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Night out.


One night after my late wife and i had been out dancing , we
were feeling friskier than norma. Oh ok we were both horny
. We decided to stop by the local adult book store just to
see what was going on. In the back of the store was a arcade
.We got some change and headed to the back and found what
we thought was the perfect booth.

We had been there before and lets just say the booth was our
lucky one. They were big enough for two but only one chair
. We could hear the video in one of the booths next to us playing
and could see some movement through the hole. Pretty soon
a hand came through the hole and i noticed it was a small hand
with a wedding ring on. Next thing i new my wife got right
up and straddled the hand and let it start to play with her
pussy. Both women seemed to be really enjoying them selves
and my wife reached over and started to unzip my pants. I
had gone commando that night so it didn't take her long
to get my dick out and start to stroke it. My wife turned around
and backed up to the hole as the girl in the other booth started
to lick her pussy through the hole.

This freed up my wife mouth for me to put my dick in, and she
was an excellent cock sucker. Wife's breathing was
getting more rapid as she was about to come the first time.
Not wanting to come yet i pulled out and let her continue.
When she came she came loud but luckily the video's
were up high.

My wife bent down and the girl from the other side asked her
if she could join us. We told her hell yes. It was a tight fit
but we all got in. She was a thin gal with tits a little smaller
than my wife's . My wife told the girl to sit in the chair
and she got down on all fours and went straight for her pussy.
It was clean shaven and so wet it shimmered in the little bit of light we had.

Since i was not just going to stand there i lifted my wife
skirt up and slipped my dick in and pounded away. She kept
telling me to give it to her hard so i did. Wasn't long
and i blew my load in her pussy.

By now there was another person in the booth on each side
of us. The ladies stopped and each grabbed another cock
and started to suck them . Not wanting to feel left out i slipped
behind our new friend and slipped my cock in her as she finished
of the man in the booth next to us. It was then that the guy
in the other booth blew his load all over my wife's big
ass tits.

Exhausted , we said our good byes and cleaned up best as possible
and left. I am sure everyone could see the cum on the wife's
top as we walked out smiling ear to ear.

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what a hot story not easy to get.


OakKing421 50 M
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pity your wife is gone ...may she watch over you from Heaven and wait for you in a well appointed mansion to spend eternity in