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Older man, Younger woman


I pulled the Kenworth into the driveway, drove it into its
spot next to the house, and shut down the big Cat diesel.
After checking everything out inside the cab, I grabbed
my bag from the sleeper, opened the door, and stepped out
into the chill Alaskan evening. I had just completed a three-day
run to Kenai and back; I was tired and smelled of diesel,
cigars, and stale coffee.
Out of reflex I locked the cab doors. This brought a chuckle
to my reeling brain as I stepped down from the cab of the truck,
"Who's going to break into this thing way out
here." I thought to myself as I walked around the big
rig to check out everything one more time.
Satisfied that everything was fine I plugged in the engine
and transmission warmers, walked briskly to the steps
and climbed up to the porch. I stopped there to take in the
solitude of the rural scene. After days of constant noise
and vibration the soft whisper of the breeze in the bare
branches of the alder and birch trees brought a smile to
my lips and peace to my heart.
As far as I could see in the chill December night there was
nothing to disturb my tranquility and peace. The northern
lights wove their trail across the clear night sky, forming
a translucent curtain over the innumerable stars in the
dark firmament.
I took a long deep breath, exhaled slowly, my breath forming
a thick cloud of vapor in the frigid night air, and reached
for the doorknob. It turned without much noise and I pushed
the door open and stepped into the welcome warmth of my house.

Putting my bag down on the landing, I hung my coat on the coat
rack before retrieving my bag and climbed the short flight
of stairs to the living room. I turned at the top of the stairs
and was in the process of walking to my bedroom when a voice
came out of no where, "How was your trip?" <br>
Startled out of my reverie I turned toward the couch and
saw Christine sitting there wrapped up in an old afghan,
with a drink in her hand. She raised her glass in salute and
took a big swig.
The movement of her arms caused the afghan to shift slightly,
exposing a sleek, bare shoulder. The afghan was a ratty
old thing my ex-wife had crocheted many years ago that I
used to cover the worn fabric on the back of the couch. It
was more holes than yarn and through the gaps in the fabric
I could see that she wasn't wearing much under the blanket,
just a light nightgown I surmised and little or nothing
I suppose that I gawked a bit longer than I realized because
I saw a smile slowly grow on Christine's lips and she
repeated her words slowly as if talking to a child, "How
was your trip?' Then added, "Did you have some
trouble? I figured that you'd be getting in earlier
today." <br>
I shook my head to clear my mind and turned to walk to my room.
"No trouble. Just the usual hurry up and wait."
I said as I walked away.
"That's good." She responded. "I
was about to get worried." <br>
That statement confused my muddled brain a bit because
we weren't all that close. Christine was my roommate,
Becky's, daughter. She had been living in the home
with us for a few months after being discharged from the
She was a pleasant enough young woman but we were not really
all that friendly. We just passed each other on our way in
or out, exchanged a few words in passing and got on with our
separate lives.
I'd known Chrissie and Becky for close to ten years
and we had always gotten along well enough, but I was not
exactly her favorite person in the whole world. She usually
just put up with my behavioral whimsies with a shake of a
disapproving head or a smirk of post adolescent superiority.

I stepped through the door to my room. "I didn't
know you cared." I quipped as I put the bag down on the
bed and began pulling dirty clothes from my bag and tossing
them casually into the hamper.
"Yeah, well." She began, "Truth is, I
need you to fix my car. It broke down today and it's sitting
in the parking lot at work." She finished.
"Figured it had to be something like that."
I said with a snort as I tossed the empty bag onto the floor
of the closet and stepped out into the hall.
"Now don't be so damn cynical John." She
countered as I strolled into the living room.
"Sorry, I'm just tired I think." I apologized
as I walked past her and into the kitchen.
"That's ok." She chuckled. "I figured
as much." Then she added, "There's a pitcher
of Margarita's in the fridge if you're thirsty."
"Is the bear catholic? Does the pope shit in the woods?"
I respond as I opened the fridge and pulled the almost full
pitcher from its place on the shelf.
I grabbed a glass from the dish rack and filled it to the rim.
I put the glass to my lips and took a good healthy pull. It
sure tasted good and it sure was strong. "Tastes good."
I called over my shoulder.
"You don't have to yell." She replied from
much closer than I expected.
I turned my head and saw her standing just a few feet away
leaning on the doorframe to the kitchen. She still had the
drink in her hand and the afghan wrapped tightly around
I turned around, leaned back on the counter, and ran my tired
eyes over her appreciatively. Christine, or Chrissie
as I called her was definitely a lovely lady not beautiful
but definitely easy on the eyes.
She stood around five foot nine with honey blonde hair.
She had a firm muscular body with a nice tight stomach below
a pair of exemplary boobs that appeared very firm. She was
a bit of a loner but never seemed to lack for male companionship
when she wanted the attention. She was selective with her
companions I guess you could say. She might go weeks without
dating and then go through a half dozen young swags in a week
of debauchery when she had the urge. The horn rim glasses
she normally wore may have made her look a little bookish,
but I knew for a fact that she loved a good party and a good
"Cheers." I said as I lifted my glass in a salute.

"Cheers." She responded and we both lifted
our drinks to our lips.
I drained half of my drink in one gulp then pulled the glass
down to once more take in Chrissie's scenery. She still
had her glass to her lips and was in the process of draining
her drink.
With her arm raised the afghan had fallen open exposing
a pale blue nightgown that was nearly see through. Just
like a barbed wire fence it protected the property but didn't
obstruct the view. From where I stood I could see a fair amount
of delectable cleavage and the round expanse of the side
of one breast that nearly pushed past the strap of her nightgown.
The faint tantalizing outline of her aureole and the imprint
of her nipples against the sheer blue fabric made me catch
my breath and stare.
I could feel my breath quicken, my mind whirl, and my dick
begin to harden. "Damn, I need to get laid more often!"
I thought to myself before pulling my gaze away from her
rather pleasant mammary. I raised the glass to my lips once
more, drained its contents before turning around to pick
up the pitcher and refill the glass once more.
I was just picking my glass up from the counter when Chrissie
quipped, "What's a girl gotta do to get a refill
around here?" <br>
I turned my head and saw Chrissie standing there with her
glass extended toward me. She wiggled her empty glass to
let me know that she was waiting for a refill.
"I don't know, let me think on that a bit."
I replied slowly. I paused for a second as if contemplating
the possibilities and then I retorted, "How about
a little table dance for the master of the house?"
I said this with a leering grin as I turned with the pitcher
to refill her empty glass.
Her glass topped off she replied, "Thanks. But I don't
give table dances to dirty old men." She laughed as
she pulled the afghan back together and turned back toward
the living room.
As she moved away she did a little wiggle and shimmied her
ass in my direction. "You think that'll do ya?"
She asked as she walked briskly back toward the couch.
"I guess it'll have to do." I said as I put
down my drink and turned my attention to building myself
a little snack.
I made myself a sandwich, grabbed some chips and sat down
at the kitchen table to eat. The simple food tasted good
after three days of coffee, cigars, and little else. When
I finished the meal I pushed the plate away, got up to make
myself a cup of instant coffee, then returned to the table.
Sipping at the warm coffee my brain slipped into a contemplative
phase and I began to consider the whys and wherefores of
my recent life.
All in all things could be a lot worse right now. I was in good
health, my house and land were all paid for and my truck was
the only bill that I had.
I kept busy these days. In fact business had been a bit too
good and had kept me on the road so much that I had virtually
no personal life at all. Sure there was the occasional one
nighter or drunken tryst with a hooker. But, those were
even becoming rare. Not many women wanted a relationship
predicated on sex in the sleeper of a semi in some unlit rest
area. And I was getting too old to take any risks with getting
some disease from some old scraggly whore.
My wife had left me on Christmas a couple of years ago and
I'd never bothered to get a replacement. I had returned
from a run to Seattle to find the house empty, my bank account
stripped and a note saying that she was on her way to L. A.
to live with her sister. The note went on a bit over two pages
but the gist of it was that she was tired of never having a
man around when she needed one. I guess the life of the wife
of a long haul trucker was not an easy one.
Shortly after Linda, my wife, walked out Becky had moved
in. Becky and I had been on again off again lovers for many
years. Life on the road is at its best lonely and you learn
to get love where you can, even if it's not at home.
At first Becky and I were red-hot lovers and shared many
mad nights of unrestrained lust. But the passion soon waned
and now we were just friends, fuck friends she called us
because we occasionally, when our schedules allowed and
our needs dictated, shared each other's beds.
Becky worked part time as a waitress in the local roadhouse
but most of the time she was a pilot car driver for a local
trucking company. She was gone from home almost as much
as I was so our paths seldom crossed these days. But, when
we were home together, the bedsprings generally got a good
work out.
Chrissie was Becky's only kid. I had known her since
she was in junior high, so she was almost like a daughter
or niece to me. She grew up wild and had been hell on wheels
as an adolescent but the Army had straightened her out.

Chrissie had done a stint in the service right after high
school. She had just gotten out maybe five months ago, and
had moved back home to Alaska.
She had moved in with us until she could put together a grubstake.
She worked as an office temp when the work came up and as a
waitress and bartender in one of the local watering holes
when she needed to. She was looking for a place of her own
in town, but hadn't found anything yet.
I didn't mind Chrissie being around, hell, I barely
saw her most of the time. She worked long, hard hours and
she didn't get in my way much when she was around. She
was more than welcome to remain here but she seemed pretty
keen about living on her own; the living arrangements here
were a bit strained sometimes for her I guess.
Chrissie had slept on the couch for a while after she had
moved in, but it didn't take long for me to realize that
we all needed a bit more privacy and I had converted a portion
of the basement to a bedroom for her. This arrangement gave
her privacy for when she entertained the men in her life.
Over the first few weeks I had been surprised way too many
times in the middle of the night when I stepped out to get
a snack from the kitchen and found her in a compromising
position with a local stud on the floor of the living room.

I recalled one night in particular. I had stumbled out of
my bedroom to get myself a drink and had taken maybe three
steps into the living room when I became aware of impassioned
grunts coming from the other side of the room. I stopped
stock-still and looked in the direction of the grunting.

With the faint light from the full moon cascading through
the picture window I could readily make out the forms of
two figures locked in throes sexual intimacy. It was fairly
obvious that one of the forms was Chrissie and I had no idea
who the other figure was, but whoever it was, definitely
was having a good time doing Chrissie doggy style.
They were turned at an angle to me so they had no idea that
I was there. All I could see was the bare buttocks of the man
thrusting again and again toward the hind end of Chrissie
and the bounce of Chrissie's full breasts as each thrust
slapped home in her.
I watched for a minute or two, enthralled by the scene before
me. I was a bit drunk and I even thought about asking if I could
join in the fun. But I didn't, instead I just walked
to the kitchen, grabbed my bottle of tequila off the counter
and quietly retraced my steps to the bedroom to resume my
nocturnal activity with Becky.
To my knowledge Chrissie had any inkling that I had witnessed
her carnal activities that night. But, sometimes my fantasy
that she had actually known that I stood there watching
her as she got a good fucking and had continued the show just
for me, made my masturbation in the darkened sleeper of
the truck much more satisfying.
"You going to be anti social or something?"
Chrissie called from the living room.
"Nope." I replied as I stood up from the table
and picked up the empty plate. "Just day dreaming."
I finished as I sat the plate in the sink and picked up the
half filled pitcher of margaritas from the counter.
I walked into the living room and gestured with the pitcher
toward Chrissie. ""Ya need a refill?"
I asked.
Chrissie simply raised her glass in response. I walked
to her and topped off her drink before turning to my chair
and sitting down. I refilled my own glass and leaned forward
to place the now nearly empty pitcher on the coffee table.

"Where's your Mom?" I asked as I leaned
back in my over stuffed easy chair.
"She's on a run up to the north slope, and then
maybe down to Anchorage." Chrissie replied as she
pulled her glass from her lips. "She'll be back
in a four or five days." She concluded softly.
"Sounds good." I said, before continuing,
"How come you're home tonight. I thought that
you were working Thursday nights at the Roadhouse."
"Yeah I was. But it was so slow that they let me go home
early." She took a sip and continued, "Then
my car wouldn't start so I had to hitch a ride home with
one of the cooks. End of story." <br>
I chuckled at that; she had picked that ‘end of story'
thing up sometime when she was in the Army. It was her way
of ending the discussion of something distasteful or disturbing.

"Ok, I'll take a look at it in the morning."
I responded as I lifted my glass to my lips.
We sat there in silence drinking our drinks. My eyes kept
fluttering closed and try as I might to stay awake I must
have dozed off for a while because I was startled awake when
I felt something brush lightly against my knee.
I opened my eyes suddenly and jerked awake. I looked up and
directly into the eyes of a lovely young lady. "Sorry."
She said as she leaned over. "I didn't mean to
wake you. I just made a fresh pitcher and figured you might
want a refill." <br>
Chrissies leg continued its contact with my knee. I could
feel the gentle warmth of her body through my jeans. I felt
my skin warm as faint desire coursed through my body. I shook
my head to clear away the cobwebs. "How long have I
been asleep?" I croaked in an attempt to take my mind
off my undeniable desire for Chrissie.
"Not long, maybe an hour or so." She replied
as she filled my glass to the top.
"Damn, must be more tired than I thought." I
replied as I reached for my drink.
"Maybe you should go to bed." She stated as she
returned to the couch, put down the fresh pitcher on the
coffee table, and snuggled back into her spot.
"Nope, too early." I said before lifting my
glass to my lips.
"Then I guess that I'll have to entertain you.
Don't want you to doze off again." She said as
she folded her legs up underneath herself and pulled the
afghan tight around her body.
"What do you have in mind?" I inquired lustily.
"Ya gonna do a table dance or something?" <br>
"I told ya before, no table dances here." She
declared. "You're just going to have to settle
for some sterling conversation." She finished before
launching into a brisk dialogue of her life and loves of
the moment.
Chrissies voice faded into a drone in my head. She talked
on and on, all the while drinking and gesturing. Occasionally
her movements would cause the afghan to fall away and I would
get a glimpse of cleavage as her breasts swayed with the
motion of her arms.
Her skin was almost translucent and looked flawless to
my tired and inebriated eyes. She was constantly repositioning
the afghan up or pulling at the straps of her nightgown as
it continually tried to slide off of her body.
I watched, enthralled, as small portions of her body were
momentarily exposed to my view. At one point one entire
side of her gown fell away and I got a clear view of her large
brown aureole and very erect nipple. The friction of her
skin against the fabric of her nightgown must have stimulated
her because her nipple stood out like a long stiff eraser
above the rosette of rosy brown skin of the aureole. She
quickly and unselfconsciously pulled the strap back into
place, but from that point on I couldn't seem to tear
my eyes away from the way that her nipples strained against
the translucent fabric of her baby blue night gown.
I quickly was becoming extremely aroused as I watched her
animated movements. I could sense my pulse rate rise and
my breathing became ragged. The flesh of my little man became
engorged and soon strained against the fabric of my jeans.

Once when Chrissie momentarily ceased her narrative,
I tore my eyes from Chrissies heaving breasts, looked up
and at her face and caught her gazing raptly at the bulge
in my jeans.
For some bizarre reason I became self-conscious at her
attention and quickly crossed my legs. I watched as a knowing
smile crossed her face at my discomfiture. Still smiling
she leaned forward on the couch and reached out toward the
pitcher on the coffee table. She let the afghan fall away
from her shoulders as she leaned over to lift the pitcher
from the coffee table to pour her self another drink.
She seemed to lean over a bit more than need be as she reached
for the pitcher of margaritas. With the afghan out of the
way the only thing between my staring eyes and Chrissie's
alabaster skin was the translucent fabric of her light
blue nightgown. The gown was a soft billowing garment that
hung loosely on Chrissies body. As she leaned over her nightgown
fell away from her body and I got a clear view of Chrissies
very attractive breasts.
I sucked in a ragged breath as her tits came into view. Her
nipples were indeed stimulated, they stood out long and
hard and rosy from pale white iridescence of her skin. I
must have stared holes in Chrissie's soft flesh as
she slowly refilled her glass.
She stopped her pouring when her glass was perhaps three
fourths full and simply held the pitcher still. At that
point I tore my gaze from her breasts and moved my attention
to her face to discover that Chrissie was looking directly
into my eyes.
I let out a soft gasp of embarrassment at being caught leering
at her boobs. My soft gasp brought a broader smile to her
lips and I felt a flush of embarrassment rise up and color
my face. Chrissie simply smiled disarmingly at me and finished
topping off her drink.
I yanked my eyes from her succulent flesh. For some reason
I felt sullied for looking so lustily at Chrissie's
boobs. I was thirty years older than she was and I had known
her for so long that I felt almost like she was family. The
desire that now rose in my loins disturbed me on many levels,
but most of all it embarrassed me because I didn't think
that I had a chance to get her into bed anyway. All in all I
felt like some pathetic, drunken pervert lusting after
a young girl with no chance of the lust being reciprocated.

I lifted my gaze to the ceiling and let out a long sigh. "Damn."
I muttered to myself. "Maybe I should go to bed after
all." <br>
"You need a refill?" I heard Chrissie ask with
a chuckle.
I looked down from the ceiling and realized that she had
gotten up and was standing right in front of me with the pitcher
in her hand. As I was about to decline her offer of a refill
she leaned over and topped off my glass. The soft fabric
of her nightgown fell away once more as she leaned in to top
off my glass and I got another clear close up view of her flawless
breasts and rosy colored nipples.
The view down her gown afforded me a view of a broad expanse
of alabaster skin from the curve of her shoulder to the lace
of her light blue colored bikini panties. As I stared at
her exposed body, her skin took on a slight flush and I could
swear that gooseflesh appeared on the velvet skin of her
lovely boobs. Maybe it was the chill of the room, maybe it
The world could have exploded at that moment and I wouldn't
have noticed. Like any truly dirty old man my entire attention
was focused on Chrissie's seemingly perfect skin
and swaying breasts. I watched enthralled as her breasts
jiggled with the movement of her arms as she poured my drink.
The jiggle snapped me back to reality and I looked up to gaze
into the deep blue of her amused eyes.
Chrissie gazed teasingly back at me and her lips spread
in a broad grin. Slowly she straightened up and turned to
place the pitcher back on the coffee table. As she turned
the afghan fell from her shoulders and she had to bend over
to pick it up.
She slowly bowed to grab the blanket from the floor and I
was only a few inches removed from Chrissies shapely ass.
It might have been my inebriated state but I could have sworn
that she held the pose an awfully long time, and maybe even
swayed theatrically before me. Of course it might have
been me that swayed though, after all I was a bit tipsy and
a lot tired.
Chrissie slowly picked the afghan from the floor and slowly
wrapped it around her body. "How about you taking
me out on the town? I need some excitement tonight, maybe
a little dancing or something." She said as she pulled
the afghan tight around her body and turned back toward
me. "Please, please, please, please, I promise I'll
be good." She begged with a little girls pout.
"Sorry baby." I stated slowly. "I'm
just too fucking tired for that right now. Anything that
is going to happen will have to happen here or not at all."
I yawned widely and leaned back in the chair.
"Some boyfriend you are. But I guess I'll have
to live with it." Chrissie declared teasingly.
"Didn't know that I was your boyfriend."
I said stifling another yawn.
"One of many." She said coyly. "That is
if you want to be one." She chuckled as she turned toward
the couch.
"Sure, might be fun. You can be my best girl and I'll
be your boyfriend. What do you have in mind?" I said
quietly but not without interest.
She stopped and seemed deep in thought for a moment and then
responded, "How about a little dancing?"
"Sure." I replied groggily. "But only
here, I'm not going anywhere right now." I added
Chrissie turned and walked to the stereo. She turned on
the FM and a soft rock station came on. There was a soft ballad
playing and she began to sway with the music. I watched as
she let the afghan slide slowly from her shoulders and then
tossed it casually onto the couch. Then she turned toward
me and opened her arms wide in invitation.
I pushed myself out of the chair and staggered into Chrissies
open arms. She wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled her
lithe body tight against mine and leaned her head against
my shoulder. I felt her breath on the short hairs of my neck
and sensed my skin prickle with goose flesh.
I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her even tighter
against me. Our thighs rubbed against each other as we slowly
moved to the warm rhythms of the romantic tune playing on
the radio. I felt my pulse rise and could have sworn that
I heard Chrissie sigh softly as my hands caressed the soft
flesh of her firm back.
My still rock hard shaft rubbed against her crotch as we
swayed to the music. I know she had to feel it press against
the silken fabric of her gown and rub against the hot skin
of her stomach just above her mons veneris.
My hands slowly coursed over Chrissies soft flesh, slowly
and sensually massaging the firm flesh of her back. My hands
sliding down the velvet skin until I held the soft flesh
of her firm buttocks in my calloused grasp.
I slightly bent my knees to bring my rigid member into contact
with the searing warmth of her cunt and slowly pulled her
body closer to mine. I felt the warmth of her breath on my
neck continue and its cadence seemed to increase with our
bodies contact, And I knew that her body seemed to rub against
mine more insistently with the added contact.
I gently caressed the soft flesh of her ass, pulling her
crotch tight against mine. Chrissie gently moaned, "Ummmmm."
And gently kissed the sensitive skin of my neck.
Chrissie's moan should have spurred me on to greater
heights of sensual massage, but what it actually did was
make me aware of whom I was holding and caused me to pull my
hands away from the tactile delights of Chrissies lovely
Chrissie kissed me lightly on the neck; I felt her tongue
burn the skin of my neck and then the sharp pain as she lightly
bit me. She slowly ground her crotch against mine, pushing
her hot cunt tight against my ragingly hard cock.
She pulled her hand from my neck and ran it down my right arm
until it rested on my right hand. She slowly pushed my unresisting
hand back down until it rested on the cheek of her butt. "Go
ahead Johnny boy. I think it'll be all right this one
time. After all I am your best girl friend, right?"
"Mmmm yeah, my very best." I growled as I gently
cupped her firm ass once more in my eager hand.
I pulled her crotch closer against mine as we danced. I could
hear her breath coming in rapid gasps as I rubbed my dick
against the warmth of her cunt. The heat of her arousal was
easy to sense through the thin fabric of her clothing. I
could even smell the scent of her sex as we danced.
I kissed her cheek softly and she raised her lips to mine.
Her lips touched mine and our mouths melted into one squirming
I thrust my tongue between her lips and pushed into her mouth.
She tasted of margarita, sweet and pungent. Our tongues
moved against each other and she pushed her tongue hard
against mine and forced it into my mouth where I sucked on
it avidly.
Her hand went to the back of my head and pulled me even closer
as she hungrily my mouth with her frenzied tongue.
"Mmmmmph, ummmmm, ummmmm, ungh." She grunted
into my mouth as we kissed violently.
I pulled Chrissie as tight against me as I could manage.
Our kiss was violent with repressed passion as we ground
our bodies together.
My rock hard cock rubbed against her warm moist cunt. The
sensation of our contact caused my cock to throb with increasing
insistency until I couldn't hold back anymore and
I exploded into my underwear.
Chrissie pulled her lips from mine and buried her face in
the crux of my neck. "Unnnngh, unnnngh, uuuuunph!"
she grunted softly into my skin as I felt the muscles of her
ass flex and her body quiver against me. She quaked for a
minute or more as she convulsed in a massive orgasm before
she went limp in my arms. I held her for a minute her lips wet
against my skin and then she pulled back and said, "Whew!
No more slow dancing. It's too dangerous."
"Yeah sure. Whatever you say baby." I breathlessly
but reluctantly agreed. Then I said as I stepped away from
our warm embrace, "I need to clean up. I feel all sticky
from the run." I lied and walked quickly bedroom and
its adjoining bathroom where I frantically stripped off
my clothes and wiped the semen from my legs.
"I hope Chrissie didn't realize what happened."
I thought to myself and then promptly laughed. I hadn't
cum in my pants like that since I was in high school. "I
need to get laid more often." I thought to myself as
I began to remove my cum filled pants.
I pulled my clothes off and tossed them into the hamper.
Then I walked into the adjoining bathroom and ran a nice
warm shower. I stepped into the shower and carefully washed
my legs and genitals free of semen. Then I washed my hair
and rinsed my body down well.
I looked into the mirror as I toweled dry and realized that
I needed a shave and broke out the electric shaver. It buzzed
soothingly as I removed the two days stubble from my face.
After splashing on some after-shave I walked back into
my bedroom, pulled a pair of boxers out of my drawer and pulled
them on. "I like jockeys better." I heard Chrissie's
voice from behind me.
I must have jumped a mile because Chrissie chuckle softly.
I turned and saw her standing in the door holding two drinks.
She extended the hand with my drink in it and said, "Here,
this'll steady your nerves." <br>
I stepped toward her and took the proffered drink. I guess
that unconsciously at the same time I must have tried to
cover up the evidence of my rapidly hardening cock. "Don't
worry." She said, "I've seen men naked
more times than I can count." Chrissie slurred dismissively.

I thought about that for a second, put the glass down on the
nightstand, turned around and started to pull my boxers
off, "You like jockeys do you? Well, I'll just
change then." <br>
"Oh shit, I was just kidding!" She exclaimed
as she started to turn away.
"Getting shy on me, huh baby?" I said as I tossed
the still warm boxers at her. She caught them in her free
hand and turned to toss them at me just in time to see me lean
over and get a pair of jockey shorts out of the drawer. I watched
her face in the mirror as I bent over, slipped the jockeys
on, and pulled the underwear mostly up.
Her gaze seemed to be riveted to my muscular ass as I slowly
straightened up. I knew that my semi rigid dick must have
been clearly visible to her in the mirror. I watched her
expression reflected in the mirror, her eyes were wide
with desire and she nervously licked her lips.
I brought the waistband to a point just below my genitals
and held the pose for a few seconds. Chrissie lifted her
drink to her lips and took a quick sip. Her hand seemed to
shake a little as she lowered the glass to waist level once
more and her face was flushed with more than the effects
of the alcohol.
With the waistband of the shorts touching the sack of my
balls I turned slowly around. I kept my semi rigid cock extended
over the top of my jockeys, an open invitation for sexual
action. I was horny as hell right now and wanted to have sex
with Chrissie in the worst way. I was hoping that Chrissie
would reciprocate my desire.
Chrissie's gaze didn't flinch one bit as my rapidly
hardening meat came into full view. I stroked my penis lightly
as I commenced tucking it away. I watched as Chrissie inhaled
deeply, lifted her drink to her lips where she shakily took
a sip, and then as she lowered the glass once more to breast
level nervously lick her lips.
I smirked inwardly as I watched Chrissies spellbound expression.
My own breath was coming raggedly and a flush of desire swept
over my body. I stood motionless for a minute or more and
then I pulled the tidy-whities over my eight-inch semi
rigid cock.
I slowly tucked my obstinate dick inside my jockeys, snapped
the elastic waistband against my stomach. I watched Chrissie
intently as I slowly reached down and adjusted the cup of
the shorts around my balls and patted the ever-increasing
bulge in my underwear.
Chrissie stood motionless, staring at the growing bulge
in my shorts. She nervously licked her lips, and took a brief
sip from her drink before finally ripping her gaze away
from my now very rigid cock.
Chrissie shook her head to clear her mind, spun briskly
away and headed rapidly down the hall saying over her shoulder,
"Come on out to the living room so that we can talk."
"We can talk here." I chuckled.
"No we can't." She stated emphatically.

I grabbed my drink and sauntered casually into the living
room. I stood there for a moment, raising my drink to my lips
before I sat down in my usual chair across from her.
Chrissie was sitting on the couch, her legs folded up on
the cushion, her drink in her hand. "Why are you sitting
all the way over there?" She asked as she reached out
and patted the couch next to her. "Come over here with
me so we can talk." <br>
"Ok sweetie." I replied and rose from my chair
and walked across the room to the couch.
I sat down on the couch and slid up close to her. Chrissie
put her arm through mine and leaned in close to me placing
her head on my shoulder. "Doesn't this feel good?"
She slurred as she pulled herself closer to me.
"Yeah, it feels real good." I agreed. And it
did. With Chrissies arm through mine she was holding my
arm tight against the firm yet soft flesh of her lovely breasts.
I sipped at my drink, as my dick got progressively harder.

Chrissie sipped her drink too and each movement of her body
served to rub her soft mammary against my arm. I watched
her face and she seemed to be staring fixedly at the bulge
of my rising manhood in my jockeys. Chrissies breath came
raggedly and I watched as her nipples strained against
the sheer fabric of her nightgown.
She lifted her chin and said warmly, "Thanks for the
dance cowboy." Then she placed a warm kiss on my cheek.

"No problem little lady." I drawled in response.

Chrissie nestled her head against my shoulder and put her
glass on the end table. We sat there in silence for a couple
of minutes, the warmth of our bodies filling the void in
the conversation. Our ragged breathing was the punctuation
in our unspoken conversation. I idly ran my fingers over
her soft thigh. The texture of her nightgown between her
skin and mine felt like silk beneath my calloused fingertips.

Chrissie idly ran her free hand over the hair on my forearm.
The tender stroking of her finger tips a gentle tickle on
my skin.
Suddenly she lifted her cheek from my skin and said, "Oh
yeah, I almost forgot." Then she released my arm,
leaned to the side and reached between the arm of the couch
and the end table. When her hand reappeared it held a bright
red sack with a bow on it. "I got this for you. Merry
Christmas." She said with a grin as she plopped it
on my lap.
I was speechless as I looked at my improbable gift. "Well
open it." She said perfunctorily.
I pulled the bag open and reached inside. I found a bottle
and pulled it out. "I got you a little Irish Cream for
your morning coffee. I hope you like it." Chrissie
said with a smile.
"Great!" I exclaimed, "Thanks a lot."
"Sure, my pleasure." She said brightly. "You've
been really good to me since I got out of the Army. I just want
you to know how much I appreciate all you've done."
She paused for a second and then tumbled on, "I know
that I'm not the easiest person to live with and I want
you to know that I appreciate how you've put up with
me and all." <br>
"No problem." I said uncomfortably as I tried
to figure out a way to explain that I hadn't gotten her
"Don't worry if you didn't get me anything."
She rushed on. "Just having a roof over my head in gift
enough." <br>
It was then that I remembered a box catching dust on the shelf
of the closet in my office. It was a gift that I'd gotten
for my ex-wife on the last run before she left me. I tried
to get her a gift from every one of my trips, I guess to make
up for my never being home. This trip I had picked up something
for her in Seattle and brought it home only to find an empty
house and a note.
She had taken off with all the other Christmas gifts I had
gotten her that year when she left. I guess she figured that
she deserved them even if she was dumping me. Anyway, I had
kept that one gift, a medium box in green wrapping paper,
and tossed it on the shelf in the office. I didn't know
what was in the box, some clothing I think, but I figured
a gift was a gift, and Chrissie deserved it more than the
dust bunnies in my closet.
"Sure, I got you something." I said quickly.
"I stashed it in my office so you wouldn't find
it." I finished as I disengaged my arm from hers and
rose reluctantly from the couch.
I strode the few steps down the hall to my office. I opened
the door, turned on the light, and walked to the closet.
When I opened the door I was relieved to see that the green
package was still on the shelf where I left it two years ago.

I lifted the box from the shelf and blew off the dust before
gently shaking it. There was no rattling sound so I figured
that it must be a sweater or something. If it was clothing
then I was lucky because Chrissie was just about the same
size as my ex. I checked the box for labels and finding none
I stepped to the desk, slapped on a blank address label,
grabbed a pen and wrote, ‘To Chrissie with love'
And signed it ‘John'.
I walked out the door and returned to the living room. With
a toothy grin on my face I handed the box to Chrissie and said,
"I hope it fits and you like it." <br>
"Thanks!" She gushed as she reached for the
box. "I'm sure I'll love it." She giggled
as she tore at the wrapping paper with child like abandon.

She finally got all of the paper off and lifted the top of
the box, "Oh, I love it!" she squealed with glee.

I tried to look into the box but Chrissie quickly closed
the top up before I could see anything. She seemed to like
the present and I would have liked to have an inkling of what
I gave her.
"Well try it on." I said helpfully hoping that
she would pull it out so that I could see it.
"Ok." She gushed and she promptly jumped up
from the couch and ran down the hall to the main bathroom.

I watched her retreating form with definite admiration
until it was out of sight down the hallway. Then I turned
my attention back to my drink and awaited her return.
I didn't really know what was in the box that I had given
her but she was taking forever with whatever was. I drank
slowly from my glass and after a short while got really bored
so I picked up the remote and turned on the TV.
I kept the sound off on the television and watched the video
while enjoying the music from the oldies station on the
stereo. The soothing sound of the soft rock brought back
memories of my misspent youth when things at least appeared
There wasn't much on the tube tonight, so I aimlessly
surfed the stations hoping that something would grab my
interest. Nothing did so I ended up watching an infomercial
about making a fortune doing nothing for a few minutes.

"Close your eyes." Chrissie called from the
"Why?" I asked, somewhat perturbed.
"Don't ask, just do it." She ordered.
"OK, OK!" I responded and hit the power button
for the TV before closing my eyes.
"Well, I guess it wasn't a pair of Birkenstocks."
I thought to myself.
I settled back on the couch and waited. In a matter of seconds
I heard scraping of something on the carpet and the soft
swish of silk. The faint aroma of perfume followed this
from close range.
"Ok, open your eyes." Chrissie said from directly
in front of me.
On cue I opened my eyes and involuntarily gasped at the vision
in front of me. I blinked my eyes in disbelief and gasped,
"Damn!" <br>
Chrissie stood facing me, her hands clasped demurely in
front of her. She was wearing seductive looking lingerie,
all red with soft white fur for trim. My eyes started at about
knee level and traveled up.
Her legs were encased in red lace stockings with a small
gap of skin between the top of her stockings and the crotch
of what appeared to be a sheer red thong topped with a thin
band of soft white fur.
Above that was a long sleeved top and that was almost transparent.
The collar and cuffs of the sleeves were trimmed with white
fur. The top or gown was held together at the collar by two
thin strings that Chrissie had tied into a bow. Two white
balls dangled from strings and hung down enticingly between
her breasts almost to her exposed navel.
A fur trimmed Santa hat sat on her honey colored locks, the
white fur ball hanging down to her shoulder. She had a quizzical
smile on her face and watched me intently as my gaze traveled
over her body.
On the way back down her body my eyes voraciously devoured
every curve. Stopping to gaze appreciatively at her jutting
breasts. Moving past them to her hands still grasped together
at the waist. Then moving down all the way to the sexy red
high heels on her feet.
"Well what do you think?" She demanded.
"Whoa! Sexy!" I managed to gasp finally.
"I was hoping you'd feel that way." She
said with obvious relief. "This lingerie is so sexy,
and the perfume must have set you back a load too."
She continued.
"Yeah, you look pretty damn sexy in it too."
I said breathlessly. "Give me a little twirl and let
me see the merchandise." <br>
Chrissie smiled and slowly turned around. I could clearly
see the outline of her buttocks through the sheer fabric
of the jacket, and the outline of her pert breasts when she
was in profile. When she faced me once more I said, "Why
don't you move your hands and let me see the rest of the
package?" <br>
I could see her flush slightly and she unclenched her hands.
When she moved her hands to her sides the gown parted and
I could see the flat expanse of her stomach and the furred
top of the sheer red thong. My gaze traveled slowly up her
torso and came to rest on the cleavage of Chrissie's
pert breasts, which was partly obscured by the fur balls
hanging like diminutive pom-poms from the silken cord
holding the jacket in place.
"You're drooling." Chrissie said flippantly.

"Your right." I responded huskily.
Chrissie picked up her now half filled glass and took a long
drink before bending over to grab the pitcher for a refill.
Each of her movements exposed portions of her lithe, young,
body to my enraptured gaze. She walked to the stereo and
turned up the volume. There was a hard driving song from
a long gone era by Rod Stewart, If You Think I'm Sexy,
I think is the title and Chrissie started to dance to the
tune like some stripper on a runway.
I drank steadily as she moved to the beat, spinning around
so that the top spun out and exposing the bottoms of her breasts
and the firm cheeks of her ass amongst other wonders. In
mid spin Chrissie stumbled and almost spilled her drink
and she stopped suddenly and attempted to steady herself
before she fell down.
"Whew, that makes your head spin." She said
lightly as she raised the glass to her lips.
"It made mine spin I know that." I husked as I
took a long sip from my own drink.
Chrissie chuckled softly and asked, "Would you like
to see the package unwrapped?" <br>
"Oh yeah!" I responded lustily.
She raised her hands to the white-fur balls and gazing at
me like a cat watching a canary slowly pulled on the balls.
The bow in the silk string shrank to nothingness and the
top of the jacket fell apart.
The collar of the jacket parted slightly and allowed my
ravenous eyes to feast on the deep valley beneath her surprisingly
large breasts. I sat mesmerized as Chrissie stepped back
two small steps and turned her back to me. She turned her
head so that she could watch me over her shoulder and slowly
slid the jacket off of her shoulders and half way down her
upper arms.
The creamy flesh of her shoulders and back seemed to beckon
to me and she theatrically rotated her shoulder like a seductive
siren in an old film. A smile spread across Chrissie's
face as she watched the lust grow in my enthralled gaze.

I slow ballad came on the radio and Chrissie slowly swayed
to the tune. She lowered her hands to breast level and from
the movement of her arms she seemed to be caressing her tits.
I dearly wished that it was my hands on her breasts and my
cock almost forced its way through the thin fabric of my
Chrissie closed her eyes and ran her tongue seductively
over her soft lips. As she did this she began to swing her
hips in an exaggerated manner to the tune of the song. I sat
there mesmerized, my breathing ragged, and my skin flushed
with desire. I raised my glass to my lips and took a brief
sip from the now tepid liquid.
She turned her face away from me and slowly lowered her arms
to her side. Encourage by the force of gravity, the jacket
slid slowly down her arms, over her hands, finally landing
in a pool of red at her feet. I gazed enraptured at the flawless
line of her back and the heart shaped contour of her sweet
Chrissie stood swaying as she ran her hands over her stomach
and breasts. I could only see her rear view directly, but
I quickly realized that I could see the faint outline of
her reflection in the TV set and she looked delectable.
I watched her reflection in the TV like she had watched mine
in the bedroom mirror. I'm sure that she was fully aware
of the show she was putting on and indeed its effect on me
because I noticed that she was watching my reflection in
the TV too.
She stroked her hands over her skin until they rested on
her firm breasts. As I watched her reflection, she closed
her eyes and turned slowly to face me.
She opened her eyes and began to massage her breasts with
her fingers. Through the gaps between her digits I could
make out creamy skin and very erect nipples. I watched mesmerized
as she slowly slid her hands off of her firm breasts and onto
the taut skin of her stomach. Her fingers danced enticingly
across the alabaster skin of her midsection and onto the
red silk fabric of the g-string thong.
Her hands slid down the small triangle of cloth until they
reached the crux of her thighs. She teasingly stroked her
fingers over the thong, moving across the fabric just barely
covering the pouting lips of her pussy.
The fabric covering her cunt was stained a darker color
by the flowing juices of her passion. She slowly ran her
fingers across this darker area, pushing the thin fabric
tight against her crotch, exposing the pink pouting lips
of her labia to my enraptured gaze.
"Mmmmngh." I gasped involuntarily at the view.

"Mmmm, you like?" Chrissie inquired in a deep
throaty voice.
"Oh yeah." I was barely able to grunt between
rasping breaths.
She pulled her fingers from her cunt and slowly drew them
up the fabric of the thong. When she reached the fur lined
top she slowly thrust both hands deep beneath the fabric
of the g-string. I watched as her fingers wriggled beneath
the sheer cloth and came to rest on the warm moist lips of
her pussy.
She massaged her slit for a second or two before she slowly
pulled her hands out from beneath the small red triangle
that covered her delightful cunt. She hooked her thumbs
under the strings of the thong and ran her hands to her hips.
Then pulling the strings away from her body she pushed the
thong down, slowly exposing more of her delights until
she finally released it and let the thong drop to the floor.

I ran my tongue nervously over my fevered lips as I gazed
at Chrissies sweet slit. It was partly shaved but had a tuft
of hair concealing the pink lips of her cunt. The remaining
hair was neatly trimmed and was short enough that I could
readily make out the emerging head of Chrissie's engorged
clitoris. As I watched, she ran her hands over her stomach
and they came to rest on her cunt. She placed one hand on either
side of her gash and pulled the labia lips apart, exposing
the full extent of her pink slit to my enraptured gaze.
My breath was coming in ragged gasps and I felt like I was
going to cum in my shorts again. I reached down and ran one
hand across my rock hard cock as she slid one of her fingers
deep into her cunt.
"Ummmmm, I think it's time to get down to business."
She moaned as she stirred her honey pot with her index finger.

"Yeah baby. I think it is." I gasped as I watched
her intently.
Chrissie pulled her finger from her cunt and took three
sensual steps to the couch. She kicked off the high heels
and sat down on the arm of the couch. Leaving one foot on the
floor, she put her other foot on the cushion of the couch
straddling me thus spreading her legs and exposing her
cunt to my fevered gaze.
She ran her finger across the lips of her pussy, once again
burying her index finger deep in the sweltering recesses
of her moist gash. She stroked in and out a couple of times
before removing her finger and extending it in my direction.

I leaned forward and took the proffered digit between my
lips and licked ravenously at the succulent juices covering
it. Chrissie stroked it in and out of my mouth like it was
a small penis before withdrawing it.
Chrissie stood up and walked to the other end of the couch.
She bent to fluff a pillow and then lay down on the couch.
She left one foot on the floor and draped her other foot across
the back of the couch. I looked deep into the dripping maw
of her pink pussy and my mouth began to water. Chrissie crooked
her finger at me and gestured toward her pussy.
I put my drink down, pivoted my body toward her, and leaned
over toward her. I had to scoot across the couch to reach
her and began to kiss her on her firm, still stocking covered
"Ummmmm." She moaned as I ran my tongue over
the searing skin of her succulent thigh. I could feel the
goose flesh grow as I ran my tongue down her sweet legs in
the direction of her sweltering snatch. As I reached the
nexus of her thighs I could easily smell the hot scent of
her aroused juices. I flicked my tongue lightly over the
swollen lips of her labia before journeying up the succulent
flesh of her other thigh.
Chrissie shivered beneath the touch of my tongue and a soft
sigh escaped her half open lips. "Mmmm." She
moaned as her body shuddered lightly beneath my strokes
and her ass rose slightly from the cushions of the couch.

"Time for you to get to work big boy." She purred
throatily as she placed her hand on the back of my head and
drew my face unresistingly back toward the gaping maw of
her dripping cunt.
Chrissie pushed my face tight against the succulent flesh
of her steaming slash. I thrust my tongue deep into her ragged
slit and began to lick hungrily at the wet flow from her cunt.

"Ummmmm, yeah!" she gasped. "Tongue
me good, bitch." She continued in a voice ensconced
in passion and desire.
She forced my lips tighter against her enflamed skin. My
chin dripped with the honey of her love, my nose was filled
with the scent of her magic mound as my tongue coursed over
her fevered flesh.
I pulled her clit between my lips and began to suck on it.
I stroked it with my tongue as I sucked on it like it was an
outsized nipple.
"Unnnngh, mmmmmph!" Chrissie groaned as she
lifted her hips from the couch. I felt her juices flow once
more from her sweltering snatch and I pressed my lips ever
more tightly against her sizzling flesh.
"Mmmmngh, uuuuungh!" She gasped as she once
more lifted her ass off the couch and simultaneously pushed
down on the back of my head, forcing my lips even tighter
against her heated flesh.
I continued to suck and tongue her engorged clit as she quivered
dynamically beneath my touch. "Mmmmmph, uuungh!"
she gasped again as her cunt throbbed against my lips. Unnnngh,
ungh, unnnngh." She managed to gasp as her hand slipped
from the back of my head.
I continued to tongue at the wet juices of her flaccid cunt
for a few more minutes before pulling my face away from her
dripping slash. I looked up her voluptuous shuddering
body and saw that her mouth hung half open and her eyes were
closed. I chuckled and pushed myself to a sitting position
on the couch.
I sat for a moment admiring the view of Chrissie reclining
on the couch, dressed only in the red lace stockings and
a Santa Claus hat. Her head lay against the arm of the couch,
her face was flushed and her eyes were closed. I watched
her chest rise and fall with the heavy breathing of one who
has exerted a great amount of energy.
The skin of her full breasts was flushed and her nipples
stood out erect. I put my hand to her breast and gently stroked
her satin skin. She stirred slightly as I stroked her fevered
flesh and a faint sigh came from her slightly parted lips.

I ran my fingers tentatively over the stiff tissues of her
large erect nipple and she moaned lightly. "Mmmm,
ooommmph." She groaned as I gently rotated the nipple
between my thumb and finger and I felt her gently quiver
beneath my touch.
Without opening her eyes, Chrissie pushed herself into
a sitting position and placed her hand gently on my thigh.
I shivered at her touch as her fingers gently kneaded my
muscles as she worked her way up my leg to my crotch. She touched
my jockeys and her fingers went directly to the rock hard
bulge that was my cock.
"Ummmmm." She moaned as she slowly stroked
my rigid member through the fabric of my under wear. She
stroked my cock ever more insistently and I was afraid that
I was going to cum right then and there, but suddenly she
stopped and said, "Lay back and lift your ass."
Never one to question the orders of a woman with her hand
on my cock I immediately leaned back on the couch, and raised
my ass. Chrissie took her hand from my oaken member, hooked
her fingers in the waistband of my jockeys and deftly pulled
them down.
My rock hard cock sprang to full erection as soon as the pressure
of the fabric was removed from it. Chrissie opened her eyes
fully and said softly, "Mmmm, looks like it's
ready for me already." And she grasped its steely
girth in her soft hand and gently stroked it once more.
"Ummmmm, damn! That feels good." I moaned mindlessly.

Chrissie took off the Santa hat and tossed it to the floor
then she swiveled her body on the couch and laid her head
on my lap. She put her mouth to my throbbing organ and kissed
it lightly. The touch of her soft lips to my fevered flesh
sent a shock wave through my body. I must have jerked because
Chrissie gave out a light chuckle and then extended her
tongue and tenderly licked my burning brand of love. I closed
my eyes in ecstasy as she ran her tongue over the fevered
steel of my massive erection.
"You don't mind if I have a little fun do you?"
She inquired in mock innocence as she kissed the burning
flesh of my manhood.
I shivered at her touch and gasped, "No not at all.
Feel free." <br>
She chuckled at our exchange before she ran her silken tongue
up the length of my iron hard shaft and took its purple head
between her hot lips. My entire body quaked as she slowly
consumed the inflexible flesh and began to slowly stroke
my considerable cock with her sweltering mouth.
"Ummmmm baby, you're going to make me cum if you
keep that up." I muttered softly.
She momentarily pulled her lips from their task of stroking
my iron hard dong and replied, "I hope so." She
ran her tongue down and then up the full length of my steely
shaft and continued in a throaty stage whisper, "I
was looking forward to a little snack before sex."
She ran her tongue over the sizzling head of my dick and then
slowly began to stroke it once more with her red-hot mouth.

Chrissie moaned as she expertly stroked my engorged manhood.
It was evident even to my lust clouded brain that she was
taking great pleasure in her pleasant ministrations.
I was ready to cum in a few strokes but at the last minute Chrissie
slowed her motion, pulled her mouth from my cock, and gently
ran her lips down the length of my shaft.
"I want to drink your cum, but, I don't want you
to come too soon baby." She whispered seductively.
I felt the vibration of her words against my fevered flesh
as she spoke, "Mmmm, you tastes so good. I love the
taste of man meat at midnight." She chuckled before
placing her lips around my shaft and slowly stroking it
once more.
As she languidly stroked my tortured flesh with her soft
hot lips, my hand found its way to the silken flesh of her
firm thighs. I idly ran my hand over her satin skin, the stroking
of my fingers raising goose flesh on her legs. I ran my fingers
tickling down her stomach and onto the freshly shaved fringe
of her pussy. I gently stroked the moist skin of her labia
and felt Chrissie quiver lightly beneath my touch.
Without pausing in her sucking, Chrissie rolled slightly
and opened her thighs, allowing my fingers full access
to her sweltering snatch. I pushed my digits into her soggy
slit, first one, then another, and I began to stroke them
in and out of her dripping cunt.
As I stroked in and out I placed my thumb against the swollen
nub of her clit and rotated it. The stimulation of the tender
flesh of her clitoris made Chrissie moan around the girth
of my iron rod as she sucked on it.
"Mmmmmph, Mmmm." She moaned as she massaged
my cock ever more insistently with her voracious mouth.
Her rising passion made her surrender any intention of
extending the length of our session. She continued to increase
the pace of her strokes on my shaft. In her haste she made
erotic little slurping sounds with each stroke, and as
my own efforts on her pussy brought her ever closer to completion
she moaned softly with undisguised passion.
The combined sounds of her moans and the slurping sound
of her mouth on my cock as she sucked me desperately brought
me ever closer to orgasm. I felt my loins tighten and then
the swelling of my cock as my hot white seed coursed up my
dick and exploded into her waiting mouth. The muscles of
my thighs quaked with effort as my thick cum shot into her
lovely mouth.
Almost simultaneously I felt the muscles around her cunt
tighten around my fingers and Chrissie's juices flowed
over my fingers. "Unnnngh, unnnngh!" she moaned
gutturally as she consumed the seed of my loins. Her grunts
were muffled by the mass of my rock hard meat as she continued
to suck avidly on my erupting erection.
"Mmmmmph, unnnngh!" I grunted as I lifted my
ass off the couch with the force of my explosion.
I shot rope after rope of cum deep into Chrissie's greedy
mouth, I didn't think that she would be able to consume
all of it but to my surprise she drank every drop, sucking
on my cock like an outsized straw until my loins were empty
and my crank shriveled to nothing.
She finally released my now shriveled cock from her mouth
and lay still as sleep with her head resting on my lap.
I don't know how long we stayed there. Her mouth just
inches from my now useless dick, and my fingers locked in
the grasp of her thighs. I recall our breathing slowly returning
to normal as our passions cooled. I know that my eyes closed
and I must have drifted off for a second or two, only to be
roused by the movement of Chrissie trying to sit up.
"I gotta piss like a race horse." She exclaimed.

"Ok." I responded groggily.
"Well let go of me so I can get up." She demanded
not unkindly.
I didn't know what she was talking about for an instant
but then I realized that I was still holding her pussy like
a bowling ball with my thumb pressed against her clit and
my fingers inserted to the hilt inside of her steaming cunt.

"Oh sorry." I apologized as I disengaged my
hand from her crotch.
"No problem." She said as she quickly sat up
and rose to her feet. "After I get finished in the bathroom,
you can finish up where you left off." She said as she
disappeared down the hall.
I listened as the bathroom door closed and the seat was lowered.
I searched for my drink and realized that the glass was empty.
I picked up the pitcher and found it almost dry too. "Damn."
I muttered and rose unsteadily from the couch to fix myself
another drink.
I walked to the kitchen and found to my dismay that although
we still had a half a fifth of tequila, the only mix we had
was a six-pack of Mountain Dew. "Oh well." I
muttered to myself, "I guess it'll just have
to do.
Pulling two clean glasses from the cupboard I tossed a jigger
of booze in each glass and topped them off with the soda.
I tasted it and it wasn't too bad, "A lazy man's
margarita." I said to myself.
"Let me have some of that." Chrissie said from
somewhere behind me.
I hadn't even heard her come back from the toilet and
the sound of her voice so close to me almost made me drop my
glass. I turned around and was about to tell her to ‘watch
it or she'd give me a heart attack'. But when I turned
and saw her all thought of reproach disappeared from my
besotted brain.
Chrissie was sitting

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