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Our Fantasies can be Realities


As Dan and I lay on the couch and swoon after the mind-blowing
sex we had. We talked about the thoughts we were having about
the 3-some with Jim. I was kind of nervous about doing something
like that. I had never had two men at once before. I asked
him if he had ever done it before, he smiled and said yea a
few times, but with you it will be a new experience because
the girl he had done it with didn’t like anal at all. I smiled
and said hell she doesn't know what she’s missing.
Dan looked at me and laughed and said not all girls are as
kinky as you are. I told him that all girls should be, it would
make for fewer bitches in the world. He laughed so hard his
face turned red. He said so that’s what their problem is.
I smiled and nodded my head. Dan said that he would make all
my Fantasies become Realities. I said really and he just

I got off the couch and walked into the bedroom and got the
jeans Dan had worn the night before and got the number Jim
had given him. I walked back into the living room and handed
the number to him and asked whether he wanted to call or should
He said it best if we both call together. Dan picked up the
phone beside the couch and I went in the bedroom and grabbed
the cordless. He dialed the number and I waited till he nodded
for me to push talk. As the phone rang I felt butterflies
in my stomach, I was so nervous about this. It wasn’t until
Jim’s answering machine came on that the butterflies subsided.
Dan explained who he was and that he had met us last night
and we were calling about his offer, he left his number and
hung up.

Dan walked over to me and hugged me and told me it wouldn’t
be bad and that I didn’t have to be nervous. He told me that
if it would make it easier for me he would take me out for a
few beers and a couple of shots of tequila before. I smiled
and said you know me well don’t you. He said yea that’s what
gave you the nerve to run after me and kiss me the night we
met. I laughed and said hell I tried to forget that. He said
I will never forget that, that’s what made me call you the
next day other then the thought of you in that sexy skirt
you were wearing. I told him I thought about that night,
every time my heart hurt from missing him when he was gone,
and it did quite a lot. Dan smiled and hugged me, and ran his
fingers through my hair and kissed me. The kiss sent shivers
through my body just like the first time we kissed.

Just as we were getting passionate and aroused again, the
phone rang. At first Dan was going to ignore it until I reminded
him Jim was supposed to call back? He snatched up the phone
and it was Jim calling back. He nodded for me to pick up the
phone. Dan asked him how he was doing and Jim said fine, how
about you and that sexy girlfriend of yours.
Dan said we were really good and Jim said he would be too if
I were his. Dan frowned and changed the subject real quick
and asked if he would still interested in the 3-some he mentioned
last night? Jim responded with a hell yea. Dan smiled and
the butterflies in my stomach came back ten-fold. Dan gave
me a reassuring smile and asked Jim when would be a good time
for him. Jim quickly responded with how about tonight?
Dan looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. Dan said that’s
fine but I must warn you, Brandy is very nervous this is the
first 3-some she has ever done, I’m going to let her get a
buzz before she does it to take the edge off. Jim said wow
I figured with the way she was with you at Outback that she
had more experience in the ways of sex. Dan laughed and said
oh she’s experienced, just not with more then one person
at a time. I felt like I wasn’t even in the conversation.
Jim asked Dan if he thought I could handle two men at once,
and before Dan could say anything, I got the nerve to say
I can handle anything you two men could give. They both started
laughing. I figured they didn’t need me on the phone to work
out the details so I hung up.

I went into the bedroom to get all the rose petals in the room
cleaned up and to get the champagne bottle and glasses we
had used the night before. I took them in the kitchen and
went back in for the tray I had served him on for breakfast.
By the time I had gotten it all cleaned up, he was finally
hanging up the phone. I asked him if everything was all set
and, he said yea were going to do it at the Beck’s Hotel at
11:00 tonight. I asked him why the Beck’s that’s kind of
a kinky hotel isn’t it. Dan laughed at me and said don’t worry
Babe you’ll feel right at home there. I still didn’t understand
why Beck’s but I let it go. I figured the men knew what they
were doing.

Dan and I decided to go shopping and have lunch. We took a
quick shower and got dressed. Dan made sure I wore something
accessible just in case he felt like getting frisky while
we are out. Dan and I walked downstairs and he opened my door
and as I got in I reached over and opened his door. Dan got
in and smiled at me and said I love when you do that. I rubbed
the back of his head and smiled at him.
We pulled out and Dan asked where we should go first? I shrugged
my shoulders and said I didn’t care, he said Cross-Creek
Mall it is then. Traffic wasn’t too bad considering it was
Friday in a military town. We pulled into the mall and parked
right by the Sears entrance. We got out and went in.

First place Dan wanted to go was Structure, he said he needed
some new clothes. We spent about a half an hour in there.
He decided on clothes I got moist looking at him in. Dan could
make a plastic bag look good if he were wearing it.
Next we went to Yankee Candle. I told him since we almost
used up all my candles, and I needed new ones. I picked out
my favorite smelly candles, like lilac blossoms, seaside
holiday and sunflower days. Dan bought me enough of each
to last awhile.
After that we went to the Gap to get more clothes for him and
then to Hot Topic for something sexy for me to wear that night.
We went in and I tried a few things on but Dan kept shaking
his head no to all of them. I figured he was looking for an
outfit that made him hard.

We left there and went to Walden Books to get the new Maxim
magazine. I liked reading it as much has he did. You can find
out about certain things that please your man. While he
got the magazine, I looked around. I found a title that caught
my eye, The Gift of Sex,
I figured I’d get it and see if it had anything in interested
in it. I brought the book up to the counter where Dan was already
waiting and when he saw the title he laughed.
We left the store and went to Bath & Body Works. I swear
every time I go in the store I never want to leave it. We spent
awhile in there; I smelled all the different lotions and
body sprays. I’m sure Dan was getting irate because I couldn’t
decide on a smell I liked. I settled on Moonlight Path and
I bought the whole collection, the body wash, body lotion
and the body spray. Dan gave me a look like finally you’re
done. I giggled that’s just typical of a man.

We started walking toward the Body Shop when we passed Victoria’s
Secret, Dan stopped dead in his tracks and damn near snatched
my arm off pulling me in there.
He didn’t stop until we walked up to this little white ruffled
halter dress. Dan grabbed it and a cut out satin dress and
a black O-Ring halter jersey dress that had a slit all the
way up the chest. He handed them to me and headed over to the
baby doll lingerie, and picked out a sexy white lace nightgown.
I asked him was he done and he said no and continued to look

A very attractive auburn haired women walked up and said
her name was Mandy, and asked us if we needed any help. I smiled
and said yes that I needed help carrying all the clothes
Dan was putting in my arms to the dressing room. Dan hadn’t
really gotten a good look at her until that moment and when
he did, his face lit up. He kept looking from her to me. I knew
what he was thinking because I was thinking it to.

Mandy was about 5’8 150lbs long hair and blues eyes, with
legs as long as mine. The shirt she was wearing showed off
her mouth watering 38C boobs. I can almost bet people would
say we were sisters if they saw us together.

Dan kept looking back and forth to us, I was looking at her
and she was looking at me. I made eye contact with her and
are eyes locked and I felt my body tingle. Dan noticed the
attraction too. Mandy broke the silence by saying here
let me take the clothes for you. When she grabbed them from
me she accidentally touched my breast and my underwear
got moist. I looked at her and she had a small smile on her
face. I knew then that it was no accident. Dan looked like
a kid in a candy shop, you could tell he was getting aroused
watching us flirt.

Mandy walked towards the dressing room and opened the door
for me, as I took the dresses from her I made sure to lightly
caress her luscious breast. I knew from the moment I did
it, she got the same reaction I did. She looked at me and her
face was flushed. Dan was behind her smiling, he knew that
I was very turned on and that she was too. Mandy told me if
I needed anything else just to call her.

I went into the dressing room and shut the door and got undressed
down to my g-string and tried on the black dress. I looked
in the mirror and loved the way it looked on me.
I opened the door to show Dan and he shook his head and said
no not that one. I glanced over at Mandy and she was smiling
and shaking her head too. I walked back in the dressing room
took it off and tried on the red one. I again thought it looked
good and when I went out, I got the same reaction from both
of them. I shrugged my shoulders and went back inside to
try on the last and final dress. I put on the white one and
looked in the mirror and said wow. This dress made every
curve I had stand out, and it brought out the red in my hair.
I walked out and Dan whistled and Mandy’s face flushed.
I kind of wondered what was running through her head at that
moment. Dan said yup that’s the one.

A couple of women came into the store and Mandy went over
to help them but not before she winked at me. I went to walk
back into the dressing room and Dan followed behind me.
I asked him what he thought he was doing and he just gave me
a sexy bad boy look.
I said you have to be kidding there’s no way were screwing
around in here, someone will here us. Dan gave me a stern
look and told me in an impelling voice that if I didn’t take
the dress off he would. To say the least I was shocked, but
I obediently did as he told me. When I had finished taking
off the dress, Dan used his hands on my shoulders to push
me down onto my knees. When I got down there he undid his pants
and pressed his semi hard cock to my lips. I did not want to
do this but when I looked up at him and he gave me a domineering
look. I opened my mouth and he rammed his tool deep in my mouth.
I gagged but he continued to shove his cock deeper and deeper
down my throat.

When Dan got fully hard he grabbed my hair and brought me
back to my feet. I was hoping that this would be over with
soon, but the look on his face told me I was in for more. Dan
pushed me against the wall hard enough to make a thud. I figured
that we would be caught for sure but no one came. I used his
knee to spread my legs and with one quick movement he ripped
my underwear off me. I went to say something and he kissed
me, not sweet and nice but hard and rough. I had to bite my
tongue not to cry out when he plunged two fingers into me.
Dan moved them in and out of me at a steady rhythm. It was actually
starting to feel good; my pussy was getting very wet. Dan
slipped another finger in me and worked his fingers in and
out and around in me. It felt so good I wanted to moan. Dan
removed his fingers and handed me my shirt, he told me to
put it between my teeth to muffle my moans. Then he turned
me around and bent me over. I tried to tell him no but he slapped
my ass hard. It hurt badly but for some reason it turned me
on more. I put the shirt in my mouth and waited for what was
to come next.

Dan pulled his pants further down his legs and ran his stiff
organ between my legs.
Feeling his warm hot meat against my sensitive hot spot
made me want more of him. I backed up to him and he smacked
my ass again and told me he would do it in his own time. I was
glad I had the shirt in my mouth or else I would have yelped.
Dan continued sliding his head all around my pussy, teasing
and taunting my clit and lips. My pussy was moist and my clit
hard. Without warning he drove his erection in and hit the
spot deep inside me. I moaned loud and Dan pulled my hair
and told me to be quite. It’s not like I could help it. Feeling
his hard cock bulldoze in and out of me, I wanted to moan so
loud that everyone could here me. I tried so hard not to think
about the way his hard manhood was slipping in and out of
me, so I wouldn’t moan. His pace grew faster and his pounding
grew harder. I felt the fireworks go off in my womb and I came
hard. I felt myself throbbing, so I know Dan could feel it
to. He let out a low muffled moan and he pushed in to me hard
and I could feel him explode inside me. He stood there for
a few seconds and then withdrew himself from me. When I stood
up his cream started oozing out of me. He handed me my underwear
and I cleaned up. He pulled up his pants and straightened
his clothes. I started to get dressed and Dan said we were
getting the white dress and the white lace nightgown.

As Dan walked out of the dressing room he ran right into Mandy.
He shut the door and I could here him give her the excuse that
he had to help me put the clothes back on the hangers. I quickly
got dressed and put all the clothes back on the hangers and
shoved the underwear in my skirt pocket and walked out.


Dan was standing at the register with Mandy, and as I walked
up she looked at me and winked. Dan asked if I was ready and
I said yes. We went to walk out and Mandy came out from behind
the counter and said it was nice meeting you and shook my
hand as she did she slipped a piece of paper in my hand and
whispered call me. I quickly put the number in my pocket
and whispered back I will.

By the time we got back to the truck it was about 2 o'clock.
I asked Dan if we could skip lunch and go back to the apartment.
He shrugged his shoulders and said all right. Dan opened
my door and when I got in I didn’t open his. When he got in he
looked a little hurt that I hadn’t. The whole ride back to
the apartment Dan tried to make small talk and I would only
answer with only a nod or a look. When we pulled in I grabbed
a few bags, got out and went upstairs. I put the bags in the
living room and went to take a shower. When I started to undress
I remembered the piece of paper Mandy had slipped me. I pulled
it and the ripped underwear out of my pocket. I put the underwear
in the trash and opened the piece of paper. When I read it
my mouth dropped open, and my pussy grew moist again.

Mandy had written that she really felt a connection with
me and that she had heard Dan and I in the changing room. She
went on to say that she had gone into the other stall and masturbated
thinking about making love to me. Mandy wanted me to call
her and also said that if I did she would kiss where he had
slapped me. I quickly put the note back in my skirt and got
in the shower.

I couldn’t believe what she had written and that she had
heard Dan smack me. I started to think about what it would
be like to have her kiss me and make love to me. When I started
lathering myself I got extremely horny. I worked my hands
down over my erect nipples and tweaked them hard enough
to send shock waves through my body. I worked my hand down
further. I could imagine the way her tongue would feel on
my body. When my hand touched my mound I couldn’t hold back
a moan. All I could think about was her 36C tits and how I would
love to suckle them. I touched my swollen clit and my thoughts
went to what it would feel like if she were using her tongue
on me. I played with my clit and shoved a finger in my wet hole
a few times and I came so hard I moaned. I figured Dan had heard
me so I quickly washed my sensitive pussy and got out.

I grabbed the towel and started to dry off and before I walked
out of the bathroom I took the note back out of my pocket and
walked into the bedroom and put it in my pillowcase so Dan
wouldn’t find it. I walked into the living room and told
Dan that I was tired and that I was taking a nap, and to wake
me up in a few hours. I walked back to the bedroom and threw
the towel on the chair and crawled into bed. The last thing
I remember thinking about before I fell asleep was Mandy.

Dan woke me up and I asked him what time it was he said about
5 o’clock. He said why don’t you get dressed and we’ll go
eat and grab a few drinks at Cadillac Ranch before we go to
Beck’s. I quickly got up and went to get the clothes Dan had
bought me. I went back into the bedroom with the bag and put
it on the bed and started pulling the stuff out. I noticed
that there was another bag in there and when I pulled it out
and opened it there was a beautiful white bra and panty set.
I didn’t see Dan buy these. When I looked in the bag there
was a note. I read the note and it was from Mandy and it said.
“Thought you would like these, when wearing them think
of me your new friend Mandy.”

I hid the note with the other one and smiled at how sly she
was. I figured I should call her and say thanks. Dan got into
the shower and I got the number and called her.
Mandy picked up on the second ring. I don’t know how she knew
it was me but she said I take it your calling to thank me. Shocked
as hell I asked how did she know it was me?
She replied that she had just got the cell phone and she hadn’t
given the number to anyone yet. I said oh and thanked her
for the set and told her that I would definitely think of
her when I wore them. Mandy then said that she wished she
could be that close to my honey pot. I swear I came hearing
her say that. Mandy said that she hadn’t caught my name when
I was there. I told her it rhymed with hers and that I was Brandy.
She laughed and said Brandy and Mandy that sounds good together.
I heard the shower go off and I told her that I had to go. She
quickly asked if we could meet without my asshole of a boyfriend
around. I told her yes and that I would call her tomorrow.
Mandy said I’ll be waiting and hung up.

Dan walked out of the bathroom and asked who I had talked
to? I told him Cheryl and said she wanted to find out if we
were going to the Cadillac Ranch tonight. Dan asked if she
was going there to and I said yes. Phew I thought he could
see right through me and know I was lying. Dan said ok and
walked back into the bathroom to shave. Damn that was close.
I couldn’t help but think about what Mandy had said about
being as close to me as the set and I got horny again.

Dan came out of the bathroom and I jumped back into the shower
real quick to wet my hair and shave my legs and pussy bare.
I got out and dried off and when I walked back into the bedroom
Dan had the bra and panty set in his hands. He gave me a funny
look and asked where I had gotten them. I told him I bought
them before he got home, and that I knew he liked white. It
looked like he bought it so I took them out of his hands and
laid them on top of the dress. I went to the closet and got
my heels out. I grabbed my nylons out of the drawer and set
them on top of the set.

I got out my lotion and but it all over me. Dan watched me the
whole time; I could see the lust in his eyes. I handed him
the bottle and asked him to do my back. He took the bottle
and put lotion in his hand. He started rubbing my back and
god it felt good. Dan sometimes could be rough but times
like these his hands were like feathers across my body.
He moved towards me and I felt him grind into me. I could feel
that he had a hard on. I turned around and said not now, you’ll
get your fill of me later. Dan gave me a pout and I put my foot
down and said no. He said fine and sat down on the bed. I asked
him to get me a beer and he went and got one for me and sat back
down. I asked him why he wasn’t watching TV and he said watching
me was more fun. I took a drink of the beer and put it on the
dresser. I grabbed the set from under the nylons and put
on the underwear first. I could feel Dan’s eyes follow the
underwear up my legs and then I put on the bra. I couldn’t
help but think of Mandy when I felt the fabric of the thong
against my lips. I grabbed my nylons and went to slide them
up my body. Dan grabbed them out of my hand and so no barelegged
tonight. I tried to complain but he gave me a stern look.
I figured why fight about it and grabbed the dress.

Just as I was about to put it over my head Dan grabbed hold
of me and threw me on the bed. He moved the underwear aside
and started flicking my clit with his tongue. It felt so
good and if it were any other time I probably wouldn’t try
to stop him but I grabbed him by his ears and made his eyes
meet mine and I told him he had to stop. He said no and tried
to go back but I increased the pressure on his ears and said
no you have to stop. I must have gotten through because he
got up and helped me up.

I straightened my thong and put my dress on. I went into the
bathroom and took a deep breath. I curled my hair and put
on my makeup and walked out of the bathroom. Dan wasn’t in
there and I slipped on my heels and grabbed the notes out
of the pillowcase and reread them. Damn I knew I shouldn’t
have done because I got horny all over again. My pussy was
still tingling from Dan and now it was wetter. I put the notes
back and walked out in to the living room. Dan was on the phone,
I hadn’t heard it ring. He saw me and let out a whistle. I curtsied
and thank you. Dan told the person he was on the phone if everything
was set and I guess it was so Dan said thank you and hung up.
I asked him what that was all about and he said he just called
to make sure the room was available. I said I take it was.
He smiled and said yup it is.

I hadn’t really thought about tonight, my mind was kind
of full of Mandy since I met her. So when asked if I was ready
for tonight all the butterflies came back with their families.
Dan saw my face and said don’t worry babe we’ll have a few
beers and you’ll relax about it. I told him I hope so. Dan
said you will and asked if I was ready. I said yea just let
me grab my nightgown and my purse and the KY jelly.

We went downstairs and he opened the car door for me and kissed
me when I got inside, I reached over and opened the door and
Dan smiled. I reached over and kissed him.
We drove to the Olive Garden and went in. The place was packed.
We grabbed a seat at the bar and ordered a drink while we waited
for a table. Dan asked me if I had noticed the men looking
at me and to tell the truth I hadn’t. Dan told me to go to the
bathroom and watch the men look. I did as he said and when
I turned back he was watching too.
I smiled and walked to the bathroom and sure, as shit Dan
was right their eyes followed when I walked by. I washed
my hands applied a bit more lipstick and walked out. I got
out the door in time to walk into a group of GI’s. I said excuse
me and they all smiled and whistled and moved aside. I walked
back to Dan and he was smiling. I asked him why he was smiling
and he said he was the envy of all men tonight. I shook my head
and smiled.

The hostess came up to us and said our table was ready. We
grabbed our drinks and walked through the group of GI’s
again and one of the guys called out “ damn dude your a lucky
man.” Dan smiled and said yup I know. We sat down and a few
minutes later we ordered. The waitress brought the salad
and bread, and as she was turning to leave, the hostess seated
all of those GI’s across from us. Every time I glanced over
at them I got winks and smiles. Dan was smiling and told me
to give them a show. I asked what he meant and he said go to
turn your legs towards them and open them up so they can see
up your dress. I looked at him in shock. I asked was he serious?
He looked at me and said damn Skippy. I moved my legs and did
what he said and the guy that saw it elbowed the rest and soon
all six of them were gazing at my underwear. I have to admit
it was turning me on, knowing all these men right now would
slip there hot cocks in me if I gave them the chance.

Dan looked at me and saw that I was getting flushed, and said
that’s good; you have given them something to think about.
I thought to myself shit not just them me too.
I closed my legs and put them back under the table and all
the guys booed. By the time the waitress brought our meal,
I wasn’t as hungry as I was horny. I ate a little and for the
rest of the time I just pushed my food around my plate. I went
to get up and I made sure the guys were looking and I opened
my legs again, I left them open for a few seconds and got up.


I went to the bathroom and when I walked out. The tallest
and cutest guy that was at the table stopped me and said that
I shouldn’t tease. I looked at him innocently and asked
was I teasing. I gave him a seductive look and went to walk
away and he grabbed my arm and pushed me back into the bathroom.
I tried to get away but he just pushed me harder into the stall.
I tried to say something but he kissed me and slid his hand
up my leg and moved my underpants aside and slipped a finger
in me. Fuck was I turned on. He bent down in front of me and
grabbed my leg and put it on the toilet and started kissing
my thigh, then he worked his way up with his hot tongue and
licked my slippery lips.
I couldn’t help but moan. I couldn’t believe that I was doing
this. He slipped another finger in me and licked my clit
until it was hard and standing out. I grabbed his ears and
started gyrating my hot wet pussy over his mouth. I felt
it coming and I knew this guy’s face was going to be soaked.
He stuck anther finger in me and that’s all I needed to let
go and explode. When my body and pulse came back to normal,
I said thank you. He looked at me and said oh the pleasure
was all mine. I took my foot off the toilet and straightened
out my underwear and dress and went to walk out. I told him
to wait a few minutes and then come out. I kissed him and walked
out of the bathroom.

The moment I walked out Dan was standing there. Dan said
he thought I fell in. I smiled and went to walk back to the
table but he said that he had already paid the check and that
we could leave. We started to the door and when I glanced
back the guy was coming out of the bathroom with a shit-eating
grin on his face. I was so glad Dan hadn’t seen him.
I couldn’t imagine what that guy was going to tell his buddies.

Dan and I walked to the truck and got in. We drove to Cadillac
Ranch and when we went in all my friends were already there.
I walked up to them while Dan got us a beer and me a shot of tequila.
Cheryl hugged me and said that I looked great. I said thank
you and told her I had to talk to her. Dan gave me my beer and
shot and I drank them down quick. Dan asked if I wanted to
play pool and I said yes rack them while I use the ladies room.
Cheryl and I walked to the bathroom and when we got inside
I told her everything that happened that day. When I got
done she had this wow look on her face and said he really ate
you out in the bathroom? I told her yes and that it was great.
She said that I was bad and that Dan was turning me into a sex
machine. I giggled and said but for the first time in a long
time I was enjoying sex.

When we walked back to the table, Dan was waiting for me to
break. After I beat his ass he went to rack again, I glanced
at the door and the GI’s from the restaurant were walking
in. I walked over to Cheryl and whispered in her ear that
the tall guy was the one that ate me out. She looked at him
and said wow he’s hot. I smiled and agreed with her.

Dan saw them walk in to and walked over to me and put his arm
around me and told me it was my turn. We played pool for few
minutes before the guy walked over smiling and put his quarters
up to play next. Dan and him made small talk and Cheryl and
I looked at each other. I didn’t know what to say or do. Dan
introduced him to me and said his name was Mark. I shook his
hand and smiled and said hi I’m Brandy. I looked at Cheryl
and she was rolling, I have to admit that if I were in her shoes
I would be too. The whole situation was pretty rare, wild
and risky. Dan kissed me and said he had to use the john. The
moment he walked away, Mark walked up to me and said imagine
me running into you again. I said yea it’s a small world.
I asked if he had told his buddies and he said no that it was
our little secret. I told him that I was glad he hadn’t, and
that I would get into a lot of shit if he did. Mark told me not
to worry, just as Dan walked back up. Dan gave me a shitty
look and pulled me to him roughly. He told me to stay away
from Mark or else.

Dan and I finished playing the game and I let him win so he
could play Mark. I could tell Mark was disappointed he wasn’t
playing me but I figured why get Dan anymore pissed.
I sat down with Cheryl and proceeded to get a very good buzz.
I drank about three more shots and about four more beers.
Dan and Mark finished up the their third game of pool and
Dan told me it was 10:30 that we’d better go. I hugged Cheryl
and told Dan I had to go to the bathroom first, as I walked
out of the bathroom Mark handed me a piece of paper with his
number on it and told me to call him that he would love to taste
me again. I told him I would and walked over to Dan.

Dan and I got in the truck and drove to Beck’s hotel, by the
time we got there it was about 10:45. Dan and I went into the
office and to my surprise there were dildos and vibrators
of every shape and size on the wall. Now I knew why this was
known as a kinky motel. Dan talked to a clerk named Phyllis
as I studied all of the little gadgets and devices they had.
I overheard Phyllis tell Dan that they had a swingers lounge
too. I said where here and she said yes, It’s very busy on
Fri and Sat nights, lots of couples looking for something
new. Dan walked over to me and asked if I wanted a toy. I told
him no that I liked the real thing. Dan giggled and said your
going to get a lot of it tonight. I didn’t think I had drank
enough liquid courage when he said that because the butterflies
came back again.

Dan and I walked to the room and when he opened the door, I
couldn’t believe what I saw. There was a bed that looked
like it could fit six in it and it had a parachute as a canopy
it also had a hot tub that looked like it could fit four comfortably,
considering this was a kinky motel it was decorated nicely.
I asked Dan was he sure about this and he said oh yea.

I walked back to the truck to get my nightgown and the KY and
as I was walking back to the room, I saw Jim. I hadn’t noticed
him much the night at the restaurant, but when he walked
up I got a little moist. Jim was about 6’4 185lbs with dirty
blond hair and blue eyes. He was a complete hottie. He waved
and walked up to me. Jim told me that I looked hot and he couldn’t
wait to have me. Dan walked out to see what was keeping me
and he saw Jim. You’d have sworn that they had been best friends
forever the way they started talking.

We all walked back in the room and Jim handed me a bag he had
been holding. I opened it and saw two bottles of Asti Spumanti.
I was thrilled, now I could get more buzzed to make the butterflies
go away. I handed Dan the bottle to open while I got the cups
and Dan poured us all a glass. I drank the whole cup in one
gulp and leaned out my cup to get more. I finished the bottle
off in three cups and in five minutes. I asked Dan to open
the other bottle and this time I didn’t use a cup, I drank
right from the bottle. After about ten minutes Dan asked
me to go change into the nightgown. I got up and kissed him
and Jim said where’s mine. I looked at Dan and he nodded his
head so I went over and attempted to kiss Jim. Jim grabbed
me and put me on his lap and used his hands to spread my legs,
then he rubbed my pussy through the underwear, the soft
fabric and the pressure on my clit was making me moist. Jim
moved my underwear aside and slipped a finger in my tight
hole. I leaned farther back on him it felt so good. Jim dipped
his finger in and out of me making me very wet. The whole time
Dan was just watching and smiling. Jim removed his finger
and licked my juice off of it and said yup she tastes as sweet
as I thought.

I got up, grabbed my nightgown and went into the bathroom.
I could hear them talking and moving things around. I heard
the door open and a few minutes later it close. I took off
my dress and changed my wet panties and washed up down there.
Just touching myself was turning me on more so I knew tonight
I was going to have a good time. I put on my nightgown, brushed
my hair and walked out of the bathroom.

When I walked out the room was glowing from candles and the
radio was playing some 80‘s music. Dan was sitting on the
chair and Jim was sitting on the bed. I walked over grabbed
the bottle of champagne and tilted to my lips, I took too
much in my mouth and some dripped down my breast. I went to
go wipe it away and Jim said come here let me do it. I looked
and Dan and he nodded his head again. I walked over there
and Jim grabbed my hand and motioned me onto the bed. He used
his hand to move my hair out of the way and pulled me closer
to him. He used my hair gently to lean my head back and he licked
the champagne off my neck working his way down to my breast.
I was breathing very heavy with anticipation by the time
he moved the flimsy fabric away from my nipples. He took
my nipple into his mouth and suckled it making it hard, while
he used his fingers on my other one making it hard also. Jim
switched tits and worked my nipples so good that I felt I
could cum off of what he was doing. I looked at Dan and he was
just watching intently. I kind of felt guilty having a man
do this in front of Dan but when I looked at him again he winked
and smiled. Jim laid me down and got on top of me and kissed
me nice and gently. I could feel his erection through his
jeans, and if it was as long as it felt I was in for a hell of
a night. Jim moved over to the side of me a little bit and ran
his hands up and down my body. He whispered how beautiful
I was and how he was going to make this an unforgettable evening.
As he worked his hand back up my legs he stopped long enough
to caress the fabric of my underwear, I could feel the heat
from his fingers on my clit and I moaned. Jim smiled and rubbed
my clit in circles. I already felt I was about to cum.

All of a sudden I felt more hands on my body. I leaned up on
my elbows and saw Dan slinking his way up to me. I had one hot
looking man on each side of me and at that moment the butterflies
flew away. It felt so good to have four hands caressing and
taunting my nipples and my hot spot. I looked at Dan and he
had a lustful look in his eyes and when I looked at Jim he had
the same look on his face.

I figured might as well get this party started so I crawled
over on top of Dan and kissed him all the while grinding my
pussy into his hard manhood. I looked over at Jim and he had
his head cocked on his elbow watching my every move. Dan
grabbed my hair hard and brought me face to face with him
and kissed me. I worked my way over to his ear and whispered
don’t worry baby. I bit his ear a little bit and worked my
way down his neck. I grabbed his arms and sat him up and slowly
took off his shirt then I pushed him back down and started
kissing his warm hairy chest. I took his nipple in my mouth
and nipped at it until it was as hard as his cock. I worked
my way across and worked his other nipple between my teeth
and bit hard enough to make him moan. I worked my way down
to his happy trail and unbuttoned his jeans then I used my
teeth to work his zipper down. I grabbed each side of his
jeans and pulled them down. I removed his shoes and socks
and pulled his jeans off. I worked my way back up to his face
and said may I now undress him? Dan nodded and I went over
to Jim.

Jim was smiling when I straddled him. He grabbed my hair
gently and kissed me passionately. I went to kiss his neck
and he returned the favor by kissing mine at the same time.
I worked my way down his neck and made him sit up and took off
his shirt too, all the while grinding my pussy all over his
huge hard on. What I saw made my mouth water, Jim had the most
gorgeous chest I had ever saw. It was smooth and cut in all
the right places. He made Dan’s chest look like shit. I had
more pleasure in licking and kissing his chest then should
be humanely possible. I worked his beautiful nipples in
and out of my mouth and ran my hands all over his chest trying
to feel every single inch of it. I worked my way down and licked
his belly button and then his happy trail. I unbuttoned
his pants and tried to use my teeth to take down his zipper.
His bulge was so big that I couldn’t do it. My hands were shaking
as I unzipped him and when his huge member popped out at me,
I damn near fainted. It was huge, it was at least 6 inches
thick and the same size as Dan’s long. Boy I was in for a hurting
tonight. I worked his jeans down to his ankles and saw that
he saved me the trouble of taking off his shoes. I pulled
his pants off and worked my way back up and kissed him.

I didn’t know what to do next so I told the boys they would
have to lead me now.
Dan looked over at Jim and asked what he would like to do.
Jim replied with I want to taste her sweet nectar. The thought
of having this man lick me made me shiver. Dan said ok and
said babe turn on your side with your face facing the edge
of the bed.
I got in the position and Dan brought he chair over to the
side of the bed and sat in it. He was stroking his hard cock
making it ready for my mouth. Jim went to the bottom of the
bed and spread my legs. Was this really happening, was I
about to give and get oral pleasure from both these fine
looking men.

I felt Jim’s warm tongue going up my leg and I figured that
was the cue to take Dan in my mouth. I started to lick his sack
and I worked one of his balls in my mouth and I felt Jim’s tongue
working his way up my thigh and felt my pussy awaiting the
pleasure I knew he was going to give. I worked my tongue over
to Dan’s other ball and slowly sucked on in my mouth. I could
feel Jim getting closer to my hot spot and the moisture around
my lips was growing. I slowly worked my tongue up Dan’s shaft
and flicked his head with my tongue he moaned with pleasure,
Jim was licking my crevice making me moan and he slid my panties
aside and worked his tongue around my pussy never touching
the spot that cried out for it. I worked Dan’s head in to my
mouth slowly sucking and licking it, I could taste his sweet
pre cum. Dan reached over and pinched my nipple making me
moan in pain but the pleasure that I was feeling from Jim’s
tongue made the pain seem like nothing. Jim lapped me from
the bottom of my lips to my clit the moment he touched it I
moaned and latched on to Dan’s cock sucking him hard and
fast. Jim worked my clit between his teeth and started sucking
hard. I knew it wouldn’t be to long before I climaxed. I grabbed
a hold of Dan’s shaft and as I sucked him I moved my hand up
and down and around his cock. Dan was moaning but not as loud
as I was. Jims tongue felt so good, he put a finger in me and
moved it around inside of me and when I thought I could take
no more, Jim removed his finger and made his tongue straight
and stuck his tongue deep into me touching every spot his
tongue could reach. I was unable to concentrate on sucking
Dan of, I was to busy moaning around the hard cock in my mouth.
Dan took hold of my hair and began to move in and out of my mouth.
I felt myself ready to explode and then Dan moaned loud and
rammed his cock deep in my throat letting his sweet cream
run down my throat. That was all I needed and I was cumming,
I felt Jim lap up every bit of juice my pulsating pussy was
expelling. Jim was still lapping my pussy and working my
rock hard clit between his lips. I grabbed his ears and told
him no more.


I never heard the water running in the hot tub, so when I looked
over and saw it full, I was surprised. Dan had set most of
the candles around it and had the bubbles going. Dan came
over to me and took my hand and helped me up and he reached
down and pulled my top over my head, and threw it aside, then
he pulled my underwear off. He led me to the hot tub and helped
me get in it. I felt the heat from it as I slid in it. Dan then
told Jim to hop in and they both got in.

The hot water felt so good on my body. I laid there listening
to Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam ( Lost in Emotion) on the radio
and feeling the jet streams massage my body. I glanced over
at the guys and they had the same look of relaxation and satisfaction
on their faces.

I moved between them and grabbed both their soft napping
cocks and proceeded to wake them up by softly working my
hand up and down their shafts. Dan moaned and Jim said damn
already? I smiled ever so seductively and said it’s been
twenty minutes. Jim and Dan looked at each other and laughed.
Jim told Dan again how lucky he was. Dan laughed and said
you haven’t seen anything yet and asked if he was ready for
more, Jim said oh yea I want her mouth now.

Jim arranged himself on the side of the tub and pulled me
to him. My ass was sticking out to Dan. Dan bent down and lapped
my pussy a few times with his tongue and I was on again. I worked
my way up to Jim and slowly licked his neck, ears and again
worked my tongue all over his hot chest. Dan was working
his fingers in and out of me making me sopping wet. I worked
my way farther down Jim’s happy trail until my chin hit the
head of his cock. I licked all along his pubic line until
I got to his yummy looking balls. Dan had my pussy so hot I
couldn’t wait for him to slide his hard organ into me, but
he continued working more fingers in and playing around
inside me. I licked Jim’s balls lightly and worked one into
my mouth and sucked softly. He moaned in pleasure and he
caressed my hair. I worked my way over to his other ball and
did the same thing. Dan had taken out his fingers and was
sliding his cock between my lips never entering just teasing
making me moan in anticipation. I felt Jim’s body tense
and knew it was time to relieve his built up pressure. I slowly
and lightly licked up his shaft making him moan with every
inch I went up. Dan slipped the head of his soldier into me
moving it in and out never going deep. I tried to back my ass
up but he moved farther back, so I couldn’t reach him. I whimpered
and he moved back between my legs. I got to Jim’s head and
licked around the tip. My tongue tasted his pre-cum and
I couldn’t wait any longer I took him in my mouth and he filled
it perfectly. Dan went deeper into me, making my mouth go
further down Jim’s shaft to the point where I gagged. Dan
stopped and reached for something. I worked Jim’s head
in and out of my mouth making him moan and tell me how good
my mouth felt. I used my hand to work my saliva up and down
his shaft getting to the places my mouth couldn’t reach.
Dan started again and this time he went as deep as he could
go hitting my back wall. I knew if he kept it up it wouldn’t
be to long before I came. As I sucked Jim hard and fast and
worked my hand in circles around his shaft, Dan was pounding
my pussy hard, making the water splash out of the side of
the tub. Oh God was I close. I felt Dan but something cold
and wet between my ass cheeks and as he did he slid a finger
in my ass. I moaned and pushed my ass farther onto him. He
moved his finger in and out with the same pace he was moving
his cock into me. I felt so good having Dan’s finger probing
my tight ass. I worked Jim him harder with my hand and mouth.
Dan slid another finger in me and worked my ass hard and fast.
I felt Jim tense and then his cum hit the roof of mouth and
the back of my throat. I had to swallow real quick so none
of his sweet sperm would escape and my mouth was full again.
Dan saw this and started pounding me as hard as he could still
fingering my ass. I came so hard that I almost missed a drop
of Jim‘s sweet cream. Dan felt my hot pussy tighten around
his shaft, he moaned and filled my pussy with his juices.
Feeling him throb gave me a multiple orgasm, I screamed
out in pleasure. Dan pulled and laid back into the water.
My body was shaking so hard I couldn’t move for a few minutes,
when the shakes subsided I gave Jim’s cock one more long
suck and laid back in the water too. Jim got out and grabbed
a few beers from the twelve pack he had brought and climbed
back in the tub.

The three of us laid there until our bodies started to prune.
I got out first and grabbed the guy’s towels. I told Jim to
stay in there. Dan got out and I turned him around and dried
him from his back down to his calves, stopping only to playfully
nip at his tight ass.
I turned him around and lightly rubbed the towel over his
chest and arms, slowly working my way down. I squatted down
so his soft cock was face to face with my drooling mouth.
I flicked my tongue against his head and his cock jumped
to meet my tongue. I took him in my mouth gave him a long suck
and a quick massage with my hand. I moved further down and
lapped his sack. I finished working my way down with the
towel and moved him towards the bed. I pushed him down and
said stay. I grabbed the other dry towel and told Jim to get
out, and I did the same thing to him. I pushed him on the bed
beside Dan.

Now it was my turn to tease. I pulled the chair over to the
bottom of the bed and sat down. Dan and Jim looked at me with
curious expressions on their face. I reassured them with
a smile and told them that now they had to watch and not touch
until I said so. They both made pouting faces but agreed.
I caressed my neck and worked my hands down my chest. I tweaked
my nipples and moved my left breast up to lick and moisten
my nipple the repeated it to the right one. I moved my hands
down my stomach until I reached my pelvic bone. I ran my hands
down the outside of my thighs and up the inside. I ran two
fingers up the edge of my moist lips and pulled the skin back
so my clit could be seen by both. I rubbed it a little just
to get myself wet. I moved down and slipped a finger in me
working it in and out of my pussy slowly. I moved my legs up
on the chair so the guys got a great view of everything I was
doing. I slipped another finger in me and increased the
pace. I looked over at the guys and they were both playing
with their cocks. I knew if kept this up that I would cum and
cum quick. I slipped another finger in just long enough
to get it drenched with my sweet juices. I removed it and
started playing with my ass. I worked my finger around my
puckered hole until I felt it was moist enough to slip my
finger in. I probed both my holes with my fingers, moving
them and out hard enough to make me moan and shudder with
pleasure. I felt the warmth travel through body and when
it all met up at my pussy; I came with such a force that my legs
slipped off the chair.

I looked over at the guys and they were both rock hard and
smiling. Dan said why don’t you come over here and let us
play with those tight little holes. I got up and laid between
them. I took both their hard cocks into my hands and slowly
rubbed them up and down until I thought they were ready for

I got on top of Dan and whispered in his ear what hole he wanted.
Dan said I want your ass. I kissed him and said ok babe. I got
up and grabbed the KY and handed to Dan.

I crawled between Jim’s thighs and started teasing his
cock with my tongue while Dan worked the cold, lubricating
gel all over his hard cock and then worked it all over my tight
rosebud. Without warning he slipped a finger in, I jumped
and he laughed. I gave him a your and asshole look and he smiled
and smacked my ass hard and I yelped.

Jim said quit playing children and let get down and dirty.

I let Jim get up and Dan laid down and I got on top with my back
facing him with my legs between his. I slowly sat down on
his cock just enough to let the tip penetrate my hole. I worked
him in me slowly until the pain turned into pleasure then
I slid my tight ass all the way down his shaft until I could
feel him hit my back wall. Now it was time for Jim. Jim got
between me and Dan’s legs. I could tell by his face that it
was kind of strange for him to be that close to a man but I gave
him a reassuring smile and grabbed his hips and pulled him
closer to me. I leaned back further on Dan and used my arms
to keep most of my weight off him. Jim edged closer to me until
his cock was at my wet opening. Jim grabbed his cock and used
his head to tease my clit and slid his head up and down my wanting
pussy. I couldn’t take anymore teasing and I know Dan was
getting impatient just lying there not able to move so I
told Jim on no uncertain terms to fuck me. Jim’s eyes got
big and he smiled and slammed his cock deep in my hole making
me buck on Dan.

At first it was kind of awkward trying to get all three of
us in the same motion but after a few seconds it was going
as smooth as water.

I was moving up and down on Dan feeling his hard cock ramming
inside while Jim pounded away at my wet pussy. Oh it felt
so good having both my holes getting probed by such hard
members. I was going up and down on Dan’s cock so hard that
I felt he was going to rip me open and the deeper he went into
my ass the deeper Jim went into me. It felt like they were
hitting my back walls at the same time. I felt myself ready
to explode and the harder and faster they slammed into me
the closer I got. Dan whispered that he was about to cum and
Jim chimed in that he was very close to. I used my weight to
push Dan deeper and harder into me and used one hand on Jim’s
hips to make him pound into me harder to. I felt it coming
like an earthquake. First my eyes started fluttering then
my lips quivering then my whole body started shaking and
when the guys felt my pussy and ass tighten they moaned simultaneously
and they shot their sweet juices deep into me. I felt them
hit my walls with their cum and I let go of a earth shattering
orgasm that damn near made me faint. My heart felt like it
was going to come through my chest. I couldn’t move for what
seemed like hours. My heartbeat slowly went back to normal
and the shakes subsided and I could breathe normally again.

Jim got up and threw himself in the chair at the bottom of
the bed. I slowly got off of Dan and went to the bathroom to
clean up and take a quick shower. When I finished washing
up and drying off I walked out to find both men wearing their
boxers and fast asleep. They had left enough room between
them for me to crawl in. I threw my towel on the chair blew
out all the candles and crawled between my two pooped out
lovers. I was tired from all the sex I had today and was glad
all my Fantasies had become Realities.
Before I closed my eyes I thought of Mandy and how someday
it would be her I would be making love too. Goodnight and
wet Dreams to you all...

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