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Pay Back Can Be Fun


This is a true story…..I still remember it well….

I dated Diane for 7 years. We were close; she was 20 years
younger than I, but had the hots for me and wanted to get married.
For several years, she lived in Missouri. We traded trips
to each other's house on the weekends.

One of those weekends I was driving over to see her I was to
be in "charge" - decide everything we did...sexually
at least. The Friday I was to arrive, Diane got a package
in the mail. The package included some very sexy and delicate
lingerie and a detailed description of how she was to prepare

On Friday afternoon, after work, she came home, took a long,
hot bath and totally shaved the mound above her vagina.
She dried off and covered her body in powder and perfume.
Then, as instructed, she dressed in the outfit - a low cut
black bra, bikini, garter belt and hose. She was to add black
heels; then she was to lay down on her bed, think about what
would happen that night and slowly play with herself - lick
her fingers, reach inside her bra and rub her breasts and
nipples till they were rock hard, suck the fingers, then
slide them down inside her bikini and rub her lips for several
long minutes before inserting them and masturbating.
She was to stop short of a climax so she would really be hot
and horny for my arrival. She then had to lick and suck her
cream from her fingers.

I called her about 10 minutes from her apartment to check
on her. I asked if she had done as ordered. She said yes and
begged me to hurry up and get there. I asked her if she got
herself off; she said no, but it was close. I told her I would
be there in a few minutes and she better be "ready."

I arrived at the apartment a few minutes later and parked
outside. She lived on the 2nd floor. I did not take anything
with me. As I started toward her apt., I heard a car door shut.
I looked over my shoulder and saw the lady who lived across
the hall from her.

Diane was tall, very well built with perfectly round and
ample breasts, a very attractive brunet. Her neighbor,
Kathy, was short, blonde and not as stacked, but she was
hot and young. She was carrying two sacks of groceries.
Being the gentleman I was, I offered to carry one or both
bags. She thanked me but said it was o.k.; "I know you
are going to see Diane; I am sure you are anxious to get together."
I smiled and asked where her boyfriend was; she said he was
out with the boys that night but would be over the next day.
I took the groceries and carried them up the stairs while
we talked. She said I smelled good and said I must have something
good planned. I laughed and told her if she wanted to see
what I had planned she could look out her security peep hole
after she was in her apt. She stared but nodded.

We reached the 2nd level; she opened her door and I handed
her the groceries without saying a word. I waited till she
closed the door, then stepped across the hall and knocked
on Diane's door. She answered it immediately. I took
a long look at her and liked what I saw; she was wearing the
outfit I sent with a little sheer cover-up over it; she looked
great. She smiled and tried to pull me into the room. I held
back and told her to drop the robe. She tried to look outside,
but knew I was in charge, so she dropped the robe at her feet.
I told her not to worry; we could hear anyone coming up the
stairs and her neighbor was not even at home (o.k. it was
a little lie).

I kissed her and put my tongue in her mouth. When I broke the
kiss, I told her to lower the cups of her bra. She hesitated
but did as she was told. She pulled both sides of the bra down
and out popped her two nicely shaped breasts. I reached
out and gently pinched the nipples, making them harder.
She liked that. I told her to do what she did best. She tried
to look again, but realized she was there to please, so she
knelt there in the doorway, opened my pants and found that
I was not wearing underwear. She reached inside and pulled
out my hard penis; it was curved and already throbbing.

She loved that part of me, so she did not need help in the next
step. She leaned forward and licked the head, tasting the
pre-cum. I looked over toward the blonde's doorway
and could see movement thru the peep hole; she was there
and staring at us. That just made me harder, so I put my hand
on the back of Diane's head and pulled her mouth all
the way on my penis. She knew what she was doing; she licked
and sucked it and began to bob up and down on it. I leaned against
the door jam, and my eyes glanced from the brunet head moving
below me to the eye in the peep hole across the hall. I loved
that - getting a blow job from an expert while being watched
by another beautiful woman. I told Diane to suck harder
and get it all in her mouth. She opened wide and tried, but
I was too long and hard. I loved the fact that she tried.....

She continued to give me an expert blow job while I stared
across the hall. I pointed toward the peep hole and then
down at the brunet who was giving me head. I was trying to
say I wish the one giving me head was the blonde. Her eyes
were moving so fast in the hole, I was sure she was masturbating
and getting off to the site of us.

So, I made sure she saw plenty. I told my girlfriend to stop
and just kiss the head and lick the tip; she did so and tried
to put her tongue inside the tiny opening of my penis. That
gave the blonde a good look at how big I was; I let her stare
for a few seconds, then I pulled Diane's head on me again
as far as she could go. I could feel her lips brush the hair
near my balls; she nearly had it all, so the blonde, Kathy,
could see how good she was at blow jobs.

I was about to come, so I had to decide if I wanted to come in
the brunet's mouth and make her show me and our audience
a mouthful of cream or save it for more action. As much as
I wanted to let Kathy see me fill Diane's mouth with
my cum, I also wanted to have sex after not touching myself
for two weeks.

So, I pushed her away and told her to go "assume the
position". She knew what I meant and hurried across
the room and laid her upper body down on the dining table.
I took one last look at the blonde's eye still in the
viewer and winked, letting her have one last look at my hard-on.
I had never been harder.

I closed the door and walked over to my waiting beauty. She
was positioned ready for me to do anything I wanted - kneel
and lick her pussy or bottom, spank her, or rip down her panties
and take her in the pussy or bottom. I leaned over her and
told her she had done a good job of getting ready and preparing
me. I spanked her bottom a few times - not hard - just enough
to make it sting and get her more aroused. I asked her if her
pussy was wet; she smiled. I looked at her panties and saw
the wetness just below her opening. She was more than ready.
I pulled her panties down and entered her pussy with no trouble.
She was tight but we were both very wet.

I let her adjust to my size, then I began to make love to her
from behind. I really did her hard, lifting her high on her
tiptoes. She screamed and screamed; in only seconds she
was coming; she had prepared for this all day. I made her
talk dirty as she came. I waited for her to slow down her heartbeat
a little, then started again. I did her hard till she came
again. This time, I pulled out of her and told her not to move;
she stood there while I knelt behind her and looked at her
puffy lips; they were very wet and swollen. I licked her
wetness and shoved my tongue inside, and she started to
come again. I smiled and stood behind her again and leaned
over her to whisper - "where do you want it - in your
hot pussy or in your ass?" She shook her head and said,
"anywhere; just do me, please." I rubbed the
head of my penis up and down from her front opening to her
back door. I stopped at her back opening and nudged forward
a little, letting the tip just enter her little opening.

She prepared for me to do her there; she was just hot and ready.

I pulled back and lunged into her......pussy. She screamed
again; this time I slammed into her again and again until
I came inside her. She lay there on the table and actually
cried with relief.........

We did some other things that weekend that were hot, including
a session outside in the apartment complex pool in broad
daylight - one of the most intense climaxes I ever had. But
that time will be remembered another day.

Right now I want to focus on Diane’s payback.

Two weeks later, I returned to her apartment, and this time,
it was her time to be in charge. She did not like to do it often,
but I encouraged her to let herself go and have fun - to just
live out her fantasies as best she could.

She finally agreed and told me what to wear when I drove there
- which of course included no underwear; she liked to get
right at the goods. So, I stopped along the way and made sure
I was clean and sweet smelling. I got there and this time
no blonde lady was arriving at the same time.

Diane greeted me, and this time she pulled me into the room.
She made me get on my knees and worship her front and back
openings with my tongue until she came a few times. We went
to bed and made love a few more times that night. The next
morning, following her instructions, I got up first, took
my shower, then woke her with my tongue and sucked out all
my cum which had been stored overnight in her vagina.

When she was clean and had another orgasm, I drew her bath
water, gave her a bath and dried her off; she made me blow
dry with my mouth her two delicate areas - her front and back
openings. Next I dressed her in a tight fitting teddy and
thigh hi hose - no bra and no panty. I had to prepare her breakfast,
and while she sat at the table, she ordered me to crawl under
the table and "eat" my snack - her. She could
not even finish her breakfast; she leaned back in her chair
and lifted her hips up to meet my plunging tongue. I lapped
at her lips like I was a puppy. She loved it when my tongue
brushed past her clitoris on its way inside her cave. She
had already come a couple of times and it was still early.
But she had told me before she could let me do that all day……and
I would not have minded. Her cum tasted like sweet honey.
I licked and sucked her swollen pussy till she came again.

Then she took me to the bed and made me lie down on the bed on
my back. She then tied my hands and feet far apart. I could
not move. She left me there wearing only a jockey strap.
I was hard as a rock and had gotten no relief since the previous
night. As she turned to walk away, she flicked my penis and
watched it bounce.

She smiled and left me there. I lay there for what seemed
like hours. She did not even check on me. Finally I heard
a knock at the door and could hear her open the door and greet
someone. Then I heard footsteps coming down the hall; I
tried to pull myself loose because I had no idea who was coming.

Diane entered the room with a big smile and said, "here
he is; does he look familiar?" Right behind her was
the blonde, Kathy. She was not smiling, just staring at
my naked body and my penis straining to get out of the jockey.
She nodded and said she had seen “it” before. Then Diane
told me Kathy had told her our secret the week after I left.
That was when she decided to get even when her time came.

I just lay there helpless. The two women moved closer to
me; Diane leaned over and pulled down the jockey, exposing
me completely. I was embarrassed but still very hard. She
put her hand around me and started to rub me up and down; she
watched me strain as her hand worked. The blonde just stared
and licked her lips. She then confessed that she had enjoyed
the sight previously, but wanted an up close and personal
view....and she was getting one.

The two stared at me as Diane stroked me to the point of ready
to explode. She took her hand away and they walked out of
the room, leaving me hot, horny and ready to come.

They were gone a long time.

I could hear them in the main room talking and giggling,
and once in a while, they would get real quiet. Finally,
they returned to the bedroom to stare at me once again; it
had been a while, but I was still rock hard and anxious for
someone to do something. Diane walked over to me and said,
"I know what you want; you want her; you want both of
us, don't you?" I looked up at her and stuttered,
"yes." She knew my favorite all time fantasy
involved her and a blonde.....

She told me that was not going to happen this day; I was going
to be the servant and do anything either of them told me to
do. I nodded reluctantly. Then she told Kathy to put on a
show. Kathy slipped out of the shorts and top she was wearing
and revealed a pretty cream colored bra and matching thong.
The two of them danced by the side of the bed offering their
breasts to me from too far away. Then they danced real close
and hugged each other and pretended to kiss, knowing the
effect that would have on me. They laughed when they saw
my penis bounce without being touched. They stuck out their
tongues toward each other and rubbed one another's
breasts and laughed out loud when they saw my reaction.

Then Diane told her blonde friend to watch; she moved on
to the bed and sat down on my naked chest. She ran her fingers
thru my hairy chest and pinched both nipples. She lifted
herself up and unsnapped the teddy, then moved higher till
her wet pussy was right above my mouth. She glanced over
her shoulder at the blond, then sat right down on my tongue.
She ordered me to "tongue-fuck" her, and I did.
Kathy just stood there, staring and licking her lips.

Diane told her she could touch me but warned her not to use
her mouth; she said I would come too quickly with the two
of them on me. I could not see the blond, but I felt her tiny
hand grasp my penis. She rubbed it all over, wiped some pre-cum
off the tip and then began to slowly masturbate me as Diane
bounced up and down on my tongue. Di loved to be
her pussy and elsewhere.

The faster Di rode my tongue, the faster Kathy moved her
hand up and down my shaft. I was close to coming but could
not warn Di because her pussy covered my mouth and tongue.
I knew I would be in trouble if I came without permission,
so I held on as long as I could and worked harder on the shaved
pussy in my face. She could tell I was turned on, because
my tongue was faster and longer than ever. And soon she moaned
and came, releasing her juices on to my tongue and inside
my mouth. She ground down hard on me and almost smothered

It took a few seconds for her to come back to reality; she
shook her head, looked down at me and then back at Kathy.
The blonde was really working me over - to the point of a big
explosion. Diane pulled her weary body off of my face and
smiled at how wet it was. Then she noticed the intensity
of my expression and quickly turned to her blonde friend
and said, "stop; he is about to come all over your face."
The blonde took her hand away and watched me throb. She saw
a little cum ooze out of the end and waited for permission
from Di - then leaned over and flicked away the cream with
her tongue. I thought I would come right there, but Diane
turned toward me and pointed her finger at me and warned
me not to come..... I somehow managed to hold off.

The two of them left again. Di came by a few minutes later
to go to the bathroom and maybe wipe away some of her juices.
While she was in the bathroom, Kathy came into the room and
held her finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet. She smiled
as she walked over to the bed, leaned over and kissed the
head of my very erect penis. She licked it a couple of times,
then glanced over her shoulder and opened her mouth wide
and slipped it down over my shaft. I gulped; her mouth was
not as big as Di's; she could only get a few inches inside,
but she was hot and she licked the shaft as she moved up and
down on me. She continued to bob up and down and had me near
a major explosion when she suddenly stopped. She heard
the sound of a flushing toilet, so she knew Diane would be
joining her again. She stood and whispered to me, "this
is our secret, and yes, you taste as good as you looked the
last time." She winked and smiled and stepped away
and leaned on the door facing.

About that time, the brunet walked out of the bathroom and
into the bedroom. She looked at me, saw the sheepish and
pained expression on my face, then glanced at my very erect
cock. I know she could see how wet it was, so I am sure she knew
what had happened. She said nothing, just announced it
was lunch time. The two of them removed my bonds, made me
stand and strip my jockey. Then Diane handed me a package
and said it was my uniform for the rest of the day. They stood
and watched me pull out a pair of silk women's panties.
They smiled as I struggled to pull them up; they were very
tight, which is exactly the effect they wanted. My cock
was hurting under the panties; it was a wonder the material
did not tear.

I was ordered to prepare their lunch. I walked by them, and
Di made me stop. She walked over to me and smacked my butt
hard; it really stung thru the thin panties. They were in
for some fun. I headed to the kitchen and prepared their
lunches - a sandwich and chips and a drink. I took them to
the table and placed them next to each other. The two women
walked over and started to sit down; then Diane told her
blonde friend it would be more fun to eat on the couch - so
they could watch me work.

So, they sat on the couch in the living room next to each other,
and I delivered their meals to them and carefully placed
their drinks on the tables beside them. I stood and waited
for my next order. It came quickly. Di motioned for me to
get on my knees in front of her. She pushed her butt forward
on the couch and pointed to her delicate area. I leaned forward
to unfasten the snaps on her teddy. Immediately, I felt
another pair of hands on me; Kathy pulled my hands behind
me and locked them in a pair of handcuffs. I was helpless
except for my mouth. Di told me to enjoy my lunches....I
leaned toward her and stuck my tongue in her wet pussy, still
soaked from her earlier ride on my tongue. I flicked it inside
a few times before she stopped me and told me to do our guest
first. I had to crawl on my knees to the blonde, who quickly
removed her thong. She was obviously anxious for her first
encounter with my tongue.

I knelt in front of her and looked into her eyes; her pretty
blue eyes were wide open, and I think I saw a slight wink as
I leaned forward and tasted her pussy for the first time.
She gulped on a bite of food, then put her hand on the back
of my head and pulled me closer. I licked her puffy lips,
licked the liquid on the outer edges and then slipped my
tongue inside. She placed her sandwich beside her and leaned
back and lifted her hips to give me total access to her treasures.
I licked and sucked and kissed and tongued her for several
minutes till she let out a low moan and grabbed my hair, forcing
me hard against her vaginal opening. I drank all of her cream
as she came big.....

Di had watched all this with a wide open mouth. She had never
seen me even kiss another woman, much less put my tongue
inside her pussy. She marveled at how turned on the blonde
was and how I brought her to a big orgasm so quickly. She probably
didn't know that Kathy had been hoping for something
like this for weeks.

Once the blonde released my head, Diane grabbed my hair
and drug me over in front of her saying, "o.k., she
has had her fun; time for you to do me." Right before
she pushed my head between her legs, she pulled my face upwards
so she could see how wet it was. She turned to Kathy and laughed,
then forced my head down to her pussy. It was still sloppy
from our earlier session. I immediately went to work on
her, tired tongue and all. She put her hand on the back of
my head and held me close while she turned to Kathy and started
talking. She asked Kathy how my tongue felt the first time;
the blonde was still gushing with release. She told Di if
my cock was as good as my tongue, she would never let me leave.
They laughed and talked about her boyfriend and their love
life. She then got off the couch and knelt beside me, watching
me go down on Di. She reached her hand down and rubbed my butt
thru the silk panties. She tried to reach further to rub
my penis which was hurting.

Then she stood and whispered something in Diane's
ear. Di quickly agreed and pushed my head away. They helped
me to my feet and led me to the dining table. Dl then leaned
over and put her head down on the table.....and for just
a second, I thought of my all time favorite fantasy........there
was the brunet with her nice round bottom staring at me and
my penis was hard as a rock.....and there was the little
blonde who would provide the mouth and tongue for our combo....
Then I was brought back to reality by the blonde guiding
my head toward its target. I tried to kneel but could not;
my hands were still cuffed behind my back. Kathy meanwhile
found a short stool in the kitchen and had Diane stand on
it, so I could reach her womanhood without kneeling on the
floor. I bent over and stuck out my tongue while the blonde
guided my face to Di's pussy.

I resumed my licking and sucking and I discovered why the
blonde suggested the change. She was now free to rub my bottom
thru the silk panties. She made some comments as she did.
She rubbed it for several seconds and it actually was sensual
as I continued to stab my girlfriend's pussy. Di was
getting close to another orgasm, when she told Kathy something.
Kathy acknowledged her comment, then pulled me by my hair
and raised my face to the brunet's butt. She guided
my mouth to Di's little sphincter opening and told
me to go to work. I had done that before but not under such

I started licking her anus while Kathy stood beside me and
watched. She shivered and said she loved that; she said
she wished she could get her boyfriend to do that to her.
Then she drew back her hand and whacked me on the butt. It
hurt a little thru the silk panties. Di told her to look on
the kitchen counter. She left for a second and came back
with something, and I soon found out what. Di kept a paddle
there for such events, and Kathy smacked me good with the
paddle; it really hurt. I am not into pain, but Kathy apparently
was. She said this was another thing her boyfriend would
not do to her or let her do to him. And she started smacking
me right on the butt while ordering me to put my tongue inside
Diane's ass. I did as instructed, hoping to escape
the pain. She leaned around and watched me tongue my girlfriend's
tight opening. But she kept smacking me, not as hard, as
she said, "that's it; fuck her with your tongue;
do it faster." Her hot words and dirty language was
a turn-on. And the harder I tongued my girlfriend, the faster
the blonde spanked me.

I felt the brunet tighten and heard her start to moan; she
was coming. Suddenly Kathy stopped spanking me and started
rubbing my hurting butt. She reached down thru my legs and
felt my cock which was dying to get out. She rubbed it up and
down thru the panties and told her brunet friend how hard
I was. She said, "I think he really likes this - being
dominated by two hot females, fucking a woman in the ass
with his tongue and getting his butt whipped." She
paused a second, then added the most scary words I had ever
heard. "I think we need to do this again, Di, and the
next time I will bring my anal vibrator; I'd love to
shove it in his ass and see how he handles it." Di could
not talk; she was coming too hard, and the blonde's
words only made it more intense.

Then Kathy went a step further; she moved the ladies'
panties aside and rubbed my bare butt and let her hand slide
down between my cheeks. No woman had ever touched me back
there, but this chick was hot. She moved her hand down further,
and I felt her fingers rub my virgin opening. She toyed with
it as I sank my tongue as far as I could in my girlfriend's
bottom. I thought she was just going to play there, but she
surprised me again.

I felt her finger try to push thru the tiny opening. Thankfully,
she had stuck the finger in her wet pussy, so it was very wet, still hurt. A first. She acted as if I was
gay; she just toyed a second and then just pushed it in - to
the first knuckle, paused a second and then further. I gulped
and shoved my tongue as hard and fast as I could in Di's
bottom. This had to be some scene - me wearing women's
panties, leaning over with my hands tied behind me, jamming
my tongue in a woman's ass while another woman finger
fucked my virgin ass.

The harder she fucked me, the harder I tongued Diane. I heard
her say to Di, "man, this is great. I love to watch him
do you, and when I am thru with him, he will not be a rookie
any longer."

Suddenly, Di started her climax, and it was massive, maybe
the biggest she had ever had with me. She put her fingers
down and jammed them in her pussy as she came and her anus
sucked inward hard, pulling my tongue all the way inside
her. And it felt like the little blonde was trying to put
more fingers inside my butt. She managed to get a second
one in; I felt tears welling up in my eyes; I could see why
women take some time to adjust to taking a hard cock in their

Finally, my girlfriend pushed my head away, and I could
hear a pop when my tongue escaped her tight opening. She
lay there on the table, face down, and continued to moan;
I think she was crying - her climax was so intense. The blonde
withdrew her fingers from my butt and patted me on my cheeks,
then pulled my panties back in place.

She helped Di wobble back to the couch, both smiling all
the way. The brunet kept telling Kathy how incredible that
was. She said she had never been that exhausted - she was
perspiring heavily. She practically fell to the couch;
I stood and watched. Kathy looked at her friend, then unbelievably
slid her hand down inside Diane's thighs and touched
her wet opening. The brunet jumped; she was probably very
sensitive from her orgasm. Kathy told her how wet she was;
then she turned to me and used her finger to wave me over there;
when I was close, she pointed down at the floor, and I somehow
managed to get back on my knees. Then she gently this time
guided my head between Di's legs; I could smell her
womanhood and juices even before I got close. The last thing
I heard was Kathy telling me to "clean her up."

She was soaking; some of her cum had leaked out of her and
formed a wet spot on the cushion. I stuck out my tongue and
started to clean her; she jumped and told me to be easy. So,
I very carefully licked all the cream off her mound and between
her thighs and then eased my tongue inside again to lick
and suck away all her juices.

Kathy gave me instructions. I continued until Diane groaned
and warned us she was coming again. She called me names,
dirty names, then had another big orgasm. I stayed with
her even though she crushed my head between her legs. I could
not breath; all I could do was taste the tangy cream inside
her vagina. And she let loose even more, filling my mouth.
I could still feel the blonde's hand on the back of my
head forcing me to stay there.

Finally, after what seemed like long minutes, Diane relaxed
and let her legs ease apart and released my head.

Kathy pulled my head from my girlfriend's body and
turned my head toward her; before I could say or do anything,
she smashed her mouth to mine and shoved her tongue inside.
She literally sucked Di's cream out of my mouth and
caught me completely off guard. I thought for a second there
that maybe this young blonde woman had some lesbian tendencies.
When she broke the kiss, she proceeded to lick more cum from
my face.

Then she told me that Di was out of it for a while, but all this
activity had made her horny again. It was obvious that she
didn't care whose boyfriend I was or what her boyfriend
would say about all this - or even what Di might say if she
was alert.

(Diane later told me that she had not planned on any of this
happening; she had just invited Kathy over to watch, not
touch or get involved.)

Kathy looked at my red face still wet with cream and said
she liked what I had done to Diane and wanted some of the same
thing. She pulled me over to her, kissed me again, put her
hand down and found my hard penis and grabbed it, causing

She pulled her mouth away and looked me in the eye. She told
me to do her good or she would "use something else bigger
next time I do your ass." She turned around on the couch
and got on her knees and laid her head on the back cushion,
exposing her very pretty and sexy, small butt. She pointed
back there and said, "do me like her." I knew
what she meant.

I actually looked forward to this. Kathy was a cute woman,
young, hot, blonde and nicely shaped. She had small but
pert breasts, and she talked real dirty. I had tongued Diane
many times in her back door, never like a few minutes earlier.
But I had certainly never even thought of tonguing another
woman back there with my girlfriend present.

I moved closer to the blonde, and I could feel her incredible
heat. Her pussy lips were swollen and soft and very wet.
Apparently she had been coming during all this wild stuff
the last hour.

I nudged my nose between her cheeks and jabbed my tongue
at her bottom; I could not see the opening. She reached back
and spread her cheeks, exposing her tiny button. She had
never been touched there. I stuck my tongue to her sphincter
and licked the opening. She groaned deep in her throat.
I heard her say, "put it in."

It took several jabs to force my tongue thru the little opening.
She moaned louder. Once inside, I could not move. She was
really tight. I was barely able to slide in the rest of the
way till my mouth was flat against her butt and my tongue
was buried inside.

I let her adjust to the foreign object inside her ass for
the first time, then I began to slowly move it in and out.
I pulled it all the way out and shoved it back in; I was enjoying

I started tongue fucking her bottom. She encouraged me
and slammed her butt against my face. For a first timer,
she sure seemed to enjoy what she was doing. Or, rather,
what I was doing to her.

I heard her tell Diane that she liked this a lot; she said
she would have to get me to teach her boyfriend how to do this.

Then she came up with another of her crazy ideas. She turned
her head toward the brunet beauty who had come back to life,
"Oh, Di, I have a great idea. The next time he is in town,
let's get together and have some REAL fun." I
wanted to ask what she meant but my tongue and nose were buried
in the blonde's rear, so I just continued to tongue
her. Di asked for more details. Kathy said, "I will
talk my boyfriend into coming over here with me; he has the
hots for you anyway since he saw you in that bathing suit
last summer. He would love taking both of us on at the same
time, and we could make your boyfriend the clean-up guy.
He could watch the three of us and then clean up the messes
we make."

I knew Di would not go along with that; she was not interested
in two guys except with just her, but she played along with
the blonde's fantasy for fun and to make the excitement
better. Kathy was getting very close now; she had placed
her fingers on her pussy and was masturbating like crazy
while my tongue darted in and out of her butt.

She almost screamed, "Oh, I'd love to watch my
boyfriend fuck both of us and then your guy could suck his
cum out of our pussies; maybe I could talk him into doing
you in the ass and then your slave could suck his cum out of
you; wouldn't you like that?" Diane nodded,
a little bit interested herself. Then Kathy tossed in the
big one, "and after he cleaned out you and me....hmmm....have
you ever wondered what it would be like to watch a man clean
off another guy and get him hard again?"

I was sure Diane would get sick at that suggestion; she hated
the thought of seeing two guys together. But, instead of
being repulsed, she smiled and agreed it would be fun. I
knew she was playing along; I certainly would not want to
do that. But Kathy was in the final stage of her biggest climax
of the day, so I just stuck my tongue as deep as I could into
her and felt her clench her bottom muscles and come - big.

She stood as long as she could and then collapsed on the couch.
Now there were two exhausted and beautiful and nearly nude
women on the couch. And here I stood, my hands tied behind
my back, my back hurting from being bent over for so long
and with a tired tongue and a soaking wet face. And then there
was my aching cock - lots of ups and downs for the day, but
no action and no release. I was hurting.

The two ladies sat back and told me I had done the job, and
now it was time for me to "get off." That thought
turned me on - finally. I didn't know whether I was going
to get to make love to both of them or whether one of them was
going to give me a blow job. It sure would not take long.

Kathy made me turn around so she could free my hands. Then
she sat back and told me, "do yourself." I stared
at her, then Di, in unbelief. After all this time, after
all I had done to bring them pleasure, they were going to
make me get myself off?

I stood there for a few seconds till I saw the stern look on
the blonde's face.

I reached down to push the panties out of the way and free
my throbbing cock. I put my hand on it and began to move up
and down slowly at first. All four of the eyes on the couch
stared at my hard penis as I stroked it faster and faster.
The long day was finally nearing an end. I had been used,
abused, humiliated. At least I was about to get some relief.

As I shook and got ready to shoot, the blonde told me to pull
my panties back up and finish. I didn't understand
at first, but did as she ordered. I put my hand on the outside
of the panties and rubbed myself hard. I looked at both of
the hot young women lying in front of me, both breathing
deeply at the site of me coming, their pussies totally exposed
and wet from all the day's activity. I exploded in the
panties, shooting my cum all over. I could feel the warmth
of the cream all over my cock and my hair.

I continued to rub myself softly until I was empty. Then
I stood there, a broken but satisfied man.

The blonde was not yet finished with me; apparently she
had been more affected by watching me take advantage of
my girlfriend a couple of weeks earlier; either that or
she just wanted to make me do what she could not get her boyfriend
to do.

When I could stand again, I turned to go clean up. She stopped
me in my tracks and told me to take off the panties. I could
not figure out why, but I did as she ordered. When they were
off, I picked them up - they were soaked. I could see my white
cum all over the inside. Kathy told me to clean them up with
my tongue. I looked at Di for relief; she just shrugged her
shoulders and said nothing. So, I started licking my own
cum from the women's panties. It was both disgusting
and hot. The two women sat there and watched me; I could tell
they were getting turned on again. The blonde moved closer
to her friend and slid her hand down the inside of Di's
thighs. She inched her fingers closer to Di's womanhood
while they watched me humiliate myself by licking the panties

I could see Kathy's fingers brush Di's hairless
mound and then slide further down to her puffy lips. She
touched them and I heard Diane suck in her breath. She kept
her hand there while I finished my job, then awaited further
orders. Kathy told me to wipe the cum from my cock and hair
and suck it off. I was so embarrassed, but I complied. I wiped
some away and sucked it from my finger.

Diane was hot again. The other woman's hand on her pussy
and the site of me licking off my own cum was too much for her.
She turned toward Kathy, and the blonde took advantage
of her heat. She leaned forward and brushed her small breasts
against Di's big ones, and she put her mouth on the brunet's
lips and kissed her. They kissed for long seconds; when
their mouths separated, I saw Kathy's tongue dart
out and into Di's mouth. Di groaned again. It was her
first and only kiss ever of another woman. And Kathy pulled
their mouths together; I could see Di's cheeks bulge
as the blonde's tongue moved around inside her mouth.
I stopped my licking so I could watch the site, and I could
then tell why so many men want to watch women make love to
each other. It was very erotic.

Kathy removed her hand from Diane's pussy and raised
it to her breasts; she rubbed them and pinched her nipples
while the kiss continued. All I could do was stare and feel
my cock coming back to life.

I woke from my trance when the two separated, took deep sighs,
and Kathy rose to leave. She said it had been a hot day and
a great one. As she walked by me, she reached out and grabbed
my semi-erect penis and squeezed it. She winked at me and
headed for the bathroom to clean up and re-dress.

When she came back by on her way out the door, both Di and I
were nearly passed out on the couch. Kathy came over to me,
leaned over and gave me the wettest tongue kiss I ever had.
Her tongue darted all over the inside of my mouth. Then she
patted me on the cheek when she broke the kiss, turned and
planted a big fat juicy kiss on Di's mouth. And this
time, Diane responded. Hmm...very interesting.

The blonde stood and walked right out the door, turning
as she reached the door with one last shot, "don't
worry Di, if I can't talk my boyfriend into joining
us next time, I will bring my strap-on instead, and we can
both take turns fucking your boyfriend in the ass."
She winked again and closed the door behind her. Diane and
I stared at each other and laughed.....

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Yo, That is the most wild and crazy story I have ever heard.
I never know couples do shit like that with other people
and are still together. How do you let her stick her fingers
in your ass, how do you let her say you and her man can fuck, and
how do you let this bitch call you the clean-up man? That
shit you was doing with your mouth if I was your women I would
never kiss you at all.


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hey thats was a gre8 fucking story cos i was soaking wet wwhen
i read mmmmmmm