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Our Encounter


I guess my story starts when my wife and I stopped having
weekly sex. This it seems marked our decent into trying
to spice up our marriage again and led us to where we are now.
First off my name is George and my wife's name is Sabrina.
Sabrina is a small woman with red hair and pail skin and I'm
about average build with slightly graying hair. Sabrina
is attractive enough, all 125 pounds of her, especially
her large natural breasts and apple ass. We live in a large
city in the northwest and are both over 40 years old with
2 kids ages eleven and thirteen.
It all started when the kids went to their grandparents
in Colorado over the summer. Sabrina took the initiative
to dress in a maids outfit one evening to surprise me. Well
the surprise was on all three of us, me Sabrina and a salesman
visiting our small business here in town. Tom was floored
when we walked in silently and Sabrina appeared in the scant
maids outfit then ran for the bedroom red faced. Of course
this prompted an honest conversation later that evening
over drinks once we coaxed Sabrina from the bedroom any
way. "Just trying to spice things up while the kids
were out of town" Sabrina said, still a little red
faced but much more relaxed now that 3 drinks had been by
her lips. I had only met Tom earlier that day and perhaps
that's why it was so easy for both of us to break into
the conversation, after all he was a trustworthy stranger,
what more could you ask for when discussing such things.Tom
suggested what his wife and he did, a little creative swing
once a year, just to take the edge off. Sabrina was silent
for a moment, which I found interesting before she shrugged
of the idea as a good way to end a marriage. What was odd is
the look on her face as she thought about it; perhaps it was
time I thought to myself.
That night the mood in the bedroom was totally different
with the thoughts of the evening on our minds and good sex
was had by both of us.A week later out of the blue I brought
it up as Sabrina stood in the same maids outfit at the beginning
of another romantic evening. Scared I waited for the same
response and to my surprise she said, "OK let's
talk about this."
As we talked I admitted I was turned on by Tom seeing her all
but naked in the little maid's outfit and that perhaps
we needed to try new things. Sabrina agreed to my astonishment
and the subject was dropped with the idea we would both think
about it then talk in a week or two.
Mean while business was booming and Tom was scheduled to
come back in town that very week and I met him after work for
a few drinks as well as to discuss business. As the evening
drug on Tom asked how things were going with or search for
excitement in our marriage. I responded by telling him
we had come to an agreement to have some fun but no direction
was set thus far. Tom looked at me in silence then said, "You
know I have some friends from Corp net, they all travel together
and when they come into town they always look for a female
companionship." " My wife has considered several
times to meet up with them, I don't know if I am up to that
sort of thing, but if you are and she is, give me a call I'll
hook you up."
I was silent accept to smile back and begin a deep contemplation
of the whole situation.
That evening I brought up the subject with Sabrina, and
to my total amazement she said, "If it's what
you want I'll do it, but you have to be there to, after
all it's supposed to be for both of us." "Also
I wonder what they would want me to do for entertainment,
and if they wanted to touch would that be OK?"I smiled
and thought for a moment and pictured Tom touching her in
her maid's outfit and said, "Yes that would be
OK."The next day I called Tom and said, "OK she'll
do it, do you think they'll mind if I am there?"
Tom said he would check and have them get a hold of us on our
personal e-mail at home, I gave tom our e-mail address and
wondered if we would even hear from them at all.
Two days later we got an e-mail with a picture of three men
all smiling in their best suits standing in front of what
looked like a convention center somewhere. The man writing
said he would like to get a picture of my wife if possible
for him and the rest. I coaxed Sabrina back into the maid's
outfit and snapped a few photos and sent them off. Ten minutes
later we got a return e-mail that said when they would be
in town and mentioned they liked to tip the entertainment
and would do so well if she was good. A day prior to the men
flying in my wife received a private e-mail marked for her
eyes only and giggled while reading it. I asked what they
wanted and she said quietly, "it's none of your
business, you will see soon enough."
The next day at work I couldn't think even half straight
and was surprised I wasn't sent home early. When I got
home Sabrina was already in the shower and I waited impatiently
for her to step into the living room. When she did she was
dressed in a long trench coat with a larger than life smile
on her face. She just said, "Ok stud let's get
going and no peThe Hotel was in the downtown district and
lavish by anyone's standards. As we entered I headed
for the desk, my wife tugging me away saying, "I know
the room number hun, and we don't even know their names,
"Ok, here it is room number 344, OK honey, you said
you were ok with this right?" my wife said. "Sure,
I'm looking foreword to it sweetie, you get in there
and show them how sexy you are.Sabrina knocked and a man
I recognized from the pictures appeared at the door. He
asked us in and we met the other two men. I could tell Sabrina
was very nervous, all red faced and not willing to take off
her coat "until the entertaining began" she
said. I was sure for about fifteen minutes she would want
to leave but after a few drinks she became more relaxed and
the introductions began to pour out between the three men
and us. After a little while all three men started complimenting
her on how beautiful she was and they couldn't wait
for her to start entertaining. That said and to my amazement
my wife stood and removed her coat. I know my mouth fell as
she now stood in front of three strangers and me her husband
with no more on than a black matching thong and bra. As she
stood facing the men, her back to me, the thin strap of the
thong disappeared in her apple ass never reappearing below.
The bra I could see as she moved just slightly to the side
had literally no chance of keeping her breast contained
and I would later learn that was part of the plan. The men
all ogled over her and the compliments began to fly as well
as another couple of drinks for Sabrina. My wife gobbled
down two more drinks as she walked here and there while the
men all kept their eyes peeled on her every move.
I was totally turned on by what was happening and a bulge
grew in my trousers as I as well watched her strut around.One
man now piped up out of the group and said, "Can we see
you closer, right here in front of us?"Sabrina approached
the men never taking her eyes off of me, searching for my
approval of her being in such close contact distance with
the men. As she walked in front of me she smiled as she looked
down to see the bulge in my pants, then turned toward the
men, her back now again in my view. As Sabrina stood fast
right in front of the three men on the sofa Jim, who appeared
to be the ring leader in the e-mails and here tonight said,
"We have 3, 000 dollars cash, that's a thousand
each and it's yours to have if you will do what ever we
say, and you are not obligated to have sex with anyone here."
"We have done this before and we always add more tips
through out the night." Sabrina's head turned
around with a question mark in her eyes wanting me to make
that decision. I though quickly, ANYTHING, shit who knows
what they will do, but it's what we agreed on, and the
money Hmm just a nice bonus.I quickly smiled and said, "OK."
Jim swiftly arose and handed me thirty one hundred dollar
bills then turned to rejoin his friends. To my surprise
he instead walked up to my wife's back, directly in
front of me and put his hands on her shoulders, moving her
towards the sofa and his two friends. Sabrina again looked
at me as she was led closer to the sofa and I smiled back shaking
my head in approval.
Now my wife stood just inches from them as Jim released her
shoulders and took his seat again. I can't explain
the sight of your own wife for the most part all but naked
standing just inches from three men on a sofa, in a hotel
room, my head was streaming the information but parts of
my mind were all but blocking it out as I watched the men began
to reach for my wife's pail legs."We want to see
that beautiful ass of yours, turn around for us Sabrina."
"Oh yes, what an ass, look at that, back up as close
as you can get, yes that's it now bend forward for us,
Some one get a chair from over there."
A man rushed over to the dinette and retrieved a fancy armed
chair and placed it as Jim had asked directly in front of
my wife who was now staring intently at me as she reached
for the arms, almost as if she was pleading for me to whisk
her away from here. "George you have a beautiful wife
here, you really do." As Jim spoke he started to push
Sabrina's legs a little at a time from each other, little
by little until her legs were in a wide spread position so
as each outside man could now place her calf in between their
two legs, holding her in place. With Sabrina in this position
I couldn't see the man in the middle but I could see her
breasts began to pour out of the small top through the slats
in the chair as well as her face that now was showing new signs
of both confusion and lust. "We're going to touch
you now Sabrina, is that ok?" My wife just shook her
head yes and began to bite down on her lip nervously. I could
see my wife move about just a little as the two outside men
began to move up her legs with their hands, caressing her
ever so lightly. Again she jumped just a bit as I assumed
the man in the middle had begun to explore her ass with his
hands. In moments my suspicions were confirmed as I could
now see his hands travel ever so often to the outsides of
her ass cheeks within my view. Sabrina and I both jumped
just a little as someone slapped her ass, then again, then
again. The two men on the outside began to move their hands
forward to her large hanging tits, removing each one easily
from their flimsy confines of the skimpy bra. Looking back
at my wife's face, her eyes were now closed and a soft
moan began to come from her throat. "Oh yes, pull that
over to the side for me and hold it there." A long silence
followed and Sabrina said, "Oh my, Oh my, oh godddddd"
as all three men stared intently at whatever the man in the
middle was doing. "Hey George, could you get some
drinks for all of us and make your wife's a triple."
I rose slowly not wanting to take my eyes off the site and
walked to the small bar to retrieve the drinks as asked.
As I made five drinks, a triple for me as well, there was no
noise from the room as I kept my ears pealed. Minutes later
I heard a Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Slap, Humph, Humph, Oh
god, Fuck. And then Jim's voice, "Oh ya that's
it, how does she taste."Slap... Slap... Slap...
Slap, "OH... "Oh my, oh my, god" came from
Sabrina as I now hurried back with the drinks. When I walked
in the room with the first two drinks the man in the middle
had planted his face dead in my wife's ass and was obviously
going to town with his tongue. The other two were pulling
her ass cheeks out to the sides so as to make more room for
him to get in deeper. Leaving the middle man on his own the
two outside men took their drinks and I went back for the
final three. Once back in the bar area I could now hear a rhythmic
sloshing sound coming now from the room as well as my wife
moaning quiet a bit louder. I knew instantly what the noise
was as Sabrina could get very wet and noisy when highly aroused
and someone's fingers were in her pussy for sure working
her real good.Returning to the room I could see the man in
the middle still with his mouth buried in her ass but as well
he was fingering her with his hand below his chin. The two
outside men were now reaching around to her swinging breasts
and groping at will as she shook in her first orgasm. Trying
not to drop the three drinks I sat one on an end table never
taking my eyes off the spectacle in front of me and took my
wife and mine around the front of the chair she was leaning
on. Sabrina's forehead was covered in sweat, her hair
slightly clinging now around her ears as she looked up to
me ashamed and humiliated for climaxing in this position
with these strangers. Feeling now was the time to show my
support I knelt in front of her and took her mouth to mine
and began to kiss her. "Give her the drink, she deserves
it George" one of the men said and I did so as they took
a brief break at their assault, all drinking quickly and
tossing their glasses out of the way. Sabrina rose slightly
and guzzled the strongest drink of her life as the men talked
quietly in the background. "We brought some toys
with us Sabrina, lots of toys, we hope your ok with that."
"We want you to do a table dance, at least that's
what we call it, here... we'll show you."The
two outside men jumped up and escorted my wife by the waist
away from the sofa as the other moved the chair and brought
a smooth coffee table over and placed it jus a foot from the
front of the sofa. He then grabbed a duffle bag that had been
off to the side the whole time and pulled out an enormous
rubber cock with a suction cup below the fake balls. The
man spit on the suction cup then pressed it hard down on the
table, directly in the middle. While the other two helped
Sabrina out of her thong and bra then led her back to the table,
She looked at me in fear as the one man smeared a thick jell
over the cock and then took two pillows from behind the sofa
and placed one on each side of it. "Oh it's awful
big you guys, I don't know if I can do it or not"
my wife said as the two men lifted her over the cock and slowly
settled her over it. As tall as it was her knees were not very
far apart on the pillows and the men gathered around and
took a hold of each pillow and her waist and began to push
her down on it."Oh god, Oh god Oh God God God God, FUCK
it's big" came from her mouth as they slid her
down on it, the whole time moving the pillows further and
further apart. Once Sabrina was half on the cock the men
quickly produced from the duffle bag four fuzzy Velcro
cuffs and secured her wrists to her ankles. Then a number
of other toys were thrown about on the table and one man remained
on each side of her taking a hold of her knees as Jim came up
behind her and knelt near her ass. Now there was a visible
sweat showing up on her body as with her eyes wide open in
a stare she waited to see what was next.
Reaching around her Jim placed a blindfold over her eyes
and said, "George we need your help now, get in front
of her on you knees and put this on." He handed me another
blindfold and said, "if you take it off the deal is
off and the money stays."
I knelt in front of my wife and put on the blindfold. Immediately
my senses were heightened and as I drew in close to my wife.
I could hear her rapid breathing as well as smell her arousal
and feel the heat from her bNot being told not to I reached
forward; I put one hand on each of her hips. She jumped just
slightly not knowing who's they were and settled quickly.
Slap slap slap slap slap slap rang through the room as I felt
the hits through her hips, first on the right then on the
left and so on. " This is called an oversized vibrating
egg, it will be deep in your ass, " Jim told my wife.
We fell slightly together as Sabrina tensed and said, "Fuck
it's going in my ass, Big big big big slow slow slow."
I could feel her ass being spread by a number of hands and
her ass cheeks putting up a fight, more then more than she
was whimpering out loud then silence as she shook lightly
uncontrollably as she now rested her head on my shoulder.
Suddenly I could feel her tense and then I felt a slight buzz
in her hips where my hands were placed, as obviously Jim
had turned it on now. "Ok there we go, now for the table
dancing part."I was trapped in a dark erotic world
now as I felt her move and jerk about ever so slightly. I could
hear the men move about and feel her soft skin being pulled
about as I held onto her hips. "Oh, Oh, Oh, UmmmmPH, "
came from her mouth near my ear and I was overtaken by curiosity
and asked her, "Please tell me what they are doing
honey, please."
My wife then lifted her head and spoke in a raspy gutter tone
that I will never forget, "Oh... Hun They, they oh
someone's, Oh god, ... someone's, " she
shook a bit and groaned and said, "Ok, Ok it's
in, Oh honey they are stretching my ass hole with something,
OH, SLOW, Please, please... Fuck... Hun... nnnnny"
My wife shook and breathed hard as I felt her hips being pulled
outward, knowing the final effect on her pussy as it stretched
to accommodate the large and long rubber cock.
"I... I... I can... Feel it, god so deep in my... belly,
fuck hun so deep" Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, came
from in front of me very close as my wife said, "No don't
hurt em like that, hun their slapping my tits" Slap,
slap slap, slap slap.
"They're pinching my nipples now, oh god, STOP,
STOP, hurts so so bad" "we've got a present
for our little slave girl" Jim interrupted, "These
bands will hold those big tits out where we can have a good
time with them, you'll see."
"Someone lead Hubby around to her back side and let
him feel what we've been up to."I was led around
and knelt behind her and began to feel her ass that to my amazement
was hot to the touch. Sabrina shook from my cool hands as
I continued with the only eyes I had to inspect the condition,
or perhaps better yet the predicament she was in. as the
men busied them selves, I assumed with my wife's tits
I began to roam her ass with my hands, first up to find a strap
tight around her waist and from it two thin ropes running
down the crack of her ass. I followed them down and right
away ran into a large but plug with a hose and a pump ball coming
from it. I traced it's perimeter to feel it's size
and was astounded at tightness of her ass ring gripping
onto it's large girth, as large as my cock for sure.
As I continued to trace around it I found a wire coming out
of her ass next to it and remembered the egg that must have
been buried even deeper in her. I then noticed the butt plug
buzzing just slightly as the end must have been right against
it. The two thin ropes were tight over it and continued on
below as I now followed them. My wife spoke, her voice low
and shaky, "Do... Do you like... Oh god what are they
doing to my, ... what you see honey, please tell me."
I responded, "Yes, oh god yes your ass hole is all stretched
and hot."I felt lots of wetness everywhere below
and for a minute lost track of where the thin rope went until
I realized what the men had done. The men had pulled my wife's
pussy lips out to the sides and ran the soft thin rope over
each then tightened it down, pulling her lips wide apart
and leaving only wet soft skin from the inside of her pussy
exposed beneath her open V.
Three inches of the monster cock was still exposed below
her as I felt its girth and position carefully.
Reaching around the front I found the size of the cock along
with the two thin ropes made her clit stand out at serious
attention and it was then I realized how easily it would
be to make cum, time and time again as I had heard the men talking
about earlier.
Another man's finger pushed mine away as Sabrina jumped
to attention as I heard, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap,
"Oh my... Tits, oh god my fucking tits, Groannnnnnn,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, hunnnnn, ... I'm CummmmmMmmmIiiiinnnnnN."Sabrina
shook wildly as I placed my hands back on her hips, now wildly
gyrating in circles as the large rubber cock moved forth
and back creating an obscene slurping noise only slightly
drowned out by the creaking of the small table.
After 5 minutes and longer than I had ever seen my wife Sabrina
have an orgasm she slowed and slumped back towards me as
I held her there and from curiosity ran my hand below to see
if she had fell any deeper onto the large rubber cock.To
my amazement she now was taking all but an inch or so to the
balls section inside her pussy and it was also obvious she
had squirted around the devise and onto the table. "
Ok hook on these and turn them on" "Hmmmmmph,
Hmmmmmmmph" came from my wife as the men did something
to her up front. I slowly ran my hands around the front of
her sweaty torso and up to her breasts. For a moment I didn't
know what I was feeling until I remembered a picture on the
Internet of a woman that had gotten her tits tied at the base
with rope and her breasts looked like two balloons all swollen
and hard as rocks. Sabrina's were all that and more,
like two melons pointing straight out in front of her. And
as I reached to the tips I could feel a clamp with a ball hanging
down at the end of each distorted nipple. "That's
it George, hold those as I turn them on."Suddenly
they began to vibrate and my wife lurched a bit from her slumped
state as I felt each of her breasts began to vibrate in each
hand. "Ok hubby it's time we had some real fun
with her, take off the blindfold and sit in the chair."
I stood and headed for the chair amazed at the woman slumping
over the cock covered with sweat, hair all matted.
The woman could not be my wife, but yet she was. Seeing the
swollen state of her pussy below as I sat down was more than
it seemed as when I touched it. Her lips were puffed out strong
to the sides and her ass was bright red from slapping.
"Ok unhook her wrists, bend her forward and place
her hands on the sofa" Jim said as the men worked quickly
to do as told.All at once I could see her swollen melons tied
roughly with light rope around the bases and the vibrating
ball were still attached with clamps smashing her nipples
all but flat. Sabrina said nothing as the men put her in the
new position, her ass high in the air now with the plug still
in place. Next the men all undressed and Jim slowly removed
the large but plug as my wife moaned out loud as he did so.
"We're gonna fuck yer ass now Sabrina"
Jim said as he moved in behind her.My wife said nothing as
if knowing it was going to happen regardless weather she
wanted it to or not. The large cock was still buried home
and was now bending sharply forward as Jim slowly pulled
on the wire attached to the egg. The vibrating egg slid slowly
and no sooner than it did my wife grunted out loud as Jim pressed
his cock deep in her all in one stroke. "That's
it slut, take it all, that's right, oh god her ass is
tight and I can feel the other one totally." "
MMMPH" came from my wife on every stroke as Jim plowed
home slapping his balls against the rubber monster below,
his thighs slapping her red ass cheeks. Sabrina's
tight red balloon shaped breasts swayed forth and back
coaxed by the weight of the vibrating balls still humming
away endlessly."EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
came from Sabrina as she shook uncontrollably to another
orgasm as the other men pawed at here body. Jim groaned and
slammed home hard for a few more minutes as cum began to run
down my wife's inner thigh, and then he slowly withdrew.
The next man was rougher yet and had a really long penis,
causing my wife to yelp with every stroke. He raced on while
pulling her hair, slapping and squeezing her tits while
moving his torso in a circular motion. As he slowed then
sped, grabbing again for her hair the third man crawled
on the sofa in front of her and pinched her nose shut with
his cock in front of her face.
As she gasped he slowly pushed hi cock in her mouth while
holding her head with his hands, going deeper and deeper
as she began to choke. Sabrina at one point went through
a shaking stage where I was sure she was climaxing again
but in a different way due to the lack of oxygen. "Cough,
Cough, GURGLE, GURGLE" came from my wife as the man
in her throat said, "I'm cumin bitch, deep in
yu" and reached and took a strong hold of her red tit
balls, squeezing for all he was worth. This coaxed the other
man to come either by my wife's muscles or the excitement
of the moment and he to reached forward and began groping
her tortured breast as the little vibrator balls now slapped
each other and the tit flesh on the sides as the men both rode
her hard.When they had slowed to a stop my wife Sabrina was
still shaking in what could have been a pain induced orgasm
that wouldn't stop and Jim said, "OK time for
hubby to have some fun" and asked the men to pick her
up off of the big cock. They then brought her to me, one on
each side holding her under her legs and Jim said, "Ok
off with the pants boy, if you want a ride now's the time"
not being able to resist I quickly stripped and sat back
down, my hardonstanding straight up in the air at attention
and waiting.The men placed her over me and my cock slid effortlessly
into her pussy. Sabrina never opened her eyes she just placed
her lips on mine and whispered something I couldn't
make out. Jim went to the table and retrieved a long white
plastic vibrator, looking very traditional accept for
the fact it was very long. As my wife rocked on me I first heard
the thing buzzing loudly behind her then all at once I could
feel it going into her ass through the thin layer of skin
that separates the two.
"Bring those others over here" Jim said and
the other men retrieved some other items I could not see
over my wife, who was now beginning to pant a bit. I groaned
and jumped as Jim first put one, then two, then three smaller
ones next to my cock in her pussy. Sabrina wailed and moaned
as I could feel each one being turned on, one by one.
I came and came and came some more until my nuts hurt, all
the time Sabrina was bucking and thrashing on my lap as the
long vibrator was maneuvered in and out and around in her
"This is another Kodak moment, get the camera"
Jim said as I then realized they had been taking pictures
the whole time most likely. A man took pictures as the other
tow got rougher with Sabrina's pussy and ass using
the dildos like mad men as my wife continued to moan, groan
and pull her arms tight around me.After this ended the men
removed the ropes from her tits and all the dildos from her
pussy and ass then hauled her over to a man on the floor laying
on his back. The man was stroking his prick back to a semi
hard state when the other two placed her on him. The man quickly
penetrated her by holding her tight to his chest and thrusting
into her pussy. Jim came up behind and straddled her ass
then slowly pushed inside her asshole, my wife protesting
and cussing. The two began to rock slowly, then faster,
then faster and so on until Sabrina was kissing the man she
was facing and began to hold his head tightly, again climaxing
very slowly. About then the third man pulled Sabrina's
face up from the long kiss and pressed his cock at her wet
lips, Sabrina quickly opening it for him, extended her
tongue as she looked in my eyes with a stare of lust I had never
before seen. All three men came eventually in that position
and soon she rolled off onto the floor, cum dribbling over
her chin as she lie looking at the hotel ceiling.Jim walked
towards Sabrina with something black in his hand and kneeled
down next to her and placed on around her neck a thin black
collar, and then gently kissed her.
The men sat and drank for a while as one by one they led my wife
around the room with a silver leash, sometimes fingering
her as they talked, once in a while asking her to get them
hard again with her mouth. At one point they each one by one
took her to the bedroom to fuck her in private, one man could
be heard every where in the room as he pounded her and slapped
her ass. The other two took much longer with her and each
took a variety of toys with them to the room.
"No, No, No, No please stop, oh fuck just fuck me, please,
EEEEeeeee, shit not another one, I can't take it, please...
Oh FFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK, ... I'm Cummmmmmmmmmennnnn"
came from the room as I sat and listened and waited while
Jim was with her. The last man was very quiet and all I could
hear was Sabrina moaning endlessly.
I was in total shock from the whole evening, as I had just
witnessed the roughest, nastiest porno of my life and my
wife, Sabrina was the star.
Sabrina was quiet as we drove home early the next morning
and said not a word until we got home. Once home she asked
if I was ok with what had happened and she said she was sorry
it got out of hand. I told her I had the time of my life and I
loved every minute of it. Sabrina looked at me with a tired
look and said, "They said they would be in Atlanta
next month, you know we never travel, perhaps we should."

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This is the F of the couple and damn this story is HOT! Can
I have the number of those men? LMAO
Thanks for the story! Your wife is one lucky woman!


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This is the hottest story I have ever read........seriously.
I would love to be her. Liz