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New Friends


The following account is of a recent experience involving
my wife and I and another couple we recently met. My wife
Kelly had met a woman named Karen through a mutual acquaintance.
They immediately hit it off having much in common and thought
it would be a good idea for the four of us, Kelly, Karen, Karen’s
husband Steve and me, to get together for dinner some weekend.
Kelly had shown me some pictures of Karen that had been taken
at a few of the various functions they had both attended.
I remember thinking she was attractive but not beautiful
having a nice body with larger than average breasts. In
the photos she had short dark hair which is a definite attraction
point for me in a woman and one of the reasons that first attracted
me to Kelly. At the point we decided to get together I had
no idea at all what Steve was like.

So the night of the dinner party arrived. After returning
from my parent’s house where we had dropped our daughter
off for a sleepover, Kelly was just getting out of the shower.
I passed her in the doorway of the bathroom and flirtatiously
grabbed her ass as I went by. She turned to look at me

“You look so beautiful, ” I said, “I can’t wait until we
get home tonight so I can fuck you the way I know you love it.”

Kelly and I have always been very open about sex. She has
done a lot of things with me sexually that she probably had
never done before she met me. I have opened myself up to her
completely and feel very comfortable describing to her
or asking her to join me in living out any and all sexual fantasies
I have. I love the fact that Kelly is very open-minded when
it comes to sex and is very willing to experiment. I believe
Kelly knows that she is the only woman I will ever love and
that she should be comfortable with any sexual experience
we play out regardless of the context in which we have it.
In fact we have, on many occasions, fantasized about having
multiple partners join us in our sexual adventures, both
male and female. We have played out fantasies with another
woman, another man and sometimes another couple. We
have fantasized with role-playing where we have both played
prostitutes in the business of pleasuring our clients,
regardless of sex. At
times she plays the prostitute and I am her client and sometimes
the roles are reversed. More recently she has assisted
me in playing out some bi-curious fantasies I have had where
she and I have had sex with another man in various situations.
She has even helped me fantasize sucking off a stiff cock
and getting hot cum shot into my mouth and all over my face.
She realizes how much oral stimulation turns me on regardless
of what sex the partner is and has been very open-minded
in letting me experiment. I have conveyed to her that, like
oral, anal stimulation is a huge turn on for me. She has helped
me to get off by fingering my asshole as well as sticking
various sex toys, like plugs, dildos and vibrators, in
my ass to help heighten my sexual experience in this area.

As far as my helping her, she does not have nearly the sexual
appetite that I have but I help her to fulfill what few sexual
fantasies she has expressed. I encourage her to open up
to me regarding any sexual scenarios she may want to explore
so that we can both play them out and I can enjoy them along
with her. She sometimes likes to play the innocent, inexperienced
sexual partner on occasion. In this scenario I teach her
how to stroke a stiff cock, give a blow job as well as finger
an asshole. We also experiment with girl on girl fantasies
where Kelly fantasizes about eating a pussy while I lay
on top of her and fuck her. She does this by pretending my
mouth is a dripping pussy eager to be eaten. On occasion
I have fucked Kelly anally and one time I fucked her pussy
with a dildo while fucking her in the ass with my own cock.
She has always been very willing and occasionally eager
to be fucked anally. Like me, I think she also becomes very
aroused when her ass and asshole are the focal point of our
foreplay and sex. Describing the sexual foundation on
which Kelly and my physical relationship is built illustrates
the openness with which we view sex. It also has a very big
part in the way we react to the situation that was presented
to us at our dinner party that night.

So we arrived at our new friend’s house at 6:00PM where they
both greet us at the door not waiting for us to ring the doorbell.
Right away I thought that they must have been anxiously
awaiting us. They were both somewhat dressed up as Kelly
and I were. Kelly was wearing a medium length black skirt
that stopped about 4 inches above her knees. She also had
on a white, snug-fitting, medium-length sleeved blouse
that you could just make out the shadow of the black push-up
bra beneath. She wore black stockings over black thong
panties and black high heel shoes. I had on a pair of plain-front
brown khakis held up with a plain black belt and a white oxford.
On my feet I was wearing a pair of black loafers. Karen had
on a pair of pale yellow pants that were snug-fitting to
her legs and backside. She looked like she had on white knee-highs
with navy blue medium heeled shoes. She also had on a navy
short-sleeve top that looked like it was made out of really
thin cotton or linen. It was buttoned up the front except
for the last 2 top buttons which were open and revealed a
white bra that had some
lace trim. Like me Steve was also wearing plain front khakis
but his were blue. He had on a light cotton white crewneck
sweater with what looked like a yellow T-shirt underneath.
On his feet he wore a fairly new pair of docksiders.

Right away from the smiles both Karen and Steve wore I knew
that these were our kind of people. Especially after Steve
took our coats and asked me, “Did you see the end of that Arizona
game? Those guys make me sweat every fucking time they play.”

Turns out that Steve went to Arizona and is a big Wildcats
hoop fan. Although I am not a huge Arizona fan I really like
college hoops and was wondering what else we might have
in common.

Although I have on occasion had fantasies that included
other men, I do not find men attractive sexually by themselves.
Any fantasies I have involving them is usually in the context
of a group, where my wife is always present. The fantasies
always revolve around the oral and anal stimulation that
they, as well as woman, provide me. In other words, it is
an attraction based purely on a group sexual fantasy. That
being said, Steve has dark brown, short hair and is about
2 inches shorter than me. He looked to be in good shape to
me but also looked like he might be carrying a few extra pounds
on his 5’9” frame.

So after inviting us in and taking our coats Karen immediately
offered us a drink. Kelly and I both agreed to a glass of Syrah
from some vineyard in Sonoma, CA. We chatted in the kitchen
briefly as dinner was just coming out of the oven and ready
to be served. It turned out that Steve’s allegiance to Arizona
sports is on account that that was where he was born. Karen
and he moved from Arizona to Mssachusetts
about 3 years ago, returning to where Karen grew up. They
had met while attending the University of Arizona, dated
their junior and senior years and then married about 3 years
following their graduation.

Karen had prepared a light dinner of herbed roasted chicken
with beans and mash potatoes proceeded by a dinner salad
comprised mostly of
lettuce and cucumbers. I remember thinking that the delicious
meal was almost the exact same meal I had ordered when Kelly
and I went to dinner at Napa in the Providence Place Mall.

We took our seats in their dining room that looked as if it
was only used for special occasions. Kelly asked where
their daughter, Kristen, was staying and it turned out
that she was also staying with her grandparents although
for the entire weekend. Karen also included, “Yeah.

Steve and I haven’t had a whole weekend alone together in
about 4 months. Here and there we get a night off but rarely
an entire weekend.

I think this is the first time in about 24 hours that we have
had clothes on.”

With that she gave Steve a devilish look and, to my surprise,
followed that up with a semi-suggestive look for Kelly
and then me. Kelly did not seem that surprised and smiled
right back. I had to assume that Kelly was used to this kind
of comment from Karen and I remembered her telling me at
one point that Karen did have a flirtatious way about her.
I looked at Steve and he gave me a kind of high-browed smile
that did not leave much mystery as to what they had been doing
all weekend.

Dinner was delicious and Kelly and I enjoyed another 2 glasses
of wine while we ate. I remember feeling very warm and comfortable
with Karen and Steve and I think Kelly felt the same way.
Kelly asked if they would mind if she could slip off her heels.
Karen responded by picking up a bare foot up so that it could
be seen above the table. Kelly immediately kicked her shoes
off and let out an almost sensuous sigh.

“You may as well join us Chris, ” said Steve, “Shoes are
rarely worn in this house. Clothes aren’t either for that
matter when Kristen is staying with Karen’s parents”.

Karen let out a little giggle and Kelly also let out a small
laugh. So I also slipped off my loafers. At this point we
were just about finishing our second bottle of wine when
Karen said, “Why don’t we move over to the living room where
we can be more comfortable”.
Their living room was a very spacious front to back room
with a fireplace accenting the outer wall. Perpendicular
to the fireplace was a
pair of comfortable looking (and feeling) sofas with a
low coffee table with a pair of small drawers set in between.
There was already a fire going in the gas fireplace and we
sat down on the sofas, all holding recently topped off glasses
of wine. The conversation started off relatively mundane,
the community and the winter weather thus far and the upcoming
holiday season was all discussed.

Karen then commented on how beautiful Kelly looked saying,
“Kelly you look great. Your working out is really paying
off. You look great in that skirt and if I wasn’t married
I might think about switching teams and making a pass at

That definitely got my attention. Steve just laughed as
Karen continued, “I wish I was that dedicated. I’m never
going to lose this fat ass of mine.”

Steve just put his arm around her and said, “Please…you
look beautiful! As if a few more times in the gym a week are
really going to make you any sexier than you already are.”

At this point I was feeling a little more comfortable with
our new friends and looking to return the compliment that
Karen had paid Kelly I said, “Steve is right. You look great
and really don’t need to change a thing.”

With that Karen actually let out a little squeal, jumped
off of the sofa and leaned over the coffee table to give me
a small kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Chris!” she said politely.

“What about me?” Steve then said.

Karen then flopped back onto the sofa she shared with Steve
and said seductively, “I’ll thank you later.”

With that she gave him a long open mouthed passionate kiss
while she let her hand slide down his chest and over his crotch.
Steve immediately responded to that by saying suggestively,
“You may be thanking me sooner than later.”

Karen then sat back down and had another long drink of wine.
Kelly leaned into me and said softly but loud enough to be
heard across the coffee table, “That was really sweet.
I think you may be getting some sooner than later too if you
keep that up.”

I knew exactly what was on Kelly’s mind with that comment.
It is a popular sexual fantasy that Kelly and I play out that
we sneak away from a party for a short time, either to a bathroom
or an empty bedroom, and have sex. The thought immediately
put sex on my mind and from where the conversation started
to go next I wasn’t the only one.

Following our little playful exchange Karen asked, “I
hope I’m not being too forward in asking this but…ummm…how
often do you guys have sex? I’m just asking because you are
about the same age as Steve and I and you have a daughter like
us and, well… I’m just curious. We were just talking about
this before you guys arrived tonight and, well, I guess
I just want to hear how much sex other couples in our situation

Steve leaned in a little to hear our answer and Kelly looked
at me with a little smile and look that said ‘Why don’t you
handle this one?’

I then said, “As much as we can I guess. We usually have sex
on the weekends because that seems to be when we have the
most energy…”

I then paused a moment to think about how much I should really
disclose to our new friends about Kelly and my sex life.
At the time I was feeling really comfortable with Karen
and Steve and they seemed to be genuinely interested so
I decided ‘What the hell?’ “…and, ” I continued, “Enough
times to play out each others wild sexual fantasies!”

Karen leaned in closer and with an excited voice said, “Really?
Do you guys play around a lot like that? We do too! What types
of things do you guys do?”

I smiled at that and said, “We’ll tell you our secrets if
you tell us yours!”

Karen smiled back and said, “Okay. Steve and I role play
quite a bit and we have fantasies about other people joining
us during sex. We use toys, ” she said, “like dildos and
stuff. How about you and Kelly, do you guys experiment?”

I was definitely intrigued at this point and was starting
to get a little excited. It appeared that Karen and Steve
was every bit as adventurous as Kelly and I. I said a little
reluctantly, “Kelly and I do that too. We fantasize about
other people having sex with us.”

Karen sensed my hesitation and said, “Don’t worry about
telling us Chris. I mean, well, you can trust us. After all
we just started telling you all our dirty little secrets.”

I laughed and said, “You’re right. Sometimes we have sex
with another man and sometimes another woman. Sometimes
it’s another couple.”

“That’s great, ” Karen said, “Do you guys both have sex
with the woman? Kelly too? I fantasize with Steve about
us both being with a woman all the time. I imagine eating
her pussy and I even have a strap-on dildo that I use to fuck
her. Steve doesn’t mind and usually helps me by playing
the role of my lady lover”

She then leaned over and kissed Steve and said, “Thanks
honey.” She continued, “In your fantasies do you have sex
with the men too Chris? Steve and I play out fantasies like
that. Sometimes it gets to be like one big orgy!”

At this point I was definitely excited; I couldn’t believe
what I was hearing! Another couple that had the same sort
of sexual fantasies I have. I dove in further, “Yeah. Kelly
helps me out with that too. I sometimes fantasize about
giving head and getting cum shot into my mouth and all over
my face. Kelly helps me with my aim I guess.” I laughed. “We
have 2 dildos, a vibrator and I just bought a strap-on dildo
that we haven’t used yet but I hope to.” I continued, “We
have a few plugs too that Kelly has used in my ass which I really

Karen and Steve were visibly excited now and Kelly had moved
closer to me and started rubbing my back as I disclosed our
bedroom secrets.

“How about you two, do you like anal sex too?” I asked.

“Oh we both love it. Steve fucks me in the ass all the time
and I love it. And like I said before, he has been on the receiving
end of my strap-on on several occasions”, she said. “This
is great that we can talk about this with someone! I can’t
believe how much fun this is.”, Karen said excitedly. “Have
you guys ever realized any of your fantasies or had sex in
front of another couple?”

“No, ” I said, “Neither. Up to now we have kept it to fantasies

Karen continued, ”When Steve and I lived back in Arizona
we lived next door to a great couple that we were very close
to. We started off by every once in a while getting together
and having sex in the same room with each other. We would
take turns having sex while the other couple watched. We
would then have a drink afterwards and talk about what we
liked and how great it felt.”

“That’s wild, ” I said, “You said you started off with just
having sex in front of each other. I take it that means you
took it further than that later on?”

“Oh yes, ” she said. “After about the fifth time doing it
in front of each other, we decided that we would open it up
a bit. The first time was kind of a disaster, ” she laughed
“No one really knew what to do! We decided that it might be
better if one person acted as ‘the director’ and sort of
directed the others as to what to do. We took turns being
‘the director’. Once everyone knew what to do and where
to go it was incredible. Steve and I really let go and it was
incredibly liberating. We were able to realize the things
we only fantasized about. Steve and I ate my friend Christy’s
pussy and we sucked on her husband Jason’s cock. Toward
the end we would have fun coming up with new scenarios to
act out. The rule was: anything goes. Whatever ‘the director’
came up with was what we did. Sometimes Steve or Jason would
get a little too excited and cum prematurely. That would
sort of ruin what ‘the director’ had planned as far as a finale
goes and we would need to improvise a bit. One of the best
things about being ‘the director’ is you got to say when
and where the guys got to shoot their loads. We used to have
lot of fun with that. One time Kristen had Steve shoot his
load up my ass, pull out and then had Jason immediately slide
his cock in and shoot his load. It felt incredible!” Smiling
at Kelly she added, “We girls could cum anytime we wanted
and we came often. It was fun.”

Steve then added, “Since my early teens, when I first really
began thinking about sex, besides fantasizing about fucking
beautiful women I’ve always been a little curious about
having sex with both men and women. Add to that the fact that
I’ve always loved it when Karen would finger my ass when
we had sex and I knew that if given the chance I would definitely
explore oral and anal sex with a man if the right situation
presented itself. We’ve used toys in the past and we still
use them and it is real close but not the same as the real thing.
Letting go like that with Christy and Jason was great.”

Kelly then said, “Chris would love that! Wouldn’t you baby?
We’ve only recently started acting out those fantasies
but Chris really gets excited.” With that she leaned over
and kissed me. She also conspicuously rubbed her hand over
my crotch briefly feeling my now half hard cock through
my pants. Karen and Steve smiled when she did this and acted
as though it was the most natural thing in the world. I remember
thinking that after hearing about their activities back
in Arizona I doubted they would bat an eye if Kelly went down
on me right then and there. Of course at that point I had no
idea what Karen was going to say next.

“So what do you guys think? Steve and I have already discussed
it and if you want to we would love to have sex with you two.”
Karen said.

“Or if you don’t feel comfortable with that then maybe we
can just have sex in front you and if you guys feel like having
sex too then feel free. I don’t know about you two but Steve
and I are totally ready.”

I was completely blown away. Right away I was thinking ‘Oh
yes!’, but I knew I needed to see how Kelly felt about it before

Kelly then did something that totally blew me away. She
stood up, straightened her skirt, walked over to the sofa
where Karen was sitting, leaned over and gave Karen a long
open mouthed kiss. Upon seeing this Steve and I both smiled
at each other and I felt my cock grow to it’s full 8 inches.

“I think that gives you our answer Karen, ” I said laughing
as Kelly finished her kiss. “Would you or Steve like to play
‘director’ seeing you have all of the experience in this
sort of thing?”

“I’d love to, ” Karen said “As you are our guests I think
I will have us start off by welcoming you to our home more
appropriately. Steve, why don’t you help Kelly out of her
clothes and I’ll give Chris a hand.”

With that Karen stood up and walked over to me. Needless
to say I was incredibly excited. She reached down, grabbed
both my hands in hers and pulled me up off of the sofa. While
she did this Steve stood up and moved the coffee table away
from the fireplace so there was a large open space between
the sofas. Karen pulled me a few steps forward and began
to undress me. She started by slowly taking off my shirt
and then helped me to slide my t-shirt over my head. Karen
then knelt down and unbuckled my belt, clearing a way to
the button on my pants. She did this while never breaking
eye contact.

At this point I looked over and saw that Steve had already
undressed and was now standing a few feet in front of me and
off to my right helping Kelly to undress. Kelly had already
removed her blouse, bra and skirt and Steve was now helping
her slide off her stockings.

Kelly’s breasts looked full and supple and her nipples
were already very taut with what must have been anticipation.
As Steve slipped the last length of her stockings over here
toes, he tossed them to the side and immediately slid his
hands up Kelly’s calves to her thighs and then her hips to
finally hook his thumbs inside the string that made up the
outside of her black thong panties. He paused there briefly
for effect and to exchange a smile with Kelly who at this
point looked like she couldn’t wait to get the rest of her
clothes off. He then slowly and deliberately pulled her
panties down around her ankles to deposit them to the side
next to her stockings. Kelly, now totally
nude, immediately opened her knees displaying her recently
trimmed pussy and partially exposed clit which in the soft
light appeared to already be glistening with cum. Steve
stopped at that point and looked over at Karen and me. But
before Steve could get direction from Karen on what he was
to do next, Kelly slipped down onto her knees and hungrily
began to half-swallow Steve’s semi-hard cock.

Karen then said with sarcasm, “You’re supposed to wait
for directing Kelly!”

At Karen’s accusation, Kelly paused only a second from
hungrily sucking Steve’s prick, to put on a pout and say,
“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself. I’m a little drunk,
I think, and I really wanted to suck his cock!” She finished
with a smile and Steve’s semi-stiff cock brushing against
her lips.

“Really, ” Karen said smiling “Then in that case, it’s

I knew Kelly must be incredibly horny knowing from experience
how much a few drinks heighten her excitement. And as expected
she continued to devour Steve’s cock with shameless enthusiasm.
Steve responded quickly to Kelly’s attention as she began
to also stroke his shaft while she took him deeper and deeper
into her mouth.

Kelly was taking Steve so deep I could not even get a good
look at his cock. I was a little curious to see what it looked
like also wondering if I was also going to get a chance to
suck on it. I was, however, not surprised at Steve’s reaction
knowing when Kelly tries to
she can really give incredible head. She soon slowed however
and then stopped altogether. She then sat back up on the
sofa and opened her legs. I was a little surprised to see
how aggressive Kelly was acting and at the same time I was
incredibly turned on by it. She reached in front of her and
grabbed Steve’s cock pulling it toward her and guiding
it into her wet pussy. She then began to pump and grind her
hips as her pussy swallowed Steve’s cock to his balls. Steve
complied with Kelly’s silent request to be fucked hard
by lifting her legs up, holding them high with his hands
behind her knees. He then began to eagerly thrust his cock
into her with deep, hard and fast thrusts. He was really
fucking her hard and Kelly loved it. Steve must have came
earlier that day or even right before we arrived to exhibit
so much control. Kelly, however showed little control
continuing to grind her pussy around his cock. Then after
about a minute of getting fucked hard and fast, Kelly came
with a loud moan and gasp. Steve soon slowed his rhythm and
finally stopped, sliding his cock from her dripping pussy.

As this all unfolded, Karen and I just watched them, both
of us incredibly turned on.

“Now that you have that incredible pussy and clit dripping,
why don’t you eat her Steve and get her ready for me.” Karen
said. “And while you do that I will take care of getting Chris
ready…not that he needs any encouraging” she added.

Steve then bent down and began to kiss and lick the inside
of Kelly’s right thigh. As he did this Kelly leaned back
against the sofa and pushed up a bit on her toes raising her
hips and moving her pussy slightly closer to Steve’s approaching
mouth. She began to massage her breasts with one hand and
rub the back of Steve’s head with the other as he methodically
worked his tongue up the inside of her thigh to her eagerly
awaiting pussy.

As I watched Steve begin to flick his tongue over my wife’s
clit I instantly became fully aroused. Watching this Karen,
still looking up at me, said, “Do you like watching my husband
lick Kelly’s clit? I have to tell you, I’m pretty turned
on myself.”

“I love oral sex, Karen.” I revealed “It doesn’t matter
if I am watching, performing or receiving. Cock or pussy.
It doesn’t matter. I just love it.”

She then unbuttoned my pants and pulled both them as well
as my underwear down to my ankles. As she pulled them over
my stiff cock, revealing my 8 inches to her for the first
time, she let out a small noise that revealed her anticipation.
She then playfully pushed me back and down onto the sofa
next to Kelly and removed my pants, underwear and socks
the rest of the way. Now completely nude alongside Kelly
and Steve, Karen, the only one still dressed slid down between
my legs and cupped her right hand around my balls. She then
slowly moved her right hand off my balls and up to my cock.
She began to rub with her open hand up and down my shaft as
her head moved closer to my thick hard member. Wrapping
her right hand around the base of my shaft she pulled my cock
away from my stomach where it had been laying while she rubbed
it. Slowly, looking at me the entire time, she opened her
mouth and licked the front of my shaft from where her thumb
gripped it to the top of my head, pausing ever slightly to
probe my slightly opened cock hole with the tip of her tongue.
Seeing the excitement that brought on she slowly began
to suck on the top of my head as if she was only interested
in tasting the sweet cum that at this point was already starting
to slowly rise to the top. She then stopped sucking and moved
her right hand up and down, stroking my cock 3 times before
stopping and using her left hand to squeeze my head ever
so slightly. As expected a large drop of almost clear cum
came out of my cock hole and sat suspended on the top side
of my swollen head.

“You don’t disappoint Chris, ” Karen said.

With that she licked the drop off my head, made a slight moan
and licked her lips. Seeing that, I also let out a small moan.

This prompted Karen to say “You taste incredible. It feels
good, huh? Do you want some? What am I thinking? Of course
you do! You’ve tasted this sweet load before haven’t you?”

I immediately nodded. She repeated the process and coaxed
an even larger drop of cum to leak out. She used her finger
to scoop it up and
said “Open up”.

I obediently opened my mouth slightly and slid my tongue
out. She brushed her cum-wet finger against my tongue and
I instantly brought it into my mouth and swallowed it. Karen
then began to suck my cock with more enthusiasm taking it
into her mouth deeply. She unwrapped her last two fingers
from my shaft and began stroking the base of my cock using
a half grip, allowing her mouth to take the first five inches
of me.

I began feeling a little more in control at that point becoming
used to the even rhythm of Karen’s blowjob. I looked over
at Kelly and she appeared to be fully enjoying Steve’s tongue
and index finger which at this time was buried to the start
of his hand in her pussy. As he moved his finger in and out
of her, his tongue alternated between her clit and the inside
of her thigh causing Kelly to softly moan with pleasure.

I leaned my head closer to Kelly and whispered “How does
it feel?”

“Incredible, ” she replied “How about yours?”

“Great” I answered.

Karen then stopped giving me head, stood up and said “I’m
going to slip out of these clothes and maybe get some toys.
Steve can you take over for me and make sure Chris stays hard
while I’m away?”

“Sure, ” Steve said. “If it’s okay with you” he then asked

“Yeah…sure” I said.

With that Steve moved his unoccupied hand which was resting
on the top of Kelly’s pussy over and up my leg to my stiff cock.
He gripped the base of my cock firmly and began to stroke
up and down. Kelly looked down at Steve’s hand and then up
at me, smiling. I could feel Steve definitely knew what
he was doing. Not that I had any doubts, having a cock of his
own and knowing exactly the right way to stroke it for the
most pleasure. As Steve continued to eat Kelly he began
to observe my cock from over her left thigh, watching the
reaction from the incredible hand-job he was giving me.
Slowly he moved his left hand down from Kelly’s lower stomach,
sank two fingers into her dripping pussy and methodically
began to move them in and out of her. This produced a moderately
loud moan from Kelly and a gyration of her hips onto his fingers
to the same rhythm with which he fingered her. He then pulled
away and sat back on his knees between us, his left hand fingering
Kelly while his right hand continued to stroke my prick.
As Steve did this I got my first full look at his cock.

He appeared to be fully aroused and to be slightly smaller
than me, by maybe about ¾ of an inch or so. He was cleanly trimmed
with a small even patch of pubic hair just above the start
of his cock. His head was smaller than mine and seemed to
transition more smoothly into his shaft as opposed to my
more exaggerated ‘mushroom’ tip. I remembered thinking
it looked a lot like the strap-on dildo I had recently purchased
for Kelly and my own sexual adventures. I also remembered
thinking it was starting to look like an opportunity for
me to experience a real cock for the first time.

After about 30 seconds he slowly started sliding over closer
to me and I thought to myself ‘Wow! This guy is about to give
me a blowjob!’

Surprisingly I was very calm and, as a matter of fact, really
looking forward to it. Steve started just like Karen did
by standing my cock up by lifting it from the base with his
thumb and index finger. He then turned his head to the side
and began licking and sucking my shaft from the base to where
it meets my head. My cock got even harder than it was before.
I was really enjoying his tongue. After a short while of
licking my shaft he slid his mouth over my head and took me
deep, almost to my balls. It felt incredible and I had to
calm myself down for fear of filling his mouth with cum right
then and there.

Kelly, who was still being fingered by Steve looked over
at me and said, “He has a pretty amazing tongue huh?”

“Oh yeah, ” I replied “If he keeps this up he’s going to wind
up with a mouth full of cum!”

“Not yet” Karen then said as she reentered the room wearing
nothing but a strap-on dildo that looked like it had already
been lubed up and carrying a vibrator. Seeing Karen totally
naked for the first time I was impressed. As expected her
breasts were large and firm with half dollar size nipples
that at that moment were very taut. Her legs were smooth
and shapely although a little large for her upper body.
It was a little disappointing that the strap-on dildo Karen
was wearing was covering her pussy.

“I hope you guys don’t mind if I bring a few toys into our little
adventure. Oh perfect Steve, ” Karen continued “Kelly’s
pussy is all ready to be fucked! Are you ready to be fucked
again Kelly?”

“More than ready” Kelly answered. “Are you going to fuck

“Yes, ” Karen replied “Is that a problem?”

“No. It’s just that I’ve never had sex with a woman before”
Kelly said.

“Then I’ll be extra gentle” Karen assured Kelly. And with
that Karen knelt down between Kelly’s legs and slowly slid
the 6 inch dildo into Kelly’s pussy all the way to the balls.
Karen then bent down and began kissing Kelly passionately
as she began a slow penetrating rhythm with her hips.

At that point I really thought I was going to cum watching
Karen fuck my wife like that. I reached down with my hand
and gently eased Steve’s head off of my cock saying “I think
I need to relax for a little bit. I am really close to cumming.”

“No problem” he said. “Just let me know when you want me to
start again.”

“If you are getting too excited Chris then why don’t you
guys switch for a while?” Karen asked.

“You’re the director” I said excitedly as I stood up.

Steve then sat down on the sofa and spread his legs a bit so
I could kneel between them. Kelly stopped experiencing
the pleasure of Karen’s dildo for a moment to smile at me.
She kept her gaze on me as did Karen, both looking forward
to seeing the show. They appeared to be slightly amused
that I was about to give my first real blowjob. Seeing this
I felt a small tinge of embarrassment but this was soon overcome
by the incredible excitement I felt. Letting go to the excitement
I knelt down between Steve’s legs. I loosely gripped the
base of his stiff cock with an open handed grip in my right
hand, pulling it away from his stomach. I then began to lick
and suck the base of his shaft, every so often letting my
tongue wander down over his balls. Steve began to breathe
heavier, watching me with growing anticipation and excitement.
Finally as my tongue climbed his shaft I opened wide and
slid the head of his cock and about the last 2 ½
inches of his shaft into my mouth and throat. I gripped the
base of his cock in a tighter grip and began a rhythmic up
and down motion with my head and hand, sucking and stroking
in unison.

As I was blowing Steve, Karen and Kelly had switched positions
and now Kelly was straddling Karen on the sofa, slowly sliding
her now soaking pussy up and down the flesh toned dildo Karen
still had strapped to her crotch. Karen was helping with
the penetration by raising her hips in unison as Kelly’s
body came down over the hard rubber cock. Watching Kelly
and Karen, out of the corner of my eye, having sex as I pleasured
Steve sent a fresh wave of excitement through my own body.
Steve was also feeling a heightened degree of pleasure
as well as I felt his cock get even more rigid in my hand and
mouth. Karen appeared to sense this because she began talking
to Steve and bringing him closer to the edge.

“Do you like watching Kelly fucking me honey?” Karen asked,
“It feels so good. You know how sweet her pussy tastes and
now I have it sliding up and down on my cock.”

Karen then reached the hand that had been playing with Kelly’s
right nipple down to the dildo and rubbed her finger against
the glistening shaft. She brought it up to her mouth and
gave it an exaggeratingly slow lick while looking over
at Steve.

“She is so unbelievably wet and her cum is so sweet…mmmm”
Karen continued.

Wanting to join in the fun in getting Steve to reach new height
of excitement I began to quicken my pace. As I did Kelly also
began to ride Karen harder and faster leaning down over
Karen’s head allowing her to lick and suck her breasts and
nipples. At that point I decided I was going to try to really
get Steve off. I brought my left hand, which had been lying
across Steve’s low stomach stroking his short pubic hair,
down between his legs. I briefly stopped sucking his cock
long enough to slip my left index finger into my mouth to
cover it with what I hoped was a sufficient amount of lubrication.
I resumed my previous activity but this time I began to also
slowly tease Steve’s asshole with my wet finger tip. This
allowed a new and louder series of moans and heavy breathing
to escape from Steve’s lips.

“Oh yeah” he said softly “that’s it! Oh…that’s it, deeper…”

Kelly at this point was bouncing furiously on Karen’s strap-on
cock, gasping and saying “Oh my god! Oh my god! This feels
so good!
Oh…Oh…I’m gonna cum!”

With that she stopped bouncing, grabbed Karen’s hands
and squeezed. As she did she contracted what seemed like
every muscle in her body as waves of pleasure washed over
her. After about 5 long seconds she collapsed down on top
of Karen and began kissing her as she slowly continued to
slide her pussy up and down the dildo.

As Kelly came, I continued to suck and stroke Steve vigorously,
now feeling incredibly happy for Kelly and sharing the
pleasure with her as she had what appeared to be an incredible
orgasm. Hoping to put Steve over the edge as well, I slid
my finger the rest of the way into his ass. This almost immediately
prompted him as a courtesy to reach down and attempt to pull
my head off of his cock as a subtle warning that he was about
to shoot his load.

“I’m going to cum Chris…oh god…I need to cum!” Steve begged

“Cum baby! Shoot that hot load!” Karen answered.

“Let it go, Steve!” Kelly added as they both watched.

Hungrily I took Steve’s cock as deep into my throat as I could
and wiggled the finger that was deep in his ass hoping it
would put him past the point of no return. And almost on cue,
I felt the first burst of hot load shoot down my throat. Not
having ever experienced this before, but being curious
to, I really did not know what to do. I swallowed the first
two shots before thinking much about it but then I
just wanted to have his hot load fill up my mouth and run all
over my face. So that’s what I did, letting Steve’s hot white
cum run out of
my mouth, down my chin and down the sides of his shaft. I was
amazed at how much cum was actually coming out and soon stopped
sucking him, straightened my back and just continued to
stroke his still erupting cock.

Kelly and Karen had gotten up from the sofa soon after Steve
began to cum and took up positions on both sides of us, kneeling
on the floor. As soon as I had straightened up, Kelly and
Karen immediately bent in and began licking and sucking
Steve’s cock and my hand, their mouths and faces like my
own soon covered with cum. My cock, which had been relatively
hard the whole time I had been blowing Steve, began to stiffen
even more as I watched the two women eagerly attack Steve’s
cum drenched cock.

“Squeeze it tight Chris.” Karen ordered me as her mouth
hovered over Steve’s still swollen head. I complied by
squeezing Steve’s shaft hard as I stroked it which made
his head swell even more. As Kelly continued to lick the
cum off of the base of Steve’s cock and my hand, Karen took
her thumb and forefinger and squeezed the tip gently until
Steve’s cock hole opened up slightly revealing a few undiscovered
drops of cum. Karen then took her tongue and began licking
and probing Steve’s cock hole consuming every last drop.

At that point I sat back and watched the women “clean” Steve
up. I grabbed a towel that Karen had brought out to the living
room earlier and wiped the excess cum off of my own face.
Having tasted quite a bit when he initially began to shoot,
I remember thinking it strange that Steve’s cum tasted
a lot like my own. I washed it down with a couple of swallows
of wine from one of our 4 wine glasses which still stood on
the coffee table. I then sat back on the other sofa across
from Steve, Kelly and Karen to watch for a little while.
Kelly soon stood up and walked over to the coffee table where
she also took a couple of sips of wine. She then walked over
to the sofa where I was sitting, lifted her leg over mine
and sat down on top of my cock facing me.

“How was that?” she asked “You seemed to have gotten him
very excited!”

“You and Karen had a lot to do with it too!” I answered “It
looked like it felt great, baby.”

“Oh it did but there’s still nothing like the real thing”,
and with that she began to slowly ride me. “Did it get you
excited? You looked excited. I know how you have been curious
about doing that for a little while.” Kelly asked.

“It was fun. It was…different, but good. I mean I would like
to do it again sometime. His cum tastes a lot like mine don’t
you think?” I

“Yes it does. Not that I have tasted a lot of cum but I think
all guy’s cum tastes pretty similar.” Kelly answered.
“Mmmm…your cock feels awesome. All this talking about
my fucking Karen and you sucking off Steve has gotten you
real stiff huh?”

“Oh yeah! Now I think you and I should return the favor to
Karen. What do you think?” I asked.

“Mmmmm…” Kelly purred “Just let me ride you for a little
while longer and then we can turn our attention to Karen.

“Sure.” I answered not wanting her to climb off right away

For the next few minutes Kelly and I kissed, fucked and just
enjoyed each other and the incredible sexual release we
were both experiencing.

Soon I began to feel a tongue start to lick my cock and balls
as Kelly’s pussy rode up and down my shaft. I looked around
Kelly and saw Steve sitting on the sofa with a full glass
of wine watching his wife’s tongue dance over my prick and
Kelly’s asshole.

At that point I held Kelly’s hips still and said “I think
it’s Karen’s turn to be on the receiving end of some of this
pleasure, right Kelly?”

“Oh yes.” Kelly agreed.

With that Kelly climbed off of me and I also stood up. Karen
stood up as well still wearing her strap-on dildo.

“Do you want us to both fuck you, Kelly?” Karen asked “What
do you say, Chris? You can fuck her in the ass and I’ll fuck
her pussy.”
The idea really appealed to me and I was a little disappointed
when Kelly turned her down.

“Maybe next time Karen” Kelly said “I’m still recovering
from the last time I came.”

“How about you, Chris?” Karen directed her same question
to me. “Do you want me to fuck you with this?” she continued
softly stroking the
dildo “Kelly and Steve could suck you off while I fuck you.
Or, Kelly could strap this on and fuck you and Steve and I
could give you head.

What do you think?”

Either one of those scenarios sounded really enticing
to me but, again, I thought it was time Karen started receiving
some of our sexual

“That sounds really great Karen but I think I’ll maybe wait
until next time” I said “I’ll tell you what why don’t you
get down on your hands and knees and let Kelly and I take care
of you for a while?”

“But I’m supposed to be the director” Karen playfully whined
“Oh, okay.”

Karen then knelt down on the sofa with her knees wide apart.
She grabbed the top of the back rest with her hands and exaggeratingly
arched her back, pushing her ass out toward us. She was still
wearing the dildo and the thong strap rode through the crack
in her ass and pussy.

Kelly and I both knelt down on the floor behind Karen and
I gently pulled the strap out of her ass and put it to the side,
leaving her asshole and pussy open to us. I bent my head down
and began flicking my tongue lightly over Karen’s pussy
while Kelly did the same to her ass. Karen began to moan and
gyrate back and forth. The motion caused both my and Kelly’s
tongue to slightly penetrate her pussy and ass causing
her even more pleasure.

After a few minutes of pleasuring Karen orally I stood up
and began rubbing my semi-stiff cock against Karen’s spread
ass. Kelly started to lick and suck my dick as I started lowering
my thrusts toward Karen’s pussy. Kelly then took my cock
in her hand and guided it into Karen letting her tongue glide
along my shaft as it drove in and out of Karen’s wet pussy.
As I fucked Karen, Kelly soon slid around behind me and began
rubbing her breasts against my back while she kissed my
neck. She then slid one hand down my back and over my ass.
Anticipating her fingering me I moved my legs slightly
more apart giving her an easier target. As expected Kelly
slid a single finger half-way up my ass and began fingering
me with the same rhythm that I was fucking Karen with. Instantly
my cock stiffened even more and I again started feeling
cum start to rise up my shaft.

“Fuck my ass, Chris!” Karen begged as her hands spread her
ass apart.

I looked back at Kelly, silently asking if it was alright
with her and Kelly nodded slightly as she continued to kiss
my neck and finger my asshole. With that, I pulled my dripping
cock from Karen’s pussy and pushed the tip into Karen’s
spread asshole. Karen’s ass, to my surprise, did not resist
me as much as Kelly’s usually does as my cock slid easily
into it. I began slowly fucking her and slowly increased
my tempo until I was literally thrusting my cock with all
of my and Kelly’s (who was still kneeling behind me fingering
my ass) force into Karen’s ass. At this point Karen was practically
screaming. Finally she tensed up to cum and my cock slid
out of her ass. Immediately Kelly reached around, grabbed
it and started stroking it.

Karen came for about 10 seconds and then spun around, bent
over and started sucking my cock with incredible excitement.
I immediately stood up to allow her to straighten on the
sofa while she blew me. Kelly and Steve then sat to either
side of Karen on the sofa and began rubbing Karen and my legs
as I felt the cum rise to the point of no return.

“Here it comes” I said excitedly “Oh god, get ready, here
it comes!”

With that Karen stopped sucking my cock and gently pulled
Kelly and Steve’s heads in closer to her own. With their
mouths open with anticipation I began stroking my own cock
with hard quick thrusts and first pointed my head toward
Kelly’s awaiting mouth. My first shot hit Kelly’s upper
lip which she immediately licked with her tongue causing
my second shot to hit her chin. I then directed my cock toward
Karen and was able to put what was my largest shot of load
directly into her mouth. She then moved her mouth right
up against my head so there was no way of my missing the next
time I shot. As anticipated the next and at this point dwindling
shot squirted into Karen’s mouth so I then moved my exploding
shaft in front of Steve. Steve didn’t waste any time and
just took my entire cock in his mouth and began stroking
me with long hard pulls. It felt incredible and I just let
him suck every last drop out of me. I let him continue to suck
me off and he didn’t stop until my cock was almost limp.

As is usual after blowing my load and no longer feeling an
overpowering sexual appetite I immediately felt a little
embarrassment about the things we, or more specifically
I, had just done. But this feeling soon disappeared as Kelly
and I half lay on the sofa in our underwear holding each other.
After that I didn’t feel embarrassed at all but actually
felt a certain sense of liberation having acted out a sexual
fantasy I had always wanted to experience. I decided right
there that from that point on I would not suppress any sexual
feelings or urges I felt in the future but would instead
express them to Kelly, and hopefully, be able to experience
or at least act them out in role playing with her.

Karen, Steve, Kelly and I finished the night drinking wine
and having quiet, intimate conversation. About an hour
and a half after we finished having sex Kelly and I thanked
Karen and Steve for an incredible evening, told them we
would indeed be interested in doing this again sometime
in the future and wished them a good night.

We then drove home and immediately went upstairs still
feeling a certain level of excitement from our recent adventure.
This prompted us to have sex once again before falling into
a deep restful sleep in each other’s arms.


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What an arousing night. Keep up the great work.
Tell us more. We are on our way back to bed now.


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That was so hot. I envy you


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Wow, what an amazing time. Sounds like all four of you really
enjoyed yourselves.