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Nurse Rachael


Rachael walked toward our bed in her short nurse’s uniform,
white hose and sensible shoes. As I lay on the far side of
the bed under the clean white sheet I watched her approach.
At 5’ 5” and 110 pounds her lovely curves were accentuated
in her tight fitting uniform. The bowl she carried contained
the cotton hand towel in steaming water. Placing it on the
bedside table, she smiled seductively at me and drew back
the cool white cotton sheet covering my nakedness.

"Let's get you cleaned up, " she said,

Her tight uniform encased her perfect breasts tightly,
with her cleavage beckoning me as she leaned over me. Her
short black hair surrounded her beautiful face, highlighting
her high cheek bones and strong jaw. The soft afternoon
light cast a surreal glow on her face and shiny hair. She
feasted her eyes on my hard body as she folded the sheet back
carefully. My arousal was obvious as the sheet was rolled
back to expose my raging hard erection. I lay relaxed, my
head on two full feather pillows with my hands cradled behind
my head.

"Aren't you the bad boy?" she smiled at
me, "looks like we'll need to take care of this."

Ringing out the hot towel she rubbed it slowly over my trimmed
pubes and pulsing hardness, squeezing gently. I moaned
slightly as the hot towel caressed me. She grinned devilishly
and laid the towel on my flat stomach. Wordlessly, Rachael
reached for my pink soft rubber cock and ball harness. She
delicately pulled the soft cock ring over my hardness,
and I sighed as it gripped me tightly. Then Rachael stretched
the ball ring with her fingers and pulled it over my aching
sack, captivating my swollen balls. Gently caressing
my inflamed sack she bent down and wetly sucked my member
into her mouth. Deeply into her mouth she gripped my pulsing
pole with her lips, moaning and sending shivers down my

“Oh, Rachael. That feels so good when you suck me so deep.”

She moaned deeply, in her agreement, and the shivers returned
as I felt my member grow longer and harder, and she moaned
again in response to my excitement. She gently caressed
my trapped balls, gently squeezing them each time she sucked
me deeper into her throat.

“Rachael, I’m going to come unless you stop that, ” I gasped
through clenched teeth, “I want to last a lot longer.” She
moaned a sad moan and noisily slurped my cock as she released
my swollen, pulsing member from her mouth.

“Sorry, ” she smiled sheepishly, “I got carried away.”

Rachael loved to administer her special nurse’s treatment
‒ the sponge bath. She wasn’t strictly a nurse, she worked
in the hospital cleaning surgical equipment before, and
after a surgery, so I was the only one to receive her special
nurse’s treatment. Make no mistake, her job was demanding;
coordinating with the surgeons what instruments would
be needed and making sure the ones that they hadn’t thought
of were also ready. She had to know her stuff, or suffer the
wrath of the five surgeons on staff.

Back to her nursely ministrations she dipped the hand towel
back into the steaming bowl of water and continued to wash
my chest, under arms, neck and arms. She cleansed the towel
and continued her loving sponge bath down my privates,
gently washing my sticky genitals. As the hot towel caressed
my tight scrotum its heat swarmed through my entire body,
and raised my temperature a number of degrees. The cool
summer breeze came through the second story window and
washed over me, equalizing my rising temperature.

“You like that?” Rachael whispered.

“It’s fantastic…” I moaned back.

“How about this?” she asked as she ran the hot towel between
my legs to my anus and cheeks. The hot towel felt wonderful
on my sensitive sphincter after having completed a thorough
internal cleansing session just ten minutes before. Upon
returning home the first order I received was a thorough

“Mmmm, that’s great, ” I moaned.

Gently lifting my legs she massaged the hot towel over my
buns, pressing gently as she paused at my pulsing hole.

“Now for your massage, ” Rachael said, as she arched her
brow seductively.

Placing the towel back in the bowl at the bed side table she
pumped the massage oil from the bottle into her hands. The
glass oil bottle had obviously been sitting inside the
bowl of hot water, for the oil was quite warm when she caressed
it onto my chest.

“Mmmm, ” I exhaled as she vigorously massaged my chest,
shoulders, and then arms. Her fingers kneaded deep into
my hard muscles. Her strong hands rubbed my pecs continually,
exciting her, and slowly relaxing my sore muscles. The
work out in the gym had been more vigorous than usual and
I had returned home tense and pumped up. She pumped more
oil into her hands and rubbed my arms, then massaged my hands,
pulling at my fingers and pinching the skin between them.
As she massaged me her arm or elbow would surreptitiously
brush my erection, heightening my state of arousal. Working
her way back up my arms, shoulders, then chest, she re-oiled
and continued her caress down my abs and pelvis, skirting
my still swollen erection. Teasing me, she blew warm breath
on my pulsing member as she bent to rub my swollen thighs.

She continued her massage, focusing next on my muscular
thighs. I regulated my breathing so as not to be tickled
be her ministrations. She methodically massaged my thighs,
shins, calves, then feet, pulling and stretching my sore
muscles. At my feet she worked on the seven nerve clusters
to loosen the corresponding points in my tight muscles.
Continuously applying more massage oil her expert foot
massage then focused in on the ball of my foot behind my big
toe to arouse my sexual appetite and stamina. As she finished
her relaxing massage she reverted to a more sensual one,
deftly caressing my more relaxed muscles. Her finger tips
caressed deftly up my legs toward my now flaccid member.
I could feel my arousal resuming as she advanced up my legs
toward the inevitable. By the time her hands reached my
pelvis my cock had returned to its full hard seven inches.

. “Are you ready for your special treatment?” she queried

“Oh yes. I am so ready Rachael. Please treat me.” I grinned
back, her cleavage more arousing than ever. She noticed
me staring at her heaving bust and coyly unclasped another
button on her top. Her cleavage increased as her full breasts
strained to break free.

Reaching for the other pump bottle, the one with the sexual
lubricant, also warmed from the hot water, she pumped a
hand full and scooped it generously against my anus as I
drew my legs up in anticipation. Rachael plied the slippery
stuff around my pulsing sphincter then over my still engorged
balls, finally wrapping her slick fingers around my hardness.
My moans traveled from deep inside me, resonating to her
sensitive ears.

“Mmmmm feels good does it? How about this?” and she pressed
two wet fingers to my anal opening, widening my expanding

“Oh shit, yeah Rachael. Spread me open, ” I gasped.

“Oh, I will. I'm really going to spread that sweet little
ass before I drive my thick strap-on into you.’

Her crude words really start me going and my straining boner
started to leak its warm fluids. She bent her head to lick
them off my erection, moaning deeply. Pressing two fingers
deeply into my waiting shithole she forcefully kissed
me on the mouth, swirling her wet tongue around mine.

With her free hand she reached for our spiraling rippled
butt plug and rubbed it into the lubricated area around
her fingers and my ass. Slipping her fingers out adeptly
she pressed the plug in slightly. As she kissed me harder
she slowly spiraled the widening plug into my waiting ass.
My right hand reached for her heaving breasts as my left
hand found its way to her supple side and caressed down her
body to her undulating ass. She adjusted her body for me
so I could access her pliant rear. As my hand glided under
her short uniform to her pantyhose encased legs I grasped
her ass and reached around to her crack I could feel the end
of her own anal plug violating her orifice under her white

”I’ve been waiting for you to come home, ” she whispered
in my ear.

“You naughty little thing you, ” I whispered back as I pressed
forcefully at her intruder, sending shivers through her
body. She responded by gently plunging my ass plug in further.
Her free hand pumped more lubricant and massaged onto my
engorged pecker and balls. Pumping more again, she rubbed
more lube around the wide swirly plug delving into my convulsing
anus, then pressed it further up my expanding hole.

“Oh, Rachael baby, fill me, stretch my ass, ” I panted.

My encouragement forced her to twist the intruder deeper
into my rectum, pressing against my prostate. I gasped
and she realizing her position from our many such encounters
so she slowed and gently, lovingly twisted the plug past
my prostate, deeper into my hungry depths.

As I pressed my hand against her own butt plug she exclaimed,
“Oh yes, Jack fill my ass too.”

The plug in my butt fully seated itself inside me as I continued
my anal assault on Rachael’s pliable orifice. I kneaded
her soft breast through her uniform and she reached up to
unbutton her uniform all the way. As it hung loosely at her
tight body my excitement rose as I saw her tight white pantyhose
pulled all the way up over her full breasts. She peeled her
uniform off her tight body slowly to reveal her entire body.
As she stepped back slightly to drop her outfit at her feet
I took in her sexy form. The pantyhose contained no panty
gusset so the seam pressed up against the butt plug and between
her cunt lips forming a perfect camel toe while it worked
her clit. I knew that every movement she made, every time
she bent over, her full breasts pulled the pantyhose tighter
up her body, forcing her intruder deeper and tickling her
clit more. The frantic look in her eyes came clear to me.
The sexy sight of her tightly wrapped body made me more frantic
as well.

“Oh Jack, I’m so horny. Pull my nipples, ” Rachael gasped
as I massaged her engorged breasts, “Oh fuck, yes.” Her
sensitive nipples poked out the fabric at least half an
inch, and I was able to grasp one easily and twist it gently.
Shivering excitedly she squirmed in her ecstasy.

“I feel so anally excited. Will you fuck my tender ass with
your big prick, please?”

“Ah yeah I’ll fuck your tight ass. I’ll fuck it so good. But
you must have your big vibrator in your hot twat while I fuck

“Jack, you’re so naughty. I love it. I want to come for you
so bad.”

“And I want to you to squirt your juices all over my balls
as I plunge your ass.”

“Oh that sounds so good. And your bad little buns feel so
good in my hands too.”

“Yeah Rachael, fill my ass too. I love the way you open me.”

“I bought a new toy today. And it made my pussy leak just picking
it out. I so wanted to masturbate when I got home.”

“Did you? Did you fuck your hungry cunt and ass?”

“No Jack. I saved myself for you. And I’ve waited so long
for you to get home. I filled my ass with my plug just before
you got home. But these nylons you bought me have been driving
me crazy with lust. They tickle my clit every time I move.”

“Have you been moving a lot?”

“Well… Ok, yes. The truth be told, I have been reaching and
bending every way I can. I took up dusting high and low just
for the feeling they give me.”

I laughed a little laugh, picturing horny little Rachael
dusting and getting turned on by it.

“So what is the new toy?”

“Jack, you are going to love it. But I want to surprise you
with it.”

“It’s a new strap-on, isn’t it?”

“I’m not going to ruin the surprise. I know you will love

“Rachael, let me see your hot wet pussy up close. Sit on my
face so I can lick your wet clit through the nylons.”

“Fuck ya. You’re so twisted. I love it, but just so you know,
I can’t resist swallowing your hard cock down my throat
while you suck me. I want your come in my mouth. I want you
to fill my mouth with your hot come. Then I’m going to kiss
you and taste my hot pussy juices on your lips while I share
your jism with you.”

“Fuck, you’re a hot little number. Now climb up here and
let me eat you, you delicious little vixen.”

“Let me get more toys first. I really want to stretch your
ass while I suck you. You always come so hard when I fill your

She bent down to open the bedside table cupboard and pulled
out our large Tupperware box of plugs, dildos, and vibrators.
She put them on the bed on the far side of me then Rachael climbed
on the bed while I adjusted myself more to the center to give
her room to get her knees wrapped around my head. Looking
at the clear container of fuck toys my head swam at the large
assortment ranging from just an inch in diameter to almost
three and a half inches. Some of the medium sized ones I had
had up my ass, but Rachael was a true anal freak and loved
to be stretched even more than me. Her pliable ass could
take them all. But eventually it was my fist she really wanted
up her stretchy ass. And I have to admit I wanted her little
hand massaging inside me as well. But neither of us had able
to accomplish it yet. She was horny enough that ‘today might
be the day’, and for me as well. She was really turning me
on with her sexy talk, and especially her outfit.

“It gets me so turned on to see our huge toys Jack. Just look
at those fucking things. Fuck, this butt plug isn’t big
enough inside me, baby. But I don’t want to remove these
delicious nylons.”

“That’s ok Rachael. Just pick out the one you want and I’ll
rip the nylons to replace your little friend.”

“Can you do that Jack? Without causing a run and ruining
this perfect feeling on my clit?”

“Sure. I’m an expert with this these nylons baby.”

“Oh ya, I’m almost forgot. You like to wear them too. Now
I understand why. They caress and encase you so good.”

As I had hoped she picked out the really large vibrating
butt plug, three inches thick, and handed it to me.

“Fill my twitching ass with this, Jack.”

“So soon? After this little one?”

“I’ll take it. Slowly. Just lube me up good and press the
tip into me. The nylons will push it into me too, ” She smirked
with an impish little smile, “I found that out while I was

“You are so nasty. God, I love you.”

“I really love you too Jack. Now stretch my ass… please.”

“All your nasty talk has got me really excited…”

“I can tell!” she interrupted.

“So, I want to be really stretched too, ” I grinned at her
as I rummaged for the big vibrating soft pink dildo. It was
almost two and half inches around and nine inches long and
really soft.

“Oh yeah, I love pushing that big one inside you, it’s so
pretty with your ass wrapped around that hot pink, ” she
squealed, “Oh, let me do it Jack. Let me fuck you with it.”

“Yeah Rachael, just use lots of lube. I’ll need to be really
slippery to take that big mother.”

Kneeling beside me she pumped a big handful of lube and slowly
twisted out my anal plug with her right hand and quickly
inserted the slippery fingers of her left hand into my dilated
shithole. The lube in her palm streamed into my hole, stretched
by her three bunched up fingers. The feeling in my sphincter
was ecstasy, so wet and stretched. I was almost delirious
with passion.

“Ready? Do you want it vibrating fast or slow?” she asked

“I am so ready. Fill me slowly. And turn the vibrations to
slow.” She twisted the knob on the end of the vibrator and
a low hum started. As her fingers slid out she pressed the
vibrator against my open asshole. The vibrations tingled
against me and with all my practice over the last year I felt
my anus automatically relax to accept the huge girth of
it. The thick, sculpted head slid in slowly, past my first
anal ring.

“Oh Jack, you’re getting so good at this. I barely had to
push at all. Your ass just swallowed it in.”

“Don’t I know it? I just love the fullness of it, so slippery
inside me. And I can feel the vibrations through my whole
body. Just leave the head in while my body adjusts to that

The sound of the vibrator muted from being encased in my
flesh. And my hips wriggled slightly to accept it.

“I love the sound of your ass taking it in, the soft hum changing.
Jack, do me now. Stretch my ass too, ” she whispered lustily
as she straddled my face.

As she kneeled over me the nylons tightened closer between
her wet cunt lips, spreading them, while the butt plug was
forced hard against her anus. While I looked so closely
at the huge wet patch her pussy made in the nylons I reached
to the end of the plug and grasped a piece of nylon with my
fingernail. I forced a small hole in the shear material
and dug another finger in beside the expanding gap. Slowly,
to avoid excessive tearing, I parted the resilient fibers.
Once the gap was large enough I gripped around the base of
the plug.

“Ok, Rachael, push it out.” She pushed and it came flying
out of her ass, shooting over my head, the toy slipped from
my grip. The clean slippery plug rolled down to my shoulder
and indicated to me that she had also had a deep cleansing
enema. I reached over and deposited the used plug on the
dry hand towel she had provided us.

“How’s that?” she giggled as she reached back feel the perfect
sized puncture I had created.

“Surprising, ” I laughed back.

“Now the other one. I need it, ” Rachael moaned, with her
arms supporting herself either side of my hips, her mouth
millimeters from my twitching hardness. She bent forward
onto her chest and reached back to spread her beautiful

Grabbing the thick vibrating butt plug I licked out at her
wet cunt, brushing her clit with the tip of my tongue as I
pressed the tip to her pulsing sphincter. Her super wet
asshole accepted the first inch with ease. Then I stretched
the nylon seem out over the end of the huge toy. The nylons
immediately forced another expanding inch into her grasping

“Fuck, yes, ” Rachael growled, “It’s really stretching
me good.” She arched pushed herself up with her hands on
the bed and arched her back, then stretched and writhed,
and the tool pushed its bulbous way deeper inside her. Centimeter
by centimeter I watched it disappear inside her willing
aperture. I felt for the wired remote and thumbed the dial
to fast vibration. Her arms stretched taught to the bed
as she spasmed frenziedly.

“Ja… aghhh, ” was all she could manage to sputter out. I
quickly turned back the dial to slow, and she recovered,
slightly, “you bastard. I’m going to get you for that. Do
it again, ” she said as she reached for the huge prick that
spread my hole. Turning up the speed on my vibrator it twisted
deliciously in my backside.

“Argghh…” I echoed back to her as the dildo pushed further
into me, its wild vibrations coursed through me. With my
hand still against her plug I involuntarily pushed it against
her and her bottom suddenly expanded and engulfed it entirely.
She convulsed involuntarily and I quickly recovered from
my fog and I realized what I had done. Her pelvis sunk to my
face and I quickly clamped my mouth around her encased mound
and licked wildly at her luscious clit. Her heady fragrance
drove me to a lascivious level of euphoria. Her bottom had
taken the whole thing, all three inches around, sucked
deep inside her.

“Rrrghhhh, aggghhhh” was all Rachael could get out, “Yes,
Jack, yes. Oh fuck, that’s stretching me.” Her head thrashed
as her backside grasped at the enormity of the intruder.
I thumbed the vibrator to full again and she reeled at the
sensation. For minutes she convulsed, and she pressed
her soaking twat against my mouth. My prick pulsed thickly,
stealing the blood from my brain.

“Turn it down now. Please, ” she panted out breathlessly.
I turned it down to slow and recovered my breathing as she
lifted her mound off my crushed mouth.

“Ya, sorry… I got carried away, I mumbled.

“I’ll say. I want you to do it again, but when I have your cock
in my mouth ready to explode. I want us come together. Besides,
I haven’t got this dildo all the way inside you yet. And I
want to watch you take it all.”

“Do it. I can take it now, ” I whispered as I felt the vibrating
dong slip past by prostate while she pressed at it lightly.
She twisted it back and forth as she pushed it deeper into
my depths past my prostate, her mouth enveloped my hard-on.
The ripples and sculpted veins massaged by prostrate,
sending waves of pleasure coursing through my soul.

“Mmffhhmm, ” she hummed over my rigid member in her mouth,
as her oral cavity brought me closer to the inevitable like
a freight train. She wildly swallowed my member the full
length then back out again to my pulsing, twitching cock
head. Over and over she plunged down my shaft. I gripped
her soft hips and pulled her sopping twat down to my searching
tongue. I pulled and pushed on the plug held tightly in place
by her sphincter, as it stretched her open outrageously,
while I licked fervorently at her swathed wetness.

“Now!” she screamed as she momentarily sucked her hot mouth
off my shaft. Together we turned our vibrators to full throttle.
We writhed together in anal and oral ecstasy, both straining
at our intrusions. She could feel the tightened of my sack
and knew my orgasm was rushing out and again she gripped
her lips tightly around my cock head, her tongue swirling
around the crown. My cock swelled repeatedly as she sucked
her lips hard against my cock head.

“Yeah! Mmmgggod, ” she screamed as a she writhed her sopping
pussy all over my face. We both convulsed spasmodically,
uncontrollably again and again. Our anal intruders filled
us completely, and vibrated crazily inside us.

As one, our ejaculate sprayed each other. Mine shot forcefully
like a machine gun into her mouth while her pussy sprayed
her come on my face through the shear fabric. She didn’t
often ejaculate liquid, but when she did it shook the whole
world. My face was covered in her hot liquids as my cock spurted
over and over into her tight mouth.

My dong slowly slipped agonizingly out of me, but Rachaels
plug remained firmly seated inside her.

She fell lifeless off to the side of me, but recovered quickly
as she spun her body to kiss me.

Her mouth captured mine and she plunged her tongue inside
passionately. She passed my own jism to me and swirled it
around my mouth as she tasted her own juices coating my face.
Our hot liquids combined as we passionately embraced.

“My God! I came a lot. We both came a lot, ” I thought as our
ample juices sloshed between us.

“Mmmmmm, ” she moaned deeply, as she swallowed thickly.

Disjoining our wet kiss she whispered in my ear as she hugged
me, “Fuck that was hot!”

“Mmmhhhmmm, ” I moaned back, “you’ve still got your plug
inside you!”

“I know, and it’s causing me to spasm over and over.” She
groped for the remote and turned it down. “That was the best
ever Jack. I’ll just leave this in me, it’s too big to pull
out right now” she said breathlessly, “Do you want a break?”

“Ah, yeah. I think I need to recover a little bit.”

“I’ll get us some water, ” she said as she slipped off the
bed and ran awkwardly out the door to the kitchen. She quickly
brought back two glasses of prepared water and handed one
to me when as she sipped thirstily at hers.

“Jack, I’m still so horny. Do you think you’ll be able to
fuck my ass soon?” she gasped as she gulped her water.

“Let me see your stretched little ass Rachael, and I’m sure
I’ll be able to get it back up soon.”

She turned around and bent over seductively showing her
plugged ass for me. She wriggled her rear at me as I felt my
member already twitch in my masturbating hand.

“Show me my surprise, ” I whispered as I admired her full

“Ok, ” Rachael conceded, and reached to the far side table
and removed a huge black double ended dildo, at least three
and a half inches on one end and three inches on the other
and fifteen inches long.

“Holy fuck, Rachael. That thing is huge!”

“Yeah, I knew you’d love it. The big end is for me, ’ she grinned
excitedly. ”Put it in me. Fuck my ass while I fuck yours.
We can fuck each other at the same time!”

“Shit, ya…That is so nasty, ” I admitted. She quickly turned
around on the bed again so that her ass was in my face and I
reached up and plied open the hole in the wet nylons. In my
effort to free the huge intruder that still spread her sphincter
she looked back at me lewdly and grimaced slightly as the
nylon hole opened and she attempted to push the huge anal
plug out of her tightly wrapped rear. The widest part distended
her wet flesh obscenely and Rachael grunted in her pleasure
and pain. I grasped the cord and pulled lightly as the vibrator
slowly exited her anal orifice. As it popped out her distended
opening leaked massive amounts of lubricating fluids
and I pressed my bunched fingers inside.

“Fuck, that feels so good Jack, ” as I massaged her insides.
I had worked all four fingers up to my knuckles. “Fist my
ass. Massage my insides. Your fingers feel so good inside
after being stretched like that. I want your whole hand
inside me. Fuck, I’ve dreamed of that, it’d be so intimate.”

I was so tempted to press my hand inside her and my cock was
really throbbing at the thought of it, but I wasn’t sure
she could take my whole hand just yet.

“Jack, I want you to feel this good too. Let’s fuck each other
first, ” she said, reading my thoughts, “slide that big
mother dildo in my nasty hole!”

I reached for our new toy and knew I needed no extra lube for
her as placed the billiard ball sized head at her pink star.

“Rachael that’s so beautiful. It’s just sliding right
in, ” I said as her wet ass swallowed the enormous black
molded prick.

She grimaced, “I’m taking it Jack. It’s really filling
me. Quick, get the other end in your ass and push it in me.”

As she held the big prick in her puckered hole I practically
jumped up and spun around on the bed in my excitement. I backed
up on my knees so that my cheeks were against hers, our legs
alternately touching. I reached back and grabbed the end
of the flailing double dildo and pressed it to my well lubricated

“Push back Rachael. Press that monster inside me, ” I said
eagerly while I lay with my chest on the bed and my hands spreading
my ass cheeks for her. She held the dong in place with her
hand while she slowly leaned back. The head popped noisily
in my ass and immediately started sliding forcefully inside
me. When it hit my prostate I yelped

“Go slow Rachael. It’s at my prostate.”

“Arggh… Ok, sorry.” She let go of her grip on the dong and
I leaned back toward her. Still nestled against my spasming
prostate I could feel the other end press deeper into her

“Mmmmmm… it’s filling me so good Jack.” The dong suddenly
slid past my prostate and another inch sunk deep into me.
“I felt that Jack, I felt it through our toy, sliding past
your prostate. How does it feel baby?”

“Fu… ya, so good. It’s so big inside me. Fuck me back Rachael.
Fuck that monster inside me.”

“Shit ya, Jack. Here it comes. I want to rub our cheeks together.
Let’s take the whole thing, together, ” she moaned as she
pushed back toward my waiting ass.

It sunk deeper and deeper inside each of us. Filling our
insides a full eight inches each. When our cheeks touched
an electric surge went through us both and we quietly cheered
our accomplishment.

“Yeah!” we screamed in unison.

“Fuck me hard!” she exclaimed. Together, we turned our
heads to stare into each others eyes passionately.

“This is so fucking hot! Fuck me too.”

We slammed back into each other, the giant double headed
dildo churning our insides over and over.

Rachael and I both grunted and moaned with each thrust that
fully seated the black massive intruder inside us. Each
time our cheeks touched we spasmed with delight.

“Arrgghh…” she panted as she frigged her clit and drove
her fingers into her snatch, “I’m going to come again… Oh,
fuck yeah, I’m going to come again. Fuck me faster.”

“Me too. My spunk is really going to shoot this time, arghh…
“I exclaimed as I fisted my hard, slippery member.

“Shhhiiiittt, here it comes Jack. Come…. for me … tooo, ”
She convulsed again and again, pushing the dildo even deeper
into my well fucked asshole. My come boiled out of me, spurting
long threads of jism onto the bed.

“Argghh…yeah, ” I yelled as I climaxed. My head swam and
I collapsed onto forward onto the bed. Looking back I saw
that Rachael had done the same, with the black intruder
still sticking out of her wet orifice, visibly quaking
in her orgasm.

“Uuughg, Uh, mmm, yeah.” She moaned deeply. I recovered
slightly and turned around to gaze at her pleasure, taking
it all in. I pulled at the dildo, but it was firmly held in
place by her convulsing muscles. Pulling and pushing gently
I could feel her muscles relax faintly as it slid slowly
out. Her hole was really dilated and I quickly slid all my
fingers in her sopping ass.

“Ja…arghhh, fffmmmm, ” was all she had to offer as my fingers
penetrated her used orifice, ”mo…mmore…fi me mo…more”,
she sputtered semi-incoherently. I bunched up my thumb
into my fingers and pressed at her entrance. As her ass gave
way my hand slipped deeper into her all the way to my knuckles.
She reached back to feel what I was doing, only the stretching,
numbing sensations captured by her senses.

“Is that your hand going into my ass?” she sputtered incredulously.

“Yeah, you’re taking my hand inside you, ” I replied lustily

“Fuck yes. Do it. Fist my hungry ass, ” she exclaimed, actually
pushing back onto my hand. She pushed up onto all fours and
it suddenly slipped inside her and she screamed, “Oh yes!
Fuck, fuuuuck, do it!” I can feel all your fingers inside
me now. Make a fist. Churn my insides. Yes, fill MEEE!”

I bunched my fingers and fisted her tight anus, feeling
her so intimate warmth around my hand. She pushed back against
my fist and greedily took it into her poop shute.

My crushed hand slid in deeper, to my wrist, and she gyrated
wildly on all fours.

I could sense my fisted knuckles brush repeatedly brush
against her G-spot as she rotated her full hips. The sight
of her first anal fisting overwhelmed me and my eyes burned
in passion at the sight in front of me.

”Ohhhggg… again, I’m coming again, ” my multi-orgasmic
lover screamed.

“Fuuuuck, here I come… Yesssshhhh, Ohhhh, ” she screamed,
her ass clenched tightly around my fist. Feeling her orgasm
from the inside was shear delirium as her muscles convulsed
around my fist over and over. She shook for what seemed like
hours and her body uncontrollably lurched forward to the
bed, her balance momentarily lost in delirium. Grasping
her waist gently I eased her to the sheets, and gently swirled
my fingers from her grasping, wet ass. She shook relentlessly,
involuntarily, as the spasms wracked through her quaking

Eventually returning to consciousness she turned to me
and hugged me loosely and whispered, “Thank-you Jack,
Thank-you so much for fulfilling my fantasy.”

I smiled dreamily and at my gorgeous babe and whispered
back “You’re so welcome, my sexy babe. I love you.”

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great story thats been a fave of mine just wish that was me
getting it up the ass. having your prostate massaged is
just the greatest