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Our best friends became our lovers


My husband backed the car out of the garage like he had done
every Saturday this summer so we could meet up with our friends,
Ron and Janice for a round of golf. And I sat next to him in
the front seat expecting just another typical day on the
course. Little did I realize just how much my life, marriage
and friendship were going to change?

Doug and I had been married for twenty wonderful years and
although at times we had our moments, I would say our marriage
had gone smoother than most. We were both in our early forties,
enjoyed a loving relationship as well as a healthy sex life.
In fact the night before our golf outing, Doug and I had made
love very intensely so my day started out on a very positive
note. I am a respectable woman but one who privately needs
a lot of male attention in order to feel balanced. And let’s
face it girls, in our early forties it is a time when we peak
and sex becomes more of a necessity than a duty.

Checking my watch I told him we had to hurry so we didn’t
miss our weekly tee time. But we made it on time and spent
the rest of the afternoon enjoying the weather and each
others’ friendship. It was when the four of us were in
the club house, enjoying a cocktail that I mentioned that
a landscape and garden show was being held next weekend
and that I really wanted to go look for ideas for our back

Janice responding saying they were also thinking of working
on their back yard as well but she had promised their girls
to take them to the movie that day. One thing led to another
and before long my husband, who had no interest in going
suggested that Ron and I go together. Let me also stop here
and state that Ron was a great guy whom I trusted for years.
But inside of my thoughts it didn’t seem right for him
and I to go alone.

“That’s a great idea, ” Janice says before I could
figure out how to get out of it. So there I sat, red faced being
told by my husband and my best friend that Ron and I should
spend the afternoon together. “Well what do you think?
Ron asked apparently feeling perfectly ok going with me
instead of his wife to the show. “Sure, why not?” I replied
figuring if I was the only one who thought it would be odd,
then I would go for it and enjoy myself.

And within seconds of my agreeing to go with Ron, my husband
started joking that he and Janice should also be allowed
a date in the future. Looking at Doug I frowned but just as
quickly Janice giggled and said he was right. “Ron and
I are going to the landscape and garden show, not on a date, ”
I reminded the two of them but they were having too much fun
at my expense.

“Ok we want to be fair, so you two can also have a date after
ours, ” Ron said while laughing as hard as my husband
and Janice. To tell you the truth I saw no harm in spending
time with a very close friend but hearing them calling it
a date still bothered me. But I was stuck and decided to just
go along with their fun since this “date” idea kept
coming up.

We ordered another round of drinks as Ron turned to me smiling
and winked before saying, “What time shall I pick you
up for our date?” “Gee I don’t know. How much time
do we have for our date?” I asked my husband and Janice
feeling more frisky than normal. I was willing to play the
game too.

Our silly game was getting stranger by the second as the
two of them huddled whispering back and forth while Ron
and I waited for their answer. “This is crazy, ” I whispered
to him as he smiled and whispered back he was looking forward
to being on a date with me. I had known his wife and him for
ten years and although we always had fun together, Ron and
I had never really spent any time alone. Nor did we flirt
or cross any lines other than an occasional glance. But
then everyone from time to time glances at someone else
with an interested eye so I was not beating myself up for
being human.

And even though it was a pretend date, I felt myself stirring
more than I expected. My skin felt moist and my nerves grew
a little tense even though my husband had fucked me very
hard the night before. Janice looked at me first after her
conference with my husband, and she seemed to be blushing.
“We think you two have to be home by ten!” she stated
with a sparkle in her eyes. I was shocked sitting there thinking
to myself the show ends at seven or eight so why in the world
would Ron and I be together until ten. But Ron agreed with
their terms so I remained quiet until the four of us split
up to head back to our homes.

Once home, I felt restless and had an edge almost as if I was
excited about my so called date with Ron which was a week
away. But you can’t hardly mention that sort of thing
to your husband and keep your marriage happy and smooth
sailing. When we crawled into our bed later that night I
waited on my side of the bed wondering if Doug was as horny
as I was. My husband has always been the more daring one in
our marriage and especially when it came to sexual things.

And sure enough I soon felt his strong hands slide under
my top and cover my warm breasts along with my swollen nipples
which I could not deny. Soon his hands pulled my top over
my head as I laid back down in need of his touch once again.
Doug wasted no time in getting my hot to trot as my entire
body and mind were in fire. He knew my buttons and how to push
them so I grew helpless rather easily under his control.

I loved it when he tore my panties off almost as if I was fallen
prey to a predictor. My pussy was ripe and in need of his hard
cock just like the night before and while my husband licked
on my sensitive pussy, my mind wandered to my date with Ron.
Having this silly date with him turned me on a lot more than
I originally thought it would.

And as I gasped for air and panted harder while my husband
licked my pussy into frenzy, I crashed into a wonderful
climax which washed over me stronger than I expected. I
was there for the taking and Doug sensed it was he pulled
my legs apart and immediately forced his throbbing cock
inside of me. The fat round head pushed past my slippery
lips as I braced myself for his penetration. I was consumed
with lust once he began to fuck me hard.

“Oh baby. I really need this tonight, “I muttered to
him as he bore down on me with all his masculine power. And
when my husband gets going, there is no stopping him as I
worked with him as best I could while being drilled. When
my husband finally exploded I felt wonderful feeling his
hot cum being pumped into me while I held on for dear life
beneath him. Neither of us spoke about the reason we both
felt so horny although we both had the same thoughts.

The next morning I spoke with Janice like I did most mornings
and it didn’t take long for her to admit that her and Ron
had great sex the night before just like Doug and I did. We
both laughed from our embarrassment but also because as
best of friends we were able to be honest. “Man oh man.
The minute Ron got me in bed last night he was hard and ready
for action, ” she said while giggling at her husband’s
condition. “Doug was the same way and I loved it, ”
I replied.

We skirted our dating arrangement while continuing to
chat about the landscape and garden show. As married women
neither of us could have talked directly about what we were
both thinking yet we knew each other so well, we didn’t
have to. When we hung up I sat at the table and wondered for
the first time how I would really feel if my husband had sex
with my best friend. I found out later Janice admitted she
had those same thoughts the next day about her husband and

By the Thursday before my date with her husband, Janice
and I were speaking about the date and she admitted she was
very excited about her date with Doug on the following night.
Then she asked me what I thought about enjoying a good night
kiss when our dates were ending. Surprised but not shocked
I told Janice, “You mention the kiss idea and so will I.
then we can compare notes tomorrow when we talk again.”
She agreed as I hung up a bit rattled by the idea of kissing

I waited till later on that night and casually mentioned
Janice’s comments about a kiss. I felt tense and wondered
how Doug would respond. “What kind of kiss?” he asked.
Shocked that he was maybe entertaining the idea I chose
my words carefully. “Well honey. I have kissed Ron on
the cheek a million times. I think what Janice brought up
was more of a real kiss, ” I replied.

Looking back I am amazed at how far this idea had progressed
in just one week. Doug and I discussed the kiss idea for a
few minutes more before we agreed that one kiss was not going
to alter either marriage. I was nervous and on edge the day
of my date and especially when I showered and fussed with
myself making sure I looked good. I choose a cute pair of
Capri’s and a summery top that showed a hint of cleavage.

When he arrived and we shared an awkward first few minutes
chatting with my husband before I climbed into his car.
And even though it was not a date, it appeared as if it could
be one. But Ron and I soon relaxed and talked about spouses,
our marriages and all the normal things two friends talk
about. And over the next few hours as we browsed the landscape
and garden show, I began to enjoy myself more than I thought
I would. It was fun spending time with a man other than my
husband although I didn’t have any real feelings for
Ron other than friendship. It sort of changed my routine
and mind set.

And the best thing we did was each time we stopped to talk
to a vendor, Ron mentioned his wife or I mentioned my husband
so everyone knew we were not married to one another. As he
put it, we were just close friends looking for backyard
ideas for each of our homes. By seven my feet were tired and
I had seen enough so I suggested to him I was ready to go whenever
he was.

And then he did something I had not anticipated. Ron held
out his hand offering it to me right as passed through the
doors to walk to his car. I still can’t explain it but I
took his strong hand in mine and walked silently alongside
him hand in hand as if we were on a real date. My heart raced,
my skin got warm and I remained silent having no idea what
to say if anything.

When we reached his car, he unlocked my door before opening
it as I waited still blushing from holding his hand. “Want
to get something to eat or do you want me to take you home?”
he asked smiling at me sensing I was trembling next to him.
“What do you want to do?” I replied unable to even think
at that moment. Ron smiled and looked into my eyes and said,
“What I really want to do is kiss you right now.”

My heart thumped in my chest as I felt myself turning redder
by the second. I did not reply as I felt him reach out and pull
me into his arms as people passed without noticing. I moved
closer to meet him half way as my breasts heaved on my chest
before they pushed up against him. Ron’s lips met mine
as I closed my eyes and felt myself floating from the start
of our torrid, wet kiss.

I would never have thought a kiss from someone I was not in
love with could have ever been so intense. Yet as our lips
remained glued together I slowly wrapped my arms around
him holding him as if he was the man of my dreams. It felt like
our spirits were mingling together creating such a fire
it was getting too hot for both of us. Yet I lingered with
him being burnt no longer strong enough to pull back and
save myself.

To this day I don’t know if our kiss lasted ten seconds
or ten minutes as we hugged each other and pressed our lips
and bodies tight to one another’s. And I also felt Ron
beginning to harden as his manhood began to press against
my pussy and still I remained glued to him. Finally I began
to fear we were headed into dangerous territory and pulled
back gasping for air.

He knew the affect he had on me as I stared at him sensing the
same thing. “That was way too easy, ” I said softly
before climbing into his car. I walked in my front door twenty
minutes later still flustered by the kiss and stupidly
hoping Doug would not notice. But the moment my husband
saw me he knew it without me saying a word.

I quickly showed him the brochures for a backyard pond and
tried to avoid discussing anything else. But my husband
was only interested in one thing and it was not our backyard.
Pulling me into his arms I pressed my lips to his and wanted
to feel the same fire I had felt with Ron but I didn’t. It
was not out of love but out of lust that I craved more of that
kind of thrill. And quite honestly twenty years with the
same man made it difficult if not impossible to feel what
I felt with Ron during our one and only kiss.

Doug sensed something was bothering me and gave me my space
until we climbed into our bed later that night. “You want
to tell me what happened?” he asked as I laid next to him
in silence feeling guilty for what I had done and how I it
affected me. “Honey, I had a nice time today. The show
was good but when we kissed, I was over powered and honestly
the kiss was so intense I didn’t pull back right away, ”
I said softly. I was concerned about being so honest but
I couldn’t lie to the man I loved no matter what price I
would pay.

I rolled on my side facing him smiling as Doug laid silently
staring at our bedroom ceiling. “Kiss Janice tomorrow
on your date and then we can talk more, ” I said as he shook
his head, smiled and gave me a sweet tender good night kiss.
The next day Janice called me bright and early asking if
I had a good time with her husband but she never mentioned
the kiss. I was not sure if Ron had told her or if she knew but
was simply not comfortable talking about it.

And then suddenly the shoe was on the other foot as I watched
my husband shower and get ready for his date with Janice.
Kind of a mix bag of emotions surged in me as he kissed me good
bye and headed over to pick her up. I watched TV, looked at
a million magazines and kept checking the clock until he
pulled back in our garage right before ten.

I smiled and nervously waited to hear what they did. Of course
my husband was smiling from ear to ear. “Well, ” I asked
holding my breath. He didn’t initially answer while
walking up to me and pulling me into his arms. His kiss was
full of lightning and thunder as he sucked the air from my
lungs. But I also quickly learned men talk much more boldly
than we do as my husband told me all about his hot kiss with
Janice. In fact after I heard about her breasts crushing
his chest, his cock growing hard from the very start and
every other sorted detail I had to cut him off.

We had started something that was not headed in a safe direction
and all four of us felt it. How was it that four close friends
can spend so much time enjoying each other’s company
and nothing changed in ten years until we also shared one
kiss each? And I didn’t have time to figure it out as Doug
dragged me to our bedroom and locked the door before I could
say another word.

I didn’t appreciate Janice giving him such an intense
kiss but I did appreciate her lighting his fire for me. We
both tore out clothing off as I climbed on our bed needing
a lot more of his male attention. And my husband’s hair
cock and balls looked more than adequate as I sucked him
until I thought he was going to pass out. In turn he gave me
a climax that was out of this world before he pushed my legs
apart and climbed on top of me.

“If they are interested, let’s go farther next time
with Ron and Janice, ” he said as his cock began to split
me open. I was torn between needing him to fuck me and wanting
to try something else with Ron so I replied, “What should
we do with them next time?” “This is what we should do, ”
My husband said as his thick throbbing shaft pushed all
the way up into me before he stopped and looked down into
my eyes.

It is one thing to dream of a kiss or even savor it long after
it is over. But having sex with someone else is going a lot
farther than I ever expected we would go. “Oh honey. I
am not sure about that would be good for any of us, ” I said
sucking for air while he pumped himself in and out of me.
Doug stopped again and looked down at my distorted face.
“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it because
you would be lying through your teeth, ” he said holding
his marvelous cock inside of me womanhood.

My entire body was going spastic as my urges and needs were
being forced to wait until I would answer him. “Yes I have
thought about it, ” I finally admitted to him before
he began to fuck me harder and harder while I moaned and whimpered
under him. And it didn’t take him long before I felt him
spasm and fill with me with his hot love.

And we had finished round one but round two started a half
hour later and my husband and I both needed to fuck some more.
It had been years since we had done it twice in one night and
I was shocked at how horny he and I were and how our bodies
and minds grew obsessed with animal like need for sex. I
was exhausted when we were finished yet my mind was spinning
so hard, I found sleep to find.

“We need to talk. Let’s do lunch, ” Janice said when
she called early the next morning. From her tone I sensed
that she and Ron had the same conversation that Doug and
I had had after their date. But by then my lust had given way
to my better judgment and the idea of doing something as
serious as making love with someone else didn’t seem
right. I had indeed enjoyed my kiss with Ron way more than
I ever expected but going from a kiss to sharing my body with
him was too big a leap for me to make.

But I agreed to meet with Janice since she was still my best
friend so we could talk more. I met her and pleasantly surprised
that she was having the same hesitations that I was also
having. As she explained it, kissing Doug was exciting
and made her wet but she also pulled back when the two of them
had gotten too hot, fearing she might make a stupid mistake.
I explained to her that I had done the same thing with her

After each of us had poured our hearts and souls out, we both
began to laugh as if we were two of the most stupid women on
earth. A moment of lust does not always lead to a life changing
act. “But the kiss was sure fun, ” Janice said after
we stopped giggling like school girls. “Yes they sure
were. But what are we going to tell our husband’s who clearly
want more than a kiss?” I replied.

And that is when the reality hit us both that we may have not
wanted to take this all the way, but we also didn’t want
it to stop either. Somewhere between kissing and intercourse
was something we had to figure out. We agreed rather quickly
that complete nudity would be too risky for everyone no
matter that we each promised beforehand. Hormones have
a mind of their own and Janice and I agreed that we didn’t
trust ourselves anymore than we trusted our husbands.

Janice said in two weeks their girls were going to spend
a week at the lake with her parents and suggested that Doug
and I come to their house to discuss this more. I agreed and
told Doug everything Janice and I talked about at lunch.
He seemed disappointed we weren’t ready to trade partners
for a night of sex but also appreciated the fact we were willing
to do something more than another kiss.

The two weeks dragged although Doug and I enjoyed a torrid
sex life preparing for our evening at Ron and Janice’s
house. And the day arrived and my husband and I were both
on edge from the minute we woke up. I cleaned my house twice
just trying to keep busy and stop thinking about what might
happen later on. I will admit it was the most exciting day
of my life even if I had never dreamt anything like this would
have ever happened to me.

I had already bought a new lacy pair of panties and new matching
bra figuring I might be wearing them in front of Ron for the
first time. I swear while in the shower I fought my urges
to masturbate the entire time as my hormones were raging
out of control.

Janice greeted us along with Ron at their front door and
immediately I felt tension between the four of us. We had
gotten together a thousand other times as friends but this
time sex was the only thing on everyone’s mind. Ironically
Ron gave me a quick kiss like he always had and not the kind
we shared in the parking lot on our date. I thanked him of
course and walked into their great room where they had drinks
and snacks for us.

Janice and I kept looking at each other wondering when our
husband’s were going to make a suggestion on how to make
the party naughty while making us also feel safe. I sat next
to my husband on one of the sofas and honestly I was a little
frustrated at the lack of any progress after thirty minutes.

Janice kept staring at me while I stared back at her while
our husband’s talked about golf. With a pause in their
conversation Janice motioned for me to follow her into
the kitchen to get more snacks. “What’s going on?”
she whispered to me. “I don’t know. I thought they would
have suggested something by now, ” I replied. We stood
silent for only a second or two before Janice whispered
to me, “Why don’t we go back in and if they don’t suggest
anything. Well how do you feel about Doug taking off my top
and Ron taking yours off?”

I was nervous when I thought Ron would see me wearing my bra,
but I agreed with her idea and followed her back where our
husbands were still chatting. And on the way back in, I watched
Janice walk up to my husband so I walked up to hers. “We
have an idea. Care to help me remove my top?” she asked
my husband who was all smiles. Looking down at Ron I smiled
and asked him to help me do the same.

My legs were about to buckle as I stood in front of Ron and
watched him get off the sofa. I couldn’t believe I was
going to do this as he leaned towards me and offered me a serious
kiss to break the ice between us. Immediately I felt my concerns
melting away as his lips pressed against mine. Even though
Ron and I were not married, the kiss we shared was intense
and very affective. Once he pulled his lips free I stood
shaking while I watched him reach down and begin to pull
my blouse up to just under my breasts.

I waited, holding my breath as I felt the fabric slide upward
exposing my lacy bra to him for the first time. The fire in
his eyes was incredible as my mounds came into his view.
Raising my arms I waited as he pulled it off before tossing
in onto the sofa. The sexual tension was indescribable
between us as I turned and saw my husband and Janice already
on the sofa making out with her bra in plain sight.

Ron and I sat back down and pressed out lips to each other’s
again as his arms held me tight. And it took him but a few seconds
before I felt his hand touch my bra cup for the first time
as I stiffened but did not object. Between our kisses I saw
his cock had hardened forming a large tent in the front of
his slacks. He did not know it but my panties were already
soaked as well.

I was prepared to let him explore me a bit more than I originally
thought as my lust was taking control. I occasionally heard
whimpering sounds coming from Janice across the room and
knew the four of us were deep into something special, even
if it was wrong on so many fronts. Ron seemed to enjoy my large
breasts as he massaged them over my bra as I whimpered my
appreciation. It was odd but exciting being touched by
someone new.

I enjoyed being his toy even if he was not my husband. But
I also wondered just how long this should last before the
four of us made a critical mistake and go too far. But Ron
was a man on a mission as I then felt his hand on my knee just
below my skirt line. I tensed up and shook my head no at him
feeling we were getting dangerous close to not stopping.

Glancing over I was surprised to see Janice with her legs
spread as my husband’s hand was already under her skirt
apparently touching her wet panties. I looked into Ron’s
eyes and nodded yes as he began to move his hand up under my
skirt while I braced myself. No other man had touched me
in over twenty years as Ron’s finger tips reached my panties
quickly. Obviously he knew how horny I was based on how wet
my panties were.

I was slipping away faster and faster as my head spun from
feeling Ron’s fingers on my wet pussy. We kissed over
and over only making matters worse for me the longer this
continued. I was on the verge of losing all control and Ron
sensed it. Fighting to catch my breath I whispered to him,
“We should stop, ” while his fingers slipped under
my panties and began to touch my pussy, flesh on flesh.

It was the worst time for me as I normally would have fucked
my husband for hours if he had gotten me this worked up. But
I was not with Doug so I had to fight those same urges by saying
no. “Are you sure?” he asked as his fingers continued
to swirl over my wet outer lips. Kissing him I responded,
“Honey I don’t want to but I think we should.” Like
I said earlier in my story, Ron was a great friend and a nice
guy but neither of had ever gotten this close before so we
were into a whole new territory and I didn’t ‘know how
to handle it.

I remember him pulling his hand out from under my skirt as
I tried my best to push it back down and not appear to be a complete
whore. “Hey guys, ” I said to my husband and Janice
still messing around on the other sofa. Doug looked up as
Janice was gasping for air while he finger fucked her across
from us. Janice looked up with completely glazed over eyes clearly as aroused as I was.

Janice had smaller breasts but filled her B cup perfectly as I watched them heave on her chest. “That
was fun. Lots of fun, ” she said while giggling once her
senses returned. We all agreed we had to stop but also admitted
how much fun we had together as good friends being a bit closer
than we should have. But once Janice and I put out tops back
on, I discovered the party was not over yet. I excused myself
to straighten myself back to looking responsible and when
I opened the powder room door I was face to face with my husband.

“Did you have fun?” I asked hoping he would say he enjoyed
Janice as much as I had enjoyed Ron. But he didn’t answer
and instead pushed me back inside the powder room and shut
the door. “What do you think?” he asked. “Think about
what?” I replied knowing what he was about to say but needed
to hear him speak the words to me.

“You know what I’m talking about, ” My husband replied
his cute smirk on his face. “Yes I do but I want to hear you
say it, ” I said back playing this cat and mouse game with
him. “Ok. I want to fuck Janice. Do you want to fuck Ron?”
he asked putting me on the spot. I explained to my husband
that I was very turned on but was not sure if doing that might
harm our marriage and our friend with Ron and Janice.

I could not deny that my panties were soaked and my entire
body needed male attention but if I was with Ron it would
be the most personal aspects of myself as a woman that he
would be part of. “I understand. Let’s go ask them how
they feel, ” Doug said as we left the powder room and found
Ron and Janice in their great room talking frantically
back and forth. There we were, four respectable friends
contemplating doing the unthinkable with each other.

Janice and I rushed off to talk privately leaving our husbands
to do the same. It took Janice and I but a minute to agree to
do it trusting it would have no ill effects on our friendship
or either of our marriages. I tend to call that predetermined
justification for doing something stupid. It is amazing
what a person can rationalize when their hormones are raging.

Our husband’s waited like little boys as Janice and I
walked into the room, smiled at each other and then walked
to each other’s husbands as our answer. Ron took my hand
and led me upstairs to the guest room as my heart raced faster
with each step I took. The reality was Ron was not going to
merely kiss me or even finger my pussy. No he was going to
fuck me before the evening would be over.

His lips were becoming familiar as we embraced and began
to kiss once again with even more heat than we had before.
And I will also admit being touched in different ways by
a different man than what I was use to thrilled me to no end.
“You look magnificent, ” he said once after my blouse
and skirt had been removed. I have a curvier body than his
wife and no doubt as a man he was very much attracted to those

And as we laid on a bed for the first time, I felt comfortable
even though it was very odd to be with Ron. But I lost myself
in his muscular chest as my hands rubbed his flesh feeling
him as my lover for the very first time. At one point during
our bonding process Ron rolled onto my side and unhooked
my bra. I knew it would eventually come off but feeling the
clasps come free made the entire scene even more real.

When he rolled me onto my back, he lifted the cups off each
of my breasts and stared at them lustfully. His fingers
immediately traced my areolas making me squirm from the
heat it caused me. “Your nipples are huge, ” Ron whispered
once as I giggled and asked him if that was a good thing or
a bad thing. He didn’t answer me with words but slowly
placed his warm lips on one of my swollen nipples and began
to suckle. I knew doing this was wrong yet I could not stop
from enjoying everything he was doing to me.

In my entire life I have never wanted or needed to be fucked
as much as I did that night. Ron and I went slowly almost as
if we wanted this experience to last forever. And we also
realized we were just friends who would now also be lovers.
When he slipped my panties down, I was completely exposed
as his eyes widened staring at my shiny wet pussy there for
him to enjoy.

I did discover that being with someone new also offered
challenges as my body did not respond the same way it did
with my husband. Ron didn’t know which of my buttons to
push and it took an embarrassing long time before I climaxed.
But he didn’t seem to mind doing the work with his magical
tongue tasting my womanly nectar for as long as it took.
And when the pressure grew too intense I grabbed handfuls
of bedding and cried out in front of Ron leaving nothing
else about me a mystery.

We were very worked up as I helped him remove his shorts so
at last I would be able to see his cock for the first time.
“Relax, because it’s my turn to please you, ” I said
to him softly as he laid on his back and watched me stroke
his hard cock before I took it into my mouth. Ron was not as
thick as Doug but was at least an inch if not two longer which
would offer me new sensations later on.

But he was too horny to take much of my sucking his dick and
within a minute I was pushed off and thrown onto my back.
I will also say even if their house had been burning down
around us, nothing would have stopped Ron and I from sharing
our first fuck. I just laid there needing to feel him fill
me as Ron carefully climbed on top of me as my legs came open.

The head of his shaft pushed past my slippery lips with ease
as I began to shake realizing this was truly happening.
Ron paused for just a second to let me adjust to his cock as
he pushed deeper while I continued to whimper. He was indeed
longer than my husband and quickly passed the line I was
use to feeling a male inside of me. And then instantly Ron
and I had become one as his hard cock was rammed deep into
me as he bumped against my cervix. That was a very different
experience as I recall saying something like, “Oh my
that’s something new for me.”

Ron began with a hard but steady pace as we adjusted and began
to work together as sexual partners for the first time.
Even though we kissed occasionally it was not romantic
like it had always been with my husband. With Ron it was more
physical pleasure for the sake of physical pleasure. My
trimmed hungry pussy was getting what it needed as he continued
to thrust himself in and out of me over and over at a faster

Ron grew quite frantic after about five or ten minutes of
being with me as his balls began to slap my ass more often.
“Come baby. Fuck me real hard, ” I said once right before
he bore down and pick up his speed towards the finish line.
I did not feel him spasm but I soon felt a steady stream of
warm cum leaking out of me and pooling on the sheets beneath
us. He continued to thrust and grunt as I held him tight urging
him to fill me up.

What I am about to tell you may sound stupid or maybe dangerous.
We all remained happily married as well as best of friends.
Having sex with our friends turned out to be an alternate
bit if spice for both marriages and helped break up the sexual
routine after twenty years of marriage.

After Ron and I had finished and cleaned up, we found my husband
and Janice already waiting for us in the great room. Walking
in I first looked at my husband who was smiling from ear to
ear and then at Janice who seemed equally as pleased as he
was. “Well was that crazy or what?” I asked half serious
but wanting to know how it went for them together for the
first time.

My husband told me Janice was incredible and she quickly
agreed that she had a wonderful time. I returned the favor
and told them Ron and I were also very happy we had the chance
to expand our friendship to another level. We hung around
for anther drink and exchanged a few bits of information
about our intimacy but not too much that someone might become

When Doug and I did leave for home later on, we talked constantly
about each of our experiences and both agreed that we would
most likely be willing to try it again if Ron and Janice ever
asked us to. I don’t say that to suggest my husband and
I were no longer in love. It was more from the point of view
that after twenty years of marriage the variety offered
us both something new and exciting to experience.

I am now in my fifties and Janice and I remain best of friends
to this day. And if you’re wondering the answer is yes!
The four of us plan a night out about every few months, switch
partners and enjoy our friendship at a very different level
than most friends dare try. I love my husband and love making
love with him. But I also enjoy fucking Ron from time to time
as well. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

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Well written and very erotic. The anticipation builds
and builds!


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Great story, got us going


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This is amazing proze


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Your stories are always so well written! I enjoy them quite
a lot.


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You write wonderful stories. True or not, they all are good
and have a great story line. Thanks!!


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Hey there 2sharp, you are slipping, there were a few grammatical
mistakes in the


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Loved it! Nice story line, well written and great build
up. Ron was a lucky guy!


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Great story. Not great prose, but a hot story does not need
to be. Just as sex can be a magical spiritual experience
or it can just be damn great fun. This story was just damn
great fun.


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My wife and I vacationed with close friends, we rented a
sailboat and sailed for 7 days, We swapped on day 3 and the
rest is history we all remain friends we are together at
least3-4 times a week and will swap at least 2 times a week.
I love my wife and I love her best friend We are all happy it can work !


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great , i was totally engulf in the writing it kept my attention
all the way through it seem as if i was there, great going


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They just keep getting better!


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Wow Hot story and well written. My ex gf and I were friends
with a couple that I wouldve love to have done that with.
It almost happend on a trip to Jamaica. We were in a hot tob
but she wasnt comfortable.


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great story@


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Great story, you guys are very lucky to have that kind of


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GREAT story, loved how the anticipation kept building
and building. It's great when/if couples can do that
and be mature enough to maintain a wonderful friendship.
I don't agree with you when you said that it was wrong
"on so many fronts", lol, that's society's
rules based on a rationale that wasn't even valid when
it was first developed. Monogamy is by no means natural
and to be sexually involved with someone other than your
spouse does not necessarily mean that you love your spouse
any less.

Anyhow, enough with the anthropology, great erotic story.
Looking forward to more like that.