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Party Daze:Sex,Drugs and Rock & Roll


PARTY DAZE started 10-28-2001 None of the characters here are real the whole story is based
on what i saw going on around me. prologue

it was such a strange strange...those
party daze that began when he started hanging at clubs......then
working in them......then that definitly bazzare period
as a DJ.. he loved the life....and he never sold his soul.


He really needed the night to be a easy one.For the last four
nites he had partied hard and heavy.Before leaving his
place for work that nite he had boosted himself with a nice
heavy line of speed...and was begining to percelate quiet
well as he walked into the club, still a nice mellow night
would go well with him.Passing thru the entrance forye
he entered into the dark club...throwing a casual wave
at Jeff the bartender, he turned to his right and walked
over to the door leading down into the basement office...he
rapped twice on the door...paused a moment turned the knob
and openrd the he decended the several steps down
into the basement he grumbled "Knockity Fuckin Knock
" he turned at the bottom of the steps and entereted the office
and saw Chris with his arm buried in a 30 gal plastic trash
bag, on the desk in front of Chris was a set of Triple beams
(the days before digitals became popular) Across the desk sat David, Cris's partner, licking
a plastic sandwich bag, too seal, a one ounce baggie of
pot. He grinned and joked "ah ha! ya'll are busted
and I'll have to take that trash bag in for evidence!!"
David laughed, as he tossed the the ounce bag of pot to him
saying "here, consider this your bribe!" Keith laughed..."hell, you know me....a joint
would have done it..." Keith pulled up a chair and reached across the desk to pull
a paper from a pac laying there..he rolled a few joints and
they shared it as he pulled a small bag out and laid a few lines
of speed for them...."try this out guys ..its a new
type from a new friend of mine......the rock is tan......the
powder is pink.....the burn is smooth the
tingling good......" they did the lines and finished the joint...Keith said
he was wandering upstairs...Chris and David said to lock
door behind me and would see me later......Keith slipped
a few joints in with his cigarettes and left his bag in office..he
left the office and walked thru club and over to main bar......Jeff
the bartender grinned and slid a shotglass onto the bar
before him..and slid another beside it.they each took
one clinked rims...a muttered ..hail mary from both and
a quick toss back into the throat.....Jeff scooped up the
empty shotglasses as he traded a one handed backslap of
a high five....Jeff turned to serve some customers down
the bar and

8:15 pm Keith walked along the bar to angle away and across the now
empty dance floor...over to his sound booth...his domain....ruled
exclusivly by him he swung open the door and entered...outomaticly
reaching under a shelf to hit a switch that energized the
low light dj lites spread around the booth..Keith glanced
around...automatikly seeing all was in place as should
be.....he set his cigs in a spot off too the side.he turned
on the main mixing panel and switcehd own the power panel
ao amps and mixers.....he checked to be sure that all power
lights were on for all the different turntables cassette
players and cd changers were on......... 8:30 pm he lited a cig and looked out to scan the club...still early
he reached behind and blindly plucked a album..he dropped
it on a table and cued a needle...checked operation on table
and board switched tables...another check then did the
same with cassette players and cd
then a few other employees walked by the booth and waved
a greeting...knowing to give him time to do equipment check
and maybe line a few tunes ready.....a few minutes later
Susan entered his booth with tray in hand a large glass of
ice water for him....walking up to him she set the glass
in the spot he always wanted leaned against him kissed him
on the cheek and lightly brushed her hand across his crotch.....she
grinned and cracked " i hope all is well tonite?"
leering down at his crotch.. "Keep that up and you'll find out!" he threatened....

by 8:45 pm people had began to enter the club...a few friends
had drifted by said hi and wandered on...most people that
were regulars knew that only a select few would enter the
booth until Keith was ready for all comers......just scouting
the scene and settling into the 'feel' for the
night.....Keith had a kamikaze and two shots of amerreto
down and was begining to work into a groove..

9:00 pm club was begining to get a nice crowd inside...Keith ran
a shot special.and John his head doorman brought a few to
the booth...they did the shots passed a few jokes and insults
back and forth.... John resumed his tour of the club and Keith began to pump
the music priming the crowd for the next level of music and
booze....and for most the addition of drugs.......

Jeez the speed was really good these days......

about 9:15 he saw members of the band begining to move towards
the stage in front of the dj booth...too their instruments

9:30 Keith intros the band...they jam into some rock and
roll and Keith leaves the booth and wanders over to the end
of the bar to 'his spot' leaning against the wall
where the bar met the wall he saw Carl the bartender glance
his way with a 'watchawant, guy?' Keith mouthed 'kamikaze' Carl nodded and included his drink in the several Carl was
mixing at once......but his kamikaze slid his way before
any other drink left the mix. Carl distributed the several
drinks and worked his way towards Keith, wiping the bartop
as he came closer.When Carl was close enough, Keith leaned
in and asked "Have you checked the beer taps lately
?" Carl smiled and answered " no it'd be a big help
if you could help me do it real quick.. " they enter the beer cooler and Keith offers the bullet...they
trade back and forth each getting 2 good quick hits...wiping
eyes dry they leave cooler...snarking down the drain, .Carl
goes behind bar and makes Keith a quick drink for him to sip
as he wanders thru club.

Keith wandered up to the front door and chatted with the
2 doormen there and also with the customers wandering in
and out. Teri, a club regular, walked up saw Keith and said "hey
Keith, come out here a sec I wanna show you something."
sitting in her car sharing a joint he checked his watch, made
a mental note that he still had nearly 30 minutes before
the band broke. He passed the joint to Teri and said "Damn, Teri, that's
good dope ! 'Got me stoned !" Teri grinned and said " Yea gets me stoned.......and
horny !" Keith smiled " Horny huh? does that mean I can have
my way with you ?" Teri laughed and said " Babe, you can have your way
with me anytime you want...anytime, anywhere !"
Keith wached as she moved closer and reached over to unsnap
his jeans and pull the zipper down.She worked a hand into
his jeans to grasp his hardening cock and tug it out of his
pants. Keith used both hands to tug his jeans down to his
knees... Teri played with his cock..fondeled his balls.... She gave him the joint saying "here, hold this."
she then leaned over and began to lick his cock..running
the tip of her tongue around the head of his glans.......Keith
moaned and she opened her mouth to accept his cock inside...she
slowly sucked him in until she had his full lenght in her
throat.... for the next 10 minutes she sucked on his cock and balls content
and in no hurry...Keith said" Teri times running
out, if you let me cum, i promise to make it worth your while..."
Teri pulled his cock from her mouth with a slurping sound
looked up and said " Go for it" and returned to
swallowing his cock... Keith relaxed and let it happen.. "here it cums, babe"

she sucked him dry and licked him clean let Keith pull his jeans up..he told her " come up to
the booth later ok?"

he returned to the club....passed by John...telling him
to grab a few shots and come to the booth....strolled thru
club and stepped onto the stage beside the booth the band
was jammin...the lead singer glanced over and grinned
holding a hand up with one finger extended....meaning
they had one more song to play before the break..Keith nodded
and entered into the booth. The band was one of his favorites.....they
comunicated well He reached into his pocket and removed his, ' bullet
'a vial with a rotating barrel that allowed user to
snort quickly and cleanly a five cent shot of speed, '
he did 2 quick shots the stepped up the 2 steps that brought
him into his 'castle' He moved to face the cd rack and scanned the titles...looking
for one to catch his eye...he pulled a few out cued them and
was ready for band to break. 10:45 Karla Flynn came into the booth when he was alone.they hugged
and he complimented her on her sexy dress....a red wraparound
that hugged her body, showed great cleavage, and when
she sat on stool at rear of his booth and crossed her legs
the skirt split and fell open exposing some exelent thigh.
Keith leered and she suprised him...slowly uncrossing
her legs, allowing him to clearly see she wore no panties.
she primly adjusted her dress with a faint grin on her face
...and stuck her tongue out at him. he grinned and turned to his mixer, deftly mixing into
the next song, poping open the other cd, removed the disc
placed it into its cartridge popped it back into its slot
on the rack and opened the cartridge to remove the disc within, place
it in the open slot of the cd player....close the slide and
used the remote to move thru to the song he wanted.....hit
play/pause..... and turned back to Karla to grin and exclaim "SMOKIN

Karla left to visit with some friends. Over the next 45 minutes
Keith worked the crowd.....friends came and went into
the booth to say hi..some brought shots...some he shared
hits off the bullet with. the lead singer of the band came into the booth and chatted
with him, did a few shots, traded hits of speed and coke...the
other members of the band straggled onto the stage and began
to riffle with their instruments....the lead singer took
center stage.....Keith introed the band and they jammed into a ac/dc tune. on his way to the front entrance he passed Sharon, a waitress
near his own age, and told her to be sure and come to the booth
with three shots next time he was on, and Karly was in booth
with him. Sharon was busy with a order , she shook her head in acknowledgement
and headed for the bar with her drink order.Keith wandered
to the front entrance and left the club and wandered around
the parking lot and building...just checking that all
was right in the world. He came back into the club and wandered from spot to spot..observing
the crowd....nodding hi to some....chatting with others.ocasionly
a bartender would get his attention and he would wander
over and the bartender would hand him a shot of something
and they throw them back..... He was well into many shots...he lost count after shot number
15...still well in control

12:30 AM

The band was jammin thru it s last set for the nite. Keith was outside behind the club sharing a joint and doing
hits off the bullet with a doorman and Beth a friend of Keith
s. The doorman wandered back towards the front .Keith and
Beth remained...within minutes Keith had pulled Beth
to him Kissing her deeply he growled " im so damn horny, babe, help
me out ok? " they strolled around to the back side of the club for more
privacy...... Beth sank to her kness, reached up and pulled down the zipper
of his slacks, reached in and pulled out his cock.... Keith groaned as Beth opened her mouth and sucked his cock
into her throat......Keith placed his hands on the back
of her head and firmly pushed down until his cock was full
buried down he throat....then he rlaxed letting her head
pull back...then pull and back into her throat....feeling
the pressure build he moaned.. here it comes, bitch, take
it.. He exploded into orgasm.....his first spurt shooting
deep In her throat...he pulled back and slipped from her
mouth......his next spurt shooting across her nose and
eyes....he plunged his cock back into her mouth letting
his final spurts fill her mouth with his cum..........

1:15 am Friday night/Saturday morning

He was on automatic pilot by this time....

so many times he had sex with women he never knew....barely
remembered the sex..never saw again.......

And it was So easy, In his element, he had a natural gift
of ease with women. maybe because he was open and honest about his intentions.

Sometimes he was so wasted when he left the club....he did
not know how he got home.....he' just wake up in bed....then
have to try and remember where he left his car.

SATURDAY NIGHT 6:30 pm He was headed for the club early.He had a stop to make before
going to the club. He needed to swing by his connect's place to reup for
the night because he knew some friends would drop by the
club during the night and they would be in the market for
some of his stuff. while at his connect they sat and chatted and his friend
laid a few fairly massive lines to help both of them get their
prospective nights started. he left his friend's
place saying he was fried and needed to get to the club and
get ready to fire up a party for the night. Keith walked into the club and got that instant 'vibe'
that the night was going to be a good one He could not explain what the vibe was or what created it, started
it, or changed was just there.

He headed for the booth, nodding a hi to some of the other
employees, he entered the booth and began his make ready
for the night.powering on the equipment, doing a cleanup
from the night before, making sure that all his 'tools'
were in place, cd's filed, ashtrays cleaned. All was well with his world for the moment.He was ready for
the night. no...not quite... he dug out his bullet, did
a hit up each nostril. He spent a few more minutes idly looking
thru the cd rack, waiting for the drain to hit and pass before
heading to the bar for his first shot of the night.

4:15 am

The party had moved from the club to Keith s apartment. Three
members of the band had come over...with a few of their friends.Keith
had invited a mix of people to come over and hang. a rotating
crowd of about 20 people the center of the crowd in Keith's
party room.

Keith, Terri and Debrah were in his master bath, smoking
a joint and using the toilet tank lid as a spot to chop 3 lines
of meth to snort.....Terri bent first , straw in nose and
snorted her line..she handed the straw to Debrah, she
bent and did her line.....Keith did his line and leaned
back letting the drug hit his system.. What a rush.. he says....he grins and grabs Terri..."
kiss me as im rushin.".....they kiss.....and to
not appear selective he then told Debrah it was her turn
and kissed her but still hugging Terri... "Damn Ladies
i'm Horny!" Terri laughs saying " Sounds like a personal problem
to me." Debrah gigled in agreement... Keith laughed and said " No its your problem"
and he unsnapped his jeans, pulled the zipper down and
pulled out his cock... He got Debrah to stroke it as Terri sat on comode and began
licking his cock head.... They sat side by side on the tub edge and eagerly licked and
sucked on his cock...... as the party began to wind down he walked Debrah out to her
car..they sat inside to smoke a joint and he got her to suck
him again...until he came and he made her swallow it all.
he then returned to terri and had sex with her.....

MISC. NITES -----------------------------------------------------------------------
day 1 Fri evening the connect a friend of his .....(John)...his connection dropped
by the club about 10:00pm he entered the booth carrying
two kamikazes....set the drinks on the counter .he and
keith shook hands...and he handed keith one of the drinks...the
clinked glasses and tossed back the drinks....the chatted
as keith cued a cd...he pulled a bullet out leaned over to
speak in keith's ear...."here ..try this, it
just came in.....keith leaned over and did a hit in both
nostrils.....three days later the party was still strong
but the weak had fallen to the side , just those that knew
how to take a good ride and enhance it, make it last for the
full run also knowing when to admit the run was over ...till
the next one began.

day 2 sat evning Keith and John strolled into the club around 7:30 pm. grinning
from ear to ear and and laughing.

day 3 sun nite/ mon morning nobody knew what time it was......keith had declared the
puter area as his and claimed his space fully aware that
one of those 'parties 'was gearing up.Thomas
lead man of his favorite local rock band, and his gf were
attempting to leave.....had been trying for 1 1/2 days
so far... by now all cigs were gone cubbard was bare....want a drink?
better like water...the only ones left were Keith, rabbit
(a club friend) Cathy thomas and paula his gf and sharon
the waitress friend.....all others had been ushered out.......ya
know its been fun but...go home...


He loved these kind of was ones for the books.....evrything
was normal he had had a normal day...normal evening....untill
he walked into the club.....stepping thru the doors was
like entering another a shot of pure
oxygen....he remembered thinking...keewwwll...knowing
the night was going to be a good was in the air...
he went to the bar ....the best way to start one of those nights
was to jus grab a shot and hang on......another shot would
just kick it up a notch.......... at one time.....Jimmy was doin the mixing.....and K was
workin the lights.....and man was he workin them...never
missed a slide or a button every move was perfectly in sink
with the music.....sometimes the music making the lights...sometimes
the lights making the music.


he is up on roof with Terri...she is on knees sucking his
cock as he leans over building edge to watch people entering
club......later he has her suck him quickly in booth.......during
last band set he takes her into beer cooler and has her finish
him off..sucking and swallowing his load of cum. wet tshirt nite 2 girls cum into asks if she can just wear panties
under tshirt...i say i need to see panties to judge...she
smiles undos jeans and pull them down exposing sexy high
cut panties...she turned to show her perfect ass with thong
strap deep between her cheeks.....

the acid trip

was a great was rockin...he was into a groove...helped
along by several shots....several snorts....and (a just
now kicking in) 2 tabs of acid he had done earlier.

he was standing at mixer between songs...just...'into
it'....suddenly the booth (the entire booth) shifted
12 inches to the left....stopped....then shifted back
to originall spot and settled ........the acid allowing
him to 'feel' the shift thru time and space .............and
he also knewithout a doubt the booth moved exactly 12 inches...and


All the bouncers carried a flashlight, the smart ones
used the black police special using the big d cells. Few
men could stand after being wapped across the head with
one of those flaslights.To the bouncers delight the flashlights
seldom came apart being used thusly

He seldom carried a flashlight when on the floor...prefering
to observe from the background from several diferent locations
in the club. looking to ward off any potential problems
he may see before a bouncer was aware of prolem.....

The guy was huge and drunk and mad ....and about to blow.
he stood before the guy and looked up "look" he explained "You can take your
best shot, and yea you probably will put me down, BUT,
before you do that, look behind me.....see those guys
behind me....and look behind you...see those guys.....all
these guys...and more than likely..if need be...several
friends of all these guys would just LOVE to pile on you and
beat the crap out of you....and believe me PUT me down and
you wont see me hit the ground before you will be bureid under
all these guys and aint worth it....ALL I ask is you quietly
go home...get a good sleep...and the next time you come
to club..I'll be glad to buy the first drink and we can
laugh about what idiots we could have been....OK ?'
Most times the guys leave...and a few days later they would
come in and shake our hands and thanked us for avoiding a
bad scene....

the biker battle the brawl between bikers and clubstaff rolled outside.....
at one point he was in front of the bay window on top of a biker
pounding punches on his face and looking in the window to
grin at the people watching the fight....he remembered
something about at one point during the brawl he glanced
behind himself and saw a biker bitch digging in her purse/knapsack
and pulling out a mace (a fucking Mace...the ball with nails
protuding out...on a short chain attacehd to club) he spun
around, planted his body and tagged her a good one right
on the point of her chin, sending her ass over teakettle, spinning
back to punch the biker again.

Cocaine Dayz it was a thurs nite he was ready for work and just killing
time untill he needed to head for the club. he was suprised
to hear a knock on his door...opening it he was even more
surprised to see a friend of his standing there that he thought
was living in California.

his friend pulled from his backpack a bag containing 4 ounces
of some primo coke......that party ran about 4 days before
winding down......mostly all he could remember where
flashes of female naked flesh....a LOT of it......and
all was well in the world....... and the coce equaled power...awesome power. women would do some interesting things to get some of that
prime coke..... sometimes...just because I knew I could do it..Id ask a
girl what would she do for a hit..... most would answer with a anything i want reply and id make them prove it......suggest/command them to
do something and then take it as far as i wanted. Speed whores made for slaves.....

he laughed at the expressions of awe on there faces when
he walked in sat on couch reached out and opened his hand
to drop a ball sized rock of coke onto the coffee table....the
ball just thumped to the table solid.....good coke

parties at apartment

a girl was in the back bathroom giving head to anyone willing.
guys stood around the bed watching, some had cocks in hand, idly
stroking waiting their turn with her willing mouth. It became a status symbol to sign the huge club banner hanging
on the wall in his bedroom. you had to be invited to sign it. All the bands that had partied with him had signed with glowing
antedotes never...not once did bad things go down always a good time
was had by all.

misc. he bet doorman that he could get cock sucked at least six
times one nite.....he won

club was closed he was at a city park..sitting on a swing..she
between legs sucking him

Sharon (girlfriend of John) one night Sharon was pissed at John for some reason. She and Keith started doing shots. A few shots later Sharon
leaned over and said we should go out to her truck and smoke
some of this killer weed she had.they did another shot and
went out to her truck...they got comfortable as she rolled
a joint and they shared smoking it. Sharon reached over and began opening his slacks Saying
shut up.. Sit back..and enjoy..... And for the next 15 minutes
she lovingly, slowly brought him to orgasm.....swallowing
every drop.. the more she drank the madder she got at boyfriend and toward
end of nite she took him outside again and sat on his lap and
rode him for several minutes before cumming.. Her parting words were thanks and now for revenge...I'm
going home and making John eat me.....then when he is into
it tell him you cam there just a short time ago.

Dianne always managed to suprise him.she invited him to
her apartment..later that night they went to apartment
pool for a latenight dip. they were alone at the pool . She stood in waist deep water
and cooly removed bikini top a walk in the park and she poses for several shots...removing
her blouse..nude from waist up. first day at coast she climbs from car..grabs a beer and
removes her bikini top before end of trip he has her sunbathing nude...sometimes
telling her not to cover when vehicle drove by Susan (waitress) gives him head in parking lot of club..she sitting in car
he standing beside car and fucking her mouth.

She gives him a ride arpartment parking lot, Susan
spends over 2 hours giving him all the head he wanted....sucked
him until it became daylight and people began leaving apt
for work so she stopped .............

He fucks her 24 yr old daughter as she watches....and then
joins in.. several times on her night off she and her daughter would
come to the club.... she told him that she had described in detail to her daughter
about the sex life susan and he had. one nite the party began..... he was in another one of those fun 'grooves' and
into the party she and daughter come to club after starting night at a party
at the popular ladies club... the shots came at a steady, and often pace...the chatting
became fun...and sexy...and flirty..with both mother
and daughter....... well into the night....susan leaned over to him and stated......"you
are going to get Sooooo lucky later tonight!"........

the daughter said...." i wanna watch!"


Angie (Majic, his dancer) first night together they drink, do drugs and fuck for
nearly 16 hours.

Angie was probably his 'first' girlfriend to
get into the sex games she got into wearing sexy reveleaing
outfits and being as flirtacious as he wanted her to be.

he brings Marcus home with him..they wake Angie up with
their hands stroking her body.watching her suck his large
cock...watching her push to get all of cock buried into
her cunt........then keith fucking her mouth...telling
her to take that cock......

She brings a friend home they begin trying some routines...they
end up stripping nude...... and keith watched them and joined in

he brings Sharon home....and she is on her knees sucking
my cock when Angie walks in from work.....she joins in

---------------------------------- ============================================ The Two Nurse Night

============================================ Blowjob at the bar with observers.......... sutitled is what you get when you hang out at bars with 'friends'

he was minding his business, leaning back against the
bar just observing....... to have denied it would be like losing face (all that macho

she stood in front of him to her right stood her
her left was her best friend..grouped around them were
my freinds and her friends and who knows who else she unzipped him reached in pulled his cock out bent and
sucked his 3/4 hard then hard in for three times then tucked
him back in


Roger and Pam (regulars at club)

we partied at club one nite.....Pam kept hugging me and
playin grab ass.After club close they ask me to drop by because
they want to score some speed from me.... We chat smoke dope do speed.......and she sits on my lap
I tell her she better move.... She tells me the main reason im there is cus she and roger
had agreeed let her suggest a party. he moves to couch and she crouched on floor, removes my
cock and and strokes and sucks it...he tell Roger to move
to couch to see better..he sits at far end of
he tell them "YOU want to party...then bygod we will
Party!!!" he tells her to help him remove his jeans....she does..he
sitting with shirt only. he tells hubby to pull his cock out and fondle it as he watches
wife play and suck him. he tells hubby to move closer to see better

------------------------------------- 5-05-03

one nite he was home, at his puter, checkin his email and
such. Tiffany, a friend of his, stopped for a visit. She followed
him back to sit in a chair next to his puter desk they chatted and then she mentioned she was glad he was on
puter, because she had some puter questions to ask .....

he went thru all the basics and then began to explain online
options..... he explained it was best to have three (or more) online identities.

1. her normal self 2. for general stuff 3. for when she wanted privacy.

he accessed his favorite im he logged on he
told her what worked best....chatting was ok but you never
really knew WHO you were chatting with... webcam was saw who your chatting with...and
cams could be Fun also ( he knew she was a partygirl at heart)

he entered a general rated chat room and turned on cam...he
showed her how she could control what was viewed of herself.......

he surfed from room to room...finally settling in one called
'Friends having Fun'

he said to Tiffany " ok watch how you can get evryones

which was true ....she did look mighty fine that nite.

once word got out that a fem and friend where oncam....the
requests poured in

No Doubt About It
and Then Some.

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