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Our last fling before my mom moves away!


So, after I coerced Greg’s mom into exploring with me, he
asked if anything happened. I told him I tried, but she wouldn’t
do anything. I promised her I wouldn’t tell what happened,
so I had to lie to him. He said, wow, I’m surprised. I figured
she would have done it. I said, well, I tried, but I couldn’t
get her to seem interested at all. I said, oh well, it was
worth a try anyway. He said, I’m sorry, I thought she would
jump on you if she knew you were interested in her. I said,
don’t be sorry, it’s cool. We kinda blew off that option
and never really talked about it again. Although I did try
one more time to mess around with her, but she wouldn’t do

She was in the shower one day and I snuck in the bathroom and
watched for a minute and then opened the shower door and
surprised her. She was startled, and I begged and pleaded
to mess around again, but she was having nothing to do with
it! I even started to rub my cock to try to turn her on, but
she kept sternly saying no and telling me to get out. She
said, sorry, but it was a big mistake and told me to try to
forget it ever happened. She assured me it wouldn’t ever
happen again, and told me to get out of the bathroom and not
to ever try it again. I was bummed, but I had to respect her
and her faithfulness to Mike.

So, anyway, me and Greg and Tammy hung out a lot until my mom
returned from Florida again. This time she told me it was
going to be her last time here. She said, she was going to
pack everything up and a company was going to drive her stuff
down there in a big truck. I helped her pack her stuff over
the next few days and we took plenty of “breaks” as we worked.
All that packing and moving, made for some great in-between
sex breaks. Most of the times it would just be for her to suck
my cock, but sometimes I would eat her out and sometimes
it was for a quick fuck. We pretty much knew we would mess
around, so we wore as little as possible. I just wore some
boxers with no shirt, everyday, and she wore a tight sports
bra and a skirt with no panties just about every day.

I couldn’t resist seeing her bent over and her bare ass and
pussy showing, so there were many times I just got behind
her and shoved my cock in her pussy and fucked her from behind
very quickly, not making a big thing out of it. It was more
of a shove it in, pound her hard and fast and cum, and then
go back to work kind of thing. But most of the times, my cock
would get hard as I watched her and she would just suck me
off and we would go back to work. The first day, I was excited
for her to be back and still kinda excited about Greg’s mom,
so my cock was hard pretty much constantly. She gave me head
about five times the first day and we fucked twice. The second
day was pretty similar, but I think I fucked her a couple
more times and I ate her out a couple times.

The third day, she sucked my cock right off the bat. Then
about an hour later, she was bending over and I couldn’t
stop looking at her ass and her pink lips as she was bent,
so I raced behind her and shoved my cock in her pussy and started
quickly fucking her. She surprised me and turned her head
around and said, where’s your friend Greg? Why hasn’t he
been over here helping us? I said, I don’t know? I never asked
him I guess. She said, well call him up and ask! I slammed
my cock as hard and fast as I could in her pussy as I said, why,
do you want to fuck him again? She smiled and said, why not?
She said, I’m not getting any younger, I need to get it while
I can. I said, wow, you’re really enjoying this aren’t you?
She said, shut up and call him! I have needs too you know?

I called Greg and asked him if he could come over and help
us finish packing and he seemed kind of hesitant at first.
He said, I don’t know, wouldn’t it be weird after what happened?
I said, no we’re just packing boxes and moving them into
the living room, you probably won’t even talk very much.
I said, she will probably be too busy filling boxes and wouldn’t
even realize you were there. He finally said ok and came
over to help. We rearranged some boxes in the living room,
trying to stack them and push them in the corner, using the
space the best we could, so there wasn’t a huge mess of boxes
scattered all over the place. After an hour or so, she came
in the living room and said, she had some more boxes for us
to bring out here.

When she left to back to where she was, Greg nudged me and
said, damn could she look any hotter? I laughed and said,
keep looking, you might be surprised. We went to grab some
more boxes and he said, does she always walk around like
that? I said, yea most of time. She doesn’t even realize
how she’s dresses and how it affects others. He said, dang,
we should have hung out over here more often! I said, you’re
telling me! We talked and joked a little more and then when
we got to where she was, I grabbed a box and carried it to living
room and looked for the best place to put it while waiting
for him to return and make some more comments about her.
I waited for a few minutes and he didn’t return, so I went
back to see what was taking so long and get another box.

I walked in and saw him standing there with box in his hands
and her on her knees in front of him, sucking his dick. I said,
what the hell! That didn’t take long did it? Greg said, sorry,
I just grabbed a box and turned around and there she was.
He said, I didn’t say a word, she just pulled my shorts down
and started doing it. I said, ohh poor Greg. He laughed and
said, I wasn’t about to say no. She never stopped or said
a thing, she just kept sucking his dick. I grabbed the box
from him and said, here, let me take this for you. He gave
it to me and said, thanks and smiled. I took it back out there
and found a place for it and went back for another box. I joked
and said, is this gonna be an all day thing or what?

I was pretty surprised she went at it soo fast seeing as how
she had done it to me soo many times before in the last couple
days. I figured she would be sick and tired of swallowing
cum by now, but I must have been wrong. He looked at me and
said, no, it’s defiantly not gonna be an all day thing, I’m
about to cum any second now. I took the next box out and found
a place for it and waited a few seconds as he finally came
out with his first box. He had a huge smile on his face and
I said are you done now? He said, man your mom is crazy! I never
would have guessed she was like that. I said, you aint seen
nothing yet. Just wait. He said, what? I said, just wait,
there’ll be more. I said, she has been like nympho lately.

I said, she’s been giving me head and letting me fuck her
all day, every day. It seems like the more she gets, the more
she wants. He said, so you think I might be able to fuck her
again? I said, I don’t know, keep your eyes open and look
for any signs. I said, the way she has been lately, I wouldn’t
put anything past her. He said, really? I said, yea, you
didn’t ask her to give you head did you? He said no. I said,
see she’s just a spur of moment type of person. If she wants
something, she goes for it. I said, if you feel the urge,
just go for it, I bet she would get off on it. He smiled and
said you really think so? I said, yes I do, and then said there’s
only one way to find out right? He said, damn, I wish I knew
this a long time ago.

We talked and joked around and I told him it just kind of started
recently, but I’m sure it would have happened earlier if
I had known. I said, especially if you and I hung out here
more often. Between the two of us being here, she probably
would have lost control a long time ago. I said, but who care
about the past, this is now and we both know how she is acting,
so don’t be shy. I said, if you think she wants something
or you think you want something, just go for it, you know
she would. He said, yea, I found that out a few minutes ago.
I said see then. I’m sure not going to pass up anything if
I see the chance and you shouldn’t either.

He said, your one lucky son of a bitch. I said, no, we are both
lucky son of a bitch’s. I wouldn’t leave you out, you’re
my best friend. He smiled and said thanks, I just wish I could
return the favor. I said, who knows, we’re still young and
there’s plenty of time. I said, just don’t forget about
me if the opportunity ever arises. He said don’t worry I
wont! We worked a little bit more and I went over to where
my mom was and said, boy, you didn’t waste any time with him
at all did you? She reached out and grabbed my shorts like
she was gonna pull them down as she said, no I didn’t, I don’t
have enough time to fool around and wait for him to get the
hint. I grabbed her hands and stopped her from pulling my
shorts down as she knelt on the floor in front of me and looked

I said, don’t worry, I talked to him and told him not to be
shy and to just go for it if he feels any urges. She smiled
at me as she tried to pull away from my grip on her hands and
said, I’m feeling an urge right now. I teased her and said,
you can wait, you should concentrate on him anyway. She
smiled and said, come on, don’t tease me like that. I said,
you can have me all you want later, you should be trying to
work on him while you have the chance. She said, ok but your
gonna get it for this later. I smiled and laughed as I said,
promise? She said, oh yea, I promise, you just wait. I said
ok and I grabbed two smaller boxes and carried then out to
the living room where Greg was re-arranging some of the
other boxes still.

We went back and forth from room to room, getting everything
she packed and bringing it to the living room. She just had
a little bit of clothes and toiletries left to pack that
she was waiting until the end for, incase she needed them.
As she was getting all of those things together in a pile
so she could pack them later, Greg and I started moving everything
out into the garage so the moving guys could load it all up
in the morning. We were about half way done moving everything
into the garage when I said lets take a break and see if there
is anything else she found. We stopped and went to find her
to see if she had found anything else or if we just had to finish
moving what we had.

She was in her room sitting on the floor with a pile of stuff
that she was probably just going to put in a suitcase or duffle
bag for the trip. We asked if there was anything else or if
we just had to finish what we already had in the living room?
She said nope, that’s it. All that’s left is these clothes
and my bathroom stuff that I kept out in case I need it. I said,
is there anything else we can help you with or are you good?
She said, I think I’m good. I said ok, we’re gonna go finish
then. She kind of sighed and said, ohhhh kayyyy, in a sad
sorta voice. I said, what? She said ohhh, nothing I guess.
I smiled, knowing that she probably wanted us to stay and
mess around, but I just said ok, we’re gonna go then.

She quickly sat up a little bit and stuck her ass up in the
air as she bent over the pile of stuff, pretending that there
was something she was looking for and she was grabbing it.
Greg immediately nudged me as his jaw about hit the floor
and he gestured over to her, noticing that she was not wearing
any panties. I said yea? You’re just noticing that? He shook
his head yes as his eyes were glued on her tight, beautiful,
naked ass. I nudged him towards her and said you wanted to
do her, now’s your chance! She turned her head back towards
us with a very seductive look on her face and said, what are
you guys mumbling about? She smiled as she saw Greg’s eyes
were wide open and staring eagerly at her bare ass with his
mouth half hung open and a bulge that was starting to form
in his shorts.

She said, what’s going on? I thought you guys were going
to finish up? I said, we were, but I think Greg wanted to make
sure you didn’t need anything else! She looked at Greg who
had just broke his gaze at her beautiful, naked ass and she
said, was there anything else you needed before you left?
She was being very obvious as she smiled at him and waved
her naked ass at us. I nudged him again and I said, why don’t
you two finish up in here and I’m gonna go start moving the
rest of the stuff into the garage. I backed up and watched
as she said, I wonder if there is anything else we can find
that needs to be packed? Greg stood there for a second, looking
shocked and not knowing what to say, but obviously thinking
something as his cock was bulging out of his shorts.

She said, can you see anything in here that needs to be packed?
She wiggled her tight, naked ass at him a little bit more,
hinting that she meant she wanted to be packed by him. She
said, come on, there has to something you see that still
needs to be packed, as she continued to make it more obvious
by wiggling her ass even higher in the air. He finally mustered
up the nerve and grabbed his cock and said, yea I think I see
something that needs to be packed. She said, well then,
what are you waiting for? Why don’t you help me out and pack
it for me? He started to walk up behind her as he dropped his
shorts to the floor and stepped out of them and began to rub
his cock in his hand.

I watched from the doorway as she said, ohhh my! What do you
think your doing? He said, I’m gonna help you! She said,
what are you gonna do with that? He said, I’m gonna pack it
in your box, what do you think. She smiled and said, do you
think it will fit? He said, I’ll make it fit! She said, it
will be a tight fit, you might have to wedge it in there pretty
hard! He kneeled down behind her and said I’ll wedge it in
there all right, just he pushed it against her ass hole.
She leaned forward a little bit as she realized he was going
for her ass hole and not her pussy and she said, wrong box!
It’s the other one that needs to be filled! He held his cock
with one hand and grabbed her hip with the other, trying
to guide his cock back to her ass hole as he pulled back on
her hip.

He said, no, this one looks like it needs to be filled first!
She said, ok, whichever one you think needs it more! She
reached in the pile of stuff and grabbed a small thing of
lotion and said, maybe you should use this first, it will
help you fit it in my box. He took the lotion and lubed up his
cock and around her tiny, pink ass hole and then pushed the
tip of his cock against her little rose bud, steadily and
firmly as it slid right in her. His legs were spread out on
each side of her instead of between her legs, because he
was soo much bigger than her. They started to slide a little
as he began to pump his cock in and out of her ass hole, so he
leaned over her and put one hand on the ground next to her
and the other hand on her back. He pushed on her back, making
her lay down on the floor, so he could lean over her body and
fuck her instead of spreading his legs and trying to bend
his cock down to her ass.

Once she realized what he was doing and she laid down, he
put his other hand down on the floor too and hovered over
her as he started to pump his cock in and out of her tight willing
ass. I thought to myself, he’s learning quick, as he seemed
to be catching on very fast and knowing exactly what to do.
I had the perfect view as I stood in the doorway, directly
behind them and watched his dick sliding in and out of her
ass hole as she reached underneath herself and started
to rub her pussy and moan. It was pretty hot seeing my best
friend lying on top of my mom, pumping his cock in and out
of her ass as she played with her pussy. My cock started to
get hard and pulse as I watched them fucking.

I pulled my cock out and started stroking it as I watched
my best friend fucking my mom in the ass. I loudly yelled…
“again”!! Every time I leave you two alone even for a second,
you start messing around. What’s going on with that? Greg
turned his head and smiled as he said, she told me she needed
help filling her box, so I filled it for her. I said, what
a good friend, and I laughed. I said, mom, do you need any
help filling anything else? She said, sure, fill anything
you see that looks like it needs filling. Her pussy was glistening
wet so, I got behind them and tried to push my big long cock
down to her pussy and fuck her other hole so she was filled
to the brim, but I couldn’t get my cock inside her pussy without
leaning on Greg and that just seemed kinda weird.

So I got up and moved in front of her and lifted her head by
her chin and started jerking off, just inches away from
her face, teasing her with my big cock. She watched me very
intensely as I jerked off for her, and she started to wine
and whimper as she wanted my cock more and more. I pushed
my cock down to her mouth and let her suck the head of it for
just a second and then pulled it away from her and continued
to jerk off in front of her face again. I did this a few times
over and over, teasing her uncontrollably as she started
to beg for my cock and get hornier and hornier by the second.
She started to moan louder and louder, as she had a huge orgasm!

Then she pulled her hand from her pussy and arched her back
and grabbed my cock from me viciously, as she devoured it
into her mouth and immediately started sucking on it. I
grabbed her head and held it as I started to fuck her mouth
with my cock. She moaned and mumbled as Greg pounded her
ass and I fucked her mouth. After a couple minutes, Greg
started speeding up and saying he was gonna cum soon. I knew
I couldn’t cum that quick from fucking her mouth, so I pulled
my cock out, still holding her head tightly, and I started
vigorously jerking off in front of her face. Greg moaned
louder as he started to quiver and pump his warm cum inside
her ass. She moaned and made loud noises as he filled her
ass with cum.

I started to moan and say open your mouth as I was getting
ready to cum now also. I said, I’m gonna cum in your mouth,
as I jerked my cock fast and hard. She said, give it to me,
cum in mouth! I want to taste your sweet, warm cum in my mouth.
I moaned louder as I started to explode, pumping loads of
cum in her mouth and on her face as I jerked my cock and held
her head tightly. Greg just laid there on top of her, watching
as I pumped my cum on her face and in her mouth. I made her gag
a few times as my cum blasted into the back of her throat,
choking her as it hit her tonsils. She laughed as she gagged
on my cum, trying to make fun of it and letting me know how
astonished she was at the amount and viscosity of it.

I finished blasting my cum in her face and mouth and then
I shoved it in her mouth and made her suck it dry and swallow
every drop of cum. She eagerly sucked my cock dry and swallowed
every drop she could muster out of it. I leaned back and stood
up as I pulled up my shorts and said, next time try to wait
for me ok? She was licking her lips clean as Greg leaned back
and pulled his limp cock out of her ass, making it make a suction
noise as it exited. He stood up and pulled up his shorts as
he stared down at the beautiful ass he just fucked. She wiggled
her way up to her knees as she said, I only have one box left
that didn’t get filled. Maybe you guys can help me with it
later. She said, right now I need to hop in the shower and
get cleaned up.

She said, why don’t you boys go get cleaned up and then finish
what you were doing and I’ll make us some dinner after my
shower. She said, does that sound like a plan? We both said
yep, sounds good. We left her bedroom as she went into her
bathroom to take a shower and we talked and Greg made all
kinds of comments about my mom and what we did and what we
might do later. We went to the other bathroom and cleaned
up a little bit and then went back to finishing up with moving
everything out into the garage for the movers tomorrow

We spent about an hour and a half, finishing up moving everything
and getting it all ready for the movers. We talked and joked
around while working, mostly about sex and my mom and other
things we wanted to try to do in the future. My mom had already
started making dinner when we were finishing getting everything
situated and ready to go for the morning. We came back inside
and to let her know we were finished and see how dinner was
coming. She told us we must be tired and sweaty and said we
should hop in the shower and get cleaned up while she was
finishing in the kitchen. I let Greg hop in the shower first,
and when he was drying off and getting dressed, I jumped

We chatted while showering and cleaning up, talking more
about my mom and what we did and what we wished we could in
the future. Also, talking about how we wished we would have
known about her newfound side earlier. I finished my shower
and got out and dried off as we chatted and finished getting
dressed and ready. We went back to the kitchen and sat down
and chatted with my mom a little bit as she was just finishing
up also. She set the table and brought the food and drinks
out and we ate and talked for about an hour or so. We took our
time and relaxed as we ate and talked. When we finished eating
and chatting, we got up and let her stay at the table and relax
for a bit as we cleaned up.

She was saying how much she appreciated our help and everything
we did for her and stuff. We both said no problem and also
thanked her for what she did for us too. She said thanks for
what? Greg and I Both started to say something at the same
time. I stopped what I was going to say right away, as I wanted
to hear what he had to say. He said thanks for doing for me,
what I had only been able to fantasize about before. He said,
I have been dying to have sex ever since my girlfriend and
I started dating, but she wouldn’t let me even touch her,
let alone do anything else. My mom said, it was my pleasure.
I can’t believe you have been holding out as long as you have.
She said, I don’t know how you could deal with a girl like
that? You’re in your prime right now.

He said, believe me, I have been trying, but she won’t budge.
My mom said well I am glad I could help you out. She said, but
I am the one that should be thanking you two, not you thanking
me. He said why? She said because you two have made me a very
happy woman. You have your whole lives ahead of you and will
have tons more opportunities to experiment and have sex.
I am not getting any younger and I won’t have many more opportunities
like this. Greg said you are a beautiful woman! You will
be having guys knocking at your door for a long time. He said,
you don’t even realize how sexy you are and the way you make
guys feel when they look at you!

She smiled and thanked him and said you’re just trying to
be nice. He said, no I’m not, I am totally serious. I have
fantasized about you for a long time, as have every one else
that we know. That’s the truth! She smiled and said really?
We both said yea really, at the same time. She said when you
get older like me, you just kind of think you lost everything
you used to have. Greg piped in and said you haven’t lost
anything, you still have it all, in fact you have more than
any of the girls we know! She said you guys are really making
my day! I couldn’t wish for a better going away than this.

Greg and I were both leaning against the kitchen counter,
me with my hands beside me, holding the edge of the counter
and him with his arms crossed in front of him. My mom was still
sitting at the table with her chair turned half facing us.
She said you both are two of the sweetest boys I have ever
known. I am soo lucky to have had these experiences with
you both. I said we are just as lucky as you are. You are one
the most amazing women in the world. I only wish I could have
realized it earlier. She stood up and walked over to us as
she smiled and said can I do one last thing for you boys? I
said that’s very nice of you, but couldn’t we do something
for you instead?

She walked closer as I said we owe you more than you could
ever know. We should be thanking you and making your last
night memorable, not the other way around. She said, letting
me do something for you boys is what would make me happy.
She grabbed each of our cocks and squeezed them and started
to rub them as she said, just let me enjoy this and do one last
thing for you both. We shrugged our shoulders and said ok,
if that’s what you want. She smiled and said this is what
I want! She said you two have no idea how turned I get just
thinking about your young bodies and the things I want to
do with them. She said just being able to suck your young
dicks is all that I need.

She reached up and grasped both of our shorts in each of her
hands and started to wiggle them down as her eyes left ours
and lowered to our cocks as she slid our short down for one
last time. She smiled as she saw our already stiffening
cocks and said now that’s what I wanted to see! Greg unfolded
his arms and reached beside him and grabbed the edge of the
counter like I had done as she got down on her knees and started
to stroke our now fully hard cocks. She said, this is what
I really want right now, you boys make me feel soo young again.
She leaned over and took Greg’s cock in her mouth and began
to suck him as she still rubbed her hand over my cock. Then
she switched to take my cock in her mouth as she rubbed her
hand over his.

As she did this, we both had the same idea as we moved away
from the counter and stood close to each other, right in
front of her, so she could suck both our cocks more easily.
She went back and forth between our cocks, sucking and stroking
them both for about 10 minutes or so. She was defiantly doing
it for herself just as much as for us, because she was taking
her time and doing it slowly and seductively as she savored
every second of it. After a few more minutes, I reached down
and grabbed her shoulders, making her stand up as I said,
let’s go in the other room and get more comfortable. She
looked up at us with a super sexy, seductive look and said
that sounds great.

We went to the living room where it all started and I told
Greg to sit down and then I grabbed my mom’s shoulders and
applied a little pressure, showing her that I wanted her
to get on her knees and suck his cock. I kneeled down behind
her and started to kiss and lick her ass as I slowly worked
my way to her pussy. I licked her pussy and even licked her
ass hole as she moaned and sucked Greg’s cock harder and
deeper. I laid down on my back and slid underneath her and
continued to lick and suck on her pussy and clit as she enjoyed
sucking Greg’s cock. She was in heaven as she moaned and
wiggled around with his cock in her mouth and me eating her
pussy as best as I could possibly do.

Within a few more minutes, she was moaning loud and grinding
her pussy in my face. She had a huge orgasm and seeped her
pussy juices into my mouth. As Greg’s cock was in her mouth
while she was moaning and sucking him hard, he started to
moan also and unload his cum in her mouth. She swallowed
every drop of his cum eagerly as her body shuddered on my
face. I reached up and grabbed her waist and pulled her backwards,
making her slide down on top of me. My cock met her tight dripping
wet pussy as I slid her down and it made it’s way inside her
warm hole all by it’s self.

My cock eagerly parted her puffy lips and slid inside her
tight hole on it’s own as I continued to slide her down by
her waist, the rest of the way. She moaned as my cock entered
her pussy and she took over, putting her hands on my chest
and lifting herself up and down on my hard cock. She rode
my cock slow and gently as she enjoyed every second of it.
But then she started picking up the pace and riding my cock
faster and harder. She stared at Greg and smiled at him as
her tities bounced up and down while riding my cock. After
a few minutes, She reached up and started rubbing his cock
as I took over and started to thrust my cock up into her pussy.

I started to shove my cock in and out of her pussy faster and
harder as she moaned and asked Greg if he could get hard enough
again to fuck her in her ass. He smiled as his cock started
to get hard instantly again and he said, I would love to.
He stood up and moved behind us as I slowed my pace and let
him get a good look. He lubed his hand with some lotion that
was on the end table and stroked his cock as he watched me
fucking her. He then poured some lotion on her ass hole and
rubbed it around her extremely tight hole with his finger.
He placed the head of his cock against her ass hole as I stopped
fucking her so he could enter ass. He slowly pushed his cock
inside her ass hole as it gladly opened up for him. I could feel his cock push against mine as he started to slowly
work it in and out of her ass, getting her used to it before
picking up the pace and fucking her faster. I just laid there
with my cock deep in her pussy, as he fucked her ass a little
faster and then a little faster more. Once he was fucking
her at a good pace and rhythm, I tried to join in and match
his pace, shoving my cock in and out of her now much tighter
pussy as he did the same in her ass. She started to moan good
and loud and move her body as we fucked her very steadily.
Eventually taking over and riding her body back and forth
on our cocks as we stayed still and let her do the work.

She knew what felt good to her and how she liked it and wanted
it, so we just let her work her body on our cocks as we relaxed
and enjoyed her doing the work. She moaned louder and slammed
her body back and forth against our cocks hard and fast,
making our cocks both dart as deep and hard as possible inside
her. She rode our cocks as hard and fast as she could while
giving herself another orgasm and screaming out loud with
pleasure as she stopped and started to shake and shudder!
Greg started to slowly fuck her ass again as she regained
her composure and got her breath back.

I just laid there and let him fuck her ass while I enjoyed
the warm feeling of her pussy on my cock and the feeling of
his cock rubbing against mine as he jetted in and out of her
ass. She laid down on top of me and kissed my chest as she moaned
and he pounded her ass from behind. Unbelievably, she started
to have another orgasm as her body tightened and her holes
clenched around our cocks. This threw Greg into a whirl
and caused him to start moaning and fucking her harder.
I knew it was time for me to start fucking too as he was gonna
cum soon. I started to thrust my cock up and down shoving
it hard and deep into her pussy as he did the same in her ass.

Within seconds, we were both moaning and saying we were
going to cum. She said, cum inside me! I want to feel your
cum shooting inside both my holes at the same time. We both
immedialty let loose, filling both her hole at the same
time. We jerked and convulsed as we pumped her holes full
of cum, making her have a third orgasm as we filled her full
of cum. She said, ohh my god! That was amazing! That felt
soo good, you wouldn’t even believe it. She said, that was
the best thing we could have ever done for her. She kind of
laughed a tiny bit as she said, now I can leave happy and fulfilled.
She said, you two just did so much more for me than you will
ever know.

We got up and got dressed as we talked a little bit more. Greg
gave her a huge hug and kissed her passionately as he thanked
her and she thanked him. He said he should probably get going
and we walked him to the door and said our goodbyes. I looked
at her as he left and said can I give you my goodbye now? She
said and what would that be? I said, I want to have our own
time together by ourselves before she left. She agreed
and we cleaned up the kitchen and talked a little and then
made our way to her room and finished with an amazing frenzy
of passion. We did a lot of touching and fore play before
going crazy and fucking like it was going to be our last.

We took a long hot shower afterwards and touched and hugged
and kissed and cleaned each other as we made the most of our
last time together. We went to bed in her bed and fell asleep
together. Then in the morning we awoke and got up quickly
as we over slept and unfortunately did not have enough time
for one last fling. We got dressed and finished packing
her things she kept out and she handed me a thousand dollars,
saying it was all she could afford. I said, what’s this for?
She said, your dad is selling the house so we can split the
money and said, she figured I would need it to get an apartment
or something.

I tried to give it back to her and say it wasn’t necessary
and she needed money just as bad as me, but she wouldn’t let
me give it back. She said, she would get plenty of money once
the house sold and she would try to send me a little bit more
if she could. The truck drivers showed up as we were taking
and we sadly had to go down and let them into the garage to
start loading everything up. As they loaded everything
into their truck, we talked a little more and said our goodbyes,
both starting to cry a little as we knew we would hardly ever
see each other anymore. Then in a flash, she was gone.

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Good fucking story!!!!!!!!!!!!


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u r great writer u knoe how 2 explore more & more keep it up c u soon with new assinement