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Our marriage had a bump in the road.


At three sharp, everyone was told to finish up whatever
they were working on and head out to the court yard behind
the building for our annual summer party. I had worked for
the company for nearly fifteen years and knew everyone,
except for a few new hires, so I pretty much knew what to expect.

Sometimes these parties can be lots of fun and other times,
they are not so much fun. I guess it just depending on how
much every drank. But either way it always nice to spend
some social time with the people you work with every day.

There was about a hundred of us who slowly filed into the
courtyard and made our way to the bar which was set up near the food. I remember
having two feelings when I first got outside. This might
be nice because it is not too hot like it is some years. But
the clouds were forming quickly above us, so I also wondered
if we were not in for some rain before the party would wrap
up later on.

But I was optimistic that the rain would hold off so I would
have a few chances to mingle with a few of the women I found
rather attractive. I am not suggesting I was looking for
anything serious other than some harmless flirting.

So I grabbed myself a beer and strolled around for a while,
stopping to chat with one person after another. The weather
was about the only topic everyone was discussing at first,
which tells you how mundane and boring our office parties
can be.

Just a bunch of middle class, middle aged, mostly married
people, who worked together and for a few hours each summer,
partied together too. Of course we all had our office clothes
still on so there also wasn't any short skirts and sexy
tops as I strolled around and chatted with a few of the women.

I look back now and I am amazed that everyone at the party
was a sexual being, in their private lives but once we were
put together, everyone tried hard not to appear to be sexual
in any way. But then the "family" hadn't
appeared yet so of course everyone was still on their best

By the "family" I mean the Johnston's family,
who started the company a couple of generations earlier
and it was their descends that now ran it. So there was a lot
of weather talk, other small talk as everyone waited for
the family to arrive. We all ended up waiting until nearly
four before they finally walked out and shook everyone
of our hands.

Bob, president of our company along with his wife and two
daughters showed up with their usual pleasant smiles.
Very well dressed, very attractive and well mannered.
The oldest daughter, was going to college out East and the
younger one, had just graduated from high school and was
going to also be going out East to college in the fall. They
were also very striking young women but then anyone who
saw Bob's trophy wife, knew where his daughters got
their good looks.

So I hung around and waited until Bob and Ava finally got
to me and both of them thanked me for doing a wonderful job
with the company. Then I was greeted by both of their very
good looking daughters who also smiled at me as they followed
their parents from one person to the next.

Bob Johnston gave a brief speech and told us all to have fun
because we had earned it before the family was finally gone.
Just like in the past years, if this party had any chance
at all, it was going to happen after the family was gone.
The music got turned back up and the liquor finally began
to pour. And just like in previous years with enough booze
in me, the women I saw everyday at the office began to look
a little better.

That was the point when the flirting, if it is going to happen
, usually begins slowly at first. I got myself another beer
and began to wander again as I stopped and chatted with more
people although I had known most of them for years. But it's
always nice to talk to someone you work with but not about
business, for a change.

And like most years in the past, Virginia and I ended up talking
to one another rather quickly. The odd thing was that I saw
Virginia as much as any of the other ladies I worked with
because she was our receptionist who I passed by a few times
each day. But she was also the one person I hardly ever stop
and chat with other than "Hello, Good Morning or Good

I would have guessed mid forties, nice looking and always
dressed very professionally but then she was the face of
our company, at our front door. "So how are you doing?"I
asked Virginia after she smiled when I was approaching
her. "I am doing great. Nice that its cooler this year, "
Virginia said smiling back at me.

I knew Virginia was married and two or three children but
I couldn't remember the exact number. I had met her
husband before at our Christmas parties for several years
so I asked her how Mark was doing too. Virginia smiled and
said Mark was fine too and then asked me how Mary, my wife
and our one son were doing. Yes, our conversation was about
as boring as two people who work together can make it.

Virginia's hair was short and just down to her shoulders
and I only mention that because she kept brushing her hair
down the longer we chatted. I had no idea why, but figured
something about her hair was bothering her on that particular

Finally Virginia leaned very close to me and asked me if
she could discreetly ask me a question. I first smelled
her perfume which was nice and then I felt her presence closer
to me than she had ever been. "Can you see it?"
Virginia asked me softly. I didn't' have a clue
what Virginia was talking about so I whispered back to her, "
See what?"

She explained that her husband had gotten carried away
the night before and ended up leaving a reddish looking
mark on her neck. I was shocked, thrilled and at first just
stared at Virginia, realizing she had just said something
very personal, about her sex life with her husband. I looked
at the woman and felt some tingling from my crotch down to
my toes.

"Well can you see it or not?" Virginia asked
me again. I looked at her neck and saw a very small, slightly
red mark but nothing that everyone would ever notice. I
told Virginia it was hardly visible and she should not worry
about it any longer. "Thanks, that is definitely
a relief, " Virginia said before she wandered off
to chat with some other coworkers.

But now I was looking at Virginia totally differently although
I tried not to just stare at her and embarrass myself. Virginia
filled out her dress quite well and looked to not only have
a small waist but a nice looking round butt too. I had always
noticed Virginia's sizeable chest each day as I passed
by her but never quite like I looked at it before like I was
suddenly looking at it now.

So I wandered off and talked with Frank and a couple of men
from accounting before I chatted with Margie and Karen
from the purchasing department. Everyone was in a really
good mood and again the more we all drank, the more fun we
all had.

I don't know why but at one point I looked over to see
where Virginia was and saw her glancing back at me from across
the courtyard. And when our eyes met even from far away,
we both smiled at the same time. I had never found myself
in this kind of position before especially with a woman
from work.

I was tingling all over again as Virginia and I stared at
each some more. My male instincts were of course aroused
but I reminded myself I still had a loving family at home.
And over the next fifteen minutes or so, Virginia and I both
glanced at each other several times as if some kind of magical
chemistry was being stirred up between us.

About an hour after her reddish mark question Virginia
and I slowly made our way closer to one another until we were
both standing by the bar when the "last call"
was announced. Checking my watch I realized it was already
five thirty and somehow the time had just flown by. And it
got worse for me because since the last time Virginia had
stood next to me, she had apparently put more perfume.

"It's been a very nice party this year, "
I said to her. Virginia just smiled and nodded her head before
she replied, "Yes it has but I think it has also been
very interesting." I felt like maybe Virginia was
coming on to me a little bit but couldn't be sure. She
was happily married, I was happily married so what was really
going on between us?

Virginia sipped her wine so I asked her if she wanted one
more since they had just announced it was last call. "No,
I think I am fine, " She said with a big smile on her
face. "But you can have one more beer if you want to, "
She said to me since my bottle was nearly empty. I looked
at Virginia and don't really know why but I asked her
if I had one more beer, would she stick around. Virginia
giggled for a second and said if I wanted her to, she would.

Something was happening and I didn't know why but I
didn't want it to end just yet. "Sure that would
be great, " I said to her and got my last beer as the
crowd was starting to thin out quickly. And of course everyone
we both worked with filed by us and told Virginia and I good
night before the left.

I was nervous, excited and confused as Virginia and I were
suddenly some sort of couple. I didn't know why but
I felt it and so did she. Virginia finished her wine first
and placed the glass on the bar before she turned and said, "
Would you like to chat some more?" She said she would
call Mark and tell him a group of us were going to stop for
a couple more drinks and asked if I wanted to call Mary and
tell my wife the same thing.

I knew it was wrong, very wrong yet I followed Virginia back
to her reception desk and listened to her telling her husband
she was stopping with a group for a couple more drinks which
was of course a lie. I then dialed home and told Mary the same
lie. "Thanks honey, I should be home in a little while, "
I said to my wife before I hung up.

Virginia left her car at the office and rode with me as we
headed out in search of a bar where no one would know either
of us. "That look s like a good place, " Virginia
said as she pointed to a neighborhood bar on our left. "Yes
I have never been there before. Have you?" I asked
Virginia before she shook her head no.

No one even bothered to look our way when Virginia and I made
our way into the small bar and took a table near the door.
She had these amazing hazel colored eyes and a bright smile
as we each ordered a drink. I wasn't sure what I was doing
but it made me tingle anyway.

We both suddenly got very quiet as we sipped our drinks and
tried to steady our nerves. We each had the same insane thoughts
but were too ashamed to admit them. Finally Virginia looked
at me and blushed when she said one time a year or so ago, her
and Mark swapped partners with some new friends, but only
for a few kisses.

My interest was immediately perked so I asked Virginia
how that felt. "I don't know. It was fun but it
was also very odd, " She replied. "Have you
and Mary ever done anything crazy like that? "She
asked. I shook my head no and added that I doubted Mary would
ever go for something like that. "Unless you ask her,
how you will never know for sure, " Virginia added.

I explained that my wife was a very private person so I doubted
she would be interested. "But she loves sex, right?
I mean she gets into it doesn't she?" Virginia
asked me. I felt my face getting warmer but I told Virginia
that my wife definitely liked sex and really gets into it,
most of the time. Virginia then giggled for a second or two
before she joked and said I probably left red marks on my
wife's neck all the time. My face went from feeling
warm to feeling hot.

We didn't really say much else before we left the small
bar and got back into my car. I glanced over at Virginia and
was overpowered by this urge to kiss her. I leaned her way
as Virginia appeared to become very nervous before she
put her hand out and asked me if I was sure, we should be doing
any of this. I told her probably not, before my lips touched
her sweet lips for the first time.

I pulled Virginia closer to me until she was completely
in my arms as our lips began to burn, red hot. I never felt
a kiss like that before but maybe because I shouldn't
have been kissing Virginia in the first place. And if she
was fighting our sudden heat, she wasn't showing it
either. We clawed at each other, kissed like two crazy people
and wouldn't let go for well over a minute.

My dick was tingling with excitement and filling with blood
the longer my lips touched hers. And Virginia was not helping
things, because she was clinging to me whimpering as our
lips kept up their torrid dance. After we kissed about as
long as each of us could stand it, Virginia pulled back and
told me I had to talk Mary into giving this a try.

"What would Mark say about that?"I asked her.
Virginia said her husband had been asking her to think about
other men for the past couple of years. "Does he know
you are here with me, right now?" I asked her. Virginia
quickly shook her head no. Seconds later Virginia and were
back kissing each other and we only made things worse for
each other.

Fifteen minutes into making out in the parking lot of the
bar, Virginia and I had reached a point where we either stopped
or we didn't. "Should I drive you back to you car?"
I asked her as she sat next to me trying to catch her breath.
"I can't think straight. Just give me a minute, "
she said as she tried to calm herself down.

Virginia finally composed herself and told me she had to
call her husband first and promised to be right back. She
then walked back into the small bar, while I waiting there
with my head still spinning. What in the world was I doing?
And could I really have sex with this woman if she comes back
out and says she wants to?

And then I really thought about my sweet Mary and realized
I just couldn't cheat on her like this. I then knew even
if Virginia came out and said she wanted to have sex with
me, I just couldn't do something like that behind my
wife's back. I had never given in to temptation before
but then I had never been tempting like Virginia had temped
me either.

Virginia finally walked out but I couldn't tell by
her expression what she had decided. She opened my car door
and climbed in before she looked at me. "Mark said
it would be ok with him but I think I need to stop, "
Virginia said as I let out a big sigh of relief. I told Virginia
I had decided the same thing before I drove her back to her
car at the office.

"But try and talk to Mary. It might be fun if the four
of us got together" Virginia said smiling she climbed
out of my car and got into her own. I drove him with my head
filled with tons of crazy new thoughts. And the moment I
walked in our back door and Mary saw me, she knew something
was up.

OF course I was afraid to tell my wife what I had done but knew
I had to anyway. It opened up a conversation I never thought
Mary and I would ever have. We had been married for sixteen
years and were both about to turn forty in a few months. It
was a shocking time for both of us to find out things about
each other than we didn't know.

But first Mary wanted to hear all about Virginia, what we
did, how I felt and why it happened in the first place. My
wife has long brown hair and great brown eyes as she listened
quietly although at times I saw her wincing when I told her
about kissing Virginia the way I did. " Some parts
you made it sound like you didn't enjoy it? Mary said
after I had finished.

How could I lie to my wife so I told Mary I enjoyed it a lot,
, maybe too much. "But it didn't mean anything, "
I added hoping my marriage had not just been flushed down
the drain. I was sitting across from my wife and watched
as she seemed to be struggling for a few seconds so I told
her, "I still love you even if you aren't feeling
it right now."

My wife lifted her sweet head for a second and smiled before
she said she had something she wanted to get off her chest
too. Then I was suddenly more nervous than I ever felt before.
"Do you remember last year's Christmas at the
Dale and Rachel's?" Mary asked me. I nodded yes
and remained silent.

"Well after about an hour or so I went to use the powder
room and Dale followed. I was surprised to see him when I
turned around to shut the door, " my wife said. Now
I was really nervous as I stared at Mary and waited to hear
what else she was going to tell me. "It was so stupid,
I mean really stupid. But he kissed me and I guess I was so
surprised that I didn't try and stop him, " She
said. I asked Mary what kind of kiss it was. Mary frowned
at me for a second before she said, " It was a real kiss."

Mary and I couldn't wait for darkness, so we rushed
into the bathroom off our bedroom and locked the door, so
our son couldn't walk in on us. I was so worked up, first
from Virginia and now from my wife's story that it didn't
take me long to tear her clothes off of her.

Mary has nice size breasts which I love to hold and play with,
so when she reached behind to unhook her bra, I had my hands
ready. Mary giggled as her bra fell to the floor and my hands
were instantly filled with her softness. Mary continued
to giggle as she wiggled out of her panties next.

Just seeing Mary's ripe pussy was almost too much for
me as I lifted her onto the edge of our vanity and spread her
legs so I could taste her. Mary has these two wonderful pussy
lips that puff up even more when she is aroused. And trust
me, Mary was aroused. Somehow she managed to climax making
very little noise but apparently our son had heard his mother
anyway. So he knocked on our bathroom door and at first we
both didn't move or make a sound.

"Honey, go watch TV. Mommy will be out in a minute, "
Mary finally said as we heard him walking out of our bedroom.
I was more than ready, way beyond ready and moved between
my leg's legs before my hard cock touched her wet outer
lips. "I need this too, " Mary said gasping
as my dick slipped into her depths. Mary and I fucked for
less than a minute before I exploded and pumped her full
of cum.

Mary blushed and laughed alongside of me as we both quickly
cleaned up and got back dressed again. "I'll
go out first and you wait a few minutes, " Mary said
giggling as she opened our bathroom door and casually walked
out as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Our son never suspected a thing and went to bed at nine like
he always did. Mary then came back from tucking him and that
is when I decided to take a chance to ask her if she wanted
to meet Mark and Virginia and see how we all felt. She gave
me a surprised look and said, " And do what with them?"
Clearly her mind was not on the same page as mine was.

My wife stared me for a moment before she covered her mouth
with her hand and said, " Oh my God. Are you thinking
what I think your thinking?" I instantly felt both
trapped and embarrassed. I quickly told Mary I wasn't
sure what I was thinking other than maybe kissing them.
My wife looked at me for a second or two without speaking
and then softly said, " I don't even know what
he looks like."

I took a picture of Mary to work the next morning and discreetly
handed it to Virginia before I asked her if she could get
Mary a picture of Mark. She looked nervous but smiled and
said she would bring one the following day. We both had always
had great marriages but now that Virginia and I had gotten
this started, both marriages were suddenly heading in
a very dangerous direction.

Mary didn't really comment very much, when she saw
Mark's picture other than to say he was nice looking.
The tension was then building more each day and there was
no way for any of us to control it. No one really knew how it
was going to go even after we all agreed to meet for drinks
and a chance to talk.

My wife was so nervous she changed her outfit four times
the night we were meeting with Mark and Virginia. But I also
knew this was just probably as stressful for them as it was
for Mary and I. I don't remember a single thing we talked
about with them, although we talked for well over an hour.
The entire time Virginia kept looking at me and I kept looking
at her and neither of us had any pure thoughts in our heads.

So after two drinks each and an hour or so Mark asked us all
what we all thought. No one wanted to be the first to admit
we wanted to switch partners and try some hot kissing with
each other's spouse. But somehow we all agreed to give
kissing a try so we left the bar. I then kissed my wife before
she got into Mark's car and then opened the door for
Virginia to get into mine.

It was very, very odd to watch Mary driving off with another
man and I had no idea where he was taking her. Virginia and
I drove around until we found a dark spot behind a major box
store where I parked my car. It took Virginia and I less than
a minute to pick up where we had left off after our office

She was lost in my arms and our lips never stopped touching.
She was totally aroused within five minutes and so was I.
I probably wasn't supposed to touch her but I couldn't
help myself as my hands began to massage her large breasts
over her blouse. My hand then slipped und her blouse and
felt her lacy bra which only made our kisses that much hotter.

I was going out of my mind when I told Virginia, " I want
you tonight." She looked at me as arouses as I was,
but didn't comment at first. We both knew we had agreed
to kissing only, but we were so far past that stage. "We're
not supposed to go that far, " Virginia said as our
lips kept meshing together making it more like torture
for both of us.

My hand then slipped under her skirt and felt her wet panties
as Virginia began to whimper even more. "Ok, as long
as we promise not to tell our spouses, " Virginia
finally said before she reached under her skirt and pulled
her panties down. She was trembling as soon as she was laying
in my back seat. I pulled her legs apart and lowered my slacks
so my throbbing cock was free.

I kissed Virginia one more time before I began to push my
hard fat cock into her wonderfully wet pussy. "Oh
my, Oh my, " She kept muttered the deeper I went into
her tunnel until she had my entire cock inside of her. Virginia
and I then somehow slowed things down and began to fuck each
other very tenderly. Of course we had never done this together
so there was so many new sensations that we had to get use

I had walked by this woman for many years and now I was actually
fucking her in the backseat of my car. And my cock liked her
pussy and her pussy liked my cock. I had her blouse open too,
although her bra remained on but I touched her tits anyway
as my cock kept moving in and out of her tight hole.

She was hairy but it was a thin fine pubic hair around her
pussy while the hair around my cock and balls were thick
and course. And each time I pushed deep into her, our hair
touched and magic happened for both of us. "Are you
going to cum in me?" Virginia asked once my dick had

I told her I wanted to and then Virginia didn't reply
so I took it as a green light. The last minute of our union
turned physical and rough as we ground our bodies together
with the same goal. Once my dam broke and Virginia began
to be filled with my cum, she laid there and felt every spasm
until they finally ended. Our blissful union lasted another
minute or so as we clung to each other and kissed some more
while my cock remained lodged inside of her vagina.

But then real panic set in for both of us as, once we realized
what we had just done. "You have to get off of me, "
Virginia said as I lifted my body off as my dick slipped out
of her, at the same time. "What did we just do?"
Virginia said now very upset not just with me but with herself.
"How did we let this happen?" she said as she
quickly tried to clean herself up."Mark is going
to be able to tell, " She said almost crying by then.

I just kept telling Virginia I was sorry and that we had to
now figure out exactly what we were going to tell our spouses.
"Our stories have to match, " I told Virginia
and she agreed. "What do you think they would say,
if we told them the truth, that we just got carried away, "
Virginia said. I told Virginia I wasn't sure but telling
Mary scared me to death.

"So are you saying we should lie?" Virginia
asked me as she sat in the front seat of my car and pulled her
panties back on. It was an insane situation as I sat next
to Virginia having just fucked her and watched her buttoning
her blouse back up in front of me. "I don't know.
What do you think"? I asked her.

We did both agree that we also hoped Mark and my wife got too
turned on, while they were kissing each other. "Maybe
they did it too, " Virginia said once her blouse was
buttoned back up. I told her I doubted my wife would do that
although technically it was possible but not very likely.
"Well, all I know is my husband is going to be able to
tell, " Virginia said back to me.

I drove Virginia back to the bar we all agreed to meet at an
hour after we separated. And when her husband's car
was not yet back yet, Virginia and I decided to go back in
and have another drink, which we both really needed. It
was very odd to walk in with Virginia and not my wife although
no one in the bar really knew or cared.

Mark and Mary walked in ten minutes later, blushing a little
but also smiling as Mary walked up to me. So I stood up and
kissed my wife again as we hugged for a moment before she
sat back down and ordered a drink. I never thought I could
go from such a high to such a low, all in one night. I may have
wanted to fuck Virginia but it was Mary that I truly loved.
"Did you two have fun" Mark asked his wife and
I. Virginia smiled at him and nodded her head but didn't
spill the beans about what we really did.

And each time I looked at Mary she blushed a little but didn't
really say very much about what she did with Mark did or if
she enjoyed it. The four of us just sat quietly at the table
and sipped our drinks while our eyes did most of the talking.
I had just finished my drink when I asked Mary if she was ready
to leave. She smiled and nodded her head so we stood up and
shared one last hug with Mark and Virginia before we were
out the door.

Now it was just my wife and I back together and we had some
issues we needed to deal with. I was just so afraid when my
wife heard what I did, she wasn't going to be able to
forgive me. "We should talk about this, " was
the first thing out of my wife's lips as soon as we pulled
back onto the street.

"Ok, " was all I said and waited for her to speak
first. "I will admit it was fun, " Mary said
first. I glanced over at her for a moment and noticed my wife's
face turning red. "So you kissed Mark?" I asked
her. "Yes, that is what we all agreed to do, right?
Isn't that why we met with them? " She replied.
I told Mary she was right but didn't know how to actually
tell her how far Virginia and I took it.

"You kissed Virginia, didn't you?" She
asked me next. I couldn't handle the stress any longer
and told my wife that Virginia and I kissed but that we also
got carried away too. I felt the tension increase immediately
as my wife sat silently next to me in our car. And the longer
she didn't speak again, the more tense it got.

I had never felt so ashamed and regretted anything so much
in my life than what I had just done with Virginia. Mary waited
a few more minutes before she asked me in a very calm voice
if Virginia and I ended up having sex together. "Yes
, " was all I said with a huge lump in my throat. .

We got home, showered and got ready for bed and not a single
word was spoken. My wife stayed on her side of the bed and
I stayed on mine. And although I hardly slept most of the
night, morning came anyway. Mary had gotten up first and
was having breakfast with our son when I wandered into our
kitchen to get some coffee. Mary and I exchanged quick glances
but again she said nothing to me. If she had yelled or gotten
mad, it might have made my guilt feel less painful. But she

So I kept my distance and prayed that my wife would forgive
me for what I had done. I cut the grass and cleaned the garage
for most of the morning, if for no other reason than to give
my sweet wife some space and time to think about this and
maybe forgive me.

It was lunch time and when I finally went back inside of the
house to have lunch, our son Jacob was eating a sandwich
at the table all by himself. "Mom left yours over there, "
My son said as he pointed at the counter. I smiled at him and
sat down before I asked him where his mother was at. "Oh,
she went to take a shower, " he said and went back to
eating his lunch.

"Does she seem happy" ? I asked him. Jacob looked
at me and smiled before he nodded his head yes. "Did
she say anything?" I asked him. Jacob put his sandwich
down and said she talked on the phone for a long time and then
told me, "Mom said you were going to take me to the zoo
this afternoon."

I tried to figure things out but didn't' really
know what was happening. But I told him, the zoo sounded
like a fun thing for us to do. "Did mom say if she was
coming with us?"I asked him. Jacob simply shook his
head no. "Did she say anything?"I asked him.
My son looked at and said that mom had told him she had other
plans and that I was going to take him to the zoo without her.

I went to find my wife and talk as soon as I cleaned up our lunch
dishes. Mary was in our bathroom putting on her makeup and
fussing with her hair when I walked in. She looked at me and
smiled as if she was no longer upset. "Will you tell
me what's going on?"I asked her as politely as
I could. She shook her head no and said she would tell me after

With my wife standing there with one of her special lacy
bras on while her large breasts hung like ripe melons in
them, made me feel even worse. I began to panic as my head
realized what an incredible sexual creature, Mary truly
was. "Are you meeting someone this afternoon?"
I asked Mary. The hairs on the back of my neck were standing
straight up as I looked at her body and realized someone
else might be enjoying it and it wasn't going to be me.
Mary never bothered to answer me or even look at me after

I washed up our son and left with him for an afternoon at the
zoo although my head was in a totally different place. He
got excited, looked at all the animals while I thought about
was Mary and what she was doing and who she was doing it with.
I was trapped because I couldn't be mad at her if she
had sex with some other man because I had just had sex with
Virginia, the night before.

I couldn't stand it any longer so around four that afternoon,
I took my son and headed home, not sure what I was going to
face or if I could handle it. And I had a sinking feeling in
my stomach when we got home and my wife's car was not

I had no idea where Mary was or who she was with so all I could
do was hang around the house, mostly pacing back and forth.
And when she didn't return in time for dinner, I began
to worry that she was never coming home. Rationally, I knew
Mary would never leave our son but my head was imaging all
kinds of crazy things by then.

It was a little past seven when I heard my wife's car
pull back into the garage. My heart was beating so fast I
thought it might explode as I waited to see her again. Mary
suddenly appeared wearing one of her short skirt and cute
tops and when we saw each other, we both just stared. Our
son ran up to hung his mother but Mary never took her eyes
off of me. And I never took my eyes off of her.

It was by far the most intense moment of our entire marriage.
I stood up and walked up to Mary as she began to tear up a little
before we embraced. "I still love you, " She
said to me after our first kiss. "I still love you too"
I told my wife and we clung to one another but didn't
need to say anything more.

I figured Mary would tell me what she did and who she did it
with when she was ready. I know I had broken my wedding vows
and maybe she had to, but we were still in love and still together,
and that was the only thing that truly mattered. Mary changed
back into her everyday clothes and we all went back to being
ourselves until after she tucked out son in and told him
good night.

I wasn't quite sure why my dick was so hard but it was.
And every time I looked at Mary, she aroused me even more.
And once we were finally alone again and snuggling on the
sofa like we usually do, I said to my wife "I need to
talk about this."

"I know we both need to, " Mary said as she sat
up and faced me. "Did you meet with someone this afternoon?"I
asked her holding my breath while I spoke. She shook her
head yes before she asked me how much I really wanted to know.
I told my wife I didn't blame her for anything she may
have done but I still needed to know everything.

"Ok well, when Mark and I went off together the other
night when you were with Virginia, things got pretty hot
between us, " Mary said first. "Did you have
sex with him that night?" I asked my wife. Mary shook
her head no but did admit he had his hands down her panties
quite a bit. "But I stopped because I thought all we
were all going to do was kiss each other, " Mary added.

It didn't thrill me hearing about this but I still needed
to know. "So this morning while you were outside avoiding
me, Mark called and we talked, " Mary said next. "So
you spent the afternoon with Mark?"I asked her. "Yes
we got a hotel room for the afternoon, " was all she
had to say because I then knew my wife and Mark and fucked.

My cock was so hard by then I couldn't help it so I grabbed
Mary and pulled her back into my arms. We kissed some more
and things just kept getting hotter and hotter. I imagined
Mark touching Mary's large soft breasts and licking
her sweet wonderful pussy. It was simply driving me insane.
Not with jealousy but with lust.

And then between some of the hottest kisses Mary and I have
ever shared, I saw a small red mark on her neck, just like
Virginia had shown me at the office party where this all
began. My wife and I managed to shut off the TV, lock the doors
and met up again in our bedroom four minutes later.

She was already on our bed, totally naked with her hair pussy
looking like it was still leaking. As I undressed I asked
my wife if Mark was big. She said he was the same size as I was.
"How many times?" I asked her once she saw my
throbbing organ ready to attack. "Trust me, once
was enough, " was all Mary said as I climbed onto the
bed and on top of her. My wife spread her legs and let me sink
my hard cock into her pussy and all I felt was how unbelievably
gooey she was.

She looked up at me and said, " Mark said to tell you
this is how his wife felt to him last night."

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