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Nicole's Seduction


I have been writing this for a friend on Adult FriendFinder
for some time. It is not nearly complete and I have left in
some of the pauses as part of it was written whilst I was working
out-of-town over the holiday weekends. Sometimes, after
a full day of work, I'd get back to the hotel and write
a bit for her until tiredness overcame me, then I would sign
off. I have left those portions intact for now. I also have
not edited it for content nor grammar. That can come later.
She is a very sexy girl and asked me to write something involving
her being seduced so this is what came to me. I hope that it
fulfills her expectations when it's finished:

Nicole’s Seduction

Nicole’s Seduction Nicole, it has been a long tedious and tiring flight with
the typical assortment of asshats, babies (both literal
and figurative) and non-entities including a few nice
and decent people thrown in. No one of particular interest
in your section but you did glance a tall, lithe and distinguished
looking gentleman in first class. You could see by the cut
of his suit that he was European but not English you thought
in that momentary consideration. French maybe? Something
about the cut of his suit, certainly not Saville Row, Perhaps
Italian. In any case, in a few moments he was out of your mind
as you focused on your duties.

You are on an R.O.N. to Frisco and you gather your belongings
and get to the hotel, rather nice, but unfortunately not
with a view of the bay and the lights of the city. You are just
too beat to avail yourself of anything which San Francisco
has to offer of a culinary nature and Gawd, what a selection
it has, so you resolve yourself to having a cocktail and
something to eat in the rather upscale lounge.

You watch as the bartender prepares a gin martini by using
Bombay Blue Sapphire, Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth
and an ice-cold glass. He shakes it getting the mixture
close to freezing, and adds a toothpick with two large olives
reminding you of your last lover’s large testicles as
well as a small amount of olive juice…you like it dirty,
just like your sex. As you knock back the first swallow of
this highly volatile mixture, tasting almost like pure
juniper berry flavored alcohol, you feel yourself begin
to relax and you exhale deeply, feeling it and allowing
the aromatic vapors to cause your face to flush slightly,
those gorgeous, prominent cheek-bones aglow.

You hear a, masculine and foreign voice say “Do you mind
if I sit adjacent to you, there’s nowhere else to sit”
and you decide French, but with an odd inflection, and you
turn your head to see the older man in the suit. Late 40’s
you’d guess with the easy grace of an athlete and with
a slim yet broad swimmer’s build that fills out the jacket
of his suit nicely. You discreetly glance downward and
his pants appear to be nicely filled out as well.

He catches you at it and you blush a little. He gives you his
hand and Says “I’m Jean Veloise, what is your name?”
You uncharacteristically lower your eyes and demurely
say “Nicole, what brings you to Frisco?” “I am the
Vice-President of North American Sales for FN-Herstal.
It’s near Liege, Belgium. I’m here to conclude a contract
with the San Francisco Police department to replace their
sidearms with, let’s say, a more modern alternative.”
“You mean like the 5.7? pronouncing it FiveSeven, and
saying it in French. He looks at you with new interest. “You
are familiar with the FiveSeven?” He asks in French and
then adds, I appreciate you speaking in my native language
but in North America, I prefer to speak English unless I
am in Quebec. It helps me improve my oral abilities. You
hear yourself blurt out, “I’m sure that your oral abilities
are fine” and as you do you hope that he doesn’t understand
the colloquialism of your double entendre’.

Yes, I have shot one that a friend owns a number of times.
It’s a hot little piece. (just like you I must add.) He
takes a good look at you now, appreciating your fine, lithe
and lean body, complementary to his own tall, wide and lean
build, your dark blonde leonine main, your sultry sensual
beauty and dark blue smoldering eyes with a new and deeper
appreciation. “Yes it is”, he responds. “but not really suited
for police work. We have another pistol available in .40
or 9mm which is much better as a police handgun. It’s powerful
enough for the job and doesn’t have the overpenetration
issues of the fiveseven. You think to yourself, “I’d
like to have some overpenetration issues with you” and
smile a bit to yourself at the thought. He catches your smile
and asks “You are amused by law enforcement armaments?”
“No”, you respond, “Just weaponry in general”
the continued double entendre’ ever present and adding
to a sense of sexual tension implied. “I must shoot with
you someday” he ejaculates, his accent giving a sensual

“We have a factory and shooting range in South Carolina.
Perhaps you would like to visit our facility at some time”
He says in a friendly and open manner. “I would like that,
thank you” you say. “It would give me great pleasure
to show you around” he says, and the subtle emphasis he
places on the phrase ‘great pleasure’ makes it plain
that he has an interest in you which exceeds that of taking
you on a tour of the factory and testing facilities.

You have finally finished your drink and he asks the bartender
for a second one for you and the same for him. You know that
you shouldn’t have a second one but you don’t wish to
seem rude. You both start sipping the strong cocktails
and he says “I am very impressed by the view afforded by
my suite. San Francisco is a beautiful city.” “Yes
it is”, you reply. “I just wish that I were here for other
purposes than work. And my room doesn’t have much of a
view I’m afraid. “I noticed you in the plane” he says.
“You are a very attractive woman Nicole and you exude
your sensuality without effort or pretense”. You shudder
a little and feel a flush down in your genitals, a slight
swelling and the beginnings of the moisture which indicates
that you are coming into heat.

He continues…” It would be my pleasure to allow you
to view this beautiful city properly, as befitting a woman
of equal if not greater beauty” he says and from anyone
else it might seem a bit over the top but he makes it so obviously
from his heart that yours beats aflutter just a bit hearing
it. “That would be nice, but what about our drinks” you
respond, seeking to put him off but knowing in your heart
that you really, really want to go with him. Just putting
on a resistive front for the face-saving sense of it. “Not
to worry” he drolly replies, and rather than embarrassing
you by either taking them with you or having them sent up,
he says “I shall order fresh ones from room service to
preserve your honor. Leave here and come to my suite in fifteen
minutes. That will give you enough time to shower and dress
in something more comfortable…and revealing. You can
put an overcoat on atop whatever you decide to wear for me.
My suite number is 1080”

Your face burns with a bit of guilty shame but you so want
to experience this man, wondering what it will be like,
will he be attractive ‘down there’? you have a feeling
that he will be, his well-made hands and face a possible
indication of his other individual features but there’s
only one way to find out and you haven’t had a decent fucking,
any fucking actually, for almost a week when a local lover,
a regular who knows exactly how to trip your trigger, fucked
you for about four hours straight on your last day off. Getting
you off at least twelve times, including two squirting
orgasms, one with his mouth and fingers and a second with
his thick penis and beautiful, bulbous head but that was
then and this is now and your pussy has an itch which is rapidly
becoming in need of scratching. You are beginning to ache
with your need now that you are relaxed from work…Maslow’s
hierarchy being what it is, and, forgetting about your
hunger, you nod your head in tacit agreement…

{I’m getting a bit tired Nicole and rather than turning
out work with which I may later be wholly dissatisfied,
I think that I shall revisit it again tomorrow. I want you
to let me know if you enjoy the way this is playing out so far.
Don’t be shy or concerned with sparing my feelings. Any
writer must endure the editing process and the critique
of their friends and confidants. I would like to earn your
friendship irrespective of if we become lovers. I have
no doubts that if we do, it will prove interesting in the
best meanings of the phrase but timing and desire have to
cum together and they don’t always do so. XOXO and sleep
well (after you have been properly fucked of course). Michael. 12-20-14}

You leave the lounge without seeming to pay him any significant
mind and head to your room where you quickly and efficiently
strip off your clothes, exposing your slim, supple yet
muscular torso and legs, firm breasts and already tingly
and erect nipples and that lovely, luscious and libidinous
sex, already pouting and moistened in insatiate anticipation.
You luxuriate in the shower, slowly soaping every delicious
inch of your naked body, making sure that every bit of you
is squeaky clean just in case his oral abilities and proclivities
extend beyond the mundane and you gradually turn the water
hotter and hotter until it is almost to the point of scalding,
bringing your blood to the surface and opening up your pores
just as you are almost aching to open up to this attractive
Belgian executive.

You briskly rub yourself down with a towel, there’s really
no time to fuck with your hair in any major way so you opt to
tie it back in a ponytail and you apply a bit of make-up, throw
on a sheer and silky chemise with the overcoat atop it and
off you go.

You softly knock on the door to suite 1080 and within ten
seconds it opens. He is standing there in a silk dressing
gown which looks like it came from Sulka’s or perhaps
Brioni given the timeless styling of the garment. He warmly
looks into your eyes and says “I am pleased to welcome
you Nicole. Thank you for doing me the honor of coming”.
You smile back at him and say “Mais c'est mon plaisir
mon sieur”. “Ah, but we are to speak only English, Mon
petit chat” he answers back with a smile, and you laugh
sparklingly at his little bit of irony. Your eyes adjust to the dim light and you see that there are
candles emplaced throughout the visible areas of the suite
rendering the ambiance warm and sensuous and inviting
and he softly takes your arm, his torso subtly yet evocatively
brushing your own as he does so. You feel your nipples harden
once again and a slight tingling rush in your sex which is
exponentially increased as you walk with him deeper into
the environs of his quarters, your thighs and the silkiness
of your own chemise lightly tugging upon and rubbing against
your clitoris, making your labia start to swell and the
first hint of wetness to evidence itself between those
succulent lips.

He brings you into the living area and through it onto a generous
balcony equipped with several comfortable chairs and
a small table upon which you see he has had delivered a pair
of martini glasses, and a cocktail shaker which obviously
contains more of the potent mixture. He has, you also note,
had the forethought to have room service provide you with
a very nice selection of hors d’oeuvres. You appreciate
the gesture and the empathetic perspicacity behind it.
You tell him so. “I haven’t had a chance to eat much today.
Thank you for looking out for me”. “But it is my pleasure.
I am glad to be your good host. “, he replies as you look
westward into the Pacific void seeing the city by the bay
unfold before you. A sharp intake of breath and you say “It’s
beautiful!” “Yes”, he says “Our corporate travel
department has outdone themselves. But please, do sit
down Nicole, and have a small repast so that you do not lose
your strength.” You know that this is an oblique reference
to the sexual energy which you will likely soon be expending
and you blush a little hoping that he doesn’t see it in
the dim light. “There is nothing of which to be ashamed
my little lioness” he says. “You and I are to be lovers
tonight and we will take our full pleasure in each other
in so doing. There is no reason to be distressed by the truth”.
“L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace.”
You think to yourself and giggle a little at the phrase employed
by Napoleon and later made famous in America by George Patton
Jr., but it’s true, what Jean has stated, the obvious,
that you will be lovers tonight and you both want to experience
the other, their aura, their psyche and most certainly
their corporeal body with all of its exquisite abilities
to experience and cede pleasure.

You pop a bacon-wrapped smoked oyster in your mouth and
revel in its rich flavor and varied texture as he says “I
enjoy the way you have pulled back your hair. It makes you
look like a teenager on the cusp of full womanhood and accentuates
your beautiful cheekbones” And this renews your self-assurance
in not taking the time to affix it in a more formal way. “It’s
very kind of you to say so”, you reply as he feasts upon
an oyster himself and then spreads some room-temperature
brie onto a wafer and presents it to you. Your smoky cerulean
eyes stare into his, noticing even in the dim light how green
they are, with hints of gold flecks…amazing, and you
feel your breath catch a bit with the beauty of them, before
you remember yourself and open your sensuous lips to receive
the gooey, flavorful morsel…the cheese, that is.

{OK, Nicole, again, I’m tired and wish this to be a fulfillment
of your desire so I shall have to continue it soon. Perhaps
we will get to the point of Your and Jean’s intimacy at
some point. Lol. XOXO and only the sweetest of dreams may
you remember upon awakening. MWP}

As you savor the flavorful and texturally interesting
cheese/cracker combination, Jean moves to stand behind
you and places two rather large and well-manicured hands
upon your shoulders, softly and sensually. He begins to
knead the tension from an across country flight out of your
body as his hands work magic upon your tired muscles. Ohhhhhh,
you softly groan with the pleasure of a cat who’s stomach
is being rubbed. “That is what you need, yes?” he asks.
“Oh yes Sir, I’ll give you about a week to stop doing
that” you reply.

He cocks his head slightly at this wondering…yet as he
works the knots of tension and toxins out of your slim yet
muscular and well-formed back, rather than leave his question
hanging he asks in a soft yet direct manner “Nicole, are
you a submissive in your sexual intimacy with a lover?”
And somewhat shyly you respond “I often tend to like it
when my lover takes control” He finishes “And makes
you do what you really want to do in any case, thus giving
you the permission and allowance to let yourself experience
what you really want to experience and to let go fully as
well. And of course, ultimately, to be able to reach that
space where you feel small and insignificant so that you
can achieve your own nirvana. It is very common with people
of authority such as yourself…and people in executive
positions. But for myself, I prefer to be in control even
in the bedroom” he explained.

You nod your head demurely as he continues to work a little
lower on your back through the thin and silky material of
the chemise, using his strong and powerful palms and fingers
to work on your lats, seeming to almost separate the very
muscle fibers and leave you feeling languid and relaxed
for the first time in several days. You almost jump in surprise
as you feel his soft, pillowy lips brush the juncture of
your neck and shoulder as he softly inhales your scent and
like an animal of the hunt, he uses his sense of smell to ascertain
the chemical composition of his prey… your very slight
fear of the unknown and your much stronger sexual desire
for this intriguing stranger.

The fact that he obviously appreciates your sultry, leonine
and slightly pensive beauty gives you a sense of passion
for him and comfort for what you anticipate will be a very
rewarding evening, so as you continue to talk, enjoy the
food, drinks and the soft cool breeze as well as the beautiful
scene rolled out before you, it is with great pleasure and
anticipation for you both that he stands once again behind
you, enfolds you within his arms as they softly encase your
lovely and responsive breasts and kisses you, your mouth
tilted up to meet his as your bodies slowly and rhythmically
grind together in harmonic balance.

His hands move to encircle your slim, sexy hips as he first
kisses and then lightly bites your neck and shoulder and
you moan as you shift your hips backward to meet his own and
then let out a sharp gasp as you feel something very large
and heavy contact your buttocks. God he is very well hung
you think to yourself…what an additional erotic treat!
You are going to get fucked and stretched, and if your ass
cheeks are any judge, you will get bottomed as well.

MmmmmmmHmmmmm, you softly murmur as you shift your buttocks
to lightly engage his obviously large penis, still not
fully tumescent. You move them back and forth and in movements
which match the slow and sensuous cool jazz softly playing
on the suite’s sound system and he reaches up and forward
to enfold your taught, sexy breasts and those lovely nipples
as they reach their own state of erection.

“If I am to be your master for this night, we must reach
certain agreements before we commence our lovemaking”
he says. “I understand” you reply, not willing to take
the lead in this game, already knowing your place.

“Do you enjoy the judicious application of pain, Nicole?”
he asks, totally serious and studying your slightest reaction
to his question. “Yes’ you respond “but only when it’s used to enhance my pleasure. It
doesn’t give me pleasure in and of itself”. “I fully
understand, Nicole” he responds “and I shall ensure
that anything that I do is done with care and forethought
even when we are in the midst of intense passion. Do you trust
me in this?” he asks. “I do trust you” you respond.
And you realize that indeed you do trust this stranger for
some reason.

He tells you “Lean over and grasp the railing, Nicole”
and you do so as he lifts your silky chemise up over your hips,
exposing your sultry buttocks to the cool night air and
causing your flesh to rise in goosebumps as well as your
nipples to become once again fully erect and sensitive.
He pulls himself down behind your now exposed nether regions
and begins to softly kiss you, your buttocks, the rear of
your thighs and your hips, even rising up to kiss those two
little dimples above your butt, that which some have called
God’s thumbprints, as his hands slowly move toward your
hungry breasts and finally, his hot, moist lips begin to
oh, so very slowly caress your beautiful pussy from the

He begins to tenderly yet intensely kneed your hard nipples
as he goes to work on you, sucking lightly upon your lips,
each in turn, running a pointed tongue up and down the length
of your cleft, savoring the moisture contained therein,
causing you to gasp by stabbing what feels like a yard of
tongue within your sweet, wet hole and shocking you into
moans of erotic pleasure by doing the same to your sensitive
back door, causing the tingly nerves contained therein
to come alive with intense pleasure.

Your beautiful pussy is so very wet and swollen now that
the least little flick of his tongue against your button
is enough to cause you to cry out, shudder and cum against
his face. His deeply vibrating moans of approval intensifying
and lengthening your orgasm for what seems to you like an
eternity but which is, in reality no more than forty to forty
five seconds, yet still, it’s power is enough to make
your legs shake and he must release your captive breasts
and nipples, radiating additional shocks of passion,
in order to grasp your hips and steady you as you lean your
arms against the low enclosure to the balcony.

While he continues to support you, his body rises above
yours and you feel the giant head of his big cock poised at
your now fully wet and wanton entrance. He stands there
at your honey hole and you feel the soft foreskin roll back
and the much harder and smoother helmet kiss you as it becomes
exposed. A sharp intake of breath and you can’t help yourself
as you push back against him, feeling the extreme broadness
of him begin to split you open. Your eyes widen in pleasurable
pain as his head slowly makes way into you and finally, with
a satisfying grunt, you feel it slide completely within
the confines of your tight cunt.

Now, it’s his turn to take you and he slowly works his very
big, meaty and rampantly rigid member slowly into your
body until you can feel it stretching your insides with
a pressure of almost unbelievable intense pleasure. You
reach back to push your hand against his torso down by that
sexy vee of muscle above his groin and your eyes widen yet
again as your hand encloses around an entire fist-length
section of his beautiful cock still residing outside of
you. He softly yet firmly slaps your hand away and deliberately
proceeds to press himself fully within your walls. You begin to cry out in intensely sensual anguish as you
feel his penis fully seat itself inside of you and nudge
against the neck of your womb as it does so.

He begins to slowly move within you, withdrawing about
half of his substantial length and girth, which you estimate
to be at least nine and an half inches by seven given the pleasure
you are feeling and your cries intensify as you begin to
cum on that monster cock. Ever faster he moves, and with
ever greater power and intensity until you can’t believe
that he’s slamming into you with so much force and abandon.
It’s everything that you can do to hold on to the railing
as he grasps your hips and cries out “Mon Dieu” again
and again as you cum upon his cock again and again… To be
continued, Nicole. All in all, not a bad way to spend sitting
at my desk at work. Lol!

“Nicole, I wish you to take the chemise from your shoulders
for me” he says, after the both of you have recaptured
your breath, and you do so, baring your shoulders to the
cool and moist evening air. You nipples grow as hard as diamonds
and he softly grasps your head and turns it so that first
your eyes and then your lips meet in a passionate kiss. You
keep your eyes open, your dark blue orbs staring into his
almost golden ones and you feel yourself grow a bit dizzy
and weak as you stare into each others' souls and your
lips seek to possess each other. As his hand controls your head, firmly wrapped around the
back of your neck, his other reaches around and strokes
your nipples, feeling their hardness, their sensitivity
and responsiveness. He turns you so that your lips can meet
in a sensuous and passionate kiss. His tongue lightly grazes
your slightly parted lips, then his lips suck softly upon
your succulent ones as a slight moan escapes them.

You feel his cock, fully engorged now and throbbing with
the beat of his heart and you can’t help yourself as you
reach down, unfasten his sash, reach within and cup it with
your hand. Your eyes get a bit big as you realize the size
of it and your kitty gets really, really wet as you contemplate
what that pussy wrecker is going to do to you when it splits
you wide open.

As you run your hand up and down its length, he continues
to kiss you, his tongue deftly probing yours as they both
intertwine in a dance of titillating delight and you feel
a drop of pre-cum at the tip as your fingers pull his hooded
glans free. You use your thumb to rub it around it’s underside
and he moans deep in his chest in appreciation of your talents.
He turns you around as you keep your hold upon him and he grasps
your head in both of his large hands, cupping you around
the ears, his thumbs softly stroking your jawbones on both
sides as his long, strong fingers intertwine with your
hair and pull your mouth closer to him as your kissing becomes
deeper, more intense and frenzied and you again get a bit
breathless and dizzy with the focused feeling which it

Suddenly, he reaches down with both hands and with a practiced
and smooth motion picks you up, his two large and powerful
hands cupping your buttocks as you in turn, wrap your thighs
around his torso, your pussy wide, willing and wanton as
the head of his cock poises itself at your opening. You feel
the helmet, swollen and smooth, enter you until it is fully
ensconced within your hot, wet hole, the pressure significant
and sweet and he controls the depth of his penetration as
you whine and wriggle with pleasure, trying to capture
more of his length within your depths.

Your juices run down the length of that big, thick shaft,
and he allows a bit more of it to enter your lovely and swollen
chamber and you can’t help but bite down upon his shoulder,
at the juncture of his neck, his swollen trap muscle giving
you something to lightly bear down upon as you take his thickness
within you. He begins to piston you up and down upon his shaft,
gradually introducing more and more of that rock-hard
and huge cock inside of you, the broad dimensions of his
penis indeed splitting you open as each wet inch of you is
slowly engaged by it.

Your head is rocking from side to side now, an almost sobbing
cry of acquiescence escaping you as about half his length
is now powerfucking your tight, wet hole. “Oh God, Oh
God, Oh God” you moan out again and again as with each jackhammer
drop of you down upon him, just a tiny bit more of his manhood
enters you. Finally, with a grunt of gratifying satisfaction on his
part, and a soft cry of painfully pleasurable joy on yours,
it becomes entirely seated within you, stretching the
entrance to your womb every time he drops you down fully
upon himself. You feel yourself begin to swell even further
as you start to reach your orgasmic plateau and in spite
of yourself, you begin to cum, grasping his neck and shoulders
with your arms, your legs wrapped around his torso as you
ride wave after wave of prurient pleasure overtakes your
body, your mind, your being so that it obliterates all thought
and consciousness until you are left with just the basic
fundamentals of existence, breathing, your cardiopulmonary
system functioning and your sweet pussy throbbing in orgasmic
intensity which radiates to and through your spinal column
up to your brain exploding therein.

You shake your head from side to side, your beautiful blond
mane whipping against him as the seemingly endless pleasure
seems to expand in concentric circles like ripples in a
pond from a tossed pebble. He effortlessly carries you
into the candle-lit bedroom and places you atop the bed,
his throbbing penis withdrawn as he does so. You feel a palpable
sense of loss through your dim consciousness but as he begins
to softly smack your pussy and clit with the flat of his fingers
you feel an intense rush of sensual passion which causes
you to cum once again. This time, you feel your pussy wanting
to seemingly come out of its confines and instead of fighting
the feeling that you have to pee, knowing that he is your
master for this night, you go with it and squirt your juices
all over Jean’s hand. “Yes, my little cat, cum for me”
he says as you continue to let loose a tiny torrent of humectation.

He sees how your pussy is soooo very swollen and he emplaces
two fingers inside of you tightly gripping tunnel as he
uses the palm of his hand to now rub rapidly back and forth
against your clit with a soft but steady rocking pressure
which enables you to continue giving him your sex juice.
Now he begins to slam his fingers in and out of you, faster
and faster, seemingly in a blur as the thick, smooth meat
of his palm butts into your button with such beautiful pressure
and rapidity that you cry out as your orgasm intensifies
and continues beyond what you thought possible. Finally,
you just can’t take it and as your head shakes back and
forth, you manage to push his wrist enough so that he knows
that you need to take a break from the powerful pleasures
radiating through you.

Your lips meet again in tender and passionate embrace as
he gently sucks first on your top lip, and then the succulent
bottom one, pausing to lightly kiss each as well while you
respond by sucking upon his full lips and even go so far as
to playfully insert your tongue just inside them. He takes
this for the offer which it is, and sucks upon the tip of your
tongue, snaking his own out delicately to flick back and
forth, neither rapidly nor too slowly but rather with a
legato movement, smooth and connected that makes you and
him pant with wanton desire for more of each other. Your head seems to spin a bit with the intensity and he leans
you back so that your back plops down as your legs part a bit
involuntarily with the physics of gravity. He shrugs himself
out of his dressing gown, revealing that magnificent taut
and wide swimmers build, covered with a dark-blond hair
across his chest, with a line of slightly denser hair, making
it appear darker, running down his torso, seemingly like
an arrow pointing to the object of your desire.

It… long, thick and throbbing, appears to rise up to meet
that flocculent cursor and you have the overwhelming desire
to suck it and make it yours. “Sir, I need to feel you in
my mouth”, you hear yourself utter and you can see by the
increased tension in it, the slight swelling evidencing
itself, that your words have stirred his irresistible
lust still further, but as you start to rise, he pushes you
back lightly and says “not yet my cat. I must feel you surrounding
me with your lovely womanhood yet again before I can allow
you to take me in that way, because when you do, I fear that
I shall not be able to resist reaching completion with you”.

Instead, He places the large head of his shaft against your
cleft and softly rubs you. Up and down, up and down, again
and again until the moisture starts yet again and a soft
moan of anticipatory pleasure escapes you throat. He positions
himself at your entrance skillfully with just the motion
of his pelvis as both of his hands encircle your delicate
ankles, so that as he lifts and opens them, you gape open
just enough so that he can slip inside of you, as you feel
the delicious stretch yet again and the grabbing in the
pit of your stomach as your most responsive and susceptible
nerve are engaged. You bite your fist to keep from crying
out with the pleasure of it as he easily and steadily glides
further into you. The feeling of joyous pressure is palpable
as the sweet length, the thickness of his organ continues
its way inside of you, your body clutches at it as your stomach
continues its shocky response.

He pauses, withdraws so that just the tip is still within
you and with a smooth movement, prurient, practiced and
with intense passion, as he gazes into your eyes, half-closed
with lust, begins to move in and out of you, his head and shaft
engaging and pressuring your bundle of nerves with each
easy yet powerful pump. “Ooohhhhh!” you moan, “Fuck
me like that” as you find it incredibly difficult to resist
cumming once again…and so soon that you feel almost embarrassed.
“Mmmmmmmm, yes my pet” he responds, deeply and with
resonance which makes you shiver a bit and your nipples
to become as hard as jewels. He increases the length and
power of his strokes into you, even speeding them a bit so
that you begin to cry out “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”
again and again as you start to slip over the edge so that
nothing exists for you but the waves of pleasure.

He drops your legs and begins to slam into you, his body welded
to yours as you wrap your legs around him, your feet locking
around his lower back so that you can hold on through the
pounding pleasurable and welcome violation of your body.
You continue to respond to him, to cum for him and you feel
your beautiful hair sticking to your forehead with the
heat and moisture as your eyes are closed in wanton abandon,
the better to focus on the climax shredding your body, from
its core throughout its farthest reaches. Wave after wave
of intense, almost painful pleasure so that time has little
relevance…{Time for me to get up for work…TBC later.}

Finally, he slows his pace to allow you to still get the aftershocks
but not to edge toward still another orgasm and he says,
“Nicole, please be so kind as to roll over upon your stomach”.
“Yes Sir”, you reply and thence comply. You feel his
body move off the bed and he goes to a drawer extracting a
silk handkerchief which he folds corner to corner in such
a way that he can then tie it around your head acting effectively
as a blindfold. You then feel him take both your wrists within
his large hand, encircling both within it and you feel something…a
leather belt? Yes, drawn around them and then wrapped again
and again until the tongue is tucked underneath the wrap
effectively binding them together.

You can again sense that he has moved away and you wait…and
wait. After a few minutes, which seem much longer he approaches
you and you feel him trail something soft and diffuse yet
with some weight from your buttocks slowly up to your shoulders.
“What the fuck is that?” you wonder only to have the
realization, which gives you a slight thrill of both fear
and excitement that he has brought out a leather flog to
both entice and torture you with. “Oh, shit!” you think.
“This is going to be a long night!”

He continues to lightly drag the implement over your torso,
first up and down, then slowly across, tickling your ribs
and the sides of your right breast when as it is removed,
you feel it crack across your ass cheek, the sting and insult
causing you to give an involuntary sharp intake of breath.
A pause and another crack, this time, the opposite upper
thigh, even more sensitive and you feel the welling of a
tear start.

You feel him as he leans over you, whispering in your ear,
“I will take care of you tonight, Nicole” as his hand
softly rubs the pain away only to hear, moments later, the
swish and feel the impact of the leather thongs as they softly
bite into the flesh of your buttocks and lower back yet again.
This continues, this irregularly timed lashing of your
body, interspersed with an almost languid rubbing of the
enraged flesh and the soft trailing of the flog over you.

You are really reveling in the sensation, how hot it is rendering
you when Jean trails it lightly between your upper thighs,
open with your desire and you feel the tendrils trailing
over your pussy, its lips and your hot, swollen button causing
a moan to escape. He lightly swats you there, again and again
as your moaning continues even as it increases in volume
and you can’t help yourself as you cum despite yourself.
Just as your waves build in crescendo, you feel his thick
thumb, obviously lubricated for the occasion and his two
fingers grasp you like a bowling ball, giving your convulsing
pussy and asshole something to grasp onto, and grasp they
most certainly do. Contraction after powerful contraction
squeezing his hand as he thrusts into you, eliciting a continuation
of your orgasm causing you to cry out in the pain of your pleasure.

His other hand wields the flog to advantage as well, swacking
your back and your ass, your thighs and even the soles of
your feet while you cum and keep cumming for him. Finally
after an eternity of carnal pleasure, he lets you come down
and ceases the assault upon your body, upon your sex and
as you are left breathing rapidly and raggedly, his hands
move to sooth you, to softly caress and knead your hot skin.
It feels oddly alive as if every nerve ending has been awakened

Suddenly, you feel the hot splatter of liquid upon your
lower back, right in the middle and then another, not quite
as hot, but with farther reach as you realize that he has
dripped a candle onto you. “Oh My God!” you think “Whatthefuck
have I gotten myself into?”…

{Well, Nicole you shall have to stay tuned in order to find
out. }

Jean continues to drip hot wax onto your body, sometimes
making you moan, sometimes to squirm and at times both.
He varies its application. When he drips the wax from slightly
higher, you feel less heat but a farther reaching spatter
and when he pours it from up close, you feel the intensity
of the heat in a very concentrated way.

The candle moves slowly over your lower torso, giving you
a waxen tramp stamp, down to your buttocks, stinging you
there, after a pause, back to your upper torso this time
and unexpectedly, again after another uneven pause, onto
the sole of a foot making you jump.

Your pussy is really, really wet now, wet and hungering
for more attention and Jean senses this. Perhaps it’s
the soft moaning from deep in your throat “ohhhh, ohhhh,
ohhhh” again and again, or the squirming of your hips
as the slightly rotate back and forth, up and down but In
the event, he inserts his thick thumb deeply into you, bending
it so that your g-spot is engaged and causing you to cry out
your pleasure for him. “Do you want me to fuck you this
way, Nicole?” he asks. “I can make you cum for me very
deeply” he intones in his deep and resonant voice. “Ohhhhhh
Sir, yessss Pleeeze” you respond.

He begins jamming that thumb into you, fast and hard, Still
managing to hit you g-spot with each pass. He can feel you
as your internal structure begins to swell with your impending
orgasm and then start to rapidly clench and unclench upon
him as you begin your orgasm. Whilst missing nary a beat,
he shifts so that he is slamming two fingers into you…just
as thick but even deeper than his thumb as you continue to
cum and then the feeling of having to pee overwhelms you
as your squirting orgasm begins. “Oh my God, Oh my God,
Oh my God”, you scream in rapid succession as you can’t
stop the orgasm from ripping through your entire body and
your legs shake and quiver with the intensity of it. He laughs
deep in his throat, “Yes, my little slut, you cum for me.
Just like that” and he inserts that thumb right up your
ass for good measure, feeling it clenching and unclenching
just as your hot, wet and buttery cunt does upon his two fingers,
so hard that it almost expels them.

You are actually sobbing in pleasurable agony now, begging
Jean to stop but he won’t. The sweet torture a part and
parcel of the game to which you both have agreed. Suddenly,
he withdraws his thumb and buries his face into your ass,
so that it is his tongue that is now ravaging your asshole…what
a naughty, dirty boy he is and the thought of what he’s
doing, and, how it feels makes you continue to orgasm beyond
the realm of what you thought possible.

As you continue to cum he starts to spank your ass with his
other hand…Thwack! Thwack! rub, Thwack! The stinging,
massaging and continued stinging adding some spice to
the flavor of your pleasure allowing a certain relaxation
to take place. Finally, after an almost unbearable, inhuman
amount of sensual abuse, he pats and rubs your reddened
and abused buttocks, removes his digits from your devastated,
desecrated, despoiled pussy and asshole, leaving them
open and gaping for his visual enjoyment which he takes
pleasure in, warmly chuckling at what he has done to you.
You are too wrecked to care, your make-up a ruined mess,
hair, still pulled back into that sexy ponytail but now
soaked with your perspiration and you gasp to recover your
breath if not your dignity.

He leans over you and as his hand continues to softly, tenderly
caress and massage your small, sexy buttocks, his lips
kiss your neck, your hair, your ear as he whispers “there,
there, my little pet, it’s time for you to rest a bit”
and he frees your hands from their belted imprisonment,
picks you up in his arms and cradles you as he carries you
to the side of the bed, places you atop it and covers you with
his surprisingly warm, silk dressing gown. As you pass
out, he says in a low and sensual voice, “Rest now, little
Nicole. We shall continue this later”.

After a time, you stir slightly and moan a little in your
sleep. Unbeknownst to you, Jean has taken some time to prepare
the bed by fastening lengths of soft 3” braided nylon
rope to each corner of the bed. These, he has placed atop
the covers so that each tendril reaches out toward your
body. As you gradually come to, feeling sexually fulfilled
yet still aroused at the same time, you stretch your beautiful,
sinuous body and encounter one of the braids. You reach
out and feel it as your mind begins to wrap itself around
just what you are holding.

Your eyes open. Then they open wide as you ponder in slight
fear, the ramifications of what you have just encountered
and then Jean is there. He has donned a soft and well-worn
pair of jeans and a thin, white cotton shirt while you slept,
both of which show off his build to advantage. You feel the
weight of his body as he sits next to you and softly takes
your hands in his. “Nicole, what I would like to do next
is going to both free your mind and electrify your physical
being but it must be entered into with full faculty and open
agreement. I will not do anything unless you give me your
most explicit permission to do so.” You sleepily nod
your assent, “Okay” but he takes one hand and puts a
finger over your succulent lips and shakes his head, “No
Nicole”, he says. I want you to understand fully what
I intend. Go and wash your face and come back here and sit
beside me.

He helps you to your feet, your legs a little unsteady after
the sexual pleasure and release which which you have been
a willing participant. “Go little cat, go” he says
and playfully taps you on the rump with the back of his hands,
shooing you away as it were. You enter the very commodious
room, taking in the roman tub, pink, heavily veined marble
everywhere and find the water closet.

You use the facilities, both of them, the commode and then
the bidet and refreshed, you find plush sets of towels in
abundance, you wash, put yourself together a bit and dry.
You take one of the thick terry robes from its heated stand
and wrap it around yourself, only your sexy feet and ankles,
hands and head are exposed. You take a deep breath and go
out to face…whatever may be in store for you. Jean enquires about your comfort in the restroom. You respond
that it was wonderful and are now fully awake. “So Jean,
what do you have in mind for me?”

“Come and sit”, he says, and you do so, feeling the crackling
energy and heat of his body even through the thick robe.
“Nothing so terrible”, he begins to explain. “I
would like to give you total freedom from the pressure which
you have been under”, and it is only then that you realize
that you have been feeling oppressed lately, by work, by
family responsibilities, by the myriad of things which
in aggregate have gradually stolen that joie de vivre which
so characterizes you.

“What I propose, little lioness, is that I employ a traditional
method of release which involves restraint, herbal application
and sexual stimulation.” Intrigued, and perhaps a little
trepidatious, you ask, “What do you propose, Jean?”

He responds, “There is an ancient method of ‘stimulation’.
Legend has it that it was first used by the greeks for the
punishment and control of their female slaves. Of course,
the Romans, coldly efficient and cruel as they were took
it up and it is said that it was later used in Victorian times
to deal with ‘wayward women’. “OK” you respond, with genuine concern and now a bit
of fear in your voice. “So, the method involves the use of a ginger root, peeled
and shaped as required, which is then inserted into a woman’s
private parts and/or her anus. The oils from the root, cause
a gradual warming, then stinging and finally a bit of burning
which, when coupled with the proper physical impact play…
and sexual stimulation, is almost assured to bring you
both release from your stress and pressure as well as physical

Well Jean, you have brought me the physical release many
times already tonight but I am interested in this, and I
find that I am feeling that I trust you for whatever reason”.

“I just wish to make sure Nicole, that you understand
that the effects of this process, this figging, as it is
known can last up to an half hour, but the effects are both
dramatic and sensuous. You will want a cock, any cock, deep
within you”.

Now you really want to experience this and say “Oh, Jean,
please, please do it to me!” “I shall, Nicole”, he
responds. “First I must prepare the ginger root for you.
I generally keep one amongst my ‘pleasure implements’
when I travel. One never knows, does one?”

Still very interested, you follow him over to a table after
he goes into a bag and pulls out a light brownish root that
looks like a very gnarled hand. From a small black nylon
zippered pouch, he extracted a small, narrow irregularly
shaped rectangle of meta, Dark gunmetal grey it had a vaguely
sinister look to it.

It had two shallow scallop shaped depressions on each side
as well as a round, raised yet flat button in the middle.
It seemed to have a whorled pattern on it and next to it, just
toward one end was a serrated and elongated piece which
looked like a switch. There was some indistinct writing
and symbols on it as well.

“What’s That, Jean?” you asked. “It is a Microtech
Nemesis, with a Damascus blade” he said. “One of the
original one hundred made. It was given to me by an operator
friend of mine”. “An operator?” “Yes, ” he
replied, “A Special Operations warrior. In this instance,
A dear friend, Henri’ Bach. We served together. He was
my C O in La Le’gion E’tranger. I was his adjudant-Chef,
I believe the term in your army is Sergeant major”.

“Oh?” you asked. Your inflection indicating that
he should continue. “He saved my life twice, once with
this very blade. He found Le Le’gion too tame so he ended
up with the 10th group of your special Forces. We lost him several years ago in Afghanistan. A bad business,

You looked at the subtly sinister implement with renewed
and now, very concentrated interest. “How does it work?
May I see it?” “Certainly, my little cat, but be careful,
it is very sharp and many expert men with the blade have cut
themselves badly with a knife such as this”. He held the
oblong with one end in the palm of his hand. His large thumb
slid the serrated bar toward his palm and then pressed the
flat button With a surprisingly audible ‘snick’ a very dangerous
three and an half inch blade suddenly appeared. It had a
pattern of whorls in it, not unlike those on the exterior
button, and a narrow channel running from its base about
three quarters of the way toward the needle-sharp point.
There were a series of tiny holes running all the way through
the blade for about the bottom inch of the groove.

The narrow, obviously razor-sharp blade raised questions
in your mind and although you didn’t wish to appear uneducated
you expressed an interest in the almost-beautiful little
device. “What is that pattern on the blade, Jean? And
what is that little groove that runs along its length”.
“The blade is known as a ‘Damascus Steel’ blade.
It is made by hammering out and folding a steel billet at
least 300 times and using specific chemicals and compounds
to achieve the effect, similar in some ways to how the Japanese
make samurai swords. The fuller is known as a blood groove
and legend has it that it is so that one can remove the knife
from an adversary more easily but in reality it purely acts
as a means of guiding the blade within its casing and holding
it firmly when it is withdrawn.

“How do you ‘withdraw’ it?” you asked. “Let
me show you” he said. He turned the casing on edge and pressed
a little lever toward the button side of the knife. Using
two fingers of his other hand, he very carefully pushed
the blade slightly rearward. Then, with those same two
fingers, he firmly grasped the casing and with his right
hand, he disengaged a piece of metal which made up roughly
half of the base. It was about a quarter of an inch thick and
as he pulled it away from the knife, she could see that it
was attached to a flat, elongated bar of metal which ran
up into the dull, dark grey interior of the casing. As he
continued to pull it downward, the blade was withdrawn
into the case itself until she heard a click at which point
he re-emplaced the metal piece back within the case. She
was pleased with the precision of the little thing.

When he handed it to her he said, “please insure that the
blade opening is pointing away from your palm, my pretty
little lioness”. You grasp the casing firmly and making
sure that the opening is pointing away from you, you ask,
“What is the metal bar here on the side next to the engagement
button?” “It is the safety”, he responds, “Just
like that on a Mossberg shotgun”. You notice that the
symbol on the casing is a stylized dagger, and that there
is a date: 3/98 and a number: 009 on it. You assume (correctly)
that the number is its individual serial number of the original
one hundred units.

You butt the base firmly into your palm and press the button.
The blade shoots forward with a tiny bit of felt recoil.
What an amazingly neat little instrument. You carefully operate the withdrawal mechanism as you
saw Jean do and engage the safety.

Handing it back to him, you ask, “What are you going to
do with it, Jean?” “I am going to remove the bark and
shape one of the fingers of ginger, Nicole, so that it does
not become dislodged from you during what is to come”.
This answer doesn't shock you but you feel a slight
shiver of anticipation, or perhaps fear, or maybe a mixture
of both.

He begins by cutting one of the fingers loose from the hand,
cutting all the way through what would be the palm and then
begins to skin it with deft and careful strokes until it
looks like an off-white somewhat crooked finger giving
you the “come hither” movement. He then begins to form
and narrow it a bit along most of its length but leaves the
base thicker except for a shallow narrowing about an inch
up from the bottom and approximately an half inch in width.

“What is the reduction in circumference toward the base
for, Jean?” you ask. “That is so your little friend
will not be expelled during your times of maximum passion”
he responds.

He leaves a small mound of shavings and beckons you to come
with him back to the bed. He places two thick and plush towels
down, one atop the other. As he lays you down upon your stomach
on top of them, he reaches over and wraps your right ankle
in the soft rope. Tying a quick knot and having extended
your leg he moves to the other leg which he similarly enfetters
so that your legs are pinioned in a spread-eagle position…then
the arms are bound quickly and efficiently in the same way.

Jean arises and gets the prepared root. He explains “Nicole,
I cannot use lubricant on this as it will prevent the proper
effect from taking place, but the oils from the ginger itself
should provide enough viscosity to allow emplacement.
If you would like, I will make sure that your body is in a state
responsive to it”. “What do you have in mind, Jean?”
you ask. “I would like to massage your body, softly this
time and without any significant tissue displacement”
he answers. “Hmmmm, external or internal” you think
since his size makes internal displacement a condition
of certitude.

“And, I would like to prepare you further by providing
you with a bit of oral pleasure” he continues. “Well,
be my guest” you think cheekily to yourself but instead
you say “It would be wonderful to feel your lips upon me
again, Jean”.

He takes your head in his hands and kisses you again, leaning
over the bed to do so and you really wish that your hands were
free so that you could caress his taut and muscular torso
under the fine, white shirt, and even more so, the long and
thick penis which is obviously unrestrained by underwear
within the confines of those wonderfully fitting jeans.

Jean rubs your shoulders, traps and neck with those powerful
hands, kneading the tension from you yet again, trailing
kisses and an occasional nipping bite as he goes until he
begins to kiss and manipulate your pretty little buttocks.
He glides his tongue down and between, and with your legs
spread as they are, he has full and complete access to you
of which he takes full advantage. He kisses and sucks upon
your lips, your clit. and then takes all of you in his mouth,
softly sucking, suckling upon your pussy.

You moan in appreciative pleasure and as if to torture,
he releases you only to immediately plunge his tongue,
wet with your juices, into your asshole. “Ohhhhhh”
you gasp out, writhing around to get it out, or get it deeper,
your mind and your body are both fighting for supremacy
but it’s really of little matter because Jean is in full
control of both at this point. He slashes around and into
you, wet and deep until you feel the thick intruder, the
ginger root poised at your entrance, slight, gradual pressure
as it widens and stretches your rear opening and you again
moan out in pleasure and begin to breathe more rapidly as
you feel it open you, cool and slippery.

Suddenly, with a jolt, it’s in. and in a moment you start
to feel it begin to work on you. First a warm, suffusing glow
seems to emanate from the central point of your asshole,
then it hits your pussy and “Ohhhhhhhh, Godddd!” You
feel it swell, to drip, to ache for something, anything
big to fill it to its limits. Past its limits.. You know what
you want, you want him, Jean and his big, thick, long cock
and you want it RIGHT NOW! “Fuck me, Jean. Fuck me you big
Belgian stallion” you hear yourself say.

He gets up and stands by the side of the bed so that you can
see him, your head turned to the side and you see him undo
the heavy steel buckle which looks so familiar…you’re
reminded of the parachute harness hardware you remember
from training, and he pulls the thick nylon webbing from
his denims with an audible sound…swickkkk, heavy and
substantial as you hear that heavy buckle and its moving
parts hinting at it’s weight and substance.

He doubles the belt and approaches you. Now you feel apprehension
to go along with the warmth spreading out from both your
ass and your hungry pussy. You hear the belt cut the air and
with a resounding crack it lands across your buttocks…both
of them and you yelp in pain, but it’s somehow a pleasurable
pain and you almost yearn in anticipation for the next crack
which comes soon enough. Then a third, and a fourth.

Your ass is really afire now, both inside and out and he pauses
to stroke and rub your buttocks momentarily, to twist the
knob in your butt setting off a new wave of suffusing heat
and then another crack, across your lower back this time
and you cry out, then moan as a result of the hunger emanating
from your pussy, dripping onto the towels beneath it. The
belt lands again and again, and yet again, Shoulders, back
of the thighs, so sensitive bottom of your feet and back
to the buttocks, interrupted by his hands, tenderly rubbing
and caressing the recent insults.

Finally, as he takes a cutting shot at your bright red ass,
he sticks his thumb deep into your pussy and you scream out
again, almost pass out, it f e e l s-s o o o o- g o o o o d. your juices
are running down your inner thighs onto the towels and your
orgasm appears endless.

Suddenly, you feel yourself start to separate from your
body, to begin to float on the pain and pleasure as your mind
loses track of time, of itself, of everything, and you enter
a state of transient hypofrontality whereby you are totally
at peace.

You don’t know how long this lasts, or how many times your
body has cum but finally, it winds down and Jean kisses you
out of your trance, unties your limbs and covers you with
a blanket. Slipping in beside you, he cradles you, wraps
you in his arms and speaks softly to you, You feel the heat
of his body, the softness and power of his embrace, of his
caress, and you nestle into him feeling a sense of well-being
which you have never felt before.

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I normally don't comment on the story's I read
but this one is excellent. Your writing is great. Keep up
the good work.


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Good story, . It would be better if it was not written in
the third person. Turn it into a first person story it would
be an excellent story.