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Our Wicked 3-Way Part I - c. 2006


It was a Friday night and I was bored. I decide to go out to
a local sports bar and have a few drinks. When I walked into
the place around 8:30 pm it was busy, but not extremely crowded.
I ordered a beer at the bar and stood there surveying the
crowd for any attractive young ladies that might be alone.
There were three cute girls a few seats down from me at the
bar, but my experience dealing with groups of ladies is
that they are very protective of each other. It was pretty
slim pickings since the place appeared to be full of mostly
guys and couples.

As I stood there drinking my beer I saw an extremely sexy
and voluptuous brunette dressed all in black walk in the
door, look around for a few seconds and then walk over towards
the bar. It looked like she was heading right for me and then
at the last second she veered away to the stool that was two
seats from me. My heart sank as I looked around the bar and
realized that the only unoccupied seats were the two to
my left, so she did the obvious and sat on one of them.

I watched her as she ordered a drink and then she looked over
at me and smiled a big, beautiful smile. I immediately smiled
back, and after a few moments of hesitation I sidled up next
to her and said hello. She looked at me with a big sexy smile,
said hello and introduced herself as Cathy as she held out
her hand. I took it warmly and introduced myself saying
“Hi, I’m Alex.” and then out popped a stupid line
“And what would such a beautiful women be doing out by
herself on a Friday night?” She laughed and said “Well,
I’m restless and I’m on the hunt for prey!” I was a
little taken aback by her extremely forward and brazen
comment and I just looked into her dark eyes for a few seconds.
“And exactly what type of prey are you on the hunt for?”
I asked. “The kind I can eat of course!....And more importantly,
the kind that can eat me!!” she laughed a wicked laugh
and tossed her nearly black hair over her shoulder. My eyes
wandered over her form from top to bottom, stopping on the
high, black, “come fuck me” stiletto heels she was
wearing. Whoa, she really was a hot little vixen!

My pulse quickened and I could feel my cock start to get hard
as I took in her beauty and tried to absorb what she had just
said. “Oh really?” I stammered. Then as I started to
speak again she reached down between my legs and rubbed
my growing cock through my tight jeans. She purred “You
look, and feel, like you might be a prime candidate
to satisfy my hunger. Would you like to be my trophy tonight?”
I started to speak when she put her finger up to my mouth.
“There are a few rules though and a little more to the story.
First of all, I’m married, and my husband is here. But
he’s pretty laid back and he wants us to do a 3-way with
another hot guy. I think you’ll do nicely! He really wants
to see me be pleasured by another guy and even join in if he
feels like it. Now do you think you would be interested in
continuing this conversation?”

I was dumbfounded, but extremely hot for the raven-haired
temptress that stood before me. My hard cock didn’t really
leave me any choice though, I wanted her and I didn’t really
care if I had to share her with her husband. “Well it sounds
very interesting. Are you sure you’re husband is O.K.
with this??” I asked. “Of course I am, It was my idea!!”
came a voice with a southern drawl from directly behind
me. I turned to look for the source and a good looking guy
got up from the stool immediately to my right. “Hi Alex!
I’m Sam!” he said as he held out his hand and I shook it.
“It’s really nice to meet you.”

We all had a few more drinks and talked and laughed for the
next hour or so as we got better acquainted. And then Cathy
said “Well gentlemen!...My pussy is ready to roar!!
...Are we gonna do this thing or not?....Cuz I need some
hot tongue and some hard cock RIGHT NOW!!” Sam and I looked
at each other and laughed.. “Well Alex, my beautiful
Mistress has spoken and she can be very surly if denied her
little pleasures, .....or a hard cock!!....So we better
move on out!!”

As we walked out, Sam mentioned that there was a hotel near
by and to follow them. They pulled into the hotel parking
lot and I pulled in next to them. Cathy came over to my car
and told me to wait there while they got a room. A few minutes
later they came out and motioned me to follow them in their
car. We parked and then they got out, told me they were in
room 245 and to wait about ten minutes and then come on up.

I sat in my car tapping away the minutes with the fingers
of my left hand on the steering wheel, while my other hand
massaged my still hard cock. Finally, the time arrived
and I walked into the hotel and took the elevator to the 2nd
floor. I found room 245 and knocked. Sam opened up the door
a few seconds later and smiling, he told me to come in. “Have
a seat Alex. What would you like to drink?” he asked. I
said a screw driver would be fine and he started mixing a
drink as I sat down.

He handed me the drink and sat down in another chair. He said
that Cathy was in the bathroom getting freshened up and
started talking about how they had discussed their various
fantasies. He said they’d only had a few encounters with
other people before, but that they had been very exciting
and they had wanted to do it again. I noticed they had hooked
up a portable DVD player to the TV and Sam asked if I liked
porno films and I said yes. Then he asked if I had any preferences,
and rattled off a variety of possibilities - “Anal”,
“3-way”, “Lesbian”, “Bi-sexual”, “Bondage
& Degradation”. And then I said “Oh I’m not picky,
I like them all”. Sam laughed and said “My sentiments
exactly!!..OK, we’ll try a B & D 3-way and kill two
birds with one stone!”

I finished up my drink as Sam put the DVD in the machine. He
asked if I wanted another and went to the bar to make one as
the video started. On the TV there was a beautiful dark haired
woman that bore a striking resemblance to Cathy. The woman
was sitting in a chair with one leg up holding the hair of
a man as he stroked her pussy with his tongue. The man was
naked, on all fours and had a collar on. The woman was holding
the leash tight with her other hand, pulling him into her
wet pussy. Smacking sounds could be heard in the background
and the man grunted every time there was a Smack. The woman
was verbally abusing the guy telling him “Come on Bitch...Eat
your Mistress’s hot pussy!!!.....Yeah, suck that hot
snatch you little Whore!!.... You Cock Sucker!!” and
then the camera panned out and you could see a man standing
over the man that was on all fours. He had a whip in his hand
and was whipping the ass of the man between the Mistress’s

Sam had given me a new drink a few minutes before and I had
already downed a third of it. I was mesmerized, not to mention
extremely turned on by the scene on the TV and didn’t even
notice that Cathy had come out of the bathroom. My first
realization she was even in the room was when I felt a hand
rubbing my crotch. “Oooooooo, I see my prey is enjoying
the movie!.....Is that a weapon in your pocket?....Or
are you just glad to see me?”

I turned to look at her face but for some reason she was blurry.
No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t focus on her and my
head was very dizzy. I started to get up and realized the
room was spinning around and her voice seemed like it was
coming from the next room. “Don’t worry Baby, Mistress
and Master are going to take very, very good care of you tonight!.......My
little Slave is just going to take a nap for a little while,
so we can get him ready for the festivities. I had not had
that much to drink and wondered why I was feeling so fucked
up. I thought I could hear Sam and Cathy giggling and whispering
to each other as the room went dark...........

I awoke some time later in a fog. I could tell I was on my back
on a bed, and my nipples were being jolted by sharp pains.
I also felt pressure on my chest and something wet on my mouth.

When I opened my eyes, I realized that there was a perfectly
trimmed and manicured pussy rubbing it’s length up and
down on my mouth. It smelled so sweet and tasted so good,
my natural instinct was to stick my tongue out and begin
licking the velvety softness of it.

“Oooooooooo My little slave is back among the living,
and getting right with the program!!”.... That’s
it my little Slave Boy, suck and lick my hot pussy!.....Yes!...That’s
a Good Boy!!” came the sexy voice. I looked up and saw Cathy
above me, sitting on my mouth and smiling. She held me by
my hair and worked my mouth up and down her bright pink slit
as her other hand was busy pinching and twisting my nipples.
She was wearing a black corset or bustier, or whatever you
call it, and a black studded collar. Her dark brunette hair
hung down over me like a tent, as she smiled down at me with
a devilish grin. I saw her gleaming white teeth sparkle
as she watched me tongue her wet snatch.

As she rode my mouth I began to become aware of the fact that
I was nearly naked, except for some kind of thong or whatever
covering my hard cock. And my hands were bound behind and
under me by something. Handcuffs maybe? I began to spear
my hot tongue deep into the depths of her nearly naked cunt
as she moaned. “Oh yes Honey!!.... Tongue Fuck that slippery
pussy!!....Come on my little Bitch....Eat that hot snatch!!.....Yessssssssss!!...
Fuck that pussy good with your wet tongue SLAVE!!.... That’s
a Good Boy!!... You Nasty little Cunt Sucker..... Make
your Mistress Cum!!”.... I complied with her demands
and licked and sucked her hard little clit. She frantically
bucked and rocked on my hot tongue in an effort to assist
me. Finally, I focused solely on her fuck hole and began
tongue-fucking her with long, deep strokes. I moved my
mouth and head forward and back as best I could and she helped
by pulling me by my hair.

“Yesssssssss my little Slave Boy!!..... Oh Yesssss!!.....
Ohhh Yesssss!! I’m Cumminngg!!.... I’m Cuuuummiinnnnggggg!!!”...
and then she began fucking my face just like she was riding
a hard cock. Her full ass cheeks rocked back and forth furiously
as her saliva drenched pussy lips rubbed up and down on my
thrusting tongue. She held me tightly by the hair as she
ground her swollen pussy against my deeply stroking tongue.
She grunted and jerked a few more times as she worked through
the last throes of her intense orgasm. And then she slightly
pulled away from my mouth and rested her creamy ass on my

Mistress Cathy panted as she looked down at my pussy juice
covered face. “How’s my sweet pussy taste Slave?”
she asked. “Wonderful Cathy!”. I answered. Suddenly
her face became contorted with rage...SMACK!!.... Her
right hand slapped me across the face hard. “No Bitch!...
You address me as Mistress Cathy!!.. Do you understand??”
and then.....SMACK!!...She slapped my right cheek with
her left hand. “Do you understand you nasty little cunt
sucker?” I saw stars as I recovered from her violent slaps
and whimpered “Yes... Mistress Cathy.” She smiled
that evil smile again “Good!.. Now Remember that if you
know what’s good for you!!”

I saw motion out of the corner of my eye, and as I turned my
head I could see Sam, now naked, sitting on a nearby chair
stroking his rigid cock. I was impressed with the length
and the girth of his engorged member and could barely take
my eyes off of it as he casually jerked on it. He wasn’t
saying anything, he was just lounging there masturbating,
with a diabolical smirk on his face. Obviously, he had watched
the entire spectacle of Mistress Cathy fucking my face
with her slick snatch, and had worked himself up into a full
erection while enjoying the scene. I was getting into watching
him beat off and then.. SMACK!! ”What are you doing Slave??”
Mistress Cathy demanded as she slapped my red face again.
“You’re mine Bitch, and I’ll tell you when you can
gaze upon your Master’s beautiful cock!.. Believe me,
you will learn to respect and adore his magnificent scepter
soon enough!!... Before this night is through you will
experience the most exciting pain and pleasure you have
ever imagined!! ”

Mistress Cathy scooted her wet pussy and hot ass down my
body until she was straddling my cock which was encased
in some type of leather thong. She began rubbing her dripping
snatch back and forth on my throbbing manhood as her head
dipped to my chest. She took my left nipple into her wet mouth
and began nibbling and biting it, sending jolts through
my body. At the same time she began pinching and tweaking
my right nipple. My engorged cock strained at the leather
encasing it as I felt the heat and moisture from her gushing
gash seep through it. I was totally amazed by this woman
and her ability to elicit such tremendous excitement from
every part of my body that she touched.

Mistress Cathy held my hips as she thrust her tongue in and
out of my willing ass. Man I hadn’t felt his hot in a long,
long time. I strained and struggled in a futile attempt
to free my hands. This wicked woman had her head buried between
my as cheeks as she bored her long, hot tongue deep inside
me. She brought one of her hands up to my poor cock and began
rubbing and massaging its hardness through the leather.
I began to feel the beginnings of and orgasm tingling my
balls. But somehow she sensed the tension running through
them and began to ease off. Soon her lips and tongue were
lovingly licking my trembling hole and ass cheeks once
again. “Nooooooo My Little Sex Slave!.... You don’t
have my permission to cum just yet. We have so much more in
store for you still this evening.

She looked over to Master Sam and barked “Give me a hand
here Sweetheart?” He eagerly sprang up to assist her.
“Help me turn him around and get him on the floor kneeling!”
I felt two sets of hands as I watched the two manhandling
and lifting me until I was on my knees and bending over the
bed. “That’s it!” said Mistress Cathy and then she
climbed on the bed in front of me on all fours with her ass
in my face. “Now! ... Time to reciprocate!!....My little
Bitch is going to learn the fine art of Ass Licking and Tongue
Fucking!!... And if you don’t do it just like I like it,
then Master will be directed to whip your ass until you do
a better job!!” she seethed. “You ready to suck my tight
little asshole Slave??”

I started to answer her, but she spread her legs and pushed
her ass back onto my mouth so all that could be heard was a
muffled response. First I licked the small, sensitive
area between her pussy and asshole and then worked my way
up to her little pink, puckered rose bud. I ran my wet tongue
around her quivering hole and her ass cheeks shuddered
and jiggled as she let out a little groan of delight. I wished
that my hands were free so I could do her beautiful ass justice.
“Mistress, can you free my hands so I can completely pleasure
your beautiful behind?” I asked......”WHACK!!!..
was the stinging response as Master Sam brought his whip
down across my ass cheeks. Then he spoke “Slaves do not
speak when providing oral pleasure to their Mistress!!...
Your little Whore mouth and tongue are for licking and sucking!...
Not Talking!!” I said “Yes Master!”

“Yeah, you little slut!!.... Fuck my Mistress’s pretty
asshole with your tongue!!... Yes that’s it!.. Deeper!!...
Tongue Fuck that hot ass DEEPER!!!” Master Sam demanded
and then... WHACK!!.. WHACK!!... “I said DEEPER, you
Mother Fuckin’ Whore!!”.. And... “Yeah, that’s
it!!... Ride his hot tongue Mistress!!... Fuck his faggot
face with your ass!!!”

Mistress Cathy was really getting hot from Master’s
demands and his whipping of my poor ass as I tongue fucked
her quivering asshole. “Yes Baby!!... Beat the little
whore’s ass!!.. Make him fuck my ass good with that wet
tongue of his!!” she shrieked. And then Master complied
... “Whack!!!...Whack!!...Whack!!!...

Ohhhhhhhhhh Yes my sweet little Ass Sucker!!... ... Yeah,
Bitch!.... How’s that hot little shit hole taste?....
Mistress LUVS the way my little Whore ass fucks me with his
face!!... I’m gonna Cum on you nasty Bitch!!!.... I’m
gonna Cum again!!... Yes!!... I’m gonna Cuuuuummm!!!....
I’m Cuuuummmiiinnggg!!!.... Yesssssss!!..Yessssss!!!...
UUUnnnnghhh!!...UUUUnnnggghhh!!!... I’m Cummmiiinnnggggg!!....
Yesss, Suck my asshole Bitch!!!!”

Mistress’s saliva soaked ass cheeks bounced up and down
on my tongue, lips and nose in a maniacal frenzy to release
the tension that had been building in her twitching snatch.
Her ass pushed back on my tongue until it was buried up inside
her tight hole as deep as it could go. She reached back and
grabbed a fistful of my hair and held her asshole tightly
against my tongue and lips as she shuddered from the last
spasms of her climax. “Oooooooooo Shit!!!!.... Mother
Fucker that one tore me all up!!!.... Whoa Master, this
boy can suck some serious ass!!” she huskily sighed as
she ran her fingers through my hair.

After a few minutes of recuperation, Mistress Cathy barked
“O.K., My wet pussy needs some serious Fucking now! Slave
you get back on the bed, face up with your head down hear by
the end!”..... Master, you collar and leash him and take
those cuffs off him!.... I think we have the Bitch under
control now!!.... Are you gonna cause any problems my little
Sex Slave??” she asked. I looked at her and said “No
Mistress, I’ll do whatever you ask!”...... She smiled
a mischievous smile and laughed “You’re Damn right
you will you little slutboi!!”

I was still on my knees on the floor as Master Sam put a studded
collar on me and attached a leash to it. He handed the leash
to Mistress Cathy and she gave it a sharp jerk... “Stay
Slave!!..... Wait till he takes your cuffs off or I’ll
beat that ass of yours!!” she threatened. Master Sam
unlocked the cuffs and smacked me on the ass “Get up on
the bed Bitch!!” he demanded me.

I laid back with my head down at the foot of the bed near the
edge. She climbed on the bed next to me with her head at the
opposite end and threw her right leg over me until she was
above me in a “69" position. She held the leash tight
as she spoke. “Now, my little Bitch is going to lick and
suck my pussy and I’m going to suck your cock while Master
Fucks me!!..... Now stick that nice, hot tongue of yours
in my wet snatch and commence eating my pussy!!”

She lowered her beautiful ass and dripping snatch down
onto my mouth and I began doing as I was told. I licked and
sucked up and down the length of her swollen lips until I
found the bud of her rigid clit at the top of her satiny folds.
I put my lips around it a gently nibbled on it which resulted
in a sharp gasp from My Mistress. “Oh my little Baby....My
nasty Slut!..... Yes Honey!... Work that fat little clit!

Then I felt Mistress’s hands massaging my straining
cock through the leather thong. She put her lips to the leather
and traced little wet circles around the ridges of it and
around my tightly held balls. I could feel her pull the leather
away from my cock and then loop the thong down below my ball
sack. Her hot breath washed across my now naked cock and
sent chills down my spine. It jumped and jerked with each
heart beat as she inspected it closely. “My, what a handsome
fuck muscle my little Sex Slave possesses.... Wonderful,
fat purple cock head and his balls and cock are shaved too!!....
Just the way Mistress likes her hard cocks!!” and then
she lost her concentration momentarily as she moaned from
the tongue lashing I was giving her slippery twat... “OOOhhhhhhhhh!!!.....
Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!... Eat that pussy you nasty boy!!!.....
Yesss!!..., Now Fuck it with that marvelous tongue of yours!!”

I instinctively thrust my hips and cock up to meet her wonderful,
warm lips as I worked my tongue feverishly in and out of her
sucking snatch. Mistress Cathy began working her saliva
slickened lips up and down the entire length of my thrusting
cock in an ever increasing tempo now. Her mouth and lips
were soon working my glistening spear just like a wet pussy.
I was in heaven! My hands gripped my Mistress’s beautiful
ass as I tongue-fucked her pussy and she expertly sucked
my cock. How much better can it get? I asked myself.

I was intently focusing on the task of tongue-fucking my
beautiful Mistress’s steamy snatch when I realized
that Master was now standing over me and behind Mistress
Cathy’s hot ass. My eyes and face were just inches from
his engorged member as I fucked my tongue in and out of our
Mistress’s dripping snatch. I was fascinated and somewhat
excited watching him quickly stroke his massive tool in
preparation of penetrating Mistress’s hungry cunt.
He stepped closer as he rested his fat knob on my nose and
barked “Bitch!!.... Get that worthless tongue out of
my Mistress’s fuck hole so she can feel a real man’s
dick!!”... and then Mistress Cathy said “Slave, you
suck my clit while Master Fucks my sloppy pussy!!”

I did as directed and withdrew my tongue from Mistress’s
snatch and began to move it to her hot little button. But
before I could get my tongue completely out of her cunt,
Master pushed his rigid cock deep inside her. I could see
and feel the under side of his pulsating manhood glide along
my tongue and nose as it drilled into Mistress’s cunt.
When Master’s thick cock was finally buried up to the
hilt, his shaved ball sack came to rest on my nose. It was
exhilarating! I breathed in the musky smell of his sweating
balls as his fat cock remained motionless, twitching deep
inside her hole. I had only touched a man’s cock and balls
a few times before in my life, and never a shaved one. I’ve
also never tongue-fucked a pussy while another man fucked
it. This was HOT! HOT! HOT! I couldn’t wait till Master
began to fuck her pussy so I could get a “bird’s eye view”
and see what a pussy looked like when it got a good stroking
from a hard dick.

“Master, Fuck my hot pussy now Sweetheart!!... Drill
my wet cunt while the Slave Boy sucks my clit!!.. Now Baby!!..Fuck
me NOW!!”.. Then Master began to withdraw his veiny member
slowly until just its fat head remained inside the quivering
pussy. He hesitated for a second and said “O.K. My Mistress,
Get ready for some hard cock!!.. and then he thrust his meaty
monster deep inside her until his smooth balls smacked
against my nose. Over and over he thrust and withdrew his
penis from the depths of her wicked snatch, and each time
his balls came smacking down on my nose and lips. His glistening
cock stroked her slippery snatch with abandon now as it
jack-hammered in and out of her.

I caught myself wondering what it would feel like having
his balls in my mouth as he fucked my new Mistress’s eager
hole. Would he like it? I wondered how it would feel if it
were me? And then Master grunted “Bitch...Lick my ball
sack, while I Fuck your Mistress!!... Come on you worthless
little Faggot!!... Lick my balls NOW, you Cock Sucker!!”
and I removed my lips from Mistress’s clit and tilted
my head back so I could lick the underside of his sweaty balls
as they swung back and forth. My own cock pulsed in Mistress’s
mouth as my wet tongue and lips met his swinging ball sack
and began to licking and kissing them. “Yesss, You little
Whore!! That’s it Cock Sucker, suck Daddy’s balls!!”
he groaned as he increased the speed of his pummeling of
my Mistress’s splayed open cunt. I heard Mistress moan
a muffled moan as he beat her nasty pussy up. And then he barked
“Take my fat balls in your mouth you Cock Sucking Whore!!...
Swallow my nuts while I Fuck that nasty snatch!!” I opened
my mouth wide and sucked his ball sack deep in my mouth as
it fucked in and out of the bouncing pussy. My head swam in
ecstasy as I tasted his sweaty balls squirming and rolling
on my tongue. My hot mouth milked his ball sack like it was
milking a fat tit as I watched his ass cheeks clench and bounce
with each deep stroke of his mighty cock.

Yeah, Bitch!!... Yes!.. Suck those nasty balls you Cock
Sucker!!... Yeah Slut!!.... Yeah!!.. That’s it! Milk
those slick balls!!”.. He grunted as his orgasm neared.
I feverishly mouthed his sack with my lips and swirled my
hot tongue around and around his jerking testicles in an
effort to make him shoot his load deep inside my Mistress’s
sweet snatch. But then Master suddenly stopped his fucking
motions and just held it still, buried deep inside her pussy.

“Hurry, take my balls out of your mouth Faggot and leave
your mouth wide open! I have a big surprise for you.” He
demanded. I let his smooth, saliva covered testicles slip
from my mouth and lay there with my mouth gaping open.. I
watched in awe as Master’s swollen and glistening cock
quickly withdrew from Mistress’s slick pussy and just
hovered above my wide open mouth for a few seconds… And
then it speared forward between my lips and drove all the
way down my tongue until it slammed with force against the
back of my throat. “Gggggkkkkmmmgghhkk…. Ggkkkmmgghhk!!”
I choked as Master’s fat, swollen, cockhead continued
to push against the narrow opening of my throat in an attempt
to wedge itself in my throat. “Swallow all that fat cock
you worthless, cock sucking Bitch!! Cum on open that throat
Cunt!! I know you can swallow it all!!” He barked sadistically.
I tilted my head back further and tried to relax my throat
and then with a pop his pulsating manhood pushed deeper
into my throat until his slick balls were resting on my nose.
He jerked and humped my throat and stretched mouth in three
or four quick jerks and then began pulling his cock out of
my mouth. After pulling out about halfway Master slammed
his rigid pole deep inside my throat again, mashing his
wet ball sack against my nose and his pubic bone against
my chin. He hesitated just a second and then began a quick
pounding rhythm, pulling and thrusting his slick piston
of a cock in and out of my gaping mouth. I could hear Master
grunt and huff and puff as he forcefully face fucked me.

At the other end, my Mistress’s mouth never let up its
relentless sucking of my own throbbing cock. Her head rapidly
bobbed up and down as she aggressively worked her sloppy
lips the entire length of my cock in a frantic effort to make
me spew my own load of hot cum. I began to feel my nuts tingle
and knew I too was on the verge of cumming inside her mouth.
My hips bounced up and down on the bed as she clenched my ass
cheeks in her soft hands and dug her sharp nails into my flesh.
Every few seconds she would let out a little whine as my cock
pistoned in and out of her hot mouth and Master pumped my
hungry mouth.

Master’s cock was fucking in and out of my hungry mouth
in deep thrusts now. With every thrust his fat knob would
slip into my now stretched throat. I had never sucked a man’s
cock before. Or had my mouth and throat fucked by a thick
cock either for that matter. The sensation was incredible
and I couldn’t believe a man’s fat cock could even fit
inside my mouth, let alone slide effortlessly down my throat.
It must have been a debauched scene, us in a 69 position with
Mistress sucking my cock and her dominant husband forcefully
fucking my face.. I couldn’t believe how depraved I had
become. I was in ecstasy and aching to shoot my hot load inside
Mistress’s mouth as I swallowed Master’s hot, creamy
load of cum. But I soon found out that Master had other plans.
He rammed deep inside my mouth one final time, quickly and
completely withdrew from my mouth and then lunged forward
driving his engorged cock deep inside Mistress’s dripping
pussy with a “SMACK”.

Master’s giant cock began to thrash Mistress’s fuck
hole with long, deep, violent strokes and I new the moment
had arrived. “Yes Katrina!!.... Yesssss!... I’m
Cummmiiinng Baby!!... I’m gonna dump a hot load of Cum
in that pussy!!”...and then his attention shifted to
PUSSY!!!”... he demanded as his nuts began to expand
and contract. My spit slathered lips sucked his spasming
testicles so deep inside my mouth that my nose was buried
in his puckered brown asshole. I heard Mistress begin to
moan almost immediately as the first jet of Master’s
molten Cum squirted inside her pulsating snatch. Her ass
muscles clenched and flexed as she began her third grinding
orgasm of the evening.

It was amazing, I could actually feel each and every pump
of my new Master’s nuts with my lips as one after another
jet of his molten cream was heaved into her hungry cunt.
I wanted this to be his best cum ever and for him to shoot buckets
of his sticky cum inside her so I took a chance. I let his spit
covered ball sack slip from my lips and before he could respond,
I slipped my hot tongue deep inside his shaved asshole.
“Ohhhhhh Sheeeeeiitt!!!.... Uuuuunnghhh!!...UUnnnggghhh!!!....
Uuuunggghhhh!!”... He grunted as the power of his orgasm
immediately intensified from my oral assault on his tight
asshole. “Yessss!!... Bitch!!!....Yessssss!!!!....UUUnnnggghhh!!...UUUnnnggghhh!!!....Tongue-Fuck
That Ass!!!... Yeah!!... You Cock Sucking Slut!!... You
Ass Sucking Faggot!!!... Yeah Rim that Ass!!!... Rim that
Mother Fucking Ass!!!”... I tongue-fucked his brown
hole as it gripped the sides of my hot poker of a tongue. With
each deep thrust of my tongue into his ass I urged yet another
jet of cum from his jerking balls. And he continued his incessant
pounding of My Mistress’s helpless pussy. And then my own cum began churning inside my aching nuts.
I tried to hold off as long as I could but Mistress Katrina
knew what was happening and she began using her slippery
hand as an extension of her mouth. She began deep throating
my engorged cock in quick, long, deep strokes. And just
as I was on the verge of exploding I felt her spread my sweaty
ass cheeks and insert one of her fingers inside my asshole.
She worked her finger over my prostrate as my first load
of steamy, thick cream erupted violently deep inside her
wanton mouth. “Uunngghhh!!.... AAAhhhnnggghh!!!....
AAAhhnnggghhh!!... GGGnngghhh!!.. I grunted as my hot
load of jizz began pumping into her mouth. She fellated
me like a cock-starved whore as jet after jet of my sticky
white cream pumped into her hungry mouth. Now all three
of us were caught up in the throes of our own incredible climaxes,
as we humped, and we bucked and we shuddered, and we moaned

As Master’s orgasm began to subside, I gently removed
my hot tongue from his asshole and began to lick his still
twitching balls. I licked all around his sensitive sack
and then looked up at Master’s pistoning fuck pole. His
cum was beginning to ooze out of Mistress’s cunt and drip
down his pole. My tongue shot out and began to lap his salty
jizzm from his balls and shaft. It had a musky, smoky taste
to it as I rolled it on my tongue.

And then after a few moments, Master reached down and pulled
his still throbbing cock from Mistress’s hole and directed....
“Here, Cock Sucker! Take my big prick in your mouth and
clean it off for me like a good little Faggot!!!” I opened
my mouth as he bent his still rigid cock towards my lips.
When he reached them, he thrust forward and shoved his cock
halfway into my mouth. My lips closed over the cum covered
monster and I began to move my mouth up and down his glistening
shaft as best as I could. He helped a bit by thrusting his
hips forward and sawing his manhood in and out of my greedily
sucking mouth.

What amazed me is that instead of going limp, his cock began
to get harder. Each time it jerked and twitched inside my
mouth it also expanded, almost like he was flexing a muscle.
Well it was a muscle I guess. In fact it was a pretty fantastic
Fuck Muscle that he had there between his strong legs and
he was enjoying working it in and out of my mouth. Exercising
it between my lips, so to speak, I chuckled to myself. I continued to lick and suck his throbbing tool clean while
Mistress Katrina milked my jerking cock of it’s last
few wads of hot cum. Master looked down at me and said “Now
lick Mistress’s pussy clean!... Stick your tongue in
her snatch and lick up all my cum, You Worthless Whore!!”
.. I let his cock slip from my mouth and turned my attention
to Mistress’s hot cunt that now had Master’s creamy
cum oozing from it. I thrust my wet tongue through the cum
and deep inside her. Master’s salty jizz coated my thrusting
tongue as it scooped the inside of her vaginal tunnel like
a bulldozer. I buried my long tongue deep inside her and
put my lips to her soft lips, and began to apply suction as
I pulled my tongue back into my mouth. I sucked Master’s
sticky cum into my mouth and then swallowed it. I did this
3 or 4 times until I had sucked as much of Master’s cream
out of her snatch as I could. Then I licked and sucked her
wonderful pussy lips clean. God I WAS a depraved Whore.
I had done things I had never imagined, and I was as hot as
I’ve ever been. There was nothing I wouldn’t do for
this scalding hot couple.

Finally we all collapsed on the bed and rested for 10 minutes
or so. Mistress’s stroked Master’s and my cocks, to
keep us excited and hard. Occasionally dipping her head
down to taste and then engulf one of the rigid poles with
her mouth. She’d bob her head up and down quickly a few
times on one cock until its owner moaned with approval and
then she’d stop and take the other one in her wonderful
mouth and do the same. This went on for quite awhile, and
then she spoke “You know, I’ve always wanted to have
two hard cocks fuck me at the same time. One in my pussy and
one in my ass. Now that I have these two marvelous, clean
shaven monsters at my beck and call, I think that’s exactly
what we’ll do next.”

Continued in Part II....

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Now that was a very hot story -

I am a bi-sexual male that just loves to suck cock an have
him cum in my mouth or my very hot ass-hole...


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Wow....i'd love to meet them an\d become the next slave


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sounds like a great time for all three of you. Please keep
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Well it sounds like you all had fun


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would love to be their sex slave, ever come to myrtle beach,
i'm available.


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Oh to be in his shoes and enjoy the submission.


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I loved your story - hope you keeo them comming..