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Our fantasies are quickly becoming realities(honeymoon)


After our fun night with our new friends (Jenny and Ben),
we headed back to our room to get some sleep before Becky
finally got the chance to meet my mom (Carol). Normally
we would be fucking like crazy after a new experience, but
that couple drained our energy pretty good and Becky also
wanted to be well rested and looking her best for her first
impression with Carol. So we woke up and got ready, which
took much longer than I expected, Becky was going overboard
and trying too hard to impress. Anyway, once ready, we headed
out and drove to Carol’s house. It was a new area that I had
not been to yet and had to go by her directions. She had moved
a year back and said she really liked her new place a lot.
We found the subdivision or whatever you want to call it,
fairly easily, but were thrown off when we saw some naked
people once we entered it. It was very odd to see people totally
naked out doors, and acting like it was nothing out of the
norm, but we thought either we were seeing things or we just
got lucky and were in the right place at the right time! Sometimes
you can catch people doing things that they are not supposed
to be doing, if you are lucky.

So we find her house and get out and walk up to the door and
knock. Carol opens the door and smiles really big and hugs
me and then hugs Becky and says wow it’s so nice to finally
meet you, I have heard so much about you. Becky says yea,
me too, I have heard a lot about you too. I nudged Becky and
then we entered her house and sat down and chatted a little
bit, had some refreshments and snacks and they got to know
each other a little bit better. Then after a little while
I said to Carol, by the way, when we were driving in here,
we saw a few naked people, is that normal down here, or did
we catch them at the wrong time? She said oh I didn’t tell
you? This is a nudist colony (or something like that, I can’t
remember her exact words) and then she said I must have forgot
to tell you. She said does that bother you? I’m sorry, I should
have said something first. I said no, it’s ok, it would have
been nice to have a heads up though.

She looked at Becky and said I’m sorry, that probably doesn’t
give you the best first impression of me, does it? Becky
said no, it’s perfectly fine, I don’t mind at all. I butted
in and said yea, she has no problem with her sexuality or
her body! I said she’s hot and she knows it! She lets people
know too. Carol looked at Becky and said oh good, we will
get along just fine then! Becky smiled and said good, I hope
so. She said so if you don’t mind where I live and you aren’t
ashamed of you body, do you want to go down to the pool for
a little bit and relax? I said, Becky isn’t ashamed of her
body, I didn’t say that I wasn’t! Carol smiled and slapped
me on the arm and said you have nothing to be ashamed off,
you have a nice body, come on, don’t be a chicken, Becky doesn’t

Becky said I’ll go, I don’t care, I’m not ashamed at all,
I think it would be refreshing to be naked and not all covered
up for a change. I laughed and said yea, and when are you all
covered up? She said ok, not all covered up, but you know
what I mean, I think it would be cool to feel free and not restricted
for once. Carol said yea, come on, don’t be spoiled sport,
you have to at least try it once! You’ll never know unless
you try. Then she said Becky wants to, you don’t want her
to be naked in front of all those people without you, do you?
I said ok, but don’t be surprised if I get a chubby! I am a guy
you know!?! Carol said it’s ok, it happens, you wouldn’t
be the first. She said besides it’s not like it would be the
first time I saw you naked, I am your mother you know! I couldn’t
say, “yea, and it’s not the first time I saw you naked either”,
because that would put everything out on the table and leave
it open for question.

Carol said just think about something else if you start
to get aroused, that’s what most guys do, or least what they
tell me they do. I said ok, let’s go before I change my mind,
this is gonna be weird! I wasn’t freaked out, but I was trying
not to sound over anxious to see a nudist pool and see every
one naked, including my mom and wife. Plus I was a tad nervous
to see Carol naked again and try not to get a boner from her!
I definitely wanted to see Becky naked and see the reactions
she got from all the people there!! So we headed down to the
pool and we could see naked people everywhere. Some that
we didn’t really want to see naked, but others that totally
made up for it and were so worth seeing naked!!!!! We grabbed
a few chairs and Carol immediately started getting undressed.
She had no issues at all about getting naked in front of us
and especially in front of Becky, who she had just finally

As she was getting naked and bending over right in front
of us, letting us see things that should not normally be
seen by family let alone anyone else in public, Becky nudged
me and said wow!!!! Now I know why you did what you did, she
is hot!!!!!! How old is she? She looks like she could be my
older sister, not my mom!! I nudged her and said shhhh. She
smiled and then said out loud to my mom, wow, you look great
for your age, you must have the guys beating down your door.
Carol smiled and laughed and said I do all right, but thanks,
I appreciate that! I’m glad you feel comfortable enough
to say that, I was worried that this might freak you out.
Becky said no, not at all, I think it’s natural, the human
body is very intriguing to me. I like the way guys and girl’s
bodies look, I’m not a lesbian or anything, but I appreciate
a nice body when I see one.

Carol smiled and said yea, me too, it’s nothing to be ashamed
of or embarrassed about, like you said it’s perfectly natural
to look. Becky jumped right up and started getting naked
too, and a lot of heads turned!! She is very young, very,
very attractive, most would say very beautiful or even
HOT!!!! And she has an incredibly wonderful body that is
just to die for!!! Once I saw her standing there naked right
next to my completely naked mom, I started to feel my cock
stirring around in my shorts, I mean seriously, how could
it not be? There were two freaking hot women standing naked
right next to, let alone them being my mom and my wife! And
not to mention the other 25 or so naked people around us too.
So they said ok, your turn, don’t chicken out on us now, you
have to do it, you said you would!

I said ok, just give me a few minutes, I have to settle down
a little bit first. Carol said come on, it’s now or never
don’t be shy! I said I can’t, not yet anyway, and I blushed
a little bit and looked down to my crotch. She said come on
it can’t be that bad just do it. I said I can’t, not unless
you want to see me with a boner sticking out! She laughed
and said I could think of worse things to see. I said mom,
please, that isn’t helping! She said what, I’m an old woman,
it’s not every day I can have the chance to see a good-looking
young guys penis! Becky laughed and I said please, I said
that isn’t helping! She was joking around and trying to
have fun with it, although secretly I know she was serious
and really wanted to see my big hard cock again!

But anyway, she laughed and came over to me and then looked
at Becky and smiled and giggled, and then looked back at
me and grabbed my arm, trying to lift me up to my feet and somewhat
jokingly said come on, let mommy see your penis, don’t be
shy! Becky busted out laughing and they both giggled and
seemed to be having fun with this, thinking it was hilarious
or something, although both of them were actually serious
not joking around, but they might not have know that about
each other, just about themselves. They must have thought
that joking around with it would make it seem like they weren’t
serious and didn’t really want to see me get naked and show
off my hard cock, but like they were having fun with me and
trying to tease me. Anyway I said ok, but don’t be surprised
when it comes popping out and sticking out like a sore thumb
for everyone to see. They both were having fun with this,
making it seem like they were old time friends or something
and they said it’s ok, don’t be shy, it’s nothing we haven’t
seen before.

Carol getting more daring, maybe thinking that Becky might
already know about our past or something, I’m not exactly
sure, but she blurted out, we’ve both seen it hard before,
you have nothing to be ashamed of, trust me on that!!!!!
She looked at Becky and said am I right or what? He has doesn’t
have anything to be ashamed of, does he? I’ve seen it before
and from what I can remember he has nothing at all to worry
about, most of the guys would probably be jealous of it if
anything, what do you think? Becky being a little thrown
off, but I know a little turned on at the same time, said yea,
you’re right, he doesn’t, he should be proud of that thing!!
I know I would be if I were a guy! Carol said besides all the
guys being jealous, he would probably have all the girls
drooling over it too! Well now my cock was fucking hard as
hell and raging to get out of my shorts by now. Here was my
mom and my wife talking about my cock and how nice it is, I
mean shit!! What the hell were trying to do to me?

Feeling that Carol was being so open and having such fun
with this, Becky decided to take it a little further too
and see how far they could go with it. Becky said yea, you’re
right, he would have everyone on their feet. She said well
except for you, you are his mom, although you did say let
mommy see your penis and you could think of worse things
to see, and you did say it’s not every day an old woman like
you gets the chance to see a young guys penis! She said if
I didn’t know any better, I would think that you actually
wanted to see it! Becky laughed trying to make a joke of it,
like Carol was doing this whole time too, but then she said
you do, don’t you, you want to see his penis! Before my mom
could answer, I butted in and said come on, quit calling
it a penis, you two are making feel like I’m a little boy or

Becky said oh we know you aren’t a little boy, don’t we? And
she looked at Carol and winked and laughed and then looked
back at me and said you are a big boy! She looked at Carol again
and said he is a big boy, isn’t he, or at least part of him is
and she winked really obviously and smiled really big like
she was having fun. Carol winked back at her and smiled back
and said oh yea, he is a big boy, a really big boy!! I can almost
remember just how big he was!! Becky said so you do want to
see it, don’t you? Carol laughed and smiled and said sure,
why not!?! If I can remember right it was definitely something
to see, no matter who you are!! I was loving this, joking
or not, serious or not, I was loving hearing them talking
about me as they stood naked in front of me.

Becky said well I’m pretty sure it’s even bigger than you
remember, I mean last time you saw it he was probably just
a little boy right? Then Becky said and if that’s the case,
I’m sure he is much bigger than he was back then! She said
actually no, not exactly!! Becky said no, when did you see
it then? She said many times, many, many times!! I was hoping
it would stay joking and funny so I could see how far they
would go with it, but it started getting a little more serious
and they were trying to figure out just how much each other
actually knew or if they did know anything. Becky said many
times? Many times when? Like when he was in grade school,
or when he was a teenager? She said yes, and yes, and then
some!! Becky said and then some? When else? Carol said I’m
his mom, I have seen it his whole life, there’s nothing he
hasn’t hidden from me. Becky said yea, not that has hidden,
but it sounds like he was more showing you than hiding from
you!?! She said yea, he has showed me a few times!! Becky
said and you looked? She said of course, wouldn’t you look
at that thing?

Then she said and that’s not all either! Becky said what
do you mean, that’s not all? She said he didn’t just try to
show it to me, he tried to get me to touch it too! He’s a very
naughty boy! Becky said did you touch it? She said of course
I did, wouldn’t you touch it if he asked you? Becky said yea,
but I’m his wife not his mom! Then Becky said so what else
did you do? She said from all these questions I think you
probably already know, don’t you? Becky said yes, but I
like hearing it, it’s kind of arousing! She winked and smiled
at Carol very seductively, not jokingly like before. Carol
winked back the same way and said maybe we should go back
home and talk about it there, it might be better that way.
She looked at me and said you’re lucky, you got off the hook
this time, but we’re gonna get you back here and next time
your taking it off too!

So they threw their clothes back on and we headed back to
her house. On the way back as we walked, we talked a little
more and Carol asked Becky what she knew. Becky said I think
I know everything! She said he tells me everything, we are
very open like that. Carol said so you know what we used to
do when he was younger and I live there? Becky said yea, I’m
pretty sure he told me everything! Is there something I
don’t know about? I butted in and said no, I told you everything,
what else could there be? Carol said so it must not bother
you then, at least I hope it doesn’t!?! Becky said when he
first told me, I was a little freaked out, I mean that isn’t
a normal thing you know! She said but then after we talked
more and I thought about it, it didn’t bother me, I figured
things like that probably happen more than we know.

She said I bet they happen even more with daughter/father
relationships, than son/mother ones, but either way,
I’m sure they happen more than we think they do. Carol said
I’m glad you are ok with it, I was worried he might have told
you and freaked you out. She said that was a long time ago,
and we were both younger and less mature. Becky said you
couldn’t have been that immature, you were like in your
30’s weren’t you? Carol said yes, but I was in a weird place
back then, his dad and I weren’t very sexual and I had needs.
She said apparently he (meaning me) had needs too, he was
the one who started it you know. Becky said yea, I know, he
told me everything. Becky then said but it wasn’t that long
ago, he said you two did it again when he visited last time.
He said you even did it with Gary in the room! Carol said oh,
I almost forgot and she blushed and said times go by so fast.

We got back to her house and had some refreshments and chatted
and played a board game while we chatted more and I could
tell Becky was getting horny, she kept putting her hand
under the table and I knew she was touching herself. Then
she got up and went to the bathroom and when she came back,
she walked behind Carol and started massaging her shoulders.
Carol moaned and said ohh that feels so good, I haven’t had
a good massage in a long time. Becky massaged her more and
then leaned down and kissed her on the neck and said he told
me you messed around with a woman too. I think he said it was
your neighbor or something. She said is that true? Have
you done that? Carol said yes, I have experimented a little
bit. Becky said I always wanted to do that (she had done it,
but she wanted to sound inexperienced and hoped Carol might
want to try and teach her and help out) I have always been
curious about girls. Carol turned her head back and looked
at Becky and smiled and Becky leaned down and kissed her
right on the lips! Becky backed away and said I’m sorry,
I shouldn’t have done that, don’t be mad at me.

Carol said don’t worry, I’m not mad, it’s ok, why do you think
I turned my head to you? Becky leaned back down and kissed
her again, but this time they stayed there and kissed passionately
for a few seconds. Then Becky leaned away and said is there
anyway you might do that with me as a wedding present to us?
Carol smiled and said if that is what you want and you are
sure about it, then yes, we can try it, it might be fun, it
could be a bonding experience for us. I said yea, bonding
is right, you two will be very close after that! I smiled
and was getting really horny, but Becky bursted my bubble
and said don’t get too excited, this is between us, I’m not
sure if I’m ready to see you with her yet! I said well I at least
get to watch don’t I? She said sure, you can watch, but you
can’t touch, at least not yet anyway, I have to get comfortable
with this first.

I said that’s ok, I can wait, I’m just excited to see you two
bond. Becky said, and before you get too excited I’m not
saying you will be able to join, I’m just saying maybe, so
don’t get your hopes up. I said ok, as long as I can watch and
you will give my present later, I’m ok with that! She kissed
Carol’s neck again and said can we do it now, where do you
want to start? Carol smiled and said lets go to my room, I’ll
take it slow, you don’t have to do anything you aren’t comfortable
with. She said I’ll start and whenever or if ever, you want
to try, you can just do it at your own pace. So we all got up
and Carol hugged Becky and felt her ass and then kissed her
and said I think we are going to have a lot of fun, you are so
sexy!! Becky blushed and said thanks, me too! I think we
will have fun also, you are very sex yourself!! Becky squeezed
Carol’s ass a little and smiled and then they turned and
walked to her room with me following like a little puppy
dog, watching their asses swaying back and forth and getting
a boner like never before.

We got in the room and Carol kissed her again and said let
me take your clothes off for you and she started to lift Becky’s
shirt over her head. My cock was about tearing through my
shorts as I watched her undressing Becky right in front
of me and knowing they were about to get it on. She lifted
her shirt off and exposed Becky’s tiny bikini top and then
slowly reached down and started to slide her shorts off.
Becky looked a little nervous, but very aroused too. It
was my mom and she was over twice Becky’s age, although you
would never guess that in a million years. So, Carol was
kneeling on the floor now in front of Becky as she slid her
shorts down and over her feet, leaving Becky standing there
in only her tiny bikini. Carol looked up at Becky and smiled
and said you are truly beautiful. Then she said are you comfortable
with everything so far?

Becky smiled down at her and yes, I’m getting very aroused,
keep going! Carol looked at her pussy bulge through the
thin, small fabric that barely covered her smooth young
pussy and smiled and said I’m going to take these off now,
is that ok with you? Becky said yes, please, keep going,
do whatever you want, I really like this so far, it’s turning
me on a lot!!!! Carol kissed Becky’s thighs and gently slid
her bikini bottom down, exposing her totally shaved pussy
inch by inch, making my cock throb and dance in my shorts
with pleasure. She slid them all the way down and off and
then leaned in and gave her a few more kisses on her thighs
and then up her pussy to her stomach, not doing too much right
away. She moved her way up Becky’s stomach, chest , neck
and then to her lips and kissed her as she took Becky’s tiny
top off and revealed her young, firm, perky, well rounded
breasts. Carol moved down and licked and then sucked on
Becky’s small pointed nipples and then said boy can I remember
what it was like to have such firm breasts, those day are
long gone for me.

Becky said from what I could tell at the pool, you have nothing
to worry about, your boobs are great for your age!! She said
I hope mine look half that good when I am your age. Carol smiled
and kissed her gently again and then said why don’t you lay
down on the bed and get more comfortable. Becky laid down
on the bed and Carol started to take her clothes off too.
Becky watched with a sense of arousal and excited ness that
I had never seen before as Carol took off her top and then
slid her shorts off. We both stared at Carol’s incredibly
amazing body as she was now totally naked also and starting
to crawl up on the bed over Becky’s young, firm body. She
straddled Becky as she made her way up and kissed her on the
lips some more and said how are you doing so far?

Becky said good so far, but what now? Carol said just lie
there and relax, I’ll do all the work, you can let me know
if you don’t like anything or if you do! She started to kiss
her way down and then worked on her tits for a while, looking
at Becky every so often to see her reactions and make sure
everything was ok. Becky started to moan slightly and move
around as Carol teased and licked and kissed her body. Carol
sat up, straddling Becky and started to rub her shoulders
and arms, and smiled and said are you enjoying this so far?
Becky said oh yes, I’m loving it, don’t stop now! She smiled
again and then leaned back down and played with Becky’s
tits and nipples a little bit more, but Becky was horny as
hell and wanted more! Becky reached down and gently pushed
on the top of her head, letting her know she wanted her to
work her way down farther.

Carol caught her suggestion quickly and smiled as she kissed
her way down lower and lower, slowly kissing every inch
of her tight smooth skin the whole way down. When she reached
Becky’s lower stomach, Becky shuddered and giggled saying
it tickled and my mom moved lower, trying not to ruin the
moment with laughter, she wanted it to stay serious and
sexual and stimulating, as much as possible. She finally
got to the little mound just above her pussy and kissed it
gently, moving all around it and to the sides. She ran the
back of her tongue down Becky’s entire pussy, making Becky
moan louder and slightly lift her hips up off the bed, trying
to get more, but my mom wanted to take her time and make Becky
want it more and get more excited and horny, if that was even
possible at that moment! She reached the bottom of her pussy
and kept going, she licked all the way down to her ass and
then moved to each side of her inner thighs, kissing and
licking them all over, driving Becky wild and making her
moan and wiggle around like a fish out of water.

Carol said once more, everything ok, do you like it so far?
Do you want me to go on? Becky said in a moan/sigh/whisper
of desperation, yes, keep going, don’t stop, I love it.
She said it feels so good, quit teasing me and just do it before
I explode. Carol smiled and dove right to her sweet, young,
tasty pussy and started kissing it all over before turning
the kisses to gentle and erotic licking. Becky was going
crazy, moaning and wiggling around and holding the back
of Carol’s head like she never wanted her to stop. Carol
started sliding her tongue up and down the insides of Becky’s
pussy lips, getting nice and moist and then slid her tongue
in and out of her tight, wet, warm hole a few times, making
Becky almost cry out loud with pleasure. Then she licked
up and down her entire pussy a few more times before starting
to suck on her swelling clit. Becky went crazy and started
pushing her head down into her pussy harder while lifting
her ass off the bed and grinding her pussy in Carol’s face,
moaning harder and louder with ever second.

Carol licked and sucked her clit with precise movements
and pressure, making Becky go wild and writhe around like
a mad woman. Becky moaned louder and louder and louder until
she said oh my god, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum!
Carol sucked her clit perfectly as she made Becky scream
and shake her way through a long and powerful orgasm. Becky’s
legs were shaking a million miles per hour as she drove Carol’s
face into her pussy and about screamed her way through her
orgasm. Becky went limp and her legs continued to vibrate
like crazy as Carol lifted her head with a huge smile on her
face, saying I guess it was ok then? Becky said oh my god,
it was better than ok, it was amazing!!! I never came so hard
in my life! She said you are really good at that, she gestured
over to me and said you should give him a few pointers and
she smiled and laughed.

Carol looked at me and I was rubbing my throbbing hard cock
through my shorts quickly, and she said it looks like he
is going to burst, are you sure he can’t join in or something?
Can’t he have a little fun too? Or at least some kind of release?
Becky said no, this is all about me right now, he can watch,
maybe later though, we’ll see? Becky said my god, I am so
relaxed right now, it’s awesome! Carol said turn over then,
let me give you a massage, you’ll like it, and it’ll be even
more relaxing. Becky smiled and said you don’t have to ask
me twice, I love massages, and she flipped right over and
said go ahead. I sat there rubbing my cock in envy as I watched
Carol working her soft hands all over Becky’s body. She
rubbed every single inch of Becky, making her sigh and moan
quietly with pleasure.

After about 10 or so more minutes, she started working on
Becky’s tight, firm, round ass, massaging it and spreading
it and then leaning down and licking and kissing all over
her back and ass!!! Then she moved down her legs and gave
them a full and complete work over, before spreading her
ass cheeks and moving back up to her ass for a little more
fun. She started rubbing her firm ass for a bit as Becky lay
there and moaned quietly, and then she spread her ass and
rubbed her fingers up and down over pussy and ass a few times.
Then to both of our surprise, she leaned down and started
licking Becky’s ass!!! Becky moaned more and said ooohhhh,
I like that, it feels good, I never had anyone do that before!!
She was lying, I licked her ass many times, but she wanted
to pretend like she was young innocent and hadn’t done many
things yet. Carol licked her ass a little more and played
with her pussy and then slid a finger in Becky ass and started
moving it in and out slowly as Becky moaned and said how much
she liked it and how good it felt.

Carol said haven’t you two ever done anything like this
before? We both almost laughed, but held back and Becky
said no, doesn’t it hurt? Carol said no, not as much as you
would think, you should try it sometime, it’s kind of nice.
She said you two should experiment more and try things,
it can be fun, and you might find things you like, that you
never would have known about before. Becky turned around
and said speaking of experimenting and trying new things,
can I try tasting you too? Carol sat up and smiled and said
sure, I’d love that! Giving is just as good as receiving.
Becky turned over and Carol lied down and spread her legs
and said just do what you like to have done to you, it comes
pretty naturally if you aren’t nervous and want to do it.

So Becky got between her legs and went right for it, no messing
around or teasing, she just dove in. Carol said oh my, you
don’t seam nervous at all! She giggled a little and said
you can take your time, you don’t have to rush right in. Becky
stopped just long enough to say, I have wanted to try this
for a long time, I’m just a little excited and I don’t want
to give myself time to think about it and chicken out. She
dropped right back down and started going to town on Carol’s
pussy, licking, kissing and sucking it for all she was worth.
Carol started bucking around and moaning and saying are
you sure you haven’t done this before? You are really good,
you’re a quick learner! Becky didn’t stop to answer, she
just licked and sucked Carol’s pussy like she had been doing
it all her life. Carol was going crazy and moaning and writhing
around so sexily as Becky made her orgasm faster than I could
have ever imagined.

I had my hard throbbing cock out and was full on stroking
it as I watched them experimenting with each other. Carol
started watching me jerking off and smiling at me and winking
at me as Becky ate her pussy like it was going to be her last
time. Carol said are you sure we can’t do anything for him,
he looks like he is going crazy over there. Becky turned
around and watched me jerking off for a second and then said
I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet, it seems a little weird.
Carol said come on, he deserves a little something, don’t
you think? Becky said ok, fine, but I don’t want him touching
you, he can touch me though, at least for now that is. I jumped
up like a jackrabbit and rushed over and started licking
Becky’s pussy while she licked Carol’s. I kneeled up and
shoved my big hard cock deep inside her and said sorry, I
just can’t take much more of this, you two are driving me

I started pounding in and out of Becky’s tight pussy, making
her moan and not be able to keep a steady concentration on
Carol’s pussy. Carol stared at me the whole time I was ramming
my cock in and out of Becky and held Becky’s head tightly
to her pussy, moaning and saying oh yea, that’s so good,
I like that. Shoving Becky’s face in her pussy, was prevented
Becky from seeing that she was staring at me and getting
off watching her son fucking his wife right in front of her,
and fantasizing about me fucking her instead. She had two
more orgasms and then I started to say holy shit, I’m gonna
cum, I love watching you do that to her, it drives me crazy!
Becky said wait, you know the drill, you can’t cum in me.
She said if you have to cum do it in my mouth! Carol smiled
and said oh you like that? Some girls don’t like it. Becky
said no, I love it, why waste such a good thing!?! They both
laughed and Becky said no, but seriously, for some reason
I like the taste of it and it turns me on to know I can make him
cum like that.

I knew she would want to swallow, so I acted like I was closer
than I really was, hoping she might let them share me. So
I pulled out and Becky sat up as I quickly came around to the
front and thrusted my cock forward for them both to see.
Becky said it isn’t weird seeing his penis right in front
of you like that? Carol said no, if I think of it just as a penis
and not whose it is, it turns me on. She said don’t you get
turned on seeing a hard penis? Becky said yea, it’s just,
but Carol butted in and said well so do I, what girl wouldn’t
like seeing a hard one right in front of them? Becky shrugged
her shoulders and leaned over and started sucking my cock
right in front of Carol. Carol started rubbing her pussy
and saying oh my, that looks so nice, I wish I was doing that,
it looks like fun.

Becky sucked and jerked on my long hard cock expecting me
to explode in her mouth, but I was not even close yet. Becky
said what’s wrong, I thought you were going to cum? I said
well I kind of lost it when you two were talking, sorry. I
said don’t stop now though, it feels good, you can get back
there pretty fast. She started sucking my cock again as
Carol moaned and watched and played with her hot, wet pussy.
I was watching Carol’s expressions and watching her fingers
working around and over her moist pussy as Becky sucked
my cock. I wanted to fuck her so bad it hurt. Not because of
who she was or anything like that, just because I was watching
her getting off on us so much and it turned me on. Carol moaned
more and said can’t I try it just a little? It looks like so
much fun. Becky didn’t say no, she just kept sucking my cock
and waiting for me to cum.

I took that as maybe she was caving or maybe she was too busy
to respond, but I looked at Carol and gestured down to my
cock, smiled and nodded, letting her know I wanted her to
try to join. She moaned again and said ohh that looks so good
I have to try it, and she moved and leaned down with Becky
and kissed her cheek and said please let me try it for a second,
that’s all I want, I just want to try. Becky looked at her
and Carol didn’t wait to hear her response, she just leaned
in and licked my cock and started trying to join in, licking
around my shaft and up to Becky’s mouth. They both kind of
licked my cock and stuck their tongues in each other’s mouths
and kissed while going back and forth between licking my
cock and kissing each other. It was so hot, but then Carol
pushed her way in and dropped her mouth down over my hard
cock and started sucking up and down on it.

Becky moved back just a little and watched her as Carol bobbed
up and down on my cock and stared Becky in the eyes with a slight
smirk on her face. Becky caved in and figured what the hell,
it’s too late to stop now, and she just went with it. They
shared my cock with each other completely, taking turns
sucking it, licking up and down the shaft, entangling their
tongues with each other’s and kissing here and there as
they worked my cock over like pro’s. Becky worked lower
and lower and started licking my ass while her eyes were
focused on Carol’s mouth moving up and down on my long, hard,
throbbing cock. Carol lifted her mouth off my cock and whispered
that’s it, try new things, it’s fun, and then engulfed my
cock back inside her mouth and continued bobbing up and
down it. I was going crazy and my cum was rising like no other.
I started moaning heavily saying oh my god, I’m gonna cum!
Carol said push your finger in there and hold it deep in there
while he cums, he will love it, I promise.

Becky had done that a million times before, but acted like
this was all new to her and said ok and drove her finger in
my ass and wiggled it over my prostate, making me moan more
and jerk a little bit, trying to hold back as long as I could.
Becky worked her way up my cock, licking my shaft until she
reached the tip and Carol’s mouth. They both kind of kissed
and licked around the head of my cock a little bit and then
took turns sucking it deep into their throats and trading
back and forth. Then Carol backed off a little which kind
of bummed me out, Becky swallows my cum all the time, I wanted
her to do it this time. She said move you finger around and
suck it really good, he will cum like crazy, I promise. So
Becky worked her magic and went to town on my cock making
me moan like crazy and grab the sheets as I said oh my god,
I’m gonna cum, holy shit!!

I started to jerk and shudder as I finally let loose and drenched
the back of Becky’s throat with powerful thick streams
of cum. Becky swallowed as my cum blasted down her throat
and then she smiled out of the corner of her mouth and lifted
off of it quickly and jerked my cock off as they both watched
me spurting cum everywhere!!!! Carol dropped down just
as the last couple spurts where coming out and took the loads
in her mouth, mumbling “MMMMMMM” as she tasted it and swallowed
it. Then she lifted off as Becky squeezed my cock tightly
from base to tip and then again, from base to tip, milking
the last few drops out of the tip of my cock. She looked at
Carol and said do you want the honors or should I? Carol said
I would love to if you don’t mind!?! Becky shrugged her shoulders
and said go ahead, I do it all the time.

Carol leaned down and stuck her tongue out and licked the
tip of my cock and then sucked on the head a few times and then
leaned back up and grabbed Becky’s cheeks and kissed her
deeply, sharing my cum with her. Becky took her fingers
and wiped up the rest of my cum that splattered on my belly
and chest and then put her fingers in Carol’s mouth and smiled
really seductively and said here, looks like you liked
it. Carol sucked her fingers clean and smiled the whole
time and then said now wasn’t that fun, aren’t you glad you
decided to try something new? Becky said yes, I’m a little
ashamed to admit it, but yes, I am glad, It was really fun
and I liked it a lot!!!!! Then she said maybe we can try more
later! Carol smiled and said see, you never know unless
you try. Becky said I know, I was kind of nervous and scared
to see you two touch or do anything, but it actually turned
me on a little bit, I don’t know why, but it did!!

Carol said it is natural, seeing two people in a sexual way
is very arousing, no matter who they are! She said old, young,
skinny, fat, tall, short, it doesn’t really matter, just
seeing two people right before your eyes in the heat of the
moment is so arousing. Becky said yea, I guess you’re right,
I was nervous, but as soon as I saw it, it turned me on. Carol
said well we better get cleaned up here pretty quickly,
Gary will be home soon and we probably don’t want this getting
around, do we? Becky said no and quickly jumped up and said
come on, hurry, I don’t think he will be happy if he finds
out what we did. Carol said it’s ok, he won’t mind, we have
an open relationship, we are very open to all sexual exploration.
She said the only thing we need to worry about is him finding
out and getting turned on and wanting to try it too. Becky
said well lets get cleaned up, hurry, I’m not sure if I want
him to know. So we all hoped in the shower and took a quick
one and jumped out and freshened up and went back to our board
game, acting like nothing happened.

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