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Our journey from heartbreak to happiness.


As usual, I was running a few minutes behind and now I was
also caught in a dam traffic jam to boot. It had been one of
those mornings, that happens every once in a while when
I can least afford it. So I tried to take a deep breath and
hope Paul would wait for me at our lunch spot. Paul and I have
been having lunch each Monday since he took me under his
wing. He was a trusted friend as well as my lawyer, and my
mentor too.

Over all, my life had gone fairly smoothly, even if this
morning in particular was turning to be a disaster. So I
was hoping that Paul would have some good news for me. It
would make my day and my year to hear him tell me, he heard
from Jill's attorney and she was ready to settle, so
we could finally be divorced.

My soon to be ex-wife and I may not have worked well as a couple
but as business partners we had been great. We certainly
did the right thing when we started buying rental properties
many years before. So once we made it official and decided
to end our miserable marriage, we had a sizeable portfolio
to divide up. And then when you also threw in my 401 at work,
my pension and our banking accounts, Jill wanted more than
her fair she, she wanted blood.

I kept checking my watch as the traffic was just crawling
along and I was already ten minutes late. It actually took
me twenty minutes more before I finally walked into the
restaurant and spotted Paul in our usual booth. He looked
at and then glanced down at his watch just as I walked up and
started to apologize.

But once again, to the rescue came Barbara, our waitress
for the past fifteen years with her usual big smile and my
glass of scotch . "Here you go honey, " Barbara
said as she put my drink down in front of me and then told me
I looked like crap. If anyone could make me smile it was Barbara.
She was one of those rare women you meet in life if you're
lucky and the kind of person who can change your day on the

"Ok honey. Now you sip this and relax. I'll be
back to take your order in a minute, " Barbara said.
But Barbara never just walked away until we exchanged our
usual sexual jabs too. "Are you ready to leave that
no good husband of yours yet and run off with me?"I
asked Barbara.

Barbara would get a huge grin on her face before she looked
at me and say, "You would never be able to satisfy me
in bed." Barbara always brought a smile to my face
as she turned and walked away. I wish she twenty five years
younger because I swear I adored the woman even if she was
in her late sixties.

I then turned my attention back to Paul and asked him if he
had heard anything from Jill's attorney. "I
could sure use some good news, " I said to him as he
shook his head no before he reminded me I had to be patient.
"But how long is this going to take?"I asked
him feeling a bit frustrated that my divorce was taking
so long and costing so much in the process.

I also knew I was taking it out on Paul and it wasn't right.
I apologized again before Barbara walked back up to our
booth and broke my mindset yet again. "Ok have we decided
what we want for lunch?" Barbara asked with her bright
smile shining down on Paul and I. I told her what I wanted
to order and Barbara bent over and whispered to me, "That
looked like crap. So order something else."

"Thank you darling, " I told Barbara as she
stood back up smiling from ear to ear. "Well I have
to keep my options open incase Jake croaks on me one of these
days. Then I might give you a chance, " Barbara said
giggling her usually funny giggle. I ordered something
else, Paul ordered too, before Barbara blew me a kiss after
she winked and headed off to place our order with the chef.

"Jill will come to her senses sooner or later, "Paul
said before he asked me how everything else in my life was
going. I told him work was fine, my condo was ok but I needed
to find some female friends, pretty dam soon. Paul had advised
me right from the time the papers were signed not to date
or do anything that would piss Jill off even more than she
already was.

"Ok stop being my attorney for a moment and as my friend
tell me what the hell I'm supposed to do, " I said
to him. I was only in my early forties, so he had to realize
I liked women and needed one pretty soon. Paul sat there
staring at me for a moment with this odd look on his face.

"Are you kidding me, it's been over four months, "
Was all said to him before Paul reached in his suit coat and
calmly pulled out his leather address book. He thumbed
through a few pages so I made the joke and asked him if he kept
his harem of women in there. Paul and Nancy had the kind of
marriage I wished I would have had and they seemed as happy
as any two people on the face of the earth.

But when he didn't respond I began to worry that maybe
Paul was cheating on his wife and I never even realized it.
Paul had always pretended to me one of those straight up
kind of family guys and clearly Nancy was the love of his
life, or so I had always thought. "No, I don't
have a harem. But I do have the number of a lovely young lady
who I will pass your phone number on to, so she can call you
for a meeting, if you want me to, " He said.

I asked Paul who she was but all he would say at first is that
she was very sweet and also had to be very discreet. "What's
her name?"I asked. Paul said her name was Trisha but
that was about all, he would say other than he added if we
did get together, I better treat her very gently. Barbara
brought us our lunch and the subject was dropped as Paul
and I spent the rest of our time talking about all the normal
things we had talked about before Jill and I split up.

One day passed and then two and then a week and this mystery
girl Trisha had still not called me. In fact a little over
two weeks passed before my phone rang one afternoon while
I was at my desk and Trisha introduced herself. It was a bit
awkward but we chatted for a few minutes with me mostly answering
some questions she had for me.

Things like my age, what I looked like and normal stuff a
girl might want to know before taking a blind date with a
man she had never met. But when I asked Trisha what she looked
like, she clammed up and told me not to worry about her looks
because she has always been told she is good looking. And
then Trisha said, " I don't do this very often."
So all I really had to go on was what had Paul had shared with
me about Trisha. He had said she was a blonde, in her late
twenties, very cute and very sweet.

Of course I was beyond excited after Trisha and I planned
on meeting each other for coffee, later that afternoon
around four. I swear my heart stopped when I looked up and
saw this cute, sweet looking blonde girl walked into the
coffee shop at four sharp. Trisha had on a pair of jeans,
rather ordinary top and flip flops. Not exactly dressed
up but she did look sweet, just the same.

She was very petite and had this wonderful smile on her face
as she waved at me as if to say, "Are you the man I am meeting?"
I immediately smiled while I waved back at Trisha. In my
brain I was thinking, this is just too good to be true. So
Trisha walked over to me and sat across from me before she
offered her hand for me to shake.

But then I saw her wedding ring as we shook hands wondering
exactly what was really going on. So I decided to let Trisha
do most of the talking to start with so maybe I would figure
out what she was really up to. But she noticed I was glancing
at her sizeable diamond so Trisha leaned across the table
as her perfume hit me head on and whispered softly, "Don't
worry about that."

I still didn't know what was the story with this gorgeous
little blonde girl sitting across from me. I think I asked
her next how old she was and Trisha laughed before she said
she gets asked that a lot. "I'm twenty seven,
so stop worrying because I am old enough, " she replied.
Trisha softly explained she was married to a great guy who
supports her well so she has to be very discreet.

"So why are you meeting me?"I think I asked her
next. Her blonde hair was just above her shoulders and styled
very well but her blue eyes are what really got to me. Well
that, and her very pretty face and pink lipstick. Trisha
looked at me for a moment and calmly said, " I like
to earn my own spending money."

When I didn't immediately respond Trisha leaned back
in her chair and told me if this didn't work for me, she
would just leave. Of course I panicked a little and told
this delightful looking young blonde that she looked great
and this could definitely work for me.

She then told me she had sized me up enough so if I wanted to
get us a room and make it worth her while, she was ready to
leave with me. " I trust Paul and he vouches for you
so I feel good about this, " Trisha added as she looked
at me acting like she was dead serious. "Do you mean
right now?"I asked her. Trisha said she had a couple
of hours to kill so why shouldn't we have some fun together.

She rode with me and commented that she liked my Benz as we
drove down the street towards hotel row. "What does
your husband do for a living"? I asked Trisha at one
point. She smiled and said he was a pilot for one of the airlines
but stopped short of telling me which airline.

"Listen, let's not make this complicated. I
am married so just accept it, " Trisha said as I pulled
into the parking lot of a major hotel chain. My nerves were
shot, my palms sweaty while I was sucking for air when I parked
my car and Trisha and I got out. Her blonde hair was blowing
in the wind, as she grabbed my hand and told me to just relax
because this was going to be fun.

Maybe I really was as old as I felt at that moment. But meeting
a girl twenty minutes earlier and now we were going to fuck
each other was mind-blowing for me. I had only been with
three women total in my life and no one other than Jill for
the past twenty years. Trisha browsed in the gift shop while
I got us a room and them met her by the elevator.

Like I said before Trisha had on a pair of jeans, plain top
and flip flops, so she didn't exactly look like an escort.
But her face was precious and her smile even more intoxicating.
Maybe she weighed a hundred and ten pounds at most and her
breast were fairly small yet she looked like the sexier
woman on the face of the planet.

We had just walked in the hotel room and I had just locked
the door when Trisha turned to me smiling and said"
Nothing kinky, ok?" I merely nodded at her unsure
of what to do next or how to even get started. "Well
ok then. Let's have some fun, " She said as she
reached for her top and pulled it over her head. Trisha then
unzipped her jeans and began to wiggle out of them when she
stopped and asked me if I was going to get undressed or not.

I guess I was kind of paralyzed by the situation. Trisha
stood a few feet from me with her lacy bra exposed and her
jeans unzipped but still on when she stopped and just stared
at me. "Do you want me to talk dirty to you? Would that
help?" She asked.

I had never found myself in this sort of situation before
but I was still a man with needs and Trisha was looking pretty
dam good to me by that point. "No I'm fine. In fact
everything I see so far looks really good, " I said
to Trisha as she smiled again and began to lower her jeans.
We hadn't even kissed and we were already stripping.
This woman had an odd approach to sex or at least one I had
never experienced so far.

I quickly removed my suit coat, tie and shirt as Trisha stood
waiting for me wearing only her bra and panties. My dick
was already beginning to stiffen as I slipped my slacks
off next. It wasn't romantic at all but it sure as hell
was sexy. One man, one woman both with different sexual
organs willing to use them together for the ultimate amount
of mutual pleasure.

Trisha and I came together and slowly embraced one another
for the first time when we finally kissed. Her lips were
incredibly warm and moist as I pressed mine to hers and savored
the feelings all the way down to my toes. But part of mind
did not yet believe I was going to actually end up fucking
this pretty young woman who I had just met.

We held on to each other and kissed for about a minute before
Trisha pulled back and told me I was a really good kisser.
All I felt was a fire building in my loins. She then giggled
as she reached around her back and unhooked her bra for me.
When I saw her small pair shaped breasts I gasped even more.

"Do you like them?" she asked but all I could
do was nod my head. But when she reached up and held them for
me as if she was being sexy and teasing me, I saw her wedding
ring again and it caused me to pause. "Don't worry
about that, " She said as soon as she sensed a change
in me.

"Ok, I'm not really married. I wear the ring to
keep guys from hitting on me, " Trisha said. I asked
her if that was really true as Trisha walked up to me and pressed
her lips against mine again without answering me. I guess
it really didn't matter because once I felt Trisha's
soft breasts against my chest, my male hormones kicked

After a rather long, very torrid kiss, Trisha dropped to
her knees and lowered my shorts so she could take hold of
my swollen cock and begin to work on it. Feeling her warm
mouth on my cock was like pure heaven as I stood there feeling
my legs getting weaker by the second. I knew I couldn't
take much since it had been over four months since my dick
had felt a warm blooded woman.

I remember I reached down and picked Trisha up in my arms
as I carried her to the bed before I gently laid her down on
it. We kissed along the way but once she was on the bed, on
her back, Trisha wasted no time at all. She instantly reached
for her panties and wiggled out of them as I climbed onto
the bed alongside of her.

She had a runway strip of light brown hair above her crack
but all I focused on was her two very puffy, pink outer lips.
"Oh yes baby, " Trisha said as soon as my tongue
began to tease her pussy. She squirmed a little and whimpered
a lot before I finally climbed on top of her ready to do the
hard lifting.

She was beside herself as she laid gasping under me with
her legs spread wide, ready to take my cock all the way up
into her little, wet crack. I teased her for a second or two
by rubbing the end of my dick against her outer lips a few
times before I went for it and pushed the head inside of her

"Oh fuck yes, fuck yes, " Trisha said as I pushed
again and felt her inner lining open up as my shaft made its
way all the way up inside of her. How can two people who just
met and barely know each other make this wonderful moment
of being together, feel so perfect.

I began to fuck Trisha hard right from the start and she clung
to me and nibbled my shoulders while my cock worked it's
magic. Her pussy was the perfect combination of tight,
warm and slippery all at the same time. Our incredible connection
only lasted a few minutes before I exploded deep inside
of Trisha as she whimpered through every one of my spasms.

I couldn't talk nor could I even breathe so all I could
do was ram Trisha over and over until every drop of my cum
had been released in her incredible pussy. She laid quietly
under me kissing me and holding me while I cock remained
lodged securely inside of her incredible tight pussy.

Trisha and I may have still been strangers but what we had
just shared was still very special. She waited until I had
softened before I rolled off of her and she jumped off the
bed and rushed into the shower to clean herself up. By the
time I got out of the shower, Trisha was fully dressed and
waited for me sitting on the edge of the bed that we had just

I wasn't sure what something like that was worth but
handed Trisha what I thought was fair and she must have agreed
because she got a huge grin on her face. "Do you want
me to call you next week, when I have some more free time?"
she asked. I told Trisha that sounded perfect.

It still bothered me that she might be a married woman but
I also couldn't stop thinking about her every single
day. Why would a cute, attractive young lady, fuck strangers
she hardly knew. But at least when Paul and I met for lunch
the week after, I was in a much better mood. Barbara and I
did our thing for a few minutes before Paul asked me if Trisha
had called me or not.

"She was great, " I said to him with a big grin
on my face. "How do you know her?" I asked Paul
but he avoided my question and changed the subject. In the
back of my mind I began to wonder if Paul might have also fucked
Trisha once but I realized if I asked him, he might have felt
very insulted, so I didn't dare.

And just like I had hoped she would, Trisha called me later
that afternoon and said she had some free time, if I was interested
in meeting with her again. I told her I couldn't wait
and made plans to meet at four again at the same coffee shop.
The moment I saw her short blonde hair and pretty face as
she walked in wearing a short blue jean skirt and top, I was
on fire.

We only wasted five minutes talking before Trisha was back
in my car headed back to the hotel. "Can I call you sometime?"
I asked her. Trisha got a bit nervous and said it worked best
if she calls me instead. I told Trisha, she was all I thought
about for the past seven days as she giggled and nodded her
head yes, as if she felt the same way I was feeling.

And once we were back in the room Trisha amazed me again because
while most women want to be kissed and romanced first, Trisha
preferred to strip first. So as she pulled her top over her
head, she asked me how my week had gone. And when she unzipped
her skirt and stepped from it, she asked me I had done anything
exciting since we last saw each other.

It was only when her small tits were exposed and all she had
left on were her panties, did Trisha move close to me so we
could start to kiss and hold each other again. I loved feeling
her warm soft body against mine as our lips danced together
in the perfect waltz.

Trisha and I quickly ended up on the bed as I slipped her panties
off and got my second look at her ripe, pink juicy pussy.
" I can tell you like it when you are fucking me, don't'
you?" Trisha said softly while I played with her pussy
with my finger tips. " I love it, " I said to her
before I began to lick her womanhood and tasted her nectar
for the second time.

And this time I knew for sure Trisha climaxed because after
just a few minutes when it hit her, she was all over the bed
squirming and moaning as if someone had just stabbed her.
Trisha was truly the most amazing woman I had ever been with.
My urges were so strong I didn't even give her a chance
to suck my cock before I pinned her on her back and forced
her legs apart.

Holding her arms above her head, I got on top of Trisha as
she looked up at with fire in her eyes as she waited to have
her pussy penetrated. "Are you ready?" I asked
her. Trisha looked up gasping for air and replied, "I've
been ready all week." I leaned forward and felt her
open up as my fat thick cock began to slide up inside of her
tight pussy until I had the back of her vagina. "Oh
shit. You are so deep, " Trisha mumbled before we
began to fuck.

I didn't remember hitting anything inside of her the
first time we had intercourse but during the second, I felt
it with every single thrust. And so did Trisha as she whimpered
and lost all control. It felt like the end of my cock had swollen
up to the size of a baseball by the time I shot the first glob
of hot cum into her. Whatever my cock was bumping into was
now taken the blast directly as my cum kept shooting out
the end of my cock.

And suddenly I had another chapter to my weekly routine
with my weekly luncheon with Paul and my weekly get together
for hot sex with Trisha. About a month into it, Trisha called
me one day as expected but this time she asked me if we could
maybe just go out for dinner or do something other than just
meet for sex.

I was surprised but I also told her that sounded great, so
Trisha and I shared our first real date and had dinner together.
I might also add, she looked so cute and adorable in her dress
and her hair all done up for the occasion. But I also wasn't
kidding myself because Trisha and I had no future that I
could see. She still had a wedding ring on her finger and
she was still twenty seven and I was forty one. But we had
fun together although Trisha and I didn't get a room
that night but I enjoyed being with her, just the same.

The next week when Paul and I were sharing lunch, I happened
to mention to him how much different Trisha acted the week
before. "It felt like we were on a real date. And I feel
like we might have some feelings for each other too "
I remember saying to him. The moment the words left my lips,
I saw Paul's expression change immediately.

"I'm going give you the best advice you might
ever get" Paul said looking dead serious. "Don't
see Trisha anymore. Just end it. When she calls, just tell
her you are too busy to meet her, " Paul said. This
made absolutely no sense at all. Paul had been the one who
hooked us up in the first place and now he was telling to stop
seeing the woman I enjoyed being around as well taking her
to bed, which by the way was some of the best sex I had ever

I sat there looking stunned, so Paul leaned over a booth
and told me again, "Just walk away from her."
And before I could respond let alone digest what he had just
told me Paul went on to say he had some really good news. ,
"Jill's attorney has sent us a new offer."
I wanted to hear good news about my divorce settlement but
I sure never expected Paul to also tell me at the same time
to walk away from Trisha.

Paul proceeded to hand me Jill's new offer which I quickly
began to read over and I was surprised that most of it actually
sounded fair. It was basically a divide right down the middle
except she was now willing to leave my pension and 401K alone.
"What do you think"? I asked Paul. He smiled
and told me I would be a fool if I didn't accept the offer
and end my marriage once and for all.

It was a monumental moment in my life when he handed me his
pen, and I signed the offer, ending that chapter in my life
at last. "Well I think it is time to celebrate, "
Paul said with a big grin on his face. I motioned for Barbara
to come over as she walked up with her usual smiling face.
I ordered Paul and I each a martini to celebrate and told
Barbara I wanted her to have one too. "Are you trying
to get me drunk so you can finally seduce me?" She said
with her usual snickering way. I told Barbara she was and
would always be the love of my life before she turned and
walked to get our martini's.

"So now your life can start over again, " Paul
said to me as I sat there and realized Jill and I were done
with each other, forever. I sipped my martini and quietly
let this good news sink in before I asked Paul why he had told
me to walk away from Trisha too. He got serious again and
simply said "She has been trouble for as long as I have
known her."

Of course I asked Paul how long he had known Trisha and that
is when another shock wave hit me head on. Paul got serious
and asked if I remembered his older brother, John, the doctor.
I told him I did remember John having met him a couple times
over the years. "Well Trisha is his daughter and my
niece, " Paul said with a sobering expression on
his face.

He then slowly explained how Trisha had been in trouble
since she was fourteen or fifteen and quickly got involved
with the wrong kids. It sounded like she got into alcohol
first and then drugs and in the process drove her entire
family crazy. "When she dropped out of college after
her junior year, she disappeared for a few years and no one
knew if she was even alive, "Paul said.

But the worst shock was yet to come. "She has been in
prison for the past two years and just got released a few
months ago. She was riding in a car when the guy she was with,
when he robbed a liquor store and she was charged with accessory
to an armed robbery, " Paul said.

I sat there almost not believing that this sweet, very cute
blonde girl I had gotten to know was really something so
different than how she appeared. "She has to live
with her parents as part of her parole and that is why you
could never call her, " Paul added. I asked Paul if
Trisha was married or not and that caused him to laugh as
he shook his head no. "The ring is my mother's,
her grandmothers, but John took out the real diamond incase
Trisha decides to sell it, " He explained.

But the most important question I had for Paul was when I
asked him why he hooked me up with his niece in the first place.
His answer rambled all over the place as he explained that
I needed a woman and he thought if his niece hung around with
a stable man instead of the low life's' she usually
hangs around with, it might help both of us.

"I don't want to know anything that you two did
but my guess you realized right away how loose and how open
Trisha is when it comes to sex, " Paul added before
he shut up. It was very ironic that I left that luncheon now
free to finally date any woman I wanted to but the only woman
I thought about was the one, l I shouldn't see any more.

Like clockwork, Trisha called me the next day to ask me if
I wanted to see her again. I had planned on following Paul's
advice but once I heard her sweet voice I decided it was time
for Trisha and I to have an honest conversation. I was more
nervous waiting for her at the coffee shop that time than
I was the first time I met her.

It also didn't help when I saw her cute face and wonderful
smile as she walked in and spotted me at our usual table.
Trisha was simply this charming, sexy young woman with
a nice body but she was also so much more, if I now didn't
know better. But I pretended everything was the same as
Trisha took a seat across from me and immediately reached
out to touch my hand like she had been doing lately.

We chatted for a few minutes before Trisha asked me if I was
ready to leave. We had not been spending a lot of time chatting
and usually just left to get a hotel room for our private
fun. So when she said "So are you ready to go?"
with a big smile on her face I must say, I was tempted for sure.

I probably handled it poorly when I told Trisha I was sorry
but I had an important appointment and needed to get back
to my office. I remember how surprised she looked before
she said she understood and walked out with me to my car where
I kissed her for what I thought would be our last kiss. Her
lips were so very warm and moist and as Trisha snuggled against
me, my heart was pounding faster than ever before.

She must have sensed something because she suddenly pulled
back and looked into my eyes before she said, "Are
you walking out on me too?" I can't explain why
her words struck me so powerfully but they did. I looked
into Trisha's eyes and asked her what she meant by,
"Walking out on her too?

This very pretty girl began to tear up before she said her
entire family had abandoned her years earlier. I asked
Trisha what happened but all she would say was that when
she was thirteen one of her relatives did something bad
to her. And when no one in her family believed her, she rebelled
even more until the abandoned her.

I felt my heart breaking as I looked at Trisha trying to make
sense of what she just told me. "I know you know my uncle
who calls me the family whore and so does my own father, "
Trisha said. "But when I met you something changed
and I stopped wanting to prove they were right about me, "
Trisha said softly.

"So tell me, did you really just get out of prison?"I
asked Trisha. She giggled as she wiped the tears from her
face and commented that somebody must had told me their
side of the story. "So tell me your side, " I
said to her she stood trembling a few feet from me.

I could see inside of Trisha was an eruption of emotions
ready to burst as I reached for her and gently held her in
my arms. While she wept in my arms, she told me she had decided
that all she was good for was sex since her own family didn't
even believe her anymore and that she made a lot of bad decisions
before she met me.

I remember I kissed Trisha on her forehead and told her that
when she could legally move out of her parents home, I wanted
her to call me immediately. "Do you really want me
to?" She said as I held her tight and felt her heart
beating against mine. Trisha and I then shared the most
real kiss of our lives before she drove off while I stood
there wondering if I would ever see the woman again.

I thought of her often and over the next eight months I waited
and wondered if Trisha was doing ok or had she sunk back into
her old habits. Her uncle Paul and I continued our friendship
although I no longer admired him as much as I use to. Maybe
Trisha had been right and maybe some uncle had molested
her when she was young. I could only imagine the horror a
teenage girl would go through if that happened to them and
their own family denied it ever happened.

I was forty two years old when Trisha finally knocked on
my front door with her car filled with her things. Her wonderful
bright smile made my day as we hugged before I helped her
get settled in my guest room. Trisha finished college a
year later, which I paid for and got a very good job offer,
close by shortly after she graduated. I was so very proud
of her and the more time I spent around her, the more amazing
of a young woman I realized Trisha truly was.

We had agreed from the time she moved in with me that our relationship
was going to be strictly as friends from now on. I can't
say it was easy for either of us but we managed to live together
for over a year and never once did more than share a good morning
or a good night kiss.

That is until one day after work I had just walked in when
Trisha came running up to me with a big smile on her face.
"Put out your hand?" She said as I looked at her
wondering what she was up to now. "Come on, just put
out your hand, " Trisha said again while looking
like she was ready to burst. So I put my hand out and Trisha
reached into her pocket and handed me a pile of cash.

I looked at it but it just didn't make any sense at first.
"What is this for?" I asked Trisha as she just
beaming in front of me. Trisha explained that was all the
money I had ever given her when I use to pay her for sex when
we first met. She had just gotten her first pay check and
had cashed it so she could pay me back. "You don't
have to pay me back?"I said to her. Her eyes began to
well up as she looked at me and said that she needed to and
needed to prove to herself and to me, that I had helped her
get her honor back as a woman.

I hugged her and I knew then I was so much in love with her,
it made it hard for me to speak. I was just about to tell her
when Trisha covered my mouth with her hand and said, "I
know what you're going to say but I want to say it first.
I love you ." We spent the next couple of hours in my
bedroom, on my bed making love with one another maybe for
the first time in both of our lives.

Trisha and I had a small ceremony without any of her family
in attendance because she didn't wanted nothing to
do with any of them. Thankfully, her mother finally broke
down the barriers once we had our one and only child.

I guess none of us know how life is going to start out but we
can at least control how it ends.

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great story with a surprise ending tell us more


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Proud of you of you! To step up be a true friend! To see the real Treisha! awesome so happy for you both! Great story ,indeed!


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AWWWWW! How sweet! Get it while ya can!


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Fun yet very sensual story!


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You never know where you find love. I have had 6 ladies 3 when I was younger 2 younger and 1older. Now later in life I have had 2 older and 1 much younger! The one 37 I known for 15 years is like a daughter !
Last year her husband die from cancer from the gulf war within 4 months of being detected! He was the son I never had ! He had called me Dad for twenty plus years ! He told me take care of her and the kids the day before he die!
Well it has been very tuff on her and the kids they have call me grandpa for years and lately Dad.
Things got interesting the last few weeks getting calls from kids at all hours of the night !


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As sweet and romantic as you write some of these stories you must get laid more than a nice Persian carpet.


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love this story... Please write more...


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WOW! What an awesome story . You turned into a great friend for her as well her mentor and that really turned her life around. Such a great story and please keep the stories coming. Thanks.