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Paperback Writer


I'm a writer and I work from home. I am moderately successful.

A few years ago, I added a two-car garage with a large room

overhead to our house. This allows me a fortress of solitude

from which to work. Working from home, along with a chance

meeting with a tech-whiz, brought together the elements

of an unusual, but fortunate experience.
I receive all kinds of promotional things in the mail, as

well as in my email. But, who doesn't? I had been considering

software that allowed me to speak my thoughts while my computer

transcribed them. I wanted something that worked very

well and left little room for snafus. To this end, I responded

to a mailing about a tech show at a local hotel. There was

where it all began.
As I wandered from booth to booth and vendor to vendor, I

found myself amazed at the technological advances available.

I struck up a conversation with a vendor about my age. He

sold cameras and security items. He had cameras with him

that were the size of a pencil, or smaller.
As we chatted, I explained that I was a writer. To my pleasant

surprise, he had read several of my efforts. He was able

to name most of the pieces I had managed to get published.

Needless to say, I admired the fellow's good sense

and great taste. No matter how well I do, I always enjoy,

or actually crave, acceptance and praise. This guy supplied

"I have a real cool camera I can loan you, Don, "
he confided. "All you do is place this tiny transmitter/camera

someplace secret and attach this unit to your TV. You will

see and hear everything with incredible clarity."
"That looks smaller than my dick, and almost as harmless,
" I chuckled. "What, or who, would I want spy on with

that camera?" <br>
"Find out what the wife says about you when you aren't

in the room. See what the milkman does with her. See when

dinner is ready. Shit, Don, there are a million uses for

this thing, " he added. "If nothing else, you

will amaze people with your intuition. When the wife tells

her friend she wants a watch from you for her anniversary

and you get her a watch, she will be putty in your hands."
"I can see where it would be fun to play around with,
" I admitted. "It is so tiny, I can hide it one of her damn

little knick-knack things in the kitchen and she would

never know! How long can I have it?" <br>
"Promise you won't tell anyone about this, okay?"
he insisted. "It is not yet approved for the general

public. I think we have a few thousand in the new Russian

Embassy in Washington. I have another show at the Hotel

Esquire in Denton next weekend. You can return it to me then."
I walked out of that show without the software I wanted,

but with a tiny camera in my pocket. It was extremely simple

to install. My wife was at work so I placed the camera part

on a shelf that Loretta had crammed with figurines and artsy

shit that served no real purpose that I could discern. I

hid it under something that looked like a frog, or maybe

a dog. I couldn't really tell and didn't care.

When I stepped back into the kitchen a few feet, it was not

even visible.
I had my doubts about getting any sort of picture, but I decided

to try it. I inserted the receiver into my cable hook-up

in the back of the TV and then reattached the cable to it.

I turned on the television and it worked fine, if you like

soap operas! Nothing had changed. I began going down the

channels. I was about to give up when I hit channel 03 and

suddenly my kitchen was on my big screen in living color!

I found that if I turned up the volume, I could hear the clock

on the wall in the kitchen tick. I could see most of our eat-in

kitchen, including the work area and the table. The picture

was even better than cable. Soon I got bored watching the

kitchen and turned on ESPN. Loretta wouldn't be home

from work for another hour and there wasn't so much

as a mouse walking around.
I was working on outlines for my next best seller and had

plenty of time. When I am actually in the throes of brilliant

writing, I can spend a whole day and night typing and creating.

I stop only for a bathroom break or a snack. Luckily, I was

not in that mode.
I heard Loretta pull into the garage below me, so I switched

the channel to the kitchen. Loretta walked in with some

groceries and put them away. It was really quite impressive.

I was able to watch every move she made and it was very clear.

I had to adjust the volume down because her heels made loud

clicks on the floor. Loretta then began to unbutton her

blouse. I found that quite erotic. It was like she was in

a soap of her own. Then she left the room.
I knew she was going to go change from her work clothes, as

she always did. I also knew I could go watch her if I wanted.

I might even get lucky, although after 16 years of marriage,

our sex life was a bit stagnant. Instead of going to watch

her change, I began to wonder if I should have placed the

camera in the bedroom. Then I could watch without having

to get up. I marveled at my romantic nature.
I went back to work on my great American novel. I almost fell

off my chair when I heard Loretta speak. I thought she was

in the room with me! I swung around and looked for her. That

was when I realized she had returned to the kitchen and was

using the phone. I made a note to myself to keep a closer eye

on the TV, lower the volume, and to change my underwear at

the first opportunity.
I listened to Loretta's end of the conversation. She

was talking to her mother and getting all her family news.

Uncle Jack had a hernia and cousin Nancy had missed her period

and might be pregnant. That would be okay, if the tramp had

ever bothered to get married! I stored away the information,

thinking I could look smart sometime, which would shock

the shit out of my wife's family.
A short time after Loretta finished her conversation with

her mother the phone rang again. Loretta seemed surprised

and pleased to speak with the caller. It seemed that it was

an old college friend coming to town for the week. Her name

was Magill and she called herself Lil.
Lil was in town for a job related seminar and wanted to get

together with Loretta to catch up on everything. Before

I could sprint down to the kitchen and put a stop to it, Loretta

invited Lil to spend the week with us.
"We have a spare room and I would love to have you close

so we can get reacquainted!" persuaded Loretta.

"He won't mind, really. He spends most of his

time in his little castle working on his books."
I knew I was the topic of the conversation now.
"Yes, he does quite well. You've read that one?"
quizzed Loretta. "I haven't been able to get

through it, although it is one of his best sellers."
What the hell was that remark? My own wife can't wade

through my books? She sure doesn't mind wading through

the surf when the royalties enable us to spend two weeks

at the Caymans every year!
"What he doesn't know won't hurt him, "
laughed Loretta. "I will pick you up at the airport

tomorrow evening. It's settled!" <br>
I decided there would be a great deal less that I didn't

know from that point forward. My spy network was going to

come in handy. I would be able to hear what plans were being

hatched and just what I was expected to not know.
It occurred to me that I had seen this situation before.

Then it came to me. George Burns had a similar hook-up to

watch Gracie! He always knew about her schemes and was able

to thwart them. I considered speaking to my imaginary audience

like George always did, but that could be a bad habit to begin.

My fans would have to figure out everything with no help

from me.
Needless to say, I never mentioned to Loretta that I was

able to observe everything that transpired in the kitchen.

Never give up the advantage.
I wandered into the kitchen just as Loretta was placing

dinner on the table. I smiled to myself as I thought how she

usually had to climb up the stairs and bang on the door to

get me to come to dinner.
"Honey, I got a call from an old friend today, "
she began. The 'Honey' part was a signal that she

wanted something. "She is going to be in town for a

week and I invited her to stay with us. You don't mind,

do you?" <br>
"I suppose we have the room, but you will be at work

and I am working on my next book. I won't be entertaining

her all day, " I warned.
"She has some sort of seminar thing she has to attend

during the day. She will be getting in about the same time

as I, " stated Loretta. "You will like her.
She was a very attractive girl 20 years ago and I bet she still

looks good." <br>
"That will certainly make the intrusion more palatable,
" I admitted. "What is her name?" <br>
"Lil Magill, from Ohio, originally, " answered

Loretta. "We went to school together. I will pick

her up at the airport tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, Sweetheart!"
The next afternoon I turned on the TV when I heard Loretta

pull into the garage. A minute or so later I saw her usher

her friend into the kitchen. I had to admit that this Lil

was not hard on the eyes! She was Loretta's height,

and about her weight.
I realized they were about the same size, but Lil wore a short,

tight skirt and a blouse with a low neckline that showed

more than a hint of cleavage. Her persona just seemed to

ooze sexuality while Loretta looked like a plain housewife

by comparison.
Loretta brought out a bottle of wine and the two sat at the

table and chatted. I thought there would be more reminiscing

about the glory days than there was. Lil seemed more interested

in discussing sex. She had my attention.
"So how is hubby in the sack, Loretta?" she asked.

"Does he get the job done, and done often? My Steve

fucks me at least three times a week and a few times on the

weekend." <br>
This girl was not shy! I had never heard a woman talk about

being fucked, unless it was the auto repair place doing

"We don't do it as often as you and your husband.

It's more like a weekend thing, if everything falls

into place, " Loretta replied. "Don isn't

overly interested in sex." <br>
Where was Loretta getting that shit? I would fuck every

day if she would just give a hint that she was interested.

It was her, not me! She was the cold fish that acted like sex

was a duty she had to perform on rare occasions.
"I am so sorry to hear that, Loretta!" cooed

Lil. "I wonder if it might have a little to do with your

attitude and the way you dress? You have a nice figure but

you seem to keep it hidden, if the clothes you are wearing

today are an indication." <br>
"I am a professional woman and manage a large department

store. I can't dress like some cheap floozy!"
exclaimed Loretta. "I have an image to maintain."
"Like the Ice Queen?" asked Lil. "You

control who fucks you, Loretta, but men will be much more

cooperative if they feel the desire to fuck you. It makes

them putty in your hands. Shorter skirts and a little tit

will go a long ways!" <br>
I liked the way this girl thought! Loretta was pretty conservative

in her fashion sense. I knew she couldn't look as good

as Lil did, but the right clothes would certainly help.

"Do you give Don many blowjobs?" she asked.

Loretta coughed on her wine! That question caught her totally

"That is not something I do, " confessed Loretta.

I could vouch for her on that one. "Don doesn't

really want me to do that." <br>
What the hell was this woman saying? Did she want Lil to think

I was a damn fag or something? I longed for a nice slow blowjob...

my entire marriage. Loretta refused the few times I had

suggested it, so it just died a natural death.
"That has to be a joke!" laughed Lil. "All

normal men want blowjobs. If they had their way we would

spend about eight hours a day with our lips attached to their

dicks. I am surprised Don doesn't insist. You wouldn't

refuse your wifely duty if he gave you no choice, would you?"
"You may be right, Lil. If her gave me no option and

demanded and expected it, I would do it. I would not have

to worry about any guilt feelings from my religious upbringing,
" conceded Loretta. "It would be something I had to

do for my husband. He never seems interested though, so

it doesn't really make any difference." <br>
Why that little cocksucker, soon to be! I never guessed

that! Why hadn't I pushed it more? I determined right

then to test Loretta and find out if she was just bull-shitting

to impress her friend.
"My husband always makes me suck his cock, especially

right after he eats my pussy, " revealed Lil. "There

is no discussion or refusing. He just pulls my head down

on his cock and I just suck it like a baby. He loves it and it

actually puts me in control. A man will do anything for the

woman he loves when his cock is in her mouth!" <br>
"Don hasn't eaten my pussy in years, so that is

not apt to happen, " Loretta sighed.
"Really? Do you have some horrible infection? Do

you shower and douche now and then?" quizzed Lil.

"Of course I am clean! It is just that Don is not a sexual

man. He is content to write his books and have the usual dull

sex a couple times a month, " lamented Loretta.
I was getting pissed! I wanted more sex. I loved to eat her

but she never gave me any encouragement, so I gave it up years

ago. She made sex seem like hard work!
"All men are sexual, Dear, " smiled Lil. "It

is just that some men are more sexual than others. You need

to suck his cock and have him eat your pussy. Believe me,

you will love it, and so will he." <br>
"I am afraid we have drifted too far along to change

now, " Loretta admitted. "We have grown comfortable

in our dull rut. More than a few times I have thought of finding

a lover. I never have, but I daydream about a man that will

use me for his pleasure and bring me pleasure in the process.

Don has been a perfect husband and provider. He is just undersexed."
Goddamn! Why didn't she just place an ad in the paper

saying I was a shitty lover? Why would she tell her friend

all this crap?
"I think we need to go shopping tomorrow after your

work and get you a new wardrobe. You are about my size and

you will be surprised how sexy it will make you feel, "
suggested Lil. "I have another idea, but you will

think I am crazy." <br>
"I love to shop and I sure could add some spark to my

life, so let's shop!" laughed Loretta. "What

is the crazy idea you have?" <br>
"It is just an idea, so don't get all mad. I will

be staying here for a week. Suppose some night you got up

to visit the bathroom and didn't return?" <br>
"Do you think I should leave, or go sleep on the couch?"
questioned Loretta.
"Just suppose I took your place in bed for awhile and

tried to light a fire under old Donnie-boy? We are nearly

the same height and weight, " Lil observed. "He

would not know it was me in the bed. I bet I could get him to

eat my pussy and I would suck him off. It would get him thinking

outside the square, so to speak. I would go to the bathroom

again and you could get him to fuck the daylights out of you.

He would also be more apt to eat you out and feed you his cock

after that." <br>
"Lil! You are a married woman!" exclaimed my

wife. "How can you do that to your husband?"
"That is the beauty of it! I won't have sex. I'll

just give him the blowjob of his life and get my pussy eaten,
" laughed Lil. "No one, including our husbands, will

ever know!" <br>
"I don't know if that is such a good idea. I would

know and you may be very disappointed with Don's performance,
" worried Loretta.
Where the hell was that coming from? I promised myself no

woman would leave my bed disappointed again! I wasn't

religious, but I began to pray Lil would convince Loretta

about the soundness of this idea. George Burns never got

into schemes like this!
"Loretta, if the woman knows what she is doing, the

man will not be a disappointment. You have to control the

situation while making him believe he is in control, "
stated Lil.
"I think I will try to get Don a little more amorous

the next few nights, Lil. If he responds and shows some fire,

I will do it. It sounds odd, I know, but it isn't just

his reputation at stake, " Loretta offered. "If

my husband has another woman, even without his knowledge,

I want her to be satisfied and think I have the best lover

and husband woman can have. Does that seem weird?"
"Not at all, Loretta. I understand perfectly. If

I get in the sack with your husband, you want me to come away

wishing he was my man!" agreed Lil.
About that time they drifted into the living room and out

of range of my spy device. My head was spinning with all I

had learned. One thing was certain. I was going to make Loretta

proud and get her to offer our bed to Lil. I had my own idea

about what would happen after she gave me that blowjob she

I strolled into the kitchen a few minutes later. No one was

around so I went into the living room. Lil was there, but

Loretta wasn't. When she saw me, Lil rushed over and

gave me a very warm hug.
"You must be Don! I am Loretta's old friend Lil,
" she told me. "I have read just about all your books

and enjoy them. You are very good!" <br>
She was still standing close to me and I could feel her tits

against my chest. I was a little flustered as I tried to think

of a clever response.
"Thanks!" I responded.
I heard Loretta come down the stairs from the bed room area,

but Lil didn't let me go. I turned to see Loretta watching

Lil rubbing her tits against me.
"I see you have met Nancy, " Loretta smiled.

Now I was totally confused. My look must have shown my confusion.

"She calls herself Lil, but we always knew her as Nancy,
" Loretta quickly added. "Call her Lil." <br>
Loretta was making no sense. Lil, or Nancy, was close to

laughing. It seemed odd that Loretta couldn't decide

what to call her old friend.
"We just met, Loretta. You didn't tell me that

Don was in such good shape! Do you spend a lot of time at the

gym?" Lil asked.
"Well, I have a couple exercise machines in my office

over the garage and I use them quite a lot while I am trying

to dream up a new plot, " I replied. "It is nice

to meet you, Lil. I will leave you two to reminisce and get

back to work. I just thought I would introduce myself and

welcome you to our home." <br>
I got no work done because I spent all my time watching the

damn tube to see if I could learn anything more about my possible

sexcapades. Nothing of interest came across the airwaves.

We ate dinner and I excused myself to go to my office to watch

the game. I was really more interested in watching my kitchen.

Soon the women finished the chores in the kitchen and retired

to the living room to chat. I actually turned the TV to the

Around 11:30 I walked into the living room and announced

I was going to bed. I gave both ladies a peck on the cheek,

climbed the bedroom stairs, and crawled into bed. The problem

was that listening to Lil and Loretta earlier had made me

extremely horny. I got out of bed, took a quick shower, got

back in and waited for Loretta. I didn't have to wait

Loretta came into the room and closed the door. I pretended

to be asleep and waited. I was pleasantly surprised when

she peeled off her clothes, turned off the light, and slid

next to me under the covers.
She ran her hand over my stomach and down to my already hard

cock. The little guy is not very good at subterfuge! Loretta

began to stroke my cock and the precum began to ooze. Then

she slowly kissed her way down my stomach till she was giving

little kisses to my cock. It seemed that she was going to

heed some of the advice Lil had bestowed earlier! But then,

so was I.
I placed my left hand on Loretta's head and took my cock

in my right. Then I pushed her head down as I pointed my cock

where I knew her mouth had to be. I felt some resistance at

first, but continued to press Loretta's head down.

My cock was rubbing her cheek and I moved it all around her

face. Gradually I brought it back to her lips and pressed

it against them. I felt Loretta's mouth open and take

my cock in! I was in heaven as I felt her begin to work her tongue

around my cock. I couldn't believe the pleasure I was

getting from her efforts.
It felt so good I knew I wouldn't last very long. I debated

pulling from Loretta's mouth before I came. Then I

decided it was about time I based some decisions on what

I wanted and I kept her on my cock as it began to spurt. It seemed

as if she offered no resistance and sucked my cock dry. She

even swallowed all my seed! This was all new and incredibly

sexy to me. I didn't need any urging as I pulled Loretta's

face back up to mine and I kissed her, tasting some of my cum

on her lips. Then I lay her down and began sucking on her nipples.

She was always sensitive around her nipples and I showed

no mercy. Finally I began to slide down her stomach to her

sweet pussy. I felt her tense up and heard a small gasp as

I slid my tongue inside her. I left it there for a minute or

so and then began to run it around the lips of her pussy. She

was wetter than my saliva could have caused. I slowly licked

every part of her love tunnel and even rimmed her asshole

a few times.
I felt Loretta tremble through a small orgasm, but I kept

going. The old me would have been content to end it after

a few licks and certainly after an orgasm. The new love machine

I was determined to become did not slow down. I started concentrating

on her clit and it wasn't long before I felt Loretta

wracked by a major orgasm. I cleaned up all the excess juices

and then slid back up to her nipples. I devoured them as I

rubbed my cock back and forth over her pussy lips. I felt

her arch up, trying to slide my cock inside her. I would not

allow it, however. I kept control and teased her steaming

cunt for a couple more minutes. Then, with no warning, I

plunged into her, all the way to the hilt.
Loretta wailed some sort of primal scream as I hit bottom!

It was like nothing I had ever heard from her. I briefly wondered

if there was any way Lil didn't hear it, but I was too

far gone to be able to concentrate on anything but the wet,

hot pussy around my cock. I pounded Loretta for another

five minutes and drew at least two more of those eerie moans

form her before I emptied my balls inside her. We were both

drenched in sweat as I drained myself and slowly slid off

her. My cock popped out as I rolled off her and tried to catch

my breath. Loretta snuggled as close to me as she could and

fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. I felt great!
I spent the next day thinking about Loretta and the great

sex we had enjoyed the previous night. It was as good, or

possibly better than our honeymoon. We were much more missionary

back then. I had a taste of good sex and I was thinking of ways

to make it better. Knowing that Loretta wanted me to lead

her in sexual situations allowed me some room to be creative.

I was actually on my ab machine when Loretta and Lil came

in that night. I remembered they were planning on shopping

so I didn't really expect them home before the stores

closed. I heard them speaking in the kitchen. I looked at

my screen and saw Lil bent over, reaching into the refrigerator.

What a sweet ass! It was shaped perfectly. She had another

short skirt on and it accented the curve of her legs. All

in all, she was as a woman should be.
Then I saw Lil walk into the kitchen from the living room!

I had been admiring Loretta's ass and didn't realize

it. Loretta stood up and turned around. I couldn't

believe how full and firm her tits looked. She was wearing

a low cut sweater and it really flattered her figure. The

difference the clothes made was startling. Loretta was

a very sexy lady!
The two were laughing and talking as they threw a salad together.

It was obvious they were friends from way back.
"I heard you last night, Loretta, " teased
Lil. "I was this close to dialing 911. Do you always

scream and moan like that? And you told me that Don wasn't

all that interested in sex. I think you are just trying to

talk me out of trying him out for myself." <br>
"I was a bit vocal, wasn't I?" laughed Loretta.

"I don't know what got into me last night."
I do! It was Don, and I strongly suspect he was balls deep

the way you carried on, " interjected Lil. "I

noticed the smile on your face while we were shopping. I

know what causes a smile like that on a woman." <br>
I was beginning to feel pretty good! It seems that I wasn't

the pathetic limp-dicked loser I had been portrayed to

be by my loving wife the previous evening.
"Did he do you doggy-style and spank your ass while

he was filling you with his big cock?" Lil asked.
Loretta turned to look at Lil.
"I never said Don had a big cock and he has never lifted

a hand against me!" Loretta proclaimed.
"It just sounds better to be rammed with a big cock,

doesn't it?" chided Lil. "I'm not

talking about abuse. A little spanking during sex is a turn

on. My husband likes to redden my bottom while he is fucking

me. It makes me cum like you wouldn't believe."
"It seems that you and your husband have quite a wild

sex life, Lil, " conceded Loretta. "I'm

just surprised he spanks you." <br>
"He makes me leave my panties home when we go out for

the evening. If I forget and wear them, he makes me give them

to a waiter, or bartender, or a bellhop. He likes me to look

as desirable and wanton as possible, " admitted
Lil. "It excites him to have other men want me and give

me that look." <br>
"That look?" asked Loretta.
"Yes, the look. The look men give you when they want

to fuck you. The look that salesman gave you when you came

out of the changing room wearing that outfit, " chuckled

Lil. "I saw the way he looked you over. I saw you blush

and smile back at him, too, you little tramp!" <br>
"My God! You saw that?" gasped Loretta. "It

felt like he was undressing me right there. He was so obvious!"
"Get used to it, Girl. The clothes you bought today

will cause that to happen a lot, " predicted Lil.
"I hope Don doesn't think I look to trashy in those

outfits, " confided Loretta. "He is used to

me being conservative." <br>
"Oh, yeah, he'll complain constantly, if he

can get his hard-on to go down!" laughed Lil. "Husbands

want their wives to be desired by other men. It is a macho

thing. They are sending little signals to each other that

women can't hear." <br>
"Signals? Asked Loretta.
"Yes, signals, " answered Lil. "Hey
buddy, do you see that really hot little minx? That's

my wife and I fuck her brains out every night. Makes you wish

you were me, doesn't it?' <br>
Both women broke into laughter as they left the room. That

damn Lil seemed uncommonly aware of the male thought process.

That night was a repeat of the previous night's sex,

except more kinky. I did everything I did the night before,

except I added a little doggy fuck with a light spanking.

I reached around and pinched Loretta's nipples as

she neared an orgasm and she went off again. I would not have

been surprised if the neighbors called the cops. Afterward

we curled up together and slept like babies.
I decided to do some sex research the next day. I read several

stories and articles about sex and pleasing your partner.

I read about sex games couples play, in public and in private.

When Lil left, I was going to insist that Loretta indulge

in some of them with me.
The ladies spent very little time in the kitchen that night.

I was disappointed. I was anxious to learn what they thought

of my performance the previous night. That night in bed

I had Loretta practically howling at the moon! She must

have cum five or six times and sucked my cock dry twice.
It must have been around 3AM when I felt her stir and getup

and shuffle off to the bathroom. I heard her tinkling in

the guest bath and wondered about that in a fuzzy, sleep-filled

way. She always used the master bath. I was almost back in

a deep sleep when I felt the bed move as she got back in. As

she snuggled up to me, I noticed something different. It

was the perfume! The scent was different. It was the scent

that Lil wore!
By this time she had my cock in her hand and was working her

way down with her mouth. I came awake instantly. It was Lil

in bed with me! I squeezed her tits and I could tell they were

slightly bigger than Loretta's. I pushed her head

down and felt her take my cock in her mouth. I cursed myself

for coming at least three times with Loretta earlier that

night. Then I decided to make it work for me. I would be able

to fuck for hours without losing my erection!
I let her suck me for a few minutes, then I pulled her back

and dove into her pussy, face-first. I had been eating Loretta's

love nest quite well, but I outdid myself on Lil. I sucked

and nibbled her clit and her pussy lips. I licked her easy

and hard. I sucked her juices from her and finally I felt

her try to push my head away. She was making gagging noises

as she tried to keep from moaning too loudly. Then I flipped

her over and spanked her hard. I knew she liked it when her

husband did it, so I figured what the hell.
Her ass felt hot to my touch and her cunt was dripping fluids.

I put my cock at her entrance and pushed in. It was incredibly

tight and wet. I knew then that her husband had to have a smaller

cock than mine. She was having orgasms until they just rolled

into one continuous procession. Then I gave her the little

nipple-twist I had so recently perfected and she actually

squirted all over my cock. That was more than I could take

and I deployed my troops as deeply as I could. It was probably

deeper than her husband had ever attained! I don't

know if she fell asleep or passed out then, but I collapsed

next to her and never heard another thing until the phone

I looked around in a daze. The clock said 10:17 AM! I had slept

at least three hours later than usual. I crawled across

the bed and picked up the receiver.
"Don?" came the male voice on the other end.

"I am sorry to bother you, but my supplier is asking

about that camera I loaned you. He wants it back for some

reason and I stalled him, but I promised I would give it to

him early tomorrow morning." <br>
"Bob?" I finally croaked. "I'm sorry

if there has been any trouble. I will get it back immediately.

It works great, by the way." <br>
"Glad to her it, Don. I know I promised you could have

it till Saturday, but I have to get it back. I will be going

your way this evening. Can we meet at Friday's at 6:30

tonight?" he asked. "I'll get it from you

then, okay?" <br>
I agreed, somewhat reluctantly and hung up. I spent another

hour remembering the incredible night I had just had. I

had gone from a guy that was lucky to get laid a couple times

a month to a guy that had mind-blowing sex with two beautiful

women in the same night. No wonder I had slept so long!
I liked Loretta's new look and was anxious to take her

out and see how our friends reacted to my hot wife. Lil had

drawn the wildcat in her into the open. I had learned to be

more assertive, more thoughtful of her, and more eager

to experiment and to please my wife. I promised myself that

she would not be wearing panties when we went out from now

I had the camera and the receiver disconnected and in a bag

to return to Bob when Loretta and Lil came in that evening.

They were laughing when I walked into the kitchen. I was

sure that I had seen Lil walking a little gingerly when she

went into the house, and that made me smile. They had no idea

that I knew their little ruse.
"Hello, ladies! You look beautiful this evening,
" I complimented them as I gave each a little kiss. "Are

you wearing any panties?" <br>
"Don!" scolded Loretta. "How can you

talk that way in front of a guest?" <br>
"That is something a man should find out for himself,

rather than ask, " laughed Lil.
It sounded like a challenge, but a challenge I dared not

accept, not with Lil. I reached down and felt Loretta's

"I am glad you wear them to work, Loretta. What say

we all go out for dinner tomorrow night?" I suggested.

"I would take you out tonight, but I have to have a short

meeting with my publisher in an hour." <br>
"Lil has to leave tonight, Don. Her seminar is done

early and her husband wants her to come home. I will be taking

her to the airport in a few minutes, " Loretta stated.

I embraced Lil in a tight hug and gave her a kiss.
"You are always welcome here, Lil. Stop in again.

It was great having you spend some time with us, "
I told her. "Loretta, let's meet at the Cove for

dinner at 8:30. It is on the way back for you and I won't

be too far from there." <br>
"Don!" beamed Loretta. 'You haven't

taken me out to dinner in some time. I will be delighted to

meet you there!" <br>
I went to the door and turned back to Loretta.
"Wear that same outfit, but don't have any panties

on!" <br>
I saw her face turn red as I turned and headed out to return

the camera to Bob. I felt great and marveled at how lucky

I had been to have Bob offer to loan me that camera when he

did. Every now and then things fall into place and the universe

is perfect!
I did not have the benefit of a spy device to hear what Lil

and Loretta talked about after I left. I was totally oblivious

to it, in fact.
Loretta rushed to Lil and gave her a big hug.
"Nancy, you did everything you said you would, and

more!" Loretta gushed. "It is the best money

I ever spent!" <br>
"We have a very good success rate, as I told you when

you hired us, " agreed Nancy/Lil. "I was afraid

you blew it when you called me Nancy, though. We were lucky

Don didn't pick up on it." <br>
"I know it! It was just a slip. That camera trick is

great! Last night, Don was positive he has fucking your

brains out. I couldn't believe what a tiger he was!"
"Tell me about it!" laughed Lil/Nancy. "I

never heard two people make so much noise during sex. You

had me wishing it was me! It sounds like Don is taking the

other suggestions I made about panties and having you be

sexier in public. Your sex live has really improved, just

like Bob and I told you it would." <br>
"Thanks so much, Nancy. I will take you out to meet

Bob now. He'll be getting that camera from Don shortly,
" Loretta predicted.
"We have been contacted by a politician's wife

in New York. She wants pretty much the same service, "
confided Lil/Nancy. "Bob will be 'bumping'
into her husband tomorrow and loaning the camera to him.

I will show up at the door as an old friend and hopefully,

we'll get the same results. I have to tell you, Loretta,

that you and Don may be the best success story our business

has had in the three years we have been spicing up marriages."

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