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Out Of The Closet (M-F) (M-M) (MMF)


One of the wildest experiences I ever had was with this couple
named Richard and Tammy.

Richard was the one who first answered my ad on a site much
like this one, that I had posted as a bisexual male, looking
for couples and other males for fun. His initial response
to my ad was both shy and elusive to say the least. He stated
that he and his wife were a couple in their mid forties, and
that they had never tried swinging before, but that they
both wanted to spice up their sex life a little bit. He went
on to write that they were both fairly inexperienced with
sex, in that they had both been virgins when they'd
met and married, and both had been faithful for the full
22 years of their marriage so far. He ended his e-mail by
telling me they were both interested in some things "I"
might be able to bring into their sex-lives, and that they
hoped I'd write back soon.

WOW, now that was some intro, and it left a whole lot to my
rather dirty imagination, to say the least!

So, Of course I wrote back immediately!!!!

I told them a little about me, and that I was experienced
as a swinger, and in MFM relationships, as well as being
a truly bisexual male, willing to give oral to completion,
as well as receive anal, but that I also loved making love
to women as well. I assured them that I was single, and not
a cheating husband, and that I was very clean, and absolutely
disease free, and tested regularly. Along with having
written that, I also included lists of both my sexual and
social likes and dislikes, as well as stating my open-mindedness
toward making their personal fantasies come true.

They responded that same day, and the first thing they did
was compliment me on my photos, as I had included several
full nudes, as well as cock close-ups with my reply mail
to them. I had also included my cell phone number, and I wasn't
surprised from the shyness of their initial e-mail, as
well as their first reply, that they asked if I would be patient,
before we spoke on the phone. They also included several
pictures (nudes) of themselves as well, and told me more
about each of them.

Before I go into more detail about them personally, I'll
describe their looks, from the pictures they sent.

Richard was about five foot, ten inches, and definitely
had a few extra pounds. He wasn't obese, but he did have
a large belly, and in terms of the bi and gay world, he was
what we'd call "bear" looking. He also
had an extremely small cock, not that it mattered to me,
but he seemed a bit embarrassed by some of the things he wrote.
I'd say that when he was hard, he measured no more than
maybe 2 to 2 1/2 inches, fully erect. He did have rather large
balls though, and that only made his cock look that much
smaller. Other than that, I thought he was a very nice looking

Tammy, Tammy, Tammy!

When they say that love is blind; the phrase was made for
couples like Richard and Tammy! SHE, was sexy, especially
for a forty + year old wife and mother! She was short, maybe
all of five foot two, and she had thick, shoulder-length,
ash-blonde hair, with the prettiest big, brown, eyes!
She had big boobs for her size at; 34D's, and a small
waist, but with that slight belly women who have given birth
get, and her ass was absolutely beautiful; to die for! She
was the type of woman that guys see with kids, and they say
crude things like:

"If she a mother, then you can definitely count me
in as a mother-fucker!"

At any rate, I thought she was hot, and from the reaction
of my cock, when I saw HER nude pictures, you could easily
tell that's how I felt! You know the old phrase; "My
cock got so hard you could hammer nails with it", well
that was true for me in just a second after seeing her pictures!

Add several other important factors, to how much I liked
their pictures (even Richard's) and I knew I had to
contain my enthusiasm, and NOT seem pushy, or I might scare
them away!

They were both educated. She had a Masters in education,
and taught fifth grade, and he had a PHD in chemistry, and
did research. AT the same time, they wrote that they both
loved the outdoors, and boating (they had a boat) and they
liked Rock-n-Roll music, as well as country. They loved
dancing and going out to clubs, but also like quiet evenings
at home, and relaxing in their pool or hot tub. HUM, sounded
perfect to me! Add to that, their kids were grown and out
of the house, and their place was their own to party at, and
I was in lust! The only area they both agreed they lacked
experience in was sex; at least with people other than themselves.

Don't get me wrong. They both told me they loved sex!
They loved masturbation, and making love to each other,
and now that the kids were gone, they had sex all the time!
BUT, and this was where I was to come in; They both had fantasies.
Some fantasies they talked about, and other's they
were still to embarrassed to discuss together, even at
their age, their point in their marriage, and their education
and maturity level. I empathized with them, having felt
like that myself, before my first wife and I got into swinging.

AND SO ... several letters (e-mails) and a few phone conversations
later, and we were all as close, and friendly as we could
get, without actually meeting and being together! The
time finally arrived, and plans were made to get together.
They were very specific plans too, because of BOTH of their
desires, and fantasies, and it all sounded like hot fun
to me!

Friday evening arrived, and I packed an overnight bag,
in the hopes things would work out as we all planned. I then
showered and shaved (face and crotch, cock & balls)
and then dressed. The last thing I did before leaving was
check my e-mail, and sure enough, there was a short note
from Richard and Tammy, once again giving me directions
to the restaurant we were meeting at, as well as an excited
comment about how much they were both looking forward to
this evening. I honestly believe they were both worried
I might not show, despite the many times I assured them that
I was looking forward to our weekend, as much if not more
than they were!

I closed out the mail, after a quick reply that I was on my
way; and then off I went!

NO sooner had I backed out of my own driveway then my cell
phone beeped, alerting me of a text message. I read it:

"Got Your Mail"
"We Are BOTH So Excited, And Can't Wait!"
"Xoxoxo, R & T"

Man, they were hot and ready to go!

The drive to the restaurant seemed to take forever, but
eventually I arrived. One of the reasons we all settled
on this particular restaurant was that it was close to their
home, as well as being close to a local dance clun they both
loved going to.
(The food was good too)

Upon entering the restaurant, I recognized them both right
away, and they both recognized me. Waving me over, Richard
stood and shook hands with me, and then I bent over and gave
Tammy a kiss on the cheek. They already had drinks, and so
I ordered one myself, and then we all talked. Dinner was
very good, and by the time we were ready for the check, we
were all loosened up from the alcohol, as well as the feelings
that we'd all known each other forever!

AND NOW, the next part of our planned evening began to unfold.

From this part on in my story, understand that everything
that happened next, well almost everything, was part of
the planned fantasy that both Richard & Tammy had,
and I was helping them live out, and so that is why things
unfolded and took place as they did.

With all of us now standing, I reached out and took Tammy's
hand in mine, and she and I headed to the door, as Richard
waited and watched us go. My SUV had bucket seats, but as
we got in, (after I opened the door for her) Tammy leaned
over and snuggled against my shoulder as we drove to the
dance club. Once at the club, Tammy and I got more than a few
looks from people she knew, since she and Richard went their
often, and the one's she introduced me too, she told
them I was an old friend of the family they hadn't seen
in years, and the reason Richard wasn't there with
us was that he was feeling ill that night.

It took everything Tammy and I had not to burst out laughing
at all the stares, and it took even more for us to keep our
hands off of each other, while maintaining our ruse. Actually
we didn't keep our hands to ourselves 100% of the time.
On the crowded dance floor, especially during slow songs,
we would rub together, and more than once, Tammy's
hand found it's way to accidentally brush against
and even rub my crotch. in turn, brushed against her boobs
more than once, and squeezed her ass several times! BY the
time we were ready to leave a couple of hours later, and several
drinks, and a lot of teasing later, we were both extremely
turned on and hot and ready to go in more ways than one.

I don't think Tammy really cared at that point whether
anyone saw us or not, as we sat in the car and she shoved her
hot tongue into my mouth, and I felt her hard nipples through
her blouse and bra. If we both didn't know we had a place
to go to, and a reason to go there, we probably would have
ended up in the back of my SUV, fucking, right then and right
there! As soon as we were pulling out of the parking lot,
Tammy used my cell phone to call their house. She let it ring
three times, hung up, re-dialed, and let it ring three more
times, and then hung up again. That was our signal to Richard,
that we were on our way home.

Thank goodness their house was somewhat secluded and there
were no neighbors close enough to see, because almost as
soon as I had my SUV in park, we were kissing again. Within
minutes I had her blouse open, and her bra undone, and I was
sucking on one very hard, very large nipple, as she stroked
my hair and moaned. Tammy had the type of nipples I love on
a woman; large, dark, areolas, with big nipples, at least
the size of my pinky, and sticking out hard, at least an inch!
Fantastic to suck on! Again, had we not already had plans,
the back seat might have soon had a huge wet spot on it, but
reluctantly we disengaged ourselves, and with Tammy using
one hand to hold her blouse closed, she took my hand in her
other hand, and pulled me into their house.

Once upstairs and in their master bedroom, we stood together,
locked in an embrace, our tongues tangled in each others
mouths, as we kissed. Not ten feet away inside the big, walk-in
closet in their bedroom, sat Richard, staring through
the slats in the door to the closet. I imagined him setting
in the chair he'd placed there before we'd gotten
home; naked, cock in hand, watching, as I started making
love to his wonderful wife of 20 + years! It was their mutual
fantasy, so who was I to say no or judge?

I whispered in Tammy's ear how beautiful she was, how
hot, how sexy, and how hard seeing her naked pictures made
my cock, and how much I couldn't wait to fuck her! I told
her how I had layed in bed, and stroked my cock, thinking
of her. How I had held her picture as I'd jacked off,
shooting my hot cum all ove rmy hand and my stomach. She moaned,
and asked me to tell her more. I began undressing her, and
in between kisses I told her how I had dreamed about how wet
her pussy would be; about how good she would taste when I
licked her, and about how good her pussy would feel wrapped
around my hard cock.

Her moans were loud enough that I knew Richard could hear,
and I soon had her as naked as the day she was born. My God,
she was even sexier in person, than her pictures, and I was
surprised, given her initial shyness, and lack of experience,
what an exhibitionist she turned out to be. She loved showing
me her body, and bending over for me, dangling her big tits,
or exposing her beautiful ass and pussy. She told me (loud
enough for Richard to hear) that I could take pictures later,
but for now, she wanted to get me naked too.

Doing her best sexy walk, she came up to me, and stretched
up, putting her arms around my neck, and arching her big
boobs up, and she kissed me. She then slowly removed my clothes,
until I too was naked, but she was careful NOT to touch my
cock. She then stepped back and looked at me.

"Hum, Baby, your cock looks so big compared to my husbands!",
she exclaimed.

She then moved forward, guided me over to their bed, and
had me sit down on the edge. Kneeling in front of me, she slowly
began to explore my cock and balls with her hands, as she
stared up into my eyes. I knew this was the point where I was
to take over, and so I told her to feel my cock, and feel my
balls, and tell me what she thought. I asked her if she'd
ever felt a cock as big as mine in her hands, and she groaned
that no she hadn't. I then asked her if she had ever sucked
a cock other than her husband's, and she confessed,
to him and me both (a total surprise to him) that she had sucked
a boy off in high school, but his cock wasn't that much
bigger than Richard's, so mine would be the biggest!

Now, before you get the wrong idea or something; I AM NOT,
hung like a horse or something like that. My cock is actually
average in length; right at six inches when fully erect,
but I have been told by many women and men that it is slightly
thicker than average. To Tammy however, I was huge, compared
to her own husband, and the only other man she'd been
with since high school.

Running my fingers through her thick mane of hair, I pulled
her mouth to my cock, and basically ordered her to suck it
for me. I told her I'd thought of how her lips would feel
as they wrapped around my cock head, and how her tongue would
feel as she licked my hard shaft, and how much of a slut she
was, because I knew she would love it! Before she started
sucking me, she looked up at me with those big, brown, bedroom
eyes of hers and asked me to guide her, teach her, because
as she put it (loud enough for Richard to hear) all she'd
had to suck on up until now, was her husband's puny,
little, baby cock.

I swear after she said that, I heard a groan coming from the

We were all really into the game now, and for the next several
minutes, I instructed her every move, her every lick, her
every suck, always making sure Richard could hear every
word I said to her. I also complimented her repeatedly,
and described in graphic detail everything she was doing
to my cock, again so he could hear.

And then; when it came to my balls, I got really graphic about
describing what she was doing, where she was licking, and
sucking, and how good it felt. I even asked her questions
like: How often did she suck Richards balls, and whose tasted
better? She play right along, telling me she hardly ever
sucked his balls, but mine tasted so good that she'd
do it any time I wanted her too.

I then pushed her head lower, and loudly I told her to lick,
kiss, suck, and tongue my asshole. She moaned loudly at
this, and I asked her point blank if she'd ever done
this for her husband. She answered honestly that no, she
hadn't but she'd do anything to make me and my cock
happy. I looked straight at the closet, and said loudly
that her tongue felt great in my ass. I guided and directed
her as to where to lick, how to lick, and what men loved a woman
to do to their ass, especially if they didn't normally
do it for their own husband! I told her she was such a fucking
slut, and now she was my personal slut. Both she AND Richard

It was time now, and I knew I was close enough that it wouldn't
take a lot of effort on her part. I pulled her back up, and
told her to suck me cock, and suck it now slut! Her mouth slid
over my cock head, and down my shaft.

"Oh God Yes, Suck it Bitch!"
"Suck My Cock, so I can cum in your mouth!"

My hips were bucking, and I was basically fucking Tammy's
face. She was fantastic in that she held on tight with her
lips, as I worked my cock in and out of her sweet mouth, and
then I felt the first tingling in my balls. I knew it was time!

My cock jerked hard in her mouth, and I felt her clamp down,
and suck even harder. She knew I was about to cum, and she
wanted it. I knew it, and she knew it too!

"Ah fuck yes!"
"I'm Gonna Cum In Your Mouth Slut!"
"Swallow it!"
"Swallow it all for me!", I screamed!

I groaned loudly, as the first blasts of my hot, sticky cum
shot out of my cock head, and into her eagerly sucking mouth!

"Ah YES, Hum, Swallow it, My God Your Mouth Feels So
Fucking Good, Tammy!"

My cock jerked several times, as my balls emptied into her
beautiful mouth, and she sucked. He small, soft hand cradled
my pulsing balls, and she squeezed them lightly, causing
me to moan even louder, and her lips to form a smile around
my throbbing cock. She made loud slurping sounds, as she
swallowed my cum, and that only added to the intensity,
even if it was more show for her husband, but you could tell
one thing for sure; this woman really did love sucking cock
and swallowing cum!

I fell back on the bed, and when she finally released my still
hard cock from her mouth, it glistened with a combination
of her saliva, and my own cum. She slid up my body, and kissed
me. I held her tight, and whispered to her that, that was
one of the best blow jobs I'd ever gotten. She whispered
back that I tasted wonderful, and she loved doing it for

We kissed more, and then I rolled her onto her back. Starting
with her neck, I kissed her all over, and then down to her
wonderful big breasts. I spent several minutes licking
and kissing her nipples, until it was HER who actually began
to push on my shoulders, urging me to lick lower. I didn't
need to be hit in the head with a hammer to know what she wanted,
and I slowly licked my way over her tummy, stopping only
for a few seconds to tease her cute belly-button, before
proceeding lower to her wonderful, smooth-shaved mound.

Pushing her legs wide open, I draped them over my shoulders.
Before leaning in I took several long minutes to open her
wet pussy lips with my fingers and explore her as well as
stare, and take in the beauty of her wonderful pussy. I also
inhaled her warm, musky, womanly odor, and she smelled
so fucking good, so natural, so, well so turned on! THAT
made me even more turned on, and made my cock hard as Steele!

To say things like: "No one had ever before in her life."
sounds almost stupid, because other than her husband Richard,
she'd only had one other boyfriend, and the most they
had ever done was a little light petting, but more than once,
while we had sex, and after, Tammy would say that to me:

"God Steven, no one has EVER done that to me, or this
to me, or stopped and examined my pussy, or smelled it the
way you did, and it makes me so fucking hot!"

My tongue slid out, and slowly traced a line between her
pussy lips. My God this woman was so wet, that her juices
were literally flowing out of her, over her asshole, and
onto the bed sheets! She tasted even better than she smelled,
and I began to really lick and explore her pussy with my lips
and tongue. Her legs spread wider, and she moaned loudly.
Her hands went to my head, and her crotch pressed up, into
my face. I could tell she was building rather quickly toward
an orgasm, and I didn't want her to cum, not just yet.

I released her clit from between my lips, and slid my tongue
further down. I dipped it in her wet pussy hole, and then
licked down to that patch of skin between her pussy and her
asshole. Flicking my tongue rapidly over it, she groaned,
and then when I ran my tongue over her asshole, she moaned

"Oh God Yes", she moaned
"Don't stop, PLEASE don't stop, that feels
so fucking good!"

Hum, her ass tasted good too, and I wanted to really show
her what rimming was all about, and so I quickly flipped
her over onto her stomach, and then pulled her ass back up
to my face. Tease, torment, torture, that was my plan! I
slowly licked up and down her ass crack, avoiding licking
her asshole directly. This caused her to wriggle her ass
inmy face, and beg me to lick her. When I wouldn't I felt
her hand as she reached around, and grabbed the top of my
head, trying for force my face deeper into her ass crack!

"Oh God Baby Please!" "Oh God Steven,
PLEASE, lick my asshole!" "It feels so hot and
nasty, and no one has ever done that for me before; PLEASE
BABY, PLEASE!", she cried out.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart, and really went to town licking
her asshole. My other hand went beneath her, and I easily
found her sopping wet clit. Rubbing it hard as I licked and
sucked and tongued her asshole, she groaned loudly and
squirmed beneath me. The speed, suddenness and intensity
of her orgasm surprised even me!

I'M CUMMING!", She screamed out.

Quickly I rammed two fingers as deeply inside her pussy
as I could, and fucked them in and out of her. I shoved my tongue
into her ass, which seemed to actually open up, and then
clamp down hard around it. I could feel her whole body shaking,
and then se let out a series of long, low, guttural, grunts,
and groans. She was climaxing hard, no doubt about that!

She was wild, and even before her orgasm ended she rolled
over, and then practically dragged me up on top of her. Her
mouth opened wide, and clamped down over mine. Her hand
went between us and gripped my cock hard. She guided me toward
her wet, and still throbbing fuck-hole. We were both lost,
lost in the moment, lost in the heat, and passion!

She broke our kiss as I thrust forward, and the head of my
cock penetrated her for the first time. DAMN, she was fucking
tight! She was so wet, but so fucking tight. Her hands slapped
down hard on my ass, and the sound reverberated through
the room, and then as I slammed my cock the rest of the way
inside her, she screamed out;


Fuck her hard I did!

Her hands and her fingers were dug tightly into my ass, and
I reached under her, and grabbed her ass in my hands, as I
slammed my cock in and out of her! Her pussy made loud, slurping
sounds, and my balls slapped off of her raised ass. I was
fucking her toward my own orgasm, not giving a damn about
her, but that was OK, because she was doing the same thing
with me!

We both screamed out. No words, just primal, animalistic,
screams, followed by groans and moans, and grunts! My cock
jerked hard, deep inside her. Her pussy muscles clamped
down on me, and sucked the cum from my balls! We held each
other tightly, and rocked back and forth as we came together
in a tremendous, mutual orgasm! We were both dripping with
sweat, and our bodies were slipping and sliding against
each other, as we clung together tightly. When we finally
released our mutual grip over the other, I rolled us over,
making sure to keep my cock inside her, and held her on top
of me. We were both breathing hard, and it felt good to feel
her heartbeat, and the rising and falling of her chest against

There was no way I could stay hard after that, and eventually
my now soft cock slipped out of her, and THAT is when I learned
about another sexy fetish she has; she loves to suck on a
soft cock, and feel it grown hard in her mouth!

As she lay there on top of me, with my cock now out of her, I
cold feel our mutual juices almost flood out of her, soaking
my cock and balls, and running down my ass, soaking the sheets
beneath me. I didn't even have to ask her, as she slid
down my body and began to lick my cock and balls clean. My
God, this woman was wonderful! As she took my soft cock into
her mouth, I knew her efforts would be for nothing, at least
for a while, but she was persistent, and it felt so good,
and low and behold, after almost twenty minutes of non-stop
effort, I began to feel my cock responding!

A couple of minutes later, and she had me at full erection

Satisfied I was ready to fuck again; she moved around, and
got on all fours, and pointed that sexy ass back at me, and
asked me to fuck her like a dog! Those were HER words, not
mine! She literally said, as she wriggled her ass back at

"Come’ on Baby, Give me that big hard cock of yours,
and fuck me like a dog!" I feel like a Bitch-in-Heat,
so fuck me like a dog!"

I was behind her in a flash, rubbing the head of my hard-again
cock between her swollen pussy lips!

"Tell me Bitch!" I said as I smacked her ass hard
with my hand.

"Tell me you want my big cock!"

"Oh God Yes Steven, You know I do, You KNOW how much
I want your big hard cock!", she replied.

"Beg for it Bitch!", "Tell me how much
better it is than your husband's, you slut!",
I retorted.

"Oh God Baby, PLEASE; Please fuck me with your big
hard cock!" "Your cock is so much bigger, and
thicker, and harder than my husband's wimpy, tiny,
little, baby, cock!" "PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!"
"I'm YOUR SLUT; YOU own my hot cunt, and you can
fuck me anytime you want!" She cried out!

I thrust forward hard, penetrating her, and knocking her
on her face on the bed! I grabbed her hips, and started pumping
her hot cunt! Now you could really hear my balls slapping
against her pussy. Loosened up by two previous orgasms,
my sack hung low under my cock, and it smacked against her
with every stroke!

I didn't know if I could muster up another orgasm. It
had been a long time since I'd cum three times, without
a long rest in between climaxes, but soon I felt it building.
DAMN, I was gonna cum again! This, was one hot bitch!

Having reached under herself, and been rubbing her clit
like mad as I slammed into her, Tammy was now cumming again
herself. That was it. Her pussy was so fucking tight, and
clamped down so fucking hard around my cock as she climaxed,
that I couldn't have held back if I'd wanted too!
As she came, so did I! I was once again flooding her pussy
full of my cum, and it surprised even me at the amount I injected
inside her!

Evil thoughts entered my head as we climaxed together,
and as soon as my own orgasm subsided, I pulled out, and dove
face-first into her pussy from behind! I sucked my cum and
her juices out of her, and she went absolutely wild! I then
slid two fingers inside her, and pulling them out, sopping
wet, and coated with our juices, I plunged them into her
ass, and at the same time, went back to eating her pussy from
behind! Now she really went wild, and she immediately launched
off into another orgasm!

This time she squirted, and I mean literally squirted;
her juices splashing out, and coving my face! Even as she
feel completely forward, and my face left her ass, I continued
to finger-fuck her asshole, and she thrashed around on
the bed.

I finally slid my fingers back out of her ass, and she calmed
down. I scooted up beside her, and before either of us knew
it, we were both fast asleep! A full two hours after we'd
gotten home and first started, and believe me, we were both
completely worn out!

I have absolutely no idea when Richard finally came out
of the closet, or when Tammy got up and left the bed, but when
I awoke, it was Richard in bed with me, and it was early morning.
As per our plan, Tammy had left the house to actually leave
me and Richard alone for some guy-guy time; something Richard
had never done before. It was his movements that had awoken
me, as he lay on his back, and stroked his hard little cock.

Seeing that I was now awake, he asked me if I had enjoyed his
wife the night before, and of course I told him I had loved
it. Also as per our plan, I had switched from the dominate,
aggressive role to the submissive, passive role. Looking
over at me, Richard spoke;

"Well, I hope you enjoyed her hot little cunt last
night, because now your mine, and I'm gonna make you
my little faggot boy!"

When I didn't speak, but instead, lowered my head in
a sign of submissiveness, he took it as a positive signal,
and continued on.

"Now get down there between my legs, faggot boy, and
show me what you can do to make MY COCK and MY BALLS happy!"

(God, this was fun!)

Without hesitation, I moved between his legs as he spread
them wide, and let go of his hard cock. My experience from
the night before had demonstrated how little Tammy had
known about cock-sucking, before I'd instructed
her, so I knew Richard was going to love my skills!

As I positioned myself between his legs, I looked at his
beautiful little cock. It was rock hard, and I could see
and feel the anticipation in his body. Slowly I licked out,
and let my tongue circle around the head of his hard little
cock. I heard him suck his breath in, and then as I ran my tongue
down the hard shaft, he let it out, and moaned softly! I licked
his entire cock like a small ice-cream cone, and then I licked
all around his big, soft balls. He really got into the ball-licking,
as I felt his hands on my head, guiding me around, while he
moaned softly.

I licked and kissed, and sucked all over his hard cock, and
big balls, until I could ell he really wanted more, and then
I took his hard cock into my mouth, and I sucked! One major
advantage to sucking a small cock, is that you can swallow
it all down; right down to the base, and still use your tongue
on his balls! He loved it, and soon he was fucking his cock
in and out of my mouth, as I increased my sucking tempo. I'm
sure he was probably replaying several of the scenes in
his mind of the night before, as he enjoyed my blow job, and
so I figured he probably wouldn't last a whole long
time, and I was right.

He now had both hands on my head, guiding me up and down, over
his cock, as his hips rocked, and he fucked my mouth. he was
groaning loudly; and then I heard him say;

"Oh Yeah, Oh Man, you keep doing that, and I'm
gonna cum!"

THAT, was exactly my intention! I sucked even harder and
even faster, and suddenly I felt his body stiffen, and he
pushed my face down hard, into his crotch! I let him force
me down, and I swallowed his entire cock. I felt it jerk,
and then my mouth was flooded with an incredible amount
of cum! Man, he might have a small cock, but damn, he could
cum in huge loads! I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed,
and he groaned, and kept telling me how good it felt, and
to swallow his cum, swallow every drop! Believe me, I fully
intended to do just that!

His cum tasted good, I mean really good, and I really liked
it, so swallowing it down was no problem. When his grip finally
lightened, his cock immediately went soft in my mouth.
I was surprised at how quickly he'd gone soft, and he
actually apologized to me for it! I told him no big deal,
that it only meant I'd have to work hard to suck him hard
again, because we had something else he'd dreamed
of doing, and I wanted it too! His cock actually twitched
when I said that, and a final drop of cum formed at the head.
I licked it off and he sighed.

I let him rest for a minutes or two, and then I told him how
good his cock and cum had tasted, and I asked him if I could
PLEASE suck him some more. He smiled, and told me to go for
it, and of course I did, right away. It actually took me less
time then I'd planned on to suck him hard again, and
I think even he was surprised but pleased, and when he was
ready I loved off of him, and repositioned myself on the

Reaching over, I took a bottle of lubricant they had on the
nightstand, and handed it to him. He knew what to do, as he
first squirted some on his own cock, and then on my asshole.
I moaned as his fingers rubbed the lube into my ass, and then
he moved on top of me, and I pushed my ass up, and into the air.
As I felt the head of his hard little cock poking into my asshole,
I heard him moan, and say;

"God, I've wanted to do this for so long, and now
I'm going to!"

Trying to add to the erotic atmosphere, I looked back over
my shoulder, and reached back and spread my ass open for
him. At the same time, I looked him right in the eyes, and
I said;

"Fuck me Richard, PLEASE!" "Ever since
you sent me that first e-mail, all of thought about is having
your hard cock in my ass, and you making me your fagot little

He groaned and pushed forward, and I pushed back. His hard
cock head pe

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