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Our scret about when we were in paradise


The morning of our flight, our house was a complete disaster
in every way possible. Whatever could go wrong, was going
wrong. It wasn't exactly the way my wife and I had hoped
our vacation would start out.

First thing that happened, was when Mindy woke me up in a
panic because we had somehow over slept. "Oh shit, "
I believe were my first words of the day. "You jump
in the shower while I go wake up mom so at least she is up by
the time the kids wake up, " my wife said as she raced
from our bedroom with her night shirt and panties on. Chaos
is not a good way to save for a vacation my wife and I had saved
two years to take.

So I jumped into the shower, took a record breaking, thirty
second rinse off and was out in time to get dressed and help
our youngest son, who was then throwing up in the hall bathroom.
"He will be ok, " My wife said as she raced to
take her own quick shower so we wouldn't miss our plane.

Her mother was then up and took over for me and told me Jimmy
had probably eaten too much candy the night before. But
then why did my mother in law bring ten pounds of candy over
when she was supposed to be watching our two kids, not making
them sick. But I didn't' have enough time to be
angry so I rushed out of the bathroom, leaving our son in
her hands.

I grabbed our bags, threw them in the trunk and had the car
warming up by the time my sexy wife showed up in the kitchen,
dressed and ready to leave. Mindy had been the catch of my
life with her long blonde hair and sexy little body. But
it was her heart that really trapped me after only a few dates.

"Ok, where are our bags?" My wife asked as she
downed a quick cup of coffee. I told her to relax and that
our bags were already in the trunk and I even had car already
warming up for her. Her mother then walked back into the
kitchen still in her robe of course and told us both Jimmy
was feeling better and that we shouldn't worry about
anything for the entire next week. "Now you two just
go and have some fun, " She told us both.

"Ok mom. Thanks for everything, " Mindy said
to her mom before she gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the
cheek. "Honey we have to leave now, " I told
Mindy, if we didn't want to miss our flight. "I
know, I know, I am just trying to make sure we have everything, "
Mindy said to me. But what she was really telling me she was
a good mother and didn't want to leave our two kids until
she was sure they would be ok.

"Ok now where is my coat? One of the kids must have moved
it, " Mindy said looking at the hooks we have on the
wall by our backdoor. I walked past Mindy and took her coat
off the hook that was right in front of and handed it to her.
"Don't be a smart ass, " my wife said as
she put it on and blew her mom a kiss before she rushed out
our backdoor to get into our now warm car.

And even after we backed out of our garage and headed to the
airport my wife was still saying she hoped she hadn't
forgotten anything. "Honey, you have been packing
for two weeks. What in the world could you have forgotten"
I said hoping to calm her down. Mindy looked over at me and
finally smiled and seemed to also relax for the first time
since her eyes opened. She took a deep breath and then said,
" I guess we are now officially, on vacation."

Mindy and I chatted the entire thirty minute race to the
airport and then again, as we ran inside. Since we wouldn't
be needed our winter coats in Jamaica, Mindy and I left ours
in our car and walked into airport, dressed for another
climate. My wife was petite but still had a perky chest.
And when we did get inside the terminal to finally warm up
again, Mindy's nipples had gotten hard on the way from
our car.

She noticed them after I had noticed them and quickly pulled
to the wall and whispered to me to stand in front of her until
her nipples went down. I chuckled by her embarrassment
and asked Mindy what she was going to do when she was on the
beach with nothing on top. "Well, that is going to
be different, " My wife whispered back to me with
a big grin on her face.

We waited a few minutes, before I told my wife she just had
to put up with people seeing her hard nipples. Because we
were going to miss our plane, if we didn't leave right
then. "Ok let's just go, " Mindy said to
me as we rushed towards the gate where our flight was leaving

And trust me every guy who saw my twenty nine year old sexy
blonde wife walking near them with her nipple points showing,
looked at her for sure. Mindy just gripped my hand and pretending
they were looking at her summery outfit and not her hard
nipples. We thought having only one carry on, boarding
would go faster. But of course we then realized everybody
else flying on the plane we were flying on, decided to bring
everything they had on board.

So far, our morning had bounced back and forth with one minute
we were in a panic and getting frustrated more by the second.
And then Mindy I would stop and realize we were taking the
vacation of our lifetime and one we had talked about for
over two years. It seemed like it was a high and then a low
and then back to another high point.

But the plane finally backed away from the gate as we crawled
our way to the end of the runway. Those are always anxious
moments for Mindy and I only because the take off was always
exciting. We held hands and waited as our plane finally
began to roll faster and then faster and then even faster.
And then, in an instant the nose lifted off and we were suddenly
floating upward. "Ok, here we go, " I said to
Mindy as she smiled and squeezed my hand.

My wife and I had spent nearly the past three years exploring
what kind of marriage we really wanted to have. The particular
resort we had picked seemed a good place for us to try. So
it took Mindy and me some time to figure out what points of
view we agreed upon. And that is why this vacation was so
important to both of us.

But first we had four hours of flying before any of that would
even begin. Mindy flipped through the magazine she had
brought to kill sometime. And I took a quick nap which also
helped the time pass. And when I finally did open my eyes
after my nap, I asked my wife how long we had to go. "I
think only another hour or so, " Mindy said before
she leaned over and kissed me on my cheek.

"Are you still excited?" I asked her. Mindy
blushed first and then nodded her head before she whispered
to me, " Still a little nervous too." I told
her I was nervous too but I also knew we were both going to
have a great time and we had a whole week to be alone and have
fun. The resort's slogan was "Join us in paradise
and explore."

And when we both felt the plane started to descent, Mindy
and I both got even more excited. She had just whispered
to me and asked me if any of the other couples on our flight
were going to our resort. "I guess we will find out
when we get on the bus, " I said to my wife.

Thankfully the landed went smoothly but getting off the
plane, not so smooth. Mindy stood up first and stepped into
the center aisle and when I looked at her, she looked even
more incredible. It seemed to take as long getting off the
plane as had taken flying to Jamaica.

Mindy and I did exactly what we planned on doing when our
feet hit the ground. We both stopped, looked at one another
and shared our first vacation kiss on the island. "Ok,
let's go have fun, " I said to her as she giggled
and took off in a hurry to find our luggage. We had agreed
that we would both pack light since we were going to spend
most of our time on the beach. So it was really easy to find
our suitcases because they were the smallest ones there.
A few pair of shorts, tops, sandals and our swim suits.

Mindy and I then found the bus and rode to our resort with
two other couples from our flight. One was in their early
twenties and the other was a few years older than us and told
us they had already been to the resort a couple of times on
vacation. The energy and excitement on the bus ride was

"So what is it really like "Mindy asked the woman
who was sitting in the row in front of us. "You are going
to simply love it, " she told my wife and I with a big
smile on her face. An hour and a half later, later Mindy was
in her bright yellow bikini on the sandy beach looking absolutely

We had talked a lot about her going topless or maybe even
nude on the beach but she always said she would need to feel
the place, first hand before she could decide. We had been
sunbathing for about five minutes when I looked over at
my sexy little wife and asked how the place felt to her.

"It is just heavenly maybe even better, " Mindy
said with a big smile on her face. "So what do you think?"I
asked her but she knew what I was really asking her. "I'm
going to start out slow, if that is alright with you, "
Mindy said. So I laid back on the chair and took that to mean
Mindy had decided to keep her bikini on for the time being.

Five minutes later my wife said, "No one on this beach
with us is ever going to see us again, are they?, "
before she reached around the back of her neck to untie her
bikini top. I felt rather nervous as I sat up and watched
as Mindy untied the top and tossed into her beach bag. Her
pale breasts had sort of an oval shape to them with cherry
red nipples which puffed out when the first man strolled
by and checked her out.

Mindy laid back on her beach chair and took a couple of deep
breaths. "You're ok with this, right?"
she asked me looking straight ahead, out at the blue water.
I just smiled, nodded and told her we were on vacation to
explore so we might as well start sooner rather than later.
Mindy remained on her back as a steady parade of guys and
some women too walked by us and they all looked down at my
wife's perky tits.

She decided to sun tan while I decided to go for a walk and
check the place out. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail
with her sunglasses on along with her straw hat. "Ok
go find the beach bar so we can go there a little later, "
She told me with a big grin on her face as she laid back and
soaked up the sun with her tits on display.

And as I walked along I spotted the women in her thirties
that we rode with and had told us they had been to the resort
a few times before. And she already had two very well built
young, black men sitting by her chatting away while also
enjoying her exposed large, pale breasts too. But then
Mindy and I had not come here to judge anybody and hopefully
no one would judge us either.

I eventually found the beach bar. a ways from where my wife
was sunbathing before I turned around and went back to find
Mindy. But I stopped when I got close to my wife but she had
not yet spotted me. Mindy had sat up so her breasts hung perfectly
on her chest as she was chatting with a very good looking
young man.

I mean that was one of the reasons Mindy and I had chosen this
particular resort. So I guess I shouldn't have been
surprised when Mindy was already drawing some attention.
They advertised two to one ratio of young black men for every
white woman so I guess that was not false advertising.

But over the years when we talked my wife had expressed some
interest in men from a different race. But she still claimed
she was not sure just how much interest she really had. I
just thought it was more of a curiosity she was telling me
about. And I will admit, I also shared with her that I had
some interest in watching that happen, if she ever wanted
to take it all the way.

Like I already stated, this was our week to explore our relationship,
in ways we would never consider back home. It meant no work
for me and no crying kids for Mindy and that is what we both
really needed a break from. Not saying we didn't love
our kids and our life back home, but a break is always a nice
thing to get every once in a while.

So I watched my cute blonde wife from a distance before I
decided to join her again and meet her new friend. Mindy
jumped off her lounge chair as soon as she saw me and ran into
my arms. I really like feeling her soft tits bump up against
my bare chest. "This is Dirk, " Mindy said as
the young man stood up and politely shook my hand.

" I found the beach bar, " I told Mindy. She then
looked at Dirk and back at me before she suggested the three
of us all go and have a drink together. "Don't
forget your beach bag. Your top is in it, " I said to
Mindy as she giggled and picked it up.

Dirk hung around me and Mindy for about an hour and I guess
some flirting took place between them but not overtly.
"You two should definitely come to the dance club
at the bar, later on. It is a lot of fun, " Dirk told
us before he left Mindy and I at the beach bar, where she remained
topless. I was naturally excited about what had happened
already so I whispered to my wife asking her if she like Dirt.

"Honey we just got here a few hours ago, " Mindy
reminded me. Mindy drew more attention at the bar but then
most of the other women did too. A couple were still covered
but more of the wives were showing off their tits. And as
a man, I really, really liked looking at all of the boobs.

The rest of our first day was just more fun and even more fun.
Mindy got half loaded at the beach bar but we managed to get
back to our room to get ready for dinner. But her blonde pussy
was so wet and so sensitive, it took hardly effort on my part
to make my wife cum. And boy was her orgasm hard and strong.
And then I just climbed on top of Mindy and pushed my cock
into her tight hole which made both of us purr.

Dinner was good, not great, the open style thatched roof
pavilion, where we ate at was like being in paradise for
sure. But we had gotten up really early had to rush to catch
our plane so our first night came to an end a couple hours
after dinner.. Mindy and I had decided, we were going to
sleep, each night in the nude so we could feel the tropics
even more. So we turned in early knowing we had nearly a week
more to have fun.

I slept like a baby and woke up in time to go out and watch the
sun rise from the beach. Between the warm morning breezes,
the palm trees and the sandy beach, I was so relaxed that
my life back home seemed like a distant memory. I just sat
there and relaxed like never before for the next few hours.
I didn't feel like talking to anyone or going anywhere
so I didn't. It was truly my first moment of total peacefulness
on our vacation, that I really needed.

It was nearly nine in the morning when I decided to go back
to our room and see if Mindy was up yet . And as I turned the
corner since our room was not facing the beach due to the
extra cost, I was surprised to see Dirk sitting on our patio.
But I smiled at him after he smiled at me as I approached him.
Dirk said that my wife had just gone inside to bring out more
coffee so I took a chair and waited, feeling like a cup or
two of coffee sounded really good.

My heart skipped a beat when all of a sudden Mindy walked
out caring two cups of coffee and she had nothing on but her
smile. Her pale tits were showing as well as blonde haired
pussy crack. Mindy saw me and just smiled as she handed me
a cup and then walked over in front of Dirk and handed him
the other cup. "Good morning" was all she said
to me as Dirk got up so she could have his chair. I was too much
in shock to even speak after that.

"I was sitting out here loving the morning air, waiting
for you when Dirk happened to walk by, " Mindy said
kind of blushing while she smiled. "He wants to take
me to the dance club tonight. What do you think"? Mindy
asked me with a smile in her eyes. "It is always a lot
of fun and you can meet a lot of men there too, " Dirk
said to my wife and sort of to me too.

I had the sense at that moment in particular, that our vacation
had set a course and might just take off. Mindy jumped up
and kissed me with her tits and pussy still there for Dirk
to admire before she rushed inside to take a shower so we
could go have breakfast next. I wasn't sure what Mindy
was going to wear at breakfast so when she walked out wearing
a t shirt, no bra of course and a pair of her shorts, I was kind
of relieved.

Dirk had left our room before Mindy had even finished her
shower. "Are you having fun so far?" I asked
her during our first breakfast. Mindy giggled and nodded
her head yes as she nibbled on a bowl of fresh fruit as we ate
our breakfasts.

When she was finished she leaned over and whispered to me
she went nude this morning because she wanted to know how
it felt. So, I asked Mindy what it felt like when Dirk walked
up to her when she was naked. She told me it was scary at first
but kind of sexy too. "I think they pay some of these
good looking men just to be here and party with us wives"
Mindy whispered next. I told her they wouldn't have
to pay me to do that job and then we both laughed as we left
for our room and more beach time.

The rest of the day Mindy and I relaxed, laughed and enjoyed
ourselves. She went topless again but kept her bikini bottoms
on. And she drew more attention on the beach but that was
part of why we picked this resort and why we were thinking
of exploring new things in the first place. And after dinner
she went with Dirk to the dance club and I followed along
behind them but stayed out of the way while they partied
together. But from time to time my wife would always come
looking for me to make sure I was having fun too. There were
plenty of husband to chat with since most of our wives were
dancing the night away.

Our third day was pretty much like the first two and it didn't
really take Mindy and I long to establish a routine that
we both enjoyed. And while I was at the beach bar that third
afternoon I met Phil another husband's whose wife
was on the beach with some other man. Phil explained that
he and his wife come to the resort once a year for the past
six years, so she can let down her hair and do things she would
never do back home.

Phil then shocked me when he asked me if my wife was fucking
anybody yet. I told him it was only our third day so she hadn't
gotten to that point yet and might never get to that point.
"Don't kid yourself. All of our wives come down
here to fuck these good looking young, well built black
men, " Phil said smiling as he took another puff on
his cigar.

I know that Mindy and I had talked about that a lot back at
home and we both shared a little interest in maybe someday
trying it for ourselves. But we hadn't really ever
decided how far we would ever take it. I may have been mentally
tipped but the idea of watching some other man with dark
skin on top of Mindy, did excite more than it should have.

It was later that night in the dance club that Mindy disappeared
with Dirk on the dance floor and then reappeared some time
later without her clothes on. Other women , in fact quite
a few of them were also naked too but I never expected my wife
to be naked in a dance club but she was. "Where are your
clothes?" I asked Mindy as she walked up to me with
a red face. She told me one of Dirk's friends was holding
them for her.

Mindy's pale nipples were bright cherry red nipples
looked too good to resist. So I pulled her into my arms and
hugged her and then kissed her. My wife then stepped back
for a second and smiled before she said, "Well the
deal is, Dirk and his friend want to come back to our room
to party with us." The amount of nervous energy I felt
just overwhelmed me.

My normally reserve, traditional Wisconsin wife was asking
me I wanted to watch two young, very good looking black men
fuck her in our room. Mindy could hardly stand still and
it wasn't because she was naked in a dance club. It was
because what she had just asked was something neither of
us had ever done although we had talked about it a lot.

"So what do you think"? Mindy asked as the music
pounded out another loud song. I looked at her still speechless.
Mindy also told me they had told her they both had condoms
if we wanted them to use them when they were with her. "Do
you want to do it"? I asked my wife. All Mindy said was
that it might be fun. So I sent her back to get Dirk, his friend
and her clothes so we could all go back to our room to party
more in private.

I shut our door and then just stepped back to stay out of their
way. Mindy glanced my way one more time before Dirk's
friend pulled her into his arms. And then Dirk kissed and
then his friend kissed my wife again too. My wife was being
passed back and forth and it was heating her up for sure.
It wasn't long before they were pulling her top over
her head as Mindy had her arms raised up so they could get
it off. And then Dirk knelt down in front of Mindy and slowly
lowered her shorts and her panties, both at the same time.

"Now, that is what we were looking for, " he
told his friend as my wife stood in front of them showing
them both her blonde haired pussy. Mindy blushed and covered
her face with her hands as their hands quickly went to work
touching her everywhere and anywhere on her body.

It became apparent rather quickly that these two young
men really liked white pussy a lot but it was also apparent
that my wife loved black cock just as much. With Mindy in
the middle between them on the bed, it was not even close
to a fair fight. One was kissing her while the other was sucking
her nipples. And then one of them was sucking her nipples
while the other ones tongue worked on my wife's pussy.

Mindy was completely out of it within ten minutes after
they had all gotten on the bed. They got her to cum a couple
of times before Dirk held up a condom to me as if to ask me,
"yes or no." If we were actually going to do this
then we were going to do it for real, so I shook my head no.

Mindy was going out of her mind by the time Dirk's long
skinny cock was buried in her wet pink pussy. Thankfully
he fucked her slow most of the time as Mindy just kept whimpering
and trying to kiss him. I just paced back and forth but never
took my eyes off of Mindy who was on her back with a black cock
stuffed inside of her blonde, tight pussy. It was super
exciting and extremely sexy to watch.

But I knew she still had to take the first of two hard poundings
when the men were ready to explode. Her and Dirk kept their
self control or as much self control as you can have when
your bodies are joined together at your crotches. She mumbled
and moaned a lot during her first fuck of the night. But she
turned serous when Dirk laid the wood to her near the end.
He nutted her first and then his friend quickly took his
place and nutted Mindy a few minutes later.

Mindy showered and cleaned herself up before we walked
back outside on the patio and looked up at the stars so we
could talk about what just happened. She only bothered
to put on a pair of panties because she said she was still
leaking like crazy. I asked her how she liked it and she asked
me how I liked watching. We were both honest and admitted
it had been even more fun than we ever thought it would be.

Mindy squeezed my hand and asked me if I needed some relief
too. I had ended up jacking off while they fucked her in front
of me, so I was pretty well drained for the night. "Yes
I saw you and you definitely looked like you were having
fun too, " She said with a big smile on her face.

Neither of us got a good night sleep at first because neither
of us could slow our minds down. But in the end we did manage
to sleep until after ten the next morning. Our fourth day
was pretty much like all the rest except Mindy didn't
fuck anyone but me later that night.

We had only two full days left before I went back to work and
Mindy went back to a house filled with screaming kids. Our
lives back home were so different than they were down here.
What seemed too bizarre to even consider back home seemed
perfectly alright down here. But we had tried some things
from nudity to the night Mindy was with the two black men.
Both things were out of character for us but we still enjoyed
them immensely.

We agreed to make the most of our last two days in paradise
and Mindy decided to spend the rest of her time at the resort
without any clothes on except for one of her see through
wraps she tied around her waist. I thought she looked amazing
whether she was on the beach or at the beach bar or even at
the open air pavilion where she wore a wrap but they really
didn't hide anything.

We quickly could spot new couples who had just arrived because
of how they looked when Mindy walked around with her see
thru wrap. But like my wife and I both said, we were never
going to see any of those people again so what difference
did it make if they saw her tits and her pussy.

She left me later that afternoon and as she put it, look to
see what else might be available. Although Mindy found
me an hour or so later still at the beach bar, she said the
search was fun but she didn't find anyone interesting.
So we spent the night together and relaxed even more.

But on our last full day my wife came up to me holding hands
with a giant of man who was clearly a body builder. She introduced
me to him as "D" and him to me as the three of us
stood around chatting with the man's arms around my
wife's back. If Mindy weight a hundred and ten pounds,
the man looked like he weight two hundred and ten pounds
and it was all muscle. So after one fruit drink at the beach
bar, we all agreed to meet later on at the dance club.

Just by now nervous Mindy was acting, I could tell she was
very excited being around him. So we both showered before
I got dressed and Mindy picked out which pair of shoes she
was going to wear that night and which wrap. Of course she
also had on her gold chain necklace and matching bracelet
I had bought her for Christmas last year but that was about

My wife looked sensation at dinner and of course got the
usual amount of looks from every man who saw her. I had dated
a couple of blondes before I met Mindy but they both had dark
pubic hair. But Mindy's was as blonde as the long hair
on her head. I just think that shocked a lot of people while
it only made me prouder that she was my wife.

And as promised we met up with D in the dance club so I sat back
and let the two of them go have and dance and have some fun
for a while. We had been there dancing and partying for about
three hours when everyone gathered around for the sexiest
couple contest of the night. And when everyone saw Mindy
without her wrap on showing off her pale breasts and her
blonde pussy next to D who was also naked with his very muscular
dark skinned body, the place went nuts.

They were clearly the sexiest couple at the dance club and
were given a ribbon as their reward. I stood in the back and
clapped like everybody else before the music started back
up and Mindy and D made their way over to me. D's arms
chest and legs were bulging with more muscles than I had
ever seen before. And seeing him with his very dark skin
standing next to my petite pale wife, was very arousing
to me.

His dark colored dick dangled between his legs in front
of his large ball sack as the two of them chatted with me about
their ribbons. And then Mindy leaned over to talk with me
and asked me what I thought about taking D back to our room.
I thought it was a great idea but a man that size could also
crush my wife if he wasn't careful.

Ten minutes later I watched D pick up my wife as if she was
a doll and kiss her while her feet were a foot or two off the
floor. And his arms were so thick and muscular Mindy's
body practically disappeared in his arms. But her small
pale breasts crushed up against his massive chest as her
lips meshed against his lips.

D turned out to be a wonderful, gentle giant and handled
my wife with such care, that even I was amazed. She squirmed
a lot when they embraced on the bed and the sheer size of his
muscles over whelmed her for sure. And I got a sense that
D also realized my tiny white wife was experiencing something
with him, she would never experience again.

The mere dominance of his body mass, over hers kept my interest
the entire time. But they were still a man and a woman and
together they were going to have to figure out how to breed
with each other. Mindy had one climax before she sucked
on his cock until he was fully hard and throbbing too. D wasn't
huge but rather thick especially near the base of his shaft
so I knew Mindy's tight little pussy was really going
to get stretched.

When they were both ready, Mindy laid on her back and spread
her legs as D climbed on top of her, ready to take her as his
own, at least for the next few minutes. Mindy was breathing
quite heavily and looked rather nervous as she waited for
him to penetrate her. His boy towered over hers too much,
I had to move slightly to the right just to be able to see Mindy.

I moved again and watched closely as her blonde pussy hair
and pin, outer lips were right there an inch below his dark
throbbing shaft. The tip of his cock touched my wife's
vagina as the round head slipped into her crack forcing
her lips to stick out as they gripped him. I guess I can say
it was almost too incredible to watch but I never looked
away either.

My wife then frantically kept trying to lift her head off
the pillow to kiss him as his cock kept probing deeper and
deeper into her womb. She also shook a little harder when
the thick base of his shaft squeezed between her stretched
pussy lips. But at least they were now together as I stepped
back a little relieved it was going so well so far.

Resting on his elbows looking down at my wife, D began to
move as she looked up under his massive frame. Right from
the start it was very intense for Mindy and it not only showed
in her eyes but in her entire body and how it kept on trembling
being trapped under him. So his ass kept rising and falling
as her breathing kept the same pace as his cock was pulling
out and pushing back into her womb.

I was surprised at how long they were together although
he never moved fast and instead went a very slow, steady
pace. They were really an odd couple based on their body
sizes but they still were sharing something very special
too. About ten minutes into their fuck, D began to pick up
the pace and Mindy began to get even more excited than she
already was.

D's grunting sounds began to fill our room the faster
he fucked Mindy because of the pleasure she was sharing
with him. "Come on honey, " Mindy said to her
new lover as his cock began to bang her even harder. He then
laid right on top of her with her head to one side so she could
gasp for air while his cock began to explode inside of her
pussy. "Yes, yes I can feel it, " My wife told
him while he drained his balls inside of her.

Mindy was simply wired the rest of the night and kept sitting
down, standing up and talking constantly to me. We both
agreed the vacation had been amazing and that D as her lover
had been the best part of the trip. Mindy finally calmed
down enough to pack her things because we were leaving for
home early the next morning.

Our two kids and her mother were all excited to see us when
we finally got back home. We were once again transported
back to our real lives and our family. Her mother was already
packed and clearly wanted to get back to her own house where
it was peaceful and quiet. And Mindy gave each of our kids
a present we had bought for them as well as one for her mother.

"So how was your vacation"?I remember her mother
asked. Mindy just smiled and told her mother it was very
relaxing. "But you have fun, right? Did you meet any
interesting people?" Her mother asked as I put her
bags in her backseat. Our two little kids were clinging
to my wife's pants legs as she was trying to talk to her

Mindy looked at me for a moment and then back at her mother
before my wife said, " We met some very, very interesting
people." "Yes the most interesting one was
just last night, " I added. My mother in law looked
at us both before she said we should think about going back
there in the next year or two again. Mindy and I both smiled
and said we had already decided to do that on the ride home
while we were flying.

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a wild story with a complete change of life style tell us more


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Good story. At least it did not have the exagerated 12 to 14 inches of mammouth Black cock some of these fantasies have. Still it was good. I am amazed that it also did not have any of that sweet Black Jamacian pussy also in it. I have been to Jamaca. The funny thing is, I believe I have enjoyed far more tourist ladies than native. The same is not true for Costa that is a paradise for men. Or Panama where one may enjoy both. That would make a good couple story for you Dangerous... Little Spanish LBFM's for the man and some Black cock for her. Personally I prefer my place in Costa Rica, though the Campo are of the northern Pacic Coast is also fun. Try it and then write another good story from the experiance.


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Great story... hope you return and share the new adventures with us...


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And you never once had a go at any of the women there....just a fantasy story......


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It would be great if I could see the wife with a thick black cock giving her a grand fucking.