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Paper Shop Fun.


In a very quiet road there was a small newsagent, never a
very busy shop just turning over nicely. One late Saturday
afternoon she sat on her stole listening to the radio in
the back office, she looked up at the clock smiling to herself
as she had just twenty minutes till it was time to shut up
shop and go home for the night. As she sat whiling her time
away a young man entered the shop, she looked at him smiled
then continued with what she was doing. The young man walked
round to the left where on the wall in front of him was rows
full of magazines, from floor to almost ceiling, behind
him were rows of video films all sorts from comedy to horror.
The young mans interest was not in the video’s but in the
magazines on the top shelf, as she sat there day dreaming
she suddenly thought of the young man and if he was ok or needed
any help.
“Everything ok love?”
She asked, looking at the young man standing on one leg,
his other leg hanging in midair acting as some kind of counter
balance his right arm stretched up high holding the bottom
corner of a girlie mag, his face becoming a deep red by the
second as his embarrassment filled his cheeks as he turned
his head to look at her, his eyes all over her as she stood
at the end of the magazine row, standing there in her creamy
white short summer dress. She was in her mid to late thirties,
with shoulder length golden brown hair a pretty face half
smiling half laughing at him, and she had a figure to die
for. She turned her head looking at the shop door, then back
at the young man. Walking over to the shop door he heard her
lock the door, she walked back from the door round and between
the two walls looking at.
“Would you like me to give you a hand love?”
She asked with a naughty look in her eye.
“It’s ok love, there’s some steps in the little store room.
I use them to fill that shelf up. Let that girlie mag go and
I’ll go and get the steps. I won’t be a mo”.
With that she turned and walked off he watched her walk away
from him, he watched her womanly walk her dress swaying
to the movement of her hips, he shrugged his shoulders and
did as he was told. She came back steps in hand, setting the
steps down and folding them out ready for her to use.
“Now then love, you tell which one, or ones you want and I’ll
go up and get them down for you”.
She said softly, smiling at him.
“Oh, one other thing?”
She paused as she looked at him,
“These steps are a bit wobbly, you wouldn’t be a love and
hold them for me would you?”
She asked.
His throat dry, almost unable to speak he nodded his head,
moving to stand behind her ready to put his foot on the bottom
step, so as to stop the steps moving around.
“No, no love, hold the steps from the side rather than the
She said patting the side of the steps showing the young
man where she wanted him to hold the steps. She stood at the
bottom of the steps her right hand on the side rail, right
foot on the bottom step. The young man stood where he had
been told to stand holding the steps, looking down with
some embarrassment at having been caught by a woman trying
to buy some girlie mags, knowing that he was in some way trapped
where he was and wishing that ground would open up and swallow
him whole, his eyes moved to look at her right leg bent at
the knee, the creamy white dress split open to were it was
buttoned showing a little more thigh than he had seen before.
He jumped as he felt a soft finger placed under his chin with
a little pressure he felt his head being pushed up by the
soft finger, his eyes taking in the pretty face looking
back at him, smiling softly at him in a reassuring way.
“What girlie magazine do you want?”
She asked softly, seeing his embarrassment on his face,
thinking to herself this poor chap must be all of twenty,
twenty one. His throat still dry and unable to speak,
“Do you still want the one you were trying to get?”
She asked.
Looking at her, all he could do was nod his head.
She smiled looking down on him.
“I’ll get that one for you love”.
Her hand removed the finger from under his chin, placing
it on the top rail of the steps to give herself some support
she climbed the steps, her right leg stretched straight,
her left leg bent at the knee left foot on the top platform
step, changing her hands so that her right hand is holding
the top rail, her left hand free to fetch the magazine. The
young man standing at the side of the steps, watched as she
climbed the step in front of him, the hem of her dress just
above his eye line, he looked at her soft smooth legs, lifting
his eyes slowly as he traced up her womanly thighs, he looked
a little harder.
She moved her left foot as she began to climb down the steps,
the young man startled by her sudden movement looked to
the floor as she came down, clutching the magazine in her
left arm she smiled at the young man, turned and walked over
to the counter she stood still for brief moment then placing
the magazine down, she walked back over to him, smiled.
“Would you like another?”
She asked, with mischievous, naughty sound to her voice.
Now his throat a little less dry and feeling a little move
confidant he looked at her as he replied.
“Yes please”.
He stopped to clear his throat, his embarrassment returning
“It’s ok love, there’s no need to be embarrassed, not with
Clearing his throat a second time he looked at her.
“I’d like the next one along please”.
He asked his left arm raised finger pointing to the next
magazine along.
“Oh, right ok”.
She replied.
She didn’t move the steps as he had expected her to, she slowly
climbed up the steps, again her right leg stretched straight,
her left leg bent at the knee, right hand holding the top
rail reaching out with her left hand, the Young man looked
at her womanly thighs again, his eyes moving all over them,
as she reached further forward so her creamy
white dress seemed to left a little more, showing a little
more of her thighs, as his eyes raced up the extra thigh view,
he found to his surprise she is wearing light brown lace
top stockings.
Looking down at the young man, making sure he is still holding
the steps for her, she went to ask him something but stopped.
Again she startled the young man with her sudden movement
as she started to climb down the steps, again she walked
over to the counter stopping for a brief moment, smiling
to herself she placed the magazine down spun round and walked
back over to the young man.
“Would you like another?”
She stopped abruptly, he thinking she had finished asking
her question
“Yes, there is”.
He replied looking up at the magazines pointing to another
further along.
She looked up at the next magazine that the young man was
pointing to, then she looked him in the eye and for a brief
split second her eyes snatched a look at the young man’s
This time she had to move the steps along, once again she
climbed the steps after moving them, the young man standing
to the side of them, watching her as she climbed, this time
as she climbed he noticed that two of her dress buttons had
become undone, so as she lifted her right leg she revealed
the smallest hint of lace at the top of her stocking clad
thigh, her feet in white open strapped heeled shoes.
As she reached the platform top of the steps placing her
left foot down, her right hand holding the top rail she started
to reach out with her left hand to fetch the chosen magazine
she stopped, smiling wickedly to herself, she looked down
at the young man, still smiling wickedly to herself she
fetched the magazine.
After placing the third chosen magazine on the counter,
she walked back over to him.
“Would you like another”?
Stopping abruptly lifting her right eyebrow in a questioning
manner, waiting for his almost guaranteed reply
“Yes, yes please”.
She stopped him in mid sentence by putting her soft index
finger upon his lips pressing gently.
“No, no”.
She spoke softly moving closer to him
“I was going to ask”.
She paused briefly enjoying the moment; she continued
to speak to him softly.
“Would you like another look up my dress?”
She softly whispered is as sexier voice as she could muster.
The young man didn’t know where to look or what to do, his
cheeks bright red with embarrassment, his heart thumping
inside his young chest, throat drying faster than wet sand
on a sunny day. Panic, stress his brain almost to point of
overload, his eyes darting here, there everywhere but
not at her. The feeling of wanting to run away building inside
him, not only had he been caught trying to buy girlie mags,
but now caught looking up a pretty attractive woman’s dress
what must she think of him, the panic, the questions, the
thoughts racing through his head.
Standing in front of him watching him going into panic overload,
she took hold of his arms shaking him gently, her head tilted
to one side looking up at him smiling.
“Hey, hey love”.
She paused as she tried to steady the young man.
“It’s ok, honestly it’s ok”.
She spoke softly.
“Really it’s ok, I’m flattered a young man like yourself
would want to look”.
“I like the attention and turning men’s heads, some may
say I’m a tart but I think more of it as a bit of fun”.
She held him for a few moments, then asked softly.
“Have you had a girl?”
Now her own heart was thumping, thumping in her throat as
she waited with building excitement for his reply.
Shyly he looked at her, his throat dry he tried to speak he
replied in a horse whisper.
“I take it you thought the older gentleman would be here
She asked him.
He replied again in a horse whisper.
“I see”.
She paused a moment then continued
“So, you were going to buy the girlie magazines, then go
home and masturbate?”
She asked him
Starring at the floor he answered her
The last time he’d been this close to a woman was his mother,
he’d always been a shy boy running to hide behind his mothers
dress when frightened or unsure of who or what was going
on at the time.
Lifting her hand her finger under his chin lifting his head
so she could see his face, smiling softly at him she spoke
“Let me help you, did you like looking up my dress?”
Looking shyly at her,
“It’s ok, I’m not going to tell you off, I’m not going to”.
She stopped, leaning forward she kissed him gently but
firmly full on the lips, her mind racing at the thought of
taking this young mans cherry, something she thought she
wouldn’t have the chance of doing again, she asked him again.
“Did you like looking up my dress?”
Looking at him watching waiting for a reply or response
He stood nodding his, eyes dropping to the floor her finger
bringing his head up once again.
“Look, look at me”.
She said sharply
She now had his full and undivided attention. She smiled
at him.
“Let’s have some fun”.
She said, her eyes half closed giving him the best sexist
look she could
“I like naughty boys like you, you looking up my dress. Bet
you would like to have another look wouldn’t you?”
She spoke teasingly, her finger still under his chin.
“Let me help you masturbate love”.
Now she was getting attention she wanted, always loving
the idea of being an outrageous tart at times, teasing the
boys, she now had a young man to tease she was going to make
the most of it before he runs off.
Taking him by the hand she led him into the back office, a
small room with just a desk and old office chair. She gestured
to him to sit in the chair, he did so watching her squat down
in front of him.
“Lets have your trousers and underpants down love, it will
make you feel better, and less constricted”.
She said leaning forward undoing his belt then pulling
at his zipper. He made no attempt to stop her she was in full
flow now and no one in the world was going to stop her, she
was going to have her fun. For most of the day older men had
come and gone buying girlie mags, most them not even giving
her a second look. Now, now she had the full and undivided
attention of this young man.
With his trousers undone and open she began to pull on the
waistbands of both his trousers and underpants, he lifted
his bottom up so as she could pull them to his ankles. She
smiles at him, his length full, long and thick she looked
up at him.
“My, my how could you hide such a wonder from us girlies”.
She said teasingly, also wondering to herself could she
take his length?
“Looking at you I can tell you enjoyed yourself looking
up my dress”.
She stood up, standing to his left resting her bottom on
the edge of the desk her hands resting on her thighs, looking
down in wonder at his length his thickness her heart thumping
in her chest, pulling hands apart as they rested on her thighs,
opening her dress, pulling a little hard her dress began
to strain at the next button up, her light brown lace stocking
tops in full view for her young man to see.
“You like me wearing stockings don’t you?”
She asked teasingly, still pulling on her dress, the strain
all to much for the button as it broke free her white suspenders
and white lace garter coming into view. Her young man sat
unmoving taking in the view that was before him, his heart
thumping, his breathing faster a new feeling growing in
his groin, looking at her eyes, her eyes fixed unmoving
from his groin, suddenly her eyes flicked up looking at
him smiling.
“This is much better than those girlie magazines isn’t
Was his only reply as his eyes moved down to her stocking
tops and bare thigh above.
“Are you going to just sit there and stare, or are you going
to masturbate in front of me?”
There was no reply; she watched his right hand moving towards
his length, taking himself in hand.
“Wow, wow”.
She says as she leans forward taking hold of his wrist, almost
stopping his action.
“Slow down, there’s no rush, no one can see us, no ones going
to disturb us. Take your time, I’m not a picture in some magazine
I’m real. Take time to enjoy what your doing it’s not a race.
Sex is something to enjoy in many, many ways there are no
Her arm resting on his thigh her hand still gripping his
wrist, as she controlled and slowed his speed.
“More like this, nice and slow take time feel yourself,
a long slow wank is much, much better than wacking away till
your arm aches”?
She looks up at him smiling, then standing up turning her
back to him looking seductively over her right shoulder
“Now to give you something to wank over”.
She leans forward her legs straight, the back of dress riding
up higher as the further forward she leans, exposing more
and more stocking clad thigh, her hands on her knees her
back almost horizontal looking back at him, watching him
looking at her, his right hand rubbing up and down his length.
“That’s right you naughty boy, you have a long look up my
dress, mmm yes masturbate oh yes that looks good from here”.
She encouraged him as she tried to give him the best view
up her dress that she could without falling over.
“Bet you like looking at pictures of girlies bending over
don’t you?”
Asking teasingly, taking her hand off her knees she starts
to unbutton her dress, without taking her eyes off him,
she turns standing up as she does so her hands pulling away
from her unbuttoned dress following her hands exposing
herself, giving her young man the view of his life. Her breasts
covered and cupped in a white lace low cut bra, the lace just
thin enough to see through, her dark nipples stiff pointing
towards him pushing the thin lace out. His eyes racing down
her body, her stomach flat then the lace trim of her white
silk French knickers, looking at the front panel of sheer
lace in her French knickers, he could just make out the top
of her bush inside her knickers, her white suspenders dropping
from under clipped to her sheer light brown lace top stockings,
on her left thigh she wore a white wide lace garter with light
blue bows running round it’s middle. Letting her dress
go it floats down her soft arms falling to the floor in a soft
heap, her eyes still fixed upon his length, watching his
slow wrist action she continues with her slow strip, leaning
forward her hands resting on the arms of the chair, lifting
her head their eyes lock in lustful gaze for a few short seconds
as his eyes drop looking at her deep inviting cleavage her
breasts moving invitingly, enticingly as they hung before
him captured and cupped in her bra.
“Touch them, feel them don’t be shy”.
She encouraged softly. Stopping his right hand action
lifting both hands palms facing upwards he cupped her breasts
watching him, watching his hands on her breasts, feeling
caressing, feeling the lace bra that held them within,
feeling her stiff nipples now poking in his palms. She biting
her lower lip feeling his slightly nervously caressing
her, feeling her nipples being rubbed by the palms of his
hands as his hands smoothed over her breasts.
“Good boy, that’s right mmm”.
She said then sighing softly her sigh turning into a slow
low moan.
“Good take your time enjoy yourself”.
Moving her right hand towards his groin her hand between
his legs cupping his balls she rubbed, caressed, teased
them in her hand, knowing that she is the first woman to touch
him in such a private place, her hand sliding up to his length,
as she takes hold of it, again knowing she the first. Knowing
she will be his first woman this very fact buzzing around
inside her head turning her on driving her on. Her hand gripping
his hot thick stiffness, her hand rubbing gently up and
“That’s better isn’t it, feeling a woman’s hand on your
cock, her soft hand slowly wanking you”.
Her voice soft tender encouraging him, her left hand gripping
his right wrist removing it from her left breast, pulling
it further down, pulling his hand to her knickers, pushing
his hand between her parted thigh.
“Feel me, feel my pussy inside my knickers, ahhhhhh mmmmmmm”.
Moaning sighing. Letting his length go standing up, her
young mans hand still between her legs, his fingers pushing
up, onto her lips feeling her. He stops, as he looks up at
her his hand beginning to fall from.
“No, no you keep your hand between my love, I want to take
my bra off”.
Stopping looking at his for few seconds,
“Do you want to wank yourself while you watch me take my bra
off and pull my knickers down in front of you, would you like
He looked at her and nodded his head.
Her hands going round behind her back, she stopped looked
at her young man then bringing her hands back round placing
them on his knees pushing his knees apart, when she was happy
she sat down on his thigh looking him her eyes smouldering
at him.
“Have you ever unclipped a bra before?”
She asked
In some shock he looked at her and shaked his head.
“Mmm you will have to stop wanking for a minute”.
She said turning her back to him, feeling his eyes burning
into her back looking at her bra strap, almost frozen in
the chair.
“Use both hands love, pull the away from back a little bit
then push gently inwards”.
She told him with soft but encouraging tone
Lifting his hands watching moving towards the white strap,
his hands shaking as they neared her back, she turned looking
over her shoulder trying to watch him feeling his hands
on her back.
“Love, remember slowly, no rush”.
He did as told with some fumbling her strap be came free,
with her right folded across her now loose bra she stood
in front of him, sliding her arm to her right, as her right
hand passed over her left breast she raised her left hand
to hold her bra cup to her breast until she was ready, with
just her hands on her breasts, looking smouldering at her
young man, pulling hands down slowly her bra falling from
her breasts, his eyes fixed oh her breasts, letting go of
her bra her bare breasts gently wobbling, moving to her
“Now it’s just my knickers to come down”.
She teased then teasing him further said.
“I love pulling my knickers down in front of naughty boys,
mmm naughty dirty wanker’s. Yes, yes wank it for let me see,
mmm you dirty little wanker aren’t you?”
She teased, her brain racing feeling herself becoming
more and more turned on the dirty the tarttier she became,
thinking to herself this had never happened to her like
this, ok she thought I like being a bit tarty, but I’m more
like a dirty slut and enjoying it with this thought buzzing
through her mind she continued to teased her single captive
audience, swaying her hips from side to side, thumbs sliding
inside her knickers pushing down slowly.
“Come on love wank that wonderful cock for me, mmmm let me
see you, you wanker, you dirty little wanker, you love it
don’t you? You love it, tossing off in front of me, me acting
like some dirty slut, mmm well this dirty slut wants you”.
She teased him, her hands pushing down, down towards her
ankles, watching him, watching his eyes as they followed
the path of her knickers as she pulled them down, stepping
out of them resting again against the desk opening her legs
placing her one foot on each arm of the chair in front her.
“Have you ever tasted a woman before?”
She asked him, he in turn looking between her thighs, looking
at her bush, her lips. Seeing his apprehension in her young
mans eyes, her hand gliding in between her thighs her index
finger pushing in parting her lips, lifting her finger
opening her mouth sucking slowly on her finger cover with
her own juice, eyes half close the words you dirty slut racing
through, she teased her young man, again her finger parting
her lips, this time she offered her finger to him, more placing
it on his lips, his nose filling with her scent, opening
his mouth receiving the offered finger he sucked on it,
sliding himself forward on the chair sinking to his knees
before her, her right hand on the back of his head guiding
him towards her, breathing in her scent his tongue nervously
at first darted in and out her pussy, as young man got used
to what he was doing his tongue became more adventurous,
as he explored her with his tongue. Looking down at her young
man head held tightly to her feeling his tongue biting her
lower lip feeling her excitement building, her body shaking,
knowing what she craved was now so close, holding her young
mans head pulling at it to make him stand between her legs,
he did so, letting himself be controlled by her, her bottom
on the edge of the desk, reaching down find feeling his stiffness
his length, holding him offering his cock head to herself,
left hand on his bottom, pulling him closer, he feeling
his cock head bump on her, nudging her lips the more she pulled
him closer, the his cock head parted her lips, he looking
at her biting her lower lip as she felt him parting her, her
eyes half closed, glazed over with sheer lust, feeling
the pleasure from knowing she is his first. Looking at him,
“Shhhhhhh it’s ok you’re not hurting me, it’s alright this
is how it happens, no, no try not to push, let me take you”.
“I’ve had such a fat thick cock of his size before I need to
take you slowly, I want all of it inside me”.
Now with his cock inside her, with both of her hands on his
bottom, pulling him toward slowly looking down as she pulling
on him as he enters her, sliding into her. He in turn holding
her hips, looking down at him she watches his cock sliding
ever deeper into her, feeling every movement, every twitch
of his cock, penetrating her body, now full of his young
cock pulling him back looking down watching cock pulling
from her, then sliding back into her, slowly as becomes
used to him, relaxing her muscles slightly, their rhythm,
building together, her breathing becoming heavier faster,
as gasps through clenched teeth, her hips bucking forward
to meet his thrusting forward, her hand holding his bottom
guiding the speed and rhythm she wants, the small office
filling with the air of pure lust and wanton sex, as she begins
to moan ever louder her body shaking her very excitement,
her very pleasure building within her breathing harder
faster, her nails gripping digging into his bottom, her
eyes full of pure animal lust wanting her young to fill her,
closing her eyes it all building inside her finding her
self control waning the vibrations, the shock wave of orgasm
beginning to shack and rocking very being screaming at
him she looses her self control her brain bombarded with
orgasmic shockwave after shockwave, he in turn seeing
her going over the edge feeling his balls tighten like never
before feeling the pressure at the base of his cock trying
desperately trying to hold back watching shack as her rocks
to the tune of orgasm, seeing him watching her, seeing the
concentration to hold himself back.
“No love, don’t hold back let it go, cum inside me, you won’t
hurt me, please, please cum inside me”.
Now unable to control himself any longer, thrusting himself
forward into her trying to push himself further inside
her, the pressure all to much, her eyes burst open as she
feels him explode inside her feeling his cum washing all
over her inner self, her young man giving her what she craved
most his cherry, his first intercourse cherry, knowing
she taken him, now savouring his every cum spurt as he empties
himself inside her. Holding him, she kisses him gently.
“Now young man I need and must clean you before you leave
She said gently pushing him away from her feeling him slide
out of her, kneeling in front of him she takes his cock in
her mouth sucking him, her tongue licking his pole from
base to tip, pulling back on his foreskin, with the tip of
her tongue she licks his rim, taking him back in her mouth,
her head bobbing up and down on him, cupping his balls in
one hand, feeling him stiffen again she continues to suck
him, playing with his balls, he pulls on her hair pulling
back, pulling his cock from mouth, right hand hold himself
, hand moving back and fourth, holding her head just in front
of his cock head, she allowing him to hold her in this way.
“Yes, yes oh yes I’ve never been this close, watching a wanker,
please don’t stop wanking, wank it love yes good boy. I know
I’m a dirty slut, I love it, I love being a slut for wanker’s
like you”.
Giving him every encouragement, also turning herself
on at the same time enjoying him wanking in front of her watching
him waiting, watching his cock twitch in front her, closing
her eyes just in time as she feels more hot sticky cum on her
face, her own hand between her legs fingers deeper inside
her, this, this a first for her, no man had every shot his
cum on her face before. She came just after the first splatter
of cum hit her cheek, her fingers wet and sticky
Her eyes still closed, feeling him wipe his cock down her
cheek, cleaning his cum from his head, opening her mouth
he slides his cock into her mouth, eagerly she sucks on him,
seeing the tissues on the desk taking some he pulls his cock
from her mouth, with the tissues he cleans her face.
They dress in silence; he finished dressing first looking
at her.
“Thank you, that was fun I enjoyed it”.
Was all he said as she watched him turn walking to the shop
door, unlocking it he left. Resting on the desk clipping
her bra together thinking out loud to herself,
“How can I get Daddy to stay away from this shop every third
Pulling up her knickers, her mind working out how to get
her father to work in one the shops he owned leaving her to
run this one, she wanted more of that young man, she now knows
how to get him act like and be a little slut, for the rewards
pure lustful enjoyment. With her dress buttoned pulling
the shop door shut locking it with the key, her mind else
where, looking forward to when her young man will visit
again for his girlie magazines.

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