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On a String


Cara was dancing with her eyes closed, her hips moved with
the beat of "Chal Chaiya Chaiya" remixed.

A vent on the stage blew her long brown hair around her face.
Her 5'3 body made taller by 6" heels. Her fingers
ran over her black lycra dress and across the open heart
showing her cleavage. Her muscled legs flexing with every
turn of her ankle. Her body covered in glitter making it
sparkle in the blue and red spot lights shining down from
a top the stage.

She moved to the edge of the stage and looked down at a middle
aged man holding 2 dollars in his hand. She flashed him a
pleasant smile then dropped to her knees. She kept her knees
together and put her hands on the man's shoulders.
She moved forward and rubbed her tight 34 D breasts into
his face moving them up and down his cheeks. The man moved
his hands up to grab her sides.

"no no bad boy I can only touch you" She said sweetly

She rubbed the top of her head into his flabby chest then
pulled herself back onto the stage. She motioned her finger
telling him that he should stand up. The man stood and she
pushed her breasts together with her arms and rubbed his
nose in between them. She kissed him on the cheek grabbed
his two dollars and stood up. She moved with the music back
to the center of the stage and peeled the top of her dress
down to expose her large dark areola and small nipples.
She put her arms above her head and let them tangle in her
hair as the vent blew it into the air.

Cara moved her hands back down and moved the dress down her
36" hips letting it fall to the floor around her clear
acrylic heels. Her tiny T Bag black g string was all that
covered her. She kicked it to the side and moved to two young
guys holding dollar bills and staring at her like they had
never seen a naked girl before. She got down on her knees
and crawled on her hands and knees, making sure to keep her
ass up in the air. She got to the end of the stage and slid to
her ass. She looked to her side and spread her legs so they
could stare in between them. She arched her head back and
pushed forward making her tits move up and down. She laid
on her back and stuck her legs straight up in the air. She
clicked her heels together and shook her legs. She spread
her legs again looking in between them at the two young guys
and placed her pointer finger on top of the small fabric
that covered her pussy.

She tapped it twice then blew them a kiss, she got to her knees
again and moved forward. She signaled again with her finger
that they should both stand up. They both stood up and looked
nervous, she grabbed the guy closest to her and smashed
his face into her breast bone. She moved her shoulders slapping
the insides of her tits on his cheeks. She moved to the next
guy and did the same thing. The song ended and she collected
her 4 bucks and her little black lycra dress and walked quickly

Backstage Paris was waiting to go on next. She was dressed
in a blue and white checkered dress giving her the naughty
Dorothy look. She had a tan wicker basket with a stuffed
Yorkie in it. Her blond hair was in pigtails and she had put
three freckle like dots on each cheek. She looked up and
Cara and asked "how is it tonight"

"slow" Cara replied "some creepy guy
stage right and two young losers with no money stage left

"Outkast's "Back of the Bus" began
bumping over the gentleman clubs speakers the announcer
doing his best Don Pardo impression.

"Ladies and Gentleman now for your viewing and tipping
pleasure straight from OZ it's our naughty Dorothy,
Paris" he bellowed "Lets give it up"

Paris went through the silver streamers that lead to the
stage and disappeared. Cara walked in an awkward strut
caused by her tall heels to a back room filled with lockers
and mirrors that doubled as a dressing room and break room.
She dodged brown metal folding chairs and went to locker
6. She twisted her combination into the dial and opened
the locker. Inside lay her purse and other clothes that
she used while dancing at Ricks Cabaret. She dug around
and found her red short skirt and bra combo and pulled it
out. She sniffed it to make sure it was clean and threw it
on the counter by the mirror.

Sarah aka Jazz came stumbling through the door way and plopped
down on a folding chair.

"Shit it fucking sucks out there tonight, I ain't
making no money" she proclaimed "I think I have
drank more then I have made"

"yeah only 2 more hours" Cara said while stripping
her dress and T Bag g string off.

"oh you pierced your clit" Sarah said staring
at Cara's shaved pussy. Sarah reached forward and
touched the metal piercing sending a shiver up Cara.

"oh sorry love" laughed Sarah

"oh it's ok I am still getting used to it"
Cara said "it doesn't make me cum with every step
but it tingles and makes my clit really sensitive"

Cara opened her thighs and looked down at her shaved pussy.
Her inner lips stuck out too far in her opinion. The hood
of her clit was easy to see and had a steel stud with two silver
balls caping each end. She fingered the ball sending another
shiver through her body.

Goosebumps shot up her arms and she laughed aloud. Sarah
laughed with her and started touching up her make up in the
large mirror. Cara plucked her red g string off the counter
and awkwardly pulled it up her short well toned legs. She
put on her ultra short silk like skirt and covered her D cup
tits with it's matching bikini top. She checked the
mirror one last time to make sure everything was where it
was supposed to be. She grabbed her clear box that she used
as a purse and walked out on the floor to sell dances.

The dark club was filled with empty tables. The raised deck
to her left sported couches and tables the club used it as
their VIP area. During football season the Minnesota Viking
would come in to party and talk girls into coming back to
their parties. If you were lucky enough to go they usually
walked out with over a grand in their pocket. Some girls
were naive and went home with sore asses and no money.

She scanned the crowd for some guy she could talk into a lap
dance and settled on a decent looking guy in a black suit.
Usually if they wore a suit they lied about having money.
It's the little things that mattered. What kind of
watch did they have, or did their wedding ring have diamonds
in it. If they carried a blackberry that was usually a good

She sat down at the table and

"Hi I am Kitten do you want some company" she
asked in her best little girl voice.

The man looked at her for a second and said "sure why
not" One of the new waitresses dressed in tight booty
shorts and red corset walked up like they were supposed
to when a girl sat down.

"would you care to buy your new friend a drink sir"
She said sweetly

The man thought for a second and said "sure".

The waitress looked at her and said "cherry bomb"?

"Damn" Cara thought "she must know I am
only 18"

"Yea that would be great Cara" Said in defeat
nothing like making a guy pay 7 dollars for sprite with a
cherry in it. She looked the man up and down, he wasn't
bad looking at all. He was probably middle twenties or maybe
a little older. His short brown hair was styled messy and
it looked like he was is decent shape. He had a sour look on
his face and Cara wondered if she would be sitting at the
table long.

Before she got a chance to work into her normal meet and greet
he spoke.

"so what non alcoholic drink did I just buy you"
he said dryly

He stared at her and obviously wanted a straight answer.

"sprite with a cherry in it" she said "sorry"

"No it's ok" He replied "just do me
a favor tell me your real name. I don't want to call you
Kitten all night"

Cara thought for a minute then decided he looked safe enough
"It's Cara" She stuck her hand out for a
hand shake

He took her hand in his, it felt strong like he had used his
hands for a living. "I am Dave nice to meet you"

"Addicted to Lollipops" a rock remix from
Mike Czech told Cara that it was Sarah's turn on the
main stage.

"So Dave out tonight having fun" She said slipping
into her normal get to know a guy to make him comfortable
than ask for a 20 dollar lap dance speal. He nodded and that
was it. In the 4 months she had worked there she had never
seen him before so she told him so.

"I don't come to these clubs much" he said
" I just wanted something new"

"It's not to busy on a Tuesday you should come
on the weekend it's jumpin" she replied back.

" To many people" He said watching Sarah shake
her skinny body to the rock and mix. Sarah was pretty
hot Cara had to admit. She was tall about 5'7 and weighed
only 110 pounds. Her small breasts where just bumps compared
to her own large ones. Her ass was so nice though. It was tight
and spread nicely when she was on her knees and had her chest
to the stage. Her short chopped hair looked like it came
from a magazine. Sarah had done some modeling, but the work
was slow and stripping made her constant money to feed her
alcohol addiction.

Cara turned back to the man she was sitting with and noticed
he was staring at Sarah hardcore. Cara asked the man for
two dollars. The man looked at her for a second and then handed
her the money. Cara got up from the table and walked as sexy
as she could to the stage, she swung her 36' hips for
all they were worth. She looked back over her shoulder and
bit her finger tip to trying to add a little cuteness to her

Sarah aka Jazz was on her hands and knees crawling toward
the middle aged man when she saw Cara. She smiled and changed
direction moving toward Cara like a stalking cat. Sarah
laid her small naked tits against the cold black polished
stage and stuck her sexy small ass in the air. Cara reached
forward and racked her nails down Sarah's ass following
her spine to her shoulders. Sarah sat up and moved close
to Cara and pulled her face into her chest. She moved her
long hard nipples across Cara's lips giving the two
young guys at the rail the show of their lives. Cara flicked
her tongue out for a quick second grazing Sarah's hard

Sarah opened her mouth and licked her lips giving her best
seductive pose. Sara stood up on her 4 inch black heels and
bent her knees to put Cara's face near her g string covered
pussy and acted like she was putting Cara's face into
it. The song came to an end and Cara put the man's two
singles in Sarah's g string. Sarah gave her a kiss on
the cheek and grabbed her dress and went back stage to change

Cara came back to the table with the eyes of the two young
guys at the stage glued to her bubble butt. Cara sat back
down at the table and smiled at the man.

"That was pretty hot, Jazz is so sexy I love her body."
Cara told the man.

The waitress brought over her fake drink and set it down
"7 dollars please" The man handed her a 10 and
told her to keep the change. The waitress smiled and winked
at Cara moving on to the next table.

"So Dave what is it that you do for fun" Cara asked
sipping on her drink through small red cocktail straws.

"Not much I just work" the man said

"Well you must do something silly" Cara pressed

"Come to me" by Swallows brought a tall gothic
girl dressed in a long black dress and pink pigtails onto
the stage. She moved slowly in her knee high shiny black
lace up boots.

The man looked at Cara and told her the kind of fun he was into
didn't happen very often. Cara was about to ask what
he meant when Sarah came up to the table.

"You guys mind if I sit down it's boring in here
and some of these douche bags are creepy" She said
while sitting down with out being told.

She stuck out her hand and said "Hi I'm Jazz thanks
for the tip"

The man took her hand and told her she was welcome.

Cara looked back at the man curious to what he meant. She
was about to ask when the waitress interrupted asking if
the man would like to buy another drink.

"Another cherry bomb or something else" the
man said suspiciously

"Patron with a water back" Sarah said The waitress
looked at the man for approval and didn't leave until
he nodded.

Cara decided to wait until a little later to ask.

Sarah liked to talk and being tipsy she started talking
to the man about how tiring working at the club could be.
She talked about regulars and bragged about football players
she had met. The man watched Sarah talk and would occasionally
nod or ask a quick question. She didn't know what she
liked about the man. He hadn't even really spoke to
her but he had something about him that she found attractive.

They chatted about nothing with Sarah doing most of the
talking. The man hadn't had one alcoholic drink since
she sat down and Cara was wondering if the man ever drank.
As the hour wore down it was about time for her to get up on
stage again.

Cara decided to go for broke and went to change into an outfit
that brought her the most tips. Perv's loved a school
girl and she had the perfect outfit. Cara told Sarah and
the man she would be back after the her stage dance and headed
to the back room to change.

Cara put on just over the knee white socks and black large
buckled 6"heels. Her dark blue and tartan pleated
skirt didn't cover her luscious ass all the way leaving
her ass cheeks hanging out the bottom making it easy to see
her black lace thong. She wore a white button up shirt tied
below her D cup breasts she left it unbuttoned so her black
victoria secret bra could be seen. She put her long brown
hair in pigtails that hung off to the side of her head. She
finished the look with a strawberry sucker

The DJ played NIcole Scherzinger and T.I's "Whatever
you like"

Cara came out on stage giving her best innocent look and
stood over the vent to let if blow up her skirt. She pulled
out the sucker and replaced it with her thumb. She bounced
over to the middle aged man sitting next to the stage and
turned herself around to show him her ass. She moved around
the stage striking poses and and started to untie her shirt.
She looked out into the crowd and saw Sarah whispering in
the man's ear. She didn't really understand why
but she felt a pang of jealousy. She tried to ignore it and
bounced over to the two young guys on the other side of the

She continued to strip off her slutty schoolgirl outfit
and had worked her way down to just her black thong. She kept
glancing over and seeing Sarah and the man talking closely.
Sarah moved into the man's lap and she stumbled for
a second. She regained her balance and got down in front
of the two young guys. She ran her hands into her crotch and
tugged at her panties. The two young guys threw a five at
her. She got on her hands and knees picked a lucky guy and
leaned down putting the top of her head on the crotch of his
jeans and shook it back and forth. Her round ass was up in
the air and apparently too much for the other guy to take.
The kid reached up and slapped her ass. She stood up in an
instant and started to yell at him.

"You fucking loser" she yelled A bouncer had
seen what happened and came over to escort the two guys out
of the club. Cara looked over and saw the table she was sitting
at empty.

"Shit" she said collecting her clothes and
stomping off to the back room. She was pissed and needed
a cigarette. She threw on a simple black dress that she wore
when she stepped out the back to smoke. She grabbed her bic
lighter and a smoke and slipped out the back entrance. She
lit her cigarette and leaned back against the brick wall.

"yes yes fuck me" moaned a voice she recognized.
It was coming from the parking lot side of the building.

"fuck me fucking take me" pleaded the voice.

Cara slowly walked toward the corner of the building and
peeked around it.

"fuck you feel so good give it to me harder" Sarah
was pressed up against the red brick building getting fucked
from behind by the man Dave.

Sarah had her hands and face pressed against the brick,
her ass was pushed back against the man with her short skirt
up and g string pulled to the side. The man had his pants still
on and his big dick was sticking out of the zipper hole. He
held her hips and pumped hard into her. Sarah was moaning
and grasping at the wall. The man reached up with one hand
and grabbed a handful of her short hair. He gripped it hard
and pulled her head off the brick.

"you like being fucked from behind" he said

"you like my big cock slamming into your pussy you
little slut" he said

"fuck yes" she moaned " you are fucking
me so good i love your big cock in my little pussy"

The man kept his hand in her hair keeping her head off the
wall and grunted as he drove his cock deep into her. Cara
was pissed and hurt and she didn't know why. She usually
didn't care whether a customer lived or died. Dancers
stole each others customers all the time she was used to
that so she didn't know why it bothered her to watch
Sarah getting fucked by this man.

She also didn't know why she was getting turned on.
She watched the two fuck in the alley and felt her pussy get
wet. She slid her hand down into her panties and tugged at
her clit piercing. Waves of pleasure ran up and down her
body. She rolled the steel bar back and forth over her swelling
clit. Reaching down farther she tugged on her long inner
labia and pulled then apart. She slipped a finger into her
pussy feeling it get wetter by the second.

Sarah was moaning louder as the man plowed his big cock as
far as it could go pulling it out almost to the head then slamming
it back in mercilessly.

Cara rolled her fingers over the steel bar and her clit making
her body tingle. She worked her clit in tight circles letting
her new clit ring do most of the work. Cara braced herself
against the brick wall to steady herself. She couldn't
believe she was playing with herself in an alley while she
watched a stranger fuck her drunk coworker.

Sarah opened her eyes and saw Cara. She smiled at her for
a second but the man's cock made that impossible. The
next thrust shut Sarah's eyes and forced a scream out
of her open mouth. Cara felt like running away but couldn't
take her eyes off the scene in front of her.

Cara's fingers worked her poor little clit into a mouth
watering orgasm. She felt wave after wave course through
her body, her knees threatened to give out and she held onto
the wall. Her lit cigarette still hanging from her parted

"Fuck I am going to cum fuck shit fuck" cried
Sarah "is it ok can I cum"

"Please let me cum I need to so bad" she pleaded

The man was pounding into her with such force that Sarah
was lifting off the ground.

"Yes you may" he said through his clenched teeth.

"aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh"Sarah let out a wail,
her knees buckled but the man pushed her flat against the
wall and kept up his punishing thrusts.

The man fucked her through her orgasm and beyond.

"please I have to stop it's too much please"
Sarah pleaded " I am sorry I am sorry"

The man ripped himself out of her and released her hair.
Sarah fell to the blacktop and leaned her back against the
wall. The man's large cock stood straight out and jumped
in the air. He peeled of a condom and let it fall. He stood
over Sarah and stroked himself until he came. His cum shot
all over Sarah. Some landed in her hair and more landed on
her face and small bra covered chest.

Sarah lay panting against the brick wall and looked up at
the man

"I am sorry I am sorry I will make you cum next time you
won't have to stop" Sarah said in earnest

"I promise I will do better please believe me"

"we will see" said the man and he tucked his cock
back into his pants. He held his hand out for Sarah to take.
He pulled her up and kissed her on the forehead.

"Goodbye" He said then turned and walked out
into the parking lot. Cara watched as Sarah stood trying
to catch her breath. She walked toward Cara sliding down
the wall with shaky legs. Cara turned around and hurried
back in. She stripped off her dress and made her way back
out into the club not really sure if she could face Sarah
just yet....

Cara didn't know what she was thinking. The thought
of Sarah getting fucked by the man had turned her on so much
she was beginning to wish it would have been her in the alley.
Her pussy was still wet and the thought of it only drove her
to touch herself again. Sarah had come back into the club,
her hair was wet and she had changed into a shiny gold skirt
and bikini top.

Cara figured that Sarah must have washed the man's
cum off in the dressing room shower. She fought with herself
on whether or not to approach her. What would she say, she
wasn't even sure that her words wouldn't betray
what she was feeling. The night ended without her talking
to Sarah. She drove to her little apartment she shared with
her friend Tara in St. Paul. feeling strange urges to be
the man's next encounter.

Drained from her thoughts she took off her shoes and what
little clothes she had wore on the drive home. She crawled
into bed naked and tried to block out what she was thinking.
She turned on her little clock radio by her tiny bed and tried
to focus on Linkin Parks "Numb"

Flashes of what she had seen played in her mind as she tried
to sleep. Sarah's face in the agony and the pleasure
of it all. Her pleading him not to stop as he slammed against
her body. They way Sarah's eye's met her own, seeing
but not seeing at the same time. Cara's fingers where
rolling over her pierced clit thinking about Sarah's
short brown hair being pulled, while he drove his thick
cock into her little cunt. Cara's hips ground into
her single bed and she whimpered.

Sarah's falling to the ground and asking the man to
forgive her for not being good enough to make him cum. Oh
God she wanted it so bad she wanted to be thrust up against
that cold brick wall and penetrated. Her fingers where
dripping with what flowed from her pussy. The man just ripped
off the condom and came on her. In her hair on her face and
tits. " Oh God oh God she was going to cum she was going
to fuuuuuuuck" her muscles tightened as her body
released it's pressure, her mouth fell open and she
let out a gasp.

She rolled over with her hand still between her thighs and
fell fast asleep.

The next night she had decided to talk to Sarah about the
man and what had happened. When Sarah didn't show up
for her shift she got anxious. She wondered if maybe tonight
was Sarah's night to make him cum. She tried to push
the thought out of her head and went to work trying to get
lap dances. She looked but didn't see Sarah anywhere.

That night she went home and drank herself into a drunken

The next night Sarah didn't show up or the next. In fact
Sarah's locker had been cleaned out. When she asked
the DJ about it, he just said that Sarah had come in the previous
morning and quit. Despite her mixed up feelings about what
had happened Cara was still a little worried about Sarah
and asked Mike the DJ if he knew how to get of hold of her.

"Yeah ask Paris she has her number" Mike said
"I think they used to party"

Cara stepped off the DJ booth and headed to the back to find

Paris was staring into the cracked dressing room mirror
with her blue eyes blood shot from weed. She was humming
along to music only she was hearing. Cara sat down in the
brown metal folding chair next to her.

"Hey Paris can I have Jazz's number" She

Paris looked at her for a second with a blank expression.

"You want to party" Paris said slowly

"Maybe later I just wanted to talk to her about some
stuff" Cara replied wondering if Paris hadn't
partied enough for the both of them.

"Yeah sure" Paris said plucking her I phone
out off the counter next to her "but if you want to party
I know a guy who can get us tabs" she said while flipping
through the names and numbers in her phonebook

"ok" Cara replied not really sure ecstasy was
a good idea with the way she was feeling.

Cara jotted Sarah's number down on a one dollar bill
and got up to walk out of the room. Paris had turned back to
the mirror and was again staring blankly at herself.

"Ok" Cara said taking a deep breath and walking
out the back exit to make her call

"Hi you have reached me. Leave a message and I'll
hit you back" Said a bright voice

"Hey Sarah this is Cara from the club I just wanted
to see if you wanted to hang out sometime" she stumbled
her words no knowing exactly what to say. She leaned her
body up against the cold brick alley like a few days before
and lit her Marlboro 100. Taking the smoke deep into her
lungs she closed her eyes and the picture of Sarah being
taken flooded into her mind.

She felt the need to reach into her G string and tug at her
clit. She hated not being able to control this feeling of
want. She slowly slipped her fingers down her belly to the

The door burst open and two dancers fell through the door
laughing. She jumped and tried to compose herself the best
she could. The girls giggled a "hi" and lit their
smokes. Cara threw her cigarette to the ground extinguishing
it with the toe of her black acrylic heels and headed back

Zoey the tall gothic girl was digging in her locker when
Cara walked back into the dressing room.

"Kitten some guy is asking about you" she said
in a bored voice

Thinking it was one of her regulars she let out a deep sigh
"well maybe I will make some money tonight after all"

"Did he give his name" She asked wondering which
middle age looser with a schoolgirl fetish it was.

"No it's some guy in a suit, I haven't seen
him in here before" she said finding the outfit she
wanted and turning around. "he is kinda cute though"

Cara's heart pounded in her pink bikini covered chest.
She slowly pulled off her cover up she used when she went
out back to smoke and put it in her locker. Not wanting to
let her mind wander she checked the mirror to make sure she
looked good and grabbed her clear plastic box purse and
heading out into the dark noisy club.

Radiohead's "15 Step" was playing and
a new girl was doing her best to look sexy while trying not
to fall over on the main stage.

She scanned the room and saw the man in the suit. He was sitting
in a back corner close to the steps of the VIP platform. Cara
took a deep breath and walked over to his table.

The man stared into her eyes as she sat down. She was used
to people staring at her big tits or her ass. The real perv's
stared at her pussy hoping for camel toe. But when the man
didn't break the eye lock she got shivers up her spine.
He was different she knew, she just couldn't figure
out why. She wanted him to look at her body and to be like the
rest of them. She wanted him to saying something crude or
make a nasty joke. Something, anything that she was used
to would be welcome.

"Do you like watching people" he said in his
deep gravely voice

Cara was immediately caught off guard. She felt her skin
heat up and new she was turning red. Her palms started to
sweat and her heart beat out of control. She gazed into the
man's deep brown eyes and whimpered out a tiny "yes"

She felt confused and scared and couldn't take it anymore.
Cara got up from the table and without looking back hurried
into the break room to try and get a grip on herself. She passed
through the curtain made of shiny silver streamers and
slid her back against the cool black painted wall behind
the stage. She closed her eyes taking deep slow breaths.

She pounded the wall with her fist in frustration and embarrassment.
She hadn't spoken to the man but once and she was acting
like a stupid little girl. She felt mature for 18 and was
sure she could handle anything. This guy was not going to
get under her skin. She was going to go back to the table flash
her cute smile and wiggle her tits in his face, and take back
her control. He was just like every other jackass who came
into the club.

She walked into the break room and looked at herself in the

The girl looking back was attractive to say the least. Her
dark brown hair was parted in the middle and fell down past
her shoulders in slight waves. She tucked her hair behind
ears that had been pierced 4 times each to get a better look.
Her heart shaped face and slightly pronounced cheek bones
giving her a sophisticated look. Her cute tiny nose and
pouty pink lips added to the girl next door look. Her breasts
were full and billowed out the top of her pink and white bra.
Her waistline was decent she could loose 5lbs she thought
turning from side to side. Her sultry hips flared out and
her bubble butt ass brought her compliments from men and
women all the time. Her legs where toned and muscled from
playing 4 years of soccer in high school.

Cara knew she was good looking, "no I am smoking hot"
she thought. Just the right mix of girl and woman to drive
guys crazy.

She took one last deep breath feeling silly about all of
this and turned to walk through the door.

"She is innocent with just the right touch of nasty,
she's the girl that makes you wish you could go back
and relive your high school days" bellowed Mike the
DJ " Rick's Cabaret gives you Kitten on the main

"Shit" Cara thought

She set her purse down and adjusted her outfit. She wore
a pink and white checkered bra with a white lace border and
matching skirt barely covering white cotton panties.
Her thigh high stockings and black buckled heels finished
her look.

She bounced her tight young body on the stage Aerosomith's
"Falling in Love is Hard on the Knees" began
to play and she tried to focus. The lights flashed in her
brown eyes leaving bluish green blurs. She swung her hips
out and let out a laugh, lifting her arms up through her brown
hair and clasping her hands together. She felt confident
and her movements proved it. She whipped her head around
in circles letting her hair fly into her face.

Cara bent over keeping her legs straight and put her flat
palm onto the glassy black stage. She wiggled her firm ass
before standing back up and moving stage left. She looked
down at the group of business men cheering her. Cara gave
the suited men a wink then squeezed her breasts together
and unclasped the front of her bra at the same time.

She threw her shoulders back and let the pink and white bra
slip off her shoulders and down to the ground. She thrust
her tits out and pinched her tiny nipples. Moving to the
center she let the vent blow her hair up. She bit down very
lightly on her left pointer finger and ripped off the Velcro'd
tiny skirt. She looked around the stage rail giving her
innocent smile to the guys sitting at it. She licked the
fingers on her hand and patted her cotton covered pussy.

She stood legs apart and defiantly looked out to the table
where she had left the man. The table was empty. Cara's
heart sank into feet and she froze. Men around the rail applauded
and called for her to come close. Steven Tyler's screeching
voice fading away with the applauding crowd as she scanned
the room for the man named David.

She felt fear wash over her body like a bucket of scalding
hot water being poured over her head.

Without thinking Cara collected her clothes and jumped
off the front of the stage. She weaved her way between clapping
guys to the table where the man had last been. She looked
over the table for any sign that he had just gone to the bathroom.

"He left before you got on stage" Cara turned
to see the same waitress that had served them the week before
holding a tray with empty glasses.

"He told me to tell you that you knew where to find him"
She said looking curious

"is he your boyfriend or something" she said
chomping on her gum

Cara shook her head and made her way slowly to the back of
the club. Her legs felt like lead weights as she passed through
the curtain and headed to the break room. She fumbled the
combination into her padlock and swung open her locker.
Grabbing her cover up dress and slipping it on she moved
slowly dazed to the back exit.

The cool night air rushed across her body raising the bumps
onto her exposed flesh. In a dream she walked to the few short
yards to the corner of the red brick building. With one last
deep breath she turned the corner.

A black 4 door car sat with a dark figure behind the wheel.
Cara was sure it was the man she was looking for. The man behind
her strange feelings and constant dreams. Not sure whether
she wanted to turn around or walk to the car she stood still.
The car started with a quiet hum signaling her.

Without knowing why Cara walked to the passenger side and
looked down into the open window.

"Get in the back if you want to come with me" Said
the man

Cara opened the back door and slid onto the cold tan leather
seat. She had just put on her seat belt when the car pulled
forward and headed out onto 3rd Avenue in silence. She felt
frightened and excited at the same time. She looked into
the rearview mirror and into the man's dark brown eyes.
His gaze was fixed on the road in front of him and did not return
the look. This for some reason made her feel alone and she
wished he would look. She tried to sit comfortably in the
seat but her pussy wouldn't allow it.

She felt electric jolts through her clit with every bump
the car hit. She pressed her bare thighs together and could
feel her little white cotton panties getting wet. In spite
of her fear her excitement and curiosity was taking over.
The man drove down streets she had never been on for another
5 minutes or so, and pulled into underground parking of
a large brick warehouse that looked like it have been converted
to apartments.

The man Dave navigated his black 4 door car into slot 11 and
turned off the engine.

"Are you ready to go up" He said not turning around
to look at her.

He didn't wait for her answer. He opened the driver
side door bathing the inside of the car in soft blue light.
She reached for her handle with shaky hands and slowly opened
the car door. The man had moved around to her side of the car
and held the door and offered his hand to help her out of the
car. She looked at his open hand and then up to his face. He
was looking down smiling at her. She looked into his deep
gold flecked brown eyes and suddenly felt a rush of warmth.

Placing her hand in his, she let him help her out of the car.
He led her to the elevator and they rode it in silence to the
8th floor. The door opened and the man led Cara into the hallway
and to Apartment 807.

Cara's heart raced with excitement, her pussy flowed
down her inner thighs making her cotton panties drenched
with lust.

The dark apartment was very clean, burning candles filled
the room making shadows dance off the dark bronze painted
walls like specter's. The room was filled with leather
furniture and dark wood tables, a lush rug lay on a dark maple
floor. A fire blazed in a black marble fireplace, flames
licked behind the clear glass seductively.

A large overstuffed leather sofa was the center piece of
the room. The end table next to it held 3 crystal glasses
of amber liquid. Cara wondered why there where 3 instead
of two. Her feeling of dread starting to creep back into
her. She looked around the fire lit room for any clue as to
what would come next. Her pussy was screaming for attention
and she shifted trying not to rub her legs together and make
things worse.

"Take off your clothes" the man said blazing
deep into her brown eyes with his own.

Cara felt herself sag on weak legs, she steadied herself
against the arm of the overstuffed sofa. She appraised
the man for a second and then did as she was told. She set her
makeshift purse on the wood floor and grabbed the hem of
her dress. She pulled it up over her head and dropped it next
to her purse. She stood statue still her breasts still uncovered
having not put her bikini top back on before she left the

Suddenly feeling very self conscious, even though she
danced for men at Rick's for the last 4 months she couldn't
help feeling very shy. Her pussy burned with heat and desire
sending a flood down her inner thighs. She was frozen and
couldn't move, she wanted to do what the man asked but

"I think she needs your help" The man said into
a dark corner of the room.

A slim figure approached, her body lit by firelight. The
woman had olive skin, her breasts where small and hung high
on her chest. Her thin waist and tight stomach told Cara
she was is very good shape. The V between her legs was bare
leading down to dark labia's that hung between her
thighs. Shadows still covered her face but something about
the darkened figure seemed familiar.

"Sarah" Cara said in a gasp.

Sarah's dark face came into the light. Sarah's
face had none of the brightly colored make up on she usually
wore while dancing. Sarah looked beautiful and dark in
the low light of the living room. Her hair had been done in
wild waves making her look like a New York fashion model.
Sarah's full lips and dark narrow face making her look
almost Arabic. Cara had always seen Sarah drunk or high,
but now she seemed bright and alert.

Sarah moved silently to Cara and placed her fingers in the
waist band of her soaked white cotton panties. She slid
them over Cara's hips and slowly down her well muscled
legs. Cara pressed her thighs together and moved her left
leg slightly in front of her right. Her body became enflamed
with heat. Cara's breasts began to heave with her deep

Cara was naked in the man's living room. Her head was
spinning with thought of running and thoughts of staying.
She felt out of control yet safe. Seeing Sarah had been a
shock that quickly wore off as she melted back into the shadowed
corner leaving Cara standing alone.

She watched as the man walked over to an expensive looking
stereo. He pushed a button on it's console causing
music she had never heard before fill the room with it's
sensual beat.

Alyssia's "Churaliya" flowed out of the
large speakers

The woman sang in language she didn't know but her singing
moved Cara.

"Please dance for me Cara" Said the man. He walked
behind Cara and his scent sent her into another wave of passion.

She gasped

She began to slowly writhe her body standing in the same
spot. She slid her hands up her hips onto her stomach. She
ran the tips of her fingers up to the bottom of her large tits
and then to their sides.

"uuhhh" escaped from her

She ran her fingers around her breasts and then ran them
back down using the back of her hand. Her body moving side
to side with the sensual beat. She brought her hands to the
center of her breasts and than up each side of her neck into
her hair, pulling it. She tilted her head back feeling the
beat and moved her hands back down to her stomach. Her eyes
where closed and nothing seemed to matter but her body and
the song. She moved her body in slow snake like motions.
Her hands moved in between her legs and found her wet pussy.
Her finger brushed her clit sending her body into a little

"Please Sarah" Said the man sitting on the couch.

Hands slid onto Cara's breasts from behind. Cara was
intoxicated with lust and this only drove her deeper into
it. Sarah's nipples touched her back causing them
both to moan aloud. Sarah worked her slender fingers down
Cara's belly and found her hands between her thighs.
She intertwined her fingers into Cara's putting her
hands on top of hers. She moved Cara's hands onto the
top of her thighs and then to her hips.

Sarah moved her up Cara's waist and to her breasts.
Cara was breathing heavily and every new sensation brought
new pleasure she had never felt.

Sarah released her grip and and stepped away. She reached
for two glasses of the amber liquid on the end table and offered
one crystal glass to Cara. She helped bring it to Cara's
lips. Cara let the strong smelling liquid pass her lips
and fill her mouth. She swallowed and winced as the it burned
white hot in her belly. Sarah took the glass and drank hers
before setting them back on the end table.

"May I" Sarah asked looking at the man

He only nodded

A new song began to play more sensual then that last.

Joi's "Lick"

Cara shuddered not knowing if it was from the drink or the
fact that Sarah was looking at her with such deep passion.
Sarah grabbed her hands and slowly pulled her down to the
floor. Cara laid back on the floor as Sarah slid her body
over top of her.

Sarah's hard nipples grazed over her flesh. Cara was
drunk with the feeling of her body. She turned her head to
look at the man. He sat silently on the brown leather couch
in his suit, he held his glass and brought it to his lips taking
a sip. His face looked dark and his eyes shone with fire light.
He looked her deep in her soul.

Sarah's tongue danced over Cara's body leaving
moist hints where it had been. Her hot breath followed each
wet sensation. Sarah kissed her neck and sucked deeply
on her nipples.

Her chest rose and fell with each deep breath. Her body felt
the rough rug underneath her. She couldn't take her
eyes off of the man. She felt heat rush over her wet pussy.
Sarah had found her.

Sarah ran her tongue over her clit, light exploded behind
Cara's eyes. Her body felt out of control, her pussy
ran with need. Sarah gently sucked her long labia's
into her mouth and bit down softly with her teeth. She released
them and spread them apart with her fingers. Cara felt the
pressure of Sarah's tongue as is dug into her.

Cara arched her back and whimpered.

Sarah dove deeper into her.

Cara's body temperature had risen and she began to
sweat. She put her hands to her sides and pushed against
the floor for support. She felt as if the room was spinning
out of control. Sarah's mouth seemed to know what her
pussy needed.

The man's eyes burrowed into her own. He just sat there
holding his drink and watching her get pleasured.

Her blood boiled and she needed release, Sarah moved in
slow motions up to her pierced clit. She felt the wet warmth
and then sparks. Sarah nibbled her clit and pressured it
with her tongue.

'ooooohhhhhh" Cara let out

Her body began to move on it's own begging. The sounds
of her heart pounded in her ears, her hands grasping in vain
to gain purchase on the rug beneath her.

Her body tightened and her muscles started to hurt. Lights
flashed behind her eyes.

Cara threw her head back and screamed

"aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" her pussy
flooded over Sarah's hand and tongue. Her body quaked
and her soul caught fire. Her pussy was convulsing grasping
for anything to hold onto. The man became a blur as she sailed
through a sea of pleasure.

Seconds maybe minutes later the man came back into focus.
He smiled down on her.

"Get dressed Cara" he said

She didn't understand at first and struggled to sit
up. Sarah had gone and she was left alone on the floor. She
looked around but could not see anyone in the shadowed room.
She looked at the man wondering if she had done something
wrong. She would make it up to him no matter what it was.

The man didn't say anything and stared patiently at
her. Still unsure and shaky she grabbed her damp cotton
panties and put them on. She stood up and slipped her black
cover up back over her body. Never having taken off her shoes
she only needed to grab her purse.

"Did I do something wrong" She said in a whisper

"No" a deep gruff voice said

She did not understand. She didn't want to leave she
wanted to stay.

The man stood up and pulled a black car key out of his jacket
pocket. He crossed to the door and Cara knew he expected
her to follow.

They made their way down to the underground parking area
and to his black 4 door car. He held the back passenger door
open for her and she slid onto the tan leather seat. He started
the car and pulled out onto the desolate street. She stared
at his eyes in the rearview mirror, but they never looked
back. They drove in silence back to Rick's Cabaret
and pulled into the empty parking lot. He waited with the
car idling next to her little blue neon.

She wanted to say anything that would make him take her back.
She wanted to stay with him. When she couldn't find
the words she slowly got out of the car. She walked around
the front and looked into the windshield to the stone face
of a man.

She got in her car and started the engine.

When she looked up, she only saw his tail lights getting
back onto 3rd Avenue......................

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.

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Someone requested a lesbian story and someone else wanted
a control story so I put the idea's together. This is
something completely different than my last two stories
Flurries and Her first real kiss. Or at least I hope it is.
I hope you like it.

I posted a poll in my blog to get some idea of what you like
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Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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oh one last thing. I write these out with music so if you want
to enhance the story, listen to the songs or something
when it prompts you. adds to the fun.

Passion is not a part of life. It's the meaning of life.


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Very good story, we both enjoyed it