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Our End my Sad Beginning Final


I woke up a few hours later alone and sweaty in my bed. I looked
around for Danyka and knew she couldn't have gone far
since I was the only one with a car. I slipped out of bed and
pulled on my shorts and wander toward the living room. I
found her sitting naked on the floor with about a 100 pictures
laid out in front of her my pictures. At a closer glance I
saw that she had separated them out in groups. Tara in one
group, Jacie another, then sub groups with Tara and Julie
and Jason and I, then Jessa and Kelly and Jacie with me. IT
looked like one giant organized mess. "you've
been busy" said wondering if this was a sign that I
was in deep shit. "I wanted to get to know you better
and thought this would be a good way" I didn't
really know what to say to her.

I almost felt like she was violating my privacy by going
through the my photo's like that. I wasn't sure
if I was pissed or worried that she thought that was the way
to get to know me. She rearranged the pics to her liking and
turned to look at me again. "would you like to take
pictures of me" she asked looking extremely young
and innocent and frankly giving me the willy's. "Maybe
later" I said. I looked at the clock and saw that it
was almost 9 pm. I suddenly thought I had better take her
home. "what time do you need to be home" I asked
looking for a way out of this. She got onto her knees and shuffled
toward me and reached out for my belt line. "I don't
I told my parents that I was staying at a friends house tonight"
she said working my button with her fingers. "you
have me all night if you want me" she looked up at me
with big brown doe eyes and waited for me to say something.

I was trapped now and wasn't sure what to do. Some how
the new voice in my head took over for me and handled the situation.
I reached out and grabbed her chin with my hand. "well
now what am I possible going to do with you all night"
she gave me her little girl smile and her face brightened
like a kid on christmas morn. "anyting you want, anyting
at all" she said in a tiny accented voice. A shiver
ran through my body knowing full well that she meant it.
Faced with the option of anything your brain freezes up
and you can think of nothing. As I was busy thinking of nothing
I felt her mouth close around my flaccid cock. She sucked
it hard into her mouth and released and sucked it again and
again until it grew to her liking. She her tiny fingers around
the shaft of my cock for the first time and rubbed my hardening
cock all over her face. She looked up at me and smiled brightly
at me.

She slapped it against her face and giggled at the same time.
After rubbing it on her right cheek she pulled her head back
and opened her mouth wide before attacking it with fervor.
She slammed it again into the back of her throat and worked
her head in fast motions careful not to hit me with her teeth.
She moved a hand from her leg to mine and held onto me for support
while she worked the other hand in between her legs. The
sounds of her sucking and the wet sounds of her pussy filled
my ears in symphony as worked a finger into herself. I didn't
have a table to hold onto this time so my hands now on automatic
moved to the back of her head and grabbed a handful of hair
on their own.

This must have turned her own because she let out a surprisingly
deep moan for her little body and worked her hand in a blur
into her pussy. It felt phenomenal and I started to feel
like I was going to cum with each thrust into her mouth. My
hands moved with her head at first then I started to force
her head harder onto my steel hard cock. "mmmmm"
she squealed and she shifted on her knees. I thought she
was about to cum and decided I would hold off and use some
of my new power to get what I wanted."Lay back and make
yourself cum for me baby" came a voice that sounded
a lot like mine. She let me fall from her wet hot mouth without
so much as a second though and just fell back onto the carpet
with her knees trapped under her.

It looked so uncomfortable the way she was laying but it
didn't seem to bother her. I got a perfect look between
her bent knees into her sweet young pussy. Her pussy lips
swallowed her finger as she moved it in and out of her. She
would pull it out then rub the soaked finger over her clit
a few times in a slow slow quick motion then dip it back into
her pussy. "mmmmm" she moaned and licked her
lips. No matter how turned on or wet she got she never stuck
more than her pointer finger in her pussy. Her inner thighs
were coated in moisture her hips lurched up and she let out
a small scream before her body fell down again. It repeated
over and over again and she moved to her clit and fingered
herself to an hip bucking orgasm.

"oooohhh David are you watching me" she moaned
breathlessly. "mmmmhhhmmm" again and she
licked her lips. Her finger pressed hard on her clit and
she let out a squeal before rolling over to her side and curling
into the fetal position again. She had her eyes closed tight
as she tried to catch her breath lightly panting on my living
room floor. I followed every curve of her young body with
my eyes her soft body wasn't fat by any means just a little
more round. Her tan skin blushed red when ever she was turned
on and her nipples and pussy lips had a darker color to them.
She curled her feet together and let out a big sigh. She pushed
herself up again and sat on her knees a little dizzy. She
reached for my cock and grabbed my shaft again.

She gave it a couple of tugs and looked up at me with her big
brown eyes "I promise I will please you, but can you
take me somewhere first" she asked in a tiny voice.
I looked down at her and into her questioning eyes. "where
do you want me to take you" I asked. She looked to the
side for a second then determination came to her expression.
"I want you to take me to Sex World" she rather
fast. I didn't have to even think about it I pulled back
and ripped my cock out of her hand "ok get dressed lets
go" her hands fell to the tops of her knees and she looked
at me this time with a worried expression "are you
sure it's ok I can please you know if you want me to"
She said in a worried voice. I had no idea what this girl was
all about. "no it sounds fun we can have some fun when
we come back" I assured her. "a lot of fun you
mean" she asked cocking her head to the side. "a
lot of fun" I replied.

"yay" she said with a huge smile and she jumped
up to her feet. She grabbed her Deb bag off the floor and flew
by me to the bathroom. The door slammed shut and she called
out to me "give me 15 minutes ok and I will be ready"
I laughed and shuffled off down the hallway with my shorts
still around my feet to collect my underwear and shirt.
I had dressed and was sitting on the couch flipping channels
when I heard the door open. I heard her give a big sigh then
she burst down the hallway looking like an old perverts

I was speechless as she came skipping into the living room.
She stopped in front of me and twisted her body showing me
her outfit. "do you like me" she said with a huge
smile. My jaw dropped open and she covered her mouth with
her hand and giggled. I will do my best to try and describe
this outfit. The skin tight top was black with a red tartan
collar and tied around her neck. Her shoulders where left
bare and it had a V cut into the front that showed off her full
B cup breasts. She must of had a bra on because her cleavage
was smashed together making her look like she had a D cup.
The bottom of the shirt covered the top of a extremely short
read tartan pleated skirt that was tight on the top and flared
out at the pleats. Her short legs looked longer since so
much of them showed. She had on knee high white stockings
that ended in these black shiny high heel school girl shoes.
She had even go so far as putting her hair into pig tails and
her lips blazed pink from bubblegum lipgloss.

She spun around again almost falling over even with the
chunky heel on the shoes. I could see that she wore white
cotton bikini cut panties that showed if she bent over.
"so what do you think do you like me like this"
she asked putting her hands on her hips. I was speechless
and was worried that if we went out into public I was going
to be arrested. She stared at me blankly and waited for me
to say something. The only thing I could think of was "I
am going to hell for sure now holy hell Danyka" She
let out a giggle and launched herself into my lap she wrapped
her arms around my neck and gave me a quick peak on the cheek.
"I have a plan to make you comfortable with me being
younger" she said. Now I don't know about her
idea of making me more comfortable with it, but this was
definitely heading in the opposite direction of what I
was thinking would help.

"Ok and what is that" I asked not knowing any
better. She simply said "overload" I didn't
get it "overload" I repeated. "Yes, trust
me I have a plan" she said and this time her French accent
wasn't so cute. "are you ready to go mister"
she asked in a tiny young voice that made me feel like I was
not only going to hell but driving the bus. She kissed me
on the cheek again this time flicking it with the tip of her
tongue. "lets go" and with that she scrambled
off my lap and stood up to smooth down her skirt. I shook the
wonder from my head and got up. We grabbed the keys and walked
out into the warm night to my Expedition. She let me help
her into the truck and I got a full face of cotton pantied
ass as she climbed onto the seat on all fours. "jesus"
I muttered to myself causing her to laugh again.

On the short drive to downtown she massaged my cock through
my shorts torturing me. If my head wasn't sure about
all this my cock sure was and it betrayed my trepidation
by quickly getting hard. She tugged it up and down on it a
few times and laughed as it grew painfully in my shorts.
She was nice enough to give me a break as we drove through
downtown Minneapolis to the giant porn shop. It was Saturday
night and almost 10:30 at night so the chances of getting
into the shop with out being seen by several people and cars
was non existent. If I had worries about being seen with
this young jail bait I had to get over them quick cause incognito
wasn't going to happen. I know I should have been a proud
pervert but for some reason I was almost embarrassed and
annoyed by this little display. Finding a parking spot
was rather easy in the empty lot across the busy downtown
street and I turned off the engine.

Danyka was not however and slid out of the SUV flashing her
cotton covered ass to me as the side of the seat caught her
skirt. I climbed out and met her at the front of the car, she
grabbed a hold of my arm and leaned into me. "This is
my first time here my friends from school who have been here
before said it's a riot" she said and pulled me
toward the crosswalk. I winced at the word school knowing
full well she meant high school and last year. We waited
at the cross walk for the light to show it was safe to cross.
She was humming excitedly to herself as a car drive by honking
and some guys yelling something out the windows. She laughed
aloud and looked up at me with such pride that I could do nothing
but smile at her.

The light changed and we walked across the street with all
the eyes staring at her as she swished her hips back and forth.
She had refused to let me go and held fast to my arm. On the
other side of the street it was just a short distance the
the blacked out front doors and we walked into the brightly
lit shop filled with single guys and young couples looking
at toys. A bald headed tattooed up guy was waiting for us
at a the giant cashiers desk. He asked for our ID's and
I pulled out my money clip and handed him mine. Danyka produced
hers out of her cleavage and handed it to the guy. He triple
checked her id before handing it back to her and gave me a
leer as he handed me mine. Unabated she pulled me into the
rows of movies her eyes flashed from movie to movie before
something entirely different caught her eye.

She pulled me around the long movie shelves and toward a
back area of the shop that had large glass windows. A decent
looking young girl in lingerie was lounging on a white fur
covered chair behind the glass. A dollar machine was attached
to the outside of the glass and I supposed that if you added
money she subtracted clothes in a sexy manner. Danyka looked
up at me and just said "stupéfier" my blank face
told her I wasn't sure what she meant "amazing"
she repeated in English. I laughed at her wide eyed look
and looked into the bored face of the girl under glass. Danyka
apparently didn't want to cough up the change and pulled
me away back toward the movie shelves.

I felt all of the single guys burning holes through us as
they did their best catch a glimpse of her panty covered
ass or pussy. She was completely oblivious to everyone
but me and picked up movie after movie looking for one that
she wanted. I followed her occasionally picking up a movie
as I went. "parfait" she said loudly and tucked
a movie under her armpit. She reached out for my hand and
pulled me to the toy wall looking for something in particular.
She scanned the walls and let go of my hand to reach for a clear
purple conical shaped butt plug. It wasn't as thick
as I was so I wasn't sure what she wanted it for. She moved
down the wall and found a purple clit stimulater with a tiny
rabbit on the end with long ears that I could only assume
was supposed to go on either side of the clit.

She looked at me and asked if I was ready to go or if I wanted
to look at anything else. I just shook my head and told her
I was good. We walked up to the cashier's desk and the
same guy that checked our id's was moving forward to
ring us up. " you need any extra batteries or cleaners"
he asked. Danyka said yes with out hesitation and he nodded
and grabbed a pack of no name AA's and a little spray
bottle of cleaner. He told us they checked ever toy to make
sure it worked because of the no toy return policy. She looked
on with disappointment as he the stimulator out of the package
and dropped a battery into it. The powerful little toy buzzed
to life and Danyka actually said "yay it works"
and looked at me with an extremely happy look on her face.
I burst into laughter with the sales guy. She blushed "sorry
I am just excited to get home" she said. standing on
her tip toes to get a better look over the high counter.

I heard a guy behind us take in a deep breath and could only
imagine the view he was getting as she leaned forward on
the counter. I was about to take out my money clip when she
produced a hundred dollar bill out of her cleavage. She
handed it to the guy and only got 3 dollars and some change
back. She didn't care in the least and we met the guy
at the door with our plain brown bag full of goodies. We walked
out of the shop and onto to the bustling street after a few
honks and a couple of cat calls we where back in my truck.
She ripped open the package and started spraying down the
stimulater with cleaner. "I don't want to tink
about that creepy guy touching our toy" she said with
a concerned look.

I told her that I had rubbing alcohol at home and we would
get it clean. She turned on the radio and found Dixie Chicks"
wide open spaces" and blew me away with her rendition
of it. This little school girl had pipes and I wondered if
she would ever try to sing professionally. The drive back
was fast and she almost jumped out of my Ford before I had
even put it in park. She ran to the front door flashing her
panties at me as she ran and stood shifting her weight impatiently
waiting for me to let her in. I opened the door for her and
she rushed to the bathroom to clean her loot.

After a few minutes she came out with the stimulater and
the movie in her hand. She asked me if I would like to sit down
on the couch while she cleaned up the pictures. I agreed
and she handed me the little purple shaky toy and got down
on her hands and knees. The skirt in no way covered anything
and she crawled doggy style across the living room floor.
If I had been wondering where the purple butt plug went this
little position helped me solve that little mystery. I
could see a round purple circle through her white cotton
bikini cut panties. She had put it in her ass and put her underwear
back on.

And that was the end of any negative feeling I had what so
ever. My cock filled with blood like a dam broke and I had
to re adjust to get comfortable. Danyka neatly stacked
the pictures together and set them against a wall. While
still on on fours she flipped her twin pony tails and looked
back toward me almost making me cum. She looked at the giant
bulge in my pants and giggled before turning back to put
the DVD in the player. Instead of standing up she crawled
slowly back to me. "vous n'oublierez ce soir
jamais" she said in sultry French. She crawled up
my legs and slowly climbed on to the couch. Settling slowly
onto her ass forcing the butt plug deep inside her. She grabbed
the stimulator from me and just held on to it.

I switched outputs on my big screen and pressed play on the
DVD remote. And wouldn't you know it that little chick
picked "Young and Anal 18" Danyka watch the
porn movie engrossed in the first scene of a young girl playing
truth or dare with and older guy. I got up and went to fetch
a couple of bottles of wine for us and after opening them
both I sat back down. Absent mindedly she grabbed an open
bottle from me and took a pull from it. I set the glasses on
the end table and figured she had a great idea.I watched
her as her chest started to rapidly rise and fall she brought
her shoes up to the cushion and her legs opened wide. She
let the wine bottle rest against her pussy and didn't
take her eyes off the young girl getting her ass pounded
on TV.

She squirmed every time the guy pulled out of her ass and
shoved it into the young girls mouth forcing her to suck
it. Her skin flushed bright red under her tanned skin and
she lightly grazed her finger tips over the tops of her breasts.
"oh yes fuck my ass, you fuck my ass so good" the
girl moaned as the guy pounded her. When the guy came all
over the young girls mouth and chin Danyka took a huge drink
of wine and winced as the alcohol hit her stomach. The next
scene started and showed a brunette dressed as a school
girl being easily seduced by another dude. Danyka reached
into my lap and tried to tug my pants open, after a few unsuccessful
tries I undid them and pulled my swollen cock out for her.
She wrapped her hand around me and slowly stroked me up and
down as the girl on TV sucked off her guy.

My little 18 year old took another big drink pretty much
destroying the bottle of wine making me think I had better
catch up. I took a drink from my bottle of wine as Danyka slowly
stroke me and watched the porn she bought. I kept drinking
and soon was almost down to the bottom of the bottle. The
actress was screaming her lungs out as the guy drove his
huge cock deep into her ass. Danyka was grinding her ass
down into the cushions pushing her butt plug into her own
ass and letting out little gasps. I was starting to feel
a little tipsy and figured why the hell not go for broke.
I went and got two more bottles of wine and opened them for
us. Danyka amazingly finished her bottle and didn't
seem all that bad. "Must be the French" I thought.

I could feel the heat coming from her body and decided to
help make her a little more comfortable. I stood in front
of her with my cock just hanging out and tugged at her top.
Instead of helping me she tugged my cock a few times then
stuck her arms up in the air. I struggle to get the tight top
over her pony tails and exposed her white lace bra with a
her ID and money sticking out. I pulled them out and walked
toward my kitchen table, I couldn't help it I looked
at her ID. Dankya Moreaux date of birth and with that my stomach
dropped into my feet. She had just turned 18 4 days ago, I
didn't know what to say I was dumbfounded. I set the
ID and money down and slowly walked back to the couch. When
I sat down she grabbed my cock again and continued her slow
stroke job.

So many thoughts were running through my head including
one screaming voice of "what the hell are you doing"
the only problem with that voice was that it was being over
shadowed by "dude this is every guys dream"
the last one won. Danyka took a couple more drinks of the
bottle and handed it to me to put on the table. I didn't
realize she was that drunk until she stood up and almost
toppled over. She slid in front of me and sat down on my lap
facing the TV just like the girl was doing in the movie. I
could feel that her panties were soaked as well as her inner
thighs. The butt plug was a little uncomfortable pressing
down on my cock and I shifted her body to a more comfortable
position. "aaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck" she screamed
and her body convulsed violently. She slammed her knees
together and flexed her legs muscles. Her hands dug into
my bare knees and she screamed out loud again "aaaaahhhhhh"

Goose bumps rippled up her moist back as her orgasm gripped
her body like a tidal wave. I put my arm around her stomach
and held her as she shuddered with the last bits of her orgasm.
Her breathing ragid she tried to stand up. On wobble legs
she hovered over me and pulled the cotton covering her pussy
to the side. Figuring out what she was doing I forced my rock
hard cock straight and she guided it into her impossibly
tight 18 year old pussy. The alcohol must have help because
she did her best to take all of me inside her. She used my knees
for support and followed the girl on TV"s motion.
She lifted her ass up and down, her pussy gripping tight
on my cock not wanting to let it go. She yelped and turned
her body to the side when the head of my cock slammed into
her cervix. "Merde" she gasped.

I could feel the bottom bulb of the butt plug rub against
my cock through the walls of her pussy intensifying the
tightness of her. It must have been extremely painful for
her but she didn't stop. She moved up and down as fast
as her drunk senses would let her.I must have ripped her
a little because the juices coating my cock were a tinged
pink color. Realizing that she couldn't take much
more I told her I wanted to fuck her ass. She let out a gasp
of pleasure and said "Oui bebe" She leaned forward
and my cock was forced out of her pussy with a loud "pop"
She got on her hands and knees like the girl in the movie and
let her chest fall to the floor while her ass was still high
in the air. Her ass looked so fucking hot like this and even
hotter with the visible butt plug in her soaked white cotton

I pulled her back close to the couch and pushed her knees
together. Her ass was at a perfect level so I could spread
my legs and sit on the edge of the couch and still be able to
fuck her. Instead of trying to talk her panties off I just
ripped them off making her gasp in surprise and a little
bit of pain as the elastic waistband burned across her skin.
The purple rubbery end of the butt plug poked out and was
easy to grab a hold of. I slowly pulled it out and watched
as her sphincter opened up around the bulb. She let out a
loud moan as I pulled it out leaving her ass gapped wide.
I had never seen this in person before and was amazed that
I could see into her ass. I let a wad of spit slid from my lips
and watched as it went through the large opening into her

Danyka's hands clutched on the carpet above her head
as I maneuvered my cock to her anal opening. I easily penetrated
her and pulled her back by her hips burying my cock to the
base. "yes my sweet man fuck my tiny teenage ass"
she moaned copying the first girl from the film. "fill
my ass with your huge cock baby" she moaned. This shouldn't
have turned me on but it did making my cock grow even harder.
I forced her body forward and back watching my cock drive
in and out of her ass over and over again. It wasn't as
tight as it usually was thanks to the butt plug but the combination
of the site of it and her urging me on made up for it easily.
The thought that just 4 days ago this girl was 17 and a virgin
cut through my thoughts like a hot knife.

It felt so good that it was only a fleeting worry and I impaled
her again. "slap my ass baby please" she begged.
I happily obeyed and smacked her ass hard leaving an angry
red hand print on her left ass cheek. "Yessss"
she hissed "harder fuck me harder" I slapped
the right side of her ass this time sending a loud crack into
the air. I stood up as much as I could and drove my dick hard
into her. She screamed and fell down to her belly with me
following. "yes fuck me fuck me" she cried.
"I am your little slut and I deserve it" I almost
laughed when she said the last part, but straddled her and
drove my cock as deep as I could completely abusing her ass.

As I fucked her she tried to lift her ass against me while
pinned under my weight. She pounded her hands on the floor
and sobbed. My knees were on fire with rug burn and I could
only imagine what the front of her body must feel like. "let
me clean your big cock off" she cried. "let me
taste my ass" Her words almost made me cum and I felt
my balls tighten. I ripped my cock out of her ass not worrying
about being carefull. Her poor ass was still gapped wide
as I moved around and pushed my cock between her lips. She
opened her mouth wide as I shoved it into her mouth. "mmmm"
"mmmm" "mmm" came from her with
every thrust of my hips. She tried to use her tongue to clean
off the bottom but I pulled out and crawled back on top of
her. I shoved my cock back into her ass causing her to let
out another scream of pleasure and her body trembled into
her second orgasm.

Her screams were almost drowned out by my grunts as I fucked
her through her orgasm. She pounded the floor and and I grabbed
a hold of one of her pig tails and pulled hard lifting her
head off of the floor. I had never had sex this rough before
and was a little worried about going to far and hurting her.
She didn't seem to care and it seemed that when I pulled
her hair it made her cum harder. After her orgasm had ran
it's course I pulled out of her and stood up with my knees
throbbing with rug burn. "sit on the edge of the couch"
I said trying to catch my breath. She did her best to hurry
and I winced when I saw her bright red front.

Danyka sat down on the edge of the couch and spread her legs
wide. I grabbed her stimulater and handed it to her while
I positioned myself to enter her ass. The couch was perfect
height for us and I easily penetrated her ass again with
her on her back. Her bra unhooked in the front and I released
her tits from it. I fucked her ass slow at first letting her
get her clit between the rabbit ears. She screamed again
as the strong little toy sent shock waves through her clit.
My left had was on her right breast for support as I plowed
into her. She grabbed my wrist with her free hand and moved
it up to her neck like the girl in the video had.

I squeezed her causing her face red and her to gasp for air.
When I tried to move my hand away she held it tight. After
a few more strokes she came again in a fit of sobs, I could
see her pussy gush cum lubricating my cock. I felt my balls
tighten and told her I was going to cum. "please papa
come on my face" she cried. My body reacted to her words
and I felt like I was going to cum that instant. I ripped my
cock out of her ass and brought it too her face. She used both
hand and her mouth stroking me off and sucking on the tip
of my cock. She looked up at me with her big brown eyes half
closed. When she tasted the first bit of cum she pulled my
out of her mouth and stroked my cum all over her young heart
shaped face.

Load after load of cum coated her skin her mouth was half
open in one long moan and her body writhed. The intense pleasure
waves made it impossible to stand and I collapsed. Danyka
drunk with wine and lust lost control and shoved her hands
to her pussy. She used both hands and rubbed her clit to another
ear shattering orgasm. Her tongue tried in vain to lick
any cum off her lips and cheeks. When she couldn't take
her clit being touched anymore she brought dripping fingers
to her face and scooped all the cum she could get off of her
face into her mouth. She hungrily ate my cum and sucked her
fingers clean before looking at me and giving me a weak smile.
"mon dieu" she gasped. " I taught I was
going to feint"

"me too" I laughed. "that was unreal"
She gave me a cute sexy smile "did I please my man good"
she cooed. I nodded and fell back to the floor staring up
at the ceiling. I thought that maybe I could be her man, It
would be weird but I could get passed the age difference.
If her parents didn't really care then I thought we
could get passed it. I was willing to give a relationship
another shot. "take me to bed David" she said.
I looked at her and sat up I pulled her to her feet and stripped
of her remaining clothes. I piked her up and cradled her,
she held tight and wrapped her arms around me laying her
head against my sweaty chest.

She gave me a hundred small kisses as I carried her to the
bed. We got under the covers and she smothered me with her
body again planting several more kisses on me. Our lips
met and we passionately kissed for a few minutes before
she found a comfortable spot on me and we passed out.

The next morning we woke up and cleaned up the house before
getting dressed. She had to be back before noon so we jumped
back into the car and headed to the mall so she could meet
her friend she was supposedly staying with. This was the
first time I had really wondered why she had to lie to them
if they didn't mind my age. She told me it was just a house
rule her 20 year old brother couldn't stay at his girlfriends
apartment either. It seemed fair enough and I let it go.
The one thing I had to ask though was if she had planned to
try and sing professionally. "Danyka you are amazing
you should get into a band or something" I said honestly
"Have you ever thought of trying for it"

She beamed at me and said the sentence that almost made me
wreck "Well my music instructor says my senior year
I will get offers from colleges and I should consider those
first" My heart exploded out of my chest and my eyes
only saw a small tunnel visioned area in front of me. "you
are still in high school" I yelled loudly. Danyka
jumped and looked scared to death. "tell me you are
fucking kidding please" My head swirled with the
thought that I had just fucked a high school girl and of all
things taken her virginity. I couldn't believe it
she was GOING to be a senior. Not even was but was going to

My mind frantically looked for answers, I knew she was legal
because I looked at her ID, but the thought of her going into
her senior year was just to much to get over. I couldn't
even look at her, out of the corner of my eye I could see her
face contort into sobs "David I wanted to tell you
please don't be mad you said you liked me" she
pleaded. I was too freaked out to think straight and just
shook my head. She turned in her seat and reached out for
me "please don't do this" she cried "this
isn't a big deal please don't be mad" I pulled
away from her pissed off as hell and yelled back "why
the fuck didn't you tell me you were a junior in high
school I never would have been with you"

She let out a huge wail and covered her face with her hands
"no no don't do dis please don't do dis we
can make it work it will be ok you will see" she pleaded
and reached out for my hand again. She tried to pull my arm
to her chest "I didn't lie to you I just wanted
you to get to know me please" I ripped my arm away from
her and shook my head "no Danyka this won't work,
I can not pick up my girlfriend up from high school, and what
am I supposed to do get you home by curfew every night"
I let out a nervous laugh as I tried to regain my senses. "
you are a child and I am an adult hell no this can't work"

She was balling out of control and her body shook from either
fear or sadness. She balled her fists up and covered her
mouth with them looking at me through her tear drowned eyes.
She shook her head sporadically and was whispering something
that sounded like a prayer in French. I pulled into the mall
parking lot with her still crying. "I think you need
to go" I said still in shock. She just shook her head
no and kept muttering. I dug into my pocket for money and
pulled out a hundred bucks. I handed it to her " here
I don't want you to be out the money for something we
won't be using again" she shook her head and let
out another loud wail. "no no no eets ok we will get
through this David please don't do dis to us please.

"us there is no us there can't be an us you really
need to get out" She gave me one last pleading look
as tears flooded in great waves down her cheeks and then
turned and fell out of my truck. She ran to the mall doors
with out looking back. I waited until she opened the outer
doors then tore out of the parking lot. My mind was so in shock
that I almost hit a car on my way out. As I turned the corner
I thought I caught a flash of her running after me.

I spent the whole day trying to get over the fact of it all
and did my best to push it out of my mind. On Mondays I had to
sit in on conference calls for the region so I could give
my projections and promos it was all I could do to try and
concentrate on it. I had checked the schedule when I got
in and saw that Danyka was scheduled to work in an hour and
I was not looking forward to seeing her. After the call we
had a little impromptu meeting with the managers. They
brought needs and I found out that Danyka had called in and
quit with no notice meaning that she couldn't come
back to work if she tried. I probably should have felt guilty
but I felt pure and utter relief, I was sure as hell never
going to make that mistake again.......

The End...................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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This last part has not been edited at all so I am very sorry
for the mistakes if there are any (which I am sure there are)
The ending may seem a little rushed but I was trying to give
you the same feeling I had at that time as it GET ME THE HELL
OUT OF THIS SITUATION. So hopefully it worked.

I know this is pushing it a little but I swear the girl was
18 I checked. I even checked the personnel files when no
one was looking to make sure. Hope you enjoyed this and I
hope to high heaven this had never happened to you.

Dave aka Flyingsolo

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Ok so I realize that people enjoy reading and love to immerse
themselves in characters. Stories like Twilight and Harry
Potter send us through worlds and to places we wish we could
go. I have often sat down and read a book like Narnia or Harry
Potter and felt like I connected with a person in the novel.
I have rooted for them and felt sad when something tragic
happened to them.I have never read Twilight but just being
in the movie gives me a sense of creep and darkness making
the story that much more real.

I have even disliked a fictional character or two. But in
the end it is just fantasy and great entertainment. I won't
ever compare myself to these writers or how amazing their
stories have been I am just a guy who can barely string a couple
of sentences together. However the one thing that surprises
me is how people have gotten caught up in some of the people
in my stories.

I had gotten several condolence emails after my story "Flurries"
which I greatly appreciated. When I wrote "Epilogue"
I received some emails about how I was supposed to move on
and that what I was doing was healthy and so on. Then of course
I got the ones that told of my betrayal to the woman I supposedly
loved because of Tara or the others.

Now with this new story line of "Our End and My Sad Beginning"
I have gotten a mix of all of them. I have gotten hate mail
for how I reacted to Danyka and I have gotten the perv email
about what it was like fucking her. I have gotten support
email about how life is full of mistakes and new beginnings.
I am very grateful for all of them. The fact that some of you
actually like to read what I write is a compliment beyond

To the people that have read all of the 26 stories I have written
and commented on them I want to say thank you. Even to the
people that have said some not so nice things about either
my choice of lifestyle or just choices I have made I want
to thank you too.

It's so cool to me that even on a sex site such as Adult
FriendFinder people still can connect in a completely
different way then just putting POLE A INTO SLIT B. At the
risk of sounding overly sentimental this has been one heck
of an experience that I will never forget.

I do my best to write in the space given so as to not make a giant
novel like "Epilogue" again, but I don't
feel that I can give someone the full sense of what happened
during these times in just a few short wham bam thank you
maam sentences. I do have the bad habit it cutting things
out and trying to dumb things down since I sometimes get
carried away with word choice too. I realize what kind of
site this is so I don't want to serve caviar in a hotdog
joint so to speak lol. So any constructive criticisms would
be appreciated and yes I also know I suck at editing them.
My mind works much faster than my fingers and I make annoying
errors like (were and where) or (to and two). Those really
drive me crazy.

I also need help fancying up my blog to make it more colorful
so any instruction emails would be great too. I put a pole
in my blog also to see what people wanted to read about and
not too many people responded so if you have time that would
be helpful too. So now that I have rambled long enough I will
just say thank you one more time. Thank You.

Dave aka FlyingSolo

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Barley string two sentences together my ass lol. You did
a great job. outstanding story. Compared to some i have
read here and to the one that I wrote this is great.


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Dave, great job with the stories. When life hands you lemons,
you do a great job of making lemonade out of them.


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Dave, I read your Flurries stories when you first posted
them. I thought they were great stories and that you were
a lucky bastard... until your loss. But beyond that, your stories stuck with me in the back of
my mind. I recently wanted to read them again and see you
have posted more, so I am reading those as well. I have not gone looking for any other stories posted here,
to reread or see what else they posted. Maybe I just connected with your stories, but maybe you
have a writing style that you should consider exploring
on a commercial level. You do a great job describing your
surroundings and I love how you place the music in the background.
Just my take. Dana


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This set was absolutely fantastic!