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One Fine Day


I think the stress of the holidays is finally getting to me. I'm exhausted,Frustrated and just tired. I stop for a bite to eat on the way home. That's when I see this Beautiful woman sitting alone looking the same way I feel. She smiles as I walk by and I say Hi in return. I watch her from afar and wonder what she's doing alone. She finishes her meal and just waiting for the check so I hurry so I can bump into her as she leaves.Walking out the door I time it perfectly to hold the door for her as she leaves. I get that same Beautiful smile as she says Thank You. I answer your welcome,anything else I can do for you ? She giggles and says "I wish". I look at her and just have to ask what do you mean by that? She says the stress of work and home are driving her crazy and she just wants to relax. I feel exactly the same way !! I tell her I know a way to relieve some stress and wink at her. She laughs and gets in her car. I hop in mine and race her to the exit. She looks over,winks and motions me to follow her. She pulls out and parks her car down the street and hops in my truck. Ok she says,drive. I don't know what to do other than listen to her so away we go aimlessly. She tells me to get on the Thruway and just sit back and relax.I head away from the city and the bright lights and she slides over and puts her head on my shoulder. It's great to have a Chauffeur she says but I can't afford to pay you. I laugh and tease her,Gas,Grass or Ass,Nobody rides for free. She smiles a devious smile and lays her hand on my crotch and gives me a gentle squeeze. " What have we here" she asks? I can't believe it but I have to drive. Hmmm she says as she rubs it,"Is it a Genie that comes out if I rub it"? I'm really feeling the bulge in my jeans straining to get out as she reaches and undoes my belt. Mmmmmmmmm as she undoes my zipper," Look what we have here". She slowly lowers her head biting at my chest as she gets closer.I'm about going nuts but trying my best to drive. She says hello to my swollen thick hard cock and gives it a kiss." What are you wishing for"? I'm just as hard as hard can be when I feel her lips surround my big swollen head. Slowly she grasps my thick hard shaft and begins to stroke me as she teases me with her tongue and lips. I'm trying to concentrate but reach around her and firmly grasp her breast with my hand. OMG you feel so good !!! She looks up and asks "you like that "? YES !!OMG YES!!. She undoes her blouse and then her bra and I have her firm Beautiful Breast in my hand. I can feel her hard nipple and circle it with my finger. She lets out a little moan as now she is getting her mouth full of my thick hard cock. I reach for her ass and she says,"Just Drive and Relax". I can't really concentrate as she is driving me wild but I spy a rest stop in the distance. Dark and deserted,just the perfect spot to get I pull off and park. I pull her up to me and kiss those Amazing soft sexy lips. I grab at her clothes as she has driven me crazy for miles and now its my turn. I kiss her breasts,twirling my tongue around her nipples. I reach for her crotch and can feel the heat between her thighs.I undo her pants and she slides out more than willingly as we are two people in heat grasping,Grabbing,Stroking,Caressing,Feeling each other like school children. I kiss her deeply forcing my tongue and twirling with hers as I spread her legs and feel the wetness of her sweet pussy with my fingers. I play with her feeling the stress slowly melt away,my fingers teasing her,probing her. I bring them up and lick them tasting her hot sweet juices. Mmmmmmmmmmm I reply,My Turn as I slide her back on the seat and lower my head down and start to lick her,tease her,finger her just like she did to me when I was driving.She quivers and moans as I suck on her running my tongue in and out of her. She says" Time for you to Drive".She pulls me up and kisses me deep and says Drive it home baby !! I enter her slowly feeling the warmth and the wetness. My cock is throbbing inside her as I feel her pull me deeper. I begin to thrust my thick hard cock as I feel her juices beginning to flow. She wraps her arms around me and digs her nails into my back as she squeezes me.Yes Baby,Give it all to me she screams ! I can't resist as I just go wild plunging deeper and harder.She is shaking those sexy legs in the air as I feel her just explode inside filling with honey and milking my cock till I explode in return.Yes she says,That is just what I needed. Mmmmmmm Yes I reply. Me too !!!! Lucky no one was around to hear us I laughed,she smiled and agreed as we started to get dressed.Can a moment like this last forever I thought. We just cuddled in each others arms and looked to the stars. Mmmm feels so good to hold you. Just then we see lights pulling in and decide to make our way back. It was a nice drive with my arm wrapped around her and her head resting on my shoulder. We pull up to her car and I teasingly ask anything else I can do for you? She laughs and says "Don't you think you've done enough for one night"? She reaches in for one last kiss and whispers to me Thank You, It's exactly what I needed is to be held and appreciated. Will I ever see you again I ask? She replied I sure hope so !!!!

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