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Night out With the Girls


Night Out With the Girls

After a long day shopping Linda and her friends decided
to stop for happy jour on the way home. After dinner and few
wine coolers its time to head home. The three women pushed
through the exit doors of the Elephant Bar, weaved their
way through the lines of people awaiting entry, and hailed
the valet.

The Lexus pulled up and the girls piled in Linda pulled the
door shut behind her and fished the cell phone from her handbag.
She flipped it open and, careful not to chip her freshly
manicured nails, dialed the connection to her voicemail.

"Hey, honey, " began the first message. "Just
calling to check in. I tried the house but got voicemail.
Anyway, I've got a ten a.m. flight tomorrow and should
be on the ground by noon or so. Give me a call on my cell, or
I'll see you when I get home."

As the Lexis turned west onto PCH, Linda lowered the phone
from her ear and punched "7" on the keypad to
delete the message. Her slender fingers brushing a few
loose strands of her brunette hair from her cheek, she put
the phone back to her ear and listened to the second message.

"Linda, this is Dan. Lyn gave me your number. Said
to call if I wanted to get together; that you'd be expecting
my call. I know its short notice, but if you're free
tonight . . . Well, anyway. Give me a call. My number should
be on your Caller ID."

She again cleared the message, folded the phone, and tucked
it away in her handbag. She stared out the rain-streaked
window as the Car passed The La Jolla Marriott. Her mind
drifted as she thought about the competing phone calls,
one from her husband, and the other from Lyn's young
fuck-toy. The dilemma that presented itself wreaked havoc
on her simple mind but after a few moments of torturous contemplation,
she shook it off.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"The Sand Bar, " Lyn responded, checking her
make-up in a compact, using the glare from the passing streetlights
to reapply her lip gloss.

"For more drinks, " Linda said laughingly.

"Hmph. Never heard of it."

Rachel, while sitting in the back seat. "That's
'cause you rarely get out, Linda. You gotta get out
once in a while. Live a little."

As the SUV streak down Tamarack Avenue, Linda's gaze
wandered to the window again. She fumed at Rachel's
comment. Lyn and Rachel were old friends and the three women
had just passed the early 40’s mark. Lyn's husband
had left her to basically raise their son, acting as if his
company was more important, Rachel was still married to
a nice guy and seemed happy , but was always on the prowl for
young guys.

The Lexus pulled up on the curb the valet opened the door
and the girls spilled out. And walked into the Sand Bar.

Before they arrived at the door, Linda stopped and tucked
herself in a doorway, seeking shelter from the light drizzle.

"Hey, guys. I'll be in a sec. I need to make a call
real quick."

"Okay, sweetie, " Lyn called over her shoulder
knowing who the call was too, as the bouncer waived her and
Rachel past the wet line of people waiting to get inside.

Once Lyn and Rachel were out of sight, Linda opened her cell
phone and pulled up the "received calls" log.
There was no name attached to the most recent call and she
didn't recognize the number.

She took a deep breath, held it for a moment, her breasts
jutting forth, then exhaled, all the while watching the
cars flash by on PCH. Having resolved the conflict in her
mind, she shrugged her shoulders, hit "Send"
on the phone's keypad and put it to her ear.

* * *

In his condo in Del Mar, Dan had just stepped from the shower
and was toweling off when the phone rang. He walked from
his bathroom into the bedroom and retrieved the chirping
phone from his bedside table.

"Hello?" he answered, wrapping the towel around
his waist.

"Um, hi. Dan? This is Linda."

A smile crept across his face at the sound of the soft voice.
It had an innocent quality to it, high-pitched without
being squeaky.

"Hi, Linda."

"Uh. How are you?"

"I'm doing well. How about you?"

"I'm, uh, I'm fine. Just out with some friends."

"Havin' fun?" he asked, falling back onto
the bed, the towel still draped around him.

"Yeah, I guess. It's all right."

"Doesn't sound too fun."

"Um, well, you know. Same ol', same ol'."

Dan hesitated before responding. 'Slow and steady
wins the race?' he wondered. 'Or the early bird
gets the worm?'

"Wanna come over?" he asked, making up his mind
almost before the questions formed.

"Well, uh, sure. I guess."

Dan laughed lightheartedly. "Don't sound too

This time it was Linda who hesitated. "What do you.
. ." she began, before Dan interrupted her.

"Excited. Don't sound too excited."

"Oh, yeah." Linda laughed, having gotten it.
"It's not that. It's just, well, just that
I don't know where you live or anything like that."

"Well, I'll tell you and you can hop in a cab. How's
that sound?" Dan pushed himself off the comfortable
bed and walked to his dresser, pulling a pair of boxers from
the top drawer.

"Um, sure. That'd be great."

He grunted out his address while pulling the boxers and
then a pair of gray cotton shorts over his muscular hips.

"Okay, " Linda said. "I'll be there
in a little bit."

As Dan hung up the phone, Linda stood on the sidewalk in front
of the Sand Bar, repeating his address over and over again
in her head, a slender arm waving above her head trying to
find a cab.

Her thick nipples stood erect in the unseasonable but still
cool evening breeze. It took only a moment for a taxi to spot
the little brunette and swerve to the curb.

She climbed into the cab and as it accelerated away from
the curb, she gave a mental wave goodbye to her friends.

Pulling a tee-shirt over his head, Dan wandered into his
living room, muted the television and turned on the stereo.
A few minutes later, his phone rang; the pizza had arrived.
After he paid the delivery guy, he filled a plate with slices
of pizza and sat in front of the TV as he recalled Linda.

He had met her husband several years ago at a party hosted
by one of his father's friends, Tony; Linda's
husband worked for All American Asphalt. He was, a great
guy but lately always seemed to be out of town looking at
new projects. If it wasn’t for the money he would quit

Before Linda’s friend, Lyn, had left for Colorado on a skiing
trip last month, she had given Dan Linda's number,
urging him to call her if he desired. This particular evening,
after having seen his old fuck-buddy Rachel during lunch
in La Jolla, that desire blossomed.

Dan's cock stirred in his pants when his landline chirped
twice, indicating someone calling from the secured entrance
downstairs. After buzzing her in, he took his plate into
the kitchen before opening the door, waiting for Linda
to step from the elevator.

He heard the elevator ding and, a moment later, Linda turned
the corner and strode the thirty feet towards his door.
Dan mentally gasped as she came into view. He knew her to
be 40’ish, but she looked to be maybe an early 35, Linda looked
radiant and very beautiful. A pair of leopard print spike
heels donned her feet and tight jeans clung to her well-toned
legs. A form-fitting tee-shirt that looked as though it
came from Baby Gap hugged her torso, accentuating a massive
pair of surgically breasts that jiggled just slightly
as she strode down the hallway. Dan figured that she must
be wearing a paper-thin bra, designed to be invisible beneath
the tight shirt, insofar as it failed to conceal her hardened

"What, no coat?" Dan asked by way of introduction.

Linda laughed as she came to a stop before him and shrugged
her shoulders; the movement caused her large breasts to
rise and fall on her trim torso. My husband always calls
me a wimp for being cold and for some reason tonight I forgot

Dan extended his hand and she took it with a single-pump
shake. "Nice to meet you, " he said. Though
her fingers were cool, her flesh was soft, supple.

"Um, you, too." Dan released her hand and stepped
aside to allow her entry. As she passed, her perfume wafted
through his nostrils and he inhaled deeply. Her scent reminded
him a gentlemen's club he had recently visited in Atlanta,
that elusive scent worn by strippers the world over.

Linda stepped into the living room and turned to face him,
her bag still slung over her shoulder.

"Here, let me take that for you, " he said, approaching

"Thanks. I've heard a lot about you, "
she announced, her thin jaw working on a piece of Juicyfruit.
"From Lyn, I mean."

"Great lady, " he proclaimed over his shoulder
as he stepped into the living room and placed her handbag
on the coffee table. "I've known her for years.
Practically grew up with her husband."

"Uh, yeah. That's what she said. She and I really
get along good. We see each other a lot.

"I know. I met your husband a few years back on a construction
site pre-job meeting." He returned to the foyer and
beckoned the little tart to follow him. "Come on.
Follow me into the kitchen. Can I get you a drink?"

"Uh, sure. I'll have a wine cooler, if you have

Linda followed him into the kitchen and took a seat at one
of the bar stools on the dining side of the kitchen's

"Anyway, I met him ‒ and maybe you, too ‒ at some party
that Lyn & Paul were throwing, " Dan explained,
pulling two bottles from the refrigerator, popping the
tops, and setting one on the island in front of her.

Linda blushed slightly at the continued discussion of
her husband. Part of her was embarrassed. She knew, and
Dan knew, that she was here for one thing: to spread her legs.
Discussing her husband with the young man she was about
to debase herself for was a little uncomfortable for her,
but something Tony wouldn’t mind about.

Linda took a swig from the bottle, her shiny pink lips pursed
around the head of it, and set it on the counter.

"So, where's Tony tonight?"

"Traveling, " she informed him, twirling
brunette tresses between her pink fingernails.

"Does he travel a lot?"

"Here and there, I guess." Linda took another
drink of her beer, looking around Dan's condo. From
her perch on the bar stool, she could see into the living
room and down the hallway toward the bedrooms.

"Must be kind of boring for you, huh?"

"Nah, it's actually great, we go a lot of places
when he gets time off and the money is good.

Dan mentally rolled his eyes. 'Oh, Lyn, What did you
get me into? This chick better fuck like a minx for me to put
up with this crap.'

Aloud, he asked, "What kind of stuff?"

We don’t laugh go to NASCAR not so much for the racing for
me but for the Hotels and the restaurants we stay and eat
at. Or we head up to Tahoe and San Fran to see the Packers play
or go white water rafting.

"I can see that, " Dan murmured, his cock stirring
in his jeans while looking at the woman’s beautifully manicured
hands, adorned with gold engagement and wedding rings,
against the deep black countertop.

"So . . ., " he said aloud, draining his beer
and pulling another from the refrigerator.

"So . . ., " she mimed him. Linda took a deep breath,
put the bottle to her full lips, and finished it off. Setting
it on the counter, she smiled at him, an odd mix of coy and
alluring. "Mind if I get another cooler?" she
asked, sliding off the barstool and sauntering around
the island toward Dan and the refrigerator.

"'Course not."

Linda smiled again before pulling the door open. She bent
and grabbed another cooler from the shelf. Turning to face
him, she twisted the top off and took a sip. She took a step
closer to him and her free hand reached out, her polished
fingertips grazing across his muscled chest.

"You didn't really invite me over here to share
a drink, did you?" she inquired, a glint in her eye,
her head cocked to one side, her hips to the other.

Her soulful baby blue eyes staring up at him, Dan shrugged
and smiled before bringing the bottle to his lips.

Linda smiled back, her pink, wet-look lips parting to reveal
gleaming white teeth. She moved across the kitchen and
deposited the bottle cap in a trashcan.. She folded her
lean, tanned arms beneath her generous breasts, causing
them to swell in the tight top.

She arched an eyebrow waiting for a verbal response and,
when she didn't get one, pushed away from the counter.
She ambled back across the kitchen to him, her hips swaying
provocatively, and set her bottle on the countertop.

Linda stood before him, her breasts, engorged nipples
evident through the thin fabric, almost touching the top
of his stomach. She looked up at him and tilted her head to
one side, a look of lustful amusement passing through her
glimmering eyes, across her full lips.

"Is that a no?" she whispered, running a pink
manicured finger down the center of his chest, following
the contours of his stomach muscles, stopping just above
his bellybutton.

A chill ran up Dan's spine. He merely shook his head.

Linda mimicked his actions, her brunette locks brushing
across her shoulders as she shook her head in time with his.
"No . . . I didn't think so."

She traced her finger back up to his chest, across the top
of his pectorals and around a crinkled nipple. The long
nails of her left hand closed around it, tweaking him lightly,
causing him to shudder.

Linda dipped her head slightly, leaned into the young man
and touched her lips ‒ softly ‒ to his tee-shirt covered
chest. Her firm breasts squished against his stomach and
she heard him groan from deep within.

Up on her tip toes, her small hands and slender fingers spread
across his chest, she brushed her lips along the neckline
of Dan's shirt, her tongue straying from between her
lips to swipe at his exposed flesh. He tilted his head slightly
away from her and Linda's searching mouth closed around
his earlobe, hot breath tickling his inner ear.

"I know what you want me here for, " she breathed,
causing goose bumps to break out across his flesh.

"Ugh, " Dan managed to grunt, Linda's
hands sliding down his chest, over his tense stomach muscles.

"You wanna put this, " she began, her voice
barely audible as the long fingers of her right hand closed
over the fabric encasing his pulsing shaft, "in my
little married pussy."

She bit hard on the last word.

"Oohh, gawd, " Dan groaned, his knees threatening
to buckle.

Linda lowered herself from her tiptoes and slowly pulled
the hem of his shirt up, exposing the smooth flesh of his
stomach. She pulled the shirt higher and bent her head,
trapping one of his nipples between her wet lips, swirling
her hot tongue around the hardened flesh.

Dan put a hand on the back of the older woman's head,
pulling her face tighter against his chest. He gathered
a handful of her hair in his fist, ensuring that she stayed

Her wet tongue manipulated the light brown flesh that surrounded
his nipple while her hands caressed down his rib cage, long
nails tickling his skin. When she reached the waistband
of his gray cotton shorts, she hooked her manicured fingers
in them and pulled down; with a whisper, they fell over his
muscular legs before pooling at his ankles.

Holding Dan's shirt above his waist, Linda knelt in
a squatting position, his thickening cock bobbing before
her angelic face. She looked up at him, again tilting her
head to one side, their eyes meeting in anticipation.

Her tongue darted out, swiping at the head of his cock, sending
it bobbing again, and she giggled. Dan's eyes almost
rolled up into his head and he threw his head back, eager
for her touch.

When his cock became still again, Linda's hands still
at his stomach, her tongue idle, he righted his head and
opened his eyes to find her staring at him.

"Yes?" she asked, batting her eyelashes at
him, her voice dripping with false innocence.

His eyes pleaded.

Her sparkling blue eyes still locked on his, she tilted
her head further and brought her face beneath his protruding
shaft, teasing him. His cock head brushed lightly against
her lightly powdered cheek, leaving a faint trail of pre-cum
along her skin. Her full, wet lips only millimeters from
his hanging balls, her hot breath caressed the soft flesh
of his bloated sac.

She again arched an eyebrow at him, a playful look in her
eyes. She ran her soft tongue across her pink lips before
extending it, wiggling it gently against his balls.

"Please, " he moaned.

Linda smiled sweetly and pulled her head back, the length
of Dan's shaft running along her upper lip. She inhaled
his just-showered scent deeply. "Goooood boooy, "
she murmured as the head of his cock passed beneath her nose,
trailing a pearlescent stream of pre-cum behind it.

When her pretty face had cleared the engorged shaft, she
sat back on her haunches, her heels digging into her lean
thighs. With her attention focused on Dan's cock still
bobbing before her, Linda raised her left hand to it, slowly
closing her fist around it while running her tongue over
her upper lip. "Mmm, " she moaned, savoring
the taste of his sperm on her tongue.

Seeing Linda's slender fingers ‒ pink manicured nails
and gold wedding and engagement rings ‒ close around his
shaft, Dan again threw his head back, nearly overcome with
lust at the image. "Uuuhhhggg, " he groaned.

Below him, she merely smiled.

"Lyn told me this'd be easy, " she said
quietly, rising to her feet with her fist still wrapped
around Dan's cock, tugging it gently, enjoying its
heat searing into her soft palm.

"Wha?" Dan muttered, his tongue thick and dry.

Linda pushed him against the counter, urging him up onto
the island. "She said to flash this ring, "
she began, holding up her left hand, palm toward her, and
the diamonds of her engagement ring glittering in the bright
overhead light of the kitchen. Dan pulled his tee shirt
over his head and threw it behind him. He then put his hands
behind him and lifted himself to the countertop, his cock
slipping from her grasp.

"Flash this, " she continued as he scooted
back onto the island, "and he'll do anything
‒ anything ‒ you want, she said."

Urging his legs apart, Linda moved between them and leaned
over his prone body, bracing herself on one elbow. With
her free left hand, she found his cock, standing erect,
the tip glistening in pre-cum. She smoothed the pad of her
index finger across the slit, slackening it with his fluid,
and slowly traced a line down the underside of his shaft.

"So, Dan . . . will you do anything ‒ anything ‒ I want?"

Dan, bracing himself on his elbows, looked down his sculpted
stomach at the adulterous woman and grunted and nodded
his assent. Linda closed her fist around him again and tugged
his foreskin downward; the head of his cock swelled and
turned shiny and a stream of pre-cum leaked from the tip
before coursing down the length of the shaft.

Linda pulled her fist back up his length, collecting the
natural lubricant on the way, smoothing it around the overheated

"Will you slide this cock into me?" she asked
him, her baby blue eyes fixated on the twitching shaft ensconced
in her clenched fist.


"Will you stretch my pretty little pussy?"
she inquired, her long pink tongue darting out and bathing
the purple head of his cock, collecting his leaking sperm
from the open slit. "Uugghh, " Dan grunted,
his mind clouded with lust.

"Will you spank me?" she whispered.

"Yyeess, " he hissed in return.

"Good . . . I need to be spanked, " she cooed,
resting her head on Dan's thigh, her fist still stroking
the young man's thick shaft. The softness of her hair
tickled his thighs, sending a chill up his spine.

"Know why?" she asked, her lustful eyes turning
up to him, finding his screwed shut, his face contorted
into a grimace.

Dan shook his head from side to side.

"'Cause I've been a baaaad girrrrl, "
she whispered before taking the bulbous head of his cock
between her lips.

Dan's eyes opened to see her mouth descend on him, to
see his cock head slip between Linda's soft lips and
into the warm confines of her mouth, but she quickly pulled

"See these rings?" she inquired needlessly,
rotating her fist around his shaft, still tugging at him,
her speed increasing.

"Yeah, " he breathed.

"My husband's traveling, " she said,
her lower lip folding out in a pout, "and here I am with
you . . . your young, thick, naked cock just inches from my
mouth . . . and guess what?"

"Uuuggghhh, " he groaned.

"I'm gonna suck it . . . and I'm gonna fuck
it . . . and I'm gonna let it cum . . . all over . . . my little
. . . married . . . body."

As the wicked words spilled across her lips, Linda's
mouth fell quickly to Dan's pulsing shaft, taking
his entire length until the overheated cock head bumped
against the back of her throat. She left it there a moment,
clamping her shiny, pink lips tightly around him and twisting
her head back and forth, like a dog tearing meat from a bone.
His pubic hair tickled her nose and the wet friction of her
lips on his shaft caused Dan's hips to buck off the countertop.

She pulled her mouth off him and rolled off her elbow, standing
before him. Observing the pink ring of lipstick imprinted
at the base of his shaft, she slid her hand beneath his balls,
lifting them up. She gathered both cock and balls in her
right fist and, bending, swept her tongue across the soft,
taut flesh of his bulging sac.

"Doesn't that make me a bad girl?" she asked
softly, her left hand wrapping around his shaft, stroking
him vigorously.

"Oh, fuck, " Dan managed, his eyes locked on
the blur of Linda's wedding and engagement rings as
they sped along the length of his overheated cock.

"That makes me a little whore, huh?" came her
rhetorical reply as she bent further, sucking Dan's
cock into her wet mouth. She bobbed her head once, twice,
and pulled off, a gooey string of saliva stretching from
her lower lip to the head of Dan's cock.

"A little . . . cheating . . . whore?" she snarled,
not really asking a question, her eyes locked on the thick
shaft before her.

"Oohh, ggaawwdd, " Dan groaned. His arms gave
way and he fell to his back.

"I thought so, " she intoned. With her left
hand still tugging viciously at the young man's cock,
Linda used her right hand to push one of his thighs out and

She bent again and ran her tongue down the length of his shaft
and over his sperm-filled balls. She sucked one into her
mouth, rolled it around her supple tongue, before spitting
it out. Her saliva dripped down the flesh as she buried her
nose in the soft sac, breathing deeply. Her tongue escaped
her wet mouth, slithered under the other ball and sucked
it and the first nut between her lips.

"Mmm, " she moaned, her mouth full, and then
coaxed the saliva-drenched sac from her mouth again. "I
love . . . young balls."

She traced her tongue around the wrinkled sac and down the
crevice where leg meets crotch. With her right hand, she
spread his legs further, her tongue leaving a shiny trail
of saliva along his inner thigh. She moved her head back
up, dragging her wet lips along his flesh.

"Oh, fuck, " Dan moaned above her, his fingers
gripping tightly to the edge of the island countertop.

Linda released his aching cock from her left hand and it
fell to his stomach with a smack. She lifted his balls into
her palm before burying her face in his crotch again, her
pink tongue caressing the ultra-sensitive flesh of his

"Young assholes, too, " she mumbled, her voice
muffled, before she slid her tongue around the perimeter
of Dan's asshole.

He bucked violently when Linda's slithering tongue
tickled his asshole. His balls fell from her palm, coming
to rest on her cheek and the socket of her left eye.

Below him, he heard her giggle before she wrapped her fist
around his engorged shaft. Her tongue still teasing his
crinkled asshole, she brutally tugged at the stiff flesh
in her fist. "Cum!" she commanded, her voice
muffled between his ass cheeks.

Dan's hips jerked and his overheated cock spat a thick
stream of cum straight up in the air. The ropey pearl essences
fell across his stomach and her fingers, bathing her wedding
and engagement rings in the sticky fluid, as Linda's
tightly wrapped fist continued its assault on the convulsing

Second and third streams of cum ejected from the open tip
of his cock, saturating her tanned fist, before easing
to a dribble. She pulled her face from Dan's crotch
and stood before him, her massive breasts still trapped
in the Baby Bee Bee tee-shirt. She bent again, her soft,
pink tongue slithering from between her lips, and lapped
the hot, white snowing liquid from his stomach, and then
from her fingers.

"Nasty enough for you?" she asked hopefully
as Dan pushed himself up on his elbows and began to slide
off the island. "Lyn told me you like it filthy."

Linda pushed away from the counter, rolling her hips against
the edge of the counter until her tight little bottom rested
against it. Dan slid off the counter took the adulterous
slut's hand and led her into the living room, the obscenely
large diamond of her engagement ring cutting into his palm.

As they approached the couch, he passed her and fell onto
it, his softening but still thick cock lulled against his
thigh, the remnants of his orgasm leaking from the tip of
his cock head.

"Think you can get that thing hard for me again?"
she asked, pulling her belt from the buckle and unbuttoning
her jeans. With a raised eyebrow, she hooked her manicured
thumbs into the side of the denim and wiggled her hips, coaxing
the snug material down her shapely thighs. As they fell,
revealing a moistened, pink thong barely wide enough to
hide her neatly trimmed pussy, she stepped from them and
drew one leg over Dan's lap, straddling him.

Linda brought her lithe arms behind the young man's
neck and leaned into him, her soft, platinum locks brushing
over his face. She lowered her face to his and parted her
lips, her wet, pink tongue darting out and tracing an outline
around his mouth. Dan groaned, the softness and heat of
her tongue and the scent of her lotion almost overpowering.
His hands fell to her bare hips when Linda ground her wet
crotch against his thickening shaft.

"I feel you, " she whispered into his mouth,
her delicate voice barely audible. "I feel you growing,
pressing against me."

She ground against him harder and her thong caught on the
ridges of the smoldering shaft, pulling it aside. Her hot
liquid dripped from between her sopping lips, coating
the now throbbing shaft, and Dan arched his hips, longing
to feel the married woman's overheated hole envelop

His hands slid up her rib cage, slowing traveling along
the form-fitting fabric that still clung to her torso.
Above him, Linda arched her back ever so slightly, allowing
his roaming hands access to the massive mounds of tit flesh.

"Oohh, yyeess, " she hissed as the strong hands
caressed her breasts, circling ever closer to her protruding
nipples. When Dan's forefingers and thumbs closed
around the erect nips, pinching them lightly, Linda her
slithering tongue into his mouth, groaning when he twisted
her nipples outward.

Linda suddenly sat straight up; her hips grinding against
Dan's blood-engorged shaft, her now slick clit gliding
along the hardened flesh. She pulled the baby-tee over
her head, bringing her bra-less breasts into the cool air
of Dan's living room.

Tossing the tee to the side, she again dropped her torso
onto the young man, this time pulling his delighted face
between her massive breasts, a hand behind his head, pulling
him closer to her. She felt his hot breath on her soft flesh
and shifted herself to the left, sighing deeply as Dan's
lips closed around one of her fat nipples.

"Uuhhgg, " he groaned beneath the cheating
woman. Dan's eyes rolled into his head with the scent
of her, the soft, moisturized texture of her cleavage.
When he felt a thick nipple brush at his mouth, he parted
his lips and sucked the bud between his teeth, nibbling
lightly at it. One hand returned to her inflated chest,
kneading her other breast, while the other hand sank into
the soft flesh of her hip, pulling her sodden vagina against
his pulsing shaft.

"You like?" she whispered from above him, swirling
her hips around his crotch, smearing him with her copious
vaginal secretions.

"Mm-hm, " Dan managed while nodding his head.
Linda's nipple was still trapped between his teeth
and the nodding of his head pulled at it, tugging her breast
into a deformed state.

"Tony does, too, " she cooed into his ear, her
brunette locks cascading over his head, forming a cave
in which he nibbled at her turgid nipples.


Linda's voice became ragged with the constant stroking
of Dan's cock against the sopping, bald lips of her
pussy. Eager for more, she ground her crotch at the young
man, feeling her lips spread around the thick tube pressing
at her entrance.

Dan groaned into the titflesh that molded itself to his
face, a thick nipple trapped between his lightly biting

"Oohh, yyeess, " she hissed when he increased
the pressure on her nipple. "Harder . . . suck harder
. . . yyyyeeeessss!!!!"

Abruptly, Dan released the saliva-soaked nipple from
his mouth and gently pushed Linda away from him, off his
lap. He followed her off the couch and guided her toward
the leather arm chair on the other side of the coffee table.

As she approached it, Linda began to turn to face him but
Dan took hold of her shoulders and eased her onto the chair
so she was facing away from him. Her knees fell to the leather
and she leaned her torso into the back of it, her breast resting
on the top of the chair back, nipples erect and throbbing.

Stepping up behind her, Dan brought his hand back and then
smacked her ass. Linda giggled and turned to look over her
shoulder, her bright blue eyes on fire with lust. "Yyeeaahh, "
she intoned. "I told you I needed a spanking."

"'Cause you're a bad girl, right?"
he responded, needlessly.

"Mm-hm, " she answered, her head nodding up
and down. Dan's hand, still on her rippling ass cheek,
slid down her lithe thigh and traced lightly from one to
the next. Beneath him, Linda shivered at the sensation
and then gasped as he ran a finger through the hairless crevice
formed by her pussy lips.

"A bad wife is more like it, huh, slut? A bad, nasty,
cheating wife?"

Linda dropped her pretty face to her crossed arms, resting
her cheek on a forearm. Outside, the storm had passed and
through the rain-streaked floor-to-ceiling window she
saw a couple walking hand-in-hand through the park across
the street from Dan's condo. She shuddered at the thought
of the couple looking up into this window and seeing her
draped over the back of this chair, her nipples thick with
excitement, her hair a tangled mess.

As these thoughts coursed through her brain, Dan ran his
index finger down through the furrow of her pussy, stopping
just before his finger grazed across her burning clit.
Linda whimpered and wiggled her hips in a fruitless effort
to get him to apply pressure to her throbbing, blood-engorged

"Why are you wiggling you hips, slut?" he asked
her, taunting the adulterous woman.

"Put your finger . . . in me, " she breathed,
her torso heaving with short breaths. Her predicament
and Dan's roaming fingers caused her cunt to moisten
further, and she felt a trickle of vaginal fluid leak from
between her sodden pussy lips and slowly slide down the
inside of her thigh.

Dan did not accede to her wishes but did allow the tip of his
index finger to glide across her juice-coated clit. Linda
let a deep sigh escape from her lips and her eyes eased closed
in bliss.

When he strummed his finger across the distended bud, Linda
bucked her hips violently. She pulled her head from her
arms and tossed it back, her hair whipping over her shoulder
and lashing at her sweat-streaked back. "Oohh, ggaawwdd,
yyeess!" she moaned, her tits thrust forward, a stream
of sweat dripping from one of her nipples and falling to
the chocolate brown leather, discoloring it.

Dan withdrew his hand and slid it around her supple thigh,
wedging it between her shaking legs. He found her clit again
and trapped it between two fingers, jerking his hand back-and-forth.

"Uugghh!!" she grunted.

With his free hand, he found her sodden hole from the rear
and slid two fingers up through her now-splayed pussy lips,
saturating them in her fluids. When he slid one of the lubricated
fingers into her sopping hole, her eyes flew open at the
sudden intrusion.

"Oh, fuck, yeah . . . just like that!!" she almost
screamed through clenched teeth.

Below the window, across the street in the park, Linda saw
the couple come to a stop and look in the general direction
of Dan's condo. Dan saw them, too, and before Linda
could scramble off the chair and slither into darkness,
hiding her naked body from prying eyes, Dan slid a second
finger into her pussy, distorting her hairless cunt lips.

Leaning over her sweaty back, he taunted the woman further,
whispering into her ear. "They can see you, slut.
. . They can see the sweat dripping from these nipples . .
. I wonder if they can see your engagement ring."

"Oohh, ggaawwdd, nnoo, " the unfaithful whore
whimpered, her body quivering against the onslaught on
her cunt. She screwed her eyes shut to ward off the embarrassment,
the debasement that she reveled in.

"Oh, yeah, " he continued the fingers on her
clit increasing their speed, their pressure.

Beneath him, Linda trembled on shaky knees and she threw
her head back again, her cunt convulsing around the three-fingered

"They probably think I'm your husband, "
Dan teased the married woman whose unfaithful vagina was
quaking around his fingers at that moment.

"P-p-please . . . s-s-stop, " Linda whined.

But her body betrayed her words. As the fingers of Dan's
right hand sped across her slippery clit, as the fingers
of his left hand sliced into her dripping, distorted, stretched-out
cunt, she bucked her hips a final time before she began violently
quaking and quivering.

"Oohh, ggaawwdd!!!" she choked, her gargantuan
tits bouncing on her chest, slapping against the leather
chair-back. "Aaaagggghhhh!!!!!"

Pussy juice poured from her hole, coating Dan's fingers
and hand before running down his forearm.

"Oh fuck!" she panted, her hips shook her pussy
convulsed around the marauding fingers. The soft light
entering the room from the street lights outside caught
the perspiration glimmering across her lightly muscled
back, caught a droplet of sweat rolling down her defined
rib cage before falling to discolor the leather seat cushion.

Her body still quaking against the onslaught being levied
upon her smoldering cunt and on her clit, Linda let out a
gasp as the fingers withdrew from her hole. Before she could
protest, she felt the young man step close behind her, the
thick cock slicing through the folds of her pussy.

"Fuck me, " she whimpered, again resting her
sweaty cheek on her crossed arms. "Please fuck me
. . . with that thing."

Rather than give the cheating whore the release she so needed,
Dan continued to slide the length of his shaft along her
sloppy pussy lips, lubricating the hard shaft with her
fluids. He jerked against her hard, sending the head of
his cock careening against Linda's inflamed clit.

"Uuuugggghhhh!" she grunted, her body quivering
beneath him, her thick nipples throbbing. "In me, "
she mumbled softly.

Dan's hips retreated slightly and Linda arched her
back downward when she felt the head of his cock slide toward
her loosened hole.

Bending his knees, he lined the fluid-slicked cock head
up with her splayed pussy lips and pushed in ever so slightly,
halting his advance once Linda's flowered lips engulfed
the purple mushroom.

"More please, " she whined, her voice barely
audible, her pretty face buried in her arms.

"More what?" he taunted the adulterous woman,
his fingers lightly tracing circles across her sweaty
back, sending chills up her spine.

"More . . . cock, " he heard.

Dan jerked his hips in short, staccato bursts, fucking
her with just the head of his cock, as his fingers lazily
traced their way down her muscles, his large hands closing
on her supple hips, fingers sinking into the flesh.

With a firm grip on Linda’s hips, he thrust forward, burying
the entire length of him in her tight but very wet pussy.

Linda's head jerked up and back with the sudden and
brutal stretching of her pussy walls. Her eyes screwed
shut, her shiny full lips parted, her wet pink tongue pinned
against the roof of her mouth. "Aaaaaggggghhhhh!"
came the blood-curdling cry.

* * *

Below them, across the street in the park, Jeff and Kim watched
fascinated as the little brunette tramp's head jerked
back and her mouth parted. They watched, spellbound, as
the slut's enormous and almost assuredly breast jiggled
on her slim torso, seeming to smack against the bottom of
her jaw before slamming down to the back of the chair on which
she apparently knelt.

The figure of the man behind her came slowly into view as
he bent forward over the whore's back, bringing his
sweat-slicked face close to her equally drenched cheek,
seeming to whisper something in her ear.

"That's right, Linda, let them watch you, "
he whispered, his hot breath caressing her inner ear and
causing goose bumps to crop up along her perspiring flesh,
the light blond hairs on her arms to raise up.

"Let them see . . . what a nasty . . . fuckin' . . .
slut . . . you are, " he taunted as his thick, cock slammed
into her pussy balls-deep, her ass cheeks rippling from
the battering.

Linda's eyes eased open just as the woman grabbed the
man's hand and pulled him away from the scene. Her pussy
walls being stretched by the young man behind her, his fingers
digging into her hips to provide the leverage he needed
to punish her adulterous hole, She grunted as her eyes rolled
into her head, so overcome was she by the depravity, the
wickedness, of what she was doing.

Here she was, a married woman whose husband was out of town
on a business trip. Instead of spending a quite evening
at home awaiting his return, she was bent over the back of
an easy chair in some young studs apartment. Her clothes
were strewn about the living room, dropped in precisely
the same spot in which they had been removed ‒ or torn ‒ from
her lithe little body.

The sweat saturating her locks plastered them to her skull.
It dripped from her inflamed nipples as her overstuffed
tits hung and bounced from her trim torso, and slid down
her arched back, tickling her crinkled asshole. Her tight
little ass cheeks rippled and quivered, and her bald cunt
convulsed around the young battering ram of a cock.

Her sinful behavior forced another grunted from her slender
throat. Her juice flowed through the weak seal her pussy
lips formed around Dan's thick, shiny shaft. Her body
jerked when the head of his cock slid and jerked along the
top her pussy.

"Oohh, fuck, " she bit. "Oh, fuck!"
Her body continued to quake as an orgasm ripped through
her stomach, weakened her knees.

"Cumming . . . I'm . . . cumming, " she moaned,
softer, engorged nipples throbbing, raw from swinging
against the leather of the chair.

Dan maintained an even pace of powerful thrusts into her
yielding cunt lips as her orgasm subsided, her body calming.

"Uugghh, " she sighed, the lids closing over
her bright blue eyes in post-orgasmic bliss. She settled
her sweat-ravaged face against the back of the chair again,
pleased that the young man had maintained his stamina,
that the rock-hard, shaft continued to impale her.

The soft purring of her mobile phone startled her and she
involuntarily squeezed her pussy muscles around the invading
shaft. Behind her, Dan's breath caught.

"Oh, fuck, " he groaned. Cum began to churn
in his bloated balls when the slut's pussy convulsed
around his cock just as the sensitive underside of the shaft
slid roughly against her pubic bone. "Oohh, ggaawwdd!"

When the phone rang again, Linda turned her head to look
over her shoulder at her young stud. Her eyes were on fire.
Lust dripped from the baby blue orbs. Her sensuous pink
lips curled into a sneer, her bright white teeth gleaming
in the faint light.

"You know who that is?" she growled, thrusting
her tan-lined ass back against his thrusting cock.

Dan could only moan as his eyes rolled up and into the back
of his head.

"Hmm, you little fuck!?! Know who's calling

"Uugghh, " he managed to mutter, drowning
out the sound of the third ring. Attempting to stave off
a massive orgasm, he slowed his pace momentarily, releasing
one of her hips from his steely grip and slapping her ass

"That's it, you motherfucker!" she hissed.
"Spank me! Spank my ass!"

"Oohh, ffuucckk, " he stuttered, his voice
barely audible.

"Yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck . . . my . . . pussy!" she
grunted, the movement of the cock buried deep in her becoming
erratic. "Fuck it . . . fuck my married hole."


"Cum in me!" she demanded as the fourth ring
trilled through the living room. "Cum in my . . . pussy
. . . while my husband . . . waits for me . . . to answer . . . his

The sounds that emanated from Dan's throat began deep
in his stomach. They began as rumbles, rising through his
body, wracking his lungs and chest and throat, before spilling
across his thickened tongue and parched lips.


His body jerked and then became still.

Linda, knowing his orgasm was imminent, rotated her hips
slightly and slammed her pubic bone against the underside
of his quivering shaft, then shoved her ass back against
the young man.

She was instantly rewarded. Her pubic bone coursed along
that sensitive spot that resided at the base of his cock
and triggered the release of a torrent of sperm from his
swollen balls.

Holding her hips there, she jerked them quickly up and down,
alternately relieving and applying pressure. In the dark,
overheated recesses of her pussy, the tip of Dan's
cock opened and super-hot cum splashed against her inner

"Uuuggghhh, " he grunted, his eyes screwed
shut. Loosing his balance, Dan began to fall forward over
the unfaithful whore's back. He caught himself, his
hands bracing his body against the back of the chair.

Below him, Linda felt sweat drip from his chin, his chest,
his stomach, and splash down on her arched back. When he
jerked his hips again, sending his cock deep in her hole
and her pubic bone scraping along the underside of the shaft,
a heat spread along the walls of her pussy as another load
of sperm was deposited inside her.

Dan pushed himself back upright, his strong hands again
closing around Linda's yielding hips. He slowly withdrew
his tingling shaft from the folds of her pussy but quickly
slammed the length of him back into her, pulling roughly
on her hips, holding her tightly against him, as a third
and then fourth stream of cum burst from the tip of his cock,
flooding her battered pussy. He continued to hold the married
woman there, the twitching of his cock subsiding, while
he caught his breath.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Dan leaned back and spanked
Linda's tanned ass while she, too, caught her breath.
"You should probably return that call, " he
suggested still panting.

Still staring out the window, watching the watchers as
they reached the other end of the park, Linda merely shook
her head. "Probably . . . not a good . . . idea, "
she murmured, her body still heaving. She relaxed her torso
against the back of the chair, her chest flattening against
the cowhide, squishing out from beneath her.

"He's probably worried sick about you."

Dan leaned back and allowed his still-fat cock to slip from
her dripping pussy. Leaning back toward the coffee table,
he dug around in Linda's purse until he found her cell
phone. He returned to the chair and moved in behind her again,
his bobbing cock bouncing against her stretched-out pussy
lips. He reached around her and set the phone on top of the
chair-back, just beneath her sweating face.

Linda turned and looked at him questioningly over her shoulder;
a bead of sweat ran down her cheek and he brushed it and a few
stray strands of platinum tresses from her pretty face.

"Just call him he said as he pushed the send button."

Reluctantly, Linda pushed herself off her elbows and picked
up the phone. As she put it to her ear, Dan's strong hands
grasped lightly at her hips and he put the head of his cock
in line with her used hole. Angling his hips slightly, he
moved them forward until the purple head shoved against
her bald lips.

"Hi." Her voice was soft when Tony answered
the phone.

At the same time, Dan pushed forward, his thick cock head
parting Linda’s lips. He grunted softly when he felt her
overheated pussy envelop the leading point of his cock.
Dan slid his cock in just to wet its shaft, slowly he pulled
it free and moving just slightly upward guided it into Linda’s
pucker rose bud.

"Hey. I've been trying to call you, " Linda
barely heard, her attention diverted by the young stud's
blood-engorged shaft as it pushed to enter her forbidden

"I know, " she managed with a grunt. "Couldn't
hear the phone in the club." She paused as the fat cock
shoved its way further into her depths. "I just looked
at Caller ID and saw you called."

"Where are you now?" Tony asked, unaware of
course that Dan's cock had just been thrust between
his wife's undulating ass cheeks sliding deeper into
her tight ass.

"I . . . uh . . . I just go into a . . . a cab, " Linda
stuttered, Dan's strong hands circling around her
chest, filling themselves with breast flesh, Linda’s
burning nipples poking into his palms. "I'm
heading back . . . to the . . . car."

"How was your night?"

"Just fine." Linda bit her lip as Dan pulled
the length of his shaft from her twitching ass until just
the overblown head remained. "How was . . ."

Linda's question was abruptly cut off when Dan slammed
back into her, burying his thick cock, his balls slapping
roughly against her clit.

"Uuuggghhh, " she grunted.

"What was . . ." she heard on the other end of the
phone. "Linda, are you okay?"

"Yeah, " she managed. "Just twisted
my heel. Fuckin' cabs." Linda turned her face
over her shoulder again, her eyes burning into Dan's,
the warning obvious. "Sorry about that. So, how was
your night?"

"Okay. I'm really tired. I think I'll try
to get an earlier flight in the morning."

Behind her, Dan ignored her warning and again crashed his
hips into her. He held himself there, thrust deep into her
now wanton ass.

"Oh, great, " Linda managed to respond, tucking
the phone between her right shoulder and ear. Dan pulled
his cock from her as she rested her chest against the back
of the chair, her massive, breast protruding from the sides
of her slim torso.

Dan pulled his hands from beneath her and grabbed onto her
tanned shoulders, slowly plowing his thick cock into her
before pulling out again.

"I miss you, " Tony said as Dan jerked his hips,
sending his cock into her again.

"I . . . miss . . . you . . . too, " Linda grunted.
Sweat pooled in the small of her back and trickled down between
her ass cheeks, tickling her crinkled asshole. With her
free hand, she reached behind her to wipe the sweat from
her back.

"Call me when you get home, " Tony requested.
He didn't hear Dan's sharp intake of breath as
he watched the married woman's manicured fingers
brush across her ass cheeks, the diamonds of her engagement
ring flashing brightly in his face as she puller her cheeks

"Okay, " she said almost in a whisper, feeling
Dan's thick cock throb where only Tony’s cock had been.

"I love you, Linda."

"Love you, too, sweetie."

Before Linda could shut the phone, Dan gripped her hips
tightly and thrust his cock now completely buried in her
ass. His hips jabbed at her once, then twice, and she felt
him erupt in her, felt his scalding cum splash deep inside

"Oohh, ffuucckk, " Dan grunted as the phone
slipped from her slender fingers, crashing to the hardwood
floor, sliding against the baseboard.

Linda held tightly to the back of the chair as a second burst
of sperm-laden cum spurted from the tip of the young stud's
cock, she could only hope that it had somehow hung up, her
body ripped by yet another orgasm.

"Uuggghhhh, " he groaned, sweat dripping
from his nose and falling to her rippling ass cheeks. His
hips jerked a few more times as the force of his ejaculate
lessened. As his cock began to soften within Linda, he leaned
forward and braced himself against the back of the chair,
trying to catch his breath.

After a few moments, Dan turned, his cock slipping from
between her stretched hole. He took a few steps backward
and collapsed on the couch, his muscular chest still heaving
from the exertion. With his forearm, he wiped the sweat
from his forehead. "Jesus, " he muttered.
"That was fuckin' incredible."

Linda giggled as she squirmed her sweat-drenched and cum-filled
body off the chair, leaving a trail of their combined juices
behind. She flopped down next to him, folding her little
body next to his, and reached out and lightly ran the tips
of her pink nails down the length of his softening cock,
feeling it twitch at her touch.

"You gonna stay a while?" he murmured.

Linda turned her head toward the DVD player, checking the
time. "Un-uh. I better go soon. If I don't get
home soon, Tony will wonder what took so long." As
she headed for the bathroom

"Mm-hm, " Dan responded, drained.

A few minutes later, Linda returned. Dan watched her as
she moved around the living room, breast bouncing as she
gathering the clothes that had been strewn about, his cock
stirring beneath the blanket. "I've heard that
about you, " he mumbled as she pulled her jeans over
her smooth thighs, wiggling her hips to coax them over her
trim waist.

Linda stopped and stared at him, her massive tits jutting
from her slim torso. She paused to pull the Bee Bee tee-shirt
over her head, stretching it over her bulging tits, her
nipples still thick. She adjusted her breast within the
tight top and pulled a pack of gum from the front pocket of
her jeans, popping a piece in her mouth.

Dan turned his head and nearly rolled his eyes at her. 'That
is exactly what you are, ' he thought.

He pulled the blanket off him, revealing his thickening
cock. He shifted again on the couch and sat up, scooting
his ass closer to the edge of the cushion and spreading his

Having slipped her heels back on, she looked up to find Dan's
erect cock jutting from his groin, and her eyes floated
up to his. She smiled a coy smile. "What?" she
asked softly.

Dan just raised an eyebrow and turned his eyes toward his
pussy-slackened shaft. Looking back at her, he crooked
a finger at her, beckoning her close.

Slowly, Linda moved toward the young stud until she stood
in front of him, her eyes alternately looking into his own
and down at his thick, sticky cock.

"In the cabinet next to the refrigerator is a bottle
of olive oil, " he informed her.

Her brow furrowed in confusion. "So?" she responded

"Go get it."

Linda stood still, not following his command.

Dan leaned forward. Slowly, he reached a hand up to one of
the married woman's firm tits, pushing the fleshy
mound upward slightly. He released it and watched as it
fell, jiggling. He then ran his hand over the cotton-covered
flesh until his palms brushed over a distended nipple.

Linda's eyes eased closed. "Oh, god, "
she muttered under her breath. Her pink tongue darted out
and swept across her shiny lips.

Dan's thumb and forefinger closed around the nipple,
applying light pressure to the blood-engorged teat. Linda
shuddered and he pinched a little harder, twisting the
nipple in a counterclockwise direction. She trembled
and one of her knees seemed to buckle.

"Go get it, " he repeated, releasing the thick
nipple from his grasp.

Linda stepped away from her young aggressor and, on rubbery
legs, walked into the kitchen. Dan heard the scrape of the
bottle along the cabinet and then the cabinet's door
shutting with a thud. A moment later, Linda was standing
before him again.

"Um, what do you want me to do with it?" she asked.

"Pour some in your palm, and a little along my cock."

Linda did as she was instructed, dropping to her knees between
his widespread legs. She poured a heavy dose of oil along
Dan's shaft and then cupped her left hand, filling
it with oil. She then wrapped her little fist around his
now hard cock and glided it up and down the length, spreading
the lubricant liberally along the overheated flesh.

Dan dropped back into the couch as his cock thickened in
the married woman's fist. He watched as her pink nails
and diamond-encrusted ring finger became a blur on his
cock. He arched his hips, fucking her fist.

"Oh, gawd, " he moaned, his cock throbbing
each time the back of her engagement ring caught on one of
his blood-engorged viens.

He suddenly sat up again, reaching for the bottom hem of
her tee-shirt. He folded it up, exposing her taut, tanned
stomach, and then folded it again such that the lower half
of the shirt was now folded up and over her breast.

He scooted forward further, sliding his ass to the edge
of the cushion, and, using the adulterous whore's
shoulders for leverage, pulled her torso toward his twitching
cock. He lifted the front of the Baby Gap tee-shirt just
enough to slide his cock underneath it.

Taken by surprise, Linda didn't realize what was happening
until Dan's overheated and oil-slickened cock slid
into her tee-shirt and between her d-cupped monsters.

"What are you . . .!" she exclaimed before Dan
cut her off.

"Just push 'em together!" he commanded
her, bucking his hips up, sending his slick cock further
into her tight cleavage.

Linda lifted her tanned hands to the sides of her tits and
pushed them together, tightening the tunnel that snuggly
held Dan's cock. Her slender fingers and pink manicured
nails wrapped around her inflated chest, the soft flesh
molding itself to the inflamed shaft.

Below her, Dan did all the work. His hips repeatedly bucked
and jerked, his thick, blood-engorged cock slicing up
and down between the married woman's enormous tits.

"Oh, fuck, " he muttered, sweat forming on
his brow again. "So . . . fuckin' . . . good."

Linda got into it. She shoved her chest at him, timing her
lunges with his thrusts. Every time Dan arched his hips
to send his cock deeper into her cleavage, Linda thrust
her massive tits at him, crashing her breastbone against
the sensitive base at the underside of his cock.

"Fuck my tits, you bastard, " she grunted.
The olive oil started to stain the front of her tee-shirt,
leaving a long, vertical streak that darkened the fabric
right over her cleavage.

Dan's head lolled back and forth, his eyes screwed
shut in ecstasy.

"You like . . . having your . . . cock . . . in my . . . breast?"
Linda inquired needlessly, biting hard on the last words.
"Like fucking . . . the tits . . . of a . . . married . . .

Dan merely grunted below her, unable to form words or even
thoughts, so thick and parched was his tongue.

"Open . . . your . . . eyes . . . Dan, " she commanded.

Dan's eyes eased open. With his cock buried between
her hot, oily tits, he was putty in her hands.

"Can't . . . see . . . your cock . . . buried . . . in
there . . . can you? . . . Only the sparkle . . . of my . . . rings!"

"Uugghh, " he groaned, sweat streaming down
his cheek now.

"Cum . . . all . . . over . . . my . . . tits!" she grunted,
sliding her massive, oil-slickened tits down the length
of his shaft, brutally slamming her breastbone against
the base of his cock, holding it there.

The pressure at the base of his cock was exquisite. Cum churned
in his balls and Dan's hands flew to the edge of the cushions,
gripping them tightly, his knuckles turning white.

Uuuggghhh, " he grunted, his previously heaving
body rigid now.

Above him, her elbows pointed out and her long, slender
fingers tightly gripping her inflated tits, Linda shoved
them together harder. "Cum!" she demanded.
"Shoot your . . . cum . . . all over . . . my married . . .

Before the filthy words spilled from Linda's shiny
pink lips, Dan's trembling cock erupted within the
confines of her Baby Gap tee-shirt. Unseen by either, the
spongy cockhead turned bright purple and lost all its texture,
taking on a smooth, glossy appearance. The veins criss-crossing
the hardened rod throbbed.

A moment later, the soft cotton fabric darkened where the
head of his cock lay, the stain spreading outward.

His body convulsed as a second torrent of scalding cum spilled
from the tip of his cock, saturating the tee-shirt covering
the married woman's mammoth tits. It slid down the
length of his cock and between her heaving, store-bought
mounds, dripping down her torso, appearing from beneath
the ruined shirt as it oozed down her taut stomach muscles.

"Oh, fuck, " Dan panted, his body calming,
his convulsions slowing. "Holy shit."

Linda squeezed her tits tighter around his softening shaft,
coaxing free any cum that remained in his balls. After humping
her immense cleavage against him for a few moments, she
peeled the soaked top up and over her cum-splattered tits,
setting Dan's cock free. It fell to his stomach with
an audible slap.

She sat back on her haunches and surveyed the mess that used
to be her tee-shirt and slapped him lightly on the thigh.

"Now what am I going to do?" Linda whined playfully.
"I can't go out on the street with this thing."

Slumped in the corner of the couch, catching his breath,
Dan pointed absently behind him, toward the dining room.
"Take mine, " he breathed.

Getting to her feet, Linda pulled her shirt over her head
and mopped up the sticky cum that glazed her tits and stomach
and retrieved Dan's shirt from the table. Pulling
it on, she sauntered into the living room, crossing behind
the couch and running her manicured nails through his damp

"All right, " she said lightly. "This
time I really gotta go."

Dan looked her way and nodded. "I'm glad you came

She giggled softly, looking down her chest, noticing her
engorged nipples tenting the extra-large tee-shirt.
"Me, too." She leaned over him and kissed him
hard on the mouth, her silky tongue invading his mouth.
"Call me sometime?"


Linda straightened up and strutted toward the door, her
tight little bottom swaying provocatively within the
tight confines of her jeans. When her hand was on the doorknob,
Dan called out to her.

"Hey. When you talk to Tony later, tell him you ran
into me and I say hello."

Linda turned to look at the young man that had just fucked
her pussy raw and smiled a brilliant smile. "I will,
sweetie. Hopefully he'll remember you."

"Oh, I'm sure he will, Linda. Just tell him I'm
Lyn's friend that he met in the pool house. I'm
sure that'll jog his memory."

Linda knew it would, as she had heard the story already.
And now she had one to tell him.

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hot damn that's good


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Damn, one of the hottest stories in a long time.


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One of the first ones I've seen in ages not littered
with spelling mistakes and bad grammar too. Good story.


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WoW great story...more please


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Damn it's hot in here! I want to be her.

I love being me!


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Was the phone still on when she dropped it? And she never
recovered it before she left. What if her husband heard
all? Now that would be an interesting sequel.


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Thank You for writing Ma'am.