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On water verses on land. ( We bought a boat)


When my husband and gotten successful enough to enjoy the
finer things in life, one of the first things we bought was
a rather large boat. We purchased a slip in the marina on
Lake Michigan feeling like this was going to our summer
weekend escape.

And the very first time my husband Brad took me out into the
lake on our new boat, I did something I had always wanted
to do. With the wind blowing in my hair and the sunlight warming
me, I removed my bikini top and stood at the back deck area
of the boat and stared out at the blue water.

When my husband spotted my bare back, he called out to me
as I turned to show him I was indeed topless. Normally I was
quite conservative but for some reason on the boat, I didn't'
feel that way at all. I have been blessed with rather large
breasts and I had this urge to expose myself and feel the
wind, as long as no one else was around. It was also rather
a sexy thing my husband and I could share when we were on our
new boat.

And if we spotted another boat I could always put my top back
on. "I like it a lot, " My husband called out
to me as I giggled and stood there showing him my breasts
in board daylight. Of course being a guy he immediately
pointed to my bikini bottom so I shook my finger at him as
if I was scolding a child.

"Oh come on. There isn't anyone even near us, "
Brad yelled down to me. I don't know why but I suddenly
felt very naughty and reached for my bikini bottom and began
to slip it over my hips. I had always kept my vaginal area
trimmed for Brad but recently he had been into this "seventies
hairy woman thing, " so I hadn't' trimmed
myself in over four months.

I kept looking up at him and he kept staring down at me still
standing near the back of the boat when I slipped my bikini
bottom off. "Now just relax and enjoy the beautiful
day, " My husband said as I picked up my bikini and
placed it in one of the chairs before I went back to staring
out at the blue water although now I was totally naked.

It was a mixed feeling standing there with nothing on. I
felt alive and aroused yet it also felt odd to be outside,
under the bright sunlight, completely bare. My husband
slowed the boat down and shut off the engine before he came
down to spend time with his naked wife. "How does it
feel?" he asked when he got to me and let his eyes roam
like a sailors.

The man had seen me naked thousands of times since we married
over twenty years earlier but suddenly I felt like he was
seeing me for the first time. It ignited something in Brad
and I to the point, we ended up inside and on the bed in a matter
of a couple of minutes. He was so horny he didn't last
for than a minute once our bodies had become one but it was
one of the funniest minutes I had been part of in a really
long time. I thought of it as our quickie at sea.

From that day on, Brad and I spent every possible weekend
we could out on our new boat on Lake Michigan. And yes I always
went completely bare when we were far enough away from the
shoreline. I will also admit it was very arousing for me
to be totally naked in public even if no one else could see
me. I was forty seven years old at the time and should have
known better, but it was just too much fun being naughty
to stop.

The really odd thing was I had never even considering nudism
as anything I wanted to try. Yet now on our boat, it felt odd
to wear anything. Once we were far enough away from the shoreline,
I couldn't wait to remove my bikini and go about my afternoon
wearing nothing. I would make us lunch or bring my husband
something to drink it was all right there for him to drool

I had been in the galley making us lunch warm very warm day
when I climbed out and saw we were extremely close to the
shoreline. "Where are we?" I yelled out to Brad
holding our sandwiches and fruit. There were still no other
boats in sight and anyone standing on the shore could not
see me unless they had binoculars with them. But still this
was a lot closer to civilization than I had ever been be while
being naked before.

"Relax. No one else is around, " My husband
said as he came down to share lunch with me. "Well I
know but many boats travel through here and sooner or later
someone is going to come close by us, " I said after
sitting down on a towel to enjoy my lunch. "So what?"
Brad said as he nibbled on his fruit as if it was no big deal
if someone else saw me naked.

It wasn't ten minutes later when I spotted a boat approaching
and I began to panic. "Why not leave it off, "
My husband said as I looked at him totally dumbfounded while
grabbing for my bikini. "You mean just stand here
and wave with my entire body exposed?" I asked giggling
at his silly comment.

"Its probably a bunch of guys on a fishing charter
and I am sure they wouldn't mind looking at a very sexy
naked woman, " My husband said as I began to slip my
bottoms back on. I stopped for a second, looked at him and
wondered if he was being serious or just messing with me.
My pulse was speeding up as I sat eating my lunch knowing
I had only a few more minutes before the boat would be by us.
I kept staring at my bikini top but didn't put it on.

I felt my heart rate picking up again when I heard the other
boats motor becoming louder and louder. I remained seated
and felt my head spin when they pulled up near us and slowed
down to say hi. Of course our boat was much higher than theirs
and as long as I remained seated I don't believe they
could see me or if they could, then they could only see my

It turned out to be two men out fishing who were in their fifties
or maybe even sixties as Brad chatted to them for a few moments.
Wait a moment. I want you to meet my wife, " My husband
said as I remained low in the seat hoping they would leave
soon. My husband looked at me, offered his hand to help me
get up as I looked at him gripped with sheer terror.

"I want you to meet Laura, " he said as he took
my hand and pulled me to my feet. I turned and faced the two
men with a red face as I stood there exposing my breasts to
two complete strangers. "Wow!" I heard one
of them say as they pointed at me.

Now that was the craziest situation I had ever allowed myself
to be part of and the longer I stood topless in front of them
the more aroused I became. After they had soaked up my body
for about five minutes or so one of them asked my husband
if they could take me fishing with them sometime.

I giggled at the two older men as Brad finally started our
boat and we began to pull away. From then on, if we spotted
another boat somewhat near ours, Brad would head for it
to show me off. I didn't know and would probably never
see those men again. And anyway it was about as safe as a situation
could be with me on one boat and them on another. And after
I went topless a few more times, my confidence really ramped
up while my better judgment went down the tubes.

One of the last days of the summer, my husband urged me to
just go totally naked when we stopped to chat with other
boaters. "You think it will be alright if I am totally
nude?" I asked. "Sure, of course, " he
said so I removed my bikini bottom and held my breath and

And when I heard another motor from a distance approaching
us, I got very nervous as I sat there naked except for my nail
polish. The boat didn't really slow down so as they
passed our boat, I stood up and waved at them. The two men's
eyes got really large as they turned around and headed back
towards us.

"What should I do?"I asked my husband as I stood
there naked at the back deck of our boat. "Just say
hi and chat with them, " he called down to me. I remember
thinking to myself my husband must have lost his mind as
I waited for the other boat to pull up alongside of ours.

Theirs was much smaller and much lower but I knew if I walked
to the edge of our boat, they would see all of my body."Go
say hi, " Brad yelled down to me as I slowly walked
to the edge of our boat and came into the two men's view.
They had eyes like a sailors as I felt them looking at my breast
hanging on my chest as well as my hairy vagina.

"I'm just sunbathing. Did you two catch any fish
today?" I asked trying to make small talk while acting
normal even thought I was totally naked. "Hope you
don't burn, " One of them said back to me as I giggled
and thanked them for their concern. "Well have a nice
day" I finally said and walked back out of their view.

I was shaking by the time my husband pulled our boat away
and I had a chance to take a deep breath. It was so crazy and
insane but I felt proud that I had tried it anyway. No other
man had seen me naked in almost thirty years but that was
now no longer true.

The fall and winter were pretty typical for us other than
my husband and I had a more active sex life. I contribute
that to the fact I was naked almost every weekend last summer
exposing myself to strangers. I was much more aroused as
a woman and he had noticed the change in me. But when I was
at home and back on land, it would never have felt right to
walk around my home naked. I actually tried it on afternoon
when I was home alone, and I quickly put my clothes back on.
It just didn't feel right.

It was still early spring and I was having lunch with my sister,
Linda when I messed up and said something about our boating
fun last summer. I had been thinking about the upcoming
summer and all the fun Brad and I would have again on the boat
and I accidently spilled a few of the beans. My sister's
face looked like she had seen a ghost as she sat across from
me with her mouth wide open.

"Exactly how much did you expose?" Linda whispered
across the table. I looked her straight in the eye and said,
Everything. I took it all off and they saw everything."
My sister was three years younger and had lived the same
typical conservative life just like I use to. So I understood
her shock and horror.

I told Brad what had happened when he got home from the office
and wondered how he would respond. I sure didn't expect
him to laugh the way he did. "Did you invite Linda and
Dennis to come out with us on the boat?" He asked after
he stopped laughing.

"And do what? So Dennis can look at me all afternoon?
Or is it you want my sister to be naked so you can look at her?"
I asked feeling offended by his carefree attitude. My husband
had always been a gambler and I guess that is why he became
so successful but this kind of risk is much different than
a business deal.

Our boat was placed back in the water in early May but it was
still too chilly for me go back to my nude boating game just
yet. But inside my stomach was twisting and turning as the
excitement of another fun summer on the water grew closer.
I vividly remember lots of the men I exposed my body to last
summer and what their eyes looked like when they first saw
me. It still sent shivers down my spine.

It finally turned to summer and the heat was growing strong
enough for Brad and I to go back to our little adventure on
the water. And as luck would have it the very first time we
pulled up to another boat with me completely naked it was
two couples who stared at me. That was a first and I wasn't
sure I enjoyed it as much as when only men saw my body. At least
Brad had gotten over his "Hairy seventies pussy phase, "
and I was back to trimming myself much closer.

So the woman looked at me and chatted with me although they
kept giggling to themselves the whole time. But their men
looked much differently at me as I stood naked, on the deck
next to my husband. There was a little exchange on the other
boat before one of the women flashed her breasts at us and
then covered her face with her hands.

We pulled away five minutes later and headed farther out
because sometimes that is where the fishermen hang out.
I was very aroused that afternoon and had realized my juices
were flowing a lot. The long cold winter to let this build
up inside of me had affected more than I realized.

So I tried to seduce my husband and suggested he stop the
boat and spend some time with me on the bed, but he was determined
to find more boats more than he wanted to satisfy me. "We
can do that all night tonight, " Brad said after my

We had been on the water for over an hour with that only one
encounter with the men and women on the other boat, when
Brad made the comment that someday we should invite someone
to board our boat with us. I didn't like that idea a whole
lot since it could cause all sort of more serious problems,
but I remained silent not wanting to wreck our first afternoon
on the water by starting a fight.

We did find two more boats, fishermen who we stopped to chat
with while I remained naked next to my husband and smiled
a lot. And everyone of them drooled looking at me with their
hungry male eyes. When we finally decided to call it a day
on the water I forced my husband to shut the engines down
and come with me into the bedroom because I couldn't
wait any longer.

I climaxed twenty seconds after I felt his tongue on me and
whimpered the entire time he pumped himself in and out of
my body. Again, it didn't take us long but it was beyond
great and gave me some of the relief I truly needed. He left
quickly after he had cum to restart the engines while I remained
on the bed and imagined another man ready to take his place.
It was the first time in my life I ever had a thought like that.

It was one thing to have fun exposing myself to strangers
in other boats, but quite another to imagine them right
on our boat with me. I had never been a person who believed
in cheating. But now that we had our boat and I was naked most
of the time I was onboard, I wondered if having other people
on the boat with us would lead me to do something I never thought
I would do.

I had worked myself into a whirlwind and went back out on
the deck to see how far we were from the shore. I could barely
see land but decided to get my bikini back on anyway and joined
my husband. He hugged me as we approached the marina when
I casually mentioned to him, "You mentioned inviting
other people on our boat. Were you serious?"

Of course Brad is always the cool calm one and never showed
any emotions other than pull me tighter to his side. My head
was spinning like crazy until we reached the slip and we
docked the boat for the day. The following week was torture
as I waited and wondered if my husband was going to invite
someone else to join us and what would then happen if he did.

The following Saturday arrived and Brad and I had breakfast
before we were planning on heading down to the marina. My
nerves had finally gotten to me so I turned to face my husband
and softly asked him, "Did you invite someone else
today or not?" I felt my breasts heaving in my bra and
my panties were already clinging to me because I was getting
wetter by the second. In other words I was losing it and couldn't
handle the stress any longer.

He simply looked at me and gave me a one word answer, "Maybe."
I felt my knees grow weak as I had to brace myself against
the counter top. My arms trembled, I couldn't catch
my breath and I felt light headed all at the same time. The
last thing I needed was more stress.

I didn't speak on the ride to the marina but instead
kept telling myself over and over I will be alright. I remember
parking the car and carrying a basket of food towards our
boat while keeping a look out for any one near our slip.

Brad walked quickly and in fact was a ways in front of me when
two young men approached him. They were barely out of college
or so it looked to me as I continued but at a slower pace. I
watched as my husband shook each of their hands and smiled
before he then turned and pointed towards me.

Josh and Douglas were interns working for my husband's
company for the summer. They both smiled at me as Douglas
took the basket of food and introduced himself before Josh
also introduced himself. They were both very polite, very
well groomed and quite innocent young men.

"We just wanted to thank you for inviting us both to
spend a day on your wonderful boat, " Josh said to
me. I had worn a summery top and white shorts over my bikini,
along with my flip flops so I looked like a normal middle
aged woman. "Well it's nice to have you join us, "
I told them as we boarded our boat.

My husband then approached me and whispered, "They
don't know you go nude on the boat." I looked at
him and whispered back, " I can't be naked today.
Not with them here." Brad pulled me aside and told
me, " Sure you can. These are two nice kids who would
love to spend an afternoon with a classy naked older woman."

Before I knew it Brad started the engines, we untied the
boat and slowly we pulled out of the slip, ready to head out
under a strong morning sun. My head kept spinning the farther
out we got and past the point where I usually go below and
remove my bikini.

Josh and Douglas were sweet twenty one year old boys who
were thrilled to be on our boat enjoying a warm summer day.
And when I appeared in my bikini they both got huge grins on their faces as soon as they saw
me. I will admit I had picked out that bikini just after we
purchased our boat because I wanted one that was skimpy
and extremely sexy. No doubt they both got an eye full when
they noticed my boobs barely hanging in it.

So as Josh, Douglas and I got comfortable on the deck, my
husband kept glancing down at us from the helm to see how
the three of us were getting along. The boys were simply
delightful as we chatted and even managed a little flirting
as well. I could tell they both liked my me and my body. But
still, they were just kids and I was too old to do anything
crazy in front of them.

"We have a boat approaching, " Brad suddenly
yelled back as I looked up at him not really sure what I should
do with two young men on board. Normally I would have already
been naked and been excited about the response when the
other boaters saw me nude. My husband began to slow our boat
as I felt the pressure to do something.

We pulled our boat up alongside of theirs as Douglas, Josh
and I waved to them from the lower back deck. Of course it
felt different since I still had my bikini on although the
other men looked at me anyway. We had chatted for a few minutes
when my husband called down to Douglas and Josh and asked
them if they would mind if I went topless.

I turned my head quickly and glared at Brad for putting me
on the spot in front of our guests as well as the men in the
other boat. "What does everybody think" He
yelled out. Everyone agreed that I should go topless so
I hesitated for another few seconds .

Like I said my large breasts were more than an eye full and
as soon as they fell free on my chest, Josh and Douglas couldn't
take their eyes off of them. "Are you happy now"?
I yelled up to my grinning husband. My nipples had already
swollen and it was quite embarrassing as well as arousing
to be standing topless in front of everyone.

"What does everybody think. Should she take it all
off?" Brad asked next. Again I glared at my pushy husband
and felt my face turning red as the boys and the other boaters
all stared at me, wanting to see my pussy as well. I looked
at Josh and Douglas and told them that they better not every
speak a word about this afternoon to anyone before I wiggled
out of my bottoms and stood up now completely naked.

I tried to act relaxed but it was impossible with two young
men next to me constantly turning their heads so they could
look at my pubic hair. "What are you using for bait?"
my husband asked the fishermen. "How about her?"one
of them yelled back as I couldn't help but giggle.

I was now totally naked as we pulled away with two young men
a few feet from me. The three of us sat facing one another
chatting with my pussy in plain view although I kept my legs
together but that didn't' hide everything. My
nipples remained swollen and I could feel my juices flowing
as the three of us chatted although I don't recall what
we said.

I probably should have been more concerned about the situation
but the truth was the whole thing was turning me. The sexual
tension kept rising as I tried to relax and act naturally
being naked in front of them. I sipped my ice tea and tried
to bring up subjects other than my body for the three of us
to talk about.

But the reality was all of our hormones were seizing control.
When my husband called down and told us another boat was
a ways off and then said to Josh and Douglas, "This
time, why don't you get naked too so the three of us can
stand next to each other."

Josh asked me if I would mind as I stared at him not really
sure how to respond. This might be taking things a bit too
far but I didn't want to wreck the fun so I told them it
was ok with me. Douglas and Josh had hard seven or eight inch
cocks that struck straight out as they stood on each side
of me as the other boat pulled up next to us. I was so rattled
with two healthy young men also naked alongside of me, I
don't recall much of that encounter.

My hormones were ramping up even more and this desire for
unexplainable lust was taking control of me. Brad finally
pulled us away as Josh, Douglas and I all stood looking at
one another's bodies with some insane thoughts. My
husband slowed our boat a few minutes later and yelled down
to me to show the boys the inside of our cabin, if I wanted

"Do you two want me to give you a tour?"I asked
as their young erections were beginning to turn color.
They quickly followed me into the cabin before Josh kissed
me for the first time. It was a quick kiss as I held myself
back fearing what was going to happen next. "Do you
two promise you will never speak of this day ever again?"
I asked. They both eagerly nodded yes as the three of us walked
to the edge of the bed before we all climbed on with me in the

I knew it was wrong but it was too late for logical thinking
and once I felt their four hands and two sets of lips devouring
my flesh, it went from wrong to impossible to stop. I just
laid there and had an out of body experience especially
when my legs were pulled apart and the two of them eagerly
began to play with my pussy.

Amazingly I felt a climax coming on as I gasped for air and
began to tremble. I noticed my husband in the doorway watching
what they were doing to me with a big smile on his face but
I was under such sexual stress I didn't care. One of
them continued licking my vagina until my body began to
jerk and I cried out as they held me down and forced my climax
to continue building.

"Oh, Oh no, Oh, oh no, " Brad told me later I kept
saying until my juices began to squirt like a fountain from
my womanhood. I had never sprayed like that before in my
entire life but there was no stopping it once it began. I
was a quivering mess by the time I looked up and saw Josh climbing
on top of me.

"Please kiss me first, " I whispered to him
as he leaned down, pressed his lips against mine as I felt
his young thick cock penetrate me. He jolted me but it happened
so fast I couldn't do a thing other then feel him throbbing
inside of me. He was so aggressive and so powerful that most
of the time it was simply out of control. But that was surprisingly
fun to watch him get so excited as we fucked.

It didn't take long before I was gently holding him
while whispering to him, "Come on honey, take me"
Josh lost it after that and pounded me harder than I have
ever experienced before. When he exploded inside of me,
he was shaking like a child scared of a thunder storm.

They hardly gave me a second to calm down when Douglas climbed
on top of me next. Douglas may have been young, but he knew
the second he had control of me and drove me nearly insane.
He had a longer shaft that kept bumping against my insides
when he rammed deep into me and held himself there. "Oh
God, " I said each time I felt him. He eventually erupted
too before I was able to calm down and regain some of my wits.

Whether we realized it or not, my husband and I had seemed
to throw away any limits we lived by, before we purchased
the boat.. And after a few more weekends of our nudity game
with other boaters, I felt like anything that might be fun
was worth trying.

So one afternoon while my sister and I were out to lunch,
I mentioned a little more about our boating fun while also
mentioning Josh and Douglas but only vaguely. "You
were completely naked in front of them too?" she asked
drinking her wine in a hurry. I giggled and I told her once
I found the courage, I took off my bikini and watched them
both drooled like crazy young men.

"I could never do anything like that, " My sister
said staring at me as if she was in some sort of daze. "Well
last summer Brad asked me to invite you and Dennis to join
us on our boat for an afternoon, " I said softly to
her. Linda moved in closer and whispered to me, "Are
you going to be naked?" I smiled and nodded my head
while telling her probably.

My sisters face was so red she looked as if she had been severely
sunburn. "In front of my husband?" she whispered.
"Probably, if that wouldn't bother you, "
I replied. My sister admitted her husband would probably
love to see me naked since he known me for well over twenty
years. I don't know why but I looked at my sister and
simply said, "So let's plan it. It might be fun."

My husband couldn't contain himself when I told him
Linda and Dennis were going to join on us on the boat the following
weekend. And even though I was still concerned , I didn't
call it off either.

My husband and I got to the boat earlier than they did and
began to get things ready so we could head out onto the lake
as soon as Linda and Dennis arrived. My sister appeared
carrying a bottle of wine with her husband right behind
her carrying some snacks for all of us to share. I waved at
them with my bikini on from the lower back deck and felt a
pinch of unexpected nerves.

My sister had always been the cute petite one in our family
so once we were away from the slip, she took off her shirt
and shorts and revealed her own bikini. It felt totally
different for me since Dennis was not some stranger who
would see me naked. So I pulled my little sister aside and
quietly asked her if her husband knew I might go bare in front
of him.

Linda whispered back that she had told him and went on to
say she thought he was very excited by the idea. "We
made love twice last night and he was so horny, I don't
think he even wanted to stop after that, " she said
as we both giggled under our breath.

"So are you going to strip too?" I asked her.
Just then my husband called out to us and announced another
boat was approaching. I grabbed my sisters hand and pulled
her down into the boat before I removed my bikini top while
she just stared at me. "The other boaters always go
nuts, " I said as I then wiggled my bottoms off and
threw them on the bed.

I could see the tension in her eyes as she looked at my body
and realized her husband was also going to see all of me very
shortly. Linda never said a word but shocked me when she
also untied her top and revealed her small delicate breasts
resting on her chest. She quickly slipped off her bottoms
and I noticed she was completely shaven and knew my husband
was just going to go crazy. We took a deep breath, held hands
and walked back up the stairs onto the lower deck totally

I will admit my heart was racing when my brother in law saw
me nude for the first time. And I am sure my sister felt the
same way exposing her organs in front of my husband too.
But the other boat was nearly alongside of us so I grabbed
my sisters hand and walked to the edge of our boat before
we both began waving.

We all lasted about an hour and greeted two more boats before
our husband's hormones and raging erections were
too much for them to control. The four of us ended up on the
bed at the same time. Although we remained with our own spouses
and made love alongside of one another there was a little
touching that went back and forth while we did it.

My sister and Dennis got off the boat later that afternoon
and thanked my husband and I for the funniest day that had
experienced in years. I think everyone knew if they went
on the boat with us again, things might get a lot more complicated.
So when Brad suggested I invite my sister and brother in
law for a second outing a few weeks later, I was at a cross
roads of sorts.

I wasn't upset with my husband and realized he was just
being a guy and no doubt wanted my sister if he could get her.
And no doubt Dennis wanted me just as badly. I waited another
week or so before Linda and were having lunch again and I
casually brought it up to her.

I remember watching her eyes lift up and look directly into
mine and I knew exactly what she was thinking. She didn't
have to say a single word as we stared at one another before
I softly said, "I know what will probably happen and
so do you." Linda nodded yes before she replied, "So
what do we do?" I explained to her I had no idea and kind
of hoped she might have an answer.

"Would it be so terrible? I mean would it make us bad
sisters if that happened?"I whispered to her. We
decided we would think about it and she might even talk to
Dennis so together they could figure out if they wanted
to spend a second afternoon on our boat.

Linda called me a couple of weeks later and after beating
around the bush, she admitted her and her husband thought
another afternoon on our boat would be fun. "So you
and Dennis have talked about everything that might happen"?
I asked. I heard her take a deep breath before she said, "Yes."

Brad was even more excited when I gave him the news that Linda
and Dennis were going to join us on Saturday for an afternoon
on the water. It was tense but started out ok as my sister
and I lounged on the deck still wearing our bikinis. We kept
them on for our first boat stop but it wasn't as much
fun being covered so we then went inside the boat and stripped

There was clearly a lot of tension between the four of us
as my sister and I were now exposed and our husband's
had only one thing on their minds. Brad turned off the engines
and anchored our boat as soon as he saw Linda and I again,
naked on the deck. "Shouldn't we all talk about
this before we do something we might regret, " My
sister said as the four of us faced each other.

I doubt either of our husbands heard a word she said as my
husband stared at her petite sexy body and Dennis couldn't
take his eyes off of mine. A few moments passed before I looked
at my sister and simply said, "Ok, I guess it's
settled." She looked at me and replied, "I guess
so." We all turned and walked down into the cabin with
her husband holding my hand and my husband holding my sisters

From a sexual point of view, it was fantastic, breathtaking
and exhausting for all of us. But from a social and family
point of view it was complicated. None of us seemed to regret
what we did although no one talked about it either. The next
time we saw my sister and Dennis was in mid October well after
our boat was out of the water and in storage for the winter.
It was embarrassing at first to face each other, but we all
got past it and enjoyed dining out together.

As it turned out, my sister and I kept our normal relationship
and did the things together we have always done as sisters.
But when her and her husband spent time on our boat, the following
summer, we also continued to shar husband's for the
afternoon. The rules we lived by on land were one thing but
when we were on our boat things were different.

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thank you very good story


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Great story as always.....Would love hear (read) more


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Very nice. I've also wanted to have sex in the open like
that...find it very exciting.


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very understanding couple


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my wife and I did the same on our pontoon boat, luv the summer.
You should try our boat some time!! lol


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Nothing feels better than being unrestrained by walls......................


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Fantastic Story. Thanks for sharing.


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Now thats a good relationship!!!! And a dam good time!!!!!


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I had a sailboat for years and some of the best times of my
life were on that boat -


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as always and as usual, you write the best and you make live
the events and your feelings. Amazing talents and what
a wonderful woman you are.


keep them coming


RobK2006 51 M
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That was a great story. It really turned me on. I kept imagining
how horny I would be seeing you naked like that.


wannatry4sum 55 C
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You've been gone over a year. I miss your writing and worry about you. Please come back!