace fire.

He walked over, turned her around, took her in his strong
arms, and
kissed her wildly. Their lips met in a passionate French
kiss. He tasted
the bubble-gum sweetness of her mouth. His tongue snaked
into her bubbling
juices. Her tongue slapped at his. His hands went behind
her. He fanned
them onto her chubbette asscheeks, his fingers pressing,
pinching, grabbing
chunky handfuls.

Nancy felt the hardness of his erection. His cockstalk
pulsed against

His hands kept playing with her ass. His cock thumped like
a balloon
overloaded with water.

He broke their kiss and stuck his hand between them. His
finger slid
into her cunt.

"Oooooh! Sheeeez! No, no!" Nancy gulped.

But that finger felt good, felt real good in her pussy.

He fucked her with his finger, his other hand on her ass.

Nancy pushed her hot hips at him, rubbing against his big
hard-on. She
had always fantasized about pushing her pussy against
a man.

As she slowly rotated her hips, an ultra-undulation, she
could feel the
man's erection pulsing against her belly.

Nancy knew one thing. He had a whopper hard-on!

She had never had a man finger-fuck her, and the way his long,
finger hooked into her pussy thrilled her, gave her a new
sizzle she had
never before experienced. This sensation was even better
than her own
finger, she thought.

The man's wet, sluicing tongue slicked over her lips,
down her sweet
chin, her neck, and now he was bent over at the waist. He pulled
away from
her, his hand deep-sea diving in her panties which Nancy
had pulled back up
when he had started kissing her.

His tongue sloshed against her honeydew tits. He licked
the round
juicers, opened his mouth in a provocative pucker and sealed
his mouth on
one of her nipples.

"Jeeeezzzzuzzzz!" Nancy sighed. "You're
suckin' my boobies!"

She watched him, her chin tucked in, head down, eyes fastened
on the
sight of his mouth devouring her tit.

His hand behind her slid lovingly over and over the curvy
hump of her
round rump, clasping her plump asscheeks. He slid a finger
up and down the
hot crack of her ass.

"Oh, shit!" Nancy huffed.

He slithered his finger up and down her asscrack. It felt
like a
feather dusting her valley. She tingled.

"Mmmm!" he mumbled.

His finger fucked a sure slide-stroke in her slushy pussy.
His mouth
sucked on one tit, then the other, slurping them, nibbling
each delicious

Then the finger fluttering between the crack of her ass
found the target
and zoomed in as the man scored a bull's-eye.

A finger up Nancy's ass!

"Oh! Ah! Oooofffff!" she gulped.

His fingers fucked together, diddling her asshole and
her cunthole.

"Aw, you're ... you ... your finger's up
my butt, mister!" Nancy

Her hands hung at her sides, her arms limp.

The man's mouth slurped her big titties. His fingers
danced in and out
of her pleasure pots.

The slow simmering of ecstasy became a raging explosion,
and this was
followed by a gentle, ecstatic ripple that flooded over
her juicy young
body like a warm shower.

Nancy shook uncontrollably as she came. Her body jangled
through a most
incredible feeling, a delicious sizzle that she wished
would never stop.
She stiffened. She was convulsed forward at the waist.

The man's hand jiggled wildly in her panties, both
in front and behind.

"Ohhhhh, shit!" Nancy screamed.

Her eyes closed, her face impassioned with delight. Her
pink cheeks
glowed. Her pink lips hung open.

A gasp of breath caught in her throat.

"Ahhh!" she sighed.

The tingling climax coursed through her until she shook

"Ahhhhhhhhh -- oooooooh, jeeeeeeez!"

Her face was uplifted, her mouth wide open.

"Shit!" she cried. "Oh, shit!"

The man finally let her go. He pulled her close and held her
sobbing body close to his.

"Like that?" he whispered.

"You weren't supposed to do that stuff, sir!"
Nancy gasped.

"But I'm paying you very well, am I not?"

Nancy thought about it. Yes, yes, yes! She had never had
so much
money; she liked the idea she could get money because a man
was hot for
her, liked her, admired her. And a plan was formulating
in her pretty
head, a plan that would ultimately outline her escape from
River City, from
her drunken, abusive mother.

"Yes, " she whispered, "you paid me very

"And I'm not done. I'm going to give you more
before you leave. I'm a
rich man, Nancy. I can make you very happy if you let me."

"Do you live in River City, Sir?"

"No, I live in Las Vegas, but I travel a lot."

"That where you work?"

"I don't work, Nancy. I made five million dollars
in the stock market
over the last three years. It's been a hot market, and
I was a hot player.
I invested my life savings, three hundred thousand dollars,
in an airlines
when it was three dollars a share. I sold my shares at twelve
for a
million-two profit."

"Jeez!" Nancy said admiringly. "And
so you just travel around, sir?"


"Doin' what, watchin' cheerleaders?"

"Sometimes ... looking for the sexiest, prettiest
girls, women, I can
find. Just spending my time right now relaxing, seeing
the country,
looking at pretty girls, looking for the right one. The
perfect woman."

"Jeez, and you picked me this time?"


"But I'm just a girl."

"You're a woman to me -- a beautiful young lady,
very sexy, very
attractive, very well stacked."

His hand was at her crotch, rubbing on the V of her panties.

"Mmm, well gosh! Gee, thanks!"

"Now, I'm gonna take my cock out, and I want you
to play with it for me,

"Jeez, I don't think you should take it out, Sir!"

"I want to. I want you to play with it."

"I -- I never done that."

He backed up, took his swimsuit down. His prick snapped
up and slapped
his belly, then the stalk wobbled, shook, bulged, and spit
out a goop of
cum, a hot-snot shot of thick cream that flew through the
air, then
splattered on Nancy's naked belly.

"Oh, jeesssuz!" Nancy hissed, looking at his
big, fat nine-inch prick.
The bulging red cockhead was soaked with bubbling jizz.

Nancy looked down at the goopy wad of gooey cream seeping
down her
belly. She reached down and caught the load before it soaked
into her
cheerleading skirt.

Nancy eyed his monster prick. The stalk trembled, wobbled,
throbbed. A
big string of cum dripped down off the tip like a spaghetti
noodle, hanging
in a thin dangle.

He grasped his cock and slowly pumped.

Nancy had never seen a prick before in her young life, and
she was
fascinated by the spitting erection that pointed at her
like a cannon.
And, oh, how the sight of that prodigious prick thrilled
the young darling.

And the way the man masturbated on the long boner gave Nancy
a tremble,
as if she were a harp string and someone had plucked it violently.

"Golly!" she whined. "Jeepers shit!"

Another wad of cum gushed from his pricktip, shot high in
the air and
nailed Nancy on the navel.

"Whoo! Shhheeeez!" she mumbled.

"I want you to play with my cock, " the man gasped.

Chapter 3

"What's your name?" Nancy gulped, still
staring at his immense prick.

"John Milton." He smiled, slowly jerking on
his thick prick. "I'm
reincarnated, looking for Paradise Lost."

"Huh?" The darling cheerleader didn't
have the slightest clue what John
Milton was talking about.

"You are paradise, Nancy, " he whispered.

"Gosh, " Nancy said, looking at his steaming

"So give me paradise, play with my prick."

"You gonna pay me?"

"Of course. I would be a damnable lout if I didn't
pay you, and pay you

"Well, okay then. I'll play with your boner,
Mr. Milton."

He moved to her.

"It's soooo gooey though!" Nancy said,
looking down at the frothing

"Yes, yes, juicy ... Full of love for you, Nancy."

"Should I just hold ... hold your cock, sir?"

She reached down and pulled both hands along the sides of
the stalk,
moving them up and down, then curling her red-nailed fingers
around his
porky prick.

"Ah, yeahhh!" Mr. Milton sighed.

"And just kinda squeeze on it like this, sir?"

"Yes, yes, squeeze on it like that, Nancy! That's
the way, girl!"

"Jeez, it's shootin' out more of that cream
stuff, sir!"

"Push in and out on it!" he huffed.

"Like this?" Nancy asked, getting an overhanded
grip on his throbbing
fuckstalk, hammering her hands up and down, pumping as
if she were churning

"Yes, like that, sweet darling!"

"It's shootin' at me!" Nancy cooed,
bent over at the waist now in front
of Mr. Milton, her ass up, arched, her cheerleading skirt
skipping high
above her panties. Her big titties hung like balloons full
of water from
her bra.

His prick bubbled, spit, fizzed, and squished juicy hunks
of cum. A hot
gob hit her tit above the nipple, dripped down and finally
hung like snot
from the tip.

She pounded harder on his prick.

"Do it, Nancy! That's the way, darling!"
Mr. Milton babbled. "Do it
like that! Pump my prick! Good, honey, real good!"

"I'm masturbatin' your boner, sir ... And
it's so big in my hands! So
warm, hot and stuff, you know. And it's squishin'
squishin' all that

"Faster, Nancy! Jerk it faster!"

"Like this then, jerk up and down and stuff!"
she gasped, her eyes on
his frizzing prick.

"Yes, like that, darling Nancy ... Fuck me with your
fists! Gimme a
good fist-fuck!"

"You gonna get that feelin' like I got a few minutes
ago?" Nancy asked.

"Yes, yes ... pump me!"

"I'm doin' the best I know how. I never masturbated
a prick before."

"You're doin' it! You're masturbatin'
my prick better than anyone's
ever masturbated it, Nancy! Don't stop!"

"Just jerk on it real fast and stuff?"


"Oh, shit! You're shootin' sir!"

He came. His prick unleashed a furious load of cream that
jetted out of
his cock-slit and drenched Nancy's skirt, her belly,
her tits. Half the
huge, gushing explosion hit the front of her blue cheerleading
skirt, all
over her inverted white pleats.

"Oh, gosh! Jeez!" Nancy gulped, pumping as
fast as she could on his
spurting prickstick.

"Ohhhhhh, honey!" he moaned. "Oh, Nannnnnceceeeee!"

"You feelin' it?"

"Yes, yes ... ohhhhhh, yes, baby!"

When he finally stopped cumming, Nancy's hands were
dripping with cream.
She pulled them away from his slick prick and looked at them.

"Whoooooo, jeeeez!" she murmured.

Mr. Milton backed up, caught his balance on the chest of
drawers, then
trembled and sighed. "Oh, Nancy. I knew when I saw
you, the minute I laid
eyes on you, that you were an exceptional young lady."

"Well, you shot that stuff all over my skirt too, "
Nancy said, looking
down at her creamy pleats.

"Oh, I love you!"

Chapter 4

Nancy started to pull her white vest together. "I
guess I better go

"Oh, please! Not yet!" Mr. Milton begged.

"Well, my friend Chrissie is waiting for me in the

"But just a few more minutes, " he said.

"No, I better --"

"I'll give you some more money."

"Well, how much have I made so far, sir?"

"Over a thousand dollars."

Nancy was astounded. "Well, if you wanna give me a
bunch more, I
suppose I could stay for a while."

"Done, " he replied. "Sit down in that
big chair by the door."


Nancy sat down in the chair, deep leather, a big black chair.

Mr. Milton went to her. He dropped to his knees in front of
the chair.
He pushed Nancy's legs apart holding her knees.

He reached up and unbuttoned her cheerleading skirt in
the back. Nancy
lifted up. He pulled the zipper down. He slid the skirt under
her and
took it down.

Mr. Milton reached up, took off her white vest. Nancy's
tits sat atop
the bra like two skinned cantaloupes. He threw the vest
to the floor with
the cum-drenched cheerleading skirt.

Nancy sat plushly in the chair.

Mr. Milton kissed along her thighs, his tongue licking
the marble
smoothness. He thumbed her panties, pulled at the elastic

"I wanna take your panties down, okay?"

"Well, all right. Take 'em down then. You're
already pullin' on 'em, "
Nancy said, looking down at him, enjoying the passion etched
on his rugged,
manly face.

She lifted her slick ass off the chair. He pulled her bloomers
slid them along her legs to her ankles. Nancy lifted her
tennis shoes off
the floor, and Mr. Milton took the white tights off, dangled
them lovingly
in his hand.

Quickly he brought them to his mouth and tongued on the inside
of the

"Whew! Jeez, oh wow!" Nancy exclaimed. "Should
you be lickin' my
panties like that, Mr. Milton?"



He slid between her legs. His hand held her panties. He licked
her thighs, his tongue squiggling up toward the bushy nest
of teenaged
paradise that beckoned him. His tongue slid into her pussy.

"Oh, jeeeeeeeeez!" Nancy whimpered, sliding
down on the chair, her legs
wobbling apart, a huge opening for Mr. Milton's bent-over

He had his face fastened to her cunt. He kissed, licked and

Nancy squirmed above him, whimpering, whining, enjoying
another new

"Sir, sir! Sir, you're doin' that! Jeez,
you're down there suckin' my

"Mmmm, mmmm! Yes, yes -- suckin' your honey!"
Mr. Milton sputtered.

"That feels good, sir! Jeeeeez, that feels good!"

He stuck his hands under her teen-queen ass, cupped her
asscheeks and
lifted. He munched greedily on her pussy.

Nancy slid farther down in the chair, her ass hanging off
the edge, her
supple body glimmering as she lay back, chin tucked in,
eyes and mouth open
in explicit rapture. She watched Mr. Milton suck on her
sweet snatch.
His long, wet tongue slavered on the muffin softness, the
brown fuzzy
cunny, sloshing, licking like a dog going at a bowl of red

Nancy shimmered with goose bumps.

He clutched her cheesecake ass, cupping the slick cheeks
with curved
palms, long smooth fingers. She lay supine and beautiful,
clad only in her
blue kneesocks and her blue-and-white tennis shoes with
pink shoelaces.

Mr. Milton's tongue slobbered salaciously at Nancy's
delicious pussy,
and the tingles of ecstasy shivered the pretty girl, made
her jiggle. She
clutched her tits and played with the big orbs.

Mr. Milton's tongue zeroed in on her clit, found it,
nipped the button,
and a shudder flushed through Nancy.

"Ahhhhhhhhh! Oooooooooh!" she sighed, rolling
her hips, pushing her
pussy into the man's face.

His tongue nibbled her clit, then he sucked the quivering
tip into his
mouth and nibbled gently with his teeth.

"Ah! Oooophh! Jeez!" Nancy howled with delight.

A sluicing slush of pleasure slivered through her. She
came. That
wonderful, slow ripple of climax sent a river of hot tickles
through her.

"Oh, ooooopphhhh!" she sobbed, rubbing her
titties, swirling her hips.

The good-feel showered through her.

"Ah -- gaaaaawwwwdddd!" she screamed.

Mr. Milton devoured her clitty, and Nancy gave one final
tremor, then,
fell back panting on the couch.

Mr. Milton licked slowly now, sucking lovingly, until
the darling girl
had stopped shaking and lay catching her breath. He lifted
up, still on
his knees, and moved between her legs to her wide V. He fisted
his cock
and pointed the dripping pricktip at Nancy's cunt.

"Listen, you're not gonna put that big peter
in me, are you?" Nancy

"I want to."


"I wanna fuck you, Nancy."


"I wanna fuck you!"

"I never been fucked, Mr. Milton!"

"Well, don't you wanna try fucking?"

He stroked his prick, then leaned over and kissed her tits,
rubbing the
spurting head of his cock on her thigh.

Nancy could see how hot he was as he lifted back up again.
masked his face.

"Are you gonna give me more money if I let you fuck me,

"Yes, of course I am!"

"Well, just for a minute then, okay?"

He moved in, plugged the tip of his prick into her slushy

"Oooh-uuuhhhh!" Nancy babbled.

The heat of the throbbing fuckstick felt good in her tight
cunt. He
began a slow pump. His cockhead slicked in and out between
her cuntlips.

"Now we're fuckin', " Mr. Milton

"Yes!" Nancy huffed.

"Fucking to paradise."

"Yes, fucking!" Nancy whispered, watching
the slow glide of his
cum-soaked prick.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Nancy?"

"Yes, Mr. Milton!"

He pushed in a couple more inches of cock.

"Oh, shit! Shit!" Nancy howled.

Then came a knock on the door.

They did a quick freeze fuck.

"Who is it?" Mr. Milton called.

"It's Chris, Nancy's friend. Is she there?"

"Yes!" Mr. Milton gasped.

"Well, can I see her?"

Nancy reached over and turned the doorknob.

Chris walked in looking pretty, sexy and hot in her blue-and-white
cheerleading uniform.

Then she saw Nancy and Mr. Milton fucking.

"Gawd!" she shrieked. "You guys are ...
you guys are ..."

"Fucking!" Nancy exclaimed.

"No shit! Jeez!"

Mr. Milton pumped his ass. Chris watched. Nancy felt marvelous
that big prick stuck in her cunt.

Mr. Milton smiled. "Take some pictures of us, Chris.
There's the

"Gee, should I? Huh, Nancy?"

"Sure, I guess, if that's what Mr. Milton wants."

Chris got the camera and focused it in on the fucking duo.
She snapped
off a picture, then moved closer, took two more, moved back,
got one of
Nancy's face, then a close-up of his cock and her cunt,
finishing the roll
of film with several wide-angle shots of the loving fuckers.

She set the camera down, unhooked the back, slid the film
out, hid it in
her hand. She closed the camera, then went to her purse and
dropped in the
roll of film.

She turned and watched Mr. Milton fuck Nancy. She stood
near the chair
looking down at them.

"Come closer and pull your skirt up, Chris, "
Mr. Milton begged.


"I'll kiss your panties."

"Jeez!" Chris looked at Nancy.

"Go ahead, let him. He'll pay you, won't
you, Mr. Milton?"

"Yes, I'll pay you, Chris!"

Chris moved in close to him and lifted her skirt. He sloshed
his tongue
into the crotch of her white bloomers, licking and flapping.

"Take your panties down and I'll lick you."

"Should I?"

"Sure, " Nancy replied.

Chris pulled her panties down, lifted her skirt again,
and Mr. Milton
ducked out to the side, leaning as he fucked Nancy, and slashed
his tongue
wildly at Chrissie's little pussy.

Chris sighed.

"He's lickin' your cookie, Chris?"

"And he's fuckin' yours!"

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my cookie, Mr. Milton!"

"Eat my cookie, Mr. Milton!" Chris echoed.

Nancy felt his prick bulge in her pussy. He came, shooting
a hot load
into her. Nancy got dizzy. She felt another climax grip

The whole scene thrilled Nancy. Seeing Mr. Milton lap at
cunt, watching his cock fuck in and out of her pussy, seeing
the look on
Chris's face, made her flutter with excitement.

As Mr. Milton poured his load into her cunt, Nancy shuddered
with her orgasm, loving the way it lifted her above everything,

"Oh, jeez!" Nancy cried.

Chris looked down and saw how Nancy's face was twisted
with pleasure.
She rolled her hips, hands on her waist, skirt up, pushing
her pussy at Mr.
Milton's flagging tongue.

He reached around Chris with one arm and clasped her little
round ass.
He stuck a finger up her asshole.

"Ahff!" Chris yelped. "He's got
a finger up my butt!"

She came.

"Oh, hey! Ahhhhh!" Chris yipped, lifting her
chin and swirling her hips

Nancy knew one thing. She had made a lot of money, and as she
down from the height of her climax, she sighed deeply with

Chapter 5

"Well, how much did you get?" Chris whispered
as the girls rode home in
the cab.

"I haven't even counted it, but it's way
over a thousand dollars. Can
you believe it?" Nancy answered.

"Yeah, you aren't kiddin'. He gave me a hundred

"You aren't gonna tell anyone about this are
you, Chris?"

"No, no way." Chris smiled.

Nancy got out at her house, a small stucco duplex six blocks
from the
high school. She went in.

Nancy's mother was home from her waitress job. She
lay on the couch in
an old robe, asleep, an empty gin bottle on the floor. The
TV set was on.
Nancy turned it off and went to her room.

Nancy counted her money. She was elated. To get so much money
having so much fun was exciting. She smiled to herself,
undressed, took a
warm bath, then went to bed.

All night she dreamed about squirting cocks ... Big juicy
spurting plush plops, gloppy blobs of cum. Huge pricks
shooting streams of
thick cream ... hot hard-ons throbbing, bulging, the cockheads
big as
polished apples.

The next morning she awakened hot and creamy. Her hand slid
between her
legs, and she fucked herself with her finger, making herself

She took another bath and dressed in tight, faded blue-jeans
that clung
to her fine body like cellophane. She slipped on a pretty
pink sweater,
tied her hair in a long ponytail with a pink ribbon. Her hair
was parted
in the middle and banged out across her forehead. She blushed
her cheeks,
then added a thick swash of pink lipgloss.

Under her attire, she wore pink panties and bra. She added
a pair of
pink tennies with white laces. The darling schoolgirl
looked stunning,
adorable ... good enough to eat, and she knew it.

At school, Nancy found Chris who also had on a light-blue
pair of jeans
... And if Nancy thought her jeans were tight, Christine's
were so snug it
looked like she might have been sucked into them, and the
faded denim
curved and clung to the precious curves of her juicy ass.
Her tight,
light-blue sweater pulled in on her titties.

Chris with the perfecto ass, and Nancy with the big titties,
walked down
the hall at Valley High.

"Jeez, is that guy gonna see you again?" Chris

"Yeah, he said he'd call me."

"He must be real rich."

"He says he is."

"He must be, " Chris said, "to part with
all that money."

"I know."

"Doesn't it excite you ... I mean that he'd
pay us to play?"

"Yeah, exciting!"

They passed Mr. Towson, the English teacher, a tall handsome
man who
had sandy hair, glasses, a very masculine face and body.

"You know about him?" Chris whispered, pointing.


"I heard he's got a cock big as a fence post."

"Oh, come on!"

"Well, not that big, but I hear he's really hung."


"Let's tease him, " Chris said, "Turn
him on, huh?"


Mr. Towson was just a few steps past them.

Chris bent over the water fountain, turned on a pissing
spray of water,
then looked over her shoulder. "Hi, Mr. Towson!"

He stopped, turned and eyed her ass, the pudgy, puffed-up
gloved salaciously by her tight jeans.

"Oh, hello, ladies."

Chris arched out her ass, then bent over and took a drink.
She turned
back around.

"We were wonderin' what we're gonna talk
about in Lit class today."

"The Elizabethan period, " Mr. Towson replied.

"Mmmm." Chris smiled. "Can you give us
some notes before class, sir?"

"Uh, yes, of course. Come to my office."

Chris smiled as she tugged at Nancy's arm. The gorgeous
girls followed
the handsome English teacher to his office. They went in.
The walls of
his office were stuffed with books. His desk was piled with
lecture notes, books with dog-eared pages.

"Oh my, it's a little messy in here, " he

"We don't care, " Chris said. "Right,

"Naw, we don't care, sir."

"Well, let me see now, " Mr. Towson said, sweeping
his arm across his
desk, sending the messy papers and books tumbling to the
floor. "Sit down,
girls, sit down."

There were no chairs in the cluttered office.

Nancy laughed. "Uh, we'll just stand here by
the desk, you sit in your

"Yes, yes, ah, lemme see, oh yes ... the Elizabethan
period, the reign
of Queen Elizabeth. The poetry of the period is what we will
be concerned
with. The poetry of Donne, John Donne, the themes, the fact
that during
this period the people believed that each time they had
sex, reached a
sexual climax, they lost a day of their life, that sex burned
up their life
... so consequently much of Donne's poetry deals with
this, in his early
writings. Much of the poetry was divided between should
we have sex and
should we not have sex."

Chrissie moved closer to him. He was paging through a fat
book of
English poetry. Her shoulder touched his. Her sweet perfume
wafted over

Nancy moved in on the other side and got close, letting the
point of one
of her big tits punch into his bicep.

"Ah, ammmm, yes. Well, an interesting period in English
indeed ... Andrew Marvell's poem about his lady's
girdle is most unusual,
how he wished he could enfold his sweetheart as tightly
as her ribbonish

"Gee, " Chris whispered.

"Wrote about her girdle, huh?" Nancy said.

Mr. Towson wiggled in his chair.

Nancy looked at his crotch. So did Chris. They saw there
the lifting
of an incredible erection. How could the poor man help but
get hot?
Trying to do his job, educate the youth of America, school
them in the
liberal arts, and to have two darling girls, beautiful
students, pressing
into him like bookends, sent a shiver of thrilling excitement
through him.

"Ah, yes, to her girdle. Well, it's a beautiful

"We'll be sure to read it, " Chris said.

"Yes, I shall lecture about Marvell at length."

Nancy looked up at Chris. Chris looked down at Mr. Towson's
now ballooning up as a bulging curl against the crotch of
his gray slacks.
His prick was so hard, so big, that there could be no way anyone
could not
focus on the throbbing lift.

Nancy saw Chris push closer, rub her fluffy tits against
his arm. Nancy
did the same with her huge tits. They both watched as his
cock thumped in
delighted response.

"Ah, yes, will that be all, ladies?"

"What's that in your pants, sir?" Chris

"Ah, well! My, my!" he said, looking down. "Uh,
ahem, a most
embarrassing occurrence."

"Yeah, what's that?" Nancy asked.

"You're all hot and stiff, Mr. Towson!"
Chris exclaimed.

"He really is!" Nancy chirped.

"Ah ... well ..."

"You got a hard-on, sir?" Chris asked sexily.

"I apologize, girls. A most distressing circumstance
... I --"

"Why don't you show it to us?" Chris said.

"Yeah, we'd like to see it, Mr. Towson. Your boner

"Now, now, a little decorum here, girls."

"Let us see it?"

"That would be impossible, out of line."

"Why?" Chris asked, her hand going to his thigh,
her fingers playing

"Well, ah ... you are students. You're too young
for --"

Chris smiled. "I'm eighteen, so I'm old
enough for anything."

"Still, I ..."

Chrissie's hand went to his crotch. She rubbed her
palm along the
curling stalk of his immense erection.

"Whew!" she whispered, then found his fly and
struggled with the zipper.

"Now, please, young lady ..."

But Chris had his zipper down, unbuckled his belt, opened
the slacks,
but when she reached in to get his cock, she couldn't
get it out. It was
too big!

"Holy shit!" she whispered hotly. "I
can't pull it out!"

"If you insist, I'll have to take my pants down, "
Mr. Towson said.

He lifted up, and Chris pulled his slacks down. He wore no

"Oh, shit!" Chris barked.

"My gawwwwwd!" Nancy screamed.

Mr. Towson's enormous prick flopped out, wobbled
like a fat hose. His
balls hung from the edge of the chair like two hard baseballs.
His prick
was thick, like a wrist, very long. The cockhead looked
like a spit-shined
apple. The stalk shimmered like polished marble.

"Sir! That's ... that's ..." Nancy

"Huge!" Chris interjected.

Chrissie shivered a hand up and down his bristling prickstalk.

"How big is it?" she asked.

"I dunno, " Mr. Towson said, but of course he

Nancy grabbed his cock. Her red fingernails curled around
the fat
stalk. "Shit! It's really hard!"

Chris saw a ruler on the desk. She lifted it and placed it
along Mr.
Towson's prick. The big cock towered past the end of
the ruler.

"Oh, shit!" Chrissie gasped. "It's
bigger'n the damn ruler ... it's
over twelve inches!"

"Way over!" Nancy muttered, shuddering with

"Here, I'll flip the ruler up again ... see, it's
like fourteen fuckin'
inches!" Chris gasped.

The huge, fat prick spewed out a gob of cum. A hot shot of bubbly
spit high into the air between the two lovely schoolgirls.

"Wow, shit!" Chris purred.

The hunk of cum caught the edge of the desk and dripped in
a long slick
string to the floor.

Chris tossed the ruler on the desk and clutched Mr. Towson's
prick with
both hands. Nancy got both her hands on it too.

"Jeez, we got a real handful, " Chris said.

"Now, girls, " Mr. Towson warned. "This
is very irrational behavior."

Chris leaned over and planted a juicy kiss on the tip of his

"Oh, oh! Oh ... now! Now!" he moaned.

Chrissie's tongue licked over his big cockhead, mixing
her saliva with
his simmering cum.

"Shit!" Nancy said, watching, feeling gooshy
and hot.

Mr. Towson trembled.

Nancy leaned over and kissed him, gave him a sweet kiss on
his lips, her
hand cupping his chin. His tongue slicked into her mouth.
She sucked on

Chris sucked the top of his prick.

Nancy broke the kiss, then leaned over and watched Chris.

Chris pumped with a two-handed grip, jerking the huge prickstalk.

Chris pulled off his spurting prick, her pink lips soaked
with thick
cum. Now both girls knelt beside Mr. Towson. Nancy licked
one side of his
fat prickstalk and Chris slurped the other.

Hot goops of jizz spit into the air. A goop came down and hit
Chris on
her forehead. Nancy slicked her tongue fast up and down.
Cum flew. A hot
blop came down on top of her head.

"Cripes!" Chris exclaimed. "His dick
is squirtin' all over us!"

"I know, I know!" Nancy gulped.

"Girls, this lewd display, this foul oral business
must stop!" Mr.
Towson howled.

His whole body trembled. He reached down and cupped each
plum-tight ass.

The girls stood up now, almost as if they had rehearsed it.
Mr. Towson
rubbed their asscheeks.

"My, my what pulchritude, " he whined. "What
delightful rumps, girls.
You must not wag them in front of me so bodaciously."

Chris bent over and licked a goop of cum from his prick-tip.
followed her, caught a squirting hunk of goo right on the
lips. Cum
dripped down her chin.

Chrissie reached down and got hold of his prick with both
hands and
started flogging, pumping, whacking his hard-on faster
and faster.

Nancy couldn't stand the heat. Her hand slid to the
crotch of her jeans
and she did a fast hand-shuffle on her pussy. The sight of
hands clutching the big super-prick -- her pink fingernails
blurring, the
bubbling red cockhead, the hot jack-stroke -- made Nancy
shudder all over
with a delicious tingle.

Chrissie pounded the huge cock. She hammered up and down.
Her face was
intent upon her chore, her eyes wide, her mouth open.

Mr. Towson's hands gripped their butts.

"You must stop this strumpet activity, girls!"
he huffed, his big balls
jiggling on the edge of the chair, his cock oozing cum as
Chris whipped it.

He came.

His hands squeezed the girls' asses. He stiffened.
His prick pulsed,
the big cockhead bulged. A stream of thick cream spewed
straight up.
Chris beat his meat until the top half of his prick was like
a spurting,
wiggling hose.

She let go of his prick.

The big thick stalk throbbed, then the head of his cock pissed
a long
spray of cream.

"Cripes, shit!" Chris cried. "Looka
that! He's shootin' all over!
Holy ... sheeeit!"

Nancy rubbed the crotch of her jeans and watched the gigantic

"Yeah, squirtin' all over the desk and stuff!"
she whimpered as the
sweet simmer of satisfaction slicked through her.

A burning hot climax stiffened her, pulled her forward
at the waist.
She looked down at the goop spurting from Mr. Towson's
cock, then she held
her mouth open, and took a splash on the tongue.

"Oh, ohhhhhh, girls!" Mr. Towson yelped.

"Shit! Shitttt!" Nancy sighed.

"Cripes!" Chris gasped, her eyes bugging at
the spitting prick.

Mr. Towson fell back spent on the chair, huffing, puffing,
little gobs
of cum squishing out of the tip of his prick, dribbling down
the slick
stalk. His hands still clutched the girls' asses.

"He musta shot a quart of that stuff, " Chris

"I know, I know, " Nancy said, leaning on the
desk with one hand,
recovering her balance.

"I'm so hot, " Chris said.

"Please, girls!" Mr. Towson choked.

"I wanna cum, " Chris whispered.

"Take your jeans down, girls, " Mr. Towson

The lovely lassies were quick to obey their teacher, both
doffing their
blues, pushing them down their gorgeous legs until they
gathered around
their ankles. Nancy's little nylon panties, snazzy
and snatchy, were
snuggled tightly into her crotch. Chrissie's bright-blue
panties curved
high on her amazing ass, leaving juicy slices of chunky
asscheeks rippling
below. They carved into her crotch in a dark-shaded V.

"I'd like to take your panties down, girls, since
you insist on this
wicked plan of yours to seduce me."

"What us?" Chris said, laughing.

Chapter 6

Mr. Towson sat in the chair, his pants still around his ankles,
his big
cock hanging like a ring of bologna on the edge of the cushion.
His eyes
took in the girls' lovely allure, their sweet, radiant
teen beauty, Nancy's
fabulous tits -- the way her luscious tits heaved against
the sweater like
two ripe grapefruits.

Mr. Towson glared at these big tits with mouth-watering
passion. He
glanced from girl to girl, at Chrissie's beautiful
ass, her asscheeks, the
roll, the curve, the sculptured perfection; and her tits
that pushed at her
tight light-blue sweater as if they were scoops of ice cream.

"Should we let Mr. Towson take our pants down, Nancy?"
Chris cooed.

"Yeah, if he'll let us play with that big bull
cock again!"

"You girls are such teasers, " Mr. Towson moaned.

He fell to his knees in front of the chair. He wiggled toward
His hands slid along her thighs, then fanned behind her,
clutched at her
ass, felt it, then cupped her asscheeks. He muffled his
face into the
crotch of her pink panties and licked voraciously.

"Ah! Oooooh! Ooooh!" Nancy moaned.

Then he tugged at her panties, pulled them down, sliding
the slick nylon
over the marbled smoothness of her hips, pushing them down
to her knees.
He kissed her cunt, a sweet pussy that looked like a hot buttered
His tongue slithered into the gooey softness. He wiggled
his big, wet
tongue up and down Nancy's cunt-slit.

"Shit!" she howled. "Shitttt, he's
lickin' -- he's lickin' my pussy!"

A shivering tingle sizzled through her.

But Mr. Towson stopped. He wiggled to Chris. He licked his
tongue up
her thighs, leaving big gobs of spit, then his wide-open
mouth enveloped
the crotch of her blue panties, sucking, licking.

"Cripes!" Chris screamed.

Mr. Towson took her panties down, pulled them in a blue roll
to the
tops of her knees. He spun her around, his hands feeling
her hips, then he
clutched her ass, cupped her hot asscheeks, spread them
and stuck his face
into her furry, fuzzy asscrack. His tongue slobbered wildly
up and down
Chrissie's asscrack.

"Oooohhhheeeee! Ahhhh!" Chris cried. "Oooh,
my butt! He's lickin' my

Indeed he was. His long, spearing tongue lathered up and
down her damp
asscrack and sent zingers of tickling sweetness through
her. She
shuddered, bent over, putting her hands on her knees, just
below her
panties, then moved each foot so the jeans were stretched.
She got her
legs as far apart as she could and wiggled her blue-ribbon
butt at Mr.
Towson. He spiked his tongue into her asshole.

"Oh, fuck!" Chrissie yelped. "Ooooh,
shit! He's on my shithole!"

His tongue was rimming her with professional perfection,
as if she'd sat
down on a high-speed drill. The tingle vibrated through
her and sent the
pretty schoolgirl into a realm of pure pleasure.

"Wow!" Nancy gasped.

"Jeez!" Chris cried. "I ... oh ... shit,
my asshole! I never felt
anything like this. Shit!"

"Feel good?" Nancy asked, her finger in her

"Yeahhhh, shit yes!" Chris sighed.

Mr. Towson clutched and pinched Chrissie's ass, and
his tongue danced
with a furious frenzy on her bugger hole.

"Ass-licker!" Chris shouted. "Dirty

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Mr. Towson mumbled, his tongue
writhing twirling on
her shitter.

"Big ass-licker!"

Mr. Towson slid his arm between Chrissie's thighs,
his tongue still
sizzling her asshole; he pushed through and his hand came
out the other
side. He crooked his thumb and stuck it in Chrissie's
cunt, then thumbed
in and out.

"Ooooh! Aaaah!" Chris whimpered. "He's
fuckin' me now with his thumb!"

Mr. Towson gave the girl a thrill she would never forget.
She became
so hot and passionate, so excited, she tingled into a brilliant
climax that
gripped her, shivered her, stunned her, giving her an eternity
of pleasure.

"Ahhhh!" she sighed. "Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh!

Her orgasm gripped her, shuddered her. She loved the fine
buzzing through her. She stumbled forward and fell against
the desk, but
Mr. Towson had her cunt buttonholed with his thumb and he
finger-fucking her. He got his face back in her asscrack,
and he tongued
her asshole.

Chrissie clutched the edge

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