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New Experiences!


My wife and idecided to get kinky and we bought a couple of

toys, nipple clamps and a dildo.
We were playing around one night; the kids were at the in-

laws for the evening. We took a bath together and I was
leaning my back against my wife's chest. She was soaping

chest and playing with my nipples. I was so hard. She then

had me face her and she soaped my cock and balls. She
rinsed them off and then soaped her hands again. She leaned

forward and started sucking my cock, with her soaped hands;

she started to soap my ass up. That felt great, I was
leaking precum like crazy. Then she did it, she slipped

soapy finger up my ass. I pushed down on it and it went all

the way in to her second knuckle. I felt my cock thicken
and leaked more precum. She sat up and kissed me. I could

taste my cum and cock in her mouth. She whispered in my ear

"you like that, don't you?" I just moaned

and nodded.
We got out of the bath and dried off. We went to bed
and continued our play. She started in on my nipples, first

sucking and licking them, and then moved to chewing and

pulling on them. I was holding onto the headboard with both

hands and moaning really hard. She saw the position I was

in and got off the bed and grabbed a couple of my ties from

the closet. She tied my hands to the headboard. I was
going mad with excitement. All the time she was telling

how hot tying me up made her. She then swung her leg over
my face and started rubbing her wet pussy in my face and
telling me to "lick up the mess you are making".

Then she
took the nipple clamps and placed them on my already hard

nipples. She set them half strength so the pinch was not

too bad. Then she asked "did you like having your ass

played with?" I shook my head and started moving my

hips in
a circle. I could feel another drop of cum on my stomach.

She saw it too because she scooped it off of my, and
squeezed another drop from my cock and fed it to me telling

me to keep my messes clean. I obeyed and licked my cum off

of her finger.
"You like licking cum don't you? You want to be

little slave for the evening?" I said "yes"
in a shaky
voice. "Good, but first you have to do a couple of things

for me." She got up and opened her drawer and pulled

out a
bra and something else that I couldn't see. "First

we will
put on a nice lacy bra for your nice tits, and we will just

tighten these clamps a bit more." Then she put some

Vaseline on her finger and rubbed it on my asshole. I
started to squirm and push down on her finger, using my body

to beg her to shove it in me. "You want that inside you

don't you bad boy? Not yet pretty boy". I was so

wet my
cock was dripping pre-cum all over my stomach. She said,

"Now my little bitch is ready for some real fun".

My hands were still tied and the real fun was going to
begin. She moved up my body and sat right down on my hard
cock. She was so wet and hot, I wasn't sure how long I

going to last. She then sat up and started to grind her
pussy down on my cock. She started to rub and play with my

tits through the bra. The lacy bra felt soft and scratchy

on my nipples. The tit clamps had my nipples sticking out

hard against the bra. "Don't you look pretty

with a bra on?
Your tits feel so good, do you like wearing the bra baby?"
I didn't say anything but my cock gave me away and swelled

up and jerked inside of her. "You don't have to

your cock just did for you". She noticed. She reached

under the bra and tightened the clamps some more, my cock

jumped and I moaned. "You like that do you? You like

me to
play with your tits through the bra? You like the feel of

the lace, the soft straps on your shoulders? You look so

hot dressed up like a little slut. Don't deny it, your

has never been so hard in my pussy before. Every time I
touch your tits your cock reacts and you drip more cum in

pussy. You like being my little slave slut?" I couldn't

take much more and she knew it. She leaned forward and
whispered into my ear "You want to cum don't you?

ready to shoot your big thick cream in my pussy aren't

Just so you know, our evening has just begun." She

sat back
up and grabbed the nipple clamps through the bra and started

to twist my nipples. She bounced up and down on my cock and

twisted and pinched my nipples. I couldn't take anymore.

"Come on baby shoot your cum in me, show me how much

like wearing a bra and looking like a slut, fill me up".

My cock became so swollen and then I shot 4 or 5 big globs
of cum. She wouldn't let up, she was cumming too and

wouldn't stop riding my cock. She was going to drain

She started to cum. I could feel her squeezing my cock as

she came. She screamed out and clamped down hard on my cock

pulling more cum from my shaft. She lifted her head looked

me in the eye and told me that that was one of the hardest
orgasms she has ever had, but that we weren't done.

She then got off of me, turned around and told me to
"look at the big mess you made of my pussy, how do you

expect us to continue to play tonight with that messy,
drippy pussy?" I looked into her pussy and could see

insides of her legs were wet with pussy juice, and a big
glob of my white cum was dripping out of her swollen pussy

lips. With that she lowered her pussy to my face and told

me to clean that mess. Just as she said that a glob of my
cum dripped from her pussy onto my mouth. I was still tied

to the bed with my arms over my head. I opened my mouth and

let my cum drip into it. She told me to "clean every

drop of your cum out of my pussy, you made such a mess.
Drink your cum. Taste it mixed in with my pussy juice."
started to stick my tongue in her pussy. It was so hot and

wet. At first I could taste her pussy, but once my tongue

started to spread her pussy lips apart my cum started to

flow. I felt my cum thick and hot dripping into my mouth.

At first I thought I was going to choke, but once I took a
deep breath and smelled my cum and her pussy together I
started to get into eating her out with my fresh load. The

more I moved my tongue the deeper I tried to get into her
pussy. My cum was tasting really good. I couldn't get

enough. I loved the feel of the thick cream in my mouth.
The taste was so good. I could feel my cock getting hard
again. Usually my wife and I have sex, cum, and we are
done, everything is too sensitive to continue. But this

time I was getting rejuvenated and wanted to keep going.

wife leaned forward and pulled my legs up towards her
shoulders. My body moved down stretching my arms a bit
more. This put my ass facing up in the air. This gave me
better access to her pussy and more of my cum came out. I
thought this was her plan. I was wrong. She reached
between her legs and fingered her pussy, pushing my tongue

away and lifting her body up a little, I was watching her

finger her pussy. What a show. Her fingers were dripping

with our cum. She removed her fingers and pushed her pussy

back onto my face. "Finish your clean-up job, bad

boy", she
said. I started back into searching her pussy for more cum.

Then I felt her rubbing her cum soaked fingers around my

asshole. At first I jumped, or at least I tried to move my

ass away, but she clamped her legs tighter together around

my head and slapped my ass really hard. "We will have

of that little boy, you stay still and let me play with your

little pussy, since, by the looks of your hard-on you seem

to be loving your pussy played with. Or maybe its not
playing with your pussy that has you so hard, maybe it's

eating that hot cum out of my pussy that you to seem to be
liking so much? Is that it little boy, do you like eating

cum?" I just got another glob of cum on my tongue and

swirling it around in my mouth when she asked me if I liked

cum. I was so caught up in the thickness of my cum that I
just gave her a "mmmmm" and my cock jerked a little.

cock is giving you away little boy, you do like the taste

cum fresh from your cock and into my pussy." <br>
My ass was getting sloppy wet with her fingers and then
she did it, she inserted a finger in my ass. At first I
wanted her to pull it out, but she pushed it in so deep it
hit the back of something and it felt good. My cock felt
like it got harder. "I see you like your pussy fucked

you little boy?" Then she started to plunge her finger

and out of my pussy. I started to moan into my wife's

pussy. "Oh yeah baby you like this". The moaning

getting to her. She started to grind her pussy harder and

harder onto my face. I kept my mouth wide open moaning more

and more as my ass was being finger fucked. Then she put
two and then three fingers in my ass. I could feel my ass
stretching more and more. My ass was accepting more and

more of the fucking in-and-out strokes of her fingers.

she pulled her fingers out of my ass, reached to the side

the bed and sat back up, putting more pressure on my face.

I felt a little trapped and started to thrash my head a bit,

she like that because her inner thighs started to shake.

She leaned forward again and lifted up off my face. I was

able to breathe again. My face was soaked with cum and
pussy juice. My tongue was getting raw from digging in her

pussy for my cum. Then I felt the pressure of the dildo at

my hole. I was loose but not sure if I was loose enough for

the dildo. I pictured the life like eight-inch dildo with

its flared head pushing at my hole. She pushed the head of

the dildo in my ass. I felt the stretch until the ridge of

the head passed the sphincter muscle. I screamed out into

her pussy. She screamed out in orgasm sending what was left

of my cum down in my open mouth, along with her own orgasm.

Her legs clamped down on my head and I could feel her legs

shake against my face. Her body tensed really hard lifting

her body up and then plunging her pussy back down on my
face, cumming in floods, as she came down on my face she
plunged the dildo the rest of the way down into my ass
causing me to scream out. My mouth was open wide when she

brought her pussy down on my face. What a rush.
Her orgasm subsided and my ass was filled with cock.
My cock was soft but dripping with cum. My wife regained

herself and started to fuck my ass with the dildo. Slow,

small strokes, making sure I was loose. I started to grind

my hips into the dildo. "That was so good wasn't

it baby?" I moaned and tried to nod a yes for her, at the same time
giving her a couple of good licks on her pussy. As she
started to take longer strokes she said, "Does this

good baby? Do you like the feel of this cock fucking your

ass?" She got up off of me and untied my hands, leaving

dildo up my ass. She had me turn around and get on all
fours. Then she got behind me and started to fuck my ass
again. "You like the position don't you? You

look like a
little slut with your bra on and your balls swinging between

your legs. You're hard baby, your cock is giving you

again. You like this cock in your ass." I liked it,

dildo felt so good, and with every stroke of the dildo, I

felt full and the pressure from inside was making my cock

swell and leak. Then she pushed me down on the bed and
flipped me on my back. She raised one of my legs over her
shoulder and started fucking me hard. She was grinding

pussy into the back of the dildo, pushing the dildo's

into her pussy. She was fucking herself and my ass at the

same time. I couldn't hold back any longer I shot my

all over my chest and on my face. My wife came at the same
time. She left the dildo in my ass and lay next to me. She
took her finger and started to play with the cum on my chest

and then she began to feed me my cum from my chest and belly

That was one fucking night. We jumped in the shower
and cleaned each other up.
I was sore for a couple of days, but relived that night a
hundred times. I couldn't wait for the next time we

something kinky.
The following weekend, I was next door playing pool
with my neighbor; I never gave it a thought that our bedroom

windows faced his house with his patio room and pool table.

Gary's wife recently moved out and filed for a divorce.

immediately turned the patio room into a playroom, with

table, wet bar, and refrigerator. He also had a hot tub,

with closed in gazebo, installed right outside of his
bedroom. He changed his home into a real bachelor pad.
Gary is about 5 feet 11 inches tall, broad shouldered
Japanese guy. He works at a large electronics company as

hardware engineer, so he travels a lot and I am always
watching his house, feeding the dog and watering his plants

and yard for him. He is always appreciative of that. So I

wasn't thinking anything of it when he asked me to come

and play pool, visit, and have a couple of drinks. My wife

and kids went off to the in-laws for the afternoon so I
thought it would be a good idea to go have a couple of
It was mid May so the weather was not hot, about 74
degrees. After a couple of Margaritas I was feeling no
pain. I am not a big drinker so it doesn't take much to

light up my cheeks. Gary thanked me for taking care of his

house all the time and told me to feel free to come over and

play pool or use the hot tub. "Let me show you how to

the hot tub on" as he said this he started walking to

backyard. I started to follow him, trying to tell him that

I would not use his hot tub when he wasn't home, but he

kept talking. He showed me what knobs to turn and what
switches to turn off and on, and then he turned to me and
asked if I wanted to try it out right now. I knew I had the
whole afternoon to myself but I thought I would be surfing

the Internet for porn. I said "I guess I can go home

grab a bathing suit and come right back." "I

have all kinds
of suits in different sizes for when my friends come by,

just slip one of those on and we can finish our drinks in
comfort." As he said this, his voice was so confident

and it
made me feel like I didn't have much of a choice.
I was feeling no pain by this time so I agreed. He
handed me a swimsuit, and told me to try this one on. I
turned to go to the bathroom and change when Gary said, "you

can just change here it's just us." Again the

way he said
it was just so "DO IT" so I started to undress.

I am 5'7" tall, 40 year-old hairy Italian guy, not a "take a

look at him" type at all, just average. I kept my back

Gary and started to undress. I took my shoes and socks off,

then my shirt, and then I pulled my pants and underwear off

at the same time in anticipation that I would pull on the

swimsuit really fast. I grabbed the swimsuit and slipped

over my feet and stood upright to pull it the rest of the
way up, when I noticed that the swimsuit was a little tight

and had a front pouch to hide my cock and was thong like in

the back so my ass cheeks were exposed. I hadn't realized

that, since it had been only a couple of days since my wife

had that hot sex, there were hand prints still showing on

ass. I looked down and my cock was barely covered and all

my pubic hair was bursting out the sides. I turned to ask

Gary if he had a suit a little bigger when I saw him
standing there in the same type suit. Gary did not have any

pubic hair sticking out and his accented his body very
nicely. He had almost no body hair at all, except under his

arms. I chalked it up to being Japanese. He asked if I was

ready to go in the hot tub and started out the door. I
followed like a puppy, forgetting how uncomfortable I

and how exposed I was. Just us guys, right? Gary refreshed

our drinks and we went out to the hot tub. After a few
minutes and halfway through our fourth Margarita, Gary

started talking about being a bachelor again. He went on

about why his wife left, because she wanted a man that was

more hairy and sexually responsive to her needs. "More

hairy?" I asked, "What kind of statement was

that? She left
because you had not body hair?" He said, "that

was just
one of those things that came out in one of our screaming

fights, and it stung because I am self conscience of my
body. I envy you with your hairy chest and ass, I have no
hair on my chest and my ass is as smooth as a baby's. I

see why she would want to have a hairy guy, you do have a
sexy chest." I felt so sorry, I can't believe

that would be
a reason for divorce, but I am sure there was more to that

story. I wanted to build his confidence up so I started
telling him that a smooth chest was nice too "The grass

isn't always greener you know, us hairy guys envy you

chested, well built guys, like yourself, that have nice

muscular chests that show off their pecs." "Yah,

but I have
no nipples, just little nubs, where you have those big
nipples that stick out through your hairy chest. I think

that is why us Japanese guys have such small nipples, we

have no hair to stick past so our body's keep them small."
I started to laugh at that statement, not even thinking

about what we were talking about.
The hot water and Tequila were taking its toll on me.
My eyes were floating. Gary then got up and out of the hot

tub and filled our glasses again. Just ass he was getting

back in the tub I looked up and could see his cock was about

half hard as he slid back in the tub right in front of my
face. I must have been staring because the next thing I saw

was Gary staring right at my face. I kind of shook my
trance off and looked at him smiling back at me. I felt my

cock starting to strain against the little suit, which

very tight now that it was wet. My hardening cock was
making the suit tighter and the back strap was riding up

ass. Gary then started talking again "Your nipples

are so
big you almost look like you have small breasts, are they

sensitive, do they make you horny when your wife touches

them?" My breathing started getting heavy, my cock

straining, and I was so horny now. I just started answering

him in a low whisper "oh yes, they are my Achilles heal,

when she started playing with them I will do anything. She

calls them her little tits. When she twists and pinches

them I just melt and let her have her way with me. She
loves to finger my ass a chew on my nipples." What the

was I saying? And why was I telling him all of this? Man,
liquor does strange things to you. Gary was listening to

every word, then he said "Yah I know, I've heard

you a few
times when I was playing pool." I turned beet red.

worry your secrets are safe with me. I jacked off so many

times reliving what I heard." As he was saying this

he was
moving closer and closer to me. My eyes couldn't focus

him. I was so drunk. He then put both hands on my chest
and started to massage my breasts. My nipples were already

hard and sensitive. He was right; as soon as his hands hit

my nipples I started to melt. I felt my body give in, so
did he. "You do have nice tits. You do like your nipples

touched don't you baby?" As he said that he started

to roll
both nipples between his fingers, putting a little pinching

pressure on them. I put my head back and let the feelings

flow. He must have pulled he swimsuit off before he moved

over to me because I felt his naked, hard, cock pressing

thigh. His whole body was pressed against mine now. I was

enjoying my nipples being pinched and rolled so much that

began to rotate my hips. The movement of my hips caused the

swimsuit to tighten up more and the strap up my ass started

to massage my hole. My mind raced back to the other night

with my wife fucking me with the dildo. I could only
imagine what a real cock would feel like up my ass. He
reached down with one hand and started to pull my suit off.

I lifted up my ass and let him pull the suit all the way
off, and he threw the suit off to the side of the tub. As
he was doing this he leaned into my ear and whispered, "You

do like this don't you? You have such nice tits. Let

take you suit off. Yes, that's it lift your ass and let

get you naked. Your nipples are so hard and big. You made

me so hot the other night, I wanted to see you so bad with a

bra on these tits, to twist these nipples and watch you beg

for more. I wanted my cock to be the one fucking your
little pussy. I want you to taste my cum fresh from my
cock." I was breathing so hard and heavy I couldn't

what I was doing anymore. "Let's get out and go

to my
room." <br>
We got out of the tub and he dried me off and led me to
his room. He laid me on his be face up and lay right on top
of me, our cocks pressing into each other. I was leaking

much precum and so was he. Just before he laid on me I
looked over his body, even his pubic hair was almost gone,

just a little patch above his cock. He reached over to his

nightstand and opened a drawer; he pulled out a lacy bra

started to put it on me. I just let him lift me up and slip
the bra on. "You look so pretty in a bra. I hope you like

what I picked out for you." As he said this he was rubbing

my nipples through the lace. I was going crazy. My nipples

were so sensitive. His cock head was pushing under by
balls. I wanted him in my so bad. Then it happened. He
lifted his head up and leaned in and kissed me. I couldn't

believe I was kissing a man, my neighbor. I succumbed to

his kiss and opened my mouth and let his tongue slide in.

He was still kneading my breasts keeping my sexually
stimulated and dripping. He then rolled off of me and told

me how pretty I was and how much he wanted me. I just
whispered "please make love to me Gary." He

sat up on his
knees and told me to suck his cock and clean the juicy mess

up. I never had a real cock in my mouth before and I wanted

to taste another mans cum, wondering if it tasted like mine.

"Suck my cock baby, lick that dripping cum from the

hole." I could smell his cock, as my face got closer

to his
cock. Clear liquid was coming out of the hole and dripping

down his shaft. He had a 7" cock, not to fat. I starred

it noticing that the color was darker tan colored and very

smooth. Compared to my cock which is 6" and almost

twice as
thick as his. My cock is light pink with a darker pink
head. My cock head is more blunt with deep flares around

it. Gary's cock was leaner and his cock head was more

pointed, but had a nice deep ridge around it. Gary took his

cock and pushed it to my lips. "Open up and suck my cock."
As he said this he rubbed some cum on my lips. I opened my
mouth and tasted my first precum soaked cock. I felt soft

in my mouth. The cock shaft was hard, but the skin was soft

and spongy. At first I just stopped at the head and ran my

tongue around the ridge and in the hole, then I wanted to

see how much I could get in my mouth. The first time it hit

the back of my throat I gagged a little, then I slowed up
and started to breath in as his cock went back in my throat.

I still could only do about _ of his cock, but I was
enjoying that, and so was he. I had to explore more, so I
pulled off his cock and started to lick his smooth balls.

My tongue was rolling the smooth skin in my mouth. I
started to rub my face all over his balls and cock. It was

wonderful. "You are loving this cock aren't

you baby? Put
it back in your mouth and taste fresh cum." I obeyed

put his cock in my mouth. I was a little afraid and didn't

know what to expect, but he was rubbing my head and talking

to me. I was relaxed again and wanted his cum. "That's

suck my cock. You are making me feel so good. I am ready
to cum. You want my cum? Are you ready to taste it? Feel
me shoot in your mouth, take it all. Swallow it, taste it

baby here it comes." I could feel his cock head flare

get bigger in my mouth. I backed off his cock to just past

the head and felt the first shot hit the back of my throat.

I was shocked, but I swallowed, then came the next 2 shots

that felt like it filled my mouth. I swallowed again, but

not all of the cum. It was so fast that I couldn't really

taste it. The next couple of shots were not a big and
powerful but I was able to taste the cum and swirl it around

my mouth. His cock got a little soft and then he pulled it

from my mouth. "That was so good. You suck cock so well.

Did you like having a hard cock in your mouth? Did you like

eating cum right from a cock?" I shook my head yes and

bent down and kissed me again, searching my mouth for tastes

of his own cum. I just moaned in ecstasy.
He lay next to me again playing with my nipples and
cock. I wanted to shoot so badly but I didn't want it

end. He squeezed a couple of drops of my cum from my cock
and brought his finger to my ass. He then started to rub my

cum on my hole. I started to moan more and move my hips
trying to help him zero in on my hole. "You want me to

with your pussy? You like this don't you baby?"
I moved my
hips more and pushed down on his finger. I whispered,
"" to Gary as he pinched my nipples

some more.
He then got up and spread my legs apart and kneeled in
between them. He then inserted a finger in my ass. I
moaned real loud and pushed down hard on his finger forcing

the whole finger in my ass. It felt so good to have my ass
stretched again. "You want that do you? You want your

pussy to be filled up? You are a little slut aren't you?"
With that he shoved two fingers up my ass. I moaned some
more. "Oh Gary, yes fuck me good". Gary pulled

his fingers
from my ass and replaced them with the head of his cock. I

felt his head at the entrance and tried to push down on it

to get it in my. Gary kept pulling back away; he wanted
control of this fucking. Then he pushed the head in just

enough that my ass closed around the head. Gary then pulled

his cock out of my ass, just as my hole started to close he

shoved his cock head back in. He did this several times
making me beg him to fuck me. He finally gave it all to me,

one more time pulling out and then back in, running his
entire shaft in my ass. I felt so full. I could feel his
cock pushing against my prostate. The pressure felt so

good. He leaned forward looking into my eyes, my legs
wrapped around his waist making sure he doesn't take

cock out of my ass. He had a look of pure lust when he
started to tell me "Your pussy is so tight and hot.

My cock
loves your pussy. Do you like being fucked? You do don't

you? You like having a hard cock up your ass, having my
balls rub your ass." The whole time he was talking

he was
grinding his cock around and around against my insides.

could feel his cock head rubbing all inside of my, and my

asshole was being stretched and pulled from one side to

other. It felt so good. My cock was hard as a rock and
dripping a puddle of cum on my stomach. Then Gary sat back

up on his knees, rubbed both hands on my bra-covered breasts

making my cock jump and my ass tighten around his cock. "Oh

yah baby squeeze that cock. You are so tight." Then

unclasped the bra from the front and exposed my chest. He

started to run his hands over my chest, running his hands

through the hair. He was moaning and his eyes were rolling

around in his head. He was caught up in the feeling. Don't

cum now, please don't cum. Keep fucking me; fuck me

day, I thought to myself. The he grabbed my nipples and
used them like rains to hold on while he started to fuck me

hard. He started to pull and twist my nipples. He was
fucking me with long fast strokes. I started to shake my

head hard trying to fight back the ecstasy. The pain in my

nipples felt so good, I could feel it all the way down to my

balls. I was ready to cum, and so was he. "You want to

fucked do you? You like my cock going in and out of your
ass don't you? You want to feel me cum in your ass?"
I was
screaming out "yes, cum in me, fuck me hard, harder,

harder." His balls were slapping at my ass. My ass

was so
juicy, just like a real pussy. I could hear our juices
making noise as he fucked me hard. We both started to moan

and scream out "UUUGGHHH!!!!!" We both came

at the same
time. He twisted my nipples and pulled them really hard

last time as I shot my cum. The first jet hit my face and
then 3 more hit my chest. The rest of my cum formed a
puddle on my stomach. My ass clamped down tight on Gary's

cock, but he forced through, in and out a few more times
before I felt his cock head swell and the hot cum shoot into

my ass. He fell on top of me. My cum sealing us together.
He licked the cum from my face, keeping it on his tongue,

offered me a kiss. I greedily accepted his cum kiss.
"That was so good Gary. We lived next door so many
years and I never knew we could do this." We got up and

jumped in the hot tub. My ass was still open and dripping

Gary's cum out and down my leg as I walked to the hot tub.

I sat on Gary's lap facing him, in the hot tub, and started

to grind my ass on his cock. I wanted him again. "We

again don't worry" Gary said "but later.

I don't plan on
moving for a long time." "Neither do I."
Gary still travels and I take care of his house when he
is gone. When he comes back he thanks me every time.

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your story was sooo good, i fingered myself from beginning
to end. Do tell more...