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you Robert/Roberta, I shall now share your secrets with
thousands of kinky viewers in here. Any readers of this
story are welcome to send me their sex secrets also. names
and locations will always be changed to protect your idenity.


Long before Robert L. even reached puberty, the seeds of
his impending Sexuality were deeply implanted with strong
personality molding roots. This by his single parent mother
Bee, whose only real wish in life had been to give birth to
and to raise a cute little cuddily sweet girl. So while all
of the other boys in his small rural country town grew up
playing army, sports or flirting with many of the interested
and suddenly budding young girls, a poor and very sheltered
Robert was made to spend nearly all of his waking hours either
attending school or back home indoors tying to carry out
all of his mother strict and stern housework demands.

It was shortly after his twice a week required jr. high physical
education classes had started, when Robert acquired the
nickname Sissy. Yes not only for his almost effemine body
mannorisms in the school gym or outside athletic field
sports, but also during the always to follow required showers
which poor Robert deeply and quicky came to hate and dread!

Yes raised in total innocent modesty by Momma Bee, Robert
felt so strange and different by this sudden open class
nudity those last 12 minutes of each and every Phys. Ed.
session. Being only one of two boys back then whose body
had yet to begin sprouting and growing any pubic hair, he
felt so out of place and so very inferior as many of them began
to attach other equally damaging nicknames toward him
as well.

While certainy being well enough endowed for his age, many
boys soon were openly addressing him as either Bald Balls
or Scrotum Sissy! Nick names that not only stuck, but were
spread around the rest of the school as well! So by the time
Robert reached high school age, he had become a social outcast
with many completely attached false circulated rumors
that he was a latent homosexual! By then he too also had grown
a full deep bush of black pubic hair on his pee pee (as his
mother Bee had referred to it during his ealier years of
growing up) !

Like millions of other young males, that ever changing
Pee Pee of Roberts seemed to have developed a mind all of
its own. This seemed to suddenly just happen one day without
any good reason behind it while putting on one of the many
dresses mother Bee made performing her full time Seemstress
Duties which supported them both of them in a middle class
income fashion. Yes for years he had innocently modeled
moms womans dresses and outfits she expertly created with
her gifted talents. Now a perfect womans size six, his five
foot six slender 114 pound frame that was clearly outlined
in Momma Bee's full length dressing room mirror, sent
such confusing new strong messeages straight to his fully
hidden pee pee beneath the high hem line of that soft pink
velvet cocktail party dress mom was just compleing for
Mrs. Tomkins 25th wedding anniversary party.

Somehow between the sudden sight of his long well tapered
legs that Mother Bee demanded he always keep smooth and
freshly shaved, and the two new rounded foam pads that fully
filled out the bustline just below its low cut white ruffled
front, Robert felt his very first ever pangs of sexual excitement
quickly creeping into his hidden loins. While he didn't want this to happen to him, he found
himself helpless to stop it as he saw himself in a whole new
light for the very first time. Yes not as a boy, but rather
as a boy bearing such a striking resemblence to a girl from
the neck down. Perhaps it was the sight of those big rounded
new soft foam titties that sent the strongest shock waves
to his newly awakened brain? Or how well roundeed and truly
feminine his petitte frame had seemed to become? In any
event, he was so glad when that strange modeling session
had thankfully ended without Ma Bee ever noticing the bulge
caused by his naughty boner! Yes althought many hours had
come to pass, those same new feelings again took over his
mind as beneath the safety of summer bed sheet after bedtime,
his curious right hand touched his again fully hard pee
pee in search of some physical answers?

Oh how sensitive and wonderful his exploring fingers made
it feel as Robert found himself unable to cease these new
strong powerful driving Sexual urges! For nearly fifteen
wonderful quite intense to him minutes, he fondled, explored
and touched it all over while receiving the most intense
and pleasing physical sensations he had ever known. Then
without any warning, it suddenly began to wildly throb
as millions of pins and needles sparks took it completely
over as he felt sudden wetness filling the front of his white
bvd briefs. Yes Roberts first come was triggered by both
his naughty mental thoughs about being girly dressed as
well as the physical finger friction near the top of his
cockhead! He was glad and releived a bit later in the bathroom
after washing it off and seeing it return to its normal soft
state without any apparent harm being caused. So thus began
Roberts nightly bedtime adventures of secret wonderful
new Masturbations with his first ever best new secret friend
and playmate. Yes Robert had instantly fallen deeply in
love with his Cock, a term he had heard used many times by
some of his brash bragging male classmates.

Not wanting Ma Bee to ever discover such naughty reactions
to her fem attire, Robert bought himself a second secret
jock strap to hopefully contain his uncomtrollable arousals
during his two to three times a week modeling sessions.
Oh how he loved when Ma Bee's dresses, skirts or outfits
showed lots of low cleavage or exposed leg. Yes silk, chiffon
or even taffeta felt so soft and exciteidly wonderful touching
his skin. Many times he would go into the bathroom to change
after Ma Bee finished her final alterations, only to lift
up a dress or skirt front and jerk himself off while standing
over the front of the toilet.

It was some two years later, while searching in the outside
trash bin for the lost kitchen sink soap dish, that Robert
spotted that well worn and slightly ripped pair of white
frilly lavendar panties Ma Bee had quite carefully discarded.
Instantly Robert experienced such a sudden sexual thrill
even stronger than ever before. How eroitc and stimulating
he found their sudden sight that he secretly stuffed them
down the front of his jeans and out of clear sight. Their
direct softness against his burning Cock instantly had
it rock hard in deep lustful arousal! Yes while he made supper
and then did all the dishes as taught by Ma Bee, his panty
clad boner throbbed for attention as he did his best to try
and act normal in front of Ma Bee. Saying he has a long essay
to finish for his Junior English Class homework assignment,
then 17 and 1/2 year old Robert L. retired to the safety of
his upstairs bedroom to begin yet another new journey of
discovery into his true emerging Female side! Yes while
skirts, dresses and those rounded big flasies had filled
him with overpowering desires and feelings, Robert discovered
that womans silky, soft and smooth lingerie was even a far
greater turn on for him. Becoming instantly addicted as
he slipped into them, just like his very first ejaculation
of a few years earlier, Robert shot off wildly in them as
he gently rubbed the full bulge of their outsides which
tightly contained his imprisoned pasionite prick.

Soon unable to contain his now daily on fire with sexual
desire cravings, Robert snuck $85 out of his college savings
account to purchase two different colored sets of sexy
french style panty and matching french style bra outfits
while also buying himself a while silk garter belt as well
as two pairs of womans thigh high silk nylon stockings.
Yes in early May of 1998 just about a month before completing
his junior year of high school, Robert L chose a new secret
name for himself he would use whenever he secretly Cross
Dressed. How he Loved and cherished it when becoming Roberta
safely behind his closed and locked bedroom door. How erotic
he always found the sight of his now just over 7 inch fully
developed cock tighly encased in such sexy lace or silk.
It was the last full week of school final exams, that Robert
wore his three week old pink panties to school under his
jock strap. Oh how wickidly excited her felt that day taking
his secret bedroom cross dressing act out in public for
the very first time ever! Having to pee, like always he used
one of the boys room toilet stalls instead of the not so private
front row line of urnals!

God had there been more time between classes, he would have
even dared to jerk himself off behind the locked stall room
door. It also happened that very day, his histroy teacher
Mr. Perkins asked Robert if he would help him correct many
of the multiple choice Histroy tests from three of his Senior
Classes. Given a numbered master sheet containing the
answers, the two of them finished almost together less
than a hour later. It was raining heavily out as Mr. Perkins
started up his older chevy and had to run the front defroster
fan as well as the back window defogger to clear up the clouded
windows. Yes with three full years of teaching History
at Valley High behind him , Mr. Perkins would soon be moving
to Montana to take on a new better paying assignment. Yes
three full years that at times were so frustating to this
37 year old teacher who was most secretly Bi-Sexual. Yes
from the very first moment he had laid his eyes on Robert
some two years before, Mr. Perkins had felt such deep rooted
desires to find out if as so strongly rumored to be, Robert
was indeed gay and perhaps even avilable for the taking?
Now with Robert well passed the legal state age of sexual
consent, Mr. Perkins only concern was maintaining complete
secrecy should he ever get lucky and anything happen?

Yes since his much ealier gym class experiences of some
years before, Robert had long ago shed his inferrior feelings
toward lockroom nudity and had even come to enjoy all of
those seemidly innocent nudity showers. Almost always,
he was one of the first to claim his own back showerhead and
used fairly cold water to surpress and quell any chances
of getting a detectable hard on. It was a twice a week game
of quick undetected peeks and fast distant cock glimses
that Robert had come to greatly enjoy. Just like when he
loved to get naked and watch himself cross dress and become
a hard Roberta in his full bedroom mirror. the sights of
other boys hanging cocks also had come to excite Robert
in a strange almost scarey forbidden kind of way.

So as they sat and waited together for the foggy windows
to clear up, Mr. Perkins inner left pant leg, was clearly
showing the full unmistakable outline of his neary nine
inch long and quite thick stiff throbbing prick! So a few
short minutes later as he pulled out onto the country hi-way,
Mr. Perkins casually and most innocently mentioned to
Robert that he should have taken a leak before leaving school.
Then giggled as he told Robert he had to go to so bad, that
he had a big piss hard on just like sometimes waking up to
in the morning ! Just as he hoped for, Roberts instant reaction
was to look over right in the direction of Mr. Perkins lap.
While only intending an innocent quick peek, the sudden
fully outlined sight of Mr. Perkins massive long thick
prick held Roberts gaze for far longer than intended or
normal. Instantly within his jock clad pink panies, came
the sudden warmth of sexual awakening! Yes more than once
in recent years, Robert or Roberta had given deep thought
to homosexual feelings. In fact only when dressed as Roberta,
had she played with her clitty cock while fantasizing about
a cock other than her own to perhaps touch and maybe even
play with?

So some six plus miles away from Valley High School, Mr Perkins
turned his older chevy onto a side back dirt country road.
Perhaps a full minute of slow driving passed before he took
a secondary narrow remote logging road to its very end.
With the early June thunder storm now finally over with,
Mr. Perkins lowered all four power windows before slipping
his keys out of the ignition. Telling Robert he couldnt
wait another minute to piss, he quickly got out with his
car keys in his hand! But instead of doing his seemidly innocent
to Robert act of emptying his blatter, instead Mr. Perkins
walked around the front of his car and stopped well out on
Roberts side of it facing toward its back. Unzipping his
fly, he looked off into the woods beyond the car while freeing
his fully aroused quite large cock to fully expose himself
to Robert! Yes since Mr. Perkins carefully planted remark
about having a piss hard on, Roberts mind also had focused
on Sex. Its suddenly unexpected sight as well as its massive
outline back in the school yard lot, then had Robert feeling
far more like Roberta. The feel of her straining silk clad
cockhead now meshed with her first exposure to the sight
of a erect big prick, make her swollow the sudden lump in
her tight throat as she quickly turned her head away while
still clinging to both fear and innocence.

While sitting there in a confused mixture of fear and curiousity,
Roberta did her very best to act straight, normal and disinterested.
Yet just like in the showerooms, she gave into to her strong
deep rooted needs to perhaps steal yet one more innocent
peek. Oh how its very fully exposed sight made her feel so
very weak and helpless to not look at it. Add the fact that
it was now twiching up and down not more than six feet away
from her, and her ongoing fake battle interest was suddenly
lost! Yes she found its mere sight so God Dam stimulating
and powerful as Mr. Perkins who was now looking directly
at her, slipped his right hand into a tight fist while holding
its long thick shaft by its lower half. As he began to gently
and outwardly fondle himself in the purest of sexual ways,
Roberta's own open car hidden right hand came to rest
on her lap right over her own male hardness.

While a lot of things probably could have and should have
happened then, both remained extremely controlled dispite
a great degree of combined sexual engery present. So as
Roberta sat in a spellbound state of her purest feminine
mindset, Mr. Perkins put on a long slow deliberte Cock show
for her locked on eyes for nearly ten exciting to both minutes
before greedily jacking for his ejaculation. How excited
he felt as he pounded his beckoning boner until it exploded
in such an intense long lasting ejaculation. Roberta was
truly amazed at how much thick white seed it powerfully
shot off ! Once done hand draining himself, Mr Perkins produced
a white hanky and carefully wiped off all remains of his
dishonorable discharge. It was after a good ten minutes
of chatting back inside of his car, that he finally talked
Robert into masturbating himself outside of his car in
the same mannor. At first Robert felt quite bashful in taking
her cock out. However her shyness soon passed as the realization
that Mr. Perkins eyes were watching how naughty she could
really be. Her cum took no more than three or four minutes
at most to arrive and her climax was her strongest and longest
lasting one ever. This perhaps caused after both a day of
wearing her pink panties to school as well as watching Mr.
Perkins playing with himself right in front of her shorty

Little was said as Mr. Perkin then drove Robert home, other
than to keep what had just happened between them a lifetime
secrect only the two of them would ever know about and share.
That night in bed, Roberta thought about many exciting
things. Oh how much she wanted to confess her naughty secrets
to Mr. Perkins. She somehow just knew he would fully understand
and perhaps help quell her confussions and uncertainties!
It was between Roberts fourth and fifth period classes
that very next afternoon, that he asked Mr. Perkins if he
could see him after school to help him with a very serious
problem? Yes twenty minutes after school let out that Friday
afternoon, they again sat secretly parked together at
the end of that same remote safe from view logging road.
By then she was part way through her confessing her most
guarded past sexual secrets about Cross Dressing. It took
perhaps fifteen more minutes after parking before Roberts
nearly complete confession to Mr. Perkins ended.

Wearing a big bright understanding smile, Mr. Perkins
broke his long silence by asking Robert a most personal
NOW?" Roberta could only bow her head in timid gesture of Yes as
he moved across the seat to take her tightly in his strong
understanding arms. How comforting Roberta felt then
as Mr. Perkins lightly kissed her left ear lobe before reaching
down to find the end of her black school belt. Roberta leaned
her head back across the top of the seat while with closed
eyes, she wondered how Mr. Perkins would find the sight
of her soon to be exposed Orchid bikini type panties? As
commanded by him, she willingly lifted up her bottom to
allow him to slide down her school trousers. While far too
afraid to have a stiff cock, she did find contentment and
comfort in revealing her nearly four year old fem dressing
fettish secret! After waisting little time in ridding
her of her black loafers and school pants, Mr. Perkins right
hand fingers soon began to teasingly touch her bitch bikini
all over while telling her how divinely sexy and appealing
she looked wearing them. He even complimented her on how
smooth and shapely her quite effeminine legs looked.

It was then that Robert first told his histroy teacher how
he loved to call himself Robeta instead of Robert whenever
he would dress up in fem attire. Again Mr. Perkins asked
Robert a very personal and quite blunt question. "
Has Roberta ever though about being very naughty and fooling
around with another mans masculine COCK ? " Not waiting
for her answer, he quickly grabbed her open left hand and
guilded it down to his lap hardness! Yes nearly arriving
into full manhood, Mr. Perkins knew this not so innocent
but yet still Virgin was long overdue to discover how much
more wonderful Two person sex was compared to just playing
with ones self in frustating fantasy!

Feeling his hardness against her resting palm, Roberta
slowly closed her fingers until they were tightly holding
his long rounded hardness. Yes that cock she had thought
so much about the night before in bed, was now firmly in her
grasp and would slightly twitch every now and then. So for
a few minutes, they sat side by side as Roberta willingly
held all of that available firmness beneath her probing
most curious left hand. His voice was soft then as he told
her to unzip his fly and to free it from its trapped imprisonment!

Then together the two of them freed his rigid big rod from
his open fly, Roberta at long last began to fully understand
the many reasons behind for her desires to be feminine.
Yes while she had always felt so wonderful in secretly becoming
a woman, her true deep underlying reasons had been always
triggered by her clitty cock she so dearly had come to love
and cherish! Now Mr. Perkins truly majestic exposed man
Prick was taking over her mind from one of past uncertainty,
into one of ONE TOTALLY 100% QUEERNESS! Yes suddenly blossoming
queerness in its most deepest passionite state. Queerness
to take it in her hand and feel its torrid heat and throbbing
hardness. Roberta was completely powerless then to resist
its lewd temptations one second longer. Reaching out she
took it without shame in her virgin hand and held it like
it was a precious crown jewel. Yes now she was embacing the
final missing link of her puzzle. Mr. Perkins big thick
stiff Cock made her feel so whole and complete. Never once
in her seuxal past had her own clitty cock given her such
strong urges and feelings she then felt. How wonderful
it was for her right then when Mr. Perkins reached over and
pulled her somewhat puzzled face deep into his lap and yet
closer to it!

Now standing quite proud less than a foot from her face,
she admired its Erotic Beauty! Such a large perfectly sculptered
pinkish/purple crown atop such a long thick shaft of pure
manliness! Tilting it upward to face his car roof, she soaked
up each distinct detail like a hungry sponge soaking up
water. Yes the bulging veins that signified such a powerful
erection! His piss slit with a tail on it that sank down into
where it glans first formed. Then the small tiny suddenly
appearing clear droplet of precum her squeezing right
had had coaxed out of his long flow tube. Having had a secret
she male room mate lover while back in College, Mr. Perkins
knew from experience that it was best to let nature take
its course. There was no need for him to take her over, to
talk to her and make he do the oral things he wanted her too.
Nor to just shove it into her virgin mouth that was just simply
going to fall deeply in love with it. No Roberta was far too
close to her life long journey of Gayness to stop herself
now. So while he felt her hot breath skipping across his
most sensitive cockhead, Donald Perkins high school history
teacher, reached out to adjust his rear view mirror so he
would have a perfect view of this soon to be new Cocksucker
at last discovering her pure Sexuality!

It was most likely her subconcious mind that tilted and
angled that long shaft closer and closer to her still innocent
virgin mouth! Yes so close now was his fully swollen cockhead
to Roberta's suddenly slightly parted lips. Like
just about all first time cocksuckers, it was a probing
light kiss to test her acceptence to it. Yes a firm feel against
those not so sure trembling lips which tasted a dry saltiness
almost all cocks posses. With it came the full realization
of how queer she was actually being in her brand new role
of quite attracting and appealing to her submissiveness.
With her heart beating wilding inside of her heaving chest,
Roberta applied yet a second Cock Kiss which this time gave
her the faint sweet tatse of his pre cum nectur! This while
looking in his perfectly adjusted rear view, Donald Perkins
studied Roberta's mixed look of blended fascination,
attraction, interest and soon to become Dick Addiction!
Yes right then young Roberta used her snaking tongue to
sample yet more of his pearl shaped and sized goblet of sticky
sweetness! Discovering only incredable to her new urges
to be queer, she had passed the point of no return as she fought
off any remaining and lingering thoughts of stopping herself.

Just as he expected, Mr. Perkins both watched and felt the
warmth of her soft lips at the same time as they slid just
enough forward to tightly embrace and surround his oval
swollen sensitive glans! Yes such contentment and peace
Roberta felt right then as she savored her very first feel,
flavor and taste of Cock!! Yes all of her past secret sexual
actions and feelings had taken her toward this very direction.
Yet something had somehow always remained missing? Now
she had found that missing link that was making her feel
so alive, so whole and so complete! While it seemed to fit
so perfectly just inside of her tighly clinging lips, Roberta
somehow felt to deep need to suckle yet tighter as she instinctively
hollowed her cheeks. Ah such pure peaceful contentment
she immediately felt as a low groan of pleasure escaped
Donald Perkins rolled up lips. Now fully caught up in the
splendid glory of sucking her very first cock, Roberta
gently suckled like a new born calf while holding its lower
shaft tightly to avoid it from being slipped from her contented
new gay mouth.

Not wanting to discourage her one bit, Donald Perkins remained
quiet while every now and then enduring the slight pain
of her sometimes scraping novice teeth. Not knowing then
she should be breathing through her nose, Roberta loosened
her lips every few seconds to inhale some much needed air.
This while Donald Perkins right hand, gently came to rest
on the lower part of her bent neck! Yes at times Roberta closed
her eyes tightly as to concentrate more on the taste and
feel both her lips and tongue were then giving her. Yet at
other times, she opened them widely to look down past the
tip of her nose to view a good six or so inches of stiff swollen
cock shaft that seemed to growing out of her mouth and right
down into the fly opening of his tan dress pants. With neither
of them in the slighest bit of a hurry, Mr. Perkins sat back
most contentidly while watching his new young conquored
queen discovering her very first Love. This while Roberta
nibbled, sucked and licked her brand new lolly pop like
a starving kid in her very first candy store.

It was only a matter of time before her new found love would
crave yet more physical and mental satisfaction! How divinely
stimulating she found it slipping her lips down over yet
a few new untasted inches of teacher meat! Sucking in his
breath now, Mr. Perkins fought the strong urge and temptations
to thrust his powerful coiled hips right into her naughty
little face! Yes if all went according to plan, he would
have almost three full weeks of summer vacation to turn
her into the pure sissy slut he knew she had been born to become!
Yes after her sweet willing mouth young mouth was fully
trained in the art of teasing and totally pleasing him,
her remaining back door virgin pussy would become a second
wonderful tight place to park his talented cock in.

Next when her right hand moved down below the thick base
of his cock shaft to feel for his hidden clad balls, Donald
Perkins told her to sit back up so that he could drop his pants
and make it all available to her. Shorty afterwards, only
her tight clinging mouth held his erection in place as her
right hand explored the thick sack that housed his good
sized hairly balls. God for a first time cherry, Roberta
already showed and displayed such a strong bonding to his
Cock! It was about then, that her left leg that was tucked
up under her bent over ass went into a sudden cramp. It was
several minutes later after having her walk around outside,
that Mr. Perkins had her take off all of her clothing except
her orchid panties and kneel down so she could propery blow
him from her knees!

Free from the confines of his steering wheel and crowded
car, he stood above her looking down to watch her making
selfish love to his then slippery spittal covered dick.
Yes he had her properly lick every available inch first
before ordering her to take as much as she could in her receptive
more than willing mouth. While she began deeply choking
when nearing the six inch mark, a quite determined Roberta
did her very best to please her male teacher and her new unexpected
secret lover!

Yes while he knew he really shouldn't, Donald Perkins
had already decided that when his Cum arrived, he was going
to hold her bitch face tightly in place and fill her mouth
to overflow with his pent up load of hot slippery thick Spoo.
Maybe she would hate that part and choke and gag the first
time or two , but he was sure by the oral talents she was already
showing and displaying to him, that in time, she was simply
going to love becoming his secret sperm swollowing fully
submissive sissy! While these most selfish thoughts raced
through Donald Perkins sexully obsessed mind, Roberta
was already begging to love having her tightly stuffed
mouth deeply fucked this way! Yes now her mouth most willingly
moved forward right into his swaying hips as he held the
back of her golden blonde locks tightly in place.

When she looked up at him with her now quite naughty blue
eyes, Donald smiled down at her while calling her Roberta
his lovely young pretty boy bitch! No right then while there
was not the slighest chance of him warning her when his time
to ejaculate would arrive, he found himself wishing she
would become one of those very rare first time cocksuckers
who would love the strong pungent flavor of his thicky creamy
hot shooting seed! Yes three real choices were open to 37
year old history teacher Donald Perkins! One was to ram
it deep down into her tight virgin throat and spare her mouth
his sperm. Or to withdraw most of it and let his cockhead
wildly spray the entire top of her tongue. Or thirdly to
completely withdraw it and gave her a dirty lower cum facial
to brand her as his Orchad Panty Clad Cock Slut! It was only
a slit second before he first powerful burst blasted from
his pent up balls, did Donald Perkins reach his decision.
Yes suddenly withdrawing all but his cockhead from her
busy sucking mouth, he held her chin tightly in place as
he relaxed his tightened balls and just let it happen.

Roberta felt the sudden pulsation under her tightly clinging
lips at the very same identical time as that first big rubbery
feeling blast skipped across her flattened tongue. Instanty
her quite sensitive taste buds were stung with a salty seafood
type taste that instantly reminded her of the raw summer
oysters she used to eat with grandpa before he died. While
more than a bit unsure of whether she liked it or not? Roberta
bravely held her ground long enough before a second equally
sized goblet arrived perhaps three seconds later. Right
then she was remembering back to the rainly afternoon the
day before when Mr. Perkins had shot off for her while jacking.
How exciting it had made her feel while watching him do it.

So after quickly making up her mind that she sort of liked
this happening in most ways, Roberta tightened her lips
much more firmly over her history teachers pulsating prickhead
and began to Suck for yet more of it! Yes as her now fully gay
bitch lower mouth began to fill up with more and more hot
shooting thick sperm, Roberta reached down inside of her
orchid panties so that her clitty cock could join both her
fully tested mouth and brain in receiving such wonderful
exciting Sexual Pleasures! Even when Mr. Perkins rapid
cock explosions came to an end perhaps half a minute or so
later, she again began to suckle on its salty tasting head
while wildly beating off her sex starved clitty cock. It
was then that Mr. Perkins suddenly stepped back and away
from her while ordering her to stand back up. Then he bent
at the hips without hesitation and replaced Roberta's
quite busy right hand with his skilled practiced sometimes
gay mouth.

a new wonderful life together far away from the control
and demanding ways of Ma Bee. Yes now a 24/7 quite easily
passable Cross Dresser, Mrs Donald Perkins now makes some
of Montana's best eveing gowns and wedding dresses
when she not busy taking care of her sexy loving husband
who still teaches history! Oh how wonderful and magical and so different Roberta's
vigin to others cock felt to her right then. Such incredable
warmth not to mention such deeper sensitive feelings her
trusty right hand had never ever come close to giving her
before! It took all of perhaps 30 dreamlike seconds of tight
warm sucking on Donald Perkins part, before his new sissy
bitch wildly began to shoot off! Yes such sweet tasting
creamy young delicious virgin blow job cum that he greedily
sucked for and swollowed down. After finishing her off,
Donald couldnt help to take her in a tight loving embace
of mutual celebration while sampling her cute rounded
bitch bubble ass with both of his hands, Yes such a lovely
smooth hairless Sissy ass that housed such a tight young
pink yet unborn bitch anus pussy.

It was on the last day of the school year, that after picking
up his mid morning report card, Robert again secretly visited
that logging road with Mr. Perkins. Yes finding a clear
mossy opening part way into those thick woods, Roberta
put on her black fishnet nylon stockings carefully supported
by her satin white garter belt worn on the inside of her french
style pink panties. Roberta had stolen Ma Bee's two
rounded falsies that filled out her 34 B cup matching bra
just perfectly. While her very first lip stick application
was indeed a bit sloppy and crude, it did indeed make her
lips far more pink and glossy! Licking them she loved the
new cherry flavor taste while shamlessly and hurridly
reaching for Mr. Perkins fly clasp! Before hurridly discarding
all of his clothing on the side of their blanket, Donald
Perkins removed both two lubed condoms as well as three
tiny packets of ky jelly.. Yes they had almost five full
hours to secretly celebrate their new found gay love for
each other that wonderful mild sunshiney June day back
in 1998. A day that Roberta would always remember and deeply
treasure and hold dear to her heart. Yes there was indeed
a fair amount of pain involved in her back door deflowering.
But Donald was both skilled and very patient in taking her
back door cherry. Some fifteen long intense minutes after
beginning his middle finger probing of it, he had a very
excited Roberta facing him while strattling his laid out
prone body. Yes after entering her completely doggy style
to gain full entry into her tight bitch back door orfice,
Donald switched postions so she could fuck herself from
above in any mannor she chose too. While she went very slow
at first, within ten minutes, a very liberated Roberta
was riding Donald's big dick like a sex starved out
of control texas cowgirl!

God such an insatiable appetite for cock Roberta showed
as she repeatidly rammed her super tight hot bitch pussy
asshole deep down over the nearly nine inch length of her
new found Lovers massive stiff Cock! Arriving home late
that afternoon, Robert was greatly changed. For the first
time in his entire life, he stood up to Ma Bee's harsh
verbal assaults. By summers end, he had made secret plans
to move out when his 18th birthday arrived. So on Nov. 26th,
when he became an independent adult, Robert got his necessary
transfer papers and left Valley high for the very last time.
Some 21 hours hours later, his arriving Trailways bus was
met by Donald and they began

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and they began three 1/2 wonderful years together until
Roberta discovered this near by back country hi-way rest
area that catered to tons of horny men seeking relief.

Yes soon word spread far and wide in the gay community about
the hot young she bitch that gave the best head around while
also having a talented asshole that could wonderfully
milk a stiff bitch buggering cock simply by muscle control
of her back door quim rim....


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wow....great story!!


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Now That sportsfans is a good story!


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you are one incredible writer