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One Very Hot Night


We'd first met Denning while we were vacationing in
Jamaica at Hedonism II. We'd had a couple of threesomes
with him while we were there, and we'd learned that
he actually lived about four hours away from us back in the
states, but we honestly didn't every expect to hear
from him again, once we all returned home from vacation.
We'd all had a fantastic time together in Jamaica,
but you know how things go, people say they'll stay
in touch, but do they ever, really?

Denning was only the second black man my wife Terry had ever
been with in her life, the first being a man who was part of
a couple we'd met at a club one night, and later swapped
partners with, my wife with him, and me with his wife. It
was a fairly short, one-time thing, and we'd all had
a lot to drink, and my wife honestly didn't even remember
most of it, so as far as I was concerned (and her too) Denning
was really her very first, "Black Adventure".
She had some great sex with hi in Jamaica, but as I said before,
we really never expected to hear from him again, so we were
both quite surprised, when about a month after our return
home, he called one Tuesday night.

Almost as soon as I told my wife who was on the phone, her eyes
lit up, and I could clearly see the excitement in them. I
guess that maybe I'd down-played her real excitement
and pleasure she'd gotten out of those Jamaican adventures
with him, as I could clearly see she was both surprised and
happy to hear it was him on the phone. He and I talked for several
minutes, you know, the usual stuff like, how ya doing, what's
happening in your life, and stuff like that, but I just had
a feeling he was sort of beating around the bush so to speak,
when what he really wanted to talk about was my wife's
bush! I finally came right out and asked him why he had called,
and after a moments hesitation, he finally told me that
he had a three-day Fri-Sun weekend coming up, and he thought
he might like to drive down to where we lived for a visit,
if we were OK with that.

Well, I knew damn well that Terry, my wife, would be more
than OK with that, but I sort of tease him anyway, telling
him to hang on, and let me check with her to make sure we didn't
already have plans. O covered the phone with my hand, and
then just sat there staring at my wife. Her eyes said it all,
even as her lips were mouthing a silent, "What, What,
What?", and so I was having fun sort of teasing and
stringing her along as well! After a couple of minutes I
put the phone back up to my face, and then said loud enough
for my wife to hear as well, that we'd be glad to get together
with him if he was coming down this way the next weekend.
I saw my wife's eyes light up, and I could "hear"
Denning's voice show his excitement, as we made plans.
He said he'd be in Houston (where we lived) late Friday
afternoon, and that maybe we could get together for dinner,
and a little dancing afterwards. I told him that sounded
great, and to call us when he got into town.

To say that Terry was excited at the prospect of seeing Denning
again, would have been a real understatement! Later that
night she fucked like a wild slut! After sucking me off to
one orgasm, and swallowing my load, she kept me hard with
her talented lips, and then mounted me and rode my hard cock
to a couple of orgasms of her own, before I came inside her
yet again. (This time of course, her pussy) After I'd
cum inside of her, she quickly rolled off of me and then pulled
me to her, sort of pushing my head down her body. I knew exactly
what she wanted. She wanted me to lick her cream pie clean
of my cum, while I knew she was pretending in her mind that
I was licking Denning's cum out of her. She orgasmed
one last time, and then we both quickly fell asleep, satisfied
and dreaming of our up-coming weekend with Denning!

The next couple of days seemed to just drag by, and it was
hard to tell who was more nervous, or more excited, me or
her! The last time the three of us were together in Jamaica,
I had really gotten off watching Denning's hard, black,
cock penetrating my wonderful sweet, white wife, and I
knew damn well she had enjoyed herself, very much so! It
was sort of ironic, because we'd started out our trip
to Hedonism as part of a foursome with another couple, but
trouble with the husband of that couple had lead us to seek
our own fun after we'd arrived at the resort. Terry
had somehow hooked up with Denning even before we actually
got to the resort, on the two hour bus ride from the airport
in Negril. The wife of the couple we were with was sort of
jealous, because she not only wasn't going to get to
have sex with me now, but she also had her own fantasies about
Denning as well, but it was Terry, my wife who ended up with

Friday morning I could tell my wife was really on the edge
so to speak, because I could just "feel" her
excitement. We'd purposely abstained from sex the
following two nights, helping to build the excitement
and anticipation even more, and I knew she was super horny,
and I knew I was too! I left her at home, as I went off to work,
and I spent most of the day unable to concentrate, and on
pins and needles. I could only imagine how Terry was feeling.
Finally around two in the afternoon, Terry called me to
tell me that Denning had called her to let us know he was in

My cock got even harder than it already was, as she also told
me that Denning had hinted at the two of them possibly getting
together right then, for a little "afternoon delight",
but she'd turned him down, telling him she had to take
our kids to her mother's when they got out of school,
and so she wouldn't have time. I knew she'd told
him that, first because it was the truth, but secondly,
so she could string him along, and build up everyone's
sexual tension even that much more! I finally decided to
take off work early, because I damn sure wasn't getting
any work done the way I was feeling by then. I told Terry I
was heading home, and she warned me even then that I wasn't
"getting any", so I'd better be prepared
to take a cold shower if necessary, because she was saving
her pussy for later that night, and all the fun she knew the
three of us would have!

Now, at this point in the story, I guess I should tell you
a little bit about me, my wife and Denning, so you have some
idea about us all, and what we looked like. Me, well that's
easy, I am six-foot tall, and at the time was in pretty good
shape, at around 190lbs. I had short blonde-brown hair,
and hazel eyes, and I guess you would call my "endowment",
average. My cock was/is around six inches when fully erect,
and I have been told many times in the past, that I am slightly
thicker than what most people would consider as average.
Terry, my wife was/is five-foot six inches tall, and at
the time she too was in good shape, with a nice, sexy, 38D-28-36
inch body. Her big tits did sag a little after giving birth
to two children, as well as he slight tummy bulge, but overall,
she still looked fantastic in a bikini.

Terry had short auburn hair, top and bottom, and she didn't
shave her pussy because of her fair skin, but she did keep
it neatly trimmed, and nice looking. Lastly, her big brown
eyes could and would melt your heart, and just added that
much more to her overall sensuality! Denning was quite
handsome, and quite muscular. At the time, Terry and I were
in our mid-thirties, and Denning had just turned 41. He
told us that he used to be fat, but when he turned forty, he'd
made a decision to shape up, and live his life better. He
now had the body of a weight lifter, and he shaved his head
bald, long before it became a trend for black men. He was
actually a little shorter than me at around five-foot ten,
but that still gave him a good three inches over Terry. Lastly,
he had a very good job as an engineer, at some large firm in
Dallas, and he was educated, and had a lot of class!

Oh, I guess that really isn't the last thing about Denning,
as I am sure you are probably interested in HIS "endowments"
as well. If my cock was six inches, and curved, the comparison
would be that Denning's cock was maybe two inches longer
than mine, and straight, and if I was thick, his cock was
even thicker! He also had nice, big, balls, and big balls
were a real turn on for Terry, not that she'd ever turn
a guy down if he had a decent size cock, and small balls, but
Denning's big balls were just another turn on, as part
of a long list of things that turned her on about Denning!
So overall, Denning was nicely endowed all the way around!
There is a funny story about something that took place while
we were all in Jamaica though, and before I get on with this
story, I hope you'll bare with me, as I tell you this
short story!

One night, late, and after we'd all been dancing at
the Hedo disco, we all hit the nude hot tub to relax a bit before
heading back to our room for a night of sex. That night, besides
Terry, Denning and me, we also had another white male tag-a-long,
we'd hooked up with at the disco. So, that night Terry
was in for a wild foursome with three guys, and her being
the only female center of attention. As we soaked in the
hot tub, Terry took turns stroking each of our three hard
cocks. Everyone was getting anxious to head back to our
room, and we were all just about to get out of the hot tub,
when all of a sudden, this one black man at the other end of
the tub got out first.

Almost immediately, Terry's mouth opened wide, and
her jaw dropped, and she gasped. The three of us guys all
turned to see what she was gawking at, and then all three
of our mouths opened wide, and all three of us guys gasped
as well! The black man getting out of the hot tub at the other
end, had one of the absolute biggest cocks I have ever seen,
before or since, in person! His cock was soft, and yet it
hung down almost to his fucking knees! I swear! I could only
imagine how big he got when hard, but a good, HONEST, guess
would be probably between 12 and 14 inches? Suddenly all
three of us started to giggle like little kids. I finally
nudged Denning, and told him that he had to get out first.
He smiled and laughed and said no way! He had no intention
of trying to follow that guy out! I laughed and told him that
"HE" was the black guy in our group, and "HE"
had the biggest cock, so he should get out first.

Denning laughed again, and said something about fuck that
fact he was black, ad until then at least he'd been very
proud of his cock size, but he was positive he didn't
want to get out right after that guy, no way! We all broke
out laughing and well all honestly waited in the hot tub
another five minutes after that guy was gone, before getting
out. Actually it took Terry getting out first, and telling
us if we didn't follow her, she'd just find some
other horny studs, and then and only then did the three of
us guys get out of the tub!

Oh Well!

And so, by now you should have at least some idea of what we
all looked like, so let's get back to this story!

After arriving home, I won't lie to you, damn straight
I tried to "get some" from the wife, but she was
still having none of it, preferring to "save it"
for later that night. I'd already been walking around
everywhere with a hard-on for the last two days, so I finally
resigned myself to the fact that I had a few hours yet to go,
but I might live! It was even harder watching Terry shower
and soap up her body and then rinse off, as I shaved, but I
made it through that as well. Her mother had stopped by earlier,
before I got home, and had already picked up the kids, so
Terry and I were both running around the house naked, until
we'd both showered and gotten ready. It didn't
help matter either, watching Terry dress to go out! She
didn't bother with either panties or a bra, as she slid
her body into this tight, knit, blue dress she owned, and
which clearly showed off the fact that she was naked underneath

As we began driving towards Denning's hotel, it took
everything I had not to reach over, and pinch one of Terry's
already hard nipples, as they poked at the material of her
tight dress, and I knew she'd be driving Denning crazy
as well. We met him in the lobby of his hotel, and he took one
look at Terry, and whistled his approval, although it was
plain to see his approval, with the rather sizable lump
in the front of his tight pants! Almost as soon as we all got
in our car, with Terry and Denning in the back seat, and me
up front driving, the two of them started making out. It
was hard for me to concentrate on driving, as they went at
it in the back seat, so I thanked God the restaurant we'd
picked to eat at was only a short drive away. As soon as we
pulled into the restaurant's parking lot, Terry broke
away from Denning and pointed to an open park in the back
of the lot. "Damn", I thought so myself, "is
she really going too?".

As soon as we were parked, Terry had Denning's pants
open and his bog hard cock out, and she bent over, and took
him into her mouth! I was so temped to either climb in the
back seat and join them, or at least take my own cock out,
and jack off. I held myself in check though, afraid to either
move or masturbate, for fear of someone walking up, and
catching us all off guard, so I just watched. Terry looked
so beautiful, so hot, so sexy, as her sweet, red, lips, slid
up and down his hard, black cock! It didn't take her
long either, as within five minutes, Denning's hips
lifted off the seat, and he grunted, and the told us he was
cumming! I stared even harder, and I could swear I could
actually she his cock expanding and contracting, as he
shot his load into my wife's mouth, and she sucked him
hard, and swallowed his cum!

As Terry sat back up, and straightened up her dress, I saw
that a small drop of Denning's cum was still on her lips.
She suddenly leaned over the seat, and we kissed, as I tasted
Denning's cum on and in her mouth. Denning smiled,
as he remembered the many times we'd done this same
thing back in Jamaica, and then we were all getting out of
the car to head into the restaurant for dinner.

Over our meal, we managed to finish off a bottle of wine,
and even though I knew both Denning and I would have loved
to have headed straight back to the hotel, we gave in to Terry's
desire to go out dancing, to keep her happy. I also knew from
experience that Terry was in her show-off mode, as she really
enjoyed having the undivided attention of two men, and
she loved watching other people's, especially other
women's, reactions, as they tried to figure out our
little threesome group. I also knew that given all of that,
we wouldn't be heading back to Denning's hotel
room until Terry was turned on enough, and until SHE was
good and ready, and so I resigned myself to relaxing, and
just letting thing happen.

The club we'd chosen to go to, was a swingers meeting
type club, and so threesomes were quite common, although
most were two women and one guy. While a threesome like ours
wasn't all that uncommon, we did manage to turn a few
heads at least, as we were the only MFM threesome with one
of the men being a black man. Terry took turns dancing with
both Denning and I, and she also danced a couple of dances,
as well, with other women, who were part of other couples.
Eventually we were all buzzed enough, and horny enough
that Terry decided it was time to go. On the drive to Denning's
hotel, she sat in the front seat with me this time, as Denning
leaned over the back of our set, and played with her tits
through her dress. Terry's eyes were closed as she
enjoyed his manipulations, and she had one hand in my lap,
rubbing my cock through my pants!

It was a wonder that I didn't wreck, but somehow, I managed
to get us back to Denning's hotel, and soon the three
of us were up in his room, with the door locked, and the "Do
Not Disturb" sign hung on the door! As Terry went into
the bathroom to "freshen up" I laid down on the
big, king-size bed, as Denning sat down on the edge of the
bed, and we waited. Terry came out, and walked straight
over to Denning, and I rolled to my side to watch. I figured
I would let them get started, before I joined in, so to speak.
Terry started to sit down beside Denning on the bed, but
he stood up instead, and they kissed. It is such a wild and
exciting feeling for me, watching my wife kissing another
man with the passion she usually reserves for me, and it
was even doubly exciting for me since Denning is black.
I half expected Denning to be the more aggressive of the
two of them, but it was actually Terry who seemed to be taking
the lead.

Denning was standing there kissing her, and I watched as
she reached around to her back, and slid the zipper down
on her dress. Since she wasn't wearing anything on
under the dress, with one little shake, I watched it slide
off of her body, and then a kick of her heel, and she pushed
the dress away, and then she was standing there in his arms,
completely naked. I loved seeing the contrast in their
skin, as his hands slid down over her back and then he cupped
her beautiful ass cheeks in his hands, as he pulled her tighter
against him, and they kissed even harder! Terry's
hands were almost tearing at his shirt buttons, as she started
undressing him, and as his shirt came off, and his black
chest pressed into her milky white tits, I pulled my own
shirt off, and then my pants and underwear came off in one
smooth motion. Now I was naked on the bed, and stroking my
hard cock, as I watched my sweet wife turn into a complete
slut, kissing her black lover, and stripping his clothes

Her hands fumbled at his belt, and he let go of her ass cheeks
long enough to help her get his belt undone, and his pants
unbuttoned, and unzipped. Terry yanked his pants and underwear
down, and Denning's big, thick, black cock poked into
her soft, white tummy, as she kicked his pants and underwear
away. Now they were both naked, all three of us were naked,
although at this point, I was merely a voyeur, watching
the hot action taking place right in front of me, as I masturbated!
I have to tell you that my wife is quite "oral"
and loves sucking cock almost as much as she loves being
fucked, so even though she'd just given Denning a blow
job a couple of hours earlier, she was once again on her knees,
kneeling in front of him, and I watched as her tongue began
sliding up and down his thick, hard, shaft!

Denning was running his fingers through her hair as she
licked his cock, and then it was so erotic watching, as she
licked lower, and then began using her mouth, lips, and
tongue, all over his big balls. As Terry made love to his
balls with her mouth, Denning held his own cock and slowly
stroked it, while also rubbing it against her head. After
another minute or so, I watched as she licked even lower,
and then Denning spread his legs open wider as he stood there,
and Terry began to work his asshole over with her tongue.
She'd discovered by accident how much he liked that,
back when we were with him in Jamaica, and as I far as I knew,
Denning's ass was the first and only man's ass
she'd ever licked! Even after she'd done him,
she had yet to do it to me!

Denning groaned as she licked his asshole, and it soon became
evident he was getting weak in the knees, and so he pushed
her away, and then laid down on the bed, on his back, his big,
thick, cock, sticking straight up into the air. He spread
his legs wide, and then Terry got on the bed with us, and she
went right back to licking his asshole, although this time
she was the one stroking his cock as she licked his ass. Denning
was soon groaning, and I think he was getting close to cumming
again, so suddenly Terry stopped licked him, and she climbed
over him, and got on top. God, I was hot, as I watched her squatting
over his hard cock, and gripping it at the base, as she guided
it to her tight, wet, fuck-hole. She rubbed the head of his
cock between her wet pussy lips several times, and then
she slowly lowered herself onto him, and I watched as the
massive head of his hard cock slowly penetrated her.

In all the years we were married before we'd started
swinging, and before I'd watched other men fucking
her, I never thought, I never realized that her pussy, as
tight as "I" knew it was, would be able to accommodate
a cock the size of Denning's, but she had no trouble
sliding down over his hard cock, as I once again stared in
amazement. She had him almost all the way inside of her,
before she released the base of his cock, and then she leaned
over him, and started moving her body, as her big tits swayed
back and forth in front of his face. Denning's hands
slapped down hard on her ass, and them the two of them were
lost in their fucking, probably not even realizing I was
even still there. I stroked my own cock as they fucked, and
I felt it jerking in my had, each and every time Terry moaned
or groaned, as she rode his big cock, and he fucked her.

With all of the build-up, and all of the anticipation, and
sexual tension between them, I had a feeling Terry wouldn't
last long, and I was right. She'd been riding his hard
cock for less than five minuted, when suddenly her whole
body stiffened up, and she sat straight up on top of him,
sinking his big cock even deeper inside her. She arched
his back as he reached up and grabbed her big tits, and as
he squeezed, she groaned out loudly and announced to the
whole room she was cumming! I quickly switched positions,
so I was down by their crotches. I watched and jacked off
even harder, as I swear I could see her pussy spasming around
his hard cock, and contracting around it, as she orgasmed.
Denning let go of her tits, and his hands slapped down hard
onto her ass, as he thrust up into her hard and fast. He was
fucking his way toward his own orgasm, and as he did it, he
was sending her off into yet another orgasm of her own!

Within seconds, it was Denning's turn to be groaning
loudly as he filled my wife's pussy with his hot, sticky
cum, and she continued grinding herself down on top of him!
He finally finished cumming in her, and she rolled off of
him. Almost immediately, I was between her still spread
legs, licking her wet, just-fucked pussy, and lapping
up the combination of his cum and her juices. Terry had her
hands tangled in my hair, pushing my face hard into her crotch, ,
but I could feel Denning moving on the bed. I knew he was moving
up her body, and I knew she was probably again sucking his
cock, even though my face was smashed into her crotch, and
I couldn't see. My guess was soon confirmed however,
as I could hear Denning telling her to lick his hard cock

Terry had experienced two quick and powerful orgasms,
and so I knew it might take a while for me to lick her to another
orgasm, but she never gave me the time. As she pushed me away,
she got up on her hands and knees, and then pushed me back,
and she started sucking my hard cock. I honestly didn't
think she planned anything, but I guess the sight of her
ass up in the air like that was more than Denning could handle,
and so as I watched her sucking my cock, I also saw Denning
moving around behind her, and then he was entering her from
behind, and then fucking her doggie-style.

Terry started moaning and she released my cock from her
mouth almost at the same time Denning began driving his
big, thick cock into her from behind. Her big tits were swaying
wildly, and I could hear his balls slapping off her ass,
as he fucked her hard and fast. She was gripping the sheets
on either side of my legs, and so I started stroking my cock
hard, as her big tits hit me with each of Denning's thrusts!
Suddenly, I witnessed something I had never seen, EVER,
in the entire time Terry and I had been married, either with
me, or any of the other numerous men I'd watched fucking
her by then. Suddenly her breathing came in short bursts,
and her moans were replaced by groans, and then she announced
once again, she was about to cum. NEVER, and I mean NEVER,
had ai seen her cum or had "I" been able to make
her cum, while she was being fucked from behind. NOW, here
she was, Denning pounding her hard, and she was doing just
that, cumming!

Her orgasm was intense, and I'd guess that Denning
was every bit as excited as she was, and soon as she orgasmed,
he started cumming inside her again, gripping her ass tightly,
and slamming his cock into her. It was too much for me as well,
and I groaned loudly, and then I was shooting my rather sizable
load all over her face and tits, as Denning came inside her
from behind, and Terry blasted off into yet another orgasm!
It was, by and far, one of the most intense moments I had ever
experienced in my entire life, and Terry would later tell
me it was for her as well! The three of us were climaxing at
the same time, and it was, well it was truly incredible!

Terry collapsed into a wet, sticky heap on top of me, and
Denning shoved his hard cock as deep as he could into her
still throbbing cunt, and he pressed his crotch firmly
into her ass, as he rested on top of her. In a few minutes everyone
sort of caught their breath, and we untangled, and then
Terry lay back on the bed, in between Denning on one side,
and me on the other. It would seem that at least for now, everyone
was well satisfied, and happy. I guess it was probably a
combination of both the sex and the alcohol, but I quickly
drifted off to sleep. It was maybe a couple of hours later,
when I woke with a start, and realized quickly that I was
the only one in bed. Almost immediately I could hear Terry's
moans coming from the other room of the hotel suite, and
I figured she and Denning must be going at it again.

Getting out of bed, and going into the the adjoining room,
my once again hard cock leading the way, I found them fucking,
going at it hard. Denning was once again standing behind
Terry, and she stood in front of him, her back to him, and
bent over the arm rest of the couch. Denning was pounding
his again hard cock into her from behind like there was no
tomorrow, and Terry's moans filled the room as he slammed
that big, thick cock into her. It was truly incredible watching
them fuck. They looked so hot together, and the beauty of
his dark skin pressed into her white flesh was absolutely
fantastic. Denning heard me first, and while I honestly
didn't want to interrupt their fucking, I was once
again horny myself, and I did sort of want in on the action.
I think Denning realized this, and so he withdrew his cock
from Terry's dripping pussy, and she groaned, missing
his cock right away.

Terry stood up then as well, and Denning took her hand and
lead her back toward me. As they passed me, Terry grabbed
my arm, and pulled me along with them, and back onto the bed.
Almost immediately, she went onto her back, and Denning
got on top of her. I'm guessing that Terry expected
me to move up by her head so she could suck me as Denning fucked
her, but instead, I moved back down and got down behind Denning.
I wanted to watch close up as his big cock penetrated her,
and Denning caught on right away to what I wanted. He had
Terry raise her legs up in the air, and he lay poised on top
of her, the head of his hard cock right at her wet entrance,
and he waited for me to get down behind them.

As soon as I was in position, Denning slowly began sliding
his hard cock into my wife, and I watched in utter amazement,
as her pussy swallowed up his thick cock, as smooth as if
he were sliding it into melted butter! As more and more of
his hard cock disappeared deep inside her pussy, Terry
moaned, and then her moans got louder, and more frequent,
with each inch of cock that penetrated her. Soon his balls
rested against her ass, and then he withdrew slowly and
then plunged back inside her. He did this several more times,
as her hands clutched at his ass, trying to get him to speed
up, and then, when she actually started begging him to fuck
her faster, and only then, did he really start fucking her.

His big balls looked so beautiful slapping off my wife's
ass, and I wasn't even really thinking, as I reached
out and touched them. Denning groaned, and when I pulled
my hand away, he turned and looked over his shoulder at me,
and then told me he knew I wanted to touch them, so go ahead
and do it, because it felt good to him. With his encouragement,
and now with my wife asking him what I was doing, and him telling
her as he fucked her, I began to really fondle and play with
his big balls. He began encouraging me even more, and then
suddenly he started telling me to lick them for him. I surprised
even myself, as I leaned over, and I didn't hesitate,
as my tongue came out, and slid over his big balls. He groaned
and told Terry I was licking his balls while he fucked her,
and then she was groaning and saying over and over again
how hot that was making her!

Now I was really into it, and I honestly didn't give
a damn what anyone thought, not that either Terry or Denning
were objecting in any way! I was licking away at his balls,
trying to keep up with his thrusting and then I made a decision,
and suddenly I was licking higher, and then I got really
bold and spread his ass cheeks wide open and I began licking
his asshole, just as my wife had done earlier, only this
time it was me, and this time he was fucking my wife as I licked
his ass! Denning groaned loudly and told me it felt really
good, and then he told Terry what I was doing, she blurted
out something about how hot it was all making her, and then
Denning butted back in and told me if I didn't stop,
he was going to cum in my wife. Just the way he said it too me
got me so hot and excited as he suddenly said;

"Oh God Steven, your tongue feels so good in my ass,
and if you don't stop soon, I'm gonna shoot my hot
load deep in your wife's hot, wet, cunt!"

That was it, I licked him even harder, but before he could
cum, I DID! I honestly started cumming as I licked his asshole,
and he fucked my wife. He was groaning loudly then and I could
actually feel his ass and his balls contracting, as she
started shoot his hot load deep inside Terry's pussy!
The Terry was moaning too and telling him to cum in her, and
that she was going to cum too! It was all so incredibly hot
and wild, and then Terry was joining us, as she climaxed
right along with us! Denning was resting most of his weight
on top of her, and Terry seemed to love it, as she had her feet
now on my shoulders, and then Denning was reaching back
and actually holding my head, my face, tight against his

I was a mess, my cum all over me, and soaking my cock, balls,
and stomach. There were other messes though, that needed
cleaning up, and I knew that would be my job! As Denning finally
rolled off of Terry and onto his back beside her, I immediately
crawled up between her legs, and started licking her cream
pie clean of her juices and his cum. She tasted wonderful
as I lapped up the mess between her wide spread legs. As soon
as I got her all cleaned up, there was actually no question
between any of us, and no hesitation on my part, as I moved
over between Denning's legs. He spread them open for
me, and then he pulled Terry over to her side to snuggle against
him, as they both watched me lick up and down his hard cock.
As they watched me lick his big balls clean, and as they watched
me suck his cock, cleaning it up as well.

Denning's cock was only semi-hard now, but I knew I
was still giving him a lot of pleasure with my mouth. His
cock wasn't the first I had ever sucked, BUT, it was
the first one my wife had ever watched me suck, and man did
it turn her on! Finally Denning's cock went totally
soft, and he sort of pushed me away. My own cock was still
quite hard, but I wanted them both to rest, knowing we had
a whole lot of time left, and there was no need to rush things.
Once again I slid back up next to Terry, and once again she
lay there, sandwiched between her two men! This time as
we all fell asleep together, we all slept till early morning,
relaxed, satisfied, and at peace.

Denning was actually the first to stir the next morning,
as he got up to go pee. I was right behind him though, waiting
my turn, when suddenly he told me to hold his cock as he peed.
Now, I've really never been into, what do they call
it, water sports? But, it was sort of erotic holding his
hard cock, oh yeah, he was hard again with an early morning
hard-on, as he peed! When he was done, he had me shake it off
for him, and then he had me sit down on the toilet so I could
pee, but mainly so that his cock would be face level with
my face, because he wanted something more. As I sat there,
he held his cock, pulling it away from my mouth, every time
my tongue flicked out, teasing me, and making me want to
suck him that much more! I stared hard at his cock as he waved
it around, and I could clearly see a drop of pre-cum forming
at the tip. Finally he told me to say it, and when I finally
said please let me suck it, only then did he push the big head
right up to my lips!

Terry must have awoken and found herself alone in bed, and
decided to get up and check things out, because suddenly
I heard a gasp, and then I heard her voice asking Denning
if I was a good cock sucker, and them him telling her I was
good, but she was better. He later told me that was a lie,
but hey, he wanted pussy, so what else would he say to her?
Terry sort of stood there mesmerized, one hand pinching
one of her hard nipples, while her other hand was between
her legs, and rubbing her clit, as she watched her husband,
me, sucking her lover's big, hard, cock! I honestly
wanted him to cum in my mouth, but Terry had other plans for
his hard cock, and suddenly she was pulling him away from
me, and over to the bed again.

Pushing Denning onto his back, she again mounted his hard
cock, and then began riding him toward a mutual orgasm for
them both. Denning didn't hesitate, and he told me
to get behind her and lick her asshole. I did it, and right
away! Terry was cooing and carrying on, telling me how good
his big cock felt, and how much better she liked it than mine,
and then she asked me, no she begged me to put my cock in her
ass. Bending over the top of Denning, HE reached back and
spread her ass cheeks open for me, and then he held them open,
as I spit down onto her asshole, and then pushed the head
of my hard cock right against her puckered little, brown,
hole. One push, and I had the head inside her ass, and then
I took it slow, feeding her a little more of my cock with each
push, until I was all the way up her ass, and my balls were
now resting against Denning's!

A first for all of us! It was Terry's first double penetration
ever, and it was also the first time for either Denning or
me to participate in a double penetration! I was actually
surprised I could feel his cock so, well so clearly up against
mine, through the thin membrane that separated her ass
from her pussy, but I could. I could feel every vein on his
cock, and I suppose he could feel my cock just as good! We
both started trying to move and fuck her, and at first we
were sort of clumsy, but eventually we got into a rhythm,
and got things going. Terry's moans were loud, and
she was sounding off, telling us both how good our combined
cocks felt inside her, and begging us to both fuck her harder,
deeper, and even faster.

When she climaxed, it was one of the wildest and most intense
orgasms I had ever witnessed or participated in making
happen for her! God, her ass muscles just seemed to clutch
at and milk my cock, and I couldn't have held back any
longer than I already had, even if I'd wanted to. I started
cumming up her ass, and as I did I heard Denning grunting,
and then I could actually "feel" his hard cock,
buried deep inside Terry's pussy, as he let go and shot
his huge, hot load deep inside her other hole! I had my crotch
mashed tightly into her soft ass, and she had her crotch
mashed tightly into Denning's crotch, and she had
both of our cocks throbbing, and jerking inside of her,
as we both emptied our balls into her! Terry later told me
it was one of the best feeling she'd ever experienced
while having sex. Having two cocks jerking deep inside
her and shooting into her, actually cause her to blast off
into a sort of multiple orgasm of her own!

Again, after it was over, three people lay on the bed, all
breathing hard, and all still tingling from our own orgasmic
after shocks!

Well, when I started this story, I told you it was about one
hot night, and I even entitled the story that. I have gone
a little further than I'd planned though, and carried
the story on until at least the next morning. Keep in mind
though, that we still had the rest of the day on Saturday,
as well as half the day on Sunday, before we took Denning
back to that airport. I can honestly say that I not only lost
track of Terry's orgasms, but I even lost track of the
number of times both Denning and I came as well. I will tell
you that Denning and Terry fucked at least a half dozen more
times between Sat and Sun, and that at one point, Terry and
I gave Denning a double blow job, at his request! I was the
lucky one sucking his cock when he actually came, but I did
share his cum with Terry in a kiss!

At any rate, I need to at least wrap this story for now, but
I will tell you that this story is but one of the many adventures
we had both with Denning AND with other men, other women,
and other couples!

And so for now, but not forever ...








. .............................................




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