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Old and New


Old And New
Rita breathed a sigh of relief when the seat belt light went
off. She had never loved flying and only now agreed because,
like Ben, she badly needed a few days away. The stress of
the past few months had taken a heavy toll, and they were
finally free to enjoy the love they had for each other. Rita
had never met Ben's friend, Greg, but she felt like
she'd known him for years after hearing so many of Ben's
stories about their adventures together. She often wondered
how such a handsome, charming man had evaded capture by
any number of feminine predators. "Oh well, "
she sighed to herself, "I'm just glad he's
letting us use his cabin for a couple days while he's
away." She had hoped to meet her husband's old
friend whom he loved like a brother, but there would be other
times, she was sure.
"Rita?" Ben smiled, "Are you there?"
"I'm sorry, honey, guess I was just trying to
relax a little too much." said Rita as her thoughts
turned to her husband. "What were you saying, my love?"
"Oh, nothing, Angel- I was just thinking out loud
how nice it's going to be to have you all to myself for
a few days", Ben said, with that you-know-what gleam
in his eye.
Rita laughed, "We've waited so long for this-
maybe you'd better pinch me so I'll know I'm
not dreaming!"
"Sweetheart, it is a dream; a dream come true."
Ben held her hand as Rita lay her head on his shoulder- both
of them very grateful indeed for dreams.
<3 <3 <3
They were both instantly amazed at the huge difference
in climate after their hour-and-a-half flight. Leaving
the stifling Texas summer behind, the mild afternoon on
the eastern slope of the Rockies was like stepping into
a different world. This would be heaven for Rita for the
next couple days.
They quickly retrieved their light luggage and exited
the small terminal. Ben fumbled in his pocket for the keys
to Greg's Suburban that had arrived FedEx the day before,
and began scanning the parking lot. Rita spotted it first
and what she saw next both thrilled her and made her feel
very weak in the knees. There, standing next to the black
Suburban with the deeply polished chrome, was the most
beautiful man she'd ever seen, smiling and holding
outstretched arms towards them.
"Greg!" Ben shouted as he ran to meet his old
friend, who embraced him with heartfelt emotion. "What
in the world are you doing here? You're supposed to
be in Miami!"
"I'll explain that in a minute", he said
as he released his dear friend, "but right now, I have
to meet this glorious lady with the dazzling smile."
Greg winked at Ben as the latter made the introductions.
"I've heard many stories about the two of you
together- some of them good, and I suspect all of them true!"
Rita smiled as she gave Greg a hug.
"Now, Rita, you know this guy- he can be overly dramatic
at times- probably no more than eighty percent are true!"
"Even so, what I wouldn't give to have been a stowaway
on some of those adventures." winked Rita.
Greg took Rita's hands in his, looked first into her
lovely green eyes, and then faced his friend and said, "Ben,
she's every bit as delightful as you've said,
and once again my friend, I'm envious of you."
Ben slipped one arm around his wife's waist and the
other around Greg's shoulders. This was one of those
rare, precious moments in a man's life.
"You know, you two are the ones who've been there
for me through some very trying times. I hate to think what
my life would be like without either of you. I love you both
with all my heart." Ben pulled Rita and Greg close
to him as they walked to the Suburban.
<3 <3 <3
"Now what's the story? I mean, I'm glad to
see you and all, but why aren't you in Miami?"
asked Ben.
Greg explained that all the problems with his company's
Latin American export coordinator had been resolved in
late-night teleconference negotiations the night before
and instead of getting a couple days to frolic on Miami's
South Beach, he'd instead be staying home- or at least
near home. After hearing of Greg's commitment to his
weekend houseguests, his boss had offered Greg the use
of his guesthouse so the lovebird's plans wouldn't
have to be changed at the last moment.
"Nonsense!" Rita said. "Look, Greg,
that's very considerate of you and quite generous
of your boss, but guys, think about this. Y'all haven't
seen each other in ages, and there is no telling when we'll
have another chance. Ben and I have the rest of our lives
to find private moments together- and I'm sure Ben
will back me up on this- so please, stay at home and help us
fulfill a few more dreams; spending our lives with friends...
old, and new."
Speechless, Greg looked across the seat at his oldest friend.
"Hey, don't look at me! This is the first woman
I've ever known who really is right all the time. We
insist that you stay and share the weekend with us."
Conceding, Greg rolled his eyes and said, "You two
are hopeless."
<3 <3 <3
As the airport and most other signs of civilization disappeared
along the asphalt ribbon, Greg pointed out many of Nature's
beauties that lured and kept him away from the city, and
even his boyhood home and friends that he loved. Rita liked
him from the start and sensed a genuineness that was missing
from most people. She knew that Ben's friend would
very quickly become their friend.
As Greg turned off the paved road, he told his guests that
only wild, untamed animals lived where they were going,
but they needn't fear, all his previous guests had
survived and loved the experience of seeing America at
its pristine best. After a few miles on the gravel road,
Greg turned again, this time up a steep dirt slope that disappeared
around the crest of a small peak. Rita held on for dear life
as both guys laughed heartily at her obvious distrust of
the Suburban's ability to safely deliver them to the
top. She glared at each of them- bringing near-instant
silence- before throwing her arms free and rewarding them
with a gypsy yell as they arrived at the top. Greg slammed
on the brakes just in time to stir up a coppery cloud of Colorado
dust to block their view of his home- a time-tested trick
used to dramatically "unveil" his surrogate
bride; the place that gave him warmth and security and hid
his pain from those who didn't know him.
What Rita and Ben saw next took their breath away with its
beauty. The settling dust revealed a home that reminded
Ben of the Cartwright's Ponderosa. Large and rustic,
it was framed by tall Spruce and Aspen trees with the glory
of a highland sunset to top it all off. Rita noted also that
this stunning scene would be repeated twice daily, again
at dawn when the rising sun broke over the eastern horizon
to bathe them in its warmth again.
Greg ushered them inside and after a brief tour of the lower
floor, showed them to their room upstairs. Spanning the
width of the house, the once-master bedroom had large picture
windows on three sides to enjoy the magnificent view at
any time of the day. Decorated in tasteful defiance of contemporary
Western Chic, this room, with its flowing drapes, scented
sachets, and honest-to-goodness Southern Belle vanity,
was definitely made for a woman. How strange that a bachelor
had paid this much attention to such things, thought Rita.
Greg made sure of their comfort, then excused himself to
get a quick shower and make their dinner reservations.
Realizing it would be fruitless to protest, Ben and Rita
thanked him for his hospitality before finding themselves
alone again.
Ben wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, holding
her close while softly kissing her luscious lips. "You
are the most unselfish, loving person in this world- not
to mention resilient and accommodating. Most people would
have taken advantage of Greg under the circumstances and
held him to the original plan. Thank you for being so sensitive."
The corners of Rita's mouth slowly curled upwards
into that sweet smile that cemented Ben's' love
for her the first time he saw it. "Oh honey, "
she sighed, "it's really very simple. I love
you. You love Greg. Will you never see that whatever makes
you happy is the most important thing in the world to me?
I'd stay in a tent full of cannibals with you if it would
make you happy, silly man."
Folding his arms around her and burying his face in the valley
of her neck, Ben breathed three simple words: "I love
<3 <3 <3
Following a brief but joyous time together in the large,
oval bath, Ben dressed quickly and went downstairs to find
Greg and soon the echo of their laughter filtered through
the floor to Rita's ears as she dressed for dinner.
They arrived early for dinner and Greg asked to be seated
in the bar until their table was ready. After placing a drink
order, Ben excused himself to call and check on the kids
at home.
"So, Rita, we finally meet. Ben's' told
me a lot about you and I can't wait to get to know you better
myself. I'll tell you, anyone who break apart the walls
surrounding Ben's heart must be pretty special, "
Greg said.
"Thank you, Greg, " said Rita. "I hope
you don't mind, but there is something I've wondered
about since the first time Ben told me about you. I can't
help wondering how a great looking, successful guy like
you manages to remain single. I'm sure the local girls
must drool every time you walk by, " she smiled.
Greg laughed and placed one of his hands over Rita's.
"Oh, they're interested at first, but once they
see how much I'm away from home, they decide pretty
quickly that a part-time friend isn't what they want.
I date occasionally, but my job is very demanding on my time."
"Still, those long winter nights must get lonely
at times, " Rita said with a wink.
"Hmmm... yes, there are times it would be nice to come
home to someone, especially someone like you. I'm
sure Ben doesn't spend much time away anymore, does
he?" Greg returned her wink.
Greg's smile, his confidence, and the strength she
felt in his hands were giving Rita feelings she thought
could come from no other man than Ben. She had been instantly
attracted to him, but what she was feeling now was something
more- much more.
"You're right, Greg. Ben stays close to home
these days, and I'm very glad that he does. I'm
at a time in my life when I want, no need a man very often. Thankfully,
Ben understands this and is very unselfish with me. I just
worry sometimes that he'll get tired of all the attention, "
Rita laughed, just a little uneasily as she realized that
she had just admitted her increased need for sex to Greg.
Greg's eyes narrowed and his smile faded slightly.
He wasn't sure if he dared bring this up, but he sensed
that he could trust her. "Rita, how much has Ben told
you about the time we spent as roommates?"
"Everything, " Rita said coyly, staring into
Greg's deep blue eyes.
"Everything? That must include Rachel."
"Yes, I know about Rachel. Very lucky young lady to
have had two cuts of prime beef available all the time. What
I wouldn't give to have been her for a night or two."
Rita was no longer smiling. She took a deep breath and extended
her crossed leg to rub along the inside of Greg's calf.
"Had you been there, I'm sure Rachel would have
been yesterday's news, " Greg said, noticing
that his slacks suddenly fit a little snugger. He lowered
his left hand below the table, resting it on Rita's
knee- half expecting her to force it away or move away. She
did neither.
"I don't know about that, but she definitely
got to experience one of my strongest fantasies. I'm
sure I'll always be a little envious of her for that."
Rita hadn't backed down from anything yet, so Greg
decided he had nothing to lose by extending his gamble further.
"You know, it's been a very long time, and lots
of things have changed for both Ben and myself. For one thing,
Rachel wasn't married to either of us. I'm not
sure how my old buddy would feel about sharing his wife in
the way he once shared an old girlfriend, " Greg said.
"We've talked about this kind of thing before-
not about you in particular, of course. At first he didn't
seem too crazy about the idea, but as time as gone by, he has
shown more interest. I think he'd do anything to please
me, " said Rita, hoping that she was right.
<3 <3 <3
Ben rejoined them in a moment with news that everything
was fine at home, that the kids were ok, and with a full assurance
that he and Rita should relax and not worry about a thing.
He grinned and observed, "You two look mighty cozy;
did I miss something 'juicy' while I was gone?"
Rita's eyes sparkled with excitement as she looked
at her husband. "You might say that. We were just discussing
old times and old friends."
Ben's' blank look alerted Greg to come to his buddy's
aid in recalling an ancient time. "Rachel",
he said.
Ben threw his head back and laughed raucously, "Rachel!
How in the world did her name come up?", but suddenly
he had his answer as he saw Rita and Greg together- his gorgeous,
sexy wife and the beautiful boy who had been his friend for
many years.
In an instant, Ben evaluated many things; the love he felt
for and the trust he placed in both of them, his wish to fulfill
every desire Rita had, and all the possible consequences
of a playful weekend. Ben knew that all sharing carried
risk, the risk of some party not recognizing their share
and what was too much, but he felt he knew these two pretty
well. Greg was an excellent lover- he'd seen that on
Rachel's face many times- yet true intimacy was an
emotion Greg had trouble dealing with. He had kept a symbolic
distance between himself and all the women he knew and while
Ben knew that Greg was capable of loving, he also knew that
the last thing that the man wanted was what Ben placed the
highest value on- the domestic life, filled with intimacy
and commitment. Greg, beloved and trusted friend, was
no threat to what Ben and Rita had together.
Rita had filled her life before Ben with dreams. She had
been protected- no, hidden- from the world and she'd
not only been expected to tolerate but to flourish in her
lonely life. It was as she sought more in life that she and
Ben had met and he had discovered this highly-charged woman
who had not been allowed to experience life and the many
kinds of relationships people share. Little by little,
she had shared her dreams with Ben, and he knew that Rita,
like most women he knew, had fantasized about having multiple
lovers. At first he'd been reluctant to even talk about
it because he'd felt very insecure, but as his love
for Rita matured and he realized that she lived with one
goal in her life- to please her husband- he'd grown
to feel that helping to bring her fantasies to life would
be just one of the many ways he could express his love for
her. If Greg and Rita were attracted to each other, Ben decided
it was fine and dandy with him; he loved and trusted both
of them.
Ben smiled again as he spoke, "Well, I'm very
pleased that you two have become so friendly this fast.
Our time together with Rachel was very special, and I doubted
that it could ever be repeated. Perhaps I was wrong."
Lifting his glass, Ben proposed, "To friends, old
and new, tried and true!"
<3 <3 <3
Dinner was delicious and the conversation centered on
all the things that had been happening in the old friends
lives since they were last together. Ben found himself
somewhat envious of Greg's jet-set pace until he looked
across the table at the vision of loveliness that brought
him home every night. Nothing in this world could lure him
away from that.
After dinner, Greg drove them high up into the mountains,
above the treeline for a moonlit view of the valley below.
As they walked arm in arm along the ridge enjoying the stillness
of the Colorado night, each of them felt an unmistakable
bond with the other two.
It was Rita who finally spoke.
<3 <3 <3
"This place is beautiful- I could stay here for hours!"
Greg looked at Ben, who nodded his approval. "Well,
my dear, your wish is granted! There's no reason to
hurry home on such a fine evening. It just so happens that
I have several soft blankets in the Suburban that will make
nice cushions for us to relax and enjoy nature at its best.
I'll be right back."
When he had left, Rita turned quickly to Ben and said, "Honey,
is this what you want? If it isn't, please tell me now
and I promise you'll never hear it mentioned again.
I hope you know that I wouldn't want you to do anything
against your will just to try to please me."
Ben replied in his most earnest tone, "Rita, I would
never do that, just as I wouldn't want you to do it either.
But this goes beyond merely 'pleasing' you- it's
part of liberating you from a life where people didn't
trust you, didn't honor your wishes, and didn't
take you serious. That life is over for you and one of the
best ways I can prove that to you is this. You know that sex
has a deeply spiritual meaning for me and that's why
I've never sought this kind of thing for you before
with anyone else. Sex has to be an expression of the heart
to be fulfilling for me. Having two people- whom I love very
much- together is an altogether different thing than if
he were just an acquaintance. The fact is, I love you, and
I love him. This is my way of saying that to both of you."
A humble smile shone across Rita's face in the pale
moonlight as she unbuckled Ben's belt.
<3 <3 <3
Greg took his time going to get the blankets. He knew his
friends needed a few minutes alone to communicate their
feelings about the night's events and he respected
their privacy. He had long been a sexual adventurer- as
had Ben- but they were all aware this was different from
anything they'd done before. As free-spirited as
Greg was, he would have no problem if they had decided this
wasn't a good idea. He wanted to have fun, sure, but
not at any risk to his most highly valued friendship.
He was pleased to find the camp pillows he had stashed with
the blankets in the back of his Suburban, so he stacked them
on top of the blankets walked slowly back around the knobby
crest of the hill. Rounding the bend, he stopped and watched
in amazement.
Rita and Ben were sharing a long, deep, passionate kiss
as she loosened Ben's belt. Ben held her head gently
in his hands as she fumbled with the button of his slacks,
finally freeing them and opening his fly. Lowering them
below his hips, she let go, allowing them to fall in a heap
at his ankles. Next she placed her hands on Ben's chest
as she planted soft, wet kisses along his lower jaw, leading
down his neck. She unbuttoned his shirt as her kisses drifted
downward to his chest, lingering between his breasts as
the last of the buttons gave way. Facing one of his breasts,
Rita parted her lips and allowed her playful tongue the
delight of tracing the outline of his nipple. She'd
discovered this drove him wild with excitement and had
long included it in their lovemaking. She kissed it lovingly
and after playfully flicking her tongue here and there,
sucking gently on each nipple, Rita crouched; lowering
her body little by little, she followed the thin centerline
of hair that led to Ben's treasure below.
Ben still held her head in his hands as Rita at last dropped
to her knees. Many thoughts raced through his mind as he
anticipated the maximum pleasure he was about to receive.
He stroked her hair gently, running his fingers through
it lovingly while guiding her home.
Rita slid her thumbs inside the waistband of Ben's
briefs, pulling them downward. She held Ben's rigid
cock up and carefully cradled his balls with her other hand
as he moaned with delight at his lover's touch. They
spent some moments like this, giving the simple joy of touch
to each other before Rita finally could wait no longer.
She began by softly blowing on Ben's balls. She carefully
rolled them in her hand, exposing his scrotum to the feel
of her warm breath while chasing away the chill of the mountain
air. Next, she "bathed" his scrotum with her
tongue before taking each testicle into her mouth one at
a time for a warm soak while slowly stroking Ben's rock-hard
manhood. His moans and sighs were deepening and becoming
more rapid, so Rita placed both hands firmly around the
base of Ben's' engorged cock as she lowered his
shaft to her waiting lips where she placed a long, loving,
erotic kiss on the tip. Slowly, she parted her lips, allowing
her tongue to tease the head as she enjoyed the taste of his
pre-cum. She found the delicate slit in the head of Ben's'
cock and savored the saltiness there before moving forward
to vigorously encircle the glans with her tongue. She kept
circling... kissing... licking... sucking enthusiastically
as she felt her husband's muscles tighten under the
strain of holding back. Finally, she relaxed her lower
jaw and flattened her tongue, taking as much of Ben's
cock as she possibly could into her mouth and her upper throat.
She'd learned the art of suppressing her gag reflex
and Ben had become the fortunate beneficiary of this extraordinary
talent, enjoying the feeling of practically his entire
cock melting away inside his wife's mouth.
She had also mastered the ability to pull in a sucking motion
with her lips while thrusting away with her tongue. The
pressure was intense on Ben's cock as she tried very
hard to weaken his defenses in this way while stroking his
cock... up and down repeatedly, with the pace quickening
all the time. At last, she knew her work was nearly done as
Ben's' breaths started coming in mighty heaves.
Just as she knew he could stand no more, she reached behind
him and held him very tight with one arm while she continued
to pump his aching cock with her other hand. She'd saved
her most enthusiastic sucking for this moment as Ben released
his load deep in her throat. Rita kept stroking his cock
and pumping with her mouth until both were completely spent
and she had drained every drop of cum from her husband. She
finished the same way she had begun: with a long, wet, erotic
kiss on the tip of Ben's cock.
She turned slightly to see the astonished Greg standing
there, mouth agape. "Well, don't just stand
there, silly, spread those blankets out", she laughed.
<3 <3 <3
Greg quickly did as Rita asked, spreading the blankets
on top of each other, creating a soft cushion for the trio.
Ben, virtually undressed already, stepped out of his trousers
and removed his shirt, then laid back to enjoy the show.
Rita hummed a familiar burlesque tune while slowly and
sensually pulling her dress up above her waist while gyrating
her bare hips for both men to see. At last, much to their delight,
the lightweight shift slipped over her head, leaving nothing
to hide the beauty of her body. Her hesitant teasing over,
she moved to stand in front of Greg, where she unbuttoned
his shirt, loosened his slacks, and stripped him, careful
not to loose eye contact at any time. Taking Greg's
hands in hers, she pulled him down to the blankets with her
where she gave him a soft kiss on the cheek then lay back beside
her husband, her arms outstretched above her head and her
slim, sexy legs spread slightly.
Greg lay on his side facing the couple, with Rita between
them. He tentatively placed his hand on Rita's belly
and looked for the smiles that gave approval to his touch.
Ben smiled and winked at Greg before leaning to give his
wife a long, deep, wet, passionate kiss that relaxed and
aroused all three very much. As Ben and Rita continued savoring
the joys of each other's tongues, gave a slow steady
stream of hot, wet kisses to Rita's body, beginning
at her neck, working downward along her sides while gently
squeezing her perfectly sized and shaped breasts. As he
passed her waist, he lingered, bathing her with his velvety
tongue. For the first time, he slipped his hand between
her thighs for a feel of her neatly trimmed mound. Warm and
swollen, her precious gift awaited the touch of a man, and
Greg did not disappoint. While he continued his oral trek
downward, he slipped his first two fingers inside Rita's
hot, honey-soaked pussy, feeling her hips rise to meet
him as she moaned with obvious pleasure. Greg's kisses
began trailing off a little as he passed her ankles and Rita
thought he was stopping until she felt the tip of his tongue
slide between her toes, teasing and tickling before he
finally slipped her large toe inside his mouth, kissing
and sucking provocatively while still playing with her
warm, dripping cunt. He worked his way around to each and
every toe of both feet while Ben was busily taking care of
the rest of Rita's body.
Ben's' hot, wet kisses had moistened her down
"there" instantly. Swapping tongues with
her husband was something that had always turned her on,
and that, combined with Greg's touch and kisses, had
her primed for any kind of action that lay ahead. This was
her night, and these men would do anything she wished- and
that idea turned her on that much more. As Ben's warm
kisses drifted down her neck, Rita arched her back slightly
to offer her breasts to his delicate kisses. Ben took a beautiful
nipple between his lips and fondled it gently with his tongue,
feeling it grow and respond to the stimulation. Rita had
perfect nipples, he thought, and he lingered there for
a long time... sucking on each of them while tenderly lifting
and squeezing her soft, smooth breasts. Finally, he gave
each a kiss goodbye and headed below.
Ben parted her near-bare, swollen lips above where Greg
was busy working his fingers in and out of her. Summoning
all the moisture he could, Ben planted a big, wet kiss directly
on Rita's beautiful bud, already erect and excited
by what had happened so far. Next, he ran his tongue up and
down her narrow slit, finishing with a frenzy of flicks
designed to produce an orgasm quickly, which it did. Greg
felt Rita tighten around his fingers and press very hard
against his hand as she screamed in delight. Ben kept tonguing
her during the height of her pleasure while Greg slipped
a finger from his other hand into his mouth to wet it, and
then, as she lifted her hips, he drove it deep inside her
hot, throbbing butt hole. Rita screamed again- this time
in pain- but held on as the waves of her orgasm grew in size
and number. As the men gave her pleasure down below, she
wet her fingers with her saliva, reached down, and squeezed
her breasts very tightly while pinching her nipples between
her fingers.
As Ben sensed his wife's orgasm subsiding, he gave
her one last sweet kiss down "there" and leaned
back up to lie beside her, draping his arm across her chest
to warm her in the cool mountain air.
Between rapid gasps for air, Rita was finally able to say,
"Honey... I... I want you... inside me... please..."
Greg withdrew his hands and began to slowly stroke his cock
as he watched Rita roll over and straddle Ben. For several
long moments, she pressed her sweet, wet mound against
his loins as they shared a deep, loving kiss. At last, she
reached down... between her legs... and took Ben's
hard cock in her hand, guiding it into her hot, dripping,
man-hungry pussy. Hard as steel and hot as glowing embers,
Ben's' cock filled Rita completely. She had ached
for this for hours and as she began rocking back and forth,
she felt the wondrous sensation of that thick dick gliding
in and out over her g-spot, giving her absolute pleasure
and sending shivers up and down her spine.
Ben continued his gentle thrusts inside her as Rita leaned
forward to place her delicious titties tantalizingly
close to his waiting lips. She teased him at first, grazing
his face with just her nipples and finally allowing him
to wrap his lips around and suck vigorously.
Greg was watching this erotic display with desire growing
out of control. Oh, how he also wanted to feel the heat within
this woman! He lay on his belly between Ben's legs and
placed his hands on Rita's hips. He massaged her cheeks
in circular motions with his thumbs, keeping perfect rhythm
with her rocking motion and Ben's thrusts. As the couple's
excitement grew, so did Greg's and he moved closer
to their union. Close enough to smell their sex, he circled
his lips with his tongue, puckered them in a pouty fashion,
and kissed Rita's back door, lingering far after he
felt her instinctively tighten against intrusion. Rita
slowed her rocking somewhat to concentrate on this incredible
feeling and her second orgasm was even more powerful than
the first, sending shockwaves throughout her body and
making her feel very dizzy, but she was far from through.
She cried for Ben to support her as she reached behind, spreading
her butt cheeks as wide as possible as Greg continued his
rim job, licking her all the way from one hole to the other,
lustily drinking all the juices he found. In unfulfilled
anguish, she finally begged Greg to fill her, screaming
in absolute terror when he did.
She had always dreamed of this moment- two men filling her
at the same time. Her body reacted predictably, resisting
the intrusion at first, then, as the pain gave way to lustful
pleasure, she pressed harder against Greg, driving his
dick deep into her ass. Ben, restricted as he was in his movements,
still managed to slowly thrust in and out, his cock massaging
her g-spot as her precious bud rubbed against his pubic
bone, thus giving every erogenous zone she had a simultaneous
Her head spinning and her sense of reality nearly gone,
Rita still somehow knew both men were nearing their climax.
She rocked harder, driving both men deeper inside her.
She flexed every muscle she could to squeeze each tighter...
Greg was the first to go. Seeing this hot babe in action had
almost been too much for him to begin with but when she squeezed
his dick with her tight little asshole, it was just too much.
He exploded with great force, sending what felt like gallons
of his hot semen deep into her bowels.
The combination of Ben's vigorous attack on her nipples,
his cock gliding in and out of her hot, slick pussy and the
throbbing of Greg's dick in her ass proved to be too
much for Rita also. The sweeping tide of her third orgasm
hit her like a raging river, washing what was left of her
consciousness into oblivion. She screamed in delight
once more as she felt Ben's' pulsing cock deliver
its load deep, deep inside her as well.
Rita was too weak to resist. She was vaguely aware of Greg
gently probing her "down there" with his mouth.
He'd just had the most incredible experience of his
life, and was overcome with desire to have their juices.
He'd settled in between the couple's legs, where
he could serve both of them. He'd found that he loved
the taste of Ben's and Rita's combined juices
slowly flowing from within Rita and he also realized he
loved tasting Rita on his old friend's cock. It delighted
him that Ben's cock stayed semi-rigid as he drank the
last of what Ben surrendered while he softly stroked Greg's
<3 <3 <3
There was a message waiting for Greg when the group arrived
back at his home. Seems he would be needed in Florida after
all by first light tomorrow morning. After quickly packing
his bags, Ben and Rita drove him to the airport, where friends,
old and new, summoned the courage to say goodbye, but with
a promise: they would see each other again soon- and often!
<3 <3 <3

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