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Online Affair


Angels Online Affair ……………..for John

I never thought I would meet anyone I wasn’t looking it just
happened. I found myself on the net my life a mess I escaped
to the only sanity I knew, the haven where I felt safe, a place
where I felt I could be me and not be Judged or criticised
.A place to shine where no one knew my outside just what I
had inside . I had so much to give, and was willing to share,
but I was just so sick of it all being taken from me. Here I
felt I had control. I learnt to say no, to stand up for my beliefs,
to stand up for my rights as a human being. But then I stumbled
across him.

Checking through room messages on a chat room of which I
was a regular participant, I found his message. It jumped
out at me, it almost screamed out "notice me!",
and I did. His message made me laugh, to my disbelief I found
myself smiling at a computer screen. Feeling so foolish
at this realisation, yet so comfortable. I had to admit
I was curious, "was this guy for real?"

Replying to his message was the hardest thing I had done
in such a long time. "Should I say what’s really going
through my mind or just a quick reply?” I found myself asking.
Typing quickly I opted for the real me the person I had been
longing to let out, the person who had been hiding in this
shell for the past two years. Hitting send before I changed
my mind yet again, I couldn’t help asking myself "
what the hell was I doing, had I finally lost the plot, what
was I thinking?”

I was scared. Afraid of being judged, afraid that the real
I wasn’t going to be accepted. I went to bed that night and
lay there watching the computer screen. I had left it on
and signed in. I guess I was hoping for a response but was
afraid what the real me would have to face the following
morning on the message boards.

I woke early and lay there staring at the black screen. I
rose from my bed, walked to my desk and took a seat .Clicking
the mouse the screen opened. I couldn’t look, my stomach
was churning. I headed for the kitchen, made coffee, a strong
coffee. Threw a load of washing in on my way back past. I had
put it off long enough I had to check... Sitting at my desk
I opened the message and breathed a sigh of relief.... nothing.
I was relieved, yet a little disappointed. I knew someone
would see it eventually but for now I was just happy that
I hadn’t made a fool of myself.... yet.

I stepped in the shower. Water flowing down over my breasts,
I felt warm, relaxed. Soaping my body paying special attention
to my hardening nipples. It had been such a long time since
anyone else had even seen them, let alone touched them.
It felt good, but I couldn’t help but yearn for a mans touch.
My body looked good .It wasn’t perfect, but I wasn’t unhappy
with my body and the way I portrayed it .My breasts weren't
small , hourglass figure with a few minor imperfections
and a set of very long curvy legs, so many had complimented
me on.

Closing my eyes, letting my hand glide across my body. I
don’t know if it was the steam but I felt hot and weak. My hand
sliding across my warm soapy skin. Longing to be touched,
wanting so badly it hurt... to be held safe in a mans arms.
Yet I couldn’t bring myself to be with anyone. Not after
my former partner had mistreated me. How can i trust again?
What do I have to do to move past all the pain he had inflicted
upon me? All these questions racing through my mind, yet
no answers.

Lathering soap on my legs, my arse, my stomach, my hands
trailed all over my body. My god I was so horny. I didn’t understand
why but I felt an urge, the need to cum .My hand found my pussy
running my finger tips over my throbbing wet pussy. My index
finger finding its way between my swollen lips, running
along my slippery slit I slowly slid my finger into my dripping
wet hole. Sliding one finger, then two in and out of myself
my thumb occasionally brushing my swollen clit. I leaned
back against the shower wall, knowing it wouldn’t be long.

My pussy tightened, grasping at my fingers. I couldn’t
stand, my legs had weakened, and it was all I could do to not
collapse on the shower floor. A wave of pleasure rushed
through my body.

My fingers still deep inside me, my thumb still gently circling
my swollen clit. I didn’t think I would not ever stop Cumming,
nor did I think I wanted to. Thoughts of the mysterious man
on the message boards filled my head. His words touched
me in a way I never thought possible, yet I had never even
spoken to him. If this is what mystery does for me then I have
found what I have been searching for.
My body trembling, my loins pulsing with pleasure I washed
myself off and stepped out of the shower. I asked myself

"How could a stranger have this effect on me?"

Part 2

Walking in the door after a full days work you would have
thought first thing I would want to do was shower and relax,
but it wasn't. The man on the message boards had been
on my mind all day.

Throwing my keys on the bench, shoes off at the door I headed
straight for my room. Sitting down, I opened the screen
and there it was, what I had been waiting for, or was it? I
wasn’t sure what I expected or even wanted, I just knew he
had my interest, and that I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

What a flirt he was. I found myself giggling at his reply,
I felt like a school girl again. It felt good to be smiling
and not to be worrying about what others thought of me for
a change. It felt good to be me. Replying to his message,
yet this time I didn’t even think about what others would
think of me. Just said what I felt, I didn’t even proof read
it hit send message and didn’t look back , even to check
if it sounded wrong .

I knew what I had typed was exactly what I thought and i was
comfortable with that. We passed messages for days. It
seemed the message boards were ours
I wrote him poetry and we sent each other songs letting one
another know how we were affecting one another. Others
even started suggesting that we should just get together
and put ourselves out of our own misery. There was no hiding
the fact that we liked each other. A lot of things were obvious,
we seemed to have a lot in common, and more importantly we
made each other smile.

I thought it would be nice to finally talk to him to get to
know him a lot better, so I typed the message out .What have
I got to lose ?, worst case he can just say "thanks but
no thanks." I requested that he should actually come
into chat and say hello, seeing as how I had never seen him
in chat before, just his name on the message boards, and
it was killing me waiting a day to get a reply to the messages
I was sending him. The thought of finally chatting to this
stranger gave me butterflies, it was exciting.
Recalling the very same feeling as I had had the first time
I ever went out on a real date. I was excited, nervous and
a little embarrassed. I couldn’t believe I so openly flirted
with this guy on message boards where so many other people
could see. Where everything we said to one another would
be read by not only ourselves but everyone who used the boards.

Now everyone seemed to be in on it, it was like having our
own personal cheer squad hollering "GO for it".
I went to work the following day just hoping the day would
go fast. I kept myself busy .I was trying to keep my mind off
what he would think of my message and what his response would
be. I told myself it didn’t matter what he said. But deep
down I knew how disappointed i would be if he didn’t want
to speak to me. I told myself I believed in fate, I’m not sure
I do but it made me feel a little more at ease. Arriving home
from work, I immediately checked the messages... and sure
enough he had received my message.

I found myself laughing, his reply to my request read "I
have never chatted before, do you bite?”
I replied "only if you ask me too... speak tonight.”

The afternoon seemed to go on forever I needed something
to keep my mind of it all. I prepared a bath I felt like pampering
myself. I was so happy it almost seemed too good to be real.
It had been a long time since I had looked forward to waking
up the next morning, now I found myself looking forward
to everything .A complete stranger I had never even met
had given me something no man had given me and I wanted more.
He didn’t know it but he had given me hope, maybe there is
someone out there for me after all.

Stepping into the bath I lay back into the mountains of bubbles
and relaxed .Teasing myself a little, circling my nipples
with my finger tips. Rubbing the bubbles over my smooth
skin .I had even spoilt myself and treated myself to a new
toy. Placing my feet on the bottom edge of the bath, I turned
the vibrator on. I ran it over my lips, it tickled, gliding
it down my chin and neck letting it rest on my breasts. I felt
so alive I wanted to make the most of everything I was feeling.
My skin reacted, I had goose bumps. My body wanted more and
who was I to deny it.

The buzzing sex tool held in my hand I placed the tip against
my already pulsating clit. Closing my eyes I imagined him
here even though I didn’t know what he looked like, and I
didn’t care he was perfect. I knew I liked who he was, the
very thought of him turned me on. The way he used words, his
humour, his ability to make me smile.

Sliding the buzzing head towards my hungry pussy , it entered
me sliding in and out of my body, slowly at first, but in my
excitement it seemed I had lost control my imagination
took hold and I was soon fucking the vibrator , or was it
fucking me ? I didn’t know I just knew it felt good and I didn’t
want to stop. Guiding into my body and out faster and harder
.Teasing my nipples with my left hand, driving the buzzing
toy repeatedly into my body with my right. My body losing
control, shuddering, moaning loudly. Biting my bottom
lip to silence myself a little, I cum like i had never cum
before. My pussy grabbing the toy and not wanting to let
it go. It felt so good. Still fucking myself but slowing
down enjoying every sensation. I didn’t want this feeling
to stop, but I knew it had to.
I didn’t want to miss anything. I wasn’t sure what time he
would be in and it seemed i had been playing for hours in the

Stepping out of the bath I wrapped the towel around me, walked
to my room and dressed. Maybe I should spoil myself more
often. Looking at the clock I decided to lie down and rest
a while.

Part three …

The dream…

I don’t know how it happened. I suddenly found myself, wearing
only my underwear, lay out on a huge bed. I don’t know who
owned it , all I knew was that it wasn't mine.
A mans scent filled the air. I moved to sit myself up and take
a look around, just as I did I felt something , someone move
behind me , my eyes were being covered with some sort of blind
fold . I was a little scared but not scared enough to scream
out . I didn’t feel threatened I felt at ease.

His breath, warm on the back of my neck, he whispered in my
“Just relax… I won’t let anything happen to you. Now lay
And the strangest thing, I did. I lay myself back down.

I could hear movement and I found myself trying to determine
what the noises were. It was just him moving around, but
I couldn’t tell what he was doing or even how far away from
me he was. I couldn’t even tell if we were alone, though I
hadn’t heard any voices or extra movement.

Just then I felt his strong hands touch my ankle. He traced
up the outside of my leg with his fingers all along the outline
of my thighs along my hip, I could feel his every touch, and
it was exciting and very mysterious. I was enjoying it,
but very curious. Okay, I know I should have been concerned
but for some reason I wasn’t, I just lay there and took in
every smell, every touch, and every little noise.

I could hear him breathing, even the sound of my own heart
beating. For a moment I even thought I could hear his heart.
I was amazed at how much I must have missed all these years
relying only on sight and touch. His hands brushed the side
of my breast, sliding up along my right arm , stopping at
my wrist he raised my arm above my head I felt something soft
being placed around my wrist , I then felt my wrist being
fastened to the head of the bed. For a moment I felt myself
start to panic, ” what the hell was I thinking? Why wasn’t
I struggling?

I tried to pull my arm away , he placed his finger gently on
my lips tracing them, sliding his finger between my lips
into my mouth , I found myself running my tongue over his
finger sucking on it gently as he slid it from my mouth . Running
his finger along my bottom lip.

The fear disappeared as fast as it had appeared, and I went
back to enjoying what was happening to me. My left wrist
was then fastened to the bed head in the same fashion as my
right wrist. Here i was on some strangers bed tied up with
no means of escape, yet I didn’t want to escape. Strangely
enough I liked it very much and I didn’t want him to stop.

I felt his kisses and gentle biting beginning at my ankle
working his way up the inside of my leg. I think I was assisting
him. I found myself actually visualising what he was going
to do next, even moved my legs apart to make it easier for
him. My panties now very moist, I think if he had of touched
my clit at that point I would have cum right then and there.
Who could believe this would excite me so much.

He knelt between my legs, I felt his breath through my underwear.
My god I just wanted him to fuck me now. I would have begged
him to but just as I tried to speak I felt his tongue running
over my soaking wet panties along my moist pussy. Only sound
I could release from my lips was a whimper, i was speechless.
He tugged at the top of my panties, I lifted my arse to make
it easier for him to remove them. He pulled them off and must
have thrown them on the floor beside the bed.

His tongue flicked my clit I thought I was going to lose control
right there but I managed to contain the urge to cum. I wanted
to hold back I wanted to get every moment enjoyment I could
out of this strange but truly wonderful experience. I felt
his tongue running along my slit, then plunging deep inside
me, his tongue moving in me. He reached his hands up and massaged
my breasts, his face buried deep in my crotch. I think I’m
in heaven. His tongue fucked and licked me tirelessly,
he brought one of his hands down and slid a finger inside
me, then two fingers. I found myself raising my arse off
the bed pushing my wet throbbing pussy against his lips.
I felt totally out of control, I felt exposed, I felt horny.

Letting out a loud moan my pussy tingling under the pressure
of his tongue I found myself, Cumming uncontrollably.
I no longer felt anything, except pleasure. My body tensed
and fluid gushed from my pussy .I screamed for him to stop,
but I didn’t want him to stop. I wasn’t sure at that point
what I wanted. My legs felt numb I felt weak my whole being,
all my energy had been drained from me. I collapsed on the

He untied my wrists, kissing me passionately guiding his
tongue between my lips, teasing my tongue with his.
He whispered to me “see you in chat ".

Was then I woke. My god it was a dream, i was even thinking
about him when i slept now. I looked across at my clock I had
been asleep for 45 wonderful minutes. Talk about sweet
dreams. I slid off my bed and walked to the kitchen made myself
a drink. Its funny but my dream had actually worn me out my
knees felt weak my legs like jelly. I am loving what this
is doing for me can it get any better. Only time will tell.
I’m yet to even speak to him, thou I feel his presence with
me throughout my entire day, and now even as I sleep he is

Part 4…

Signing my name in I was nervous, and felt very self conscious.
Some of the things I had said to him on the boards, well they
were just things I wouldn’t normally tell people about
myself. Not that any of it was untrue. It was just something
I had never been before, I mean that open in front of strangers.
What had I been thinking?

People online think I’m confident and happy all the time,
and right now I wish I was, confident I mean. He was funny
and sweet I just needed the courage to face him. I kept telling
myself that I would be fine, there was no need to be scared.
I think I was more worried at that point than I was when I answered
his first post on the boards.
Thoughts going through my mind, asking myself,
“What if he didn’t like me? “
“What if I was lost for words?”
"Stop it” I told myself.
Clicked the chat button and opened the chat screen

Relief he wasn’t there yet. I was greeted in the usual manner
and soon forgot my fears as I chatted to my chat friends .I
felt more at ease much more relaxed, pleased that I had gotten
here first and had time to calm my nerves. Sounds almost
silly because I chat every day to perfect strangers no problems
at all.
"Why was it so different this time?" But I knew the answer to that question before I had even finished
asking myself. This time was special, this time really
meant something to me, and this time I really wanted him
to like me.

Chatting away talking smut as we usually did and all of a
sudden right there on my screen in the same room as my chat
nick was his. I couldn’t believe it . Smiling at the screen,
I greeted him as did the other chatters.
He said "hi”, but was very quiet.
Something I didn’t expect. The messages on the boards gave
me a very outgoing image of him, and then I remembered my
own messages and began to blush. I’m sure he wasn’t surprised
to see me talking the way I was in the chat room. We tended
to be pretty open in here. The room was a little quieter than
usual though. It was so good to finally have him here.

I remembered when I first entered a chat room, it seemed
like everyone knew each other and I was the outsider so I
tried to involve him in the conversation it was going well
though no mention had been made of the messages I had posted
which worried me. The messages I had posted flashing in
my mind, my goodness. My face grew hotter. I was embarrassed,
not because I was ashamed of what I had wrote, but because
I was worried what he was thinking of me.

It got the better of me so I whispered him, just a hello and
you made it. The conversation felt a little awkward for
me, I wasn’t sure how he expected me to behave I tried to be
me, but the messages I had posted were still there haunting
me. He made me feel at ease, made a few jokes about things
we had said, and we got along well. Very well in fact, even
the conversation seemed to flow easier than I expected
and he had the same fears I had.

The hardest part over we flirted, not near as bad as we had
on the messages boards just a few remarks thrown here and
there. I found myself laughing, he was fun and very easy
to talk to and I knew we were going to get along very well if
given the opportunity. I also knew I really wanted that
opportunity. We chatted a while then he had to go. I would
have stayed there all night, long as he was there, but he
had to go .We said our good byes and he was gone.

I said my good nights and checked the message boards on the
way too bed. I read over our past messages and laughed. I
was worried for nothing and he was as wonderful as I thought
he was. No wait I stand corrected he was what I thought he
was and so much more. My heart hadn’t let me down.

Throwing my clothes on the chair by my bed as I always do,
I noticed my naked reflection in the double full length
mirrors. It wasn’t my body I was noticing though it was the
glow in my cheeks, the smile, I was happy and I was liking
it a lot. I didn’t want this feeling to end.

Still staring at my reflection, I raised my hand to my cheek
gently brushing it. Running my hand down along my neck and
over my shoulders. Its amazing how different things look
and feel when you let yourself relax and enjoy things that
are going on around you.

The side of my hand brushing across my already erect nipples.
A shallow moan escaping from my lips I ran my finger round
each nipple, raising my finger to my mouth to wet it I slid
it slowly into my mouth, sucked it gently and released it,
rubbing my wet finger over my nipples. I could feel the cold
where the moisture from my finger had been. Rolling each
gently between my finger and thumb, I smiled at my naked

“Is he always going to make me feel this way?”
It seems every time i even think of him I get turned on. I wondered
if i affected him at all or was it all just a one sided affair.

Pulling the covers down on my bed, throwing the cushions
aside. Turning the lamp off I slid into the fresh cotton
sheets I had washed that morning. They felt cool against
my skin. I was tired but turned on, I knew I wouldn’t be able
to sleep if I didn’t satisfy this urge in my loins.

My upper thighs ached for pleasure, I wanted this man so
bad .My warm hands explored my body .My skin was soft and
very responsive to my touch. I felt myself almost dreaming.
Maybe it wasn’t going to be too much of a problem getting
to sleep after all. I can’t remember much after that I must
have drifted off to sleep. Alls I know was I felt peaceful
and alive and that he was responsible for it.

Part 5 …

We made Love…

The weeks seemed to just fly by I spent every moment I could,
found every way I could to be near him. I stayed up late at
night to play on the message boards with him. Every one commented
on how "cute" we were, people were jealous of
our relationship. He turned me on and now he had my heart
as well. I was falling in love, and so was he very much in love.
It was the strangest feeling I had ever felt I didn’t understand
how I could fall for someone I had never met, but I had.

He was all I thought about. I was on a permanent high.
"So this is what love feels like" I kept saying
to myself.
He started sneaking home from work just to speak to me. We
would spend our afternoons teasing one another, and our
mornings and any moments in our nights. I learnt about his
hopes and dreams and how much I turned him on. It was obvious
how much he turned me on, I couldn’t hide it, what used to
be horny little messages on the community postings now
each included an I Love You message on the bottom. Every
word we wrote for one another spelt
“I Love You”
“I am in love with you”...
I wore a permanent smile. I was happy for the first time in
such a long time. It felt great I felt alive and there was
a feeling inside me I had never yet experienced in my life.

It was 2pm, I didn't know if he would get home to speak
to me. But I was so turned on. I read and replied to each message.
I lay on my bed hugging my pillow closing my eyes he was all
I could think about .Dozing off a little I was awoke by the
sound of my messenger going off.
Jumping up, laughing to myself. Feeling a little pathetic,
here I am living for the sound of my messenger to tell me he
was here. He would get my attention by filling it with love
hearts I told him it was cute and each time the same reaction

"arghhhhhhhh" is what he would say
"I am not cute".
But he was his heart was beautiful, he was always happy and
he always made me smile. I was in love with him. I wanted him.
I needed him my heart my body my soul were all his.

We talked about our day and flirted a little. I’m sure he
done it on purpose but here I was my pussy soaking wet again,
I wanted him so bad. He was a lot hot n bothered as well, telling
me I probably didn’t want to hear it but his cock was hard,
and not just hard “Rock hard” and “he wanted me”.

My pussy was aching it was all just like one huge tease session,
I wanted to feel him here with me .We had spent hours the night
before talking and teasing one another which wasn’t anything
new, we just seemed to constantly turn one another on. Teasing
one another telling each other what we would like to be doing
to one another.
The night before i had fucked myself silly after we had spoke.
It was getting out of hand, I don’t think I had ever been so
turned on in my life. I’m not sure I’d ever wanted anyone
or anything as much as I wanted him right here with me right

Sliding my hands down over my nipples even they were excited
i could see them poking through my shirt. Damn him what’s
he doing to me. Sliding my hands under the top of my pants
my pussy wanted him, I was wet my clit swollen and sensitive.
Closing my eyes for just a moment I could see him, I sighed
oh god I wished he was here. Its funny at the same time he must’ve
been thinking the same thing.
"I’m rock hard” he wrote.
God I was ready to just jump through the screen and just take
him. I had never been this turned on.
"Are you wet?” he asked me.
Christ if only he could see.
I think wet was an understatement my left hand was covered
in my juices I wanted him to make love to me, wanted to be in
his arms to feel his lips on mine. I needed him. I am so in love
with him. If he could hear my body language it was screaming
“FUCK ME” at the top of its lungs, i wanted him right here
right now.

"Can you touch yourself?” he typed in.
If he could only see…..“Yes I can touch myself “...
Just try stop me, I always end up touching myself when we
“What the hell is he doing to me?”

It almost felt like he was here as he instructed me on how
to touch myself I had goose bumps, I think my heart was about
ready to leap out of my chest. Telling each other how we wanted
each to stimulate each other I was about to burst I slid my
panties off and placed my legs either side of my desk, my
left hand rubbing my clit gently as instructed.

I thought I was going to cum then and there. I typed with my
right hand telling him what I wanted him to do. I wanted to
be there with him if there was a god at all I would have been
I thought to myself.
”Spit in your hand and stroke your cock".
I’m seeing this as i tell him i think my brain was going into
over load. Spreading my pussy lips open as his tongue slid
into me. This was amazing I felt my juices as I slid my fingers
into my self.
Then I’m sucking his cock into my mouth, my tongue circling
the head, flicking it taking it him my deep into mouth. My
hands squeezing his balls massaging them, rolling them
in my hand as I slide his cock from my mouth licking and biting
the underside . Sucking his throbbing, engorged cock back
into my mouth he cumms.

I’m still taking him in my mouth as I slide my finger over
his arsehole. He wants to go down on me. Bending me over he
teases my clit with his tongue , he is lapping at my pussy
his tongue exploring both my holes I can feel my pussy tightening
, my muscles spasm
“Ooooooo Mmmm god fuck me with your tongue I’m Cumming eat
His mouth pressed hard against my swollen lips his tongue
fucking me deep inside me as I cum hard.

I have juices running off my hand this is fucking amazing.
"Fuck me”, ” I want to feel you inside me”. I was almost

He stands and slides his cock into me. The feelings, the
emotions all mixed with pure lust. That’s what it was I think
love was gone for the moment we both just wanted each other
so bad. He was fucking me my pussy still throbbing from my
last orgasm.
"Fuck me harder", god I cant believe I’m saying

Our bodies slamming against each other as I ride back onto
his cock and he thrusts deep into me. He is as turned on as
I am both ordering each other how we want to be fucked I reach
under my body and squeeze his balls, sliding my finger over
his arse. "DO IT" and I do I slide my finger into

Fucking harder, faster. He cumms again we're both
out of control. I want him in my arse and I tell him. He takes
his cock out of my pussy, next thing I know he’s tonguing
my arsehole, it feels fucking awesome. He slides a finger
into my arse, his tongue still exploring my body as he slides
another finger into me I don’t know who was fucking who harder,
I was riding his hand and his tongue at that point I was out
of control I just wanted more .
"Are you ready?" “Oh god yes fuck my arse I want you in me, fuck me now.”
Gad I hoped I wasn’t yelling this, I didn’t care. He stands
and slowly slides his cock little by little into my arsehole
stretching me round his big hard cock. I’m fingering my
arsehole, but they're his cock. He is going slow so
he doesn’t hurt me
"Go at your pace" slowly at first then speeding
up geeezus ....
“Fuck me” we're both telling each other, “make it fit
I don’t care just fuck me god I’m so horny.”

I’m rocking back against him his cock riding in then out
of my arse harder , faster, even harder Christ ...we both
r going to cum we're typing less and less things were
going so fast.
“Cumming .... I want to cum deep in you”
“Yes now cum deep in my arse.”
“Fuck me. HOLY SHIT!”
What a mess, that was amazing.
“God I love you”... he told me.
“I love you baby.” I replied whilst trying to sit and stop
shaking, and clean up enough to be able to still type. I don’t
think I could have stood at that stage even if I tried. I was
exhausted and so was he. Both smiling uncontrollably at
the screen. Did I feel silly ?No . It was wonderful, beautiful.
It was ours. No one could take it away from us. We had both
turned each other on that much and we made love. We had cybered
and hadn’t even given it a thought as that....

I felt like we had actually been in each others arms. I could
feel him, smell him, and touch him. His love meant more to
me than I can explain. I just knew that I was his and he was
mine. I was so happy, and so was he. He had to go back to work.
I didn't want him to go. He didn't want to go either.
We spoke for a little while longer putting him leaving off
as long as we could, but he really had to go.

“God I Love you ...” with those few words he stole what I had
left of my own heart.
“God I Love you...” I replied. I have never meant those words
quite the way I meant them right now I felt it inside it came
from within.
He had to go. So did I… to shower. I was a mess as I’m sure he

"I don’t want to go"
And I didn’t want him to go either. But he had to.
We said our goodbyes several times over and then he was gone.
Exhausted I sat staring at the screen a while reading what
had just happened. It wasn’t planned and it wasn't
dirty it was beautiful. We had made love.

I saved the conversation it was special actually I saved
every word he ever said to me anyway, all his emails, every
kiss, and each cheeky comment. I was his and he knew it. As
I knew he was mine.

I went and showered standing under the hot shower the water
running down over my body. I closed my eyes and seen what
had just happened.

Turning the shower off I dried my body my legs still a little
uneasy I wrapped the towel around me and fell onto my bed.
I slept and he was there with me.

"Can it get any better than how I feel right now?"
as I fall into a deep sleep with a huge grin on my face.

John Thankyou for all your love and the times we shared you
were and always will be ………All my Love Renie ©Angel ________________________________________
All work is owned and written solely by myself ©Angel ©Renie
do not claim it as your own

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