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Old friends from school


Maria has a very close relationship with her very best friend
Katy, they had known each other since they were on school
and like most girls who were close enough, they had experimented
sexually to find the limits of what they enjoy, they had
a few adventures with their school colleagues, some with
boys but a lot with other girls too, and because I spent so
much time engrossed in my work, Maria had a mountain of time
to spend with her girlfriend, and of course they kept their
sexy dark adventurous as they were together, I knew it,
and I always enjoyed as Maria went home and tell me about

Katy and Maria they not only have been inseparably best
friends for forty years, they were on almost the same age,
on their middle fifties, same as I, and up until ten years
ago they usually used to be the same size and shape, unfortunately
Katy has added a few kilos to her weight and was at that time
a little heavier than my wife, Maria worked out aerobically
every morning and have managed to keep in a good shape, and
she was always proud of that, back to Katy, she was a bi-sexual
assumed, she has never married and although has had a few
lesbian affairs has also been with numerous men over the
years, [image] Two weeks ago Katy and Maria went shopping a Saturday evening
as they often do, and as finished they went to Katy’s condo
to try on all the clothes they purchased, Katy had picked
up in a hurry and was pleased with everything she selected,
Maria had selected another bikini for our next upcoming
vacation (the ten she had were just not enough, and we are
naturists – that’s not the story, that’s my comment),
Katy suggested Maria to try it on and show her as she didn’t
have an opportunity to see it in the store, so Maria went
to the Katy’s bedroom and removed her clothes putting
the two piece on and adjusting certain parts appropriately.

Maria returned to the living room wearing only the bikini
and Katy gasped in acceptance of how it looked, she asked
Maria to turn around slowly so she could see and commented
on the lack of material, especially in the bottoms, it was
a string which only covered the necessary bits, but a total
wax of her pubic area was a must in order to wear that outfit,
the top was half a size smaller than Maria was, so making
her breasts appear as if they were about to fall out, and
Maria purposely bounced up and down a few times to show how
well they held in place by the tiny bits of material, Katy
just nodded in agreement, then asked "Let me try it

They often try on clothes in Katy's living room as she
was on the 10th floor of a condo with a tall apartment building
directly across the street, and often they had seen people
from other apartments staring into her window as they parade
around nude or partially naked and the tantalizing ritual
has become quite a turn in for both of them, so Maria smiled
and unashamedly reached behind her back and unclasped
the top, she held it in place while Katy removed her blouse
and lacy bra and then Maria lowered her hands and handed
her the bikini top as Katy in turn gazed at her nakedness,
she took a deep breath and said as she fumbled with the clasp.
"Help me hook it up."

Maria reached behind her and did her best, but the material
was certainly stretched to its limit, Katy turned and they
both laughed as her breasts were squashed into place, Maria
stood before her still laughing as she reached around her
to undo the clasp, and as she did the bathing suit top felt
to the floor and they stood facing with their naked breasts
centimeters away from each other, their eyes met and Katy's
face moved toward Maria’s, she responded by moving hers
closer, and a moment later their lips were pressed against
each other sending that all too familiar sensation throughout
Maria’s body.

Maria slowly pushed her tongue forward and felt Katy's
lips part as she accepted her wet tongue as it ended her mouth,
Katy responded with her tongue circling Maria’s and
through suction and motion they were darting in and out
of each other’s mouths, after a few moments Maria could
softly hear Katy moan, and she moved her face to press her
cheek against hers, Maria felt her hands slide long her
back to her naked buttocks, and she whispered in Katy’s
ear as she felt her press her hands against her bottom, and
pushing Maria’s body harder against her. "I am
so wet." . [image2] Katy began to nibble Maria’s ear and she moaned softly,
then Maria felt her hand move from her back to between their
pressed bodies, until she readily felt the small triangle
of cloth which covered Maria’s womanhood, she felt Katy
massage it slowly, and she could sense the juice trickling
from her pussy as she stoked the material, a moment later
Katy stepped back and knelt down, then she pushed the strings
of Maria’s bottom down along her thighs exposing Maria’s
recently waxed pussy.

Maria suddenly began to shiver when she felt her tongue
sloppily but expertly dart around her pussy lips and clit,
each time it came in contact with her clit Maria trembled,
she was really enjoying every moment, then she said, quietly
"You're going too fast, you ‘re making me cum."

"Lay on the floor, " Katy mumbled on her ear
and as Maria did it, she felt the carpet against her nude
back and bottom, and then she sensed Katy's hands pushed
against her inner thighs, Maria parted her legs vulnerably
and watched as Katy lowered her head, pushing her face down,
and immediately began to eat Maria hard, by flicking her
tongue and biting lightly her clit, then Maria placed both
her hands on Katy’s hair pushing her head hard against
herself, Katy lapped up the juices as they spat from Maria’s
sloppy pussy and Maria shivered as she was unable to hold

Maria tightened her leg muscles against her face, and as
her tummy convulsed Maria let her release take its course
and she shuddered under a deeply orgasm, and then Maria
faintly heard Katy cough as her juices were now squirting
from her pussy and down Katy’s throat, Maria could feel
them shoot into her mouth, while heard Katy hungrily lapping
up each drop, and Maria could only imagine her mouth being
filled to capacity.

After what seemed an eternity Maria glanced down and saw
Katy raise her head grinning and casually asked. "How
was that?"

"Just amazing, but now it’s my turn I so want to satisfy
you." Maria replied. [image3] Katy stood up while Maria remained naked on the carpet,
Maria watched Katy undo her jeans and let them fall, and
then she pushed her panties down, Maria trembled again
as she stood staring at her shaven pussy and watched Katy
reach her hands down to fondle her longing womanhood, Katy
smiled as she masturbated herself almost directly above
Maria, and then she d lowered herself in such a way that her
pussy lips were over Maria’s mouth, she could taste the
wetness of Katy’s juices as her pussy pressed against
Maria’s wet lips and a moment later Maria felt Katy’s
mouth on me as they began to enjoy each other in a sixty-nine

Maria felt her head pressed between Katy’s thighs, and
at the same time Katy was squeezing Maria’s against hers,
Maria knew she was on her way to another orgasm, but that
time Maria wanted to make sure that she waited until Katy
reached her own orgasm first, it did not take long for it
and Maria felt Katy’s hands groping her body and pinching
her nipples, while Maria’s hands explored Katy’s
buttocks pushing it the harder she could against her face,
hungrily Maria lapped at her wet pussy as her juice flowed
freely into Maria’s mouth, then Maria’s finger probed
the tight opening of her ass hole and Katy moaned as Maria
pushed against it.

The moisture surrounding her asshole made it easy for Maria’s
finger to slide inside, she pushed back and forth, deeper
with each penetration, until she felt Katy’s muscles
tighten and screamed loudly as Katy succumbed under her
orgasm, Katy trembled and shook and her pussy nest erupted
like a volcano, so instantly Maria’s mouth was filled
with her juices and Maria knew she could not hold back any
longer her own growing orgasm, Maria squeezed Katy’s
buttocks hard and she exploded for a second time as she hungrily
drank Katy’s juices, all of that while Katy was eager
to catch every drop of Maria’s juices, and finally they
held each other tight in their sixty-nine position, while
they both waited for each other to experience the full effect
of their mutual orgasm.

Suddenly Maria stiffened as she heard a noise behind her,
Katy also become rigid and moved from on top of Maria to glance
around the sofa, Maria heard Katy scream and still dazed
from her orgasm she tried to make sense of what Katy saw,
standing there, in the opening between the hall and the
living room was Frank, Katy's closest neighbor and
an old colleague of them from their old times on school too,
Maria screamed and sat on her knees staring in disbelief
as Frank stood, mouth agape, gaping at Katy and Maria naked
before him.

Maria knew it was only seconds, but seemed an eternity before
Katy jumped and raced into the bedroom, by then Maria was
standing and still staring at Frank, Maria saw his eyes
feast on her breasts and then to her womanhood, so she immediately
ran to the bedroom as well, Katy had thrown on a robe and darted
past Maria, she quickly dressed and joined Katy and Frank
in the living room. [image4] They all stared talking and soon realized that Katy had
completely forgotten that Frank was coming over to fix
an electrical outlet for her, and coincidentally because
their hands were full when they arrived from shopping,
they forgot to lock the door when they came in, Maria’s
face blushed as she realized that it was actually her fault
as she was the last one inside, strangely no one spoke of
what had happened and Frank thought it best if he returned
another time, Maria too decided she should leave, but she
waited until Frank had made his way through the exit.

"I don't know what to say, it was my fault, I forgot
to lock the door, I'm so embarrassed, " Maria

Katy just smiled and opened her arms to hug Maria and replied:
"I know but it’s ok, no problem, the worst thing
is I did not hear him come in, so I don't know how long
he was standing there and watching us.”

They kissed a see you tomorrow and Maria left, then a flash
came into her mind, Maria knew that Frank on their old school
times was very attracted to her but she never gave him any
chance to came closer to her, it was a thought which had never
occurred to her after they left the school, even never when
he moved recently and started living very closer to her
and Katy, but as Maria drove home she also thought that he
was always a very shy and solitaire guy, Maria didn't
remember to saw him in any social events of the young people,
not even to have a girlfriend or dating someone, she began
to relive the events and found herself becoming quite curious
to the point where Maria felt the need to explore it a little

By Monday it was already another week and Maria had put the
event in the background, so she was stunned when Frank phoned
her at work, he called to apologize and asked if they could
meet for a coffee, Maria was a little shaken and before she
had an opportunity to think about it she agreed, so they
met later that afternoon at a coffee shop, he was already
sitting there when Maria arrived, he looked very nervously
as they chatted and again he apologized for interrupted
them the previous Saturday evening.

Maria told him not to worry about it and that she was more
concerned for Katy, he then shocked Maria when he said he
had seen the two of them together having sex in the darkness
of the school garden a long time ago, and how he was attracted
by Maria from their school time, but as he found them a few
years ago Maria was already married and Katy kept single,
so he decided to move closer to Katy for don’t break the
contact with them, and he even have watched them walking
naked on Katy’s condo through his window, but that was
the first time after the school he saw them having sex together.

Maria didn't know what to say but he flattered Maria
by telling her that he thought she had improved with age,
she thanked him and asked him why he wanted to meet today
and he explained that he could not stop thinking about that
Saturday and he had masturbated many times just thinking
on what he saw, he said that he tried to put the event out of
his mind, but was unable to, he then blurted out that he would
really love to see Maria’s breasts again.

Maria was stunned and didn't know what to say, Frank
was always a very shy boy on school, after a very shy man,
anyone had saw him with a girlfriend, even friends not too
many, he was a kind of man living just between his work and
his house, almost without any social life, Maria noticed
how nervous he was and she knew how much he had fight with
himself to be there talking with her face to face, and telling
her about his feelings.

Anyway he was an old good friend for many, many years, and
she did not want to give him a disillusion, and honestly,
much more people had already seen Maria’s boobs than
she could count, so she just smiled to him and said “That’s
ok, let’s go for it, but in the car, not in the restaurant.”

Frank was looking at Maria astonished, speechless and
in disbelieve, Maria needed to stop a gale of laughter and
asked him if it was not that what he wanted, nervously he
nodded a yes, so Maria told him to go out and wait on his car
and she would join him, as he left she went to the bathroom,
Maria was wearing a white blouse and jeans and removed her
bra stuffing it into her bag, no one was there so Maria was
not embarrassed, then she went outside and saw him sitting
in his car at one end of the parking lot.

Maria stepped in and he nervously smiled so she asked giggling
"So all you want is to see my boobs? Are you sure?”
[image5] He nodded and told her how beautiful they were, Maria smiled
again and unbuttoned her blouse, then she slowly opened
it, exposing her breasts to him, he stared at them with is
mouth opened and Maria said he could touch them if he wanted
to, slowly he reached out and began to massage one of them,
after a few moments Maria asked him if they felt ok, he nodded
again and Maria saw him rub the growing bulge on his jeans,
so Maria told him it would be ok if he wanted to take his cock
out and relieve himself.

He looked surprised, but immediately fumbled with his
zipper and a few moments later his hard cock was on his hand,
and now was Maria who was surprised with its size, he continued
to massage her breast with one hand while he jerked himself
with the other, Maria must admit it felt nice and she was
somewhat turned on, she thought on taking him on her mouth
and sucking him off, but as she knew how shy he was she was
afraid to scare him, so she decided to let him do it on his
own way and maybe she could get her chance later on.

Maria then told him to grab both her boobs and as he did it
she leaned over and put her hand around his cock, Maria noticed
his body shaking but he didn’t remove her hand, so she
jerked him up and down and he moaned in delight., Maria then asked if it felt good, again without words he
just nodded, so she told him to squeeze her hard and Maria
felt his cock pulsate, Maria decide it was then or never,
so she moved around in the tight car seat in such a way that
she was able to lower her head over his lap, he was speechless
but absolutely enjoying what she was doing with him, then
Maria told him to keep an eye out for passersby while she
slowly began to suck his hard cock.

He have a really good reaction and moved his hands in such
a way that he could squeeze Maria’s breasts as she kept
licking, kissing and lightly sucking his cockhead, and
as she did that she felt him harden even more, Maria then
slowly started rubbing her tongue all the way his manhood,
then licking it from its cockhead to his balls, then she
opened eagerly her mouth and slowly started engulfed him
until his pubic hair was rubbing against her nostrils,
suddenly he began to shake and moan and Maria knew he was
about to erupt and within seconds his cock exploded and
his sperm squirted hard into her mouth and down her throat,
hungrily Maria swallowed every drop, enjoying the taste
but as the same time trying not to soil her clothes.

A moment later they were finished and awkwardly they said
goodbye and Maria returned to her car and drove home very
aroused, as she arrived home and realizing I wasn’t there
yet, she immediately stripped and fondled herself, she
was so aroused that she came quickly and relaxed in a hot
bath, later that night, when Maria was curled up in a chair
with a book the phone rang, it was Frank and he said just one
phrase before stopped the calling "Thanks a lot,
I must say it to you, that was the first time in my life I was
with a woman."

Maria stared at the receiver and began to tremble, she was
in shock, Maria knew he was a very shy man but he has the same
age of Katy, Maria and I, in our middle fifties, how could
he never been with a woman?

Her mind runs quickly and the day after it was her turn to
phone him at work and asked if they could meet, he made a long
pause then mumbled a yes, and then Maria told him she don't
want to meet in the coffee but at his home and without giving
time to think or argue she turned off her mobile phone.

Later on as Maria arrived at Frank’s condo she found him
waiting patiently by the elevator in the lobby of her apartment
building, except for the two of them, the lobby was empty,
so Maria stepped up beside him while saying in a flirty "Hi
Darling'. Been waiting for me long?"

"No, just a little while." Frank smiled nervous
as he spoke then he asked “Is it true do you want to go up
to my apartment?"

"Of course. I did come to see you." Maria said
with a shy grin on her lips.

The elevator finally arrived and they stepped in, it was
a bit of a ride to the tenth floor and they rode in silence,
every once in a while Maria stole a glance at him and could
feel that Frank was so afraid but glanced at her too, Maria
was wearing a very flattering pair of blue jeans and a tight,
low cut sweater over her top, that fit her perfectly and
was just revealing enough to keep any man’s imagination
aching for satisfaction.

When the elevator arrived at his floor, Frank stepped aside
and allowed her to exit first, he followed her down the hall
to his door and unlocked the door, then as they stepped in
Frank reached around the wall and flipped on the lights
and Maria looked around, his apartment was spacious but
not overwhelming, with enough space for a man living alone,
and at the back of his living room was a balcony with a beautiful
view, looking better Maria smiled as she noticed that the
balcony and the living room of Kate was clearly visible
from his location.

Then Maria heard his polite voice on her back saying "Can
I take your coat? Do you want a coffee?"

Maria said yes to a coffee while Frank took her coat and motioned
for her to make herself comfortable on the couch, he took
her coat to the closet and then headed to the kitchen to prepare
the coffee, when he returned to the couch, Maria had flipped
on the TV, found a movie, and had made herself comfortable,
and when he sat down a little too close to her, she could see
he still was a little nervous, so Maria laughed and reassured
him "It's ok, you don’t need to be nervous,
I won't bit you, I need to tell you something."

He smiled, a shy almost nervous smile, and Maria knew for
her it was do or die time, so she said "Ok, since I don't
know how to say this, I will just put it out there for you.
I want to thank you by trust on me and telling me about being
the first time with a woman, what we did was not enough, it
was just part of what you can do with a woman, so I just want
to finish what we started. “

Frank was astonished, in one way that’s what he wanted,
but on other way he was not waiting Maria being so direct
to him, he paused a few seconds, took a deep breath and manage
to say "Maria, you don't have to tell me that,
you’re probably the only person I can trust in the world,
and about what we did yesterday as a matter of fact, I have
been wishing we could finish it in a better way, I wanted
to tell you that but I was so afraid."

Then almost without stop he said "Can I kiss you? I
mean, do you want me to kiss you?"

Jack stared at Maria in silence waiting for her answer,
and she could see a sense of fear mixed with desire on him,
Maria smiled as she had just confirmed what she thought,
what she knew already, the thought of her refusing him,
scared Jack to the depths of his soul, so Maria leaned closer
to him and although he was shaking she did not turn away and
gently placed her lips on his, Jack closed his eyes as Maria
lips explored his lips and gently teased the bulk of them
with a gentle suck and tickle, Maria pulled back after a
moment to see his reaction, he opened his eyes and looked
at her, Maria didn’t make any move and he waited, patiently
searching her expression. [image6] A small, innocent smile crept across Maria’s face as
she moved toward him again and began to explore his mouth
with her tongue, mixed with gentle lip sucking her kisses
seemed to excite him and he began to relax, and after a few
moments Maria could feel he was getting more comfortable,
he returned her kisses and with a slight insecurity, he
began to explore her mouth with his tongue.

After their make out session had reached a peak, they leaned
back in silence and watched the movie for a few moments,
at that moment Maria remembered how impulsive was his thick
cock and she wanted him so bad, her body was aching with desire
and she wondered if she should proceed and how, then Maria
glanced toward her chest to see if she could see anything
revealing his mode, then trying to break the silent Maria
giggled and murmured through her grin. "You haven't
showed me the rest of your place yet."

They stood and Jack took her hand on his and they walked through
the rooms, he pointed out the rooms to her, then he said trying
to be casual. “At the end of the hall was my bedroom.”

Saying that Jack eyed Maria cautiously, she just stopped
looking at him and waiting, then she felt him breath heavily
and then he said “Do you want to see my bedroom?"

"Yes, I do." Maria replied, almost too eagerly.

His shyness was melting away and Maria could see he was curious
about that new revelation of his personality, they walked
the few steps into his bedroom and he flicked on the lights,
he then haphazardly pointed out some of his possessions
but Maria easily noticed that his thoughts were all about
her inside his bedroom, he even could manage to eye her sensual
body from top to bottom, a needy look came across her face
and she grabbed him against her body, cutting any eventual
protest off from him, and quickly Maria leaned in and kissed

Jack was already much more confident, not enough to take
any initiative, but enough to follow her, and as she kissed
him he raised his hands and placed them on her breasts, in
a moment, he had reached around her and flicked off the light.,
Maria smiled with that still shy attitude with the lights
off, then moving her to the edge of the bed he began to lift
her top, he pulled it over her head and tossed it aside, her
lacy bra was delicately lining her bosom and his curiosity
was uncontainable, he swept his hands lightly up her sides
and around to the clasp in the back, the bra came undone with
a snap and he pulled it off her body with a gentle tug, her
breasts flowed out and ached for him to touch them.

Jack was eying with delight at her soft and supple breasts,
he raised his hands to her bare breasts and began to fondle
Maria there, as he circled her nipples with his fingers,
they instantly became erect, he twirled them and pinched
until a moan escaped her lips, moving forward he wrapped
a breast with his lips and began to suck on it. [image7] Maria grinned as she could feel the heat in the room rising,
she was obviously surprised by his new attitude and aroused
by the level of his performance, so she decided to let him
go on his own way, and while Jack worked on her breasts, Maria
reached for his shirt and pulled it up over his head, and
then planting a ravenous kiss on her lips, Jack grabbed
her hands and guided them to his bare chest, Maria quickly
felt into a motion of squeezing and massaging his chest,
and she could feel by his moans that was extremely pleasing
to him, and then he mumbled, between increasingly heavy
breaths. "I want you. I need you. What can I do to please

Maria leaned in close to him and licked his ear with her tongue
what made him shuddered, and then she whispered inside
his ear, "Just fuck me."

Those were the words Jack had waited for what seemed like
forever, and then here she was, the woman of his dreams in
his arms, asking him to do with her what he had only dreamed
of, his body began to shake and he reached for the button
on her jeans rather hesitantly, he drew back for a moment
and asked "Are you sure you are okay with this?"

Her eyes gave Jack the answer he had hoped for, there was
a twinkling there and her wild devilish smile told him to
go ahead, anyway feeling some kind of hesitation Maria
asked him if he was ok, he paused then said "I am very
okay. It's just...."

Maria looked at him deeply into his eyes trying to see what
was wrong and asked "What? What is it? Something wrong?"

He looked at the floor then with a deeply sigh he said in a
low voice "I don't know how. As you know this is
my first time with a woman and I am scared that I won't
know what to do to please you."

Maria looked at him just to confirm he was talking serious,
and he was, even in the dull glow of the nightlight, Maria
could see he was blushing, so she just told him with a sweet
voice "Don't be afraid. Just do what you feel
like. I'm not demanding anything from you, but if you
want something from me just demand me and I will do it with

Jack smiled a bit and then spoke again. "Will you show

Maria blinked at him and replied "Of course I will.
Whatever you want, I'll do. I'm a good teacher
and there is so much I want to show to you."

Maria’s eyes were roaming all over Jack’s body, she
wanted him right there and then, but she knew she must go
slowly with him, but then he asked her what she wanted to
do, well Maria didn't know what to say and was thinking
on an answer that wouldn’t scare him, but then he grabbed
Maria kissing her passionately, wow, what a surprise,
she thought, she then rolled her tongue around his mouth,
but she wanting more, so she sat down beside him on the bed
pulling her body down next to his and they began kissing
again and caressing each other.

Jack slowly rolled Maria over, so she was on top of his body
and slowly she started rubbing her hands over his chest
and down to his cock, it was already hard for Maria to keep
it slowly and that made her want him even more, she started
kissing him deeper, pushing her tongue into his mouth,
then she took his hand to her breast to let him feel her breasts
and caress her nipples, Maria then took his hand down to
her wet cunt so he could feel her wetness, then he spread
her pussy lips with his finger and felt Maria’s juices
run down his finger, Maria moaned and guided his finger
to find her clit, then helping him on rubbing it slowly.

They kissed harder as his finger fucked her pussy, then
he slide another finger inside her pussy, and that time
without any help or guidance, Maria smiled as she felt that
he started to be more bold with here, she was still rubbing
his hard cock knowing that she need him so badly inside of
her, Maria decided it was the right time, and then she looked
deeply into his eyes and said "I want you inside me
right now."

Maria lay back on the bed pulling him down on top of her while
spreading her legs wanting his cock inside of her, he hesitated
for a couple of seconds, Maria noticed it and without wasting
more time she took his cock in her hand and guided it inside
her pussy, then her tight pussy walls were wrapping around
his cock and they kissed deeply, as his hand was pinching
and twisting her nipples, she had her hands on his ass pulling
him into her, Maria then began to tense up knowing she was
going to cum, her breath increased and she started moaning
loudly “Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

Probably Jack sensed her orgasm growing and began fucking
Maria harder and harder, her legs wrapped around him as
he was hammering wildly in and out of her, it was more than
they could both stand and Jack shot waves of hot load into
her pussy, making Maria’s body shook under a powerful
orgasm, while the muscles of her pussy were draining his
cock for every drop.

They both lay on the bed side by side to regain their breath,
after time they started kissing each other and his cock
become hard again, he whispered into her ear “I think
I am already ready for the nest lesson, I want to try it now!”
[image8] And they both started laughing then Maria reached around
behind him and ran his cock behind her back, he looked at
that for a moment with curiosity, then Maria lay down over
her stomach and closed her eyes, he lay down on top of her
and began caressing and kissing her neck as she kept rubbing
his cock along her ass crack, Maria then guided him to enter
her gently her ass, which was already lubed by their previous
fuck, so with the firm and gently press of his body against
hers, his cock was slowly buried all the way down into her

Both their sweaty bodies together, the scent of him against
Maria was invigorating and the he began to move, backing
his cock almost all the way out and gently coaxing it back
in slowly rhythmically, Maria gained momentum and started
moved her ass towards him matching it with his thrusts,

Jack quickly responded to her action, his hips gyrated
fervently and Maria could see he was ready to explode again,
so she prepared for the moment when he would reach his peek,
he slowed his thrusts as Maria stopped her moves, then he
pushed into her hard, and proceeded to thrust wildly, in
and out her ass as Maria moaned loudly “More… More…
Go deep!”

Maria climax was evident, and as her body shook under another
orgasm he couldn’t old it any longer and his cock erupted
inside her ass, Maria felt his sperm hitting her deep insides
and filling her back channel and some of his sperm spilled
out her ass and was running down her legs.

When it was over, Maria relaxed and Jack withdrew from her
and felt beside her in exhaustion, they were both hot and
sweaty but content, they laid together, their naked bodies
entangled, his hands on her breasts, her nipples still
erect, then Maria looked at his smiling face and said “Well,
not too bad for a first day of lessons, but now it’s time
to go home, hope you had enjoyed it as much as I did!”

He blushed and thanked her, while saying it was the best
day of his life while watching her dressing back, as Maria
was ready he kissed her and thanked her for a so wonderful
experience, Maria then told him it was just the beginning
of his lessons, he blushed even more and looked at the floor,
while manage to say stuttering that he don't know if
he could look at her again as a friend as they have different
lives, Maria kissed him gently while taping lightly his
face and whispered "Don't say silly things,
we can keep our individual lives, be friends as always,
and having fun together from time to time."

He didn't answered and then she opened the door and
Maria left and went to the elevator and then the door at the
end of the corridor opened and Katy grinned while calling
her with her finger, Maria grinned back and in a small steps
for Jack don’t hear her, she went into Katy’s apartment.

Without gave her time to talk Katy asked “What a hell are
you doing in Jack’s house? Did he like women? I never saw
him with a woman, I was thinking he was homo!”

Maria laughed and said “Homo? No way! Just it was the first
time for him with a woman.

Katy looked at Maria speechless, then she mumbled “Are
you kidding?”

And Maria told her the adventures with Jack during those
two days, and how concerned she was about his last thoughts,
Katy looked at her in disbelieve, then she told her for don't
worry about his thoughts as he has been attracted to her
during so many years, and as he have a so wild experience
for his first time, it was more than natural, anyway they
both live in the same condo and she would keep an eye on him.

Maria thanked her and then Katy moved closer to her, and
without waste any time she removed Maria’s top and bra,
then she removed Maria’s jeans, sneaking a feel of her
buttocks as she eased them over her hips and they felt to
the floor revealing her lacy undergarments and Katy felt
a tingle between her legs at the sight of them. [image9] Falling to her knees in front of Maria, Katy ran her hands
up Maria’s legs, beginning at her toes and upward, fingers
spread and gently pressing into her flesh, Katy added some
soft teasing kisses as she worked her way upward, and as
she approached Maria’s thighs, Maria twitched in pleasure,
Katy teased Maria by rubbing her inner thighs with her fingertips,
and then Katy reached up and grabbed Maria’s crotch with
her teeth and Maria left out a loudly moan of pleasure.

Lying Maria down on the bed, the sight of her naked body and
the glistened of her sweat mixed with her own juices, and
even with some sperm from Jack excited Katy too much, and
she could feel a wetness developing between her legs, her
long hair was flowing out as her eyes stared at Maria, almost
begging for her to draw near, Maria’s nipples stood erect
in anticipation of more stimulation and Katy kissed her
again, more passionately that time, and cupped a breast
in her hand, working Maria’s body Katy kissed and licked,
meandering her way downward while caressing Maria’s
legs and moving upward, then Katy felt Maria’s wet mound
under her palm, so she eased a finger into the warmth and
dampness of Maria’s pussy.

Maria almost let a scream of ecstasy with the high level
of her lust, keeping exploring Maria’s body Katy’s
fingers danced in and out of her, tickling Maria’s clit
with her thumb and diving forcefully into her pussy with
her fingers, then tipped her head back in enjoyment Maria
urged Katy on. "I want more."

"You do huh?" Katy stuttered with a wild smile
on her face, then pulling her fingers out of Maria, Katy
quickly reinserted her thumb into Maria’s wetness and
then danced a wet index finger around her backside, Katy
looked at Maria to analyze her reaction, Maria seemed she
had enjoyed that and showed no signs of dislike, so slowly
Katy eased her finger deep into Maria and she squealed with
pleasure, in and out Katy gently moved for a time and Maria
swayed her hips synchronized with her thrusts, after a
moments, Katy withdrew her fingers from Maria and reached
around her neck as pulled Maria close to her once more.

Katy then leaned down and pushed Maria’s legs aside,
with the very tip of her tongue she flicked Maria’s clit,
then, without waiting, Katy wrapped her lips around it
and sucked, Maria’s wet mound shifted forward and eagerly
as Katy drove in and quickly started twirling her tongue
around Maria’s wetness and exploring her folds, while
alternately was stimulating Maria’s clit with a fast
flicking of her tongue and profound sucking.

When Katy could see Maria was gaining momentum, she repositioned
herself at her foot, bending Maria’s knees and pushing
them outward for the best positioning, and then she moved
into her, Maria was already waiting for her and as Katy was
ready too, she spread Maria’s folds apart with her hands
and pushed her tongue into Maria’s wet pussy as far as
she could, with the thumb of one hand Katy began to tickle
Maria’s clit and with a finger on the other hand, Katy
gently entered Maria’s backside as she pushed her tongue
into her pussy, both finger and tongue matched their rhythm
in and out of Maria’s holes and Katy could hear Maria’s
moans getting faster and louder, so she continued her work
on Maria.

Katy could feel a rush within her too, gathering strength
from Maria’s pleasure noises, the harder Maria moaned
the harder Katy pushed, until both women started yelling
and their bodies shook one against the other under a powerful
wild orgasm. [image10] When Maria could catch her breath she looked at Katy and
said, "Well.... What a night."

As they finished Maria drove home for a well deserved sleep,
but two days after she was surprised by a calling from Katy,
and Maria picked up the phone without even saying a good
morning Katy yelled at the phone "You know? That bastard
of Jack? He just moved for another city without telling
us nothing about his intentions!"

Speechless Maria just cut the connection while almost
falling down on her office chair, she needed a couple of
minutes to her brain digested that new information and
she could return back to her work, anyway it was the last
time they saw Jack, but they knew for a old colleague they
had meet on their annual school party that he got married
and he was very happy!

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