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Our Big Surprise


I entitled this story; Our Big Surprise, because what happened
was not only a surprise for Shannon, but for me as well.

Our whole adventure began a while back, after Shannon and
I had been together for a while. She discovered the fact
that I was a bi-sexual male, and rather than be angry, it
turned her on. The simple fact that she was turned on, turned
me on! We began to talk about it in bed as we made love, and
I could actually feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter,
the more we discussed it, and soon it became a regular part
of our sex life. She wanted to know about my past bi experiences,
and soon I began to write her fantasy stories as well. The
more we talked and the more I wrote her, the more I dreamed
of something, until one night I got up the courage to ask
her. We were in bed, in the middle of foreplay, and I asked
her what she would think of having a real threesome with
another bi male and me. Her reaction surprised even me!
My fingers were suddenly flooded with her pussy juices,
and she moaned as she whispered to me: Yes Baby.

My cock suddenly got even harder than before hearing, seeing,
and feeling her reaction, and although I had other plans,
my excitement was too much, and I rolled on top of her, mounted
her, and began fucking her like crazy! I don’t think I lasted
more than five minutes, before I flooded her pussy with
my cum. It was a very intense orgasm for me and although she
hadn’t cum yet, I know she got a lot of pleasure from it too.
My cock was still hard even though I’d cum, and when I tried
to roll off of her, she locked her strong legs around me,
and refused to let me go. What could I do, so I started fucking
her again. As I fucked her, I didn’t know what she was thinking
at the time, but I know I was thinking that with her pussy
as sloppy wet with her juices, and my fresh cum, I was fucking
her right after another man had already cum deep inside

My second orgasm was even more intense than my first, and
this time I thought that maybe Shannon had a small orgasm
of her own, as her body humped wildly against mine. This
time, she allowed me to roll off of her and lay beside her.
I knew she needed more, as I watched her hand fly between
her legs. She dipped her fingers into our combined juices,
and started masturbating furiously. I slide two fingers
inside her, and now I felt our juices, as I began ramming
my fingers in and out of her. It didn’t take long, as she masturbated,
and I finger fucked her, and sucked on her big still nipple,
before, she did have an intense orgasm. As she rolled onto
her side, and I cuddled against her, I began more and more
to think of her role in our fantasy, hopefully soon to be
reality threesome. As I thought about it, I found my cock
growing hard again, and pressing into her beautiful soft
ass. I began to move against her, until her soft snoring
suddenly stopped. I stopped too, not wanting to wake her.
I knew Shannon absolutely loves being woken up for sex in
the middle of the night, but since it had only been an hour
or so since we’d made love, I was trying not to be selfish,
and let her rest.

I back away from her a bit, and wrapped my hand around my hard
cock. I started stroking myself. Every once in a while,
I would rub the head of my cock across her ass, and then I’d
continue stroking. Soon I could feel my orgasm beginning
to build up in my balls, and I started stroking my cock faster.
Just as I was about to cum, I was startled as Shannon’s hand
reached behind, and between us, and she grabbed my cock,
pushing my hand away. She continued where I’d left off,
stroking me hard and fast. My balls tingled, and my cock
jerked and I started shooting my cum all over her ass, and
ass crack. Shannon squeezed my cock hard, and continued
stroking me through my orgasm, causing me to groan loudly.
She rubbed her ass back against me, and I reached around
her, grabbing her tit. I was surprised at the amount of cum
I had left, since I’d cum twice earlier, but it was enough
to make us both slippery and wet. As she pulled her hand away,
I snuggled tightly against her, and she rubbed her ass against
my cock, making us both even more slick and slippery. I buried
my head in her shoulder, and sighed. She turned her head
slightly toward me, and whispered to me;

Do you feel better baby?
And, I answered her with a weak yes.
She whispered again;
Good sweetheart, now get some rest.
I was dozing off within a few seconds!

I had rolled onto my side facing away from her, and I was in
that half dream state, between sleep, and being awake.
Was it my imagination, or did I feel the bed moving with almost
a slight rhythm, and vibration? I could feel her moving
around in my half dream state, but was she really masturbating
with me in bed beside her, and her thinking that now “I” was
the one sleeping? I think I got my answer, as soon I heard
a soft groan, and then there was no movement. I could picture
in my mind her body stiffening, and her hand pulling away
from her crotch, and her now over sensitive clit. Soon she
would relax, and enjoy her after orgasmic bliss. As I now
drifted off into a deeper sleep, I still wondered; had my
beautiful baby just fingered herself to an orgasm as I slept?
I think she had, and I knew I’d be really horny in the morning.

A woke the next morning finding Shannon’s warm body, and
her big soft tits pressed against me, as now “she” was spooning
against me. Her arm was draped over me, and her fingers were
tickling my balls and the hard shaft of my cock. As she felt
me stirring, she grabbed my hard cock, and stroked me hard
several times, and then rolled away from me and onto her
back. By the time I had rolled over to face her, she had her
legs spread, and was rubbing her clit. I immediately started
sucking one of her hard nipples as I squeezed and pinched
the other. Her hand went up to mine, and guided it between
her legs. She loves to have me slide a finger or fingers in
and out of her, and then over her clit, until she gets so turned
on and wet, that she takes over the clit rubbing herself,
as I continue to finger fuck her. That’s what was happing
that morning, until she suddenly stopped, and rolled away
from me. When she rolled back over, she had the small bottle
of lubricant we use for sex play. She poured some in her hand,
and then told me she wanted my cock in her ass. She told me
she wanted me to fuck her, and cum in her ass.
I groaned as her hand wrapped around my hard cock, making
it slick with the lubricant. When she thought I was slick
enough, she rolled to her side, lifted her leg up, and ran
her hand down the crack of her ass, and over her asshole,
making herself all slippery as well. My cock really jumped.
As I watched her finger slowly circle her own asshole, and
then dip in just slightly. She was ready, and I knew more
than ready. I moved up behind her on my side, positioned
myself, and then reached down and spread her butt cheeks.
I slid my cock into her ass crack, and then began sliding
my hard cock up and down her slick crack. I could feel her
hand between her legs, as she rubbed her clitty. It excited
me even more, and now I wanted my cock up her ass. I positioned
the head at the puckered little opening, and then pushed
forward. The head of my cock penetrated her ass, and she
let out a low groan. Her ass was so hot, and tight, and now
slippery from the lubricant, that it didn’t take but a few
shallow thrusts, before I was all the way inside her.

I held my cock inside her ass like that without moving for
several seconds, enjoying her hot tightness, and then
when she began rotating her ass back against me, I knew it
was time to fuck. I moved slowly at first; not to tease her,
but because I know I can’t last long in her ass, so I didn’t
want to rush, and cut her pleasure short. She made it apparent
though that she wanted to be fucked, and so I started pumping
in and out of her ass faster. I managed maybe a dozen strokes
at best, and then I was pumping my cum deep inside her sweet
ass. Her butt muscles clamped down over my cock, and literally
milk the cum from my balls! I could still feel her gently
rubbing her clit, and I knew we were far from through.

When I pulled out of her ass, I told her to roll over on her
tummy. I then told her to reach under herself and rub her
clit for me. As she did that, I climbed on top of her, straddled
her, and placed the head of my cock between her ass cheeks.
Reaching down, I spread her butt open, and then slid a little
forward, placing the head of my cock against her asshole
once again. This time, she was so well lubricated with my
cum, that I slid right inside her, until my balls rested
against her ass. I could feel her fingers were busy working
her clit, and I lowered my body over her’s, and started humping
her ass. There was no need for slow gentle stroking to start
with, her ass was relaxed, and well lubricated, and so I
humped her for all I was worth. My crotch was slapping down
onto her ass, and she was thrusting back up at me.

Having cum only a short time before, I knew I could last long
enough this time to let her orgasm first, and so I gave her
my best ass fucking. I was surprised though at how quickly
she did cum. As I felt her fingers speed up over her clit,
her body suddenly stiffened, and I felt her butt muscles
clinch down hard over my cock, catching me in mid stroke.
As the first wave of her orgasm subsided, he ass relaxed
a bit, and I slid back deep down inside her, but she wasn’t
done cumming, and soon my cock was trapped again, only this
time it was trapped where I wanted it, and I started to cum.
As I came, she ground her ass back up into me, and we both moaned.
We were both hot and sweaty by then, but I just couldn’t move
my body from over the top of her’s. It took several minutes
before I finally rolled off of her, and even then we cuddled.

After that, We got serious about finding a lover for us to
share. For the longest time Shannon insisted it was mainly
for me, but for her to watch, masturbate, and join in a little
bit. Little by little I got her to admit her excitement,
about HER being the center of attention as much as her excitement
in watching me with another man. We had come so far, but still
had more to learn, and more truths to share together. The
next thing I learned happened totally by accident.

I we had gone out together and purchased a small jell-filled
vibrator. I was only maybe four inches long, and about the
same thickness as my cock. It was simply tube shaped with
a rounded end, but Shannon got hot lubing it up and sliding
it into my ass, while the both of us pretended I was being
fucked by another man. We had great fun with it many times,
but I really only used it on her a time or two, and mostly just
to stimulate her clit with. Then one day I went to an adult
toy store, with the express purpose of buying a different
vibrator. This time, I wanted one shaped like an actual
cock, and I wanted a bigger one. The first few I looked at
were huge 8 and 9 inch models, and silly naïve me, I thought
those would be too much for her, and scare her off! You see,
Shannon has the most perfect pussy! Her lips are beautifully
shaped and inside her pussy is something else! What I mean
is that even after 4 kids, she is as tight as a virgin. Once
you are inside her though, her vaginal walls relax, but
they hug your cock and are extremely tight. Add to that the
fact that she gets wetter than most women I have been with,
and it is a most exciting experience. Then add one more thing
yet, She has the most amazing pussy control! She can flex
her vaginal muscles in ways I’ve never experienced, and
trap, and milk your cock with her pussy, it is amazing.

And so, I started with me not buying the 8 or 9 inch models,
because I simply thought they’d be too big. I settled on
one called; Mr. 7 inch. Except for the fact that it is purple,
it is very realistic looking. From the ring separating
the base of the shaft to the head, is 7 inches. It has a slight
curve upward, and there are actual veins running along
the hard shaft. The head is very life-like, and has that
mushroom shape, and all in all it looks like a real cock.
I thought it would excite Shannon, and would be fun for both
of us, as she inserted it up my ass, and fucked me with it,
as we again pretended it was another man fucking me. The
first time we used it in bed, she had me lay on my stomach,
as she slowly inserted it in me. It had been a long time since
I’d had a real cock up my ass, and this felt like the real thing.
As she had it almost all the way in me, I raised my ass, and
she started fucking me with it. At the same time I could see
she was masturbating, and it was driving me wild. Without
warning I suddenly felt my cock twitching, and just as I
reached under myself, I came! I was shooting my load all
over my hand and the bed, and she let go of the vibrator, and
then she was cumming too! We both liked our new toy.

The next time we used it though, it was different. It was
about a week later, and I had washed it, and put in in a little
bag by the bed. Shannon and I were in the middle of foreplay,
and suddenly it hit me to use our toy on her. Reaching over,
I pulled out the virbrator, and turned it on, and rubbed
it across her clit. Her reaction was exactly as I expected;
she liked it. After rubbing it over her clit for a while,
I dipped the head just inside her pussy, and then pulled
it out and sucked on it.
As I did that, she watched, and getting excited, she again
took over rubbing her clit. Sucking on that cockhead, and
tasting her juices made me very excited, and made me fantasize
about sucking a real cock covered in her juices. I wanted
more so I slid the head inside her again, and this time it
slipped in even easier than before. I was intrigued, and
so I keep pushing more and more of the virbrator-cock inside
her. She was really working her clit now, and I could see
the look of pure pleasure on her face, as I reached the bottom
of our 7 inch friend. Slowly at first I started pulling it
out and the sliding it back inside her all the way to the base.
I then started speeding up, and the faster I shoved that
cock in her, the more she moaned and moved her hips. I could
tell her orgasm was building and so now I was really slamming
her with that cock. Suddenly she tensed and then her body
went wild. She was moaning and groaning louder than I’d
ever heard her, and her orgasm seemed to be more intense
than I’d ever seen before. When it was over I kissed her,
and then I mounted her. I was so turned on by what had just
happened that I only stroked my cock in and about of her a
dozen times, before I exploded inside her!

Over the next few weeks I used the vibe on her several more
times, and I began asking her if she’d ever had a cock inside
her that big. She finally admitted she had, but when I asked
if she’d ever had an even bigger one, she remained silent,
until one night. Finally one night we were both very excited
and going at it like mad, when I asked her again, and she finally
admitted that she’d had at least one lover that was even
bigger, and that he could really make her cum, and she really
loved his big cock, and sometimes even missed it. That drove
me wild and I fucked her with more passion than ever. I awoke
in the middle of the night, and we fucked again, and early
the next morning, I played with her, and rolled her over
and licked her asshole, pretending she was already on top
of and riding some other guy’s huge cock. I then entered
her pussy from behind, and fucked her for all I was worth,
pretending I was fucking her just after our lover had shot
his huge load inside her. I came so hard thinking of that.

After that we talked and I wanted her to understand how much
it turned me on to be able to watch some guy with a very big
cock fuck her and make love to her. Of course I wanted to join
in too, us both penetrating her; his big hard cock in her
pussy, and my smaller hard cock up her ass. I wanted to do
a lot of things, and even though I might not be able to take
a cock that size up my ass, there were a lot of other things
he and I could do with each other and with her. I told her I
wasn’t jealous or intimidated by a well hung lover, just
the opposite, it is a HUGE turn on for me, and she can’t lie
now that she wouldn’t love it as well. Even her body gives
her away, that I know she love having a bigger, thicker cock
slamming in and out of her hot, wet, little, pussy! AND,
I love her, and I KNOW she loves me, so it turns me on to give
her that pleasure; it gives me even more pleasure.



A few weeks later I got a phone call, it was from an old friend
of mine named Pat. It seems he was divorced now, and would
be visiting Houston for a couple of weeks on business. We
talked about old times, and I told him all about Shannon,
at least the stuff you would normally tell a friend about
your wife or girlfriend, and then we made some tentative
plans to get together. Later that night, when we were in
bed, I told Shannon I had talked to Pat and that he would be
in town soon. She knew all about the brief time Pat and I had
shared together, sharing male to male sex. She knew that
he was the first one to ever have his cock up my ass, and that
we had kissed as lovers, and sucked each other off. What
she didn’t know, and I’d never really told her, was about
the size of his cock. It wasn’t something I’d purposely
hidden from her, it was just something I’d never brought
up. Now as I lay in bed with her, and we began to make love,
I did think about just that. My cock got even harder than
normal, enough so that Shannon even commented on it as we
made love. All the while I was picturing a thousand things
in my head, and when I came inside her that night, It was extremely

As I lay in bed thinking, while she was sleeping soundly,
I began to form a plan and see where it would lead. I decided
to test the waters with Pat first, so the very next evening
I called him. There was the usual casual talk first, then
I eased into talking about Shannon and me sexually, and
then eventually about what we both wanted. Pat and I had
known each other for so long, and had done things together
even close friends never do, that talking about everything
was actually easy, and he came right out and told me he was
very turned on about the whole idea. I sent him a picture
of Shannon, the only one I have, of her fooling around dressed
in a pink poodle skirt, and matching sweater, and shoes.
Pat thought she was sexy and was now even more turned on by
the whole idea, and that got me hot as well. We ended the phone
call with me telling him to give me a few days, and I would
call him back.

That very night, as Shannon and I lay in bed, I began talking
about Pat to her. She was laying on her back with her legs
spread, and I was laying on my side rubbing my hard cock across
her thigh. I was sucking on one of her big hard nipples, and
she was rubbing and pinching the other. My hand was in her
crotch, and I was dipping one finger inside her wet pussy,
and then running it up her slit, and over her clit and then
back down. She was moaning softly, and then I pulled my mouth
off of her tit, and whispered to her. I told her;

“Baby, remember I told you Pat was coming to town?”

She whispered back “Yes”

“Well, I know you remember those stories I wrote you and
told you about he and I having sex, but there’s one thing
I just never mentioned.”

She asked; “What Baby?”

“I never mentioned the size of his cock; just how big it is”
I waited for her to respond, and when she didn’t , I went on

“It’s not that I was hiding anything, it’s just that until
I discovered you really love big, thick cocks, and until
he called the other day that I thought about it.”

“ I mean, for years I stood next to him and men’s urinals,
and seen him pee, and soft as he was, his cock looked completely
normal to me, but the first time he and I made love, the first
time we stood there kissing, with each other’s tongue’s
exploring each other’s mouths, the first time I unbuttoned,
and unzipped his pants, and reached inside and grabbed
for his cock; man was I in for a surprise!”

“He was huge!”

“When I took his cock out I could really see how big he was.”
“His cock had to be at least three full inches or more longer
than mine, and at least a finger’s width thicker.” “It was
a good inch or so longer than your virbrator, and a lot thicker!”

“As I lowered his pants, and sunk down to my knees in front
of him, I got to see my first close-up view of his big cock
and his big balls.” “I mean, I think my balls are fairly big,
compared to the average, but his were almost 1 ½ times bigger
in size than mine, and as I said before, his cock was just
plain beautiful.” “ It has big veins running down his thick
hard shaft, and a beautiful, big, mushroom head, and it
curves up slightly, just like your virbrator, and stands
straight out, not curving to the left like mine.”

As I was telling Shannon all this, I suddenly felt my fingers
being flooded with her pussy juices. She was getting so
wet, that I had her juices running over my hand as I finger-fucked
her. That’s when I reached over and pulled our virbrator
out from under my pillow, where I had placed it earlier,
before we’d gotten in bed. As I inserted the head of the vibe
inside her, I continued talking to her.

“And do you know what baby?”

She whispered; “What?”

“I’ve had that big beautiful cock in my mouth.” “I’ve licked
those big beautiful balls.” “I’ve swallowed his hot cum,
and I’ve had that big cock up my ass.”

I heard Shannon suck her breath in, and let it out in a sigh,
as I told her this, and as I finished sliding the virbrator
the rest of the way inside her wet pussy. Slowly I started
moving it around inside her, and sliding it in and out of
her. I knew she had visions of Pat’s fat cock sliding in and
out of her, and it was turning me on! I was grinding my hard
cock against her thigh, and I’d leaned over and was sucking
her hard nipple as I fucked her with the virbrator, and she
was rubbing her clitty like mad.

I didn’t want Shannon to climax too soon, and it looked and
felt like she was headed that way, so I slowed down my virbrator
fucking, and I sat back up next to her. The look on her face
was that of lust, and slight disappointment, that I had
slowed down, but I wanted to tell her more. Looking down
at her beautiful body, I continued my story.

“Baby, would you like me to tell you about him fucking me
in the ass?”

Her reply was a simple, whispered; “Yesssssssssssssssss!”

“Well, after we’d kissed, and the sucked each other’s cocks,
Pat pushed me onto the bed.“ “Rolling me over onto my tummy,
he pulled my ass up into the air, and bent over and started
licking my ass cheeks, and then up and down my ass crack,
and finally my asshole.” “He was getting my ass ready for
his big cock, and I knew it”

“After a little bit more licking, he sat up behind me, and
then he kneeled behind me, and I felt his cock slide between
my ass crack.” I felt him sliding his big cock up and down
my hot crack, and it felt wonderful.” “ As he did this, I suddenly
got goose bumps as I heard him tell me he was going to fuck
me, and all I could do was say, YES!” “Having said that, he
pulled away, and with one hand he grabbed one of my butt cheeks,
and pulled my ass open.” “With his other hand, he guided
the head of his hard cock to my asshole, and then spitting
down on my hole and his cockhead, he attempted to penetrate

“It hurt when he tried to penetrate me, and so after a moment
or two he gave up, and asked me if I had any lubricant?” “I
told him I didn’t, but to just wait a minute.” “I then jumped
up off the bed and ran to the kitchen, and grabbed a bottle,
of Wesson oil!” “I stopped on the way back, and also grabbed
a towel from then bathroom, and then when I got back in the
bedroom, I handed him the bottle of oil, and I spread the
towel on the bed.” “Before getting back into position on
the bed, I took the oil from him, because I wanted to be the
one to lube up his hard cock.”

“I poured the oil into the palm of my hand, and then slowly
slid it up and down his hard cock.” “He moaned as I stroked
him, and I probably took a little longer than necessary,
but I was enjoying it as much as he was, but then it was his
turn.” “I got back into position, with my face in the pillows,
and on my knees, with my ass in the air.” “I felt him pouring
some oil right down the crack of my ass, and It felt wonderful,
running down my crack, over my asshole, and then down onto
my balls.” “Next, I felt his hands and fingers, as he spread
the oil from the top of my ass crack, to the bottom of my balls.”
“Pat was sitting behind me, rather than kneeling, and he
was having fun playing with my ass.” “His fingers started
teasing my asshole, and a couple of times he even leaned
over, and tickled my asshole, with the tip of his tongue.”

“After a few more minutes of this doing this, Pat slowly
inserted first one then two fingers into my ass, and started
fucking them in and out of me.” “At the same time, he reached
his oily hand under me, and alternated between massaging
my balls, and stroking my cock.”

Looking down at the virbrator I was sliding in and out of
Shannon, and watching her rapidly rubbing her clit, I knew
she was getting very close to cumming so I went on talking.

“Shannon, I was so ready for him to fuck me by then, but Pat
had other ideas!”

“He started really fucking his fingers in and out of my ass,
and at the same time, he was sliding his hand up and down my
hard cock, and really jerking me off.” “My ass was really
humping back against his fingers by then, and I’d started
begging him to fuck me, fuck me now!” “His only answer was,
not yet SLUT” “It was too much, and the next thing I knew I
was shooting my hot cum out and onto the towel.” “As soon
as the first spurt erupted from my cock, Pat let go, got to
his knees behind me, and shoved the head of his hard cock
right up my ass!”

“Pat got almost a third of his cock into my ass, before my
orgasm ended, and let me tell you, it was one of the most powerful
orgasms I’d ever experienced in my life!” “As he started
fucking me, getting more and more of his cock inside me,
I finally had to tell him it was starting to hurt.” “His response
was to slap me hard on my ass, and tell me to take it like the
slut that I was.” “As he started to push forward again, I
clinched my butt muscles down hard around his cock.” “His
response this time was to scream out that he was cumming,
and suddenly I felt the first spurt of his hot cum, as he began
filling my ass!”

“I fell forward, flat onto the bed, and as I fell, Pat fell
with me, and suddenly his cock slid further inside me, until
he was all the way in, and his balls rested partially against
my ass, and partially on top of my balls.” “There was a slight
moment of pain, followed by shear pleasure, as his cock
twitched deep inside my ass.” “He was panting into my ear,
causing goose bumps to shoot through me, and also causing
me to flex my butt muscles.” “This caused his cock to twitch
more, and the last few drops of his cum to be squeezed out
inside me.” “Even before Pat’s orgasm subsided, I was rotating
my ass back against his crotch, and he was groaning, and
calling me his slut!”

Shannon was very close now, humping away against the virbrator,
and so I figured I’d finish my story!

“Baby, the soft flesh of my ass against his crotch was driving
him wild, just like the soft flesh of your ass makes me crazy
and it will make him crazy as he fucks your pussy from behind!”
“And so, he started fucking me again, and this time we had
his cum, and the oil as lubricants, to make his thrusting
in and out of me even easier!” “This time, his crotch was
pressed firmly into my ass, and his body surrounded, and
covered mine as his hips moved rapidly, and he fucked that
big hard cock in and out of my ass.” “This time there was no
slow, gentle pushing, instead, he was slamming that big
cock in and out of my ass, as fast and hard as he could, and
I was moaning and groaning ever bit as loudly as he was.”

“Suddenly baby, and without any warning, my cock started
jerking underneath me, and I started shooting my hot cum
all over the towel beneath me.” “This caused my ass muscles
to really start contracting, and Pat moaned, and plunged
into me one last time, and then once again he was filling
my ass with his cum!”

Right then, I heard Shannon groan loudly, and her whole
body stiffened. Both of her nipples stood out hard, and
she was moaning her way through a very intense orgasm! I
sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth, and I kept the
vibrator going in and out of her pussy, until she stopped
me. I still held the vibrator inside her, but I wasn’t moving
it. I kissed her deeply and told her I had more to say, but
this time it wasn’t a story. I still hadn’t cum yet, and as
I rubbed my hard cock against her thigh, I toyed with both
of her hard nipples. I then began the next part of my plan,
and I told her to just listen to everything I had to say, and
that she didn’t have to respond, until I was through. I told
her that I had talked to Pat, and that I had told him everything.
I said that I’d told him all about her, and all about us, as
well as what we were both into, and what we were BOTH looking
for. I even sent him that picture of you in the pink poodle
skirt, so that he at least had an idea what you looked like.

I then paused a moment, and Shannon looked up at me and said;
“And So?”

I looked down at her, and smiled, and then told her that Pat
was all for it. I told her that he REALLY wanted to have a threesome
with us, and help us all have some fun and pleasure.

Having said that, I watched as Shannon’s hand went back
to her crotch, and she started gently stroking her clit.
I hesitated for a moment on purpose, and then Shannon looked
up at me again, and said; “Please, please tell me more, go

I went on and told her, or rather asked her if she was willing
to give it a try? I told her that I knew she would like Pat,
and that if everything worked out, we would all have the
best time of our lives. Her answer, was a quick YES, and then
she told me she wanted me inside of her. As she started to
pull the vibrator out of her pussy, I stopped her, and told
her to keep it in, because “I” wanted to be in her ass. She
sighed, and told me yes, that she wanted me in her ass. I reached
over to my nightstand, and grabbed the bottle of lubricant,
and applied it to the head of my cock. Shannon then rolled
onto her side, and lifted her leg up. I reached down and spread
her ass cheeks open, and placed the head of my cock firmly
against her asshole. One push, and the head of my cock was
inside her ass. I shoved forward again, and the remainder
of my cock slid smoothly up her ass. With my cocksure deep
in her ass, and my crotch pressing tightly against her soft
butt, she groaned.

I reached over her, and I pinched each of her hard nipples,
and then took her hand in mine, and guided it to the end of
the vibrator, still inside her. I leaned over and kissed
her neck, and then whispered in her ear for her to fuck herself
with the vibe, as I fucked her in the ass. I told her to pretend
the fake-cock in her pussy was Pat’s cock., and that my cock
was in her ass. She groaned, and immediately started fucking
herself with the vibrator.
I started moving my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her
ass, and she reached down with her free hand and started
rubbing her clit. Soon we were working in rhythm together,
and Shannon was moaning loudly. I was whispering in her
ear for Pat to fuck her harder, and she was really working
that vibe in and out of herself. I could feel it moving in
her pussy through the thin membrane separating her pussy
canal from her ass canal, and I wondered if it would feel
this good with a real cock in her pussy as I fucked her ass.
I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer, so it was a good thing
to hear Shannon starting to grunt and groan, and then tell
me she was cumming. As soon as her orgasm hit, her ass contracted
around my cock and I lost it as well. My cock jerked hard in
her ass, and I filled her with my cum. She was moaning and
telling me to cum in her ass, and I was holding onto her hips
tightly, and pressing myself even deeper inside her as
my cock spasmed!

By the time both of our orgasms subsided, we were both pretty
spent, but I had one more thing I wanted to do. Rolling her
onto her tummy, I slid down and pulled her butt cheeks apart,
dipped my head down and started licking my cum from out of
her ass. She was totally relaxed, and it wasn’t like I was
going to work her back up right then, but I wanted to enjoy
something that feel good to her. I got my confirmation when
her body relaxed, and she spread her legs slightly, and
said in a voice just above a whisper;

Hummmmmm, honey, that feels wonderful.

And let me tell you, it tasted wonderful too, just as any
place on her body always tastes wonderful!

The last thing I did that night was to tell her that with the
kids gone for the next two months, and she and I being totally
alone, I saw no reason for Pat to have to stay at hotel, instead,
I figured he could just stay with us. She smiled when I added, ;

Just think honey, a week of being pampered by two men! Pat
is an even better cook than I am, and think of coming home
to a clean house, no kids, dinner ready, and when you want
it, a hot bubble bath drawn for you, then two naked men to
gently dry you off, and carry you to bed, where all of your
sexual needs will be met, any time and any place you want!

That very next night I called Pat to tell him that everything
was set, including him staying with us. He was able to get
his airline reservations changed to fly in that Friday
night, and have three nights free, before going to his meetings
Mon - Fri. Then he’d still have Friday night, all Saturday,
and half of Sunday that next weekend to play as well. The
call didn’t end there though, as I wanted to really fill
him in on everything about Shannon. I wanted this to be the
best sexual experience we’d all ever had, so I was giving
him insight about her that it had taken me a long time to learn
on my own.

Things like which nipple was the most sensitive, or how
ruff she like them tugged on, played with, sucked and nibbled
on. Other things like her most erogenous zones, or where
not to touch, like her feet. Yet more things, like the fact
she loves sucking cock and swallowing cum, or that she loves
having a hard cock shoot cum all over her body, anywhere
except her face! Which position is her favorite, and how
to best make her cum; all things like that. By the time we
hung up, I hoped he was a horny as I was, and I also hoped he
was now well schooled in how to be the best lover possible
for Shannon and I both.

The rest of the week drug by, but finally it was Friday. Shannon
had worked a half day, so that we could go do some shopping
and then get ready for Pat’s arrival. After she got off work,
we’d run by the adult toy store, as well call it, and picked
Shannon up four new nities; a black one, a hot pink one, a
purple one, and an emerald green one, all with matching
thong, panties. We also picked up several different kinds
of lubricants, and oils, and other assorted things, as
well as several scented candles, and even one pair of totally
edible panties for Shannon. We figured we were all set,
sex-toy wise, and so now it was time to get us both ready.
We went to the mall, and while Shannon went to her favorite
salon to get her hair cut and styled, I went to the men’s salon
and got my hair cut. Also while Shannon was at the salon,
she got a complete pussy wax. She often shaves her pussy
bald herself, but for this occasion, she decided on a complete
wax job. Ouch! The things women have to endure!

The last things we had to do was to go home, get ourselves
ready, and wait! Shannon spent over an hour in the master
bathroom, taking a long hot bath, then a quick shower to
rinse off, and then getting ready; her hair (again), makeup,
perfume in all the right places, and then dressing. Not
giving Shannon a hard time, I spent nearly an hour myself,
showering, and shaving my face, crotch, and balls (a surprise
for everyone) and then dressing. I had on a nice pair of jeans,
and a collared shirt, and nice tennis shoes. It was when
Shannon came out though, that I had to whistle. She had on
a pair of nice jeans, and black short heels. She also had
on a white button blouse, and on closer inspection I could
tell she wasn’t wearing a bra! Her nipples poked through
the material just enough to give that away. Her makeup was
perfect, and she smelled wonderful. I had an instant hard
on, just like I had the first time I met her, and many times
since, and I had a feeling Pat would have one too, after seeing
her. The time was now 6:30 PM.

Pat’s plane was due to land at 7 PM and we figured by the time
he got his bags, and got his rental car, and drove to our home,
it would be close to 8:30 PM, so now after all our rushing,
we had almost two hours or so to wait. As I sat in my recliner,
and Shannon sat on the couch, we tried to watch TV, but I was
horny damn it, and I started to pester, and beg Shannon for
a blowjob. After a lot of banter, and talk, Shannon finally
stood up, and grabbed a cushion off the couch. She walked
over to my chair, and threw the cushion at my feet, and knelt
down in front of me. Her hands worked quickly, as she unbuttoned
and unzipped my pants, and then pulled them down. Here hand
wrapped around the base of my cock, as her mouth opened,
and she swallowed in the head, and half the length of my hard
The minute she started sucking me I knew this wasn’t going
to be foreplay, or a long slow blowjob, this was going to
be down and dirty, and get me off, and that was fine by me.
Her hand worked fast, sliding up and down my hard shaft,
as her head bobbed over me, and she sucked hard. It usually
takes her fifteen minutes or more to get me off orally, and
it’s not just her. All my life whoever was sucking my cock
took even longer than that, so she actually holds the record
with me in that area, but tonight, was different! Within
less than ten minutes, my ass was off the chair, and I was
filling her mouth with my cum. She swallowed every drop,
save one, which she shared with me when we kissed. When she
stood up, Shannon’s nipples were sticking out hard, and
pressing into her white blouse; she looked so hot and sexy!
I pulled my pants back up, and arranged my cock in my underwear.
I was still semi-hard.

Around 8:20 PM there was a knock on the door, and when I went
and answered it, there stood Pat. He dropped his bags and
gave me a big hug, and then a big kiss. It wasn’t a tongue kiss,
but rather a big wet smack on the lips. As he moved toward
Shannon, I could see her eyes were as wide as saucers, having
just witnessed Pat’s introduction, but then that is Pat!
I also noticed that Shannon had unbuttoned one more button
on her blouse, and if you were at the right angle, you could
see a big portion of her tits. Being six foot one, Pat sure
had the correct angle, and so as he approached her, he showed
no shame in looking straight down her blouse. He smiled
and then looking into her eyes he introduced himself, not
waiting for me to do it. He then leaned over and gave Shannon
the same hug and kiss he’d given me, and then he turned and
walked back to the door to grab his bags. I showed Pat to the
guest room, (not that he’d be using it much) and he asked
if it was ok to freshen up a bit before we got things rolling?
I told him of course, and went back to talk to Shannon.

Of course as soon as I was alone with Shannon, my first questions
were of what she thought about Pat. Shannon, being Shannon,
gave me the first answer I expected, and that was that she’d
just met him, and had spent all of thirty seconds with him
so how could she know? I got more specific then, and asked
about his looks, and personality, and to those two things,
she admitted she liked what she’d seen so far. The she made
a comment, that had us both laughing when she said;

“He does have big hands I noticed!”

A lot sooner than I’d figured, Pat returned from his shower,
clothes changed, and a big smile on his face. He asked what
the plans were, and I told him that we figured we’d all go
out to dinner, and then play it by ear, and see what everyone
wanted to do after that. Of course I knew exactly what I wanted
to do after that, and I was willing to bet I knew what Pat,
and even Shannon wanted to do as well, but we left that unspoken
for the time being. Dinner was fun, and all three of us got
along great, and so when it came time to decide what would
happen next, I got no objection when I suggested we just
head home, get comfortable and relax!

On the drive home, Shannon and I sat in the front, and Pat
sat in the back, but he sort of sat in the middle, leaning
forward between Shannon and I. He had one arm around my shoulder,
and the other arm around Shannon’s. I could see in the rear
view mirror that she was staring straight down Shannon’s
blouse, and this time from the angle he was at, he could probably
see almost all of Shannon’s breasts, and probably a portion
of her large areola’s as well. Even though the place we’d
eaten dinner was only a few miles from our house, the drive
seemed to take forever. We were finally home though and
after some small talk, I told Shannon to go freshen up, and
while she was gone, Pat and I would get more comfortable
ourselves. As I said this, Pat moved over to me and put his
arm around me. I turned my head toward his, and Pat’s lips
covered mine. We engaged in a deep tongue kiss as Shannon
watched, and when we broke, she was still standing there,
so I told her to go change, and that we promised not to start
without her. She turned and left the room, and Pat looked
at me with this big smile on his face.

While she was gone, Pat and I both stripped down to just our
boxer shorts. Now I don’t usually wear boxers as underwear,
but I figured that for this occasion, they were appropriate.
I noticed that Pat’s boxers already had a bit of a “tent”
in front, and I had to admit, mine did too. As we waited, I
listened to Pat’s compliments about how sexy Shannon was,
and then we formulated our plan for the evening. At least
for the first part of tonight, SHE was to be the center of
attention. We both knew she wanted to watch us together
having man to man sex, but we would have plenty of time for
that later; to begin with, both Pat and I wanted it all to
be about HER! I’d already filled him in on her major turn-on’s
as well as her most sensitive erogenous zones, and we’d
sort of formulated a plan and a sequence of events, without
making it seem planned or rehearsed, and so now it was time
to put all of that into action!

When Shannon returned, all either Pat or I could do at first
was stare! She stood in the doorway to the living room, wearing
a, well, it’s hard for me to describe, but wearing a dark
pink top, sort of like a half t-shirt, barely covering her
breasts, but the material was flowing, billowing, satin
looking nylon with ruffles. Her bottom half was covered
with the same color and type of material, but they looked
like female boxer shorts, except they barely covered her
pussy and ass. As I said before, all either of could do was
stare! Shannon was the one who broke the silence, when she
used her best sultry voice, and asked us if we liked it. Like
a couple of dumb school boys, all either of us could do was
nod our heads and whisper a horse YES!

If there was any doubt earlier about the size of the “tents”
in our boxer shorts, there was NO doubt now. I looked over
at Pat, and it looked like his big cock was about to burst
through the material of his shorts, and my own cock was straining
for release as well.

I stood up first, and Pat quickly followed. We walked up
to and then stood on either side of Shannon. I turned her
face toward mine, and then I kissed her deeply. I then turned
her toward Pat, and he kissed her as well.

As they kissed, I moved behind her, and started fondling
her breasts through her top. Pat moved around in front of
her, and they continued to kiss. I licked and kissed the
back of her neck, as she reached down, and groped for each
of our hard cocks. Her hands found their targets, and she
grasped each of our hard cocks, and right then I wondered
what was going through her mind as she felt the difference
in our sizes!

I should save this next commentary for the end of the story,
but at this point I want to add this, and I will touch base
on it at the end of the story as well.

As the three of us stood there with Shannon gripping my cock
through my boxers, as she gripped Pat’s through his, I wondered
if the size difference excited her. I hoped it did!

A lot of men in particular could never understand this,
and they are usually totally insecure in their own sexuality,
their own relationship, and their own self as well as their
mate, but I absolutely LOVE sharing Shannon. That doesn’t
mean I love her less or I respect her less, just the opposite,
it means I love her to a degree, that I have never loved anyone
else in my life before! Sexually I know she could be content
with just me for the rest of her life, BUT, in reality, I have
witnessed her physical reactions to something as simple
as a virbrator, that is so much bigger than me, and her orgasm
ARE more intense, whether SHE wants to admit it or not, and
I openly admit, that turns me on. Forget social morals,
or values, you only have one life to live in this world, and
why not live it to the fullest and enjoy it to it’s fullest?
Whether the other guy is bi or not, to give Shannon the ultimate
pleasures sexually, IS the ultimate pleasure for me!

How to go on from here? Well, that might bring up the question
of … What is good for the goose is good for the gander? Would
I want another female involved with us? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Again, I know that might sound strange, or weird. But it
is the truth. I tried asking Shannon about if she wanted
to try bi sex, ect … and although I still think she might,
I do know one very important thing, SHE and ME neither one,
want ME to be with the other woman. She’s told me a thousand
times that she just can’t stand the thought of another woman,
kissing me, much less my cock being inside another woman,
and I love and respect her for that. BESIDES, I have a hard
time even keeping up with her sexually, so why would I want
another woman? MY turn on is sharing her with another man,
and he and I having bi sex, and sharing her between us, so
why should I deny or try and change that? Those are my true
feelings! I heard a woman on late night TV one night who was
bisexual, and only wanted to share he husband with other
woman; She said that having more than one pussy in bed with
them was what she desired, but more than one cock, was one
cock too many; well I feel the same way, only opposite! TO
ME; Having more than one pussy in bed with us is one too many,
but having an extra cock in bed with us is just perfect!

AND SO, for now, let me leave it at that!

Me moving behind her, Shannon turned her attention almost
entirely to Pat’s hard cock, and Pat. I was still behind
her, rubbing my hard cock against her ass through the material
of her bottoms, but her attention was on him, and his big
hard cock. They stood there kissing, and Pat had both hands
under her top, playing with her hard nipples. She had both
of her hands wrapped around his hard cock, and gently stroking
him. I held her hips, and rubbed my cock against her backside.
If both Pat and Shannon were hot, I will guarantee you I was
just as hot or hotter! To me, it was now time to head to the
bedroom, because I was afraid that if we continued were
we were, Pat would soon be fucking her up against the wall,
and Shannon would have let him!

I sort of pulled them apart, and I suggested we head to the
bedroom. Shannon actually lead the way, with both Pat and
I following her. As the three of us stood beside the bed,
Pat and I both kicked off our boxer shorts, and Shannon pulled
her top off. Whatever fear I had about her initial modesty
around Pat disappeared, as she bent over and slid her bottoms
off as well. We all got on the bed, with Shannon in the middle,
and the sight was beautiful to me. Both Pat and I were on our
sides, facing Shannon, and she was on her back, her legs
slightly spread. I looked down at her clean shaven, beautifully
waxed pussy, and I could see her lips were already swollen,
and open. I had to “test” to see where she was at, so to speak,
and I ran my hand down over her smooth mound, and my fingers
down her slit. My God was she wet! Many times in the past I
have described Shannon’s pussy as being wet, and sometimes
to the point that she was actually leaking out her juices,
but right then, her juices actually seemed to be flowing!
Her pussy was like: The River Shannon! It was the most beautiful
feeling I’d ever experienced! Just the slightest touch
and she moaned.

NOW, was something I had been waiting for, for the longest
time! With both Pat and I on our sides, and Shannon in the
middle, we began rubbing our cocks against her, one on each
thigh. At the same time, we took turns fighting for her kisses,
as our hands wandered all over her body. One special moment
was when we were both kissing her at the same time, and all
three of our tongues were intertwined in one kiss! Just
as unplanned, but still planned, was when Pat and I started
on opposite sides of her neck, and we both kissed and sucked
our way down, ending up on her chest, and then she had two
tongues circling her nipples at the same time, and then
two mouths, one on each nipple, sucking hard. Her reaction
was beautiful, as she and her body struggled to except,
and enjoy every sensation. As we both sucked her nipples,
I reached over and took Pat’s hand in mine and guided it over
her soft belly, and down to her crotch. Multiple fingers
explored her, as her hips rotated off the bed. Pat managed
to get his fingers inside her first, but mine quickly joined
his. Four fingers inside her pussy, only from two different
hands. Shannon moaned loudly, and that only encouraged
Pat and I more. I knew her clit, and I knew what to do. I withdrew
my fingers, and allowed him to continue on his own. As he
fingered her, I massaged her clit, and once again, two mouths,
locked down hard, over her two nipples!

During all of this, Shannon had managed to reach down and
grasp Pat’s cock and mine, and she held onto us for dear life,
we each fucked our cocks in and out of her soft hands.

It was so hot feeling Shannon stroking my cock, as I watched
her stroking his, and from this point on, any plan Pat and
I had was out the window, and we were all three just doing
what came natural. After a couple of minutes, I watched
as Pat slid further down Shannon’s body. And then between
her legs. As Pat began licking her pussy, I slid down beside
him, and watched. It was such a turn on watching him eat Shannon,
and she damn sure seemed to be enjoying it. I then lifted
her leg and trailed my tongue down the side of her ass cheek.
Turning her a little sideways and lifting her leg higher,
I trailed my tongue down and found her asshole, and started
licking it. As Pat licked her pussy, I licked her ass. She
was really squirming around, and I knew she was loving it.
I also reached down, and grab a hold of Pat’s big cock, and
started stroking him. His cock was hard as a rock, and soon
I knew I needed to see him inside Shannon. I needed to watch
her face as he penetrated her, and I had to watch them fuck!

Slowly I trailed my tongue back up from her asshole to her
pussy. And Pat and I shared her wetness together, our tongues
slipping and sliding up and down her wet slit, and over her
hard clit, as well as over each other. That’s when I broke
away, and whispered in his ear;

“ Fuck her for me Pat; give her your big hard cock.” “Make
her cum for me; and you cum in her!”

Pat didn’t need any further invitation, and I knew damn
well Shannon was more than ready! He slid his body up her’s,
and she spread her legs wide. I sat up next to them, and reached
down and grabbed his hard cock. I guided the head toward
her wet slit, and then rubbed it over her hard clit several
times. Shannon’s eyes were closed as I aimed the head of
his cock at her wet opening, and when he pushed forward,
he slipped inside her with ease. Eight plus hard inches
began to disappear inside her, and she groaned. It was a
groan of pure pleasure, and the expression on her face was
one I’ll never forget! Her lips parted slightly, and her
mouth opened, and she exhaled and I heard a faint;

“Oh God Yes!”

Her hands slapped down hard on his ass, and then slid up his
body as both her arms and hands wrapped tightly around his
shoulders. His entire eight inches filled her. And he began
to move his hips. Her legs wrapped around his body, as she
clung to him and he really started fucking her. He’d told
me many days ago that it had been several months since he’d
fucked a woman, and believe me, he was wasting no time in
making up for it with Shannon. He was rocking against her
and at the same time fucking that huge cock in and out of her,
and she was taking every inch of it. He bent over and they
kissed. I could see his tongue going into her mouth, and
then her tongue exploring his. Soon their kiss broke though,
as he really started fucking her. She looked me straight
in the eyes, and mouthed that she loved me, and then her eyes
closed, as he began hitting all her pleasure spots.

They looked so beautiful together; bodies wrapped together,
and his big cock plunging in and out of her, as she worked
to meet every thrust! They were both lost in the pure animalistic
pleasure of fucking, and it was wonderful.

I moved down beside Shannon, and I held her in my arms as he
fucked her. I was rubbing my cock across her thigh, and it
felt wonderful. I wanted to lean over and suck her nipple,
giving her even more pleasure, but I just couldn’t, because
I didn’t want to miss one minute of her pleasure, so I just
held her and watched. His body was crushed down over her’s.
Her tits were pressed into his chest, but you could still
see them moving and jiggling around with each and every
thrust. You could hear his balls as they slapped against
her ass, and most of all you could hear her moans and groans.

It was almost funny that “I” was the first one to cum! As I
held Shannon and experienced as much of what she was experiencing
as possible, I just lost it! My cock spasmed, and I was shooting
my cum all over both Pat and Shannon! It was a fantastic orgasm,
and I just let go and let my cum fly everywhere! Moments later,
I … well, I got to witness, and be apart of something I had
been wanting for, for a very long time; I got to be a part of
Shannon experiencing a real orgasm, while being fucked,
with a hard cock inside her, whether it was my cock or not!
One minute my cum was squirting all over them, and the next

Well it started with Shannon suddenly clutching Pat’s
body tighter, and then her body began to convulse, and shake
and jerk. That was followed by a series of Yes’s followed
by her loudly exclaiming that she was cumming! My God it
was a beautiful sight! The way she moaned and grunted, and
groaned. The way her body thrashed about! I could only imagine
how Pat’s cock must have felt as her pussy muscles clamped
down around it and gripped his hard cock! One of her hands
grabbed for mine as I held it over her breast, and she crushed
it in her grip! I whispered in her ear:

“Yes Baby Yes; Cum For Us!”

Her response was a simple: “I AM!”

Telling it now afterward, I have to tell you Shannon, that
was the most beautiful I have ever seen you look; in the midst,
or orgasmic pleasure, with another man’s bigger, thicker,
and harder cock inside you! BUT, we’ll talk about that later

Anyway, I had orgasmed, and now she had, Pat had not yet,
and Shannon knew it. Raising her legs up high, she held herself
open for him by gripping her calves, and pointing her pussy
and ass toward the sky. Pat really started slam-fucking
her now, and his balls slapped off of her so hard, that the
sound filled the room. I moved down a bit so I had a close up
view of his large cock slamming into her, and the sight and
sounds were beautiful.

Soon I heard Shannon panting and groaning again, and I was
sure he was fucking her into yet another orgasm! As she moaned
loudly, and started to climax again, I heard Shannon telling
Pat to cum in her, and almost as soon as she said it, his body
tensed, and he slammed his big cock into her one last time.
He held himself buried deep inside her, and he shuddered
and groaned as he exploded inside her. Shannon and Pat ground
their crotches against each other, and withered around
in orgasmic bliss. I was hard as a rock again, and I moved
up and placed my cock at Shannon’s lips, she immediately
started licking and suck on the head, and then I reached
up and pushed Pat’s head down, and he joined her in licking
my cock. The feeling was wonderful, having two tongues
on me, but I knew they had both just had wonderful orgasms,
and probably wanted to slow down for a few minutes, and so
I pulled away.

Pat rolled off of Shannon, and I moved down to watch his cum
leak out of her pussy. I bent over and tried to lick her, but
she was just too sensitive, and she pushed me away. We all
lay back on the bed and rested. My cock was hard, and I slowly
rubbed it against Shannon, and I knew it was turning her
on. I looked over and Pat’s cock was still semi erect, and
so I leaned over Shannon, and I started licking and sucking
him. I could taste Shannon’s pussy all over his cock, and
he tasted good. Shannon’s pussy had calmed down a bit too,
and so I started licking her as well, alternating back and
forth between sucking him and licking her. We were all getting
worked up again and after a few more minutes of me sucking
and licking them both, Shannon got up and straddled Pat.
She wanted that big cock inside her again, and I couldn’t
blame her!

As she slowly lowered her pussy down onto his hard cock,
Pat grabbed both of her titties, and started playing with
them. I had a perfect view from behind them of Pat’s large,
thick, cock slowly entering Shannon. Her beautiful, wet,
pussy just seemed to open up and swallow him, and it was a
fantastic sight! When her ass was finally firmly planted
on top of his crotch, she held herself there, before she
started teasing him. She would slowly raise her pussy off
of him, and then hold herself up with just the tip of his cock
inside her, and then she would wait, and make him beg her
to sit back down on him. She did this several times, until
even I could sense Pat’s frustration, and need to fuck her.
She finally did it one last time, and then she slammed herself
back down on him and started rocking back and forth violently.
Pat’s hands slapped down over her ass, and he thrust back
up into her repeatedly. They were really going at it, and
probably both would have cum soon, if I hadn’t stopped them.
I wanted in on the action, and now was the time.

I pushed Shannon forward over Pat, and I got right behind
them both. I started licking Pat’s balls, and the hard shaft
of his cock. God, he tasted good, covered with Shannon’s
wet juices. I then parted Shannon’s ass cheeks, and started
slowly licking her sweet asshole. I held Pat’s balls as
I licked Shannon’s ass. And they were both moaning. Shannon
was urging me on to lick her ass, so Pat knew exactly what
I was doing, and he started slowly moving his cock in and
out of her. In just a few moments, we were about to make one
of Shannon’s hottest fantasies come true; a big thick cock
in her pussy, and my cock in her ass.

I don’t know if Shannon really understands what I turn on
it is for me to lick her asshole, and that I do it every bit
as much for me as I do for her, but I truly do love doing it!
It was hard for me to pull away, and grab the lube, and get
her ready for my cock, but I knew it was time. I applied the
lube to her asshole, as well as my cock, and then I positioned
myself behind her on my knees, and I placed the head of my
cock against her asshole. I pushed slowly on purpose, wanting
to savor the feeling of sliding inside her ass, but soon
my cock was in, and SHE pushed back; her ass swallowing the
rest of my hard cock. I could feel Pat’s cock inside her pussy,
and it was almost like we were both in the same hole together!

Pat and I both started trying to fuck her, him in her pussy,
and me in her ass, but it was a clumsy effort at best, and so
we both relaxed and let Shannon take control. As she rocked
back and forth, I would slide in and Pat would slide out,
and then vise versa. Shannon slowly got a good rhythm going,
and then began to speed up. Pat’s cock filled her pussy so
much, that it spread her open, and her clit rubbed against
his crotch. Forget all the porno movies you’ve seen, because,
Pat and I pretty much held still, and it was like Shannon
was using our cocks as her personal sex toys, and masturbating
herself using us, and our cocks! Faster and faster she went;
Pat’s big cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy, and my
cock sliding in and out of her ass. She was grunting and groaning
like I’d never heard her before, and I knew she was building
toward a tremendous climax; I only hoped I could hold on
and last!

As Shannon’s body started bucking wildly, I grabbed her
hips to hang on, and Pat’s hands slapped down over her ass.
We both dug in deep to ride her through her climax, and as
we did so, I erupted in her ass, and less than a second later,
Pat exploded in her pussy. Both of her hot holes were being
filled with cum at the same time! We were all three moaning
and groaning loudly, in a three-way mutual climax!

All of that was more than enough to satisfy Shannon, as well
as Pat and I, and so we all eventually fell asleep, with Shannon
in the middle, between her two stud cocks.

Later that night, or rather very, very, early the next morning,
I awoke to an empty bed. Wandering through the house, I found
Pat and Shannon in the living room on the couch. Pat was sitting,
and Shannon was on top of him, straddling him and riding
his big cock! She was moaning and groaning and telling him
how good his big cock felt, and he was sucking her nipples
as she rode him, and telling her how hot, tight, and wet her
pussy was, and how good she felt to him and his cock. I watched
the action for a few minutes, and then I walked up to them,
stroking my cock like mad. As Shannon climaxed, and Pat
began to cum in her, I started shooting my cum all over Shannon’s
bouncing tits. She reached out and fondled and squeezed
my balls, as I shot all over her chest, and she moaned through
her climax.

Once back in bed, as Pat snored, Shannon rolled over and
snuggled against me, and whispered to me. She was worried
that I might be upset or angry, that she and Pat had gone off
to have sex without me.
I reassured her again and again that I was perfectly OK,
and that all she had done was fulfill a fantasy of mine, where
I got to walk in one them and jack off on her tits! I also added
that if Pat was now our lover, both of our lover, then she
was free to fuck him anytime, day or night, whether I was
there or not! We were all

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very hot...mirrors fantasies of my own..want to here about
what you and pat did together...thanks