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One night - One Blizzard - One woman


It started as a good day, a very good day because by the end
of it, I would finally be back home again with my family.
I didn't have to take a lot of these business trips accept
for a couple times a year. And this particular trip could
not have come at a worse time for me or for my wife Sue.

Not only was it just two weeks until Christmas but it was
also cutting our oldest son, Kevin's birthday, really
close. If all went well and I mean perfect, I should be home
in time just about the time Kevin blew out his birthday cake
candles. Having grown up with a father who never missed any part of
my life or my sisters life, missing one of my kids birthday
parties, would devastate me. But thankfully I had Sue,
my rock who kept everything working smoothly in our home
and in my life.

She was the one who always packed my bags when these trips
came up a couple times a year. And she was the one who handled
everything on the home front while I was gone. And then if
Sue could have done anymore, she would talk to me each night
and cheer me up while I was feeling alone on the road. I was
truly the luckiest man on the face of the earth and was grateful
not only that I met Sue but that she fell in love with me as
much as I fell in love with her.

Sue and I had been married for eight years and they were honestly
the best eight years of my life. Sue was not only my soul mate,
she was also my friend and my lover. Even after eight blissful
years of marriage, every time Sue shared her body with me,
I sensed it was something very, very special for her which
made it very, very special for me too.

I could spend the rest of my life just holding and kissing
that woman. My wife was this tender, sweet, soft creature
who loved to snuggle next to me on our bed each and every night.
It was always a kiss and then a pause and then another kiss
and then another pause. And between those kisses Sue stayed
glued to my side with my arm around her keeping her close
to me.

I would then turn towards Sue and see her bright sparkling
eyes looking up at me before I would press my lips to hers
again. Each wonderful kiss we shared meant something very
special to both of us. Sue and I were like God's at that
point because what we were about to do together could end
up making another member of our family. It was that marvelous
combination of my body and her body both coming together
with such energy and love that the results could be another
human being for us both to love.

Sue and I both understood this miracle we had together and
already had three children as a result of our love. But holding
Sue and kissing her tenderly was still very, very special
as she continued to snuggle against me. And of course the
longer my wife snuggled the more my body would begin to prepare.

So Sue and I would kiss again and pause for a moment before
we would kiss again. And slowly our breathing would pick
up as we both felt our bodies coming alive in need of another
total union. After enough tender kisses, Sue would slip
her top off before she would go back to snuggling next to
me but now her soft small breasts crushed up against my side.

And that is how my wife and I started every special moment
when we became intimate with one another. Eventually we
would both end up being very aroused which would lead to
our underwear also coming off before we were completely
naked and in each other's arms.

Sue and I never spoke after we were naked but then we didn't
need any words to express how we were each feeling. Although
Sue would whimper softly when I would suckle on her nipples
until they formed tiny buds on the end of each of her breasts.
And she was always gasp with a pillow over her head so she
didn't wake up any of our kids when I licked her nectar
and drank her vaginal juices.

Her orgasms were always quick and short but I sensed each
one sent her farther over the edge. Sue was truly an amazing
creature that I was lucky enough to have had for my own. And
once she had enough tiny, quick climaxes and was to the point
where she was trying to push my head away from her crotch,
I knew my wife was ready.

Each and every union Sue and I shared was something incredible.
I would climb on top of her as she laid gasping on our bed and
slowly push my hardness into her softness as our bodies
would slow melt together. Lately I have begun to realize
just how intense this was for Sue because she had been biting
me a little more on my shoulders once I began to pump my hard
cock, in and out of her incredibly tight crack. The woman
left nothing on the table when I was breeding her and fought
and scratched her way until I filled her with more of my seeds.

Unlike hers my release took longer and were anything but
mild. Once I began to erupt deep inside of Sue it literally
took my breath away like nothing else could. I would just
pump and keep on pumping hard and then harder as my balls
would drain into her womb, like a raging river.

And this time, I had been gone away from my kids and my sweet
wife during one of the worst times of the year. Christmas
was always very special and when you piled Kevin's
birthday on top of that, it made me all the more anxious to
get home.

Sue and I had talked the night before and if my flight went
as scheduled. I should be landing around six. Sue had already
told me she was going to hold off dinner until seven to give
me time to get home to be with her, our kids, my parents and
her parents who were all coming over to celebrate Kevin's
fifth birthday.

The traffic in New York City was terrible but then every
single time I travel to New York the traffic was terrible.
But I was lucky and caught a good cabbie who knew how to drive
in the city and thankfully he made sure I got to Kennedy airport,
with time to spare. I grabbed my bag, tipped him very well
and wished him a merry Christmas before I rushed into the
terminal in record time.

The lines were already formed as I got my boarding pass and
waited in line as we all inched our way onto the plane. And
if you have ever flown from New York at that time of year,
you know how many people bring all the gifts they bought
in the city onto the plane to stuff them in the overhead compartments.
It literally grinds the boarding process to a halt.

The long and short of it, was my plane took off in the snow
storm and flew for only a short while before I felt like we
were already beginning to descend. I was sitting in my seat
wondering what was going on along with everyone else on
the plane when the captain finally came on. Everything
that had to work perfectly had worked perfectly until I
heard his voice.

Apparently every airport in the Midwest had been closed
due to the blizzard and we were now all headed to Cleveland
to spend the night. But my family was waiting for me in Milwaukee.
And there was nothing I could do about it as I sat there trying
to not become frustrated too much. I remember the man seated
next to me glanced over and shrugged his shoulders as if
to say, " This sucks but there is nothing any of us
can do."

It was snowing even harder in Cleveland and how the pilot
ever landed our plane safely, is still a mystery to me but
he did. So once the plane had stopped and we all got up ready
to depart, I noticed a woman in the seat behind me struggling
to get all of her packages down from the overhead compartment.
Of course all I had was my travel bag so I helped her and carried
some of her packages off the plane.

"Thank you, so very much, " She said once we
were in the terminal. But then I told her since we still had
what was going to be a mile hike to get outside of the terminal,
so I would carry some of them for her anyway. She smiled and
introduced herself as Mary so I introduce myself before
I took half of her packages and together we began the long
walk towards the bus area.

And along the walk, Mary told me she had been shopping in
New York for parents who were up in years and couldn't
travel that much any longer. And I told her about Kevin's
birthday party and how I dreaded calling my wife Sue to tell
her I was now stuck in Cleveland for the night. "It's
not your fault, " Mary told me as we passed the half
way mark.

I told her it still sucked and this was going to be the first
birthday party for any of my three kids that was now going
to miss. Mary said she only had one child and that she was
already in college but she knew how I felt about missing
a birthday party especially when the kids are little. "Just
put on a happy face when you call your wife . She will understand, "
Mary said which actually cheered me up a little.

So once on the bus Mary and I sat together as we rode to the
nearly airport hotel in the middle of a blizzard that was
only getting worse. At that point I knew very little about
the woman other than she was married, had one daughter and
two older parents who she went to New York to shop for. Oh,
and I knew she wore a very expensive perfume because it had
been filling my head ever since we met.

And sure enough there was the good old Ramada Inn right in
front of us as our bus pulled up. I got up first and let Mary
stand up and walk out of the bus in front of me and I was still
carrying half of her packages. Once on the ground I asked
Mary where her suitcase was. I remember she smiled and said,
"It was supposed to be just a day trip."

All this time I had been feeling sorry for myself because
of missing Kevin's birthday party when this woman
was stuck in Cleveland with nothing but the clothes on her
back. I asked Mary what she was going to do and she said hopefully
the gift shop in the hotel was still open so she could at least
buy a tooth brush and a few other essentials.

So Mary and I hurried through the snow into the lobby to warm
up and dry off together. "I think it has gotten even
colder, " I said to her once I brushed the snow off
of my shoulders. Mary just smiled and nodded her head as
we headed for the check in desk to get our rooms. And while
I walked behind Mary I did notice how slender and professional
a woman, she truly was. Mary had on a gray skirt and heels
and she walked with some real style.

Mary got her room, I got my room before we walked to the gift
shop so she could buy whatever she could buy to make her night
in Cleveland go a bit smoother. And I held all of her bags
as she shopped for five minutes before she returned with
a very small bag. "They didn't' have much
but at least I can brush my teeth and comb my hair in the morning, "
Mary said giggling a little bit due to the insanity of the
situation she now found herself in.

Mary and I along with some other stranded travelers all
rode the elevator up to our floors. "Well good luck
and thanks for the help, " Mary said when we got off
on the same floor. I smiled at her as Mary took all her bags
back from my arms and headed down the hall towards her room.
And I turned and headed the other way in search of my room

I got into my room, put my things away and called Sue right
away, to tell her the bad news. My wife and I chatted for about
ten minutes and she told me everything would be just fine
and just to relax and get home safely as soon as I could. "Is
it snowing back there?" I asked Sue. My wife explained
she was actually feeling better that I was safely on the
ground because the blizzard was really bad at home too.

"My mom and dad and yours are all here and might have
to spend the night. So Kevin will still have a really good
birthday party, " Sue said. I told my wife I loved
her and she told me she loved me too before we hung up. It did
help me relax a little as I unpacked my bags and put my toiletries
in the bathroom before I headed downstairs to the lounge
area for a drink and a bite to eat.

And it was packed of course because the hotel was busting
at the seams but I found one open bar stool and ordered a drink.
I don't really remember how much time passed but I do
remember looking up at one point and saw Mary standing in
the entrance of the lounge. So I waved at her as she smiled
and made her way through the crowd until she reached me.

"Did you call home?"I asked her as I got up and
offered her my bar stool. "I can't take your barstool
and besides you have done enough for me already, "
Mary said first. But I insisted so Mary climbed up onto the
bar stool before I ordered her a cocktail too. "It's
going to be a long night, " I remember telling her
as Mary lifted her glass so we could toast one another.

"Yes I called home. My husband is safe and our daughter
is still at college and she is safe too, " Mary said.
"How about your family"? Mary asked me next.
I told her I had already talked with Sue and my family was
safe and still planning on celebrating Kevin's birthday
party without me. Mary touched the top of my hand for a moment
before she told me Kevin was only five and won't even
remember that I missed his party, this one time.

Mary and I chatted back and forth for an hour or more before
we decided to try and have dinner, if we could. And luckily
the kitchen had been kept open due to all the stranded travelers,
so Mary and I were able to share a table and get something
to eat too. I had just met this woman but she had impressed
me rather quickly. Mary was honest, sweet and had a good
heart from what I could tell. And I would have guessed but
Mary was about ten years my senior although she didn't
really look her age.

Her father had been a doctor and her mother a nurse so Mary
had been raised by really good people who offered her more
than a lot of kids got. But then she also admitted being an
only child had always made her feel like she missed out on
something. "I had lots of friends growing up but probably
because I was the only one who also had an in ground pool in
my backyard, " Mary said giggling as I laughed with

"So tell me about Sue, " Mary asked as we ate
our meals. "How did you two meet?" Mary asked
first. I told Mary my wife and I met our senior year in college
and it was pretty much love at first sight. "And did
you already tell me you and Sue already have three children?"
Mary asked clearly interested in my life story. I nodded
my head and said I hoped we were near the end of the baby line.

"I had a really difficult pregnancy so we decided
to just stop after one, " Mary said as she finished
her meal and put her fork down. Mary insisted on separate
checks so we each paid for our meals before we wandered out
of the restaurant and found ourselves by the front door,
staring out at the snow. "Can I ask you what kind of
perfume you are wearing. I am sure Sue would love to get some
for Christmas" I said to Mary.

Mary looked at me oddly for a moment and said when she was
in New York shopping she had stocked up on her favorite perfume.
" I can only get it at this specialty fragrance shop
in New York. So let me give Sue a bottle, as my way of thanking
you for all your help, " Mary said smiling at me. I
told her she didn't have to do that or at least let me
pay for it. Mary frowned and told me her husband was a doctor
too, so he could definitely afford it.

"Well then, thank you. That is very kind of you, "
I said back to Mary as she smiled and went back to staring
out at the blizzard for a few more minutes. "We have
nothing else to do, so would you like another drink?"
I asked her after five more minutes had passed. Mary looked
at me smiled and said a glass of wine after dinner sounded
like a really good idea. And as we both turned Mary reached
out for my hand and grabbed it as we walked hand in hand towards
the lounge again.

" If you don't mind? This way the other men will
think we are together and they won't bother me, "
Mary said as we walked back into the crowded lounge still
holding hands. And I didn't mind holding her hand at
all. This entire day had been so strange so why not one more
strange thing.

The lounge was still packed but Mary and I did manage to find
a table near the door and grabbed it right away. And as soon
as we were seated again, Mary asked me to tell her more about
Sue and our children. There is one thing you should know
about me and that is if you get me talking about my family,
I can go on for hours. And Mary giggled, listened closely
and seemed truly interested in my family stories.

And the more time I spent with the woman, the more stunning
I realized she truly was. A long slender face combined with
Mary's makeup and hair made her simply flawless. Somehow
Mary and I spent the next two hours talking as if we were lifelong
friends. She heard about Sue and my children and I heard
about her daughter, her parents and her husband. It was
as if Mary and I had no secrets what so ever between us.

Finally Mary looked at me and said, " Well it's
getting late. I probably should try and get some sleep."
While we rode up in the elevator Mary turned to me and said
she still owed me a bottle of her perfume for Sue. "No
that's ok, " I said to her but Mary would have
nothing to do with it. "Now, you just hush, "
Mary said to me as we got off the elevator before she insisted
on me following her to her room to get the perfume for Sue.

" I just hate these room keys, " Mary said after
hers did work the first time she tried it. So I told her room
key card and swiped it once and the light turned green. "Now
you're just showing off" Mary said giggling
again as she pushed her hotel room in and walked inside.
"It's in one of these bags so just give me a second, "
Mary said as I waited in the doorway of her room while she
searched her bags which were on the end of her bed.

And as I stood there looking at her room, it truly hit me that
the woman had nothing except for her packages she bought
in New York and the clothes on her back. "What are you
going to sleep in" ? I asked Mary. I remember she looked
up at me and smiled before she said, "I haven't
figured that one out yet." "There they are, "
Mary said as if she had just discovered gold and grabbed
one of the boxes of perfume she had bought and handed it to
me. "Now give this to Sue and tell her you bought it
just for her, " Mary said.

"You want me to lie?"I asked her. Mary said all
women love to feel pampered so this was just a little lie
and it wouldn't count against me on my judgment day.
I thanked her one more time before I turned and walked the
long hallway back to my own hotel room. And then for some
reason I looked back down towards Mary's room and saw
her looking back at me. So I waved at her and she waved at me
before we both went into our own rooms for the night.

I put the box of perfume in my travel bag and flipped in the
TV to check out the weather. Hopefully it would clear up
by morning. And while I laid on the bed and waited for a weather
update, I looked up and saw I had two clean shirts hanging
on my clothes rack in my room. I needed one for the morning
and that is when I realized I could give the other one to Mary
so she could sleep in it. I mean what was the woman supposed
to sleep in?

So I climbed off of the bed, grabbed my extra shirt and headed
back down to surprise Mary with her make shift night shirt.
I knocked on her hotel door and waited for a few seconds before
Mary slowly opened the door with the safety chain still
connected. "It's just me again. I found you a
night shirt, " I said to her as she unhooked the chain
and opened her door.

Since Mary was so slender it was definitely going to be too
big for her but still she could make it work and not have to
sleep with nothing on. "That is just so sweet of you, "
Mary said as she invited me into her room. "I'll
have it washed and pressed before I return it to you, "
Mary said as she took the shirt and held it up, still on the
hanger, in front of her. "I think it will work, "
She said next with a big smile on her face. All of that took
less than two seconds before we both heard her hotel room
door close behind me.

And that is when something happened to both of us that we
never saw coming. The look in Mary's eyes was suddenly
different and the look in mine was too. We both felt it for
sure, but neither us said a word. It was very tense and I mean
very, very tense as if the chemistry we had formed had suddenly
gone from friendship to something else.

I stood there looking at this woman and felt my entire body
tingling down to my toes. Suddenly Mary was having more
trouble breathing as she stared at me without speaking
either. Both of our brains were trying to process what we
were feeling but didn't know how. We both felt very
uncomfortable being alone in her room but it was an exciting
uncomfortable feeling.

Mary then glanced at the shirt I had just given her and then
back at me. We just kept staring at one another and didn't
know what to do. And then she softly said "Do you expect
me to model it for you?" I knew I should have said no
but I didn't and instead I shook my head yes.

Mary nervously let out a gasp and then shocked me completely.
She rushed past me and into her bathroom. I remember thinking
is Mary really going to appear wearing my shirt? Every nerve
in my entire body was on fire as I stood there trembling,
all by myself. What was happening and why was in happening
to me?

Two or three minutes later the bathroom door opened and
Mary appeared wearing my long shirt with her slender legs
now exposed down to her bare feet. I took two steps toward
her, as Mary backed up two steps back into the bathroom.
She looked frightened but very sexy as our eyes locked onto
one another's and neither of us looked away.

"Now wait, we should talk about this, " Mary
said but it didn't stop me. I reached for her and slowly
pulled her closer and closer to me before we shared our first
embrace as well as our first tender kiss. Her lips were hot
to the touch as Mary and I moved even closer together until
she was pressed tight against me as we kissed. She had her
head tilted to one side and her eyes remained closed as our
lips danced on one another's.

That first kiss lasted a good minute before I slowly pulled
back from Mary. She was now gasping really hard as she stared
at me. We were in shock. Between the wind howling outside
and the snow flying, it was still very hot in Mary's
room. Mary and I had made a lot of heat together and spent
a lot of energy during our long, lingering kiss.

"Thanks for the night shirt and the kiss, "
She said softly. I told Mary I didn't have another shirt
I could spare but I did have another kiss, if she wanted one.
She smiled at me before she slowly moved closer to me as I
reached out and pulled her into my arms for the second time.
She tilted her head again and closed her eyes as soon as our
lips met again.

"Oh honey" Mary whispered after our kiss but
we had not yet separated and remained in each other's
arms. "Why is this happening?" she asked me
still clinging to me as tightly as she could. I told her I
didn't know but I wasn't ready to let her go yet
either. Mary was shaking a little when she lifted her head
again and looked into my eyes before our lips meshed together
for the third time.

Holding this slender, sexy, warm woman was like heaven
on earth, even if we shouldn't have been doing this.
Mary's lips were even hotter as she pressed them against
mine as I held her tight to my body. And then for just a second
or two the lights flickered on and off as Mary and I stepped
back and waited to see if we were now going to be in total darkness
or not.

"This is getting scarier by the second, " Mary
said to me still smiling. The lights suddenly popped back
on, so I asked her if she meant the lights or our kissing each
other. "Don't you think both are pretty scary?"
She asked with her wonderful smile. I told her they were
both scary but I still wanted to kiss her some more. "People
like you and me don't do things like this" Mary
said softly as she walked past me and into her hotel room.

I followed her and saw her slender shape especially her
long legs showing below my shirt as she stood there barefoot
in front of me. "So what do we do now?" I asked
Mary still shaking myself. She shrugged her shoulders
first before she told me this had never happened to her before
and she didn't know what we should do or not do.

But she was just too irresistible to look at and not hold
as I walked up to Mary again and pulled her back into my arms.
Her warm lips felt glued to mine as our next kiss took on even
more passion and more heat. After our kiss Mary told me if
we dared to go any farther, this would be a huge step for both
of us. "So maybe I should just leave. Is that what you
want?" I asked her.

Mary had short brown hair that curled behind her ears as
she reached up and pushed it back before she shook her head
no. "Do you want to stay?" She then softly asked
me as I stared at her wanting more than anything else at that
moment in my life.

I told Mary I wanted to stay. She then added that it would
have to be the only night we ever shared together for the
rest of our lives. "I agree. This would have to be just
one night and then we go back to our own lives, " I said
smiling at this pretty lady in front of me.

None of this made sense but Mary and I quickly went back into
each other's arms as our passion exploded. I remember
I loved hearing her whimpers while I nibbled on her neck
before I began to unbutton the front of her shirt. "Oh
honey, " Mary said as she felt her buttons coming
undone. It didn't really take me long to unbutton my
shirt which she was now wearing before I slowly opened it
up and saw Mary's pear shaped breasts for the first

I remember she moved tight against me as we kissed again
with her soft mounds now crushing up against my shirt. And
then she somehow managed to unbutton my shirt while we kissed
until our bare chest both touched for the first time. It
was beyond wonderful to feel her softness as I pushed her
shirt off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

We both were in a hurry, after that as I finished undressing
while Mary quickly rushed to turn the bed down for us to share..
She was standing by the edge of the bed wearing only a pair
of lacy panties when I stopped and just stared at her beauty.
We both knew in just a few moments this was going to turn very
serious and we would never be able to take it back.

So I looked at Mary's slender by shapely body as I reached
for my boxer and began to lower them in front of her. I had
been fortunate in many ways in life and as a man I had been
blessed with a rather large cock which Mary gasped at when
she first saw it hard and swollen. I am sure the woman heard
some primitive drums beating in her head after that.

This was my aroused male body and part of it was going to fit
inside of hers aroused female body before the night was
going to be over. But Mary just smiled at me as she climbed
onto the bed and wiggled her way to the middle so I could climb
on the bed too.

She had a very flat tummy but nice hips which I loved touching
as we embraced and began to kiss again. I held Mary by her
ass as we both laid on our sides and continued to heat up.
In no time at all, our hormones were off the charts and neither
of us had any self control left.

I remember watching Mary expression as she laid next to
me trembling like crazy when I finally reached for her panties
and began to wiggle them over her wide hips. Mary's
vagina came into my view and was sprinkled with very dark
but very fine pubic hair. And her slit was a bright pink color
and clearly her juices were flowing a lot because she already
looked slippery and swollen.

We kissed once more after I tossed her panties across the
room before I slid down between her legs so taste her womanhood
for myself. Mary was much different than my wife and seemed
to build up steam like a locomotive starts out from a dead
stop. But I just kept licking and tasting as Mary's
body kept tensing up slowly but she was definitely heating
up nicely.

"Oh God honey, don't stop, " She said once
after my tongue had just darted inside of her outer lips
and then went back to work on her love button which had popped
up sometime before. Her legs muscles got rigid and hard
as I held her with my hand on her inner thighs to make sure
she couldn't try and get her legs back together any
time soon.

And the huffing and puffing just continued to grow to the
point Mary sounded like she was going insane. She had made
two fists and was holding a bunch of sheeting in both hands
as my tongue worked its magic for as long as it took. I had
never been with a woman who squirted until that night with
Mary. Her pussy was suddenly a gusher as her warm cum blasted
out and splashed into my mouth and all over my face.

But even Mary as amazing as she was during her climax, she
quickly reached her limit and began pushing my head to get
away from her pussy. I grabbed some tissues from then night
stand and wiped off my face but I could still taste Mary and
she still tasted sweet and wonderful.

I then rolled her back over so we were facing each other before
our lips touched again. "That was incredible, "
Mary whispered to me after a long hot kiss. I asked Mary if
she wanted me to try again and at first she shook her head
no but I slid down her slender long body anyway and found
her hairy crack waiting and ready for me.

Her second climax didn't take nearly as long as her
first did and she didn't squirt again but she moaned,
whimpered and finally pushed me away when she couldn't
handle it any longer. We then held each other and were on
fire as she stroked my long cock with her hand as we kissed.

Mary whispered to me that she wasn't very good at this
but she still wanted to try before she slid down and began
to tease my swollen cock with her warm mouth. I must have
been a lot bigger than her husband because Mary struggled
at first but eventually did get half of my cock into her mouth.
But I loved the effort and laid on my back and admired this
sexy lady for how wonderful she was making me feel as a man.

Mary looked up once with a big smile on her face as she used
her hand to stroke my hard shaft and asked me how she was doing
so far. I told Mary she was simply awesome before she pulled
my cock back into her mouth and sucked even harder on it.
And once she had my balls boiling I pushed Mary off and rolled
her onto her back.

She looked up at me very intensely while I got into position
between her legs. And then my round end of my cock felt her
slippery crack as we both froze up for a moment or two and
just stared each other. We had reached the point of no return
and we both knew it.

Penetrating a woman's vaginal tunnel is always special
but with Mary it was even more special. So I moved and felt
her outer lips split apart enough to allow the head of my
cock to barely fit inside of her. "Oh my goodness, "
Mary said as her eyes looked to be as big as saucers. But she
still had a lot more cock to deal with as she locked her bottom
jaw and braced herself. I pushed again and another inch
or two slipped into her incredibly tight tunnel.

"Are you ok?" I remember asking her as Mary laid
gasping under me. She could only shake her head yes as she
waited for more of my cock to enter her pussy. She gasped,
whimpered and did everything she could under me as I probed
deeper and then deeper yet until Mary had all of my swollen
male organ inside of her womb.

"Are you still ok" I asked once I felt my full
shaft lodged all the way up inside of her. Mary smiled and
said she was doing great before we began to move together
and learn how each other made love. It was powerful, almost
too powerful for both of us yet Mary and I made it work. "I
want to feel you cum in me when you're ready, "
Mary said once after I had picked up a pace just a little bit.

"Don't worry, you will, " I said back to
her as Mary giggled and held on to me for dear life. She was
covered in sweat and so was I but we continued to fuck each
other for quite a long time. Our bodies were as one and neither
of wanted that feeling to end too quickly. But all good things
have to end at some point and once the pressure really began
to crest, I knew my end was near.

"It feels like your getting harder, " Mary
said after I had pounded her a couple more times. "I
am, " I managed to tell her before I really went after
her hard. "Oh my God, yes, yes, " Mary kept saying
as I fucked her with everything I had. I felt my cock stiffen
even more and when all eight inches were deep inside of her
pussy, the first gusher of hot cum fired out of me and into

"I feel it, I feel it, " Mary said to me as she
rubbed my back with her soft hands as I pumped more and more
cum into her womb. I will never be sure but at the time it felt
like one of my strongest orgasm, ever. And once I was empty
and exhausted I collapsed on Mary's chest and tried
to catch my breath.

And then Mary and I began to kiss as lover should do after
an experience like the one we just shared together. It took
us both a few minutes to regain our senses before I even heard
the wind howling again outside. It was as if the world had
stopped when Mary and I had made love that first time. But
the very best part was looking into Mary's eyes and
I saw a sparkle in her eyes I had not seen before.

"Don't pull out just yet. I want to feel you a little
bit longer, " Mary said after another tender kiss.
I couldn't help but laugh when she said it although
I also knew it was a wonderful thing she had just told me.
"Now stop your laughing, " Mary said laughing
herself by then. My cock had softened but was still semi
hard as it rested inside of Mary's warm, now sticky

It was about thirty minutes after we had finished when I
got dressed and left her hotel room to go shower in my room
and wait, just in case my wife called me again. I had some
serious mixed up emotions as I showered and washed Mary's
juices off of my cock. On one hand it was one of the most wonderful
accidents that ever happened to me even if I had a little
regret and remorse.

I checked the clock and it was only a little past ten as I laid
on the bed and watched the weather hoping this blizzard
would end by morning. I had everything waiting for me back
home but I also had a very special lady just down the hall
from me too. I couldn't fall sleep and laid on the bed
and mindlessly watched TV until just after midnight.

And I might never understand any of it but I got dressed and
went back down to Mary's room knowing my family was
fast sleep by then. Mary opened her door with the chain still
on and saw me smiling at her. She quickly undid the chain
and opened the door wearing shirt again and a big smile.

"I Know we said this going to be only one night and then
we would never do this again. And since it is after midnight
I was wondering if you consider this a new day or is it still
the same night?" Mary smiled and reached out as she
pulled me into her hotel room and back into her arms.

Maybe forbidden love is better for all the wrong reasons
but Mary and I were going to spend our one night together
doing what we liked best. I don't know why I became superman
that night but I did. The sex was just different with Mary
than it was with my wife whom I still loved with all my heart.

And once Mary's door was locked we went back into an
embrace and never let go of each other for more than a few
seconds at a time. I loved unbuttoning the woman's
shirt for the second time. And once it opened up, Mar stood
in front of me offering me breasts all over again. I loved
their pear shape and how they had a slight curve to them as
my hands felt their softness and their warmth.

Mary was still very aroused when I got on my knees and slowly
reached for her panties. And as they slid over the widest
part of her hips, I once again saw her sprinkling of curly
fine pubic hair around her pink crack. Using just one finger
I slid it up and down over her outer lips as Mary began to whimper
all over again.

She didn't climax again but she sure sucked me until
I was rock hard. And then we repeated the ordeal of penetrating
Mary's tight tunnel all over again although it was
a bit easier the second time. "Oh honey, I'm all
yours again, " Mary said once my cock was planted
all the way up in the deepest part of her womb. Each slow,
gentle stroke felt amazing for both of us as our bodies fit
very well together. And at one point we changed positions
just so I could watch my hard thick cock sliding in and out
of her incredible vagina. "Do we look good together?"
Mary asked me still laying on her back. "I know we sure
feel good together she said before I slammed her good and
hard again.

"Ok, ok, you made your point. I'll shut up, "
Mary said as I went back to fucking her nice and easy. "No,
I like it when you talk while our bodies are together, "
I told Mary. "I like feeling you so deep inside of me, "
Mary said as her outer lips clung to my thick shaft like suction
cups. "Well I like it when I cum in you too, "
I said as Mary giggled and said she liked that part too.

I finally climbed back on top of Mary and she knew it was time
for her to get another workout from me. "Oh shit. Here
we go again, " she got out right before I began to slam
her hard and then even harder. And when I exploded in her
that second time, Mary was really filled with every empty
space in her womb now had my sticky cum in it. We just clung
to one another with the TV still on and fell asleep for a couple
of hours in each other's arms. I never even bothered
to pull my cock out of Mary's pussy and she never even
bothered to clean herself up after I cum in her again.

I eventually gave Mary one last good bye kiss before I left
her room in the middle of the night and headed back to my own
room. I slept like a baby before morning finally arrived
and I saw the blizzard had passed. I showered, shaved, dress
and packed before I left my room ready to finally get back

I saw Mary one more time when I boarded the plane and walked
by her on the way to my seat. She was all smiles and so was I.
I never got my shirt back but I got a lot of memories about
a night Mary and I will never forget .

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Very well written and hearing about your amazing experience


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a very well written article about sex on the road and lasting memories and fun for all


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Is it Christmas in July Time ? Very nice romance... Like Frank Sinatra sang.. Strangers in the Night !

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