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Pam was one of the best friends I ever had.


This began on a cold rainy day as we stood around my childhood
friend's grave and buried him. Johnny had been the
brother I didn't' have. We grew up two doors away
from one another and lived as if we were brothers instead
of just friends. He was just twenty four when he was killed
in Vietnam.

His long time girl friend, and now widow, Pam and Johnny
had married a week before he went off to boot camp although
they had dated since they were thirteen. Everyone in our
small town knew Johnny and Pam would someday marry so it
was no surprise when they did. And I was proud to stand up
for him at their wedding.

I did my best to comfort Pam at the funeral even though there
was no comforting her. But I still did my best, stood by her
side and felt her pain. Pam was a sweet girl and had always
been good to Johnny from the time they started dating. While
I had dated lots of girls in search of my own Pam, Johnny had
already found his one and only.

Pam moved away a month or so after the funeral and lost track
of her for a while. I knew she had gone to college and had a
lot of good job offers so I heard she accepted one a few hundred
miles away from where we all grew up. I thought about her
and Johnny quite often and wondered how their life would
have turned out if he would have lived. My guess is they would
have a house full of little Pam's and Johnny's
and enjoyed what we all want in life But life doesn't
always give everyone a fair break and that is how I looked
at the two of them.

I was in my late twenties, out one night after work when I
looked up and saw Pam's little sister walk into the
bar. Of course Peggy wasn't little anymore and had
grown into a very nice looking twenty five year old woman.
Long blonde hair, nice body and a smile just like Pam's
smile as I walked up to say hi and ask her if she remembered

Peggy had the bluest eyes I had ever seen and as she turned
and spotted me, her face literally began to glow. "Oh
my goodness. Is it really you?" Peggy said as immediately
wrapped her arms around me. We embraced as every man in the
bar looked at me and was jealous that this gorgeous woman
was in my arms.

"I'm back in town staying with an old girlfriends,
for the weekend, " Peggy said as she grabbed her beer
, told the girls she was with, she needed talk to me and walked
me over to a table. It felt like old times even though we were
now both grown up and she was no longer Pam's ugly little

"Does Pam ever come back home?"I asked Peggy
first. Peggy explained her sister said Pam just stopped
coming back because it brought up too many painful memories
for her. I told Peggy I certainly understood and asked if
she saw her sister very much. "Oh yes, we live only
a few blocks away from one another and I see her all the time, "
Peggy said before she asked me what I had been doing and how
my life was going.

I told Peggy I worked at the mill as a supervisor and although
it wasn't an fancy office job, it paid well and I enjoyed
it. "Well that sounds wonderful. Is there somebody
special in your life?" Peggy asked next. I told her
I dated once in a while but no one special yet. So I then asked
her if she was seeing anyone special and she said maybe.
"How serious?" I asked Peggy knowing this gorgeous
girl was a real catch for some lucky guy.

"Well it's been only a couple months. But there
are some real possibilities, " Peggy said blushing
while telling me about her new boyfriend. "And how
about your sister, is she dating anyone special?"
I asked Peggy next. "Who Pam?"she asked as she
sipped her beer. Since she only had one sister Peggy knew
I was asking about Pam as she giggled and told me Pam dates
every now and then but no one too serious yet. "She
has still not gotten over Johnny, " Peggy added before
she left to rejoin her girl friends.

Three more years passed and then one day I got a wedding invitation
addressed to me at the mill, to Peggy's wedding. Immediately
my heart sped up as I folded it and put it in my back pocket
because it would mean I would see Pam again at her sister's
wedding. Part of me felt obligated to watch out for Pam because
I owed that to Johnny. But what if it caused her pain just
seeing me again so I decided it might be best if I didn't
go. I did buy a card and put some money in it with my "Sorry
I can't make it" response card and mailed it off.

A week later I had a message on my phone from Peggy asking
me to call her so we could talk. I called her back and as soon
as she picked up, she started telling me I had to come to her
wedding. The last time I had seen Pam was at the funeral and
I explained to her sister that might make Pam upset to see
me again. "I didn't tell her I invited you. I want
it to be a surprise for her, " Peggy said with her bubbly

The four hour drive to the city where Peggy was getting married
gave me a lot of time to think about Johnny and Pam and I and
all that we had been through in our lives. I arrived at the
church on time and walked in sort of leery about even being
there. I feared I would represent the worst pain Pam had
ever felt and when she saw me again, I wasn't sure how
she would respond.

But thankfully it was a large wedding and I was able to blend
in without being noticed. The music began, the groom and
his groomsmen walked in and stood at the altar and then the
bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle. I watched carefully
to see Pam for the first time in six years figuring Peggy
most certainly had asked her only sister to be in her wedding

I was sitting in the middle of one of the pews when Pam appeared
looking absolutely radiant with a bouquet of flowers in
her hand. Her long blonde hair was up and made her look regal.
She literally took my breath away. And the way she filled
out the top of her dress, told me Pam had matured into a very
special woman.

And then, for some reason she glanced towards me and saw
me sitting there looking at her and she screamed so loud
even the music stopped. She shocked everyone in the church,
including me as she began to wave her arms while she hurried
down the pew stepping over people sitting near me until
she got to me and hugged me in front of the entire church.
The entire wedding ceremony stopped for a few moments while
every eye on the place was on Pam and me.

I then happened to glance towards the back of the church
and saw Peggy and her father tearing up as they watched Pam
holding me in her arms. Most of the people didn't have
a clue who I was but Pam and her family most certainly did.
"Don't go anywhere, " Pam said as if she
was out of breath, after our embrace and hurried back to
the isle and then continued her walk towards the altar at
her sister's wedding.

After the wedding and all the photos had been taken, Pam
rushed up to me again as we hugged each other as old time,
very close friends. "You look great, " she
said to me with her usual smile that I remembered from growing
up with her. But she also looked sad at times because I knew
seeing me also brought back a lot of bad memories.

But Pam was determined to spend as much time as she could
with me and even refused to eat at the wedding table and ate
at my table instead. It was also wonderful to see both her
parents again as well as a few of Pam's relatives that
had known me as a child.

Pam and I danced a lot at the reception and talked about everything
except Johnny which was understandable. She could have
easily been the girl of my dreams except for the fact she
belonged to my best friend for life, even if he had passed
on. And then during a slow romantic song Pam and I were dancing
when she looked into my eyes before she pressed her lips
against mine. But as soon as she did, Pam pulled her lips
back and said she was sorry before she rushed off filled
with tears.

I found her mother chatting with some friends of theirs
and told her what had happened before telling her I was worried
about Pam and asked if she would go check on her. I then beat
myself up for even coming to the wedding because I had a feeling
this might blow up, just like it had. I hung around a few more
minutes hoping to hear that Pam was doing better. Her mother
finally came out and told me Pam was still crying but said
she would be alright. I then decided to quietly leave.

I checked out of my room around midnight even though I had
paid for it, and drove the four hours back to my own house
and back to my own uncomplicated life. I did receive a brief
note from Peggy a few weeks later, telling me Pam was doing
fine and thanking me for showing up for her wedding, just
the same. "Pam sends her love too" Peggy wrote
in the note and signed it "Friendship and Love are
the only things that matter."

As luck would have it, I actually began dating a really nice
girl, a few months later and although I couldn't be
sure she was the one, she was closer than any other of my dates
had come. Jenny was funny, charming, caring and thoughtful
and it didn't take us long before Jenny spent most of
her time at my house. I began to then understand for the first
time how Johnny must have felt when he was with Pam.

So when Jenny was naked laying next to me in bed, I felt things
I had never felt with anyone else. Jenny was small on top
but my hands could not resist her breasts. And when I tasted
her and worked her into a frenzy, her orgasms were out of
this world. Jenny would lay there panting while I climbed
on top of her and then pull me down forcing my cock deep into
her pussy.

Once planted Jenny's eyes would glow as I fucked her
slowly at first and then hard at the end. I had thought about
telling Jenny I loved her for some time but she beat me to
it during one of our intimate moments together. I was just
about to explode when Jenny whispered, "I love you
sweetheart." My dick was so sensitive and throbbing
so hard I could hardly speak but I did managed to finally
tell Jenny that I loved her too.

And quite honestly, my relationship with Jenny felt pretty
incredible to me. I had never found anyone like her before
and this felt like she was the best thing that ever happened
to me.

Although I was already thirty two and Jenny was only twenty
four, the age difference didn't seem to be an issue
for either of us. Other than there were a lot of nights when
Jenny and I were in bed making love and she didn't want
to stop no matter how times we did it. But that was a good problem
to have so I was not really complaining.

Jenny and I had a very small wedding since her parents didn't
have much but it was still a very special day in my life and
in hers. Jenny was standing with her dad at the other end
of the church and she looked radiant. Our eyes locked onto
one another's and drew us even closer as a couple who
would now spend the rest of their lives together as husband
and wife. And out of respect for the memory of Johnny, I decided
to not have a best man because I knew his spirit was standing
next to me anyway.

And then the most amazing gesture of friendship I had ever
known occurred right before the ceremony was about to begin.
I remember I was standing at the altar alone with the minister
waiting for Jenny and her maid of honor to walk down the aisle
when Pam walked into the church alone. I watched as she shook
Jenny's hand and said something to her before Pam walked
to the front of the church and stood next to me where Johnny
would have stood, as my best man.

It was so odd to have her there but I was glad she had come.
I found out later my mother and talked to her mother and that
is how Pam found out I was getting married. Jenny and I tied
the knot and kissed before we faced the small group of family
and friends as husband and wife for the first time.

At our reception at a local supper club Pam and I had a chance
to chat for a few minutes. And although we talked for about
five minutes the only thing I remember her saying to me,
"Was this is now your turn. Johnny and I had ours."
She left immediately after dinner and went back to her life
while Jenny and I began ours.

But my life was not easy either and although Jenny and I stayed
together for nearly twenty years, we had a share of problems.
But Jenny and I also had a lot of good times and shared a deep
love neither of us would ever forget. It was a sad day when
we signed the final papers but we were friends enough to
still wish each other a chance at happiness moving forward.

Jenny married her new boyfriend a year later and moved away
right after that. I was fifty three at the time of my first
heart attack and got lucky because there was no permanent
damage. I was lying in my hospital bed ready to go home when
the door opened and the doctor walked in with my discharge
papers. I signed them, he told me to take it easy for a week
or two and then said my driver was waiting outside in her

I remember asking him who it was and he said he didn't
know. "The front desk just called and told me you had
a driver here to pick you up and take you home, " he
explained and then walked out. I quickly got dressed, anxious
to get out of the hospital and walked outside and into Pam's
waiting arms.

She had a few more winkles and had put on a few extra pounds
but she was still the Pam I remembered growing up. "What
a nice surprise. But what in the world are you doing here?"I
asked her "I heard about your heart attack and figured
you would need someone to take care of you for a few weeks,
so here I am, " she said smiling at me.

"What did your husband say?"I asked after spotting
a big diamond on her finger. 'Not my husband yet. And
he also told me I should come back home, so here I am, "
Pam said. I smiled back at Pam and told her I was glad to hear
she was getting married again. "Its been long enough, "
I told her as she leaned over and kissed me on my cheek.

"Yes it has been too long, " Pam replied. And
on our drive back to my home she also said she wanted to visit
Johnny's grave one more time and tell him good bye before
she got married again. "But I need a little more time
before I can do that, " She added as we turned down
my street.

Pam seemed to really like my small home but I had to give Jenny
all the credit for decorating it when we got married and
then decorating it again after she moved out. Jenny always
wanted me to like my home even if she was no longer sharing
it with me. I showed Pam where the guest room was which was
down the hall from my bedroom and let her unpack.

I then went back down stairs and sat in my old chair that I
had loved for years and just looked around and saw all the
things surrounding me that represented my life. I guess
having a heart attack tends to make you look at things differently.
Johnny had been gone for nearly thirty years and Pam and
I were now two older people who still shared a special friendship.
It kind of felt like we were all just moving in one gigantic

Pam came down the stairs and I guess I must have been looking
at her differently because as soon as she saw me she asked
me if I was ok. "Yes I am fine. Just thinking about life.
The good parts as well as the sad parts, " I said. She
offered me one of her famous smiles and agreed that life
had sure been filled with surprises.

"When we were all growing up, did you ever think your
life would turn out like it did?"I asked her. Pam didn't
hesitate for even a second when she said she always thought
her and Johnny would be happily married forever. I was surprised
to hear her say his name for the first time since the funeral
so I told her. "Yes I started saying his name again
after I met Ralph, " Pam explained as she waved the
big rock on her finger before she got up to get me something
to drink.

It is hard to put into words but the next few days were strange
with Pam being in my home and spending all her time with me.
I caught Pam looking at me at times with a puzzling expression
on her face. And I caught myself looking at her a lot too.
But having her there and enjoying her company was like the
best treat I had had in a very long time.

Pam had matured into an incredible woman and her few extra
pounds went to all the right places. Her breasts looked
huge and her hips were wide enough to capture any man's
attention. And in the morning when she made us breakfast
she would wear only a robe and many times it was loose enough
for me to see her cleavage. I didn't know if that was
good for my heart but my dick sure liked it.

It was on her fourth night at my home that Pam and I began to
drink and the drunker we got the more we began to talk. At
one point after she had gotten pretty tipsy Pam looked at
me and said, " Remember the time I kissed you and Peggy's
wedding?" I told her I sure did and then reminded her
how she cried and ran off so I just left.

"You shouldn't have left. We were having fun
together. But I guess it was just too soon for me, "
Pam explained. I sat in my favorite old chair and nodded
my head as she silently looked at me while I looked at her
without speaking either. My heart was beginning to flutter
but in a good way as Pam and I continued staring at one another.

Finally she broke the silence and said, " We have
avoided this for nearly thirty years." I told her
I agreed but also told I felt so guilty for years after Johnny's
passing. And whenever I thought about her, I just shut my
mind off and went about my life.

Pam perked up and sipped more of her wine before she asked
me, "But you did truly love Jenny didn't you?"
I told Pam I had loved Jenny with all my heart for many years
but enough bad things happened that we just decided to split
up but remained friends to this day. "Well that's
a relief. Because all these years I thought when I ran off
crying at the reception, you blamed me and that is why you
found Jenny so quickly, " Pam said.

"You thought you were the reason I found my wife so
quickly?"I asked her. Pam smiled and nodded her head.
Maybe this was the conversation Pam and I needed but avoided
for over half of our lives. Pam then changed the subject
and put on an oldies station and we began to sing to the old
songs we both remembered and talked about growing up in

She got really loaded so I had to help her up the stairs sometime
after two in the morning. "Walk this way, "
I said as I guided Pam into her bedroom before she flopped
on the bed. I rolled her over and placed a pillow under her
head and as I reached for an extra blanket, Pam asked me to
help her get her shoes off.

She had worn flats which came off easily before she asked
me to help her at least remove her blouse and shorts. I didn't
feel totally comfortable helping her undress that much
but I sat her up, braced her with one of my hands and unbuttoned
the front of her blouse. She was drifting in and out when
I got her blouse off and then laid her down so I could pull
her shorts off.

Pam was a lot of woman and the parts I saw were hard not to look
at. But I quickly tucked the pillow back under her head,
covered her with the blanket and turned to leave. "Thanks
honey. I love you, " She said as I walked out. I was
aroused and confused about her comments but too drunk to
jack off so I just crawled onto my own bed and passed out.

Pam stumbled into the kitchen sometime after ten and looked
like road kill. "How much did I drink last night?"
she asked. I told her nearly two bottles of wine as she poured
herself some coffee. "And were you a gentleman or
did you take advantage of me, " She said giggling
under her breath.

"Oh I took advantage of you over and over, "
I said joking of course when Pam snapped her head around
and called me a "Big Fat Liar." And then she giggled
and thanked me for putting her bra and panties back on her
after I was finished. "Well it was the least I could
do, " I said as she smiled and wished me a good morning.

By mid day Pam was recovered and asked me if I would drive
her to Johnny's grave so she could say good bye to him
for the last time. I knew it was probably a good thing for
her but I also felt sad as she began to tear up the closer we
got to his plot. "You should go alone, " I said
to Pam as we got out of the car and looked down the row where
he was buried.

She took a couple of tissues out of her purse and slowly approached
his grave as I watched from a distance. She talked to Johnny
although I couldn't hear what Pam was saying and then
she blew him one last kiss and headed back towards me with
a bright smile on her face while she wiped the tears from
her eyes. "Ok I really do feel better, " Pam
said when she walked up to me as we hugged.

I visited Johnny's grave every week except for a few
when my life got too hectic and I couldn't make it. So
I told Pam how often I visited him as she hugged me even harder.
I think it probably helped both of us being there together
and showed Johnny we were still very close friends.

Pam and I spent the rest of our day walking the old main street
we grew up as kids and even stopped in one of the bars to have
a beer and a burger so she didn't have to cook when we
got home. "This just feels right. Being back here
after all these years, " Pam said smiling brighter
than ever. I asked if that meant she didn't like her
life in the city and Pam explained the city was fun but it
wasn't home.

It was a quiet night for us as we watched TV and didn't
really talk like we had the night before when we were both
drunk on our asses. I sat in my favorite old chair and Pam
laid on the sofa until around eleven before we decided it
was time for bed.

She went up first as I turned off the lights and made sure
the doors were all locked. Pam was waiting for me with her
silly looking pajama's on at the top of the steps. We
kissed each other on the lips for the first time since her
sister's wedding reception, before she turned and
walked back to her bedroom.

"Good night Pam, " I said as she turned and said,
"Good night honey." And as she stood there staring
at me Pam then said, " I hope you know how important
you are to me." "I know and you are also important
to me, " I said as Pam smiled and closed her bedroom

I undressed and laid in my bed reliving the night before
and how much fun Pam and I had had together. Maybe a half hour
passed and I just couldn't fall asleep no matter how
hard I tried. I have always hated tossing and turning at
night so I got up, threw on my robe and decided to go back down
stairs and watch more TV.

I had reached the middle of the hallway and was about to turn
to go down the stairs when Pam's bedroom door opened.
We both looked scared for a second or two before she asked
me if I was coming to see her. "Do you want me to?"
I asked caught off guard. "I don't know. Do you
want to?" she asked me back.

"Not fair. I asked first, " I said to Pam like
we were still little kids talking back and forth. "Well
maybe I do, " Pam said as I walked up to her and pulled
her into my arms. And it was no longer just a friendship kind
of hug before we pressed our lips to one another's and
felt the heat explode into a raging fire.

Pam was a passionate woman and pressed her body against
mine until I felt her large breasts crushing against my
robe. "Will we regret this in the morning?"I
asked her after a minute of kissing hot and heavy. "I
won't. I said my last good bye today, " Pam said
as I followed her into her bedroom.

She stood shaking in front of me as I slowly unbuttoned her
silly elephant print pajama top. And when I opened it and
saw her large oval shaped breasts for the first time, I felt
like my weak in the knees. "They are beautiful, "
I told Pam as I looked at her magnificent mounds simply amazed
at what I was finally seeing.

"I am glad you like them" Pam said before she
slipped her top off and tossed it onto the chair. My hands
trembled as I reached up and slowly felt how soft and how
large Pam's breasts truly were. We kissed again as
I held her breasts and together we just kept making the fire
get hotter.

In some ways this felt right yet I know that Pam and I still
had a hard time accepting what we were now doing together.
She removed my robe and ran her hands over my chest as her
eyes sparkled even if the dim light of the room. I then reached
down and slowly lowered her pajama bottoms as Pam trembled
even more.

And then our demons from our past rushed into both of us when
all she had left on were panties and me my boxers. And if some
higher power took control of both of us, we backed up and
looked into each other's eyes. And we both suddenly
had doubts.

" I should leave, " I told Pam as she smiled and
nodded her head that she agreed with me. I grabbed my robe
and walked back to my bedroom before I climbed back onto
my bed with my head now really spinning. Pam and I wanted
to make love but couldn't seem to get past our issues.
Seconds later I watched Pam walk into my bedroom and walked
to the other side of my bed. "Can I join you?"
She asked softly in the dark.

I couldn't really see her as she appeared to bend over
for a couple of seconds in the dark before she pulled back
the sheets and climbed onto my bed. I rolled over as Pam rolled
over so we were now facing each other in the dark. Our lips
met and it wiped away any of our thoughts as she moved closer
to me until we were touching again.

And when my one hand reached down to hold her ass, I realized
Pam was not wearing her panties any longer. Pam and I kissed
and kissed in the dark as if we were young lovers and not too
old lifelong friends. "Honey please take them off, "
Pam said softly after a few minutes of torrid kisses. I quickly
slipped my boxers off, as my hard cock sprung out like a sword
ready to stab something.

Pam's fingers found my cock while my fingers found
her breasts first and then her sweet wet pussy. It took some
doing but Pam eventually couldn't control herself
any longer and gladly laid on her back with her legs spread
for me so I could taste her delicious nectar. And boy, was
her pussy ripe as she shook and trembled from the time my
tongue touched her love knob.

"Oh God honey. Don't stop" Pam kept saying
over and over as she built up the pressure she needed to finally
release. So my tongue just kept working on her more and more
until all of a sudden Pam cried out before she sprayed my
face with her cum. Her body twisted and jerked for several
minutes while she kept pushing at my head for me to stop.

Eventually I removed my tongue from her pussy as Pam trembled
for sometime before she regain some of her senses. I was
wiping my face with some tissues when Pam reached over and
touched my chest with her soft hand."Did I do that?"
she asked. "Yes and it was amazing, " I told
her as she giggled and assured me that had never happened
to her before.

"Ok now it's my turn" Pam said as I felt her
hand grip my hard cock before she began stroking. I really
didn't know how much I could take but it only got worse
once I felt her mouth sucking on my dick. I had to finally
push her away as hard as that was because what I really wanted
was to be inside of her so we could savor each other as lovers.

I felt like it was my first time as I climbed on top of Pam and
felt her legs open up for me. "Don't say anything, "
Pam said when she felt my shaft at her opening. "Ok,
I won't, " I managed to get our before I pushed
once and felt her split apart while she was accepting my
shaft for the first time. Pam was a ripe woman for sure but
what was the most amazing was that Pam and I were actually
fucking each other after fifty years plus of being good

Pam moved a lot and whimpered even more as I worked in and
out of her setting a nice steady pace for us to enjoy together.
And when she felt my stiffening even more in her pussy, Pam
got just as excited as I got. By the time my cock exploded,
Pam and I were on a different planet grinding our crotches
together like two people who had never experienced anything
like this before. It was the most consuming orgasm of my
life as I just kept spraying cum into her.

We may have been two older people but we sure knew how to fuck
and both agreed we had shared something amazing after we
had calmed down. At one point Pam rolled onto her side with
her big tits of course pressing against my side. "
We just wasted the last thirty years of our lives. So are
you going to ask me to marry you or do I have to ask you to marry
me?" she said while nibbling on my shoulder.

I asked her about Ralph and Pam said that had been over before
she even came to stay with me. "I have not seen him for
about a month but when I do, I will give him the ring back, "
Pam said snuggling next to me. "Well then let's
see. Will you marry me?"I asked Pam after I rolled
so we were once again face to face on the bed.

"Yes I will, " Pam said as we kissed each other
like we meant it.

It may have taken us thirty years to get past our issues.
But we knew we would spend whatever time we had left on this
earth as best friends, lovers and yes we also became husband
and wife too.

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wyomingman2 63 M
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Great story and enjoyed reading it a lot hope to read more


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what a great story. life isn't always about fucking
and sucking, or watching your wife get a big black cock for
the first time. the love and respect for a fallen hero, a
Vietnam Vet. you two showed made it a good story. and a nice
finish when you get together at the end.


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just like i was watching a movie. great story. keep it up


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Great story with a wonderful ending.


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Great story, glad you finally got together at the end; a
very good read.... and more????


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Great story. As a veteran it touched me in ways which can't
be described.


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I know it was fiction, but a moving story. I had a similar
situation with that friend from boyhood who bought it one
day in that silly old war; but not the happy ending. I will
have to go back one day to that valley where he died and say
the good bye I never had the chance to. Thanks fora great
memory and the feelings it brought back.


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Great story. As a Vietnam era vet I remember the feelings
of friends not coming home. And their wives/girlfriends
and the feelings we all had growing up together. Bless you
for bringing all that back to me.


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I'm a Vietnam vet... Lost a very good friend who was
killed right in front of me. While not sexual, I have a special
relationship with his wife. This story really hit home...


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Great story loved it!


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As a Vet Also Myself I Have to Agree with Randydude03 100%.
Super Great story and wished you'd continue with a
Part 2. Although her Husband Not lost in Nam I Do have a Lady
I'm again talking to for the Last two years and I Now
Have Fallen in Love with (even though we've Never Been
"together") I've known her since 1974
and Always had a Crush on her (Know I know it's LOVE)
thru H.S. but went into the Army before finishing school.
I Lost track of her until out 35th H.S. Reunion...Man it
was Like time Had Stood Still All them Years......This
Story Brought Tears to my Eyes MORE Than Once.....And Now
IF I Can Hold the LOVE I've Been wanting for the Last
41 years I'll Be A Happy Old Man!!!! And By reading this
Brought me Hope......THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!! MrShade469


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Wow oh my indeed! Loved every second every sentence! Smiling
big time! Happy life! So Happy for you! Thank you!


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A very long tale but well worth the time to read it all. Thank you for sharing your story; it was both sexy and touching.


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Love is a mosaic of many different emotional pieces....which
finally bring two people together. You've done a wonderful
job of putting that down on paper.......great writing.


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You have have written a lot of great stories but this was
hands down my favorite. Thank you for sharing with us a story
of love when we live in a world that is so totally driven by


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what a great story, best I have read in quite awhile