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Night watchman


Night Watchman

By: Thesandman

The only good thing about my job that I actually enjoyed
was the sexy looking brunette who sometimes worked late
at night back in the corner office. I knew her only by her
name, and only then because of the fancy nameplate attached
to her office door. “Janette Peters”, it read.

I’d been a security, ‘Night Watchman’ at this particular
advertising agency for nearly a year now. It was a piece
of cake job basically. All I had to do was monitor a few TV
cameras of the lobby, corridors as well as the elevators.
None of the offices had security camera’s installed, which
would have made for some interesting eve’s droppings according
to some of the stories I’d heard from my fellow security
co-workers. They’d shared stories of things they said
they’d either seen, or had heard about themselves of some
intimate goings on between a few of the employee’s. Truth
was, in the year I’d been working there, I hadn’t seen anything
of particular interest aside from one of the cleaning people
who I had caught on camera masturbating into a trashcan.
But even that had been less than exciting to watch, getting
the poor fellow fired for it afterwards.

The fact that I worked the evening shift when the offices
were closed perhaps had something to do with any lack of
real excitement on my shift. It was rare that anyone was
there with the exception of one or two really dedicated
employee’s that sometimes stayed a little later on in the
evening after regular business hours. But like I said,
Janette Peters was one of those. And as attractive a woman
as she was, I always enjoyed watching her whenever she was
out and about from her office in the late evening.

One night after the cleaning people had finished up for
the night, I made my rounds ensuring that all the offices
were locked up and secured. I knew that Janette Peters was
still there. I’d never actually met her face to face or spoken
to her of course. I had in fact no clue if she was married or
single for that matter. About all I knew for sure was that
she had the longest damn legs I’d ever seen on a woman, which
she enjoyed displaying, demurely I might add, beneath
semi-short business skirts. I often wondered how they’d
really look if she’d ever been daring enough to wear a really
short mini-skirt. Added to those incredible legs was a
rather impressive bust-line. Not that she was overly large
in the tits department. But she certainly had a more than
ample chest, by the outfits she wore, and one in which she
used to advantage in her position by the looks of things.

I had just rounded the corner near the restrooms just down
from her office when we collided. She was just coming out
from the bathroom, having obviously changed clothing
from her business attire into something a little more formal,
and far sexier than anything I’d seen her wearing up until
this point. Obviously, she had a date, deciding to change
clothes at the office rather than going home first. I assumed
from that, that her date was planning on picking her up from
work, which I later learned, he was. “Oh God! I’m sorry!” I exclaimed as we collided.

And it hadn’t been just a brush-by either. Turning the corner
on a fairly brisk walk, she was in just as big a hurry heading
back towards her office when we literally ran into one another.
There’d been no way to avoid the collision, and as we did,
I felt those firm twin peaks of hers mash themselves against
my chest, as well as one hand as I’d barely gotten it up in
a purely reflexive action. Just in time to feel it press
fully against her braless breast. I’d expected some sort
of tirade from her. Which I’d found over the years was something
to expect from most executive types, as they tended to look
down on the blue-collar classes as something to be merely
tolerated. I was surprised when she smiled at me instead.

“No. It was totally my fault, ” she said in the sexiest,
softest voice I’d ever heard. “I wasn’t watching where
I was going.”

I could tell from the blush in her cheeks that she knew as
well as I did that I’d felt her full breasts, though quite
by accident, never the less, fully, as though I had purposely
reached out to caress them.

As she stepped back to distance herself from me, I couldn’t
help but take in her evening attire. She was wearing a black
formal evening gown, with a deep ‘V’ neckline, showing
off a considerable amount of cleavage, which was one of
the reasons I’d gotten a pretty good feel of the softness
of those breasts even if it had been quick and accidental.

Obviously, by the design and cut of the gown, there was no
way she could have worn a bra with it. And I also had my suspicions
about the rest of the dress too as it clung to her in a form
fitting way that highlighted the obvious curves of her

In that brief moment that we stepped back and away from one
another, while I was still staring at her boobs, she must
have been looking at my name badge, “Craig Jensen”, as she
now called me by my first time, drawing my attention away
from her gorgeous tits, back to her eyes.

“Craig is it?” she asked.

I wasn’t too surprised at the informal address, especially
under the circumstances. But I answered her more formally.

“Yes mam?”

“I’m expecting someone at any moment. He should be pulling
up in a limousine out front. When he does, would you mind
calling my office and letting me know that he’s here?”

“Yes mam.” I responded again.

She gave me the phone number to her office, and repeated
it to me. “I should be leaving shortly, ” she said afterwards.
“But there is also a good chance that we…that I may be returning
later on this evening, ” she amended.

This time I simply nodded my head in acknowledgment. She
had her own master key of course, as well as a coded security
access that would allow her into the building at whatever
time she wished. The thought of that, I found to be intriguing
however, wondering why she of all people would give any
thought to returning here to these offices late at night.
Especially after a date, if in deed that’s what this was.
As though reading my mind, she offered an explanation prior
to continuing on down the hall to her office.

“I’m attending a clients cocktail party. I may return here
later to finish up some work if it gets too boring to stay.”

I smiled, still not speaking as she passed. But I took a quick
opportunity to glance very briefly back down that deep
‘V’ in her dress as she did.

“Nice tits.” I thought silently to myself smiling. Something
I’d never be lucky enough to ever see of course, though I
doubted her escort, whoever he might be, would have much
difficulty in doing.

Ten minutes later her limo arrived. Dutifully, I called
her office number and informed her that her escort was here.
Watching from my monitor, I saw her approach the limo where
a tall good looking guy met her wearing a black tie and dinner
jacket. She leaned over to accept a perfunctory kiss “hello”,
then I watched as she slid into the back seat of the car, giving
me a quick brief glimpse of those equally luscious legs
of hers.

I don’t know why I did what I did next. If I had gotten caught,
it would have meant not only my job, but very possibly my
marriage. Having been in the security profession for years,
I had interest, as well as access to all sorts of electronic
surveillance devices. Many of which were tiny little wireless
cameras that could be operated remotely, secretly positioned
most anywhere without fear of detection. As it was, I happened
to have several of these types of cameras sequestered away
in the trunk of my car. Although the risk I was taking was
slight, it never the less, got the adrenalin flowing as
I dashed outside to my car, then back upstairs to the executive
floor where Janette’s office was located.

Having a master key to all the offices had its advantages.
And I had been inside her office once before to turn out some
lights that the cleaning service had left on. Though I hadn’t
considered it at the time, subconsciously perhaps, I’d
noted the d├ęcor of her office as well as the ceiling tiles.
The camera I’d selected would be perfect for observation
from where I positioned it. A slim tiny little eye that would
fit perfectly inside one of the many thousands of acoustic
holes located within the ceiling tiles.

Once I was satisfied with it’s placement, and had checked
out the view on the hand-held monitor that I had to see things
with, I retreated back to my normal workstation. The odds
of anything actually happening were remote. But it did
give me a tiny erotic thrill to actually fantasize about
the possibilities.

As I sat reading a book, occasionally glancing at all the
monitors, the appearance of headlights pulling into the
parking lot alerted me to the fact that someone was pulling
up in front of the building. It was the limousine! I knew
that Janette knew I would be able to see her for the most part.
I was already triggering the security access so she could
open the main door without entering the code herself when
she approached, looking up directly into the overhead
camera, and smiling! Though she still had to use her key,
she did so quickly, opening the door as she and her date stepped
inside into the lobby area. They passed from view momentarily
into one of the elevators, headed up stairs towards her
office. What I believe neither Janette, nor most anyone
else knew, was that camera’s had been installed in all of
the elevators a few month’s earlier for security purposes,
hidden in such a way that no one except for a selected few
even knew they were there. The moment they entered the elevator,
I saw them on my security screen, smiling slyly to myself
as the two of them embraced momentarily as the elevator
began its slow ascent to the upper level floor.

With no clue that I was still able to observe the two of them,
I watched as the guy she was with, cupped her breasts with
both hands, fondling them through the material of her evening
gown. As he did, he nuzzled her neck, biting her playfully.
Janette threw her head back, laughing from the looks of
it. I only wished there was audio to go along with the video
of the camera’s. But the firm hadn’t wanted to take their
internal security quite that far. Luckily, the one I had
placed inside her office did. Though I was concerned that
the distance from where it was positioned to where they
might be inside the office would make hearing anything
just as difficult as not having that ability anyway.

Once again I grinned as the elevator reached her floor.
I watched as Janette pushed the guy she was with back a little,
composing herself, ensuring that nothing was ‘out of place’
as it were, just as the elevator doors opened. As there was
a very ‘obvious’ camera located at the end of the hallway,
I saw Janette look up towards it as they approached, still
smiling as she fumbled momentarily with the keys to her
office before stepping inside, closing it.

The sound of the door locking, clicking shut informed me
that my camera was operating perfectly as they entered
inside. Turning from the company’s monitors, I now turned
towards the much smaller one I held in my hand. Operating
the small mouse located on the device, I redirected the
eye of the camera to slowly rotate until I had them in view,
and then zoomed in getting a much better close up of the two
of them.

Standing just inside her door, I watched as the guy Janette
was with peeled off the straps to her dress until it fell
well below her breasts. Admittedly I gasped as those luscious
twin beauties came into view. They were nearly perfect.
Not so perfect as to appear as though she’d had implants,
but nearly so, as they stood firm and inviting, not only
to his gaze, but to mine was well. I watched as he leaned over,
capturing one within his hand and began tweaking her extended
nipple with his fingers. The other, he drew within his lips,
sucking it urgently.

“Oh Roger!” Janette squealed in obvious delight. “I’ve
been wanting you to do that all evening long!” she told him.
“I couldn’t wait to get out of there!”

“Rodger the dodger” as I now mentally nicknamed him, continued
playing with those tits I was dying to touch myself. Finally
releasing them, he began removing his dinner jacket as
well as his black tie.

“We don’t have a lot of time, ” he told Janette.

I saw a small frown cross her face when he told her that. “I
promised my wife that this cocktail party wouldn’t run
all that late, especially on a work night.”

She frowned even more deeply, actually lifting her dress
back up to once again conceal her breasts.

“Maybe we should do this another time…when we actually
have more time to enjoy it!” she said with an obvious pout
to her tone of voice.

By this time however, Rodger was already half out of his
own clothing having already unbuttoned his shirt as well
as his slacks. I sat there watching as he slipped a hand inside
his boxer shorts, suddenly producing a very angry, stiff
looking erection, which he exposed, waving it in front
of her like some sort of writhing snake. Janette actually
seemed mesmerized by it as she stood there looking down
at his prick while he stood there stroking himself for her.

“Just say the word baby, and I’ll tuck it away.”

With mixed emotions, I was glad when she didn’t. Instead,
she reached out, placing her small tiny hand about it’s
girth, squeezing it, and eliciting a rather wicked looking
grin from his face along with a slow, deep-throated groan
of obvious pleasure.

“Oh fuck! Your hand feels good baby. And so will that mouth
of yours!” he added a second later. “How about you suck it
a little for me?”

Janette didn’t even hesitate. Still half in and half out
of her dress, she dropped down to her knees in front of him,
drawing his hard cock between her lips as she began to orally
make love to it. Just watching her doing that, I felt my cock
stiffen, throbbing with obvious excitement and arousal,
wishing it was my prick she was sucking and not ‘The Dodgers’.

After several tormenting minutes of watching this, Roger
finally drew Janette up back onto her feet. Helping her
to slip off the rest of her dress, I discovered immediately
that I had been correct earlier. Janette was completely
nude beneath the gown she’d been wearing.

Even more surprising however, was the discovery that she’d
completely shaven her pussy. It was totally bare without
a hint of pubic hair. Zooming in with my camera, it was as
though I was down on my knees looking at it myself. Her lips
were slightly puffy and swollen with obvious excitement.
Roger was busy struggling out of the rest of his clothing,
which gave me ample time to trace the lens of the camera up
Janette’s torso until it rested perfectly upon her breasts.
Her dark nipples were puckered with excitement, her buds
firm, hard and inviting. I could almost imagine myself
licking them from where I sat as close as they appeared to

“Lets move over to the couch, ” she told him once he’d finished

Janette had a large comfortable looking couch sitting
against one wall of her office. Both naked now, they moved
towards it where Janette lay down, Roger quickly positioning
himself between her obscenely spread legs. I watched as
he placed the angry looking head of his prick against the
opening of her cunt, and shoved. There was a brief grimace
of surprise etched within her face as Rogers prick entered
her, but it soon turned to one of welcomed pleasure as he
began stroking inside that wet velveteen passage.

Taking a quick cursory look at the bank of security monitors,
I ensured myself that nothing else was happening or about
to interrupt my unplanned voyeuristic viewing. More importantly,
I wanted to take my cock out and begin playing with it. Unzipping
my pants, I quickly fished my prick out which was as hard
as it had ever been. Already pearly pre-cum “fuck juice”
as my wife called it, was leaking out of the tip of my penis
in excited expectation of my enjoyments.

“Oh yes Roger, fuck me! Fuck me!” I heard Janette calling
out to him as he continued to pummel his prick in and out of
that hot looking twat.

“You like this huh bitch?” he leered above her.

Obviously, Janette seemed to like this ‘take charge’ almost
dominant, verbal abuse he was throwing out at her. The harder
and faster he slammed into her, the more she seemed to be
getting off on his vocal assertions.

“Rub your tits!” he commanded. “Pull on them you fucking
cunt! Play with them you horny bitch!”

Janette complied; tugging on her tits, twisting her nipples
as he asked…rather demanded that she do. By the look on her
face, she was close to orgasm, but then so was he. I wondered
briefly if he would even bother to ensure her pleasure before
reaching his own, but the matter was settled within the
next moment as Janette cried out in obvious climatic bliss.
Seconds after that, Roger withdrew his prick which was
already discharging copious amounts of cream which he
began aiming, spraying against her tits and face as he knelt
there above her on the couch. Janette seemed to revel in
the sensation however, drawing her hands up, not to ward
off the sticky explosions, but to begin playing in them
as they continued to land upon her exposed flesh.

Drenched, covered in slimy pools of his rich nectar, Janette
lay beneath him a moment longer, finally satiated, once
again taking charge.

“Get up, ” she told him. “I need to clean up and get going, ”
she said simply. “And you need to get out of here before your
wife starts to wonder where the hell you are.”

That reminder seemed to trigger his memory as he quickly
did exactly as she asked. As Roger the dodger began dressing,
Janette sat up, though not immediately making any attempt
to dress or cover her nude form. I assumed as I sat there that
she would finish doing so in the rest room, and wondered
briefly how she’d accomplish that without ruining her
dress by putting it back on.

Though my nuts were tight, swollen and screaming for release,
I refrained from relieving myself, now curious if this
wondrous episode was really over. I decided to wait and
see what Janette would do first before either tucking myself
away for pleasure later on, or finishing what I’d begun
in hopeful expectation.

As I followed Roger on the one hand out of the building, releasing
the front door locks electronically as he pressed the buzzer
at the door just before exiting. I had kept the other eye
on the private monitor I’d been using to watch Janette in
her office with. As she had a small sink with which to wash
up, she did so. Removing whatever traces of his spunk, which
had remained, not absorbed into her skin before once again
putting on her evening dress.

Deciding then that the show really was over, I tucked my
still hard cock away inside my pants for self-pleasuring
while recalling everything I had just witnessed for replay

Following Janette as she left her office for the bathroom,
I assumed correctly once again that she’d gone in to change
before finally heading home. When she reemerged, she had
indeed changed, but not into the working attire I had seen
her in earlier, but into a much more casual sweat suit that
she obviously had on hand for just such an occasion.

I had already made up my mind to head down the hallway, meeting
her in the lobby area and thus escorting her to the exit door,
which would also give me the brief opportunity to once again
chat with her, even if only for a moment, when from the corner
of my eye, I thought I saw movement in one of the outside monitors.
Frozen in place, I continued to scan the screen, wondering
initially if my eyes had been playing tricks on me. Unfortunately,
Janette was already exiting the elevator and I would now
have to sprint down the hallway to meet her.

“There!” I said staring into the screen. Janette’s sleek black BMW was the only car besides my own
beat up Chevy Malibu sitting in the parking lot. A hedgerow
sat behind it however, even though it was parked fairly
close to the front of the building. As I stood there staring
at the monitor, I again saw movement, realizing in that
fraction of an instant that someone was in fact laying in
wait just behind the front of her car.

“Holy shit! Janette!” I called out. And now I did run. But
Janette had already exited the building, heading towards
her car, completely unaware of the danger that awaited

Armed only with handcuffs, as there had never been a need
for any of our security to wear side arms, I dashed from the
control room, sprinting down the hallway as fast as my legs
would carry me. It was useless to try calling out to her as
Janette was already well out of the building at this point.
I only hoped that whoever it was that was lying in ambush,
waiting for her wasn’t armed with a gun. If they were, chances
were that neither one of us would stand a chance.

I knew it was useless to try and over take her. She’d reach
her car long before I could get there to do anything. My only
chance was to sprint across the back of the parking lot,
coming up on her assailant from the side. Hopefully, in
my coming out of the darkness from an entirely different
direction, it would take him by surprise, giving Janette
a chance to recover from her shock, and perhaps escape.

I was still several yards away when Janette reached her
car, electrically unlocking the door with her keys. As
she reached to open the door, I saw the man emerge from the
bushes dressed all in black, complete with a black knitted
hood over his face. Janette must have heard the movement,
turning when she did. That brief hesitation probably saved
her life. Rather than stepping into the open door in an attempt
to access her car, she spun away instead. Her attacker lunged,
missing her by mere inches. A glint of steel sparkling in
the moonlight as he did. Obviously, he had a knife!

“Janette! Run! Run! Call the police!” I yelled.

I’d closed the distance sufficiently to know that I could
warn her, perhaps buy her a moment or two in order to get away.
As I’d hoped, her assailant turned towards me in surprise,
but I had already closed the distance, reaching up to grapple
with the knife he was now swinging towards me. Rather than
running however, Janette jumped at the attacker from behind
just as his knife hand slashed out towards me. I felt a slight
sting and a tearing as the knife ripped through the material
of my shirt near the shoulder. But I now had his knife hand
in mine. With Janette all but riding his back, I reached
back, plowing my fist into his face, dropping him with one
severe punch. I heard the knife tumble from his unconscious
fingers, clattering against the ground a split second
before he did. Already lying on his face, I planted my knee
in his back, wrenching his arms behind and securing them
with the handcuffs I thankfully still had on me.

“Now you can call the police, ” I told her.

“Are you ok?” Janette asked.

“Fine. You? Did he cut you…hurt you?”

“No…thanks.” Weak kneed, Janette leaned into her car grabbing
her cell phone, dialing 911.

“Who is it?” she asked after having given the police our

I reached up, removing the knitted cap from his head, spilling
out a head full of long blonde hair in the process.

“It’s not a he…but a she!” I exclaimed in surprise.

She was just starting to come around when I rolled her over.

“Oh my God! It’s Rogers wife!” Janette stated. “She must
have been spying on us, waiting for us to return here after
the party!”


It was well over an hour when the police finally left with
Roger’s wife securely in their custody. Nearing two in
the morning now, Janette and I finally headed back inside
the building.

“You should call someone from your office, let them know
what happened so they can send someone to relieve you, ”
she told me.

As we entered the brighter lights of the lobby, Janette
turned towards me in alarm.

“Craig! You’re bleeding!”

I’d forgotten all about the near stabbing. Hadn’t really
felt any pain until now due to all the adrenalin that had
obviously been pumping through my body.

“It’s not that bad. A little soap, a Band-Aid, and I’ll be
just fine, ” I assured her.

“I’m not so sure, ” she replied hesitatingly. “Lets go
back upstairs to my office and have a look at it.”

As we rode up the elevator, I could see she was still visibly
shaken. Her long dark tresses were all tangled, and she
really did look a fright, which was perfectly understandable
under the circumstances.

“Here. Sit down, take your shirt off, ” she instructed.

I did so; peeling off my shirt, realizing it had already
quit bleeding and would need at most one or two stitches,
if that. I noticed however that her sweatshirt had a smeared
bloodstain, worried briefly that perhaps she had been
cut after all.

“You sure you’re ok?” I asked indicating the blood stained
smear across her chest.

She looked down. “No, I’m fine. She never touched me. That
must have come from you when I stood hugging you.”

It certainly wasn’t the most appropriate time to be thinking
in sexual terms, but I couldn’t help but remember the feel
of those soft breasts pressing into me as we stood there
hugging one another, waiting for the police to arrive.

“You’d best get that soaking in some cold water. Otherwise
the blood never will come out.”

Janette agreed, and though I expected her to head off to
the restroom to do so, finding something else to put on,
she surprised me by pulling her sweatshirt up and over her
head revealing those magnificent breasts when she did.
I know my mouth must have stood there gaping open as I tried
not to blatantly stare at her, but I couldn’t help myself.

Filling the sink with cold water, she wadded her shirt up
stuffing it in. Sitting there watching her do all this with
those beautiful tits bobbing about, bouncing up and down,
caused my prick to lurch, reminding me even after all the
excitement, that I’d been entertaining a different, still
unsatisfied form of excitement earlier.

“I have an idea, ” Janette said turning towards me. “We
really should clean that wound up a little better. That…and
check to see if there are any other injuries we’re not aware
of. There’s a shower in the women’s locker room. I think
maybe we should use it.”

“Together?” I said in surprise.

Janette merely smiled. “I could use one myself, ” she said
fluffing her still tangled hair. “Come on!”

Dutifully, I followed her out of her office, down the hall
towards the woman’s locker room. I thought briefly of reminding
her that the corridors were under surveillance, and as
such…on tape. With both of us bare-chested as it were, I
knew I’d have to get a copy of that tape and erase it. Or…at
the very least, confiscate it for myself. At least I’d have
something to remember this evening by afterwards.

Once again Janette surprised me by completely stripping
off the rest of her clothing before stepping into the shower
stall, adjusting the warmth and spray as she did. It was
easily big enough to accommodate four people. For a split
second, I had to wonder if it ever had.

“Well? You coming in? Or are you just going to stand there
and watch me?” she asked.

I was half-tempted to tell her I wanted to do both. Remaining
silent however, I quickly stripped off the rest of my clothing,
joining her.

Janette quickly attended to my wound, cleansing it out,
ensuring that it really wasn’t as bad as it had initially
looked. Just the touch of her hands on me had caused me to
stiffen, embarrassedly so however, and standing there
as I was, there was very little I could do to conceal it. Looking
down, seeing my obvious erection, Janette grinned placing
it delicately within her hand.

“I suppose you’re going to tell me that you’re married too!”

“I am…but she’s not the type to come after you in the middle
of the night either. And besides, she has a boyfriend. I’ve
known about him for a couple of years now. I guess my working
these late night shifts haven’t been exactly conducive
to the perfect marriage.”

She smiled, dropping to her knees before me in the shower.

“Well as long as I don’t have to worry about her jumping out
from bushes at me, ” she said winking.

But before I could even respond to that, I felt her soft lips
surrounding the length and girth of my prick, drawing it
inside that sweet sucking mouth of hers.

“Oh God, Janette! You have no idea how many times I’ve fantasized
about you doing this to me!” I admitted to her.

I heard as well as felt her laugh around my cock as she briefly
removed it.

“Oh really? And how many times have you sat there in your
secure little office jerking yourself off, thinking about
me?” she asked.

I felt my face turning crimson. “Just once…tonight in fact.”
I continued to blurb. “When I saw how beautiful you were
in that black evening gown.”

I wasn’t about to tell her everything else I had seen. I wasn’t
that stupid at least. And didn’t want to screw up my continuing
to work here, though now…I had become a little worried about
that since we were standing here fooling around. Or rather
I was standing here having my dick sucked.

“Hmmm. I like the thought of that, ” she told me, continuing
to lick and nip at the sensitive head of my prick. “I can almost
imagine seeing you sitting there, watching me through
the monitor, playing with yourself.”

“God. If she only knew!” I thought silently. As much as I
hated to admit it, seeing Roger fucking her on the couch
in her office had been the most erotic thing I’d ever witnessed
in my entire life.

“What about Roger?” I questioned, vocalizing a portion
of my thoughts.

“What about him?” she said still mouthing my cock as she
spoke. “After tonight, even though he didn’t have anything
to do with what happened, I think it would be best for both
of us if we didn’t see one another again. Don’t you?”

Janette sucked hard by way of emphasis on my prick, fully
surrounding it with her lips, once again drawing me in deeply
inside her mouth.

“Couldn’t agree with you more, ” I weakly stammered in

“And besides…knowing that you’re here, working late at
night will make me feel a whole lot safer whenever I’m here
with you, ” she added. “And I plan on doing a lot of late night
work here over the next little while, ” she winked teasingly
at me.

I knew if Janette continued to suck and jack my cock the way
that she was, that she’d end up with a mouth full of cum-juice.
Not wanting the pleasure to end quite that quickly, I reached
down, drawing her up to stand before me once again. As I did,
I finally reached out, clasping those gorgeous breasts
of hers in my hands, softly caressing them while I leaned
forward to kiss her. She met me half way, our tongues soon
fencing with one another in a fiery embrace of their own
while my fingers toyed, teased, and pleasured those hard
twin nubbins of flesh that filled my palms.

I felt her shudder involuntarily, quivering in arousal.
Now it was my turn as I slowly made my way down her torso, stopping
to kiss, lick and suck her breasts, tummy, and eventually
lingering at the apex of her sex as I knelt before her, spreading
her legs slightly so as to allow myself easy access to that
beautiful hairless slit that stood gaping at me as I tentatively
slipped my tongue inside that furrowed passage.

“Oh yes…eat me! Eat my pussy! Please!” Janette begged.

But she didn’t need to. And I didn’t want to become good old
Roger the Dodger either. I had no intention of controlling
her, I wanted to pleasure her yes, but do so in such a way that
we were both giving, as well as taking from one another equally.

Placing her leg so that it dangled slightly over my shoulder,
I buried my tongue deeply inside the sweetness of her sex
that greeted me. Lapping at her like a contented cat, I teased
that hard pearl of flesh that peeked out at me, flicking
it with the tip of my tongue repeatedly before devouring
it between my lips, gently sucking, caressing it with my

“Don’t stop! Oh Please Craig….please….don’t stop!”

I had no intention of it. As Janette grabbed handfuls of
my hair, nearly yanking it out, I slid a finger delicately
inside of her, toying with the sensitive flesh I found there,
probing for her ‘G’ spot, teasing it with the tip of my finger
as I simultaneously sucked her clit, holding it firmly
between my lips. A split second later, Janette was groaning
with wild abandon, mashing herself against me, still pulling
my hair as she came against my face in great heaving thrusts
of her pussy as she near suffocated me in her pleasure.

“Oh fuck Craig! That was nice!” she said finding her wits
long moments later. “And speaking of ‘fuck’, I think it’s
about time that you did just that!”

We soon left the shower, toweling one another off briefly
before once again padding down the hallway back to her office
in our birthday suits. “I really did have to remember to
confiscate that tape now.” I thought. Having the guys seeing
me being led back to Janette’s office by my cock might be
amusing to most of them, but it certainly wouldn’t be all
that amusing to me.

With my prick still firmly held in her hand, Janette did
indeed lead me over to the couch. Kneeling down on all fours
as it were, she presented that sweet heart-shaped ass towards
me, even wiggling it as she did.

“Fuck me Craig! Fuck me hard!”

I slid into her with ease. Her pussy was still wet from her
climax, her lubrications still swimming around my dick
as I thrust deeply into her. Watching her breasts as they
began to sway back and forth as I continued fucking into
her was far better than anything I could have ever imagined.
Her pussy was so warm, so slick with her femininity that
I knew I’d never be able to last very long at this rate. And
she knew it too.

“Don’t worry about it Craig. We have all night. When you
cum, pull out so I can feel it squirting on my ass…my back.
I like the feel of that, ” she told me. “And then afterwards,
when you’ve had a chance to recover, lets do one another
orally at the same time, ” she said grinning.

Just hearing her tell me that had the fuck juice racing up
my shaft where I quickly began to bathe her back and ass in
torrents of my white-hot cum-cream, just as she’d asked


“She really is crazy! All that just to get the night watchman
into bed with her. All she’d had to have done probably was
to simply ask him to fuck her and he probably would have anyway.”

“True…but you know Janette. She loves to play these games.
It’s all apart of her character. And besides, she told you
that if you went through with it, she’d let you go down on
her, and she’d go down on you too remember?”

Roger’s wife did remember. Though she sat there rubbing
her sore jaw from the effort.

“It’s a good thing he didn’t have a gun or something, he’d
have probably even used it.”

“Which is why Janette ensured that the security here never
carries any weapons. And remember, you’re the one that
accidentally stuck him. That wasn’t supposed to happen
either!” he told her. “After he yelled at you, you were supposed
to drop the knife and then run like hell remember?”

“Yeah…well at least everything turned out the way she wanted
it to anyway.” Roger’s wife said reluctantly. “And I finally
get to eat her pussy. So I guess the sore jaw was worth it in
the long run. Boy…can that man punch! Oh…and be sure and
tell your friends in the police department that they played
their part in this perfectly as well. I still owe each of
them a blow-job!”

“Yes you do, ” Roger said reminding her. “Now…lets sit
back, have a little fun ourselves while we watch the two
of them going at it again. Janette’s going to flip when she
finds out Craig was watching the two of us inside her office.
Though chances are, she’ll probably get off knowing that
he was, finding out that her little fantasy cop there was
getting his jollies while doing so. She suspected he had
been all along anyway. And this simply proves it!”

“Shut up and fuck me, ” Roger’s wife ordered him. “We don’t
have that long before we have to get out of here.”

“Oh…I wouldn’t worry about it. By the looks of things, Janette
will have poor Craig there busy the rest of the night.”

Silvia, Roger’s wife bent over the desk so he could enter
her from behind while they continued to look on using Craig’s
personal little monitor.

“She really does love to fuck doesn’t she?” Silvia stated.

“Like all get out. She’s already setting something up for
the UPS delivery guy. Wait until you see what she has up her
sleeve for that one!”

“As long as it doesn’t involve my getting punched in the
face again, I’m ready for anything, ” Silvia said smiling
through her split lip.

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Nice twist. keep up the stories.


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