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Older Men


SAY, or think what you will, but this is a VERY, true story!

I LOVE older men, I always have, and that just the plain simple
truth! My husband Steven knows this, and it's part
of the reason I first fell for him, even though he's
only seven years older than I am. At the same time however
I've never really told him (or anyone else for that
matter) the reason why I do love older men, or I guess a better
way to put it, is when it all started really! Given my age
now, (34) go back a little over 17 years, and do the math,
and you'll KNOW how old I was when it all began! And remember,
I said a little OVER , 17 years ago now!

I guess mom and dad both felt I was old enough to finally stay
on my own. At least for a short week while they went on their
first vacation without me, in almost 16 years! Of course
at that age "I" felt like I was more than old enough
too, and I'd felt that way for a while by then. But you
know parents, and then as a parent yourselves, you also
know kids too! Still, and for whatever reason, my parents
trusted me, and since this would be my first time staying
home all lone for that length of time, I actually decided
I was going to be a good girl, and I was going to abide by all
the rules they'd discussed with me, before they'd
left on their vacation! Well, at least MOST of their rules
that is!

Honestly though, I wasn't dating anyone seriously
at the time, and so their rule of no boys in the house wouldn't
be that hard to keep! It was also the beginning of summer
as well, and so most of the "girls" who I was friends
with at the time, were also on vacation also! SO the rule
of NO ONE in the house while they were gone really would be
easy to keep, as well as absolutely NO wild parties either!
Other than that, and as far as I was concerned, any other
rules were of course subject to MY interpretation! Now
while I won't say that raiding mom and dad's liquor
cabinet was my very first priority, it was definitely on
the list so to speak, as was raiding my dad's rather
extensive porno collection, as well as my mother's
rather large selection of sex toys too! And, not all in that
order either!

Masturbation was my friend! Especially when I was in between
"boys", but in reality I probably masturbated
just as often even when I did have a "steady"
boyfriend too! I loved playing with my pussy (among other
body parts) and that was just a fact of life for me, no excuses
offered! I think I first discovered masturbation when
I was about nine years old, and by age ten I knew how to make
myself "cum" in well over a dozen different
ways! By age 12 I'd already "stumbled upon"
my mother's collection of vibrators and dildos, and
so that's probably why when I did first have sex at age
15, there was no bleeding and definitely NO pain, when I
was first "penetrated" either! Ah, and then
their was nudity! I had no idea WHY, but for some reason I
just loved being naked, and I loved walking around my house
naked, when no one was home!

All that was just the short little background part of my
story, but it is important ... as you'll soon see! And
hopefully it was fun to read too! ANYWAY ........

AND SO .....

OK, so maybe it will sound as silly reading this next part,
as it did for me writing it, but back then at least, it was
sort of important to me! Maybe that's way they first
coined the phrase, "silly girl"! ANYWAY again,
so Mom and dad left on Friday morning, and Friday night I
was every bit the "good girl" they expected
me to be. No particular reason really, except that (and
this is the silly part) I had a "plan", a "way"
really, that I planned out all my fun for the next say! I awoke
that next day and as tempted as I was to play with my hot little
pussy, I held off! After a long, hot shower I dried off as
usual, of course, but after that I simply dropped my towel
in the bathroom, to begin my day of nudity around my house!
One good thing about our back yard back then, was the fact
we didn't have a house either on one side or in back of
us, and the house on the other side was a one-story ranch

SO, this meant that not only could I go about my planned activities
around the inside of our house as naked as the say I was born,
but I could even do a little "nude sunbathing"
out back as well! The freedom of being naked outside as well
as inside our house was just such a rush, and I truly enjoyed
my day of nudity, along with the few beers I also "borrowed"
from our fridge! It was even cool eating my dinner naked
out on the back deck, but then after dinner it was time for
a long bubble bath, in my mom's jacuzzi bathtub. Something
very new and modern, back then too! With dinner I'd
switched from beer to wine, and I was still drinking wine
as I then relaxed in a swirling tub of hot water and bubbles!
Before getting in the tub however, I'd already laid
everything else I'd need that night, out on my parents
big, king-size bed!

My head was already spinning a little, and I was even starting
to get a little drowsy in that tub as well. Falling asleep
in the Jacuzzi tub wasn't a part of my plan however,
and so soon I drained the water, got out and dried off once
again! I already had the perfect "movies" picked
out and set up of course; one of my dad's porno's
I'd picked from his rather large collection! I also
had my portable DVD player and headphones on the bed, because
it wasn't like any of the dialog from the movie would
be all that important to me! Then there was the most important
things of all! A couple of MY favorite vibrators, out of
my mom's bedside nightstand drawer! Oh and I also had
a towel laid out on their bed as well! As there was no reason
to have to either wash sheets, OR try and explain the rather
large "WET SPOT" I fully intended on making
as I happily masturbated myself to the land of total bliss
and pleasure!

OK, OK, so I made it all sound a little corny! SO what!

I stretched out on mom and dad's bed, and took another
large gulp of my wine, straight out of the bottle! I then
started the movie playing on the television, and then slipped
on my headphones, and started listening to my music! I lay
back, and taking one of the vibrators, I began to slowly
masturbate myself, fully intending on making this all
just last and last and last! God it just all felt so good!
As I alternated between slowly sliding that vibrator in
and out of my hot, wet little pussy, and then taking it and
slowly, and I mean OH SO SLOWLY, rubbing it right next to
my swollen little clit! I moaned loud enough so that even
I could hear it over my blaring music when I climaxed, and
then I settled back down again, and once again began masturbating!
As I said earlier, I was going to make this last, and just
one orgasm was only the beginning of my long night of fun
as far as I was concerned!


My parents had asked out neighbors, Ted and Martha, to keep
an eye on things (meaning me of course) while they were gone!
They'd even given them a key to the house! Which of course
meant that me locking all our doors did no good! Way before
taking my bath, much less starting to masturbate, I'd
gone upstairs, leaving most of the downstairs lights on,
as well as the living room TV! SO when Ted knocked on the front
and then the back doors and got no answer, he could see the
lights on the the house, and through one window he could
even see the television was on as well! Being polite, he
had called my name out loudly AFTER opening the door, and
before coming into the house itself. When he hadn't
gotten any answer then, or even as he stood at the bottom
of the stairs and called out my name once again, he'd
gotten worried, and so of course he'd decided to investigate!

At this point Ted honestly was worried, as he knew I was supposed
to be home alone, and he figured I was, because of the TV and
all the downstairs lights being on too! All the way up the
stairs he'd also called out my name as well, and so it
wasn't like he'd just snuck into our house, and
was now sneaking upstairs to try and spy on me or something
like that! Every step of the way he'd both announced
himself, as well as called out for me, until he'd reached
the top of the stairs, and he'd heard me moaning out
loudly! At this point he didn't just rush into my parent’s
room thinking I was hurt either! I mean come on, most people
CAN tell the difference between a moan of pain, and one of
pleasure! Especially when I'd also announced I was
"cumming" right along with my rather loud moaning!

SO, at this point Ted does loose his, well his, ah, gentlemanly
maybe, (oh whatever) reason for being in our house! At this
point I'm fairly certain his "thinking"
switched from his big head and his brain, to his smaller
head, and his hard cock! The ONLY reason I know he stood there
at that bedroom door long enough to watch me masturbating
myself to my next orgasm, was because of course, MUCH later
on he told me so himself! The room was maybe mostly dark,
but of course the movie on the TV screen more than lit the
room up enough to see! (And plainly see ME!) Ted stood there
in that doorway watching as I slid that vibrator in and out
of my hot little wet pussy, and he watched as my naked ass
came shooting up off that bed, as I cried out in orgasm number
two! It wasn't until I was coming down from that second
orgasm that he moved over to the bed, and it wasn't until
he actually sat down, I knew he was there!

Of course it scared the piss out of me quite literally, and
it scared my bad enough, so that I actually flung the damn
vibrator clear across mom and dad's bedroom! Ted plopped
down next to me on that bed, and then he reached over as I was
flinging that vibrator, and he lifted my headphone off
my head! He could see the almost empty wine bottle on the
nightstand next to me, and of course he could smell the alcohol
on my breath, even without bending down over me!

"Now Teri, I really don't think your parents
would approve of you being drunk, much less watching pornography
on their bedroom TV, and that's not to mention using
what I assume is one of your own mother's vibrators,
to lay here and MASTURBATE, on their very bed"!


It's so funny (in an odd way) really, because right
then I wasn't even worried that my forty-plus year
old (married) next door neighbor, was right then sitting
next to, and staring down at my naked teen body! What worried
me a hell of a lot more right then was first the alcohol of
course, and then next the porno movie I was watching, and
then finally, mom's vibrator I was "borrowing"!
AH but right after that it suddenly came to me, that Ted also
hadn't just stood across the room and yelled at me,
and NOW he WAS sitting right there next to me, and he very
much so, was staring down at my naked body, with this glazed
look in his eyes as he spoke to me! I instantly recognized
the look too! As I'd seen that same look before, as I
held a boys hard cock in my hands!

"Oh God Mr. ---Blank---, PLEASE don't tell my
parents. PLEASE, I 'm begging you"!

It was partly and act as I said it, but it was also very much
the truth as well!

"I'm just feeling so dizzy right now, and I, well
I, I, I ...."! My voice trailed off then!

Ted continued looking down at me as he continued just sitting
there also. He then sort of snapped just a little I guess,
as he told me to call him Ted, and then he told me that what
I was doing wasn't wrong, or anything, but it was WHERE
I was doing it, as well as the alcohol AND using my mom's
"toy" without her knowing it! He then scanned
my naked body up and down again, and then told me that maybe
we'd better go to my bedroom, to "discuss this
further"! He did mention putting on something to
cover myself up a bit, but when he didn't say anything
else after all I did was wrap myself in that towel, I KNEW
I had him! With that towel wrapped loosely around my body
and tucked in just above my bare tits, I walked out of my parents’
bedroom and down the hall towards my own bedroom! Ted was
right behind me the entire way!

I sat down on the edge of my bed and Ted sat down right beside
me, and that's when I first noticed that he'd also
brought that wine bottle along with him! Taking the lead
again then I again told him I was feeling "dizzy"
and that's when he held the bottle up, and said something
like "from drinking this I suppose"! I nodded
my head yes, and then even went a step further and told him
"Yes Sir". He really seemed to like that, and
so I quickly made a mental note, to keep on calling him "sir"!
After admitting to drinking the wine, he asked me if I'd
just been drinking it straight out of the bottle, and I again
told him Yes Sir! "Show me Teri" was his next
command, and so I took the bottle from his hands, and I took
a really big drink from it!

"You like the taste don't you Teri"?

I nodded my head yes once again and I also again added a "Yes
Sir" to the end of my nodding! That seemed to please
him even more, and apparently so did my "accidentally"
letting my towel slip some, and actually exposing my entire
right tit! I then gave him my most "sheepish/scared"
look, and then asked him if he was going to say anything to
my parents about the other thing too! "You mean you
masturbating on your parents bed Teri"? That's
was the first time I actually heard him say the word "masturbating"
out loud, and just hearing him saying it, turned me on so
very much! At that point a sort of soft smile came across
his lips, and that's when he told me that maybe some
things had better be kept a secret, just between he and I
of course! I let my towel slip some more, and now both of my
tits were fully exposed! Without thinking about it I'm
sure, his hand move to his crotch, and be began to rub!

"Can I see it please Ted"?

I was nodding over at his hand on his crotch, and he knew exactly
what I was referring to! I waited, honestly unsure what
his reaction would be, but then he removed his hand from
his crotch, and he asked me if I'd ever seen "one"
before? Once again I really felt I had him, and so I instantly
decided to turn into my "virgin", "innocent"
act! It wasn't all just an act either! Not by any means,
as this man who was old enough to be my grandfather, much
less my father, really turned me on for some reason I didn't
even try understanding! Even though Ted still had "THAT"
look in his eyes, at that moment he sort of turned his head
side to side, as if he was looking around for someone or something,
and only then did he answer me! He said that he would show
"it" to me but first I had to promise HIM, that
this would all be just our secret, just like the whole alcohol
and masturbating thing on my parents bed was!

I nodded my head SO FAST that I almost hurt my neck, but then
to stay in character, so to speak, I also lowered my head
down, and softly whispered to him yet one more, "Yes
Sir"! Once again Ted looked around for someone or
something that wasn't there, but then his somewhat
shaky hand reached back over, and he slowly slid his zipper
down! "Promise me again young lady"! His voice
was soft and barely above a whisper as he said it! I immediately
promise him, and then he reached inside his pants, and took
his hard cock out!

Now getting technical for just a moment! By then, and at
my age back then, I'd been with exactly three different
boys! Based on the knowledge I have now of course, I'd
have to "estimate" that none of those boys hard
cocks, was over five inches fully erect! I mean come on,
they each had at least a few more years to "grow"
you know! Now that's sort of a funny thought! Watching
cocks "grow"! Sorry, back to my story, or at
least this part of my story! Now also based on what I know
now, I'd again have to just guesstimate, but I'd
have to say that as a "grown man" Ted's hard
cock was nearly seven inches or so long, and at least five
to six inches around! SO TO ME, and at the time at least, his
cock simply looked HUGE to me!

Of course I HAD to "touch it" and I so much as told
Ted exactly that! Once again (DAMN IT) he looked around
first, and ONCE AGAIN he made me promise first, but as soon
as I did, he told me it was OK for me to touch it! I instantly
scooted closer to him, and as I did my towel fell completely
away. exposing all my naked body then, or at least those
parts that were visible as I sat there next to him! Ted sort
of leaned back a bit as I reached over and wrapped my small
hand around his hard cock! It felt hot, and it was so very
hard as I held it! Neither of us spoke then as I slid my hand
up and down his full length a time or two, and then I continued
holding onto it, as I spoke to him again! As I spoke I lowered
my head, pretending to be embarrassed, and I also lowered
my voice as I spoke!

"Is it true that, well I mean you know, grown women
and all, I mean, is it really true that they sometimes, well,
I mean, I ah, that I guess they kiss it or something like that"?

It all came out in one long, breathless sentence, and I tried
to make myself sound SO innocent, and so naive as I said it
to him! I actually felt his hard cock give a little jerk before
he replied to me, and then he told me that "women"
indicati9ng all women I guess, but that "women"
tend to like doing that for a man they care about, and it's
just one way a woman can show her man how she feels about him!
A bit of an "out there" answer in my book, but
of course it was his way of trying to tell me, it was OK to do
it! Of course the next step was for me to ask him if I could
do it to his cock, and I then waited for the whole "secret
speech" but it never happened! Instead Ted simply
said, "if you'd like to", but then I guess
just for good measure, he added that he'd really like
it, and it would make him feel good too!

I immediately bent over him and planted a really sloppy
wet kiss right on the head of his hard cock, and then I looked
up at him, and asked him if I'd done it right, and if it
had also felt good to him of course! I guess if there was one
certain point where I'd decided to do this with him,
then there was also one certain point, when he made his own
decisions! To me, this had to have been just that point!
Once again unsure how he'd react or answer me, I just
waited! There was this short, short moment of complete
silence between us, and then Ted told me that it did feel
good, but that there was really a lot more to doing it the
right way! It was the "opening" I'd waited
for AND I'd hoped for, and so I said the words, I asked
the magical question: "Would you teach me PLEASE"?

In every situation I truly believe there does come this
yes or no moment, and as I just said before, I think that for
Ted, that moment was right then! Ted reached over and ran
his fingers through the hair on my head, and then more of
a statement than a question really, he said: "You
really want to learn don't you Teri", and so I
very quickly nodded my head yes, and of course then added
a "Yes Sir" to the end of it! Ted then stood up,
and then once again more of a comment really that a question,
he said something about how it would be better if he took
his clothes off first, and then he simply began to strip
naked! There was a "sag" here or there, and of
course there was fat in places a "boy" wouldn't
have any, but for some reason his "older". "More
mature" body really did turn me on very, very much!

Ted then crawled up in my bed naked, and he stretched out
on his back, and sort of spread his legs open a bit! Never,
NEVER Teri ....", I instantly cut him off, telling
him I knew, and that this was just OUR secret, and I promised
to never, ever say word to anyone about it! I prayed this
would be the LAST TIME; he'd bring THAT up tonight!
I was very glad that as I got between his legs on my hands and
knees, he spoke again, only this time there was none of that
B.S. in anything he told me! Ted began where he'd left
off, by telling me that there was much more to it, than just
"kissing it"! I quickly responded by asking
him if I called it a penis, a dick, a cock, or what, and this
seemed to turn him on, as he told me I could call "it"
anything I liked! "The boys all say it's their
hard "cock" I told him, and then I added that
I liked calling it that, and he smiled and said OK.

"First, he told me, "first you might want to
just kiss it a few times, but after that Teri, most women
sort of lick it, sort of like an ice cream cone or something
like that"!

"Like this", I instantly replied, and then
I leaned over and kissed the head a time or two, and then I
began to lick! Ted moaned softly as my wet tongue slid up
and down the entire length of his hard cock, and he only spoke
again after that, when and IF I'd ask a question! I knew
we'd eventually get to the "sucking part"
but I first let him guide me from just licking his hard cock
for him, to eventually also licking his big, no make that
his huge (to me at least) soft balls! That was just one more
thing that definitely turned me on a whole lot about Ted's
"package" and that was of course his big balls!
SO far, all the "boys" I'd been with before
all had much smaller balls, but also their balls had always
seemed to be pulled up so tightly, against the base of their
hard shafts! SO not only were Ted's balls MUCH bigger,
but his "nut=sack" also hung so "loosely"
at that point in time too!

THAT really did turn me on a whole lot, and having him explain
to me just "how" I should be licking them for
him, also turned me on as well! As I liked them for him I just
kept thinking to myself about how big they were, and of course
that made me also wonder just how much thick, hot, sticky
cum was in them as well! Not to sound too weird or corny about
it either, I really wanted that thick hot cum too, and that's
just the honest truth! I was so, SO ready to "suck"
by then, as I knew full well what my reward would be! I was
patient in spite of my youth however, and I waited until
Ted himself, guided me back up to do that for him! "Don't
be afraid, Teri", he told me, "almost all women
really do love the taste and feel of a man's hard cock
in their mouths! God if I heard that line today, I'd
probably punch the guy who said it to me! Back then however
it was all I needed to hear!

As I took Ted's hard cock in my mouth he moaned, and for
the first few minutes he even tried to keep up with me, and
tried to keep and stay with his role of teacher, or instructor!
Even before he told me however, I already had my hand wrapped
around the lower half of his hard cock, and as my young head
bobbed up and won over him and I sucked, I was jacking him
off into my mouth! I mean it didn't take a rocket scientist
to know what to do or how to do it at that point, but Ted did
his best to keep on instructing me, until he finally just
gave up I guess! From that point on it was just more of less
something like: "Oh Yeah Teri", or even "Hum
Yes baby", and then usually followed up by a simple,
that "feels so good baby", or something else
along those lines I wasn't anywhere near the "pro"
I am today of course, but sometimes I think it's also
just instinct really, that a woman just KNOWS, when her
lover is ready!

By that time about all Ted could or would do was moan, but
I have to at least give him credit, as he did try to at least
warn me, when he was ready to cum! I think it was one of those
"Oh God baby your gonna make me", and then the
next thing I knew, he was doing just that! His hard cock throbbing
in my hand and in my mouth, and then there was that first slight
hesitation, quickly followed by a hard jerk, and then his
wonderful, thick, hot cum squirting out! I sucked and swallowed,
sucked and swallowed, but there really was a lot more cum
to swallow, than any of those "boys" I'd
sucked off before Ted! His cum also tasted a little different
as well! It tasted better if you ask me, and I knew right then
I wanted more of it! Eventually it stopped shooting of course,
but I continued holding it in my mouth, until Ted finally
pulled me off of him!

Ted helped me up beside him, and then he leaned over me and
gave me a quick soft kiss on my forehead! just like I was some
little kid or something like that! I started to say something
about that kiss, when suddenly Ted looked at his watch,
and then sort of let out a small, soft, "OH SHIT"!
He jumped up off my bed then, and as he hurried to dress he
told me that he'd been here for over an hour by then,
and that Martha (his wife) was certainly going to be wondering
what the hell he'd been doing! I started to speak but
once again he cut me off, telling me he really had to leave,
but that he could come back in the morning if I wanted him
too! He said that his wife always went to church at ten on
Sundays, and that she was always gone for at least three
hours, and he could come back over to "check on me again"

Ted gave me another one of those stupid forehead kisses,
and then he was gone, leaving me alone, wet, and really,
really horny! I don't I need to even tell you, what I
spent a part of the rest of that night doing, now do I?

I was already showered and dressed by the time he knocked
on our front door the next morning, and as soon as I answered
the door, I swear I saw his hard cock just jump inside his
pants! Not only had I showered and cleaned up of course,
but I'd even braided my hair in pigtails, and THEN,
I'd put on an old, and really too small, dress I had in
my closet! It was an old dress I'd worn to a choir concert,
and it just looked SO, well so "little-girlish"!
I invited Ted in, and then we started again! Every bit of
me just wanted to tell him that all I needed was to "get
fucked" but I knew my role as the innocent little girl,
and I knew he was getting off on playing my instructor! I'd
even decided to invent a small game, just to get things started!
I needed his "help" moving my bed in my room to
the opposite wall! Hey it got us both upstairs didn't

Now, as long as this story has been already, I think it best
to skip through a few parts, or at least just sort of sum them
up for you, so we can get to the good stuff as they say! So with
that in mind ....

After sitting on the edge of my bed again, and sharing a few
"no tongue" kisses, and then me on my back, with
Ted laying there next to me! There was another kiss or two,
and Ted finally let me use my tongue a bit, and then the top
to my little dress was down, and he was undoing my bra! From
that moment on I could most definitely tell the difference
between being with Ted, and any of those boys my own age I'd
been with before him! Beginning with my tits! Ted took his
time. Not rushing, and making sure I was moaning quite loudly,
and almost continuously, before moving on! His tongue
felt like magic on my small hard nipples, and just the way
he sucked them even, felt so very, very different! Then
as Ted began kissing his way down my stomach and over my belly
button, he really was headed for "virgin territory",
as not one of my past "lover", had ever ... well
you know!


All the boys had touched it, and one guy had even looked at
it a bit, and then even blown on it a few times too. Not one
however had ever put his mouth, lips, or tongue on it, and
that of course was exactly what Ted was about to do to me!
I was a bit freaked out, even scared I guess! I mean I'd
tasted my own pussy of course, but to have someone else taste
me, well that was something entirely different, all together!
I mean would he like it, or would he crinkly up his nose and
tell me I smelled bad down there? By then it was too late however,
as my legs were already draped over Ted's shoulders,
and I could already FEEL his hot breath, on my small, but
swollen pussy lips! I could hear Ted breathing "down
there" and then I even heard him taking a deep breath
and "smelling" me!

"Hum baby, oh Teri, your hot little pussy smells so
good baby"!

His words excited me and turned me on, but not nearly as much
as what happened next, as he took his (and MY) first long
lick! My young ass came up off that bed as I moaned loudly,
and then I felt him pushing me back down, and then shoving
his entire fact into my crotch! Everything sort of becomes
just this one big blur of pleasure after that, right up u8ntil
I was the one now telling HIM, he was going to make me cum!
My orgasm was just so very intense, and Ted didn't stop
licking me either, as he continued doing it right to the
very end of my orgasm! He probably would have kept right
on licking me too, had I not started to tug on his shoulders
after that! As I began tugging at him however he quickly
got the hint and the next thing I knew he was on top of me, and
shoving my legs open even wider, with this knees!

We were both breathing hard at that point! Me from my very
recent orgasm, and Ted, purely out of lust! I felt the huge,
thick, mushroom head of his hard cock splitting my pussy
lips open, and then she shoved forward, and his big hard
cock was inside me! It was like nothing I'd ever felt
in my entire life, and as he penetrated me, I moaned out loudly!
I guess maybe I moaned or groaned or whatever I did a little
TOO loudly, because the Ted suddenly stopped! I'm
guessing that maybe the head and maybe an inch of his hard
cock was already inside of me, and I instantly KNEW I wanted
MORE, a LOT MORE! So I suddenly grabbed hold of Ted's
ass with both hands, and as I tired pulling him down, I almost
shouted out for him to FUCK ME! I immediately thought I'd
blown it! You know, my little girl role and all, but the Ted
just sort of instantly switched roles himself, and as he
dove his hard cock down into me, he shouted:

"SO that's it Teri, your just some hot little
slut, and all you've ever wanted was some big hard cock
stuffing your tight little "C-Word" full"!
"Isn't that it Teri, you fucking little whore"!

I'd never, and I mean never, ever been talked to like
that before in my life, and it absolutely turned me on! I'm
not talking just a little bit here either! I mean it really,
really, REALLY got me hot!

"Oh God Yes Ted, I mean Yes "Sir""!

"I'm your little slut, your little whore, and
you can fuck any time you want to"!

Ted's hard cock was definitely all the way inside me
then, and I, well I just can't describe the feeling,
even today! A first time feeling I guess, and about the only
time I get that same feeling now, is ... well ... (and Steven
really does know this) BUT ... it's like after I've
only been fucking him for a while, and we meet with someone
new, someone, with .... well a much larger cock to tell the
truth about it! THAT'S the feeling, and for me at least,
it's just so difficult to really describe! That's
the feeling I got right then as I lifted up my own legs in the
air for him, and as I felt this crotch press down hard into
mine, and his big, cum-filled balls, slide down against
my ass crack! It just felt INCREDIBLE!

We both groaned loudly then, and as I began to slide my hands
up and down his back and over his bare ass, he began to fuck
me! I screamed out a really loud "Yes, Oh God Yes, fuck
me daddy", not intentionally trying to add that last
word, but it just sort of came out that way! I guess Ted liked
it however, as right after that he REALLY began fucking
me hard and fast! Looking back now, if there really is one
thing I'm truly grateful to Ted for, I mean one thing
ABOVE everything else he did to and for me, it's the
fact he didn't treat me like some fragile china doll,
and that he just fucked me as hard as he could! I came once,
and then twice, and then I even climaxed a third time before
he finally did! Every orgasm was more intense than the last,
but for me at least the very best, well it happened even AFTER
MY three orgasms!

By my own third orgasm I was really beginning to feel exhausted,
but it was a very good, a very happy exhaustion! Just when
"I" thought things couldn't get better
however, I felt Ted slide both his hands down and under my
ass cheeks, and then as he held them tightly he slammed into
me one last time! I FELT his hard cock sink so deeply inside
me as he lifted me up to meet his thrust, and then I swear I
FELT IT, as it erupted, and began shooting so deep inside
me! I climaxed yet once last time, a forth time, however
this orgasm just felt so very different than all the others!
"I THINK" it was my first ever "vaginal
orgasm". Although some women believe in them and
some don't! Personally I could care less one way or
the other, as all I know is that it did feel so very different,
as well as so very, very good!

I felt Ted's cum begin to run out of me, and down the crack
of my ass! At that point in my life I most definitely fell
into that category, in that I was definitely: "Old
enough to bleed" SO I was also: "Old enough to
breed"! Right at that moment however neither of us
cared! As Ted's hands clutched my ass cheeks tightly,
and his fingers dug into my flesh, my own hands held his ass
cheeks just as firmly, and my own fingers were digging hard
into his bare flesh!

By the time Ted finally rolled off of me we were both truly
exhausted, but as I was about to learn, we were far from being
finished! The taste of my own pussy mixed with him cum was
so good as I sucked him back to full erection, and my first
time "on top" meant two more orgasms for me,
and then one for him! After that we took another short break
and even had a beer together, and then this time it was me
on my hands and knees and wiggling my bare ass back at him,
that turned him on, and got his cock hard enough to fuck me
once again! Once again, another first for me, "doggie-style"
and man did I love how deep his hard cock would go inside me
in that position! Getting fucked from behind not only became
MY favorite then, but I also loved it when Ted played with
my ass and asshole, as he fucked me! I guess it was the beginning
of MY "anal fetish", if you'd like to call
it that! My husband just calls it "wonderful"!

Ted and I spent almost the entire three hours together fucking,
and all told I honestly think I climaxed over seven different
times! I know for a fact that HE came three times, as all three
times were deep inside my hot, tight, wet little pussy!
I think both Ted and I knew we'd gotten very lucky that
day! Lucky in that I didn't end up pregnant! After that
day, and oh YES, there was actually a whole to of times after
that first Sunday get together, but after that Ted used
a condom with me, until he was sure the birth control pills
he'd prescribed, had taken effect! Oh, by the way,
my older neighbor Ted, was actually "Dr" Ted
to me! He really was a practicing doctor!

So anyway ... think whatever you like about our "situation",
the age difference and all, but keep in mind that I was not
only a willing participant, but that I wanted it to all happen,
and in many, many ways, I was the aggressor, and I was the
one who made it all happen .... and so on, and son on .....
Morals or whatever, you are on THIS particular website,
and .... well that's all I have to say on that! As Forrest
Gump would put it!

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I'm an older man. Can we talk?


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Teri, a wonderful story, not just because I'm an older
guy, but because it is so well written in a fun and unique
style. Great job! Thanks.


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wow i mean damn wow that story is one ove the best written
stories that i have ever read i was hard from the second sentance
and stayed that way till the very end it felt like i was there
watchin you


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The old wives tale of the heart just falling in love with
people near the same age has been made a moral law but the
heart cares less what the age difference is. As this story
and real life shows. Great story!!


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I don't think the story sounded corny at any point.
I'll give you more feedback when I have read the entire


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Holy S@$T That was one hell of a story. Thanks and do keep
your stories coming.


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MMMMM, , I love a younger woman also! It would be so good
to find a hot younger woman for some hot fun like you had.
thanks for the hot story. I do love your stories. I always
get so hard reading them.


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What a great sotry and a great time that had to be for you.
I just wish there was someone like that close to me. Please
keep the stories coming.


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Great story. It reminded me of my first time with an older
woman at about sixteen years old. Afterwords I wondered
why was the fuss over young girls when there were those wonderful
creatures around. While young women are fun, I still love
those 35 to 45 year old women - of course now they are younger



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Good story..


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that was a great story. Did he ever get to fuck your ass too.
I am getting older and would love to meet a younger lady for
sex but not under the law.


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Now that I have completed reading the story I am very happy
for you and very excited as my cock is harder that a block
of steel. Don't worry about someone else's thought
they can only live their life not your. Have fun in all you


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Your story writing is not only hot and sexy (and honest,
too), but absolutely hilarious the way you express yourself.
Your style is fantastic and unique.


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Very good story. Congratulations on your style. It is very
nice to read you, unlike many on this site, you really outstand.
Best regards from Rio, Luiz Guilherme


Trapper69 61 G
Score 5.7

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Another awesome story!!! It's great to be taught about
sex by an older more experienced partner! I had the great
fortune to have two older ladies teach was in her
40s & the other was in her 30s.


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I remember the first man who did me. I was a virgin and he was
at least 10 years or more older then me.. i too my clothes
off for him and spread my legs wide for him.. He mounted me
and forced his cock inside of me breaking my hymen.. it felt
nice really nice .. Ive loved haveing cocks inside me ever


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Older men make sex the best!!!!!!


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A very nice story even if it was a tad long.


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I like your story and I would love to be with a much younger


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Such a great story.. mmm very nice.