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Pam and the New Bikini


Ethan sighed. He turned a corner and walked past another
rack of clothes, women’s sweaters on the left, dress
jackets on the right. He sighed again and rolled his eyes,
wishing he could be anywhere else but the women’s department,
like in sporting goods or in hardware. He needed new tools
to work on his car. Couldn’t he at least look for them?

He turned another corner and stopped. The racks changed.
On the right were small kitchen appliances like toasters
and bread making machines. On the left was … lingerie.

He walked past the racks, trying to pretend he wasn’t
looking at the tiny pieces of fabric on the hangers. Most
were just panties or bras, frilly, lacy things he could
see right through. He imagined Mrs. Thorn wearing those
things, or Maria Lopez. Some of the other things, though,
he couldn’t figure out.

“Can I help you?” a woman said.

Ethan turned abruptly. She smiled at him. He tried to smile
back. His face got warm.

“Uh, no. Just looking, ” he said and walked away quickly.

He wandered back to the swimwear department. Mom and Pam
were not in sight. Where the hell did they go? And why did
it take so long for girls to pick out clothes? He found a new
swimsuit in five minutes and was done. He shook his head.
Girls were so weird.

He went by the changing rooms. He still couldn’t find
Mom or Pam. Over by the register, two girls were talking
with each other. They looked at him, smiled, and said something
to each other.

Ethan noticed someone in the changing rooms. In a full length
mirror, he saw the reflection of a girl’s back. She had
long, shiny light hair down to the middle of her back and
was wearing a thin tank top undershirt. He rose on the balls
of his feet to see her panties, then looked around to see
if anyone was watching. He hoped there were no cameras on

He turned back to the girl in the changing room. She had removed
the undershirt. His eyes widened. He could see the backsides
of her round boobs and the gentle curve of her back.

The girl put on a red bikini top, tied the straps in the back,
brushed her long hair in place, adjusted the front over
her boobs, and turned to face the mirror. Ethan’s mouth
fell open. It was Pam. She saw him in the mirror and smiled.

She came out from behind the curtain.

“Come in here, Ethan. I want your opinion.”

She glanced to the girls by the register, grabbed him by
the elbow and dragged him into the changing rooms.

“Sit here, ” she said and pushed him into a chair.

“Where’s Mom?”

“She went to look at silverware.” She stood by the curtain,
facing him, her feet together. “What do you think?”

Ethan tried to speak. How did he tell his sister she looked

“It’s … nice, ” he said.


He opened his mouth to speak. The word caught in his throat.

“Hot, ” Pam repeated, and smiled. “Wait, let me
show you the next one.”

She ducked behind the curtain and pulled it closed, except
for a narrow gap in the center. Ethan leaned forward on the
chair and tilted his head to see through the gap. He could
see only a narrow strip of her naked body. His dick stirred
in his shorts and suddenly he couldn’t sit still.

Pam pulled back the curtain again. Ethan’s mouth fell
open. Pam smiled.

“Wow, ” he said, barely muttering.

“You like it?”

He nodded. His throat was tight.

“You think the guys at college will like to see me in it
next year?”


“Let me try the next one, ” Pam said, and went behind
the curtain again.

Ethan let out a deep breath. Through a gap in the curtains,
he saw Pam removing the white bikini. He caught a glimpse
of her bare breasts. His erection strained against his
jeans. He looked around and shifted on the chair so it stuck
down against his leg. He peeked through the gap. Pam was
putting on a blue bikini. She bent over to step into the bottoms
and he saw a hint of the slit between her legs. He rolled his
eyes and groaned quietly.

“Ethan, could you help me with this?” Pam said from
behind the curtain.


“I need your help.”

He got up and looked around again. They were alone in the
changing rooms. He pushed one of the curtains aside. Pam
stood with her back to him, watching his reflection in the
mirror. Her hands were over her breasts, holding the bikini
top in place.

“Tie this for me, please?” she said.

Ethan took the thin strings off her shoulders. She used
both hands to collect her hair and lift it away from the back
of her neck. The patches of fabric over her breasts swung
away, exposing her nipples. Ethan stared, then noticed
Pam smiling at him in her reflection. His fingers fumbled
with the strings.

“There, ” Ethan said.

“This part, too.”

Pam passed the lower strings back and Ethan tied them together.
She adjusted the patches of fabric over her breasts.

“Do you like it?” she said.

He nodded. He especially liked the way it barely covered
her boobs, and the way her nipples stuck out through the
fabric. Pam put her hands on her ass.

“What do you think of this side?” she said. She wiggled
the straps down a bit.


Pam turned to him. Her face looked up to his. Her lips parted
slightly and the corners of her mouth curled.

“Do you like the color?” she said in a soft voice. Her
hand brushed his leg. She pulled the strap away from her
hip. “Do you think it will make my tan look good?”

Ethan stared at her hip and nodded. He couldn’t make any
words come out. Pam turned back to the mirror. His face looked
over her shoulder in the reflection.

“Could you move those straps a bit lower, please?”
Pam said and held her arms out at her sides.

Ethan touched her hips lightly. Her skin burned the tips
of his fingers. He pushed the straps down until they practically
fell off, and left his hands on her hips, his thumbs brushing
the cheeks of her ass.

“That’s better, ” Pam said. Her voice was barely
loud enough to hear. She leaned back. Her ass pressed against
his erection. Her fingers brushed over her breasts, tugging
at the fabric. “Do you think it fits good here?”

“Yeah, ” Ethan said.

He moved his hips and his erection lodged between the cheeks
of her ass. Pam flinched and gasped softly. His hands squeezed
her hips and pulled her back.

“Ethan, don’t, ” she said in a whisper, staring
at his eyes in the reflection. Her fingers brushed over
her nipples.

“I know, ” Ethan said, and nearly choked on the words.

He moved her hips back and forth with his. Pam’s mouth
opened wider. She was breathing hard. She shook her head

“We shouldn’t do this. It isn’t right, ” she said.

“I don’t care. You’re eighteen now, right?”

Her eyelids drooped. “We could get in trouble.”

“I know.”

“Ethan, stop, ” she said.

She moved her hands down over his. Her back arched. He rubbed
his hard cock along the groove between the cheeks of her
ass. Pam’s fingers pried his fingers from her hips, but
she was moaning. He watched her face in the mirror. Her eyes
were closed and she bit her lower lip between her teeth.

He heard the laughing and the voices, but they seemed far
off, like the sound from a television in another room. His
eyes were focused on his sister’s chest. It wasn’t
until her nails dug into his hand that he noticed she was
talking to him.

“Ethan, for God’s sake, someone’s coming. Get out
of here, ” Pam said in a low hiss.

Ethan jerked his hands away from her hips. Pam shoved him
out of the changing room and snapped the curtain shut. The
two girls who had been standing by the register appeared
at the same time. They both looked at him. Their faces became
serious. His own face grew warm. His hard pen is pushed out the front of his jeans. He prayed they didn’t
look down.

The girls glanced at each other, walked past and giggled.
Ethan walked out of the changing area while they collected
the clothing and hangers. He let out a deep breath. He was
sweating. He walked quickly to the nearest counter and
leaned against it before anyone saw the bulge in his jeans.

“Ethan, where’s your sister?” Mom said.

Ethan looked over his shoulder, but didn’t turn around.
She was carrying two boxes and a bag.

“She’s, uh, in the changing room.”

“Hold these for me, please, ” Mom said, and dumped
the boxes into his arms.

Ethan grunted. The boxes were heavy. He held his breath,
hoping she didn’t notice the front of his jeans.

“Did she find a swimsuit she liked?”

“I think so, ” Ethan said and looked away. The thought
of Pam in that bikini made his penis twitch.

“There she is, ” Mom said.

Pam came out of the changing area in her clothes, carrying
the tiny bikini on a hanger. Her face was flushed. She looked
at him and smiled quickly.

“Is this what you want?” Mom said. She held up the hanger
and her eyes became skeptical.

“I like it, Mom.”

“It’s a bit small, isn’t it?”

“No, it’s not too small. It fits.” Pam glanced at

Mom shrugged. “Ok, if that’s what you want.”

They bought the swimsuit and drove home. Ethan could not
look at his sister without feeling a stirring in his shorts.
She never looked at him. As soon as they got home, she ran
straight up to her room. Ethan spilled his new clothes on
the sofa and tore the tags off, but couldn’t stop thinking
about what Pam was doing upstairs. Finally, he gathered
all his clothes in his arms, took them up to his room, dropped
his jeans to his ankles and rubbed himself with the image
of Pam in the tiny blue bikini in his mind.

* * * *

She couldn’t sit still. It was Labor Day. The intense
heat of August carried over into the first days of September,
and Gayle was running around the house like a schoolgirl
before her first date. She scurried through the kitchen,
dodging around Francis, who was trimming the chicken at
the sink.

“For God’s sake, Gayle, settle down, ” he said.
“What’s got into you?”

“I don’t know. I’m just so nervous.” She straightened
the pillows on the sofa, rearranged them, and straightened
them again.

Francis pointed with the knife, squinting one eye closed.

“It’s because of Ethan, isn’t it?” he said. “You’re
all worked up about a boy coming over.”

Gayle paused in the middle of the living room. “Do you
think that’s it?”

“I’m sure of it.”

“You’re not jealous, are you?” Gayle said. She went
to the kitchen and leaned against the counter, watching
him trim the chicken. She touched the back of her hand to
her forehead. She was warm.

“Of a boy? You’re not going to run away with him are you?”

“Of course not. I just want to fuck him.”

Francis shrugged. “Can’t blame you for that. Wouldn’t
mind doing it with that sister of his myself.”

“Francis, how can you say that? She’s just a child.”

He put his fist on his hip. “And Ethan’s not? What is
he, nineteen? You’re twice his age, dear.”

“Pam’s barely eighteen herself.”

“That doesn’t make any difference. I know what eighteen
year old girls are like, ” Francis said.

Gayle nodded. “I guess you’re right about that. I was
pretty horny when I was her age. I just hope you know what
you’re doing.”

“I’m not planning anything.” He stopped abruptly
and set the knife down. “You don’t think I’m going
to jump the girl, do you?”

Gayle sighed and patted his shoulder. “I never know with
you, dear.”

Francis pointed out the window with the knife.

“I guess we’ll find out. They’re here, ” he said.

Gayle turned to look. Pam and her mother came through the
gate and waved. Both were carrying beach towels and their
swimsuits. Her heat skipped a beat. Ethan wasn’t with
them. Finally, he appeared and closed the gate behind him.
He had already changed into his swim trunks and his towel
was slung over his shoulder.

Gayle let out a long breath. Her insides felt warm. The sight
of his bare chest and rigid stomach made her tingle all over.
She couldn’t wait. She wasn’t sure how it might happen
with Ethan’s mother and sister being there, but she hoped
she could manage to get herself alone with him for a few minutes.
That might be all the time she would need. She was dying to
feel that huge cock inside her again, dying to feel Ethan’s
hard, trim body locked between her legs.

Mrs. Thorn opened the sliding glass door and stepped out
of the house. Her face was beaming. Pam went up the few steps
to the deck, just ahead of Mom.

“Hi, I’m so glad you came, ” Mrs. Thorn said. “My
husband is still inside, preparing the chicken. You’ll
want to go swimming before you eat, won’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am, ” Pam said.

Mrs. Thorn smiled and touched her cheek. “You’re so

She and Mom started chatting. On the other side of the pool,
Ethan tossed his towel on a deck chair and jumped into the

“Your yard is beautiful, ” Mom said. “I love what
you’ve done with the flowers.”

“Let me show you what I’m working on now, on the other
side of the house.”

Mrs. Thorn led Mom off to the other side of the house. Pam
held her hand over her eyes, like the bill of a cap, and watched
Ethan. He moved gracefully up and down the pool. She didn’t
want to wait any longer. Mom would make her wait an hour after
they ate before they could go back in the pool. She dumped
her beach towel on a deck chair and went inside through the
sliding glass door.

“Hi, Pam, ” Mr. Thorn said.

“Hi, Mr. Thorn.” She pushed the heavy door closed and
leaned on the counter to watch him work. “What are you

“Well, we’ve got chicken and hamburgers, and I got
corn on the cob over there and some scalloped potatoes, ”
he said, pointing to each item with the knife. “What do
you like?”

“I want a hamburger, ” Pam said. She held herself up
on her elbows and let her legs dangle under the counter.

“With cheese?”


Mr. Thorn nodded and got a package of cheese from the refrigerator.

“What are you gonna have?”

“I am having chicken, with barbecue sauce, ” Mr. Thorn
said, pointing at the chicken breast on the cutting board
with his knife and his finger. “I can’t have red meat.
Doctor said it’s no good for me.” He leaned close to
Pam and lowered his voice. “That’s what happens when
you get old, you know.”

Pam laughed. “You’re not old.”

“I am. Look, I have gray hairs.”

Mr. Thorn cocked his head forward and picked at his thinning,
black hair. Pam came around the counter and stood on her


“Right here. See?” he said.

Pam put her hand on his shoulder. Finally, she saw the few
gray hairs mixed with the little bit of hair he had left,
but it was not the hair she noticed. He smelled good, even
over the smell of the chicken and hamburgers. He felt good,
too. His shoulder was hard muscle under the light polo shirt.

“I see, ” Pam said.

Mr. Thorn straightened up, pulling his shoulder out from
under her hand. He sighed.

“Yep, I’m getting old.” He stacked the chicken on
a plate. “Are you hungry?”

Pam shook her head. “Not yet. I wanna go swimming first.”
She held up her bikini. “I wanna wear my new swimsuit.”

His eyes lit up. “Wow. That’s a nice suit. You can change
in the bathroom, right down the hall.”

Pam skipped down the hall. Ethan was already in the pool.
She couldn’t wait to get in, too, and she couldn’t wait
to let Mr. Thorn see her in the new bikini.

The bathroom was at the end of the hall. She closed the door
and leaned against it, staring around her. The bathroom
was huge, as big as her bedroom. It had a shower stall and
a bathtub. The bathtub was huge, too, round instead of square,
with steps to get up to it and seats and nozzles around the
inside. In the ceiling was a skylight, letting the sun shine down on the huge tub.

It was amazing. Two people could sit in the tub at the same
time, or more even. A whole group of people could sit in the
tub, all naked, all touching and kissing at the same time.
Pam shivered. The idea made her tingle all the way down to her toes.

She removed her t-shirt, her shorts and her panties, folded
them neatly and lay the pile on the counter. The entire wide
wall behind the sink was covered with big mirrors. She stepped
back to look at herself naked. She put her hands on her hips,
turned one way, then the other. She smiled. Her body finally
had curves, not like Mrs. Thorn’s curves, but good curves

She lifted her hair high and let it fall back to her shoulders.
She shook her head and her long, golden hair flew wildly
around her head, covering her face. The straight cut ends
reached all the way to her nipples.

She rubbed her nipples with her thumbs and sighed. Wouldn’t
it be so nice if Ethan came in to make love to her? Or Mr. Thorn.
That would be exciting. They could sit in that big tub with
their clothes off and she could put her head on his shoulder,
put her hands on his cute bald head, reach under the water
and put her hand around his thing.

He would have a big one, like Ethan’s, long and thick,
and she would have to put both hands around it to make his
stuff come out. She would sit on Mr. Thorn’s lap and his
big, hard thing would go way up inside her and she would move
up and down with the warm water surrounding them and he would
put his hands on her waist, just like Ethan did in the changing

Pam sighed. She wanted it to happen like that, but it never
would. It was fun to imagine, though. She leaned on the edge
of the counter with both hands and smirked at her reflection
in the mirror. It would be more fun to do it for real.

She brushed her hair away from her face and tucked the strands
behind her ears. She turned her face to look at her cheeks.
Her skin was very pale. She’d been inside all summer and
summer was almost over. It was too late to get a good tan.
She could put a little color on her lips, though. Mrs. Thorn
probably had lipstick somewhere in that bathroom. She
just needed to find something that wouldn’t wash off
while she was swimming.

She sat down at the counter and opened the drawers of the
cabinets. On one side of the sink were all sorts of men’s
things, like razors and aftershave. On the other side of
the sink, the drawers were full of women’s things. Some
of the drawers had makeup, but not the kind she could use.

She opened the bottom drawer and stopped. Her heart skipped,
then beat faster. It looked real. For a second, she thought
it was. She could only stare, unable to believe what she
was seeing. She didn’t even know such things existed.

It looked exactly like a penis. She lifted it out of the drawer.
Her fingers squeezed. It was firm, but not as hard as a real
one. She held it in both hands, squeezing. It was hard enough.
She rubbed her legs together. She was getting warm. Her
little fingers moved over the rubber penis like it was the
real thing.

Pam glanced at the door, then down at the thing in her hands.
What did Mrs. Thorn do with it? What else could she do?

Pam pushed the chair back, spread her legs and touched her
pussy. She was wet and warm down there. She glanced at the
door again. Would Mrs. Thorn mind if she tried it for a few
seconds? It wouldn’t be the same as the real thing, of
course, but it would be close, closer than anything she
had in a long time.

She spread her legs wider, lifted one foot to the edge of
the counter, the other on one of the steps leading up to the
round tub. She touched her pussy, pushed her middle finger
in and spread her moist lips. She touched the tip of the rubber
cock to the wet, pink area, moving it up and down until she
found her opening. She pressed it in and winced. It was a
tight fit. She pressed again, biting her lower lip. Her
toes curled. She whimpered. Slowly, her pussy opened and
the rubber penis slid between her lips.

Pam sighed and let her head fall back. Her legs spread wider
as she pushed the rubber cock deeper. It felt good, even
though it wasn’t as warm or as hard as the real thing. With
one hand, she pumped it back and forth slowly, working it
deeper bit by bit. With her other hand, she rubbed the button
between her pussy lips. She moaned softly and closed her

Most of her memories of the feel of Todd’s body between
her legs had faded. She remembered how his weight pressed
down on her, how he forced her legs so wide, how his long thing
was so hard and hot and deep inside her. She tried to pretend
it was Ethan between her legs, tried to imagine his weight
on top of her. His thing would burn inside her body, would
be so much harder, so much deeper.

She heard the doorknob click. By the time she realized the
door was opening, it was too late. She sat up quickly, jerked
the rubber cock out of her pussy with a pop and let her feet
drop to the floor. She spun on the chair to face the door.
Mr. Thorn stood in the doorway, his hand on the doorknob.
His eyes were wide.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were out, ” he said.

He looked at the thing in her hand. Pam looked at the thing
in her hand. It glistened with her juices.

“Sorry, ” she said. She didn’t know what to do with
the rubber thing.

Mr. Thorn came into the bathroom and closed the door.

“Don’t stop on account of me, ” he said. He was blocking
the door.

Pam trembled. Her heart was beating terribly. She glanced
between Mr. Thorn’s legs. The front of his shorts began
to swell out.

Pam’s head spun. For a few seconds, she was frozen, then
her body acted on its own, like she was watching a movie.
She sat back in the chair. Her legs lifted and spread, her
feet resting once more on the edge of the counter and the
step. Her right hand spread the lips of her pussy and her
left hand brought the tip of the rubber cock to her opening.
It sunk into her body.

Pam moaned. She looked at Mr. Thorn. He rubbed the front
of his shorts. She could see the outline of his hard penis,
and pushed the rubber penis deeper. Mr. Thorn unzipped
his shorts. His hand reached in and came out with his penis.
Pam gasped. His hand moved slowly up and down on his erection.
Pam’s eyes were fixed to it. She bit her lower lip between
her teeth. Her fingers rubbed her button furiously and
she pumped the rubber penis deep into her body.

It was so close, as close as Ethan’s when he surprised
her in the hallway. She wanted it, not just to look at it or
watch Mr. Thorn rub it. She wanted to feel it with her hands,
feel it inside her, pushing deep into her body in place of
the rubber one. She wanted to beg him to do it to her, but she
couldn’t. It felt too good; she didn’t want to stop.

Lights flashed behind her eyes. She moaned. It was happening
again, finally, after so long. She could not take her eyes
off Mr. Thorn’s stiff thing. The waves of pleasure hit
her again and again. She felt dizzy and weak. The last thing
she saw, before everything went black, was the surprised
look on Mr. Thorn’s face.

Someone was saying her name, and someone’s strong hand
was holding her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked
up into Mr. Thorn’s face.

“Pam, are you all right?” he said.

She smiled. “I’m fine. Why?”

“You passed out. Are you sure you’re fine?”

He helped her sit up. She was still in the chair, but had slipped
over the side. She looked down between her legs. Mr. Thorn’s
hand was holding the end of the rubber thing.

“I’m fine, ” she said again.

Mr. Thorn tugged the rubber penis.

“We should take this out. It’s probably too big for
you, ” he said.

He pulled it out slowly. Pam noticed his cock hanging from
the front of his shorts, still hard.

“You can put your’s in, ” she said. She looked way
up at him and smiled.

“How old are you, Pam?”


He stood between her spread legs, holding her ankle in one
hand, the rubber cock in his other. His thing pointed straight
at her pussy.

“Eighteen?” he said.

Pam nodded. “Plea se, ” she said in a whisper. Her chest was heaving.

Mr. Thorn dropped the rubber thing and grabbed her other
ankle, pulling her legs apart. She reached up and closed her small hand around his thing and sighed. It
was hot and hard. That was what she needed, not cold and soft
like the rubber one. She moved her hand back and forth slowly,
just like she saw him do, just like she saw Ethan do.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you. I want this.” She squeezed his thing.

He closed his eyes and moaned softly.

“What do you want me to do?” he said.


Mr. Thorn looked at her. He smiled. “Tell me what you want
me to do.”

Pam hesitated, her mouth hanging open, panting.

“Love me, ” she said.

“Tell me you want me to love you.”

“I want you to … I want you to love me, Mr. Thorn, please.”

Mr. Thorn released her ankles. Her feet dropped to the floor.
He slipped his hands under her arms and scooped her up, lifting
her to the edge of the counter like she was just a doll. His
hands closed over her boobies, squeezing gently. Pam lay
her head back against the wide mirror. She closed her eyes
and licked her lips. Her butt squirmed. Her legs dangled
over the edge.

“Oh Mr. Thorn, Mr. Thorn, ” Pam said with a soft sigh.

He unfastened the snap holding his shorts up and let them
fall to the floor. Pam watched his thing bob up and down.
Mr. Thorn lifted her legs by her ankles and pulled them apart.
He stepped closer. This was it. It was going to happen, finally.

“Yes … yes … yes, ” she moaned. She grabbed the
edge of the counter with both hands.

The tip of his thing found her opening, as if on its own. Pam
held her breath. The round tip burned her soft pussy lips.
Mr. Thorn pushed. It disappeared between her lips. She

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes, Mr. Thorn, it feels good, ” Pam said. Her voice
was just a whisper.

Mr. Thorn pushed it deeper. He held her legs high over her
head and pumped with his hips. Pam was panting and moaning.
She touched his sides lightly with her hands, holding him
by his waist.

The rubber one did not compare. Nothing was as good as the
real thing, because it came attached to a man’s body.
Mr. Thorn had a good body, just a little bit plump. His waist
had soft handles at the sides she could squeeze and hold
while he pumped himself inside her. She reached up and stroked
his bald head.

“Oh Pam. Oh Pam, ” Mr. Thorn said.

His back stiffened. He grunted. Pam felt the first splash
of warm cum inside her and gasped. She closed her eyes. He
was filling her with it. She sighed, smiling.

Mr. Thorn’s thrusting slowed, then stopped. He was panting.
Pam had one hand on his head and one hand on his chest. She
moved her hips slowly back and forth. His stuff leaked out
of her slit, down between the cheeks of her butt.

Mr. Thorn pulled himself from her pussy. His white stuff
came out with it like a flood. He let her ankles down and looked
between her legs, then into her eyes.

“I’m afraid I probably got you pregnant, ” he said.

“I can’t.”

“Can’t what?”

“I can’t. The doctors said I’m broken, inside. I

Mr. Thorn looked puzzled, then he nodded.

“Oh, you poor child. I’m so sorry.”

Pam shrugged. “It’s ok.”

Mr. Thorn picked up his shorts, stepped into them and pulled
the zipper up. Pam frowned when his penis disappeared behind
the zipper.

“I’ll have dinner ready when you’re done swimming, ”
he said. His eyes looked over her naked body from her head
to her toes and back up to her eyes. He leaned forward, kissed
her forehead, then tilted his head to the side and kissed
her lips.

“Maybe we’ll do this again sometime, ” he said,
and turned to the door. It clicked shut behind him.

Pam sighed and squeezed her legs together. Mr. Thorn’s
cum moved inside her. She stood up, put on the bikini and
looked at herself in the mirror. Her boobs were swollen
and the sides showed from behind the bikini top. In the back,
the bottom slipped into her crack. She smiled at herself.
She looked a little different somehow, more like Mom, not
so much like some of the other girls she knew. She liked it.

Pam walked barefoot through the house to the sliding glass
door. Her boobs jiggled with every step. She couldn’t
keep the smile off her face. The warmth of Mr. Thorn’s
seed tingled inside her, and only the two of them knew what
they had done.

She slid the door open and stepped outside to the patio.
Mom was sitting in a deck chair, watching Ethan. He stood
at the end of the diving board and dove in. Mr. Thorn was at
the grill with a plate of chicken and hamburgers. Mrs. Thorn
was next to Mom, sitting sideways on another deck chair.
She looked at Pam. Her mouth opened. Pam looked away. She
knew what they did, too.

Pam walked straight to the pool, hoping no one looked at
her jiggling boobs. Ethan splashed her as soon as she got
to the edge. She shrieked. She sat on the edge with her feet
in the cool water to lower herself in. He grabbed her ankle
and pulled her in.

Gayle stood up. She walked to the grill, where Francis was
setting the plate with the chicken and hamburgers. He opened
the lid of the grill to check the temperature.

“Is it ready?” she said.

“Just about.” He closed the lid.

Gayle lowered her voice. “Did you fuck her?”

Francis dropped the tongs. He bent down to pick them up,
then looked like he didn’t know what to do with them. He
looked at Anne, then at Gayle.

“Who?” he said.



“Yes, Pam.”

He glanced past her at the kids in the pool. He cleared his

“Yes, I did.”

Gayle picked up the plate. She opened the lid and slapped
the hamburgers and chicken breasts on the grill. When she
spoke, her teeth were clenched.

“You’re one to talk about seducing children. How could
you do such a thing? She’s only seventeen, for God’s

“She’s eighteen, ” Francis said.

“Oh. Well, that makes all the difference, doesn’t

“Am I supposed to be sorry?”

The meat sizzled. She put the plate on the tray next to the
grill and took the tongs from his hands.

“You’re supposed to be careful. She’s vulnerable
right now. You took advantage of a child.”

Francis said nothing. Gayle let out a deep breath. Maybe
she had gone too far. She put the tongs back in his hands.

“These need to be washed before you use them again, ”
she said.

He went into the house. Gayle put her hands on her hips and
shook her head. She turned to watch the kids splash in the
pool. Pam was floating on her back. Her body had the shape
of a grown woman. No wonder Francis found it so difficult
to resist her.

Ethan climbed out at the far end of the pool, dripping with
water. He was tall, slender and lean. His stomach was rigid
and flat and the muscles of his arms rippled under his skin.
He walked around the pool to the deck chair. His wet shorts
clung to his groin, revealing a hint of the shape of what
he kept hidden in them. He rubbed the towel over his body
and through his hair, then went inside. He glanced at her
as he went past. She smiled.

Gayle turned to Anne. “I’ll be right back, ” she
said and went into the house.

Ethan’s wet footprints tracked across the tiled floor.
Francis was at the kitchen sink, washing the tongs.

“Where’d he go?” she said.

Francis looked around. “Who? Ethan?”


“I think he went to the bathroom. Why?”

“Do me a favor, ” Gayle said.

Francis turned off the water. “What?”

“Keep his mother occupied.”

“Why? What are you going to do?”

“What do you think?” she said.

She went down the hall, walking softly. The bathroom door
was closed. She turned left and went into the bedroom. She
put her hands on her hips. She had to figure out a reason to
get him in there. Once he was i n her bedroom, the rest was easy. She looked up at the light
fixture attached to the fan that hung from the ceiling,
and smiled.

The toilet flushed. She imagined him holding that cock,
then pulling his wet swim trunks back up over it. The bathroom
door opened.

“Ethan?” sh e said.

He poked his head around the bedroom door.

“Yes, Ma’am?”

“You so sweet. You know, you can call me Gayle.”

“Yes, Ma’am, ” he said.

Gayle smiled. “Could you help me, please? I think one
of these lights has stopped working.” She pointed at
the light fixture over her head.

Ethan stood beside her and looked up. Her shoulder brushed
his arm.

“Which one?”

“I don’t know. Could you make sure they’re screwed

“Sure.” He grabbed the chair from Francis’ desk.
“Is it ok if I use this chair?”

“I’m sure it is. You don’t have your shoes on.”

Ethan moved the chair directly under the light and stepped
onto it. He reached over his head for the light bulbs. Gayle
sucked in her breath. She could clearly see the outline
of his penis in his wet shorts.

She put her hands on his thighs. “Don’t fall over, ”
she said.

Ethan looked down at her. She squeezed his thighs. The lump
in the front of his shorts twitched.

“How does it feel?” she said.

He blinked twice. “Uh, they’re all tight. It should

The front of his swim trunks stretched out. His legs trembled.
Gayle put her hand over the hard lump. He sucked in his breath.

“I think it’ll work fine, ” she said. She tugged
his wet shorts down.

“What are you gonna do?”

“I’m gonna give you a blowjob, hon.”

“A blowjob?” he said.

Gayle nodded. “Have you ever had a blowjob?” He shook
his head. “You’ll like it, trust me.”

The shorts came down slowly. First, she saw his pubic hair,
then the base of his thick shaft and fat balls. She was immediately
relieved and excited at the same time. He was as big as she
remembered, and it was just what she wanted. The shorts
slipped down to his knees and his cock leapt out, bobbing
an inch or so in front of her face.

“Oh Ethan, ” Gayle said with a sigh.

She put her hand around the shaft and licked the tip. He tasted
of chlorinated pool water. She kissed the fat, round head
and licked the side.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, ” he said with a groan.

She grinned. God had not yet created the man who did not enjoy
her blowjobs. Even the few gay men who’d allowed her this
close complimented her on her skill.

She lifted the long, heavy shaft out of the way and kissed
his balls. Ethan groaned. It was such a thrill to excite
a young man, especially when he never experienced such
a treat. She sucked his balls into her mouth. It was especially
satisfying to know he wasn’t likely to get a better blowjob
in his life.

“Oh my God, Mrs. Thorn, ” Ethan moaned.

He put his hand around his cock. Gayle smacked the back of
his hand and he jerked it away.

“Don’t you dare jerk yourself off when I’m giving
a blowjob.”


“You better be, ” she said.

She untied the front of her halter, pulled it away and let
her tits fall out. Ethan’s eyes went right to them. She
snickered. His boyish fascination with breasts was irresistible.
She kneaded them with her fingers. Ethan licked his lips.

“Now, you’re not gonna cum too soon, are you, dear?”
she said. She put her hand around his cock.


“Yes, cum. You know, shoot your stuff?” She pumped
his cock slowly. “When I suck a man off, I like him to cum
on my tits.” She touched the tip of his long cock to her
nipple. “You think you can do that?”

“Yes ma’am, ” Ethan said in a choked voice.

“Good, because that’s what I want you to do, all right?”


She wedged his cock in the valley between her heavy tits
and rubbed his cock.

“You just tell me when you’re ready to cum.”

She lifted his cock, opened her mouth wide, and sucked the
head between her lips. Ethan groaned. She worked her lips
and tongue over the head, pumping the shaft in her hand.
He was huge, maybe a bit bigger than she anticipated. She
never sucked a cock as big as his. Her jaw was stretched wide.
She managed to take only the head and a bit of the shaft. With
most guys, she could take their cocks all the way down. Ethan
would not be so easy.

She could make him cum, though. Ethan wouldn’t be too
difficult. She imagined most nineteen year old boys would
cum if she just looked at their hard cocks. Ethan did well
to control himself. She sucked in her cheeks and moved her
head back and forth slowly. Ethan’s knees buckled a bit.
He put one hand on top of her head and one hand on her shoulder.
Gayle sucked faster.

The bedroom door opened. She jerked Ethan’s cock out
of her mouth and turned to the door. Francis stood in the
doorway, his hand on the doorknob. He came in and shut the

“What’s going on here?” he said.

“I’m giving the boy a blowjob, Francis. It would be
easier if you didn’t interrupt.”

“I’m really sorry, ” Ethan said.

“For what, honey?” Gayle said. She looked up at him.
She heard a nervous tremor in his voice.

“I’m the one who should apologize. Your mother’s
looking for you, ” Francis said. He walked toward Ethan,
shaking his head. His eyes were fixed to the boy’s cock.
“My goodness, son. That sure is an impressive penis.”

“Francis, I’m trying to make the boy cum. I don’t
have the time to be messing around.”

“No, let me just measure it real quick.” He got a tape
measure from the top drawer of his desk.

“But, Mr. Thorn …” Ethan said.

“Wait, just a second. Just hold it up for me, hon.”

Gayle sighed and rolled her eyes. She raised Ethan’s
cock. Francis stretched the tape along its length. His
eyebrows arched.

“Twelve inches. That’s a hell of a tool.”

“That’s nice, dear, now can I finish, please?” Gayle
said. She heard Anne call for Ethan from the living room.

“That’s my Mom, ” Ethan said. He reached down for
his shorts. “She’ll kill me if she sees me like this.”

“God damnit, ” Gayle said. She carefully bent his
cock sideways to stuff it back into his shorts. “I’m
sorry I didn’t get you off, honey. Maybe next time.”

The door opened just as she tied her halter top. Anne looked
at all three of them.

“Ethan, there you are. You ready to eat?” she said.

“Yeah, I’m starving.”

He jumped down off the chair. Gayle stepped between them
to block her view of her son’s shorts and the huge bulge
in the front.

“Ethan’s really been a dear. I don’t think we could
have got that fan fixed without him, ” Gayle said.

She put her hand on Anne’s shoulder and turned her to the
door. She glanced quickly at her son’s groin. Did she
see the lump? Was she able to figure out what was going on?
If they got out of this, she was going to make Francis pay
for cutting them off.

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