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Old Times Sake (M-F, Ex-Wife)


I'd read Penthouse Forum and other magazines all my
life, and I'd loved the stories, but many of them, even
though the writer stated they were true, were just too hard
to believe. Now, that might sound a little odd coming from
me especially, seeing as how my first wife, Terry and I spent
over ten years of our twenty-two year marriage as swingers,
but still, some things just never really happened in real
life, or did they?

Terry and I had been divorced for over five years by then,
and I'd met, and fallen in love with a wonderful woman.
We were living together, and although this next part isn't
really relative to this story, Shannon, my new life partner,
not only knew I was bisexual, but it turned her on, and she
accepted and encouraged it. The point being, she was extremely
open-minded, and I would say that our relationship overall
was a healthy, and highly sexual one. And so why, you might
ask yourself, did I let what happened, happen? I've
asked myself that many times, and I've never really
come up with a good answer, except that I just plain old fucked
up! But, I am getting ahead of myself here, so let me go back
to the beginning!

Terry and I had been divorced for a little over five years.
It wasn't a pretty divorce, and swinging had absolutely
nothing to do with it, but, we both survived it, just as many,
many, other people do every day! I honestly hadn't
really spoken to her in a couple of years. The last time I'd
actually seen her was at my oldest daughter's wedding.
She got married here, where we all live, and Terry and her
family had flown down from St. Louis for the wedding. At
the time, I had been proud to show off my new girl, Shannon,
proving of course that I was doing better than my ex, since
as far as I knew, she wasn't even dating at the time.
I'd been surprised then at how much weight she'd
put on, and especially since I'd lost weight, and was
working out. I'd also taken a business that she and
I had partnered in with another woman, and now I owned everything
outright, and it was successful, and so at almost every
corner, I had succeeded and of course Terry hadn't!

I'd heard about a year later, through my youngest daughter,
who lived up near her mother, that Terry had moved in with
another woman, and they were sharing a house. Of course
my first thought, given how she looked now, and everything
I knew of her past, was that she had turned into a lesbian,
and that didn't surprise me one bit! The few times I'd
spoken to her over the past couple of years, as well as hints
from my daughter, lead me to believe that, plus to me at least,
it was a justification, that maybe she'd been unable
to find a man, especially one like me! I know, I know, all
of that is self-centered B.S. but it had been a bitter divorce,
and that was my mindset at the time! At any rate, there was
no love lost between Terry and I, and I was happy to have started
a new life, and been seemingly successful at it.

One evening, as I sat in my new home, with my new wife and kids,
I got a call from my daughter. She was getting married! My
baby girl! I'd already walked down the aisle once,
giving away my eldest daughter, and so now it would seem,
I was about to do it again, only thins time I'd be giving
away my baby! Both Shannon (wife 2) and I were pissed off
about it, because neither of us had even known she was engaged,
much less about to be married! Kimberly (my daughter) had
called to tell me the wedding was only a month away, and of
course, as children do, even old kids, she was asking for
money. It seems her mom was again tapped out, and just like
her big sister's wedding, good old dad was expected
to foot most of the bill! Shannon and I were also pissed off
about the short notice, and the timing of the whole thing
as well!

For some reason, the wedding was taking place in a Tuesday
night! It had something to do with the date, rather than
the day of the week, but it also meant there was no way Shannon
and her kids could accompany me, and be at a wedding on that
date, with the kids in still in school, and neither Shannon
or I wanting her to waste what little vacation time she had
left at her work! If Kimberly hadn't have been my daughter,
I would have just told them (Terry's family) to fuck
off, and maybe, that's exactly what they were hoping
for anyway! No, I took a deep breath, and told Kimberly that
I wold send whatever money she needed, and that yes, I would
be there to give her away!

A month later, I was on an airplane, and flying toward St.
Louis. I had purposely missed the rehearsal dinner a couple
of nights before, not wanting to be out-numbered 15 to one,
by Terry's family, and also because to me, I was there
to do a job, and then get back home, hopefully never to have
to deal with that family again. Terry's family and
I had never gotten along over the twenty-two years of our
marriage, and so why would anyone expect it to b any better,
now that we were divorced? I'd planned my trip so I would
be there the night before the wedding, the night of the wedding,
and because, and only because, of an airline deal, the night
after the wedding, and then I would be back home, away from
the madness I knew as Terry's family! Three nights
and two full days was more than enough for me to be the only
rabbit, locked in a cage with a bunch of vultures!

Once checked into my hotel room, I relaxed and called Shannon
to let her know I was OK. I then called Terry to let her know
I had arrived. There was something about her voice when
I talked to her that made me shiver. Was it me, or did she seem
overly nice, overly happy? I shook my head, and reprimanded
myself, reminding myself that after all, our daughter
was getting married the next evening. There was something
else though. It was memories, memories of Terry and our
life together, and all the good times. Now that some time
had passed since our divorce, I could honestly say that
we'd had a hell of a lot more good times than we'd
had bad ones, and as Terry herself had reminded me a couple
of years earlier at our oldest daughter's wedding,
we had produced to wonderful children together, even if
our lives together had ended badly!

I tried to sleep, but found that I was too wound up. I pulled
out my laptop, an signed onto the internet. I checked our
account on AdultFriendFinder, checking to see if Shannon and I had gotten
any responses to our ad. It showed a couple of messages I
hadn't seen before, but it was obvious that 900 miles
away, my sweet Shannon has been on line, and SHE had already
answered them. One of them looked pretty good, and had potential,
and all I succeeded in doing was making myself horny! I signed
off the net, and then opened my picture viewing program.
No one knew, especially Shannon, that I had several photos
of Terry, from maybe ten years ago or so, back when we were
still active in the swinging lifestyle. I'd saved
them into a hidden directory on my laptop hard drive.

They were of course all nudes of her posing in various positions,
with my two favorite being of her on her hands and knees,
showing her ass, asshole, and pussy from behind, and one
of her on her back, legs spread open, a closeup of her pussy,
open, wet, and ready to fuck. I'd stripped naked, and
I was looking at the pictures on my laptop, as I slowly stroked
my hard cock. Eventually I was daydreaming and remembering
as I sat there masturbating, and then, I orgasmed, filling
my own hand with my hot cum, and wishing it could have been
a warm, wet, pussy, instead of my hand. It could have been
any pussy as far as I was concerned, Terry's, Shannon's,
or any other woman for that matter. After, I was exhausted,
both from my trip and all the tension, as well as my recent
orgasm, and so I climbed into bed, and fell fast asleep,
no dreams, just peaceful, blissful sleep.

The next day was a busy one for everyone involved, except
for me. That was a change from my other daughter's wedding,
because even though I was father of the bride, this time
I was the visiting guest, and so all that was expected of
me was to show up, and walk down the aisle, giving Kimberly
away. Well, that and of course to hand over a check for my
"share" of the expenses! The wedding went off
without a hitch, and then it was time for the reception.
I wouldn't have even gone, except that Kimberly expected
me there, and would have been disappointed had I not show.
Also, I wasn't about to give Terry's family the
satisfaction of all of their "I told you sos"
by not being there.

During the wedding, it had been hard to tell what Terry's
body really looked like, due to the big, fluffy, dresses
and such, but here, and now at the reception, she's
changed clothes, and was now wearing a pair of tight jeans,
and a somewhat tight blouse, and her 38D's never looked
better to me. I hadn't had the luxury of being able to
change, and I was still in my tux, but that was OK with me.
It was such a weird arrangement, as far as the seating for
dinner, because although all of Terry's side of the
family was present, and all of Kim and her now husband's
friends and family were there as well, "I",
"me", I was the only one there from my side of
the family and the only one there with no real friends as
well. I guess Terry was really trying to ease the tension,
my tension, by seating me beside her, and having her parents,
my ex in-laws, seated at the opposite end of the table from

Terry even patted my leg as I sat down next to her, telling
me I had done well, and she'd really enjoyed watching
me give Kimberly away. She then surprised me even more as
she leaned over and whispered to me how handsome I looked
in my tuxedo. She then added that was one thing she could
always say about me, and that was I had always looked good
dressed up, but especially in a tux! What could I do, so I
payed her the compliment back, by telling her how nice she
looked, and she responded by telling me that she'd
been working hard at that lately! Dinner was served, and
then Terry and I were catching up on our now separate lives,
as we ate. Before I go any further int he story though, let
me tell you what Terry looked like, or at least as I saw her,
there, then, that night!

Terry was tall of a woman, at around five foot seven inches,
and although I was sure she had her share of grey in her hair,
that night, it looked as beautiful and deep auburn colored
as it had when I'd married her almost twenty seven years
ago. I had always loved Terry's hair, and how thick
and full it was, and also how she'd always worn it in
such a short, but stylish cut. Now I had always loved her
big tits, 38D, sometimes 38DD, and wearing that blouse
did little if anything to hide them, and it also looked like
she'd lost a lot of weight, as her ass and legs filled
out her tight jeans very nicely! I found myself daydreaming
at times, as I smelled the perfume she'd always worn
when we were together, and I gazed at her newly reshaped
body! We were all also drinking champagne, and I hadn't
had a drink in a very long time, so the mixture of past memories,
her current looks, and the alcohol was dangerous, I just
didn't know how dangerous it really was right then.

As is tradition in most wedding receptions, the bride and
groom danced first, starting out the evening of partying,
and then it was my turn to dance with the bride, as the groom
danced with his own mother. Almost as soon as my dance with
Kimberly ended, I found Terry there next to me, and without
asking, beginning to dance with me. As we danced together,
a strange thing happened, I found myself getting very turned
on. There was a slow song playing, and we had no choice but
to be dancing up close, only this close was probably something
Shannon wouldn't have approved of, not in the least.
As that song ended another slow song began, and without
hesitation, Terry and I continued dancing. Her perfume
was getting to me, as well as the closeness of our bodies,
and something began to happen to me.

Maybe she was twice as old as when I first met and married
her, but all those years together, and all the times I'd
held her naked body in my arms, all the thousands of times
I'd smelled her perfume. All those times, those many,
many times together. My cock got hard, and I was turned on!
There was absolutely no way she couldn't feel it, especially
as close as we were dancing together. And then, was it my
imagination, or what? Was she rubbing against me in a much
more, well in a very provocative way, almost rubbing her
crotch into mine? My hand was on the small of her back, just
above her ass, and we were dancing so close, that to anyone
who didn't know our current situation, they might
have thought we were lovers, and not survivors of a bitter
divorce. Feelings were flooding back into my body. Feeling
I'd not felt for her in many, many, years!

For the first time in many years, I almost wanted to thank
her lame-ass brother, as he suddenly cut in at the beginning
of yet another song. I need to sit down and cool off. I needed
a drink, and as I told you earlier, I really didn't drink
any more! That, and not swinging, had been one of the many
causes of our divorce in the first place, and here I was again,
and Terry was involved, and I was drinking! As I left Terry
and her brother dancing, I went up to the cash bar, and ordered
a shot of tequila, and a beer. That probably wasn't
the best combination to order, especially after me having
already been drinking champagne! As I downed the shot,
and then chased it with a long swig of beer, I thought what
the hell, a couple of more hours, and I'd be back safely
in my hotel room. I'd then spend one more day and one
more night, and then I'd be winging my way back home
to Shannon, the woman who really loved me!

The rest of the evening actually passed by very quickly,
and ended as the bride and groom left, under a chorus of blessings
from the crowd, and handfuls of rice being launched at them.
The party was winding down, and it was only around 11:30
at night. The bride and groom had left, because they had
a 6am flight to catch, and even though it seems weird saying
this about my own daughter, my own little girl, I was more
than certain that she and her new husband were ready for
some alone time, some naked time together! One thing I had
failed to mention was that I had purposely booked my hotel
room in the same hotel as the wedding reception, which was
easy enough to do, especially since "I" had
paid for the reception, and therefore "I" got
to pick the hotel it would be held in! I wasn't in any
hurry to be alone, and so I took my time, and helped the remaining
members of the family clean up our share of the after party

Terry was still there, as well as her little sister Dawn
and her husband, and also her brother. I of course was still
there as well, and after all the wedding gifts had been packed
up into her brother's van, everyone else said their
goodnight's, and got ready to leave. As Terry, her
brother and sister left for the parking lot, I headed up
the elevator to my room. I had managed to got pee, and then
take my tux jacket off, as well as my bow-tie, and then I'd
kicked my shoes off, pulled off my socks, and was sitting
on the bed, when all of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.
For some reason, I already knew in my heart who it was, even
before I stood up to walk over an open the door, and of course
I was right!

I opened the door, and Terry stood there, her white blouse
pulled out of her jeans, and holding her shoes in her hand.
It was an awkward moment, and then Terry broke the ice, as
she looked at me and then asked me if I wasn't going to
ask her in. It was then that I noticed her carrying a bottle
of champagne in her other hand, and as she walked into the
room, I couldn't help but stare at her ass in those tight
jeans. From years of experience, I could tell she was buzzed
from all the alcohol she'd drunk that evening, but
then again, so was I, and so I just thought, what the fuck!
As she sat down on the edge of my bed, she smiled and stuck
out the hand holding the champagne bottle.

"Open it", she said, and then she went on to say
the very thing I was thinking, even before I could say it.
Looking at me, she spoke, and the told me;

"Well, Steven, I just thought we might have a last
drink together." "No matter how our marriage
ended, we did have a lot of good years together, a lot more
good ones than bad." "Somehow, we managed to
raise two beautiful, wonderful, daughters, and now we've
gotten them both married off." "So, this honestly
might be the last time for a very long time, that we even speak
to each other, much less see each other." "I
just thought we might have a toast together, and a final
drink or two, before you fly 900 miles away, and we don't
see each other again, for who knows how long!"

She said all of this much quicker than I relayed it to you,
and as she said it, I took the champagne bottle out of her
hand, popped the cork, and then grabbed a couple of glasses
off of the top of my little hotel room refrigerator. Filling
the glasses I handed one to her, and then raised my glass,
and toasted us both to the good past years we had together.
Our glasses clinked, and we both took big gulps of our champagne,
something that of course you are not supposed to do! The
sparkling wine rushed to my head quickly, as I'm sure
it did hers too, and then I refilled our glasses, and the
next time, we both sipped our drinks much slower. Terry
patted the bed next to her, and I sat down beside her. As I
sat, her hand came over to rest on my thigh. I could feel it's
warmth, even through my slacks, and I also felt my cock begin
to grow hard once again.

As we sat there, her hand slowly moved over, ans then she
slid it right across my crotch, and over my hard cock, still
tucked safely inside my pants, at that point at least. As
she did it, she smiled at me, and told me that she'd "felt"
I was having a good time, as we'd danced together earlier
that evening. She said that she wasn't upset about
it, but took it as a sort of compliment. I then told her that
it was her fault anyway, for looking as hot as she had that
night. She smiled again, and told me it had been a long time
since anyone had given her a compliment like that. What
happened next, just happened. It wasn't planned,
at least not by me, and it wasn't staged or set up, it
just happened smoothly and quite naturally. I leaned over
to her, she leaned into me, and we kissed.

At first, our kiss was a bit tentative, almost like two young
lovers, unsure as to where or what to do next. but as I released
my glass, and put my arms around her, our kiss became a lot
more intense. Her tongue was in my mouth, and it felt so familiar,
yet at the same time, so fresh and new. Her hand dropped to
my crotch, and this time it was no accident, as she squeezed
my cock through my pants. My hand went up, and I cupped her
breast through her blouse. I was acting a little apprehensive,
and I'm quite sure Terry could feel my timidness, as
well as how I was hold back. She broke our kiss just long enough
to put her hand over mine, and press it into her tit even harder,
and then she whispered to me, she whispered for me to touch
them (her tits), to hold them, and touch them. I did, and
then I slid my hand inside her blouse, and finding her bra
was a front snap model, I undid it, and then I was holding
her bare flesh, touching it, caressing it.

Our kiss, or by now more accurately kisses, could have ended,
even with her hand on my crotch, and my hand inside her blouse,
touching her bare breast, as her no loose bra slid out of
the way. We could have stopped. We should have stopped,
but we didn't. I made an extremely feeble attempt to
move my hand away and tell her that no, we shouldn't
be doing this, but her hand covering mine, holding it in
place. Her other hand on my crotch, and her lips pressed
firmly to mine was all more than I could stand. Even as I pushed
her blouse completely off, and her bra soon following it,
I knew I was lost. This was going to happen and now even I didn't
want it to stop. There she sat beside me, bare breasted,
and I stared, remembering how beautiful her big tits were.
Remembering how they sagged with their weight, and with
such sexiness. As I touched them, I saw, and I remembered
how big, and hard, and beautiful her nipples got when she
was excited.

Now both her nipples we hard, and I couldn't wait any
longer. I bent down, and sucked the closest one into my mouth
Her nipples tasted great. The taste was a mix of the perfume
she'd applied earlier in the evening, as well as her
own sweat, and the natural sweetness of her skin. More memories
flooded back to me as I began sucking on first one tit, and
one nipple, and then the other. Terry moaned slightly,
and I felt her hand on the back of my head, gently pushing
my face even hard into her chest. Then, without either of
us really thinking about it, we both slid back up onto the
bed, and kissed some more. as we did, I unbuttoned my pants
and slid them and my underwear off, so that I was now naked.
Terry did the same with her pants and panties, and then we
were both naked. Pulling the bed covers down, we both slid
under them, and then faced each other, laying on our sides.

It was weird, because on the one hand it was as if we'd
never separated, and everything was so familiar, yet on
the other hand, everything was so fresh and new! As I ran
my hand down her back, and over her smooth ass, I felt her
hand slide between us, and then wrap around my hard cock.
It felt just as warm, and soft, and gentle as I'd remembered
it, and as she began stroking me, I moaned around her hard
nipple. Terry was moaning softly too, as I sucked her nipple,
and then I slid my hand down her body, and I slid a finger between
her now swelling pussy lips. She was wet, man was she wet,
and I had a sudden urge to taste her pussy. At this point I
hesitated though. In the past, although she'd sometimes
enjoyed being eaten, mostly she wasn't that into it.
She loved sucking cock, giving head, but she had just never
been that much into having her pussy licked.

I figured I would try anyway, after all, what did I really
have to loose anyway? Terry actually surprised me, because
as I kissed and licked my way lower, not only did she NOT try
and stop me, but she even rolled onto her back and spread
her legs wide, giving me more room to maneuver, as well as
opening her pussy up wide for me. Her pussy was still hairy,
and that turned me on a lot. I tend to like extremes, and so
when it come to pussy, I either like it totally shaved, or
very hairy. Being fair skinned, Terry has never liked shaving
her crotch, and so she kept her pussy pretty hairy, neatly
trimmed, but hairy none the less. I breathed in deeply,
taking in her womanly odor, and she smelled wonderful.
Just the smell of her pussy caused my cock to jerk and get
even harder, much as it had some twenty+ years ago, the first
time I ever licked her.

As soon as I went to work on her pussy with my mouth, lips and
tongue, Terry got into it. Her moans filled the room, and
her hands held my head, as her fingers slid through my hair.
God, she tasted so great. I had almost forgotten how really
good Terry's pussy did taste! I licked and teased her,
she moaned and wiggled around. Also, for the first time
in a very long time with Terry, I was actually having fun
licking her pussy and seeing and feeling and even tasting
how excited and turned on I was making her. I'd already
told you earlier that Terry and I had been divorced for a
little over five years by then, and I'd say you could
honestly back up another five years before that, and that's
how long it had honestly been since I'd last licked
my now ex-wife to an orgasm! TEN YEARS! Now it hadn't
been that long since I'd given her an orgasm period,
because she ALWAYS climaxed when we fucked, and we had fucked
right up until a couple of months before our divorce, but
licking her to orgasm, now THAT had been a VERY long time

I knew her body signals though, and I knew her reactions
and I could tell and feel that she was close, she was really
close. Suddenly her body stiffened up, and her ass lifted
right off the bed, as he hands forced my face even tighter
into her pussy. I felt a flood of her juices on my face, and
she was moaning loudly, much louder than I ever remembered
her doing the entire time we were married. Terry was usually
an extremely quiet cummer, and when she orgasmed, the only
indication you usually got, was her grunting softly, as
each spasm, each wave of her orgasm overtook her. That night
however, as I said before, she was quite loud! A LOT louder
than usual! It's funny, because I still have a video
I've since transfered to DVD, of Terry and I fucking
back in 1996. In it, she cums three times to my once, but any
time I have ever showed it to anyone else, I actually have
to point out to them when she is cumming!

There was no doubt about it that night though. IF, we would
have been taping this, or someone would have been watching,
they would have had no trouble what so ever telling that
she was cumming all over my face right then! Her ass off the
bed, her nipples standing up all firm and hard, and her,
moaning, and groaning loudly, plus announcing quite loudly
that she was cumming! It was, and this an an understatement,

It took her several minutes to come down from that orgasm,
and although I continued licking her pussy, I was very,
very, gentle with her clit, because I knew from past experiences
and 22+ years of marriage to her, just how sensitive her
clit gets, right after she's orgasmed! Eventually
she was pushing my head away, and tugging at my shoulders.
At first I thought she wanted me on top of her, so we could
fuck, but as I to position my body over hers, she pushed me
off, and then onto my back. She then quickly kissed my way
down my chest, over my abdomen and down to my crotch.

Now, I honestly hope that either Shannon never reads this,
and not for the reasons you might think! I know she would
easily forgive me for a night pf passion with my ex-wife,
just as I've already forgiven her for a couple of nights
of fucking some guy in Norway, when she was away on business.
With Shannon and I together, I am on my second marriage,
she is on her third. We are into swinging, mainly male-female-male,
and so an occasional fling for either of us isn't something
all that terrible, as long as we are honest with each other.
No, what I'm talking about is what I am about to say next,
and that is that Terry actually gives much better head than
Shannon does, although both women have no problem doing
it, or letting a guy cum in their mouth. In the long run though,
Terry is just a better cock-sucker!

As soon as her mouth touched the head of my cock, I remembered
why. Terry was exceptionally good at using her tongue,
as well as her hands when she gave head. Some women either
try and lick you to death, or they try and suck you to death.
Terry on the other hand, sort of had the perfect blend of
the two. Of course it didn't hurt that she had years
of experience sucking MY cock, and learning all the little
things that turned ME on and got me hot! I do have to admit
though, it wasn't only me that she knew how to suck.
Terry had given her first blow job, at the tender age of 14,
and she'd been doing it ever sense. I often wondered
how many different cocks she'd really sucked over
the years, considering the number of different boyfriends
she'd had before she'd me and married me, and adding
in the fact that we were a swinging couple for at least ten
years of our marriage. All of that aside though, Terry just
knew how to give great head, and she loved doing it!

I was groaning loudly as she licked and sucked away at my
hard cock. Her expert mouth and tongue had payed a lot of
attention to my balls, and then as I'd gotten closer
to cumming she'd switched entirely to her mouth, and
to sucking me off. Not to sway away from the story again,
but I have to tell you of at least two of the hottest times
I'd ever watched Terry sucking another man off. There
were actually more than a couple of times, but in my masturbation
fantasies, these two stand out the most. The first is after
our very first threesome with another guy. He was one of
my life-long best friends, and the three of us, him, me and
Terry had fucked like crazy the night before. The next morning,
I awoke to find myself a lone in bed, but a couple of minutes
later, my buddy and Terry returned to our bedroom.

He was naked, and his hard cock stood out straight in front
of him. Terry had a hold of it, and was leading him back into
our bedroom, pulling him by the cock behind her. I pretended
to be asleep as they both got back in bed. I am skipping a head
just a bit, by telling you that earlier Terry had been the
first to wake, and after peeing, she'd gone into the
kitchen to make coffee. Suddenly my friend was standing
behind her, rubbing his cock on her ass, after lifting up
her thin robe. HE, wanted to fuck her right then and there.
Bend her over, and fuck her from behind right in front of
the kitchen counter. Now Terry might have done it for him,
except that our two daughters were home, and she didn't
want to get caught by them accidentally, as Uncle fucked
her from behind! So, she'd lead him quickly back into
our bedroom.

As I lay there pretending to still be asleep, Pat lay on his
back, and Terry kneels over him. Pat's cock was a bit
smaller than mine, and and I watched as Terry's lips
closed over it, and she at once sucked him right down to the
base of his cock. Pat moaned, and immediately started trying
to thrust up into her mouth. Terry's head was bobbing
up and down over his crotch, and I could see his hard cock
sliding in and out of her mouth, as she sucked him hard. Pat
even groaned out and told her that whatever she was doing
with her tongue as she sucked him off, to please not stop!
All of a sudden, Pat groaned out loudly. As he did so, his
ass arched up off the bed, and he went stiff. Terry plunged
her mouth all the way down on his hard cock, and I could actually
hear the sucking sounds she was making, as he shot off into
her mouth, and she swallowed down his hot cum! It was, well,
it was just incredible!

The other time was while we were on vacation in Jamaica.
We'd met this black man, and Terry was instantly turned
on by him. The first night after we'd met him, we didn't
actually get to have him back in our room, because we'd
already made other plans with this other couple. That night,
the black guy ended up alone, and so by the next day, he was
horny as hell, and more than ready for Terry. She was ready
for him too, his being her first black man and all. We'd
spent the morning out on the nude beach, and then finally
Terry had invited him back to our room our a "nap"!
No sooner had we all gotten int he room, then he and Terry
were kissing, and Terry was stroking his cock, as he rubbed
her bare ass. They did manage to make it to the bed, and the
guy was flat on his back, with Terry kneeling between his
legs. He had a big, nice looking cock, and Terry bent it over
backwards and tan the flat of her tongue up his sensitive
underside, from his balls to the head of his cock.

I'd settled on the bed near his crotch, so I could have
a close up view of her sucking him and then him fucking. Terry's
tongue had made it from his balls to the head of his hard cock
once, and then back down. She was just about to do it again
when all of a sudden he groaned, and cum started pouring
out of his big cock! We learned from that first time that
he wasn't a big shooter, instead, he cum with large
amount of cum just pouring out of his cock, thick, white/clear,
sticky loads! Almost immediately, as Terry figured out
he was cumming, she grabbed his cock and sucked it into her
mouth, and began sucking and swallowing his hot cum. After
she had drained his balls, at least for the time being, she
slowly and leisurely licked up the cum off his crotch, and
lower stomach, that he'd shot off, before she'd
been able to catch the rest in her mouth! It was, highly erotic,
and it was a sight I'll never forget!

Now, here we were, just her and me, and my ex-wife was giving
me a hell of a blow job, as I remembered moments like those,
that we had shared together while we were married. Her mouth
felt so fucking good on my hard cock, and her tongue was working
my cock like crazy as she sucked me. All of a sudden, it surprised
even me, as I felt my balls tingle the way they always did
just before my cock erupted! It had been a very, very, very
long time since Terry had been able to suck me off competely
in so short of a time period, but she was doing it that night!
I remember telling her I was going to cum, and then her lips
locked around my cock even harder, and then I was shooting
into her mouth. Terry had always told me that the one thing
she did really love about my cock and balls was my ability
to shoot cum! When I was younger, the first couple of spurts
out of my climaxing cock could shoot over five feet away
from me!

That night, I must have cum really hard in her mouth, because
she was actually moaning, as she sucked me off, and I climaxed,
filling her mouth with my hot cum! She sucked and swallowed
like a pro, and I moaned and groaned loudly, repeatedly
telling her how good it felt, the entire time I was cumming
in her mouth! When it was over, Terry didn't even give
me time for my orgasm to completely wind down, before she
was squatting over the top of me and guiding my cock head
toward her hot, wet, fuck hole! Sitting down on top of me,
I penetrated her, and as I did, a whole flood of memories
came back to me. Her pussy felt wonderful as it slid down
over my still hard cock, and again she wasted no time, in
starting to ride me, starting to fuck me! Immediately I
remembered that she loved to have her ass caressed, played
with, held, and even slapped while she was in the female
on top position, and so I started doing just that!

As her pussy slid up and down over my hard cock, she ground
her crotch into mine, and I could tell she was working herself
back up, toward another orgasm. This time she actually
came much faster than I had expected, and As she groaned
out her climax, I pinched and twisted her big, hard, nipples.
She has always really liked that! Terry had stopped moving
on top of me then, as she blissfully enjoyed yet another
orgasm, and I decided right then to see if it was still as
easy to make her cum while in the next position I was about
to put her in. All throughout our marriage, if all else failed
I could always make her cum fucking her the way I was about
to, and so I figured that hadn't changed, just because
we were now divorced, and hadn't been together for
several years. Holding onto her, I rolled us both over,
her on her back, and now me on top of her.

It was the standard missionary position, except with a
twist. Terry knew what that was, and almost immediately,
she snapped her legs together, as I straddled her, my legs
outside of hers. I supported myself on my hands and partially
on my knees, but a lot of my weight was centered on my crotch
on top of hers. In this position, we actually did more crotch
rubbing that actual in and out fucking, but Terry loved
it, and never, ever failed to cum while we fuck like this.
this position also did something else, it made her pussy
seem all that much more tighter around my hard cock, and
created a lot more friction as we moved! One sure sign I always
looked for, and when she did it, I knew that Terry was lost
to the rest of the world, concentrating on her impending
orgasm, and nothing else! As soon as her hands slapped down
and squeezed my ass, as she hung on, I knew she was going to

SLAP! I felt her hand slam down on my ass cheeks, and then
Terry was clutching them and groaning loudly. I knew she
was right there, and I was right! A loud grunt, and then several
low groans, and I knew she was climaxing as I continued to
fuck her. It didn't happen all that often in the past,
as least not as often as Terry had wanted it to, but suddenly
I lost control as well, and I started cumming inside of her
as she climaxed. You could immediately see the smile of
both pleasure and satisfaction creep across Terry's
lips and then she was saying;

"Oh God Yes baby, cum inside me while I cum!"
"Shoot that hot load into me, fill me up baby!"

It was one of her most favorite things on earth, sharing
a mutual orgasm with whoever was fucking her at the time!
Terry was cooing and purring in my ear as we both shared our
climaxes, and she was holding on to me tightly. Eventually
we both settled down a bit and I rolled off of her, my cock,
my crotch soaked with our mutual juices. I was still breathing
hard, and I watched as Terry's big tits rose and fell
with every breath she would take. After all of the bitterness
and ugliness of our divorce, I had almost forgotten how
truly beautiful she looked in the low light, surrounded
by sheets on a bed, but still mostly exposed. her legs partially
spread open, as cum leaked out of her. The smile, and the
closed eyes, and her tousled hair. They all combined to
make her so incredibly sexy looking, especially after
she had just climaxed!

Neither of us spoke for a long time, until Terry finally
rolled over and kissed me on the cheek. She started to get
out of bed, and as she did I grabbed her arm and pulled her
back to me. I held her and kissed her and asked she where she
thought she was going. She told me that her first thoughts
were to get dressed and leave, not knowing if I even wanted
to to stay after all of this. My answer was to push her back
down onto the bed, and then quickly lick my way down and over
her tummy, back to the top of her matted and sticky mound.

"Oh God baby yes!" "Lick your cum out of
my pussy!" "Yes baby, lick, lick it all up for

As my tongue flicked out, and slid down between her pussy
lips, I intended to do just that, to lick her clean, but also
to lick her to yet another orgasm!

After licking her to another orgasm, I needed some rest,
and my cock needed some rest too, so Terry and I slept, spooning,
just like we used to, just like old times!

Sex the next morning was fantastic! Again it was unhurried,
and slow to start, but intense to finish! After making her
cum once with me on top, I flipped her over, and entered her
from behind. If me on top of her in that position I described
to you earlier was her favorite, then fucking her from behind
was mine! I just loved holding her hips, and looking down
at her bare ass. I especially loved looking down, watching
my cock sliding in and out of her, and at the same time watching
her sweet, little brown asshole as it puckered with each
thrust of my cock into her hot, wet, pussy! As my cock jerked
violently, and then spasmed, as I shot my hot load deep inside
her. I thought of the past, and remembered the woman I had
first fucked. The girl really. I remembered the woman I
had impregnated, and who had born our children. I remembered
how after they'd been born, how once she was able to
fuck again, she would ride my hard cock, feeding me her milk
filled tit, and let me suck some of her milk out of her!

I remembered a whole lot of things, a whole lot of good things,
and a whole lot of hot, nasty things!

Terry really surprised me by letting me take several nude,
and nasty pictures of her later that night. I knew I could
sleep on the flight anyway, and so I kept her up almost the
entire night, sucking, licking, playing and fucking.

When it was time to finally leave, Terry insisted on driving
me to the airport, rather than having me take a taxi. Let
me tell you, I was glad too, because we ended up parking on
the upper level, a nearly deserted level, when we got there,
and Terry sucked me off one last time.

Just for ...

Old Times Sake!








. ..............................................



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