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Old Friends


When Jeff and Denise learn that Todd and Karen are swingers,
a simple get-together turns into something much more.
Everyone goes both ways on their pathway of discovery.

We were slicing fruits and vegetables for a snack tray when
Jeff asked, "So, if you had a chance to be with Todd,
would you?"

I bit my lip, thinking about it for a moment before grinning
at him. "Let's see. A good looking guy with a cute
smile, fuck-me eyes, and such a squeezable ass? Yeah, probably.
What about you? If you had the chance to do Karen, would you?"
Jeff's answer showed in his eyes before he even opened
his mouth.

"Yeah, I think she's cute."

"Which part?"

He laughed. "Damn, baby, I don't know. I mean,
she has great tits, but she has a great ass, too."

"Tits and ass! Is that all guys think about?"

"Pretty much, " he said, cutting a honeydew
melon in half before starting the process of scooping out
melon balls.

"What about her eyes or those cute dimples when she
smiles or maybe those full, pouty lips of hers?"

"Damn, baby. Sounds like you already thought about
doing her."

I laughed nervously at how well he knew me. Karen made it
worse with the way she looked at me at times. She set off my
"gay radar, " and I wasn't complaining.
She reminded me of the group I ran with back in college. We
loved to drive the boys crazy and we were damn good at it,
too. At parties we'd tease the guys by kissing or feeling
each other up on the dance floor. Nothing got a frat party
going better than a sexy wet t-shirt contest with girls
who weren't afraid of getting a little crazy, but sooner
or later we'd always pair off with the man of our choice.

"Sometimes, I wonder about the two of them, "
I told Jeff as I peeled carrots before slicing them. "You
think they swing?"

Jeff lost control of the melon ball he was scooping and it
flew across the kitchen. "Wh-what makes you think
that?" he asked, chasing down the green honeydew
ball before tossing it in the trash. Setting down my peeler,
I faced him.

"What do you know that I don't?"

"N-nothing, " he said, but I knew he was lying.
I stared him down, waiting for the truth. "I just...
y'know... I mean, Todd has told me they do."

I don't know why I did it, but I blushed when said it.
I felt it rising from my neck up and I quickly turned back
to the sink and my carrot peeling in hopes that Jeff might
miss it. "So he just told you that?"

"That was the kind of cruise they went on last month, "
he explained. "He told me about it when we were chatting
online. I guess they've been doing it for years."

"And he wants to get with me?"

"Or maybe it's Karen who does, " he said,
sliding up behind me and planting a kiss on my neck on his
way to the refrigerator for a cantaloupe.

"Oh wow, " I said, focusing on my prep work as
I let the revelation just sink into the nooks and crannies
of my head. We didn't keep secrets from each other.
After twelve years of being married, we had shared the stories
of our past and our fantasies. Some were only talked about
in the bedroom, in the heat of the moment and easily denied
later. Other pieces we talked about more openly, like joining
a swinger group. We had surfed some websites, thinking
about it, and even took pictures for profiles we never posted.
I think part of the problem was trying to decide how to list

I had told Jeff about messing around with girls in college.
I told him how we just kissed and felt each other up, but sometimes
I wondered what it would be like to more. The closest I came
was walking in on my roommate playing with herself and a
couple weeks later, I let her catch me doing the same thing,
but nothing more ever happened. Stories like that cluttered
how we listed ourselves. I knew I would do it if I could, but
did I want to advertise that's what I wanted?

Our confessions went both ways. I knew Jeff had skeletons
in his closet, too. He had told me about circle jerks and
jerk-off contests where young men would jerk-off in a circle
for distance or speed. He admitted there were times when
jerking off with just one buddy had crossed over the line.
"We touched each other, " he told me, but I when
I pushed, he admitted to doing more until he finally admitted
that he had sucked dick, more than once, and sort of like

In the heat of the moment, I called him a fag once. It was funny,
because he was fucking me at the time and it was just one of
those stupid things that fly out of your mouth when you're
really into things. "Fuck me, fag-boy, " I
said. He groaned loudly, driving deeply inside of me, and
came hard.

"Say it again, " he panted, his cock still throbbing
inside of me.

"Faggot, " I said, enjoying his reaction.

"Now tell me to eat it, " he urged. And when I
did, he went down on me. That was a few years ago, but I don't
think I'll forget the passion I felt when he moved between
my legs and went down on me. It was intense for both of us and
teasing him about his "old ways" became a regular
feature of being in bed together. He told me, if he could,
he would do it again; suck dick that is. But he wanted to do
it with me or for me and that idea further cluttered any hope
we had of posting a profile online. Jeff was too much of a
man to ever admit in public that he sucked dick.

We laughed about it, teasing each other about being in the
closet. I'd call him a fag and he'd call me a wanna-be
lesbian or dyke. It was our little game. I knew my Jeff wasn't
gay, but I loved teasing him about it in the bedroom because
I loved seeing him get off. I loved pushing him that much
farther over the line and raising a good orgasm to the level
of a great orgasm. That was just the kind of relationship
Jeff and I had. We loved each other and we loved teasing each
other. We would even joke about being the kinds of creepy
senior citizens that were still into each other.

"Does this mean there's an agenda to tonight?"
I asked.

Jeff laughed. "Not that I know of, I just thought you'd
like to know, that's all. If they talk about their cruise,
I thought you'd like to know what kind of cruise it was."

"So they fuck around. What else did he say? Do they
just swap or what?"

Jeff shrugged. "We didn't get that into it. I
mean, they do, but apparently, Karen goes both ways; that
much I'm sure about, too. And they've had threesomes
with her, Todd, and another dude."

"Todd goes both ways, too?"

"Dunno. Guys are funny about admitting crap like
that to other guys. Maybe she just likes two guys at once."

"Mm, that could be fun, " I said, thinking about
it for a moment. "But I think it would be more fun if
the guys were sort of into it, too. Maybe not kissing each
other, but touching? Sucking? That would be hot."

"Tease, " Jeff said.

"So if something was to happen with them, do you think
it would be weird? I mean, they're friends."
Jeff and Todd were friends from high school. I met Karen
after the two of them were engaged. Not living close enough
together to hang out all the time, we were barbeque and party
buddies a couple times every year. Restaurant and concert
buddies the other times. Visiting with Todd and Karen was
special enough to pawn off the kids for just adult time together.
We could be four friends, two couples, without the baggage
of kids.

"I think Todd would be cool, " he said. "He
was after that one time in college when we both did his girlfriend."

"You had a threesome and you never told me!"

"It wasn't really like that, " Jeff said,
scrambling to get me caught up. "We just took turns
with her, that's all. We didn't both do her at once
or anything. He fucked her, then I did, and then we both did
it again. It was all in the same room if that counts."

"And afterwards it wasn't a big deal? It wasn't
weird between the two of you?"

Jeff laughed again. "It's why we say we share

"You haven't shared me yet, " I joked.

"We haven't shared Karen, either, " he
pointed out.

"Maybe you'd rather share Todd with me, "
I said, moving up behind my husband and grabbing his crotch.
Pulling close to his ear, I whispered, "Fag, "
and I felt his reaction. There was a definite stir beneath
my hand.

We kept teasing each other with combinations until the
two of them showed up. But that's all we were doing,
teasing each other. Knowing Todd and Karen fooled around
was exciting, but I didn't see that as an opportunity
or an invitation. Jeff asked, if I wanted something to happen,
and said my answer was the same as his: if it did, it did; but
I wasn't going to force it.

Still, after a good hour of flirting and teasing with my
Jeff, I was in a mood by the time they showed up. It didn't
help that they looked as good as ever. Todd's "fuck-me"
eyes and cute smile melted me as much as always, but it was
Karen who really got to me. I think it was her post cruise
tan, though that didn't explain how I kept admiring
the way her low cut jeans cupped her bottom or the flash of
her t-back panties when she leaned over just right.

Karen is a toucher. She can't talk to you without putting
her hand on you somewhere. Nothing racy, just a hand on your
arm or, if you were sitting next to her, she would touch your
knee as she started to talk. She did the same thing to Todd
and Jeff, too. I knew it didn't mean anything, but I
found myself noticing it more than before. All those little
touches, tiny caresses made me want more. I sat closer to
her. I touched her back; her hand, her arm, or her knee. She
didn't seem to mind or even notice.

"How was your cruise?" I asked while pouring
her a new glass of wine.

"Fucking fantastic, " she said with her usual
flair, but her words had new meaning for me. "We went
to a nude beach. Check it out." Pulling open her bra
at the same time she pulled down her top she flashed me her
tit. "No tan lines!" But it was the glimmer of
metal that really caught my attention.

Leaning close, I softly asked, "Are you pierced?"

"Oh yeah, " she said, giggling. "Nipple
rings on both sides." Pulling open her shirt again,
she showed me both sides. Leaning closer to me, she added,
"And the feel fucking fantastic. My nipples are always
hard now!"

Her show caught Jeff's attention, too. "Whoa, "
he said from the other side of the table. "You're
showing off the girls to Denise and I don't get to see?"

"She's pierced!" I told him, fascinated.
When he insisted on seeing for himself, Karen laughed and
showed him.

"Damn, that looks good, " he said to her. Turning
to Todd, he added, "Lucky fucker."

Todd beamed. "What can I say? Pieced nipples and a
shaved pussy. I'm a lucky guy."

"Hey, I'm shaved, too, " I said, not willing
to feel frumpy by comparison. "Well, mostly shaved."
I kept a landing strip just above my slit. "I have my
own, personal groomer, too." I added, patting Jeff's

"Todd shaves, too, but he won't let me help."

"I love you, baby, but not enough to trust you with
a razor near the boys, " he said, laughing.

"Does he let you watch when he does it?" I asked

"Oh yeah. He says it's easier, " she said,
looking at him. "It's easier being hard when
you do it, right?"

"That true?" I asked Jeff. He kept himself well
groomed, too, but he never let me watch him do it.

Jeff shrugged. "I don't know if it's easier,
but it does make it more fun."

Squirming, I crossed my legs and squeezed my thighs together.
Flirting with Jeff before they showed up had my motor running
hard. Seeing Karen's pierced nipples and talking
about the guys shaving their balls just made it worst. Jeff
looked at me, smiling. "Everything okay?"
he asked and I knew by the smirk on his face that he could tell
I was having problems.

"Fine, " I told him, wondering how he could
read me so easily.

"Cold?" he asked.

"No, " I answered, confused. "Why?"

"No reason, " but his gaze fell away from my
eyes and landed on my chest. Glancing down at my chest, I
saw how obvious my excitement was showing. The needful
tingle between my legs had distracted me from noticing
just how hard my nipples had gotten. My nipples poked through
my thin bra and equally thin t-shirt, as hard as can be. I
guess when I looked, so did everyone else.

"Damn , Denise, " Todd said, staring with a
wistful grin on his face.

"No shit, " Karen added. "Those look
absolutely lickable."

I laughed, embarrassed but helpless to do anything about
it. "What do you expect after seeing her tits and talking
about your cocks?"

"I don't think anyone is complaining, "
Jeff said, making me feel better.

"Probably not the only things hard in this room, "
Todd agreed, but Karen was as quick to believe.

"Oh yeah?" she asked. "Stand up, let's
see." Todd stared at her for moment. "I'm
serious. Let's see, " she insisted.

"Fine, " he said, standing up and he wasn't
lying. Even through his jeans I could see the growing lump
of his dick.

"What about you?" Karen asked Jeff. "Are
you going to show us your wood, too?"

"Show me your piercings again and I will, "
Jeff said, laughing.

"You mean these?" she asked, pulling her shirt
up from the bottom and giving him a bead earning Mardi Gras
flashing. Still laughing, Jeff stood and showed that he
was in the same condition as his buddy. He wasn't all
the way hard, but it was clear the conversation was getting
to him as much as it was anyone else.

"Yummy, " she said, smiling as she reassembled
her clothes.

"Oh, it is, " I assured her, laughing and no
longer caring if my nipples wanted to stay hard the rest
of the night. If nothing else happened, I knew Jeff would
take care of me as soon as they left. And, if for some stupid
reason he didn't, I would do it myself. The hard part
was waiting until later. I had already considered excusing
myself long enough to give myself a quick thrill. It was
fun to feel horny, even more fun to feel the low, tingling
buzz of being excited, but this was worse than either one
of those. I wasn't horny or a little excited, I was hot.
As hot as when Jeff and I were in the middle of foreplay and
I needed him inside of me. As hot as those times when we watched
porn together and tried to see how much we could watch before
we had to have an orgasm. As hot as I got those days when we
took pictures of each other, thinking we were going to post
them online as part of a swingers profile or something.

I think those were the worst days, in a very good way; the
days we played around with the digital camera. We only did
it a couple of times, but damn those days were hot! The first
time we started with Jeff taking pictures of me. At first,
the pictures were tame, more tease than anything else.
I wore a couple different outfits; negligees or matching
bra and panty sets I had. The pictures didn't show anything,
but I saw how excited Jeff was getting taking them. That's
when I started to get naked; for him. Once I got naked, I did
more: touching myself, letting him take pictures of me
with my legs wide open or close-ups of my pussy. By the time
we put the camera down, we were both so worked up we did it
right in the living room, hard and fast; both of us eager
to satisfy the need built up from an hour of teasing.

The second time we took pictures, I insisted that I get to
take pictures of him. He was bashful at first, convinced
that no one would want to see him as much as they wanted to
see me. "Some fag might want to, " I teased him
and he said, if that was the case, I needed to show more than
just a tease. That's when he loosened up and we got pretty
crazy. I took lots of pictures of his hard cock, but teasing
him about being "my little fag-boy" was getting
to him. Eventually, the pictures included him fucking
his ass with one of my dildos and him spray his load all the
way up to his neck.

The sex we had after that second photo session was every
bit as hot as the sex we had after the first one. Recovery
time between orgasms had never been an issue for Jeff, but
by the time I finished licking the cum off his chest, he was
ready to go. Again, we fucked like bunnies, both of us getting
off. He got off once more, but I had three orgasms that afternoon
before our kids got home from school. I can still remember
how excited we both were those days and it's how excited
I felt with Todd and Karen, too. It was maddening to feel
that excited. I felt teased twice; once from being excited
and once more from holding back. On the days we took those
pictures, I had to hold back until we had all the pictures
we wanted. Now, I had to hold back until Todd and Karen left.
I wasn't sure I would make it. Gulping at my third glass
of wine, I realized I should probably slow down. The last
thing I needed was to have my normal inhibitions dissolved
in alcohol. Finishing that third glass, I realized it was
probably too late.

"So, tell me more about your cruise, " I told
Karen, hoping to get the conversation off the here and now.

"Oh, it was about the same as always, " she said.
"The guys were hot and the women were even hotter."
Looking at Todd, she paused for a moment. "Actually,
check that. The women were hot, but now that I think about
it, the guys were even hotter."

"Did you go to the nude beach, too?" Jeff asked
his buddy.

"C'mon, dude! Do you think I would miss something
like that?"

"I guess what I mean is, did you go nude, too? Weren't
you worried about burning the boys?"

Todd laughed. "Lotion. Lots and lots of lotion."

"Don't know that I would trust myself rubbing
lotion down there on a nude beach."

"It's not how much lotion you use, it's knowing
when to stop, " Todd agreed. "Or knowing when
to head into the water for a while."

"Yeah, except the water down there is crystal clear.
It didn't hide anything! I saw so many hard dicks, I
lost count, " Karen said. "Oh, oh, oh! Remember
that one guy!" she added, patting Todd on the hand.
"The guy we called the shark?"

Nodding, Todd was laughing, too. "There was this
one guy who was obviously having the same trouble a bunch
of us guys were having. So, like us, he went and stood in the
water, except he didn't walk in deep enough."

"The head of his dick was still sticking out of the
water!" Karen squealed. "It was so funny the
way he was standing there, hands on hips, trying to look
as if nothing was going on. But then there was the head of
dick just sticking out of the water like a shark fin."
She poked her thumb above the edge of the table, bouncing
it up and down as if it was floating just above the water.

"He was nice, though, " Todd said, still grinning.

"Yeah he was. Larry, right?" Todd nodded, agreeing
with her. "He was fun." After another pause,
she added, "Lots of fun. He reminded us both of Jeff.
Tall. Skinny. Cute ass. I don't know about the rest."

"Too bad you don't have any pictures of him, "
Jeff said. Giggling from too much wine, I made a reference
to showing her pictures of him. "Hey, you start showing
her pictures of me and I'm going to start showing Todd
pictures of you."

"Maybe we both want to see all the pictures, "
Karen said, again making me wonder about her husband.

"Okay, who needs more wine?" Todd asked, getting
up from the table. Jeff got up with him, following him to
the kitchen.

As soon as they left, I leaned in close to Karen and asked,
"Would Todd really want to see pictures of Jeff naked?"

"You can't ever tell anyone, " she said,
very softly and leaning in even closer. I could smell her
hair and it reminded me of making out with girls in college.
That was one of those little things I noticed, the way their
hair smelled and how soft their lips always felt. I was staring
at her lips as talked, listening intently, but still noticing
how kissable her lips were. "Todd goes both ways, "
she whispered.

"No shit?" I whispered back, giggling.

"No shit, " Karen promised. "He loves
it. He loves sucking dick. And let me tell you, it's
hot as hell to see him do it."

"Oh fuck, " was all I could say, realizing even
as I said it that I was talking like Karen. I stole a quick
glance at the guys in the kitchen, seeing that they were
standing close, talking privately, too. "What about
you?" I asked. After a quick glance of her own to check
on the guys, Karen cupped my breast, running her thumb across
the stiff nipple so plainly on display.

"Let's just say these are frustrating me as much
as either of the guys, " she said with a wicked grin.
She pulled her hand away just in time. The guys were already
heading back to the table with a new bottle of wine. Both
of them were wearing shit-eating grins. I don't know
what they were talking about, but I could guess their conversation
had gone about the same way as ours. Karen winked at me and
we both started laughing.

"Okay you two, what's so funny?" Todd asked,
topping off everyone's wine glass.

"Girl talk, " I said, deflecting the question.

"And what do girls talk about?" he asked.

"Hard dicks and men who have them, " Karen answered
for us both.

"Karen's still curious about those pictures, "
I added. "Unless you want to show the real thing?"

Laughing, Jeff shook his head. "Not drunk enough
for that yet. But just remember, if you're going to
show her pictures of me, I'm going to show pictures
of you." To Todd, he added, "And dude, there's
this one of her, where she's..."

"Hey, hey, hey!" I cut in. "Careful. Some
of those pics I have of you get pretty good, too."

"We'll show you pictures of us if you'll
show us pictures of you, " Karen said, looking to
Todd. "We still have those pictures online, don't
we?" He nodded.

"I don't think pictures are really what the two
of you want to see, " Jeff said. "But go for it
if you want. Just remember, anything you show, I can match."
I ran through my memory of the pictures we had. He was right,
of course. The pictures of him got pretty over the top, but
as I remembered, the pictures he took of me weren't
much better. He wasn't the only one who had posed with
a dildo sticking out of his ass.

"I was just going to show her one or two of you hard so
she can see if that guy they met really looks like you or not, "
I said, all sugar and sweet. I knew what Jeff's shrug
meant. I could do what I want, but payback would be his. "Why
don't you grab the laptop?"

When he left the room, Todd asked me if I knew what kind of
cruise they had gone on. Not wanting to through Jeff under
the bus, I hedged. "I think I can guess."

He smiled. "Because if we're going to show you
any pictures, I just want you to know they're from a
lifestyle's website, okay?"

I nodded, confessing, "That's why we took pictures,
for a profile we never made."

"Oh, you should so do it!" Karen said; her hand
again on my thigh.

"Do what?" Jeff asked, setting the laptop down
in front of me.

"Have a threesome with you and Todd, " Karen
said, laughing.

"You or her?"

"Yes, " she said, laughing harder.

Jeff walked around the table and sat back down across from
me. With the laptop facing only me, I surfed to the folder
with his pictures. Excited and well lubed from the wine,
seeing the thumbnails of all those pictures sent a jolt
through me. Opening up one of the raunchiest pictures of
him, I turned the laptop so only he could see it. "What
do you think? Too much?" I asked, knowing it was. The
picture showed him laying on his back, stroking his hard
cock with one hand while he fucked his ass with one of our
toys. It was the picture I took right before his orgasm began
and I liked it because of the way his face looked. Even if
you didn't know him, I think you could tell he was just
about ready to shoot his load.

"I don't think so, " he said, squirming.

I opened another one. This one wasn't a very good photograph
because I had to take it while trying to both kiss him and
hold the camera at the same time. Still, I liked what it showed.
I had just licked a long line of semen off his chest and I was
letting it drip off my tongue into his mouth. Behind the
monitor, where again, only he could see, I quickly used
sign language to spell out F-A-G. After being raised by
one deaf parent, I knew Jeff could pick up on it. "Oh,
you are in a mood, " he said, grinning madly as he shook
his head in disbelief.

"Better?" I asked, closing that picture and
pulling up one that just showed his hard cock. That picture
didn't even include his face, just his torso and legs.

"Better than the first two, " he allowed.

Taking that as a 'yes, ' I turned the computer
around. "Here you go, " I said, feeling sinfully
naughty and excited as I showed them the picture of my husband's
very hard cock. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched for
Todd's reaction as I turned the computer around. Would
he look or would he look away? Not only did he unabashedly
look, he commented on it, too.

"Hey, that looks just like the shark man!" he

"No, it looks better than Larry, " Karen correctly,
leaning it to really examine the picture. She glanced up
at Jeff. "I'd suck it, " she told him and
for a moment, I thought she was going to add something else;
something like, "...and Todd would, too."
That's when it occurred to me that while she had told
me Todd goes both ways, I never mentioned to her about the
way Jeff and I play.

"Okay, my turn, " Jeff said, turning the computer
back around to face him. He turned it a bit farther so I could
watch him scroll through the pictures, too. Paying me back
with threats of his own, the first picture he opened was
one that showed me playing with two toys at once. It wasn't
a very flattering picture, but it clearly showed the base
of a butt plug shoved against my ass while I was pushing a
very thick dildo into my pussy. Just as bad was how the picture
showed an assortment of other toys laying close to me. "Too
much?" he asked me, smirking proudly. He made like
he was going to turn the laptop around and then stopped.
"Oh wait, I have a better one."

This time he kept the laptop turned where only he could see
it. He made a couple clicks while I waited, both afraid and
excited by what he might choose. Finally, he turned the
computer so we could all see. "Here she is!"
he said proudly. I have to admit, of all the pictures he had
to choose from, he probably picked the nicest one he could.
This picture was taken after I stopped modeling my underwear.
It was one of the first fully naked ones of me and I was tastefully
sitting with my legs parted and my hand draped between legs.
It showed everything without making me look sleazy.

"Okay, our turn, " Karen said, sliding the
laptop closer. She didn't make an effort to hide the
screen from me. I watched as she typed in an address for a
swinger's website, and after entering their username
and password, she surfed to their profile. The title said
it all, "Fully bisexual couple seeks same."
I felt another jolt of desire course through me as I thought
that could be a good title for Jeff and I to use, too. "I
have to get to our special folder, because we don't
show our faces on the more public pages, " she explained,
clicking away with the confidence of someone who knew those
pages well until she reached a page full of folders. She
clicked on the one marked "Cruise 2009." She
scrolled through the pictures, telling me she didn't
have one of Larry, which was surprising because there were
other people in so many of the pictures. Using the mouse,
she circled a couple pictures that showed Todd with another
man. She did say anything about those pictures, nor did
she open them, she just did it for me to notice them. Finally,
she opened a picture that showed her and Todd laying in bed
together, kissing; her hand was on his hard cock and from
the angle it was clear someone else would have had to take
the picture. She turned the monitor around so all of us could
see it.

"Yummy, " Jeff said looking closely at the

"Me or Todd?" Karen asked him. I saw him shiver
like he sometimes did after I called him a fag.

He surprised me by saying, "Both, " but then
added. "Though it would be hotter if Denise was in
that picture, too."

"On the right side or left side?" Todd asked.

"In the middle, " he answered, flashing me
a smile.

"I could say the same thing, " I said, smiling
back at him and hoping that might be enough to tip off Todd
and Karen. Apparently it was.

"Oh really?" Karen asked, picking up on my comment.
"Something the two of you want to confess?"

Jeff laughed. "Let's just say college was good
us, " he allowed.

"Stop it, " she said, shivering.


"No, excited, " she admitted without shame.
"And I think I need a bathroom break, " she said,
standing up and pushing the computer back to me. As she got
up from the table, I asked the guys if either one of the needed
it and when they shook their heads, I carried it towards
our bedroom, following Karen around the corner.

"Hey, " I said to her quietly before she went
into the bathroom. Balancing the laptop in the crook of
my arm, I surfed back to the folder with Jeff's pictures,
opening one that showed him with the toy up his ass. Karen's
eyes went wide. Grabbing me by the arm, she pulled me into
the bathroom with her.

"Can I?" she asked before clicking the next
button at the bottom of the picture. I nodded. The next one
was the one I had teased Jeff about showing, him almost ready
to have an orgasm. She clicked quickly, moving from that
one to the ones of him splattered with cum up to his neck.
After a couple more clicks, she saw the one of me with cum
dripping off my tongue into his mouth. "Jeff goes
both ways, too?" she asked, her voice an excited hush.

I nodded, "I've never seen it, but I know that
what he meant about college."

Handing me back the laptop, Karen was smiling. "We
are so going to have some fun tonight. We have to get these
two guys together!" I waited while she did her business,
checking hair in the mirror. After she stood, she reached
behind her back, unsnapping her bra and working it out of
the sleeve to her top. "Give me yours, " she
said. After I worked my way out of mine, she balled hers into
a tiny ball and handed it to me. "Just keep this for
a moment, okay?" I nodded, wondering what she was
up to as she left the bathroom.

I didn't need to go, but I waited just the same. After
the toilet filled, I flushed it a second time. Quickly stashing
the computer in our bedroom, I rushed back out to the dining
room where Karen sat chatting with the guys as if nothing
was going on. I noticed she was holding one hand beneath
the table, the hand holding my bra. Jeff watched me sit down
across from him. I couldn't tell if he noticed I wasn't
wearing a bra anymore, but I think he guessed something
was up by the way he was looking at me. I kept the hand holding
Karen's bra beneath the table, too, waiting for whatever
she was planning.

Once I sat back down, she flashed me a smile and said, "I'm
still wondering how good college was to the two of you."

"Good, " I said with a light shrug, not wanting
to give away too much and not trusting my poker face to keep
hidden that something was up. "I had some fun and I
know Jeff did, too."

"You ever talk about it? The two of you?" she
asked. "You know, swap stories?"

Jeff chuckled. "I think we've been pretty open
about things that happened in college, " he admitted.
"I'm pretty sure either one of us could throw
the other under the bus."

"Oh, I wouldn't want that to happen, "
Karen said, smiling and chatting as if nothing was going
on. "I just know I have some good college stories and
I know Todd has a few, too. I don't know if they're
as good as some of the things that have happened since college,

"Probably not, " Todd agreed. Apparently
sensing that his wife was up to something, he added, "I
think there have been a few things I'm careful about

"But those are good things, aren't they?"
Karen asked him. "The really hot things?"

"Oh yeah, " he assured her.

"What kinds of things?" I asked, enjoying the
way he was squirming nervously. "I wonder if they're
anything like some of the things Jeff and I have talked about?"
I discreetly signed out the letters F-A-G for Jeff again.
He caught it and signed back the question, "M-E?"
I nodded, grinning devilishly while I enjoyed seeing two
guys squirming.

"Oh, it's not as if you don't have a couple
skeletons in your closet, " Jeff said to me.

"Who? Me?" I asked, looking as innocent as a
little devil can. "You don't mean the way I used
to make out with girls in college, do you?" Jeff looked
absolutely shocked that I would admit that out loud. In
all the years he knew me, he had never known me to mention
it around others. "It's not like we ever really
did anything. We just kissed and felt each other up. It's
not like I ever went down on one of them." When I said
that, I was hoping to point out that he had done more than
I had, but it sort of backfired on me.

"But the real question is, " Todd began. "If
you could, would you?"

"Go down another woman?" I asked, feeling my
face blushing while my heart began beating faster. He nodded
and all eyes were on me. Todd and Karen were waiting for my
answer while Jeff was clearly waiting to see if I would tell
the truth. I didn't disappoint any of them. "I
wish I had, " I admitted, feeling relieved to finally
saying that in public, even if the 'public' just
included two of our best friends.

"Cool, " Todd said, his "fuck-me"
eyes twinkling.

"Why are guys always like that?" Karen asked.
"It's always so cool for women to be into each
other, but what about the other way around? Maybe we'd
like our own show, you know?"

"Get me any harder and I'm not going to care who
sucks me, " Jeff told us.

"Yeah, but what if it's you I want to see doing
the sucking?" I asked.

He chuckled nervously. "Get me hard enough. Let me
drink enough of this. Get Todd drunk enough to pull it out...
who knows?" he allowed.

"What do you say, Todd?" Karen asked her husband.
"You willing to let Jeff suck your dick for us?"

"I don't know if either of us are drunk enough
or hard enough for that happen, " Todd said, which
was certainly different than saying "Hell no!"

"Bet we can help with the hard enough part, "
Karen said, looking at me and nodding that it was time. Reaching
across the table, she handed Todd my bra while I gave Jeff

Holding them up and showing each other what we gave them,
Todd said, "I think we're being played."

That's when the phone rang and Jeff jumped up, crying,
"Saved by the bell." As he moved into the kitchen
to answer it, I saw that getting him hard enough to want more
wasn't going to be a challenge. The lump that had been
in his pants had changed from just being an excited bugle
still point down his legs to being a much larger, more pronounced
lump pointing upwards. As he answered the phone, he turned
his back to us. As he moved, I saw his hand slipping inside
his pants in a classic "re-angle the dangle"
sort of move. I smiled.

While he was gone, Karen came clean to Todd. "We've
talked, " she said, indicating me and her. "She

Nodding that he understood, Todd gave a quick glance over
his shoulder before looking at me. "Does he go both
ways, too?"

"He said he did it in college and liked it. Says he wants
to do it again."

"So we're all cool?"

"As ice, " Karen assured him as Jeff came back
to the table. He picked up the wine bottle and topped off
everyone's glasses.

"Speaking of ice, that was the sitter. She asked if
she could just keep the kids tonight rather than risk driving
them home. Guess that storm came in early."

"Well shit, maybe we should head back now?"
Todd asked, pushing his full wine glass away.

"Too late for that, " Jeff said, leaning over
and switching on the light to the back deck. The outdoors
lit up with the shimmering twinkle of ice coated everything.
"Looks like the two of you get to spend the night."

"Guess there's nothing left to do but drink, "
Todd said, pulling his glass back towards him.

"And fuck, " Jeff added with a grin.

"Or suck, " Karen added with an even bigger

"Yeah, " Jeff said, shooting me a worried,
puzzled look. He started to sign something, but I couldn't
catch it. Sometimes he forgets that I don't know as
much sign language as he does.

"Hey, help me make sure we have enough blankets for
tonight, " I told him, getting up and leading the
way towards our linen closet in the hall by our bedroom.
As soon as we were around the corner, I pulled him into my
arms and kissed him. I shoved my tongue deep inside his mouth
while I grabbed the lump of his cock and balls through his
jeans. His hard cock felt good beneath my hand, but not as
good as his hands on my body. It took him just a moment to touch
me back, but when he did, he groped my tits and ass. Before
we started fucking right in our hallway, I pushed him away.
"Please, " I pleaded. "Please tell me
you want this to happen with Todd and Karen as much as me."

"That's just it, " he said, searching
my eyes. "Want what?"

"All of it, " I said, knowing the clock was ticking
on how long we could discreetly stay away before it became
awkward, and too much of that time we had already wasted
on kissing and groping. "Any of it. Just go with it,
okay? It's good. All of it. Any of it."

I watched him trying to digest what I just said. He had questions
I didn't have time to answer. Maybe questions I didn't
want to answer. A look of resolve replaced his confused,
quizzical gaze. "I love you, " he said and kissed
me once more, quickly, before he left. I knew how hard he
was, I had felt it, and probably helped get him that way.
I wondered if Todd and Karen were noticing it, too. I knew
blankets weren't an issue, but my weak knees and spinning
head were. Standing in the hallway, I leaned against the
wall, sucking in several deep, relaxing breaths, trying
to regain my composure. But nothing could satisfy the ache
I felt short of an orgasm; preferably, several of them.

Walking back into the other room, Karen caught my eye and
smiled. It occurred to me that giving them a moment alone
was a good idea, too. But there was more to her gaze than that.
She was watching my chest. Without my bra, my tits bounced
as I walked. Looking around the table, all three of them
were enjoying the extra movement beneath my t-shirt. Seeing
the lust in their eyes times three made me want everything
to happen even more, but most of all, I wanted Jeff's
fantasy to come true first. How long I had teased him about
being a fag after his confession? How much fun had we had
at his expense? It was time for the teasing to stop. I didn't
know how I was going to make it happen, but I needed to get
Todd out of his pants and Jeff's lips around his dick
and I was willing to do anything to make that happen.

"Fuck, I'm horny, " I said as I sat down
next to Karen again. I squirmed.

Todd laughed. "You say that like you're the only

"Damn, I hope not, " I said, smiling at him.
"Just how excited are you?"

"I've been hard as a rock since before the sitter
called, " he admitted.

"And you're still hard?" I asked. He nodded.
"How hard?"

"All the way hard."


"Hey, I'm hard, too, " Jeff offered.

"Oh, I know you're hard. I just felt that in the
hall. But Todd hasn't gotten up in forever. There's
no way for me to tell if he's hard or not."

"Well stand up, baby, " Karen told him. "Let's
see if you really are hard."

"You want me to just whip it out?" he asked, not

"Oh baby, " I giggled, squirming again.

"Maybe he needs some encouragement, " Karen
said to me. She put a hand on my chest, caressing my tits,
playing special attention to the twin points of my hard
nipples. "Feel like letting us see now?"

"Denise is right, " he said. "I have been
sitting for a long time." He stood, putting his arms
up over his head and stretched as if he was working out the
kinks. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Jeff was looking
in the same place I was, at Todd's crotch. Inside his
jeans was the long, pronounced lump of his hard cock. Flashing
us a satisfied smirk, he sat back down. I noticed that he
kept one hand beneath the table. Jeff was sitting the same

"Hey, " I said to Karen, trying to fight past
my desire to rip off my clothes and let her make love to me
right that second. "I think both our guys are playing
with themselves."

"Who? Me?" Jeff asked, putting both hands on
the table. "I was just re-angling."

Todd was more truthful. "You kidding me? Of course
I'm rubbing my dick. Look what the two of you are doing!"

"It's nothing compared to what we might do, "
I said, putting a hand on Karen's full chest. I rubbed
her tits, feeling her nipple jewelry; though I'm sure
her nipples didn't need help being hard. I would have
kissed her, too, except I didn't want to stop looking
at the guys sitting across from us.

"Tease, " Jeff accused.

"For now, " I admitted. "I want to see

"How much more?" he asked, his voice a hoarse
whisper of desire.

"All of it."

"Maybe we should move into the living room, "
he suggested. Carrying glasses and the wine bottle, the
four of us relocated, sitting in much the same way as we were
in the dining room. Karen and I sat down on one couch. Jeff
and Todd sat on the opposite couch, across the coffee table
from us. The difference was Karen and I sat in next to each
other in the middle of our couch while the guys sat on opposite
ends of their couch with as much space between the two of
them as possible.

"Well?" Karen asked the men once we were settled.
While we were sitting side-by-side, holding hands, we
weren't doing anything more.

"Well what?" Todd asked, looking confused
that the show had stopped.

"If you want to see more, we want to see more, "
I prompted.

"Show us those tan lines, " Karen added.

"B-but I don't have any tan lines, " Todd

"Prove it, " she answered, sipping at her wine
and waiting.

Jeff and Todd looked at each other, swapped shrugs, and
started undressing. My legs were crossed. I squeezed my
thighs together tighter trying to relieve the throbbing
ache of swollen clit, but nothing was going to help until
I was naked, too. Mimicking Karen, I sipped at my wine, too;
waiting and watching them get naked. I'll admit I gave
more of my attention to Todd than Jeff. I had seen Jeff naked
and hard, but Todd was new eye candy and it was good eye candy,
too. His stiff cock was obvious long before he stripped
off his boxers, but once he did, I couldn't keep my eyes
off it. I got around enough in college to know Jeff was well
equipped, but Todd held his own along side of him. Jeff's
looked thicker, but Todd's looked just as long. As
they stripped, Karen stopped holding hands with me. Her
hand moved to my thigh, squeezing it gleefully.

They sat back down on their opposite ends of the couch, trying
to look casual with being both naked and hard. "Better?"
Jeff asked.

"Much, " Karen said, staring at him as much
as I was checking out Todd. The guys were waiting for us to
get back to business and they didn't need to wait long.
When my hand found her chest again, she stopped staring
at Jeff and gave me more attention. This time, we kissed.
I don't remember if she started it or if I did, but we
kissed just the same. I didn't hold back from kissing
or groping her. This was so much like college all over again;
sitting on a couch, horny as hell, and making out with a pretty
woman as a way to tempt and tease guys in the room into something
more. There were differences, too. The guys watching weren't
naked in college (though it makes me wonder now if they could
have been). And, in college, I knew we weren't going
to go any farther than kissing and groping. Below the waist
was always off limit, except for one time when it just sort
of happened. But this time, below the waist was only a matter
of time.

It would have been easy for me to lose myself in her kisses
and the passions of the moment. I knew there weren't
any limits ahead of me. If she tried to pull off my shirt,
I would let her. If I felt her hand on between my legs, I would
welcome it. I wanted her to touch me and I wanted to touch
her, too. But sitting across from us were two men, naked
and hard, and the game was definitely afoot. I guess Karen
felt the same way, because when I pulled away from her kiss,
she pulled away from mine.

Looking at the couch across from us, I saw both guys staring
with hungry lust in their eyes. It wasn't possible
for the pricks to be any harder than they already were, but
it was possible for them to twitch and throb with their excitement.
Jeff was stroking his balls while Todd lazily ran his hand
up and down his shaft. They didn't stop when we started

"Okay, your turn, " Karen told them.

"Whoa, " Jeff said, looking worried. "I
have to kiss him?"

"That's not happening, " Todd confirmed
to my relief. I had fantasy images in my head of seeing my
man with a cock in his hand or mouth or... but I never imagined
seeing him kiss another guy. Call me crazy, but that felt
too gay.

"Well, at least touch his prick, " Karen said.

"Yeah, both of you, " I added. "Just touch
each other. You know you want to."

They hesitated for a moment, glancing at each other, back
to us, and back to each other. It was funny. We knew their
truth. When I said "You know you want to, " I
was being serious. What they didn't know was if the
other man would allow it. Inch by inch, they slide closer
to each other until there were just a few inches remaining.
I thought that was interesting. Karen and I were nearly
on top of each other, yet they still needed to leave a gap
between each other. "Just touch it, right?"
Jeff asked.

I was too horny to play games for much longer. "Stop
being a pussy and grab yourself a handful of him, fag-boy, "
I snapped. I heard Karen snicker, but I startled them into
action. Jeff did as he was told, moving his hand from his
prick to Todd's while his buddy did the same thing.
Once in motion, they didn't disappoint. They didn't
just touch the other man's dick and pull away, they
really grabbed the other man, caressing his hard cock as
if it was own.

"And don't stop doing that until we tell you, "
Karen added. I was glad she did. I wanted to say something
like that, but for the moment, I was speechless; stunned
by how sexy it was to see two hard, good looking men caressing
each other's junk. I knew how it got to men to see two
pretty women making out. That was a secret I had learned
years ago, but I never understood it. Why would seeing two
women pretending to act like lesbians excite a man? Where
was the tease in not being needed? That veil lifted for me
as I watched my husband caressing another man's cock.
I began to understand the tease we learned as kids in the
toy store when our mom told us we could look but not touch.
I understood the difference between being wanted and being
needed. Seeing these men together told me I wasn't
needed. They could satisfy each other's carnal needs
without my help. They could stroke, suck, and fuck, just
like me. Maybe better than me. Isn't that what they
always say, that no one can touch a woman with the knowledge
of another woman? And isn't that true for men, too?
If Jeff wanted me, it wasn't because he needed me; it
was because he wanted to be with me. I wasn't required,
I was only desired, and that felt best. Seeing him touching
that other man didn't make me want him less, it made
me want him more. From the way both men were watching us,
I was sure they felt the same way.

Turning her attention to me, Karen tugged at the bottom
of t-shirt. I lifted up my arms, letting her pull it off.
With me too busy watching the guys stroking each other and
watching us, Karen stripped off her top without my help.
Rather than try to kiss me, her lips landed lower on my body.
Cupping my breasts in her hands, her lips found my nipples.
I instinctively reached out of her, my hands landing on
the bare flesh of her tanned body back. When I reached beneath
her, I touched her bare breasts, delighting in the feel
of breasts that were not my own. Inhaling deeply, I smelled
her hair, reminding me yet again that this was a woman touching
me even as I watched my man touching another man.

Pushing her away, I traded places with her, bringing my
lips to her breasts. Beneath my tongue, I played with her
nipples and the bar studs running through them, delighting
the sensation. I would have played longer, except facing
her chest meant I could no longer enjoy the show taking place
directly across from us. Sitting back up, we stay nestled
closely together. The men were still caressing each other
and any hesitation was clearly gone. Both looked at us with
lust in their eyes as they stroked their buddy.

"Isn't it more fun when you just play along?"
Karen asked them. They nodded, stealing glances at where
their hands were. "And it's going to get more
fun, for all of us." Looking at me, she asked, "What's

I looked at Jeff and watched as he stared back at me. I held
his gaze, watching as he waited for what he knew I would say
next. I saw the way his cock was throbbing in Todd's
hand. "I want to see more, " I said, parting
my legs and letting my free hand dare to caress my inner thigh.
I couldn't stop from touching myself. I cupped my pussy,
pressing my fingers against the buzzing throb of my clit.
"Suck him, " I said.

"M-me?" Jeff stammered, looking desperately
around the room.

"You heard me, " I said, glancing at Todd only
long enough to tell him, "Stand up." Looking
back at my husband, I told him, "Get on your knees and
suck that cock, fag." The room was quiet. Todd exchanged
a look with Karen before he stood, but then he did it. Standing
with his hands on his hips and his hard cock still in Jeff's
hand, he waited. Slipping off the couch, Jeff moved to his
knees in front of him. He rubbed Todd's long, hard cock
for a moment, giving me one last look before he opened his
mouth and wrapped his lips around that waiting prick.

I gasped the moment he did it. I'm sure Karen felt the
shiver than ran through me, though I don't know if she
what caused it. I came. It wasn't a huge orgasm. It wasn't
the biggest I would have that night and it certainly didn't
satisfy my need, but all the tension I had been feeling had
to go somewhere. My body reacted in the only way it knew how,
with shivers of pleasures running up and down it. For a moment,
I couldn't speak, but as soon as I recovered, I announced
to all of them what just happened. "Fuck, I just came, "
I said.

With his mouth full of Todd's cock, Jeff turned his
head a bit and looked at me, his eyes wide and his eyebrows
up. He bobbed his head up and down a couple more times before
pulling away enough to speak. "No shit?" he
asked, going right back to his sucking.

"No shit, " I told him, already working on pulling
my pants open. I wanted to be naked. I wanted to touch my pussy,
to feel how hot it was, and to finally give my aching clitoris
the attention it so desperately needed. I guess she saw
me scrambling, because Karen helped me. Within moments,
I was as naked as both of the men. Todd watched me with those
"fuck me" eyes of his. He watched as I pulled
my heels on the couch and parted my knees. He saw me rubbing
my nearly bald pussy. "Oh fuck, I'm going to come
again, " I panted as my body welcomed the attention
it had been craving for hours. "Oh fuck!" I managed
to scream once more before the thrill of the moment engulfed
me for a second time in what felt like as many minutes. I sandwiched
my hard clit between my index and middle fingers, pinching
and pulling it as I rode the waves of an orgasm I needed worst
than any orgasm in my life. Karen clutched at my tits as I
came, her thumb and fingers squeezing and tweaking my nipples
until they hurt and I didn't care. It's what I needed.
It's what I craved. It was so hot seeing my man with a
cock in his mouth. What made it even hotter was seeing his
needful cock throbbing in front of him as he knelt. Since
I was the only having an orgasm, it seems to wrong to say Jeff
was enjoying this as much as me, but I still saw a droplet
of pre-cum ooze from the tip of his cock, dribbling down
the length of his shaft like clear wax from a candle. A single
touch from a hand or a mouth would set him off, but he wasn't
the next person to find release.

Todd was groaning. "Fuck he's good, "
he said, his voice a manly rasp. Putting his hand on the back
of Jeff's head, he urged him deeper and faster. "Can't.
Hold. Back, " he said with each thrust. I knew the
sensation Jeff was experiencing. I knew what it was like
to feel a hard cock inside my mouth about to burst. I knew
the thrill of feeling a man's hand on your head, holding
you close, desperate to finish without you pulling away.
And while I had never watched it happen from anywhere else
than being the person with cock in her mouth, I knew what
was going on with Todd. I recognized the sudden, involuntary,
rhythmic thrusts of his hips. Todd was coming inside of
Jeff's mouth and Jeff wasn't backing away from
a single drop of it.

My orgasm never stopped. It lasted from the moment it began
until Todd finished spilling his load. Still hard, but
spent, Todd slipped away from Jeff, collapsing back on
the couch with a well satisfied look on his face. His cock
still throbbed. It glistened from the mixture of his orgasm
and Jeff's mouth.

Standing, Jeff looked at me, a wide grin on his face. His
cock was throbbing madly. The head of it shone with a coating
of his pre-cum. As he moved closer to me, I sat up, eager to
taste him; eager to feel the finish of a tease that had started
an hour before our guests even arrived. He stood between
my legs, his cock so close to me, but as I moved to take it between
my lips, he said, "No." That's when I noticed
how he was looking at Karen and she was looking at him. The
cock-lust in her eyes was every bit as strong as it was in
mine. With his hand on the back of her head, he pulled her
face towards his prick. He was so hard, so stiff, he had to
bend a bit at the waist to feed it to her, but he managed it
just the same. Mere inches in front of me; he stroked his
cock as he fed it to her. I watched as Karen's full, pouty
lips wrapped around my husband's shaft. Looking up
at him, I could tell he had reached his limit, too. Wordlessly,
he came. I saw it happening. I saw his cock pulse and throb
as he delivered his load inside of Karen's mouth. When
the last shiver of pleasure had passed through him, he pulled
away, looking at us both. "Now kiss, " he said,

I cupped Karen's soft oval of a face in my hands, pulling
her to me. Pressing my lips against hers, my tongue mixed
with hers. I sucked on it, tasting him; tasting the unmistakable
taste of my husband's orgasm from her sweet lips and

Holding her half naked body against mine as we kissed, I
wanted more. I found the top of her pants and tugged them
open. Our kiss never stopped while we both coaxed her low
cut jeans and thong underwear off her legs. Once she was
naked, I pushed her backwards on our couch. On top of her,
I started kissing her neck. From her neck, I moved to her
breasts, giving each nipple only a moment of attention
before I finished the path I was on. I didn't trace my
tongue down her stomach or linger at her navel, I was too
far gone for that, though I did stop for just a moment. I paused
long enough to look at her pussy before I touched it. As promised,
her tan was everywhere. There was no hint of a line and her
pussy was completely bald. With thumbs on either side,
I pulled open her fat, puffy labia so I could see her inner
lips and the bump of her clit. Its hood was already retracted,
waiting for the attention I was about to give it. With my
tongue flat against her "taint, " I licked
from near her asshole to the upper most fold of her pussy
before settling down against her.

Her pussy was sweetness in my mouth. Though it was the first
time I ever went down on a woman, I knew what she needed most.
As much as I wanted to tongue fuck her and fill my mouth with
the taste of her, I zeroed in on that tiny nub of her clit.
I raked my tongue over and across it, teasing and pleasing
it with quick motions from side to side to up and down. I held
on to her thighs as I did it and listened to her moan. I felt
her body quiver. I felt her body shake, but I didn't
stop until she finally pushed me away with a weak, whispered
plea of "Enough."

Pulling back, I ran my hand across her trembling body. I
admired her body, but most of all, I admired her pussy, still
wet and open to me. She was certainly wet from the teasing
we had been giving each other for hours now, but she was wet
from me, too. I traced my fingers over her lips, appreciating
how smooth they felt and how slick she was. She ran her fingers
through my hair as I touched her, content to bask in the glow
of her orgasm and give me the time I wanted to admire her.

When I finally looked up from her, I saw Jeff had never moved
any farther away than the coffee table. He sat perched on
the edge of it, hold his cock. It looked as hard as when we
began. I sat up, leaned over, and kissed him. Between our
kisses he murmured, "Karen tastes good." It
made me want to grab his cock to feel for myself that it was
every bit as hard as it looked.

"I think you liked seeing that, " I told him,
still stroking him.

"Lesbo, " he teased.

"I am now, " I said with giggle and added, "Faggot."

Karen had recovered enough to sit up. She sat next to me again,
touching me, but touching Jeff's knee, too. She nibbled
on my earlobe and kissed the nape of neck before saying,
"You know, sometimes us swingers like to swap partners,
too." Her hand moved farther up his leg until it was
touching him with me.

Jeff glanced over his shoulder at Todd, who still lounged
naked and hard on the couch, just watching. "Hey Todd?"
he asked. "You want to fuck my wife?"

"Only if you'll fuck mine for me, " he said.

I stood up, trading place with Jeff so he could share the
couch with Karen. My eyes were on Todd. Like his wife, his
tan still lingered without the hint of a tan line. Glancing
back at Jeff as I climbed on the couch with Todd, I saw him
and Karen were already going at it. Jeff was sitting next
to her, with one arm far enough around her to cup her breast
on her opposite side. His other hand was crossed over his
body, already petting between her legs, touching the wetness
that was, in part, from my mouth. They were kissing like
teenagers, all lips and tongues. I felt a twinge move through
me and I guess it showed. "Everything okay?"
Todd asked, noticing it.

Laying half on top of him and half along side of him, I nodded,
still looking at Jeff and Karen. "Yeah, " I
assured him. "For a moment I thought I was jealous.
Then I realized I wasn't jealous, but turned on. That's
sexy as hell, isn't it?"

Todd watched them for a moment, too, holding me close as
he did. "It's how it started, " he said.
"Sharing her with other guys. I love to see her take
kind of turned on."

"Look how hard Jeff is, " I pointed out.

"Look how hard I am, " he replied, sliding my
hand from his chest to his prick. I instinctively grabbed
him as soon as my hand was in place and the moment I did, my
body recognized that this was not Jeff's dick. Looking
down his long, lean frame, I watched my hand touching him,
enjoying the sight of my hand on another man's cock.

"I want to suck that, " I told him.

"After we fuck, " he insisted, his hands already
on my body. His touch was different than Jeff's. Not
more skillful and certainly not any less, just different.
Where Jeff would cup my breast in one way, caressing my nipples
in another; Todd's hand feel differently on those
same body parts. Todd's fingers moved differently
across my nipples. And Todd's lips definitely felt
different than Jeff's on mine. It was easy to give myself
over to the moment, to take in every tiny difference and
turn it into desire. Across from us, Jeff and Karen had already
begun to fuck. Karen was kneeling doggie style on the couch
while Jeff pumped her from behind, watching us. It reminded
me of how much I wanted to fuck. Straddling Todd, I held his
cock and slipped down around it.

Like everything else, Todd's cock felt different
than Jeff's inside of me. Not different in a bad way
or in some kind of goofy "better than way, "
just different. My body knew this wasn't my husband
and my mind raced and thrilled with the knowledge.

Holding Karen's hips, Jeff pumped in and out of her,
slapping against her ass before rebounding back to do it
again. I knew the feeling. I knew how it felt when it did that
to me. From the look in Karen's eyes, she was enjoying
as much as I did, too. As he fucked, he said to me, "I
wish..." slap, slap. "We were closer..."
slap, slap. "Then we could kiss... while we do this."

I nodded, but I don't know how clear my answer was because
other things were happening. Feeling full, my pussy was
ready for another orgasm. Putting my hands on Todd's
strong shoulders, I changed my angle slightly so I could
grind against him. Pushing myself down hard on him meant
shoving his cock as deeply inside as it could go. Better
still, it meant I could rub my click against his pelvic bone.

"Oh yeah, " he said, clutching at my breasts
as I rode him.

Nearing another orgasm, I closed

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