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Nudist campground proved very interesting.


My wife and I had never done anything daring as a couple before
we began to discuss trying a nudist camp ground near our
home. Neither of us were very outgoing nor were we prudes
but something about it interested both of us. Maybe it was
just being in our early forties, we needed something new
and exciting to try.

Now you may also be asking yourself how in the world can there
be nudist in our climate which is on the cold side most of
the year. Heck, it’s actually only warm enough for swimming
in June, July and August. Obviously the campground was
not open year around so as summer approached we decided
to give it a try.

And as far as our bodies went, I don’t want to paint us as
body builders or center folds. My wife stands five foot
five, long legs, and rather small b cup breasts but has incredible
inviting hips. I was also average in height and weight and
had not developed a stomach like some of our male friends.

And being campers and lovers of the outdoors, being naked
seemed like a natural thing for us to try. Again I don’t
want to suggest we took our kids camping and got naked in
front of them. They were teenagers at the time, just going
through their body’s changes so nudity would not have
been something they would never have been ready to accept.
But as adults, Jennifer and I were.

So after we found a nude campground within an hour of our
home and I called to get some of our questions answered.
Jennifer had also found some articles on the subject. The
authors always claimed nudity had nothing to do with sex.
But as a healthy normal male I was fearful I might get an erection
if I saw a bunch of naked women around me.

As a couple our biggest issue was going to be, were we both
brave enough to try it once. Let’s face it taking off all
our clothing around strangers pretty much removes any
secrets you have. We talked about it and admitted it would
make us feel odd for others to see our reproductive organs.
But quite honestly I had more interest than concerns. Jennifer
struggled longer before she agreed to spend a weekend at the nude campground.

So as spring approached we picked a weekend and sent our
children to spend the weekend with their grandparents.
The weekend before we booked our camp site, we decided to
close all our blinds and live one day of our lives without
clothing. It seemed odd of course but kind of exciting.
When I woke up and looked over I saw she was already up and
remembered this was our nude day experiment and wondered
if Jennifer was truly naked in the kitchen.

I can’t say I felt comfortable climbing out of our bed
and stripped down to nothing but I did it. My dick swung back
and forth as I wandering into the kitchen for some coffee.
“Good morning sweet heart, ” Jennifer said blushing
at our table naked sipping her morning coffee. Just seeing
her sweet tits hanging on her chest immediately got my cock
to begin to swell. “Oh fuck. This is going to be a problem, ”
I said as she giggled.

And sure enough as I sat naked and we talked about normal
things my mind quit being occupied with her being naked
which helped my erection go down. “Tell me how you would
feel if other men saw you naked this summer?” I asked curious
to hear her response. Blushing, my wife paused before replying,
“I suppose I am going to feel funny at first. But if all
the other women were also naked, I could get use to it.”
My wife had always been rather conservative so her sudden
boldness was surprising.

“How would you feel having other men see me naked?”
she asked. I wanted to give an honest answer so I took my time.
“Not sure. I know I would not be jealous. Maybe proud because
you are my wife and I might like showing you off, ” I replied
causing her to grin from ear to ear.

“How would you feel about me seeing other naked women?”
I asked her next. Jennifer quickly replied that would not
be an issue for her since everyone would be in the same boat.
Before I left the table to shower I think my wife and I were
very close to giving it a try once the weather turned warm
in a few months. We spent the rest of the day, naked in our
house doing what we normally did and it did get easier but
never completely easy.

And the added bonus when we crawled into bed that night was
obvious when I reached for her and she melted in no time at
all. Seeing her body all day long was a challenge but I didn’t
want to turn it into something sexual until we were in bed.
So I spent my time watching her sweet ass wiggle when she
passed me or stared at her trimmed pussy which looked as
ripe as it could be all day long.

But once in bed, Jennifer was hot and gladly laid on her back
while I pulled her legs apart and moved my tongue onto her
love crack. Her juices were definitely flowing as she whimpered
from the start and never let up until she climaxed five minutes
later. I might add here, I truly did love my wife’s pussy
and savored how slippery and tight she was even after having
our two children. The woman was built for fucking.

And when it was her turn to return the favor, my wife gladly
stroked and sucked my hard cock as if she was addicted to
it. Once we had prepped our bodies for intercourse I laid
on my back and watched her straddle my shaft as it slipped
into her tight crack. “Fuck. You are really hard tonight, ”
she said once while working my shaft up into her womanhood.

But once we were locked together we both got so caught up
in the act we went after each other as if the world was about
to end and this was our last chance to be one. While laying
there letting her do all the work, I teased her and asked
her if she still wanted to be naked around other people.
My wife was perspiring quite heavily as she looked at me
and replied that if it made us this horny, she would do it
every day of her life.

I never saw her loose that much control and admired her need
to be lustful during our fuck. Eventually I rolled her onto
her back, squeezed my hard cock back into her tight pussy
and punished her for making me so hot all day long with her
body. When I began to spasm, Jennifer kept screaming for
me not to stop because she was close to cumming again herself.
Might add here my wife seldom if ever climaxed during intercourse
but that night she did.

. Spring turned into early summer when Jennifer asked me
one night in bed, if I was still interested in giving it a
try. “We could reserve a site and send the kids off to my
parents, ” she said softly lying next to me. I had to be
honest and explained I was very interested but also very
concerned about getting an erection. Snuggling tight
to me, my wife told me if that happened to me, we could sneak
back to our camper and make love to ease my stress.

Feeling both brave and stupid, I called and reserved a site
for the follow weekend. And while we drove pulling our camper,
I don’t think we spoke more than a few words as the tension
was too strong for both of us. “You ready?” I asked as
we pulled up to the locked gate at the entrance to the campground
and waited almost holding our breath. “I hope so, ”
she replied as she giggled as a way of hiding her nervousness.

We registered at the office just inside the gate, got a map
of the campground as well as directions to our site and off
we went on our crazy adventure. “Oh my goodness, “my
wife said as we pulled our camper past the pool area and saw
a crowd of naked people for the first time. Feeling it was
time for a little humor I joked back to her, “Honey. They’re
all going to see your sweet pussy in an hour.”

And even though we were both nervous it was also exciting
as we found our site and got our camper set up. We had remained
dressed until it reached the time we had to test our true
grit. I didn’t’ say anything as I pulled my shirt over
my head and slipped out of my shorts. I swear Jennifer could
hear my heart pounding in my chest as I took off my boxers
and stood naked in front of her. Inside my thoughts I also
realized I was going to walk outside in front of every woman
who was there uncovered for them to see.

My wife was even more nervous as she was going slower and
still had her bra and panties on once I was nude. “This
is a little harder than I imagined, ” she said softly
as she unhooked her bra. And once her panties were gone I
could see her pussy swollen and very juicy. She followed
me outside into the bright sunshine as we paused together
both naked looking around hoping no one was walking by just
yet. It was a very intimidating moment when you realize
anyone who walks by is going to see us naked.

Jennifer grabbed us some towels as we began to walk towards
the pool area and closer to the sounds of other people. We
were not talking because we were both too busy looking at
a few other naked people along the way. I can safely say it
was the oddest thing I had ever done. But at least I did not
get an erection as we made our way to the pool area where the
real crowd was.

A few men looked at my wife’s tits and pussy but made no
big deal of it since every woman was naked. I looked at a bunch
of naked women at the same time. Most were not stunning although
a few of the women certainly caught my attention. We quickly
found two lounge chairs, spread out our towels and laid
down as if we would be invisible lying on our backs. “This
is very different, ” Jennifer said as we laughed while
staring at all the naked people around us.

I found it interesting that I was not erect yet my wife’s
nipples were. Clearly she was being affected by looking
at so many cocks around her. And after ten minutes or so looking
at big boobs, small boobs, long cocks and short ones I felt
kind of numb to everything. We were busy staring at everyone
else when a voice broke our silence. “Hi, my name is Bob, ”
a man said who took the lounge chair next to my wife’s.
Sitting up I shook his hand while reaching across Jennifer
to do so. His hand met mine inches above her bare breasts.
Jennifer didn’t say anything to Bob at first because
she told me later she watched him looking at her tits and
trimmed pussy.

“Sorry. I am nervous. My name is Jennifer, ” my wife
finally said while shaking his hand as well. “First time
here?” he asked as my wife told him he had guessed that
right. After the introductions we laid back down to soak
up the sun with Bob next to Jennifer. And when Jennifer went
to the bathroom, Bob leaned over and told me I had a very attractive
wife. I didn’t know how to take his comments but thanked
him anyway.

What was most interesting was the way he stared at her while
she walked back to her chair. Her small perky tits bounced
on her chest and I noticed her pussy was still swollen and
puffy which I am sure Bob also noticed. But being at a nude
camp ground was what we wanted to try so I didn’t feel offended
or upset that Bob was watching Jennifer and enjoying her
body. She also stared at his sizeable manhood several times
while they laid next to each other and chatted.

As the afternoon wore on, Jennifer and I got more relaxed
and enjoyed the pool while chatting with other people.
I told my wife later it was a challenge to chat with women
while their breasts pointed at me but I did not embarrass
myself even if I did peak more than I should have. Jennifer
told me later she got use to men staring at her breasts and
in fact it became rather fun for her to be exposed.

I may not have gotten an erection but I was definitely horny
by the time our first nude afternoon in the pool grew to an
end. On our walk back Jennifer was like a new person who was
having the time of her life. My wife loved being nude way
more than I did although I am not suggesting it was not fun
for me. And the two nights we spent in our camper after being
around naked people all day long was the spark we hoped for.

Once inside the camper I could not hold back and pulled my
wife into my arms as her bare breasts crushed against my
chest. Our lips met and within a minute I had her on her back
licking her sweet honey. I could tell right away she was
ripe and in need of a good long hard fuck as much as I was. She
was literally panting when I pushed my fat cock into her
slippery hole.

“Oh fuck honey. I am so horny, ” she mumbled as I began
to pump into her hard from the very start. “I need to cum
real bad, ” I said back to her as she held on for dear life.
And at the peak of my crest, Jennifer bucked her hips upward
matching my thrusts perfectly as the pressure grew too
intense. The release of my cum shot out into her warmth as
she whimpered through the ordeal.

The weekend passed too quickly as Sunday rolled around
before we had to pack up, get dressed and head back to our
home and everyday life. “That was wonderful, ” Jennifer
said as we drove home. “Would you do that again?” she
asked hoping I would say yes. I told her I would think about
it and most likely would try it again.

My wife grew unusually quiet as I drove wondering what was
on her mind. After ten minutes of silence I asked her what
she was thinking so seriously about. She hesitated as I
grew a bit concerned. “Yesterday when you went back to
the camper and I stayed at the pool, ” she said softly.
“Yes I remember, ” I replied curious to what she was
going to tell me. “Well Bob sat by me and we began to chat.
I mean it was nothing important until he asked me if we were
the kind of couple who was adventurous, ” she said even

“Bob hit on you?” I said laughing at Jennifer’s obvious
embarrassment. “Yes I think so, ” she replied. I realized
from the start that Bob was a player even if sex was not supposed
to be part of the nude lifestyle. He had seen my wife’s
tits and pussy and obviously wanted to take advantage of
her charms if he was given the chance.

“Do you like him enough to, ” I said as she gasped for
air next to me. “To do what?” she asked holding on every
word I said. “You know. Have sex with him. He clearly is
interested in you and he certainly has a big cock, ” I
stated to her as bluntly as I could. “No I would never do
that, ” she said as the subject was dropped. I was not
sure how I felt about the idea myself but it did cause me to
think and oddly enough parts of it did excite me for reasons
I can’t explain.

Jennifer and I returned to our lives and children and a month
passed without the subject of the nude camp ground coming
back up. But as early August approached I asked her if she
should go back one more time. Jennifer said she would love
to but she also said she was afraid of the Bob issue. “I’ll
book us one more weekend. And as far as Bob is concerned,
let’s just play it by ear, ” I explained. It was an entertaining
idea but I was not really sure I would ever want that to happen.
Yet as a fantasy inside my head, it made me hard.

I had seen the two sides of my wife during our first nude camping
trip. How she started out this shy conservative woman and
the other was how comfortable and carefree she acted at
the nude campground. When naked, my wife was clearly more
outgoing, exciting and full of life. I sensed it was a surprise
to her as well as me and even though I found it fun, she found
it even more fun.

Our second trip was easier since we both knew what to expect
although our camp site was quite a ways farther from the
pool. But we got set up and stripped before taking the long
walk back to the pool where everyone gathered during the
day. I saw some familiar faces as well as some new ones when
we arrived and found two chairs. I can’t say I was more
comfortable with my dick exposed but it was easier for me.
On our second weekend there the women were definitely better
looking as I checked out many who had bodies as good as my
wife’s. Unfortunately Bob was nowhere to be found which
probably relieved my wife.

“I don’t see him, ” she whispered to me as soon as
she laid back to soak up the sun. Playing dumb I said, “Who”?
Jennifer looked at me with her nipples already hard and
gave me one of her famous looks. It turned out to be an extremely
hot afternoon as I spent more time in the pool than ever.
It was late afternoon when I climbed out to go back next to
my wife when I saw Bob sitting next to her chatting as if he
was an old friend. Jennifer was laughing and appeared to
be having a good time. Of course I couldn’t hear what they
were saying but clearly my wife was comfortable being naked
next to him again.

I stayed back out of her sight and watched the two of them
as it was obvious Bob had eyes for my wife. Her perky tits
jiggled as she laughed sitting next to him and he never took
his eyes off of them. I watched and remembered he looked
big but the second time he looked even bigger than I remembered.
After ten minutes of being out of the pool I walked back up
to her and sat down after saying hi to Bob.

We found out he was single and spent every weekend at the
camp site until it closed for the winter. We also found out
he was divorced, three kids and seemed quite well educated.
I would go so far as to say I believe Bob could be a friend of
ours back home.

At one point I joked to Bob telling him he makes my wife’s
nipple hard every time she is around him. Jennifer blushed
lying between us with her puffy pussy trimmed neatly for
the weekend. Bob laughed and asked, “Is that a good thing
or a bad thing?” “I don’t know yet. Maybe it is both, ”
I replied as he smiled while my wife remained silent.

As Jennifer and I walked back to our camper to make some dinner,
I reached out and held her hand while we strolled. “Are
you still saying no as far as Bob is concerned?” I asked.
My wife turned her head and nodded yes but added that she
did have a good time chatting with him anyway.

Of course when we fucked that night it was even more intense
as the subject of sharing her with Bob was on both our minds.
Jennifer climaxed three times which was also a record for
her telling me her hormones were very strong and maybe her
will power might be weakening. But I was not going to force
her to do something she might regret.

So when we woke up the next morning we sat outside the camper
and chatted with each other and people who passed by on their
way to the pool area. Being naked changed both of us as it
felt relaxing, exciting and a bit more tantalizing the
longer we stayed in the camp ground. “Why don’t you
go to the pool alone. I will join you later, ” I said to
her as she grabbed her towel, kissed me and waved good bye
as her cute ass wiggled out of sight.

Jennifer told me later that she was curious to see Bob again
and spend more time with him. I hung around the camper for
another hour before heading up wondering what she was doing
and if her and Bob were together again. I found them on chairs
near the pool so I greeted them, and jumped in the water to
cool off. Seconds later my wife jumped in to join me as we
swam to the other end. “He invited us to his camper tonight.
What do you think?” she said as we embraced in the cool

“I know this was not what we discussed when we decided
to try being nudist. But I think we should follow our instincts
and accept, ” I said as Jennifer hung inches from me in
the water. My wife’s eyes never looked so glazed over
as she swam back to talk with Bob and tell him we would be his
guests for a cook out at his camper.

And as it turned out, Bob had a full motor home with every
luxury you could imagine as we quickly discovered. He invited
us inside where the air condition cooled the muggy air as
my wife complemented him over and over. Jennifer was still
nude but had a sheer wrap around her waist as she looked around
his place while Bob and I tended to the grill outside.

“She’s a beautiful woman, ” he said. I thanked him
and looked at his long cock hanging between his legs wondering
if I was indeed willing to share her with him. I had not made
up my mind nor did it appear Jennifer had either We enjoyed
a wonderful two hours of conservation, good food and great
wine as if we were old friends. It was a completely nonsexual
thing except for the fact we were all naked.

My wife’s nipples remained swollen as I glanced from
time to time to gauge her response being next to him. Bob
was a complete gentleman and made no moves or make any crude
remarks in our presence. Yet I think all three of us were
thinking the same thing but were not brave enough to talk
about it. The sun had set by then as we sat on the patio he had
built on his site.

“We should get going, ” my wife said around ten after
drinking more wine than she normally drank. “Are you
sure?” I asked as she looked at me completely lost for
words. Bob remained silent sensing this was an issue my
wife and I needed to decide for ourselves. “I am not sure
about anything right now, ” she replied.

“The bugs are getting kind of thick. If you two want, we
can go back inside, ” Bob said as he stood up and opened
the door. “Let’s join Bob, ” I whispered to her after
kissing her gently on the lips. My wife knew what that meant
if she said yes and hesitated for just a few more seconds
trying to figure out what she wanted to truly do.

Looking into my eyes I saw a fire and terror gripping her.
“Ok, as long as you’re ok with it too, ” she said to
me as she turned and walked inside with me in tow. Once I closed
the door I stood back as my wife approached Bob with a familiar
sway in her hips. He smiled at her before he carefully pulled
her into his arms as they shared their first tender kiss.
And yes it is very odd to watch the woman you love embracing
another man. But the heat the two of them were creating while
they kissed as affecting me as my dick began to swell.

His arms were around her as I watched her small tits crushed
against his chest the longer they lingered in each other’s
arms. She didn’t back up yet she didn’t move forward
completely until a point when her hormones took control.
I might also add that watching my wife with another man is
not exactly what I expected to see. I was witnessing her
passion and lust which I had always only felt but never saw
from a distance. Bob’s cock was getting hard quickly
as it slipped between her legs as they embraced even more.

“You feel wonderful, ” he told her once between their
kisses. His fat cock was sliding over her wet slippery lips
as her juices began to really flow hard. “You do too, ”
she whispered back to him as he pulled back and invited her
into his bedroom in the back of the motor home. My wife turned
once back to me and all I did was smile not knowing what else
to do or say.

She took his hand and walked with him down the narrow hall
into his bedroom before climbing onto the bed next to him.
My mind was in a meltdown as I waited up front not sure if could
really handle watching her with him on the bed. It was not
that I had second thoughts about her doing this, but more
from the point of view, I was not sure I wanted to see her loose
all control which I knew would happen.

But not watching her was worse than watching her so I walked
down the hall after a few minutes. Standing in the doorway
I saw Bob caressing my wife, playing with her breasts and
then sliding a free hand between her legs which she kept
together. And now that his cock was erect I saw just how big
he truly was and gasped at the thought of it stretching her
open when she was ready to let him inside.

Jennifer moaned a great deal as they continued kissing
and continued touching each other’s bodies for the first
time. Her dark trimmed pussy hair was becoming matted from
her juices the longer she kept her legs tight together.
Still Bob kept trying to force his fingers between them
until she finally gave up and spread them just enough to
offer him access to her womanhood.

He nibbled on her neck as she laid whimpering on the bed falling
off the cliff faster and faster. Soon his mouth suckled
her swollen nipples as my wife responded by arching her
back offering them to him. She was indeed in some sort of
sexual trance as her needs were too strong to deny. It appeared even truer when he slid down the bed and began
to lick her sensitive pussy.

“Oh that feels so good, ” she told him as I watched the
stress within her intensify even more. Her entire body
began to twist and turn as she appeared to be fighting her
needs the closer she got to cumming. “Don’t stop. Please
don’t stop, ” she muttered to him as Bob continued
tasting her juices as if he was lapping up honey from a bee

My dick was painfully hard as I was mesmerized by their show
a few feet from me. “I’m going to cum, ” she blurted
out right before I heard the air leave her lungs as she crashed
into her orgasm going full steam. But Bob was not close to
being finished with her and forced a second orgasm within
a minute of the first. By then my wife had no clue where she
was or who she was with.

My eyes watered as she laid quivering on his bed ready for
the fucking of her life from Bob’s big hard cock. I remained
silent watching his balls hanging in his hairy sack as he
climbed on top of her. Leaning down I saw the round head of
his shaft press against her pink lips and disappear into
her. “Oh my, ” she said once as she felt the width of
his thick cock entering her.

Bob pushed a little deeper causing my wife to beg him, “Bob.
Please go slowly. I might tear.” Bob did not push more
into her and let her adjust for a moment before he continued
to penetrate her even deeper. My wife’s legs came up as
she cleared him a path to her womanhood. “Holy fuck”
she said once as his shaft pushed all the way inside of her.
I stared at them as his sack flattened out against her ass
and I knew he hit a home run.

And then the fantasy was over and reality set in as he began
to fuck my wife slowly at first in front of me. She kept responding
to him if she knew he was in charge and had to help him as much
as she could. “Oh fuck. You are big, ” she kept repeating
as I stood with an aching cock unable to do anything but watch
them screwing on the bed.

But the longer he remained inside of her the more relaxed
she became and more comfortable feeling him inside of her
tight pussy. I watched intensely as her pink lips were stretched
wide and gripped around his shaft each time he thrusted
in and out of her. And yes she was going out of her mind and
was saying things to him I would not have tolerated but was
now forced to listen to. Things like how wonderful he was
and what a good lover he was, etc.

But I expected my wife might get so caught up in the act, she
would not be able to hold back. So all I could do was stand
in the doorway and watch his ass rise up and slam back down
into her jarring her harder each time. The breeding process
is not romantic if you’re not participating in it. He
was fucking her hard and she was into it 100%, if not more.

“I’m going to fuck you even harder, ” he said to her
once as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for
dear life. And that was truly the only time during the whole
thing that I became concerned for her safety. Surprisingly
she didn’t object and in fact began to keep up with him
as his cock began to punish her warm pussy.

Bob crushed her under him and continued fucking her until
I saw his legs tense up and deep chest sounds coming from
him as he concentrated on pumping her full of cum. “I need
to cum right now, ” he told her once at the peak of their
frenzied connection. My wife laid there and began to feel
him spamming inside of her womb as I began to see a white thick
river of cum running down the crack of her ass. He groaned,
she whimpered and the two of them finished their bond in
front of me.

I had jacked off way before he had cum and was holding a bunch
of tissues in my hand when they both finally began to calm
down. Bob kissed her one last kiss before climbing off of
her and handing her some tissues before his entire load
leaked from her. Jennifer looked up at me with a lost expression
in her eyes. Her pussy was a mess as was her mind from the disoriented
expression she had.

She did not look me in the eyes for sometime as she asked Bob
“Can I use your shower”? Bob patted me on my back as we
walked to the front of the motor home. “You have a special
wife, ” Bob told me as his long shaft remained semi hard
dangling in front of me. I didn’t know what to say other
than thank you although inside I felt used. I did not blame
Bob because it was Jennifer and I who agreed to the act but
still the reality was I had given her to him for pleasure
and it suddenly didn’t seem right any longer.

Jennifer showered quickly as his cum ran out of her for some
time. I finally heard the shower stop and she appeared in
the doorway looking somewhat normal but still like a freshly
fucked woman. “See you two at the pool tomorrow?” Bob
asked before we left to head back to our camper. Jennifer
and I both thanked him for the meal and wonderful time before
we said we needed to talk more and decide if we were going
to stay the rest of the weekend or head home.

My wife took my hand and walked silently next to me. “Do
you hate me?” she asked along the way. We had just done
something neither of us thought we would ever do. We both
had some guilt and embarrassment. “I love you even more, ”
she said to me as we climbed into our shabby camper. I held
my wife in my arms and kissed her which helped me a feel like
her husband again and the man she truly loved.

Once on our own bed, the passion exploded between us as we
searched for a way to rebind ourselves as husband and wife.
Jennifer was obviously stretched but wanted my cock inside
of her even more than she had wanted his. And even though
I had jacked off watching her being fucked, I came even harder
the second time with her pussy around me.

With the morning sun, came a new outlook on the entire situation.
We sat around and discussed it for a few hours and came to
the conclusion it was more fun than it was bad. We agreed
that Bob had most likely fucked a lot of the women so we were
not stupid for letting him be with Jennifer. “Are you
jealous because you were not with another woman?” she
asked me seriously. “Yes and no. I mean I enjoyed watching
you with Bob a lot. But another woman would also be exciting
too, ” I said as honestly as I could.

We decided to stay and see if I could find a partner for me
which was going to be a lot harder than finding one for my
wife. It never happened but Jennifer and I spent the day
trying and yes we did chat with Bob but turned down his invitation
to visit him again. We left the weekend with a whole new understanding
about ourselves and our marriage. In fact in the ride home
she suggested we try find a couple we might both like. The
nude campground had opened our eyes to the possibilities
that even happily married people can add others on occasion
and not damage their relationship in the process.

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It amazes me how every bloke in these type of stories have
big fucking dicks, and in a nudist colony you could not find
any body to fuck....pleaseeee!


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I think that you did a good job of expressing both a sense
of adventure and also the trepidation that would be normal
in a first encounter.

Please continue writing. The quality is much better than
many of the stories here.


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Since I have been in Bob's shoes a number of times with
the husband watching it is a believable story. But I do have
to also laugh about the big cock thing. Women have told me
they are far more interested in a "Hard" cock
than a "big" cock. A long tongue on the other


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Well I thought it was a wonderful story. Big depends on what
she was use to at home.


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Great story, absolutely fantastically writin. You capture
the true feelings of the two of u before, during an after
the act. I was there once also and it was vey much the same
feellings as u expressed, as far a s the big cock goes so what
it was hard and it worked.


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I have often thought about trying out a nudist camp, and
I have a girlfriend that really wants to try it. Reading
this story was interesting because we have talked about
whether or not sex is a byproduct of frequenting nudist
camps. I certainly enjoyed reading about this situation,
whether it is accurate or not.


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Definitely a good story (better than most) and it is well
written, I wished you had gone into more detail while they
were together. Please keep sharing with us, Thanks!!


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A great story, got me really hard, please write more your
writing is excellent


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I just love the way you write. Your stories are such a turn
on! Please keep them coming!


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"on-da money." I play conga drums and attend
an camp site(drum&barn-fire) in PALM BEACH , and its
wonderful how well nudes treat people .maybe I"ll
try to convince my wife to give it an try (stay a cpl of days)great
story, more pls......


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Story relates the true emotional roller coaster a nudist
camp must fire-up in us. I never had the pleasure of this
adventure due to my wifes' hard stand against it. Too many years have gone by now unfortunately. This was a great story though. Any follow up???


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Good story. Well written. Thanks


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