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Office workers meet after work hours.


When do you want to go? She asked, as she leaned over my desk,
close so only I could hear her comments. Just after work I answered...about 5:10PM...Ok
she replied, I'll meet you there. <br>
So, at 5:00pm I was on my way to the tavern to meet my co-worker
Sonya and have a Christmas drink with her. We both worked together at the same bank
and on Fridays, several of us would meet after work for a drink....not always but just to stay
in touch. Not much ever happened at these little get together, but the possibilities were
always just under the surface. <br>
Everyone I worked with was married and had families, but
apparently that was not enough restraint, because we all still had special interests
at work. Evidently none of the spouses had become suspicious or made any comments yet, so the little
games continued. <br>
I'm 43 YO, been married for 16 years, and have two teenagers.
The wife is sexy as hell, works full time and still takes care of me well enough that I can't
complain. So, why was I so willing to meet Sonya after work?? Who the hell knows, except when
she leans over my desk so close, all I can think about is how much I want to stick my tongue
into her pussy and lick the whole area. And, I always got vibes from her the feelings were
mutual. So, I guess most men would be intrigued enough to want to see how far she would be willing
to go...and apparently I'm no exception. Or, perhaps, its simply the exciting enticement
of a willing female, or maybe its just genetic for males.
Any way, I'm at the tavern and think "Here goes" and openthe door.
She is sitting at a corner table with another woman, whohas her back to me. When I approach
the table I see the other girl is Stella from the Human ResourcesDepartment. Stella is divorced,
in her late 40s and is still a nice looking woman. She also has two
teenagers in the same school as mine. Sonya is younger than both of us
at 38 and has neverbeen married. She is the President's
administrative assistant and takes care of the Board agenda and
meetings and loves to play office politics. Suffice to say, both women
are very intelligent and would have an immense capacity to make any
man happy and appreciated. So, why were they here in a dark bar, with
just me at the table. With two women?? Because, available males in
this Ohio village are scarce...or non-existent. Women out number the
men by 3 to 1. Unless the female is willing to lower her standards
down to the homeless types. Which makes it interesting for all the
rest of us....temptation abounds here. And a man must have ironwill
power to stay out of harms way. And I have for most of the sixteen
years so far.
I've been tempted several times over the years, but have never
succumbed. Just have never found a woman sexier than may wife. So,
tonight I had thought to just stop by the bar for one drink, play some
politics with Sonya and go to the Kiwanis dinner and then be home by
10:30pm. And, that's were everything went wrong.
Sonya had already ordered a double scotch for me, and pushed it over
to me as I sat down. Hi Dan, Stella said. How was your day??
Getting better I said after taking a big sip of the smoky scotch and
letting it drain slowly down my throat How was yours? I asked in
Shitty, Stella said, I'm having all kinds of problems withmy EX. He
wants to cut back on child support and I can't afford to let that
happen. He works everyday at a good job and makes more money than I
do. So, Sonya invited me over to have an afterwork drink and
commiserate about my problems. I would take him to court, but I can't
afford an attorney, so the whole situation just makes me mad as hell.
It's just not fair. So, I'm just crying in my beer and will try not
to think about it tonight.
Yep, I said, some men can be real bastards at times. Guess it all
depends on how each guy is raised by his mother, as to how he treats
his wife and kids. I can sympathize with you and suggest an attorney
when you get serious, otherwise I guess you'll just have to wait and
see what he does.
You're right, Stella told me. Too bad some men turn out tobe such
assholes. He never was very strong intellectuality, treated me lousy
and I can't evenremember why I married him. He wasn't even very good
in bed.

I can still remember going into the bathroom after we had sex and
masturbating myself to a finish. I haven't had really any fulfilling
sex since I was 23, and I've almost forgotten what to do and how it
Sonya laughed and said, God Stella, why don't you just say what's on
your mind.
Well, shit, Stella said, It's on my mind a lot these days. I read
somewhere that women think about sex 2 to 3 times per hour, and men
think about it 2-3times per minute. So, lets ask Dan, how much does
a man think about sex?? She turned and looked at me and raised one many times do you think about it, Dan?
I said... Well, let me think. Depends on what I'm doing at the
moment and how close to visual range a good looking female is. I
think probably 5-10 times a minute, if I'm looking at a nice
woman and then I have fantasies about her for thee/four minutes

No kidding? Asked Sonya. What kind of fantasies? Tell us about
them, I've always wanted to know what a man thinks about women. Maybe
I'll learn something I can use in my next relationship. If I ever
get into one again. I bet it's been almost as long for me as for you
Stella. So, don't complain too much, good men it this town are hard
to find. Present company excepted of course, as she motioned the
waitress over for another round.
Hey, no, I said I've got to go, there's a Kiwanis dinner waiting for
Aw, come one Stella said, we'll just have this one and then go. We
want to hear about your fantasies of women and what you would do if
you could fulfill them. Beside, aren't we more fun than singing songs
with a bunch of the boys?
OK, I said, Why not? We're all friends and I guess it won't hurt
anything if I divulge a few male secrets about women. However, I
always thought women wasn't interested in a man's fantasies or sex.
That isn't true, said Sonya, women just aren't as open or apparent as
men. We still get that horny feeling at least once a month, usually
around the time of the monthly period. The feeling is like a heavy,
swollen, throbing feeling deep inside, that only kissing, stretching
and the friction of fucking will satisfy.
Well, the sexual urge to a man is a different feeling I guess, I
said. I get to the point sometimes where sex is all I think about.
If I see a sexy looking woman,I have constant fantasies about her.
Like how I want to look at her in just her panties and feel of her
body and suck her nipples. There is also an urge to lick all parts of
her body with my tongue. I like to lick, because I know it gives her
pleasure, but also because I like the taste of a woman's pussy. If
the pussy tastes good and she smells nice and clean, I might lick her
ass and stick my tongue in it. That really gets to her and she starts
really loosing it.
OH, said Stella, No one has ever done that to me, and I've always
wondered what it would feel like. I really like oral sex and I also
kind of like anal sex, but only had it once in all the time I was
married, and then I had to ask him to do it to me. The feeling was
just exquisite, after the first couple minutes, when it stopped
hurting. I got a little crazy when he did it in my ass. And just the
thought of sex makes me want to kiss and suck a cock...just the
thought alone of a nice soft, sweet cock inside my mouth makes me wet.
Yeah, me too said Sonya. I love giving head, especially if the guy
is clean and smells good. Scent and odors are important to me and how
a guys smell turns me on first and then the taste of him. I've never
licked any ones ass before, have you Stella? she asked.
Yes, once Stella replied. It was after I had a couple glasses of
wine and the guy did it to me first and I returned the favor. It
happened when I was 23 and single. He really liked it and so did I.
So, ladies, now we all know a little more about our fantasies, I told
them. Another of my favorites is two women at the same time.
Oh, said Stella, like with us?
No, I said, we're just talking and sharing information about sex.
Well, Sonya asked, aren't the two of us attractive enough to get you
turned on to the point you would like to take us to bed?
Well, probably I said. But I thought you just wanted to have a drink
and talk.
Yes, said Stella, but I told you I haven't been laid in a long time
and I'm horny and this sex talk is making me wet. Wouldn't you like
to get me in bed Dan?
Well, sure, I said, But keep in mind we all have to work together
and it might get a little embarrassing on Monday. How do you feel
about it Sonya?
Not too bad, Sonya replied. I've had three drinks and I intend
to have another, so if anything is going to happen, let's make up our
minds before the next drink is finished...otherwise after the fifth
I'm sleepy and want to get home to bed. OK?
Sounds OK to me, I said. Me too, Stella added.
So, we ordered the forth drink and sat there looking at each other.
My thoughts were, damn, this could be really good or really bad if my
wife finds out about it. I figure I've got about four hours before I
have to be home and its only a short 10 minute drive. And I know just
the place...only a block away.
OK, girls it sounds good to me also. Keep in mind I have to be home
by 10 o'clock at the latest, cause I'm still happily married and I do
not want to piss her off. OK with you two? I asked.
Yes, they replied together. We'll let you go before 10 PM if you
perform well, said Stella, I have some plans in mind for both of you.
Like what? Sonya asked. I don't want to do anything too kinky.
Don't worry, Stella told her, It won't be too kinky and you don't
have to do anything you don't want to do...that will be the only rule.
OK all? OK we replied.
So, Stella said, shall we leave. I think I know where you want to
take us Dan. To the Forty Winks, right?
Yep, I said. It's close and the price is right and the manager is
very accommodating and will keep his mouth closed.
Ten minutes later we were walking into room # 17 at the Forty Winks.
The room was cool and I walked over to the wall thermostat and set it
for 76 degrees. Don't make it too hot Stella said, we're going to
generate a lot of body heat in the next hour
With that comment she and Sonya turned and walked into the
bathroom. <br>
Well, I thought. I guess that means they will emerge undressed, so
here goes. Three minutes later I was standing by the king size bed
wearing just my jockey briefs. I could hear the girls voices and some
giggles through the door. Five minutes they both re-entered the room
wearing towels wrapped around their tops.
Stella walked over close to me and said, Well I guess you aren't too
bashful Dan. You're almost there. The boy always has to go first so
we can change our minds if we get scared. So, you have to peel off
the briefs first.
I said nothing. Just hooked a thumb in each side of the elastic and
peeled the garment to the floor and stepped out.
Both of them gazed at me and Stella said, Whoa. Not too shabby Dan
boy, You look like real fun and it looks big enough for both of us.
Sonya just smiled and didn't say anything as she dropped the towel.
I must of gasped, as Stella said Damn girl you're putting me to
shame. Sonya was voluptuous. With large, high pert tits and a small
waist. She was not chubby and her body looked very fit.
OK Stella, Sonya said. It's your turn, show what you've got since
this was all your idea.
Stella took two steps back and dropped her towel. She was maybe
eight or nine years older than Sonya and I, but in fabulous condition.
At 5 foot 10 inches she was perhaps 2 inches taller than
Sonya, and had larger tits and a great ass, which looked smooth and
soft. Her publc hair was trimed into the shape of a triangle and was
the same reddish orange color as her head. She looked stunning and I
said so.
God damn, Stella, Sonya said, you sure don't have anything to be
ashamed about. Your shape is great.
I moved to the bed and sat on the edge. Stella moved in front of me
and bent over close and gave me a long, lingering kiss. As I raised
my hands to her breasts, I felt Sonya get into the middle of the bed.
I'm next I heard her say from behind me.
Oh man, I thought. This could keep a guy real busy.
Stella gently pushed me backwards onto the bed and knelt down between
my legs. As Sonya raised up on one elbow and positioned her face
next to mine I could feel Stella rubbing my cock. Then as Sonya kissed
me and moved her tongue inside my mouth I could feel Stella take my
cock into her mouth and start sucking. Oh God, I thought I'm not
going to last very long doing this. And as the intensity of the kiss
and the sucking got hotter I came in Stella's mouth. She began
sucking faster and longer, never releasing my spurting cock for a
second. I could see her swallowing my cum and then licking my cock
for more.
Ahhh, Stella said. That was a great taste and I love the size of
your cock Dan. Take a minute to rest and then you can service us.
While you're resting you can watch us and get it hard again.
Stella jumped onto the bed and lay beside Sonya and I, except she was
turned 180 degrees the other way. She began rubbing Sonya's feet
and legs. Turnover onto your stomach, she told Sonya. Sonya
complied and lay her head on a pillow. Sonya kneeled over her and
began massaging her back and shoulders. Sonya moaned and said Oh,
that feels so good. I love to be rubbed. Stella continued the back
rub and moved lower toher hips and thighs. I turned to the foot of
the bed for a better view and was getting hard again. Stella spread
Sonya's legs and then knelt between them. She then rubbed the inside
of Sonya's thighs and moved up to her crotch. She took a small bottle
of body oil from the night table and rubbed it over her hands. Then
she began rubbing between Sonya's legs and up onto her clit and ass.
Sonya moaned with each stroke and was raising her ass off the bed to
reach Stella'shand. So, you want it a little harder, Huh? Stella
asked. OH Yes, Sonya said, use your fingers and probe me.
I was now back to a full hard cock and picked the bottle and spread
some of it on my cock and started stroking it.
OK Dan, that's the way to go, keep it hard until we get ready for
you. Stella told me, while she continued to finger and probe Sonya.
She picked Sonya up into a kneeling position, with her ass and cunt at
eye level. Stella extended her tongue and started licking Sonya's
clit. She used her tongue like a piston and inserted it in and out of
Sonya's pussy hole. Each stroke brought a gasp and moan from Sonya.
God damn that feel soo good Sonya kept saying over and over.
After about ten minutes of eating and licking Sonya's pussy, Stella
said, Hang on Baby, Here's the next level and stuck her tongue into
Sonya's asshole as far as possible. Sonya picked her head up from the
bed and moaned out Oh MAAAN...that's goood...don't stop do it some
more, more. And Stella did. She fucked Sonya's ass with her tongue.
She held it stiff and stuck it in and out as fast as possible and
rubbed Sonya's clit with her hand. Sonya was bucking back against
Stella with each stroke and moaning loudly.
I reached over and began rubbing Stella's crouch and was within six
inches of the girls actions. The view was great and the smell of sex
was hot and humid.
Sonya lasted about three minutes and reached her climax. She moaned
loudly and collapsed forward onto the bed. God Damn Stella, she said
that is the best oral sex I've ever had. I never imagined myself a
Lesbo, but that was a fabulous fuck, by any one. I guess you will
want me to do you later...but right now I badly need a good hard cock
to finish what you started. OK Dan, can you do me now.
I'm ready and willing to oblige, I said and hopped over Stella and
got between Sonya's legs. She raised her legs and spread them wide
and I was looking down into her pink pussy. I kneeled over her and
then I could feel Stella guiding my cock into Sonya's cunt. One push
and I was all the way in.
Ohhhhhh. Sonya moaned that's what I really need. Stella's tongue was
nice, but your cock gets into the deep places. Ohhhh...pump me baby.
Make my pussy feel good.
As I pumped into her, Stella began rubbing my ass with oiled hands.
The feeling was great and made my cock swell to it's maximum girth.
AHHH, that's so good, Sonya moaned, I can feel your cock getting a
lot bigger, Dan.
How do you like this little trick Dan, Stella asked as she inserted
a finger up my ass. It felt like fire. It was actually hot. Then
she inserted two fingers and started moving her fingers in and out
slowly. The feeling was incredible. My cock head felt hot and
swollen and my ass felt even hotter and was getting hotter. I didn't
know if I could last long enough to get Sonya off, before I
popped off again. Stella must have understood or felt my ass tighten
up in anticipation, because she withdrew her hand and squeezed the
base of my cock until I calmed back down. Thanks Stella, I told her,
I need that. Yeah, she said, I know how to make it last. Think
about mowing the lawn or washing your car. It helps. And it did.
Stella said, Sonya Honey, now it's pay back time. And she straddled
Sonya's head, with her face to mine. She leaned over and kissed me
long and hard. Sonya was ready and willing and began sucking her clit
and licking her pussy. Stella liked the action and responded by
moving her cunt forward and back on Sonya's tongue and mouth. She
reached forward and squeezed my cock as
I pumped it into and out of Sonya's cunt, while sucking on my tongue.
The feeling was intense and made me pump faster. Stella was really
getting into it and started moaning through her
mouth as it was glued to mine. She squeezed and stroked my cock
faster and I pumped it faster into Sonya's cunt. And was finally
rewarded by both women moaning in chorus. One was about
two octaves higher and it almost got into a rythum, when Sonya
exploded and started bucking and thrashing around, and that set Stella
off. She ground her cunt into Sonya's face and kissed me harder and
harder. God, the excitement generated by two women is more than
enough to make any man raise to boil immediately. I moved the pumping
speed up to high and my cock felt like it was swollen to the limit and
was going to explode. Which it did as I came about two quarts.
Stella pulled back from her kiss and said in a husky voice, Geez, Dan
I can fell you squirting your cum into Sonya, it feels like a pulse
going through your cock. AHHH, Sonya baby, She said. That's just
right, you sure know hoe to eat pussy. Ohhhh, let me off you guys
Stella breathed, I have to go pee. It's starting to get intense and
I've felt the urge for the last 10 minutes.
Stella pushed herself off the bed and started for the bathroom. Wait,
Sonya said, I have to go too. I'll come with you.
Well, I said, I'm not going to stay out here by my self. I'll come
and watch.
OK, they said, that'll be different and fun. Stella said, I've never
had a man watch me pee before, this should be interesting.
As I walked into the bathroom, Stella was already on the stool and
had spread her legs wide apart. As I stood in front of her, she began
to piss. The flow was strong and I could smell the
scent of her urine. Sonya moved behind me and reached around and
took my limp cock in her hands and stroked it. In two seconds I was
hard again and standing about a foot in front of Stella. Piss on me
Dan? Stella asked, looking up at me withher big brown half closed
eyes. I want to see what it feels like.
OH, yes do, said Sonya, I'll aim your cock and watch you piss on her.
OK, girls, I said, here goes. And with that comment I relaxed my
bladder and Sonya directed my piss stream onto Stella lower abdomen
and between her legs on the outer pussy lips. OHHH, breathed Stella,
It's hot and warm. And I love the smell. She started rubbing her
crotch and cunt while I continued to piss on her. Sonya, got a little
more playful and directed my stream up onto her tits and face.
Stella continued to rub the piss all over her skin and said AHHH,
that is definitely a turn on. I love the smell and watching you piss
on me.
Ahhh , I said, that's all I can do for now. And the stream stopped
with a dribble.
OK, guys...time for a warm shower, directed Sonya. We turned on the
shower and the three of us entered the shower stall together. Stella
soaped up and started rubbing my back.
Thanks Dan she said. That was very erotic. I never knew I would
like being pissed on by a man. Your piss was hotter that this water.
I guess what they say about a woman being influenced sexually by a
man's pheromonal scent is true, I sure liked the way your piss smelled
on me.
She was soaping my back and reached between my legs and rubbed my ass
. How would you like some more of that? She whispered to my back.
Oh yes, I said. But I also want to fuck both of you in the ass
before we call it a night.
Sonya said Oh yeah, I've been waiting for a little anal sex. I
haven't been fucked in the ass in several years. It makes me cum more
intense than my cunt. Yeah, said Stella, I like it too. But I'm a
little worried about the big size of Dan's cock. It looks too big to
fit up my ass without hurting like hell.
Not to worry, said Sonya. Use the oil, liberally and I have a small
tube of KY jelly in my purse, that will make it a lot easier to enter
your ass the first time and then it gets really good.
We left the shower and got back on the bed. Let me do the honors?
Asked Sonya. She grabbed the oil bottle and squirted some out and
stroked it on my cock until I got hard again. Then she squirted some
more into her hand and told Stella to kneel down and rubbed it on her
ass. She took a tube of KY from the table and rubbed some on Stella's
asshole and inserted her middle finger a little and said, OK Honey,
you have to relax a little and get use to the feeling of me
inserting my finger. She then moved her finger in and out of
Stella's ass and Stella said, Oh...that's not so bad. It's starting
to feel good.
I positioned my self behind her on my knees and rubbed my cock up and
down her ass crack. Then I pressed it up against the asshole opening
and slowly pushed my cock into her ass.
OH Damn, Stella said. That hurts like hell Dan. Maybe you're too
big for my ass.
That's OK Honey, Sonya told her, just wait a minute for your ass to
stretch a little and the pain will pass. Think of it kind of as child
birth. All women have a big capacity for pain in that area. Just
hold it in for another minute and then start pushing back against his
cock a little bit.
Stella did as she suggested and after about a minute I could feel her
began pushing her ass back on my cock slowly. I held myself steady
and let her move backand forth at her own speed. After ten or so
strokes, she said Ahhh, its getting better. It doesn't hurt any more.
I can feel his cock so good. It really stretches out my ass and makes
it feel warm and like I have to shit all at the same time.
Oh Yes, said Sonya. That's what makes it feel so good when you get
going. Dan is fucking the same muscles that you pass shit through and
that always feels good when you do it.
Stella ass was finally loosening up and I started pumping my nine
inch cock into her ass. I could watch her asshole opening being
pushed and pulled froward and back with each stroke of my cock.
The sight was very erotic, watching yourself fuck some gorgeous female
up the ass. I grabbed each cheek of her ass with my hands and
squeezed her flesh hard and spread her cheeks wide. She must have
liked that feeling. She turned her head back and said to me, Oh Boy
Dan, I can feel every inch of your cock. It feels like a big soft
piston pumping into my ass, and it just gets better and better.
Yeah, me too. I said. I love watching you get fucked in the ass. I
just hope it feels as good for you as your tight ass does for me.
And I increased the rythum and length of the stroke.
Stella started moaning real low in her chest and pushed herself up on
her straightened arms. I could feel her entire body rocking back and
forth as she matched my stroke into and out of her asshole. She made
a grunting, part moaning sound with each stroke and began bucking her
ass from side to side trying to get more of my cock into the deep
recesses of her ass.
Is it getting good now, Baby? Sonya asked her...Oh damn yes, yes.
Stella said. Its so good. I never knew any kind of fucking could
feel so intense. It feels like my cunt and ass are being fucked at
the same time. I think I need another man's cock for my pussy.
That OK Baby, said Sonya. I'll take care of your she lay
on her back and slid beneath Stella kneeling body. Sonya began to rub
Stella's pussy and then raised up her head slightly and
started sucking her clit. That added action really gotto Stella, and
she spread her legs wider and lowered her cunt onto Sonya's waiting
mouth and rocked her ass hard back and forth on my cock.
By now she was just letting out a continuous moan and then started
whimpering. Saying, ohhhhh, its so good, so good, ohhhh...its so
fucking good. Oh make it last guys. Oh fuck me forever.
But, I couldn't last much longer. Sonya had reached between our legs
and was massaging my balls with one and rubbing my ass with the
other. When she inserted a finger into my asshole I knew I could only
last about another minute. I began pumping faster and could feel the
head of my cock coming all the way out of Stella's ass with each
stroke. She must have really liked the feeling of my cockhead's ridge
rimming her ass, because she let go with one big grunt and pushed back
hard on my cock. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Damnnnnnn that's so good...make it
faster Dan. Fuck my ass harder. Fuck it deeper. Fuck me harrrrrrd.
And I complied with her command. I pushed as hard as I could into
the depths of her ass, as Sonya sucked her clit with increased force.
Three more seconds of this intense action and Stella moaned her last
and began twitching and trembling all over. She raised her head toward
the ceiling and said, OOOOOOHHHHHH shit, it's soo damn good...I feel
like I'm going to just die. Its so intense, you have to stop. I
can't take any more.....oh stop, stop... Please guys. You're killing
me. Let me stop.
I could feel her asshole tighten up hard with each orgasm and the
tightness around my cock pushed me over and I discharged about a quart
of cum up her ass. It got pushed further up her ass with each stroke
I took, as I rammed her ass hard. OHHHH Damnnnnnn. That's soooo good
I breathed. I could feel Sonya fucking my ass with her finger and it
finally got really hot and good and I let go the rest of my load onto
Sonya's face as I withdrew out of Stella's ass. Sonya just opened
her mouth and swallowed all I had left and licked her lips at the
Ummmm, that tasted good Sonya said, as Stella collapsed on top of
her, breathing heavily.
Oh Sweet, cocky man....Stella smiled at me after 30 seconds of
recovery, that was the most erotic, intense, fabulous ass fuck I have
had in my entire life. The both of you made me feel the sexiest I
have ever felt. Thanks for all you did to me. Justlet me recover for
a few minutes and get me asshole back in shape. It feels like it's
made of soft, slick rubber and is stretched all out of shape. Give me
just a minute and we'll do Sonya's ass and make it feel the same as
mine. Do you think that's why men like getting fucked up the ass by
other men all the time...because the feeling is so intense and sexy.
I just never have felt anything like it in my entire life. I thought
you were sucking my asshole out of my body at the end. I would have
gladly died, if you had continued to fuck me any more...but it was
sooooogood. It just blew my mind and we have to make Sonya feel the
same way.

Sonya said, OK...but I want it a little different, with me on top so
I can control how far in it goes. It isn't that I don't trust you
Dan, but I watched you ram Stella's ass from two inches away and
you were up to the hilt. I mean your balls were getting squished
together each time you pumped your cock up her ass and it looked like
it hurt.
Not at all Stella told her. Like you told me, after a couple minutes
it felt really good.
Well, regardless, Sonya replied, I want to be on top and you two can
figure out what to do from there.
OK with me, I said, I don't care either way. Let's do it. And I
laid back and put my hands behind my head and watched Sonya put some
oil on her ass and bend over to rub some on my cock. She rubbed the
head of my cock gently and for the eight time that night my cock was
up and hard in two seconds.
Geez, you get hard quick, Sonya remarked. You go from soft to rock
hard in less than two seconds, and its getting bigger. I don't think
I can take all that up my ass, just looks too big.
Here Honey, let me get you in the mood like you did for me, Stella
told her. (To be Continued)

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