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New Cockhold Husband, gets more than he Bargained for


My wife Mary, has always enjoyed sex with other men behind
my back, I found this out some years after we were married
by chance.

After finding this out, needless to say I was very upset
with her cheating on me. We fought and argued for many months
about her cheating. Finally one night she broke down and
told me that although she enjoyed having sex with me, it
was not the same as when she had sex with these other men.
I asked what she meant by that remark, was she telling me
that I was inadequate as a lover? If so she should tell me
how or what she wants when we make love. She said no that it
was not I, but it was the fact that it was more intense and
sexual arousing to have sex with men behind my back. It was
than the sex she said it was more that she was cheating and
doing it without my knowledge. That’s what made this
type of sex more intense and satisfying.

I could not understand her logic, and asked her since I had
found out about her having taken lovers behind my back,
if she now had a lover on the side. No she told me once I had
found out that she had a lover, she broke off the affair as
she was not sure what I would do. Do I know this person is that
why you broke it off? No, no, it’s someone I had met at work.
Does he still work with you, I asked? He does but he’s asked
for a transfer to another office when I told him why I was
breaking it off. He did not want you coming to the office
and creating a disturbance and possibly getting him fired.

So you two still work for the same company? Yes but I told
you he transferred out to an other location in the suburbs
so I have no reason to contact him. Do you miss being with
him and is he a better lover than I? I don’t miss him, but
I do miss having sex with him, and no he’s not a better lover
than you. I told you that it’s not better because the person
is a better lover than you, it’s that the sex is illicit.
That it’s Taboo, that I’m cheating on you. I love you,
but this kind of sex really gets me going. I don’t say this
to hurt you, it’s just that from time to time I need this
kind of sex.

Plus I always pick a lover who is many years younger than
I am, as this also is what turns me on. The knowing that they
know that I’m older and then my knowing that they still
want to make love to me turns me on. You mean all your lovers
have been younger than yourself? Yes. How much younger?
Oh any where from 5 years to around 20 my junior. Do they know
that you’re 51? Well I don’t tell them my exact age,
but yes I do let them know that I’m a bit older than them.

These conversations took place over a couple of months
with her, and I found that during those conversations that
I would get aroused whenever we discussed her lovers. She
would give me some details but not a lot, I would ask was their
cock larger than mine, and how long these men lasted those
types of questions, she would answer those. Oh and I asked
if they ever did it in our house, she said a couple of times
when I was out of town on business.

I asked if she would dress up for them when they had sex and
when she had them at our place what she would wear? Yes she
said that she would dress to meet her lover, and when they
would come to our place she would put on her sexist negligee
stocking, heels and nothing else. Hearing those comments
from her was really turning me on. Finally I asked if she
was looking to find another lover now that I knew? She said
that she did not want to hurt me any more than I’ve been
hurt and also being that I knew of her having lovers also
took some of the excitement out of it.

I confessed and told her that when I first heard of her having
a lover, that I was upset, but that over these months in speaking
with her about her lovers; that truth be told that I get excited
when we discuss them and what they would do. I told her this
sounds crazy but I would like to watch you having sex with
another man. Mary was shocked to hear this and told me she
did not think that this was a good idea, as she was not sure
how well I could handle watching another man make love to

I agreed with her, but just hearing of some of the things
that she shared with me, had turned me on. I told her how about
if she recorded it for me to watch later? She was will skeptical
about doing this plus she did not think that anyone would
agree to being filmed as they would not know what we would
do with the video. I told her that we would do it without telling
them, I could set it up here in our bedroom and she could bring
the man here. She said if she were to agree to this that I could
not be there, I told her no that I would set it up and show her
how to use it and go out for a few hours.

Mary said she would think about this idea and let me know.
Well it took her about a month to tell me that she had thought
it over and would agree to it, but again I was not to be there.
I assured her that I would just set it up and leave for a couple
of hours. I asked if she had anyone in mind for this? They
had hired a new salesman a few months back she said. I asked
how old he was, she said that she heard he was 32 and divorced
about 8 months with no children. The grapevine said is was
a nasty divorce, with the ex getting the house and all the
savings. She also heard that the ex was older than him. She
was 38 or 40 was the rumor very attractive and a real man eater.
Rumor was she had taken a younger lover, much younger than

So I asked why do you think that he would be interested in
being your lover? Well for one thing he keeps hanging around
my desk, asking questions about myself. What does he ask?
Are you married, do you have any children, what type of work
you do? So why do you think that he’s interested in anything
more than just being a nice co worker? Well he also has a habit
of staring down the top of my dress or blouse, and has made
comments on how young I look and that i have great looking
legs. He’s also said that I dress very well and that I should
give a class to the other women in our office on how to dress.

Has he asked you out or made any moves to make you think that
he’s really interested in taking you out? No, okay so
how do you propose to get him to take you out? Well Judy in
our department is leaving for another job and they are planning
on taking her out for dinner in a couple of weeks. So I’m
going to ask him, oh by the way his name is Jim. I’m going
to mention this to Jim and check to see if he’s going to
the dinner. I’ll tell him that I would like to go, but I
know that there will be drinking and I don’t want to drink
and drive and ask if he would not mind driving me there. I’ll
tell him that I’ll make arrangements to get a ride home
I just need him to take me there.

Mary said that they changed the dinner from a Friday after
work to the Saturday as Judy could not make it that Friday
night. They all agreed to meet at the restaurant at 7 reservations
had been made my wife told me. What about your friend Jim
how are you going to get him to drive you there being that
it’s a Saturday night and not after work? I’ve already
asked him to pick me up here and take me to the party, again
I told him I wanted to enjoy myself and not worry about my
drinking and driving. So he agreed to pick me up Saturday
at 6:15, he’s also agreed to bring me home, as I told him
that you would be out of town on business.

The night of the party I watched her get dressed, she had
showered and shaven herself all over and paid close attention
to her private area and made sure she shaved it very close.
I’ve always liked to watch her dress especially when
we were going out for the evening. Now here I was watching
her get ready to have sex with another man I had lived feeling
about this now that it was going to happen, or so we both hoped.
Mary asked me a couple of times to make sure that i would not
come home before they were finished and Jim had gone. yes
I told her I would wait for her call before I came back home.

I arranged the camera and hid it so I hope that he would not
notice it. I showed my wife how to turn it on and I also showed
her how to get it to zoom in. I also explained that the camera
had auto focus so she should not worry about it being blurry.
She said I didn’t think that I’ll be too interested
in working the camera if he’s working on me. Okay I get
it, so I set the camera so that it brought the bed into focus,
it should show what I wanted to see.

While I was setting up Mary was finishing put on her clothes,
stockings, garter belt, and a shear white pantie they were
the thong type a sheer white bra and 5 inch white heels that
had a strap that went around her ankle. Finally she put on
a tight white dress that barely covered her private area.
Well what do you think, Mary asked? I think that if I don’t
get out of the house, you’re not going to that dinner for
your friend Judy. You look very hot and inviting. Well then
I’ve achieved what I wanted. Do you think that this Jim
will make a move on you? Well the things that I have planned
to get in back here and in bed better work or I’m going to
have to turn in my Cougar card.

With that I took off for the a dinner and movie and then to
a wait the call from Mary that it’s alright to come home.
I again explained how to turn it on and told her if she could
to try to zoom in on some of the action. I told her that I had
turned up the volume on the mic so that the audio should come
through and also not to turn off the lights.

From here Mary will have to explain what happened. So after
my husband Tom had left for the movie, I checked my make up
and hair, and again looked in the mirror to see if this was
the look that I wanted Jim to see. I liked what I saw for being
51 years old I feel that I’m in good shape. I’ve had others
men and women tell me that I look no older than 40 and they
find it hard to believe that I’m 51. I have to admit having
breast implants may have helped as with them I don’t sag.
Plus I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had my crows
feet taken up and had the bags under my eyes also tightened
up. I keep my blonde hair cut short in the latest fashion.

I work out at least 4 days a week which includes a 3 to 5 mile
run. So my body is pretty firm and I don’t have any fat on
me, I’m 5’ 4” and weigh 104 lbs. My breasts are a 36
C, my waist is 28 and hips are 32. So I feel that I’m well
proportioned for my height and weight. I know that my husband
Tom is very happy with all the work that I’ve had done.
All women are vain to some point, I’m satisfied with myself
for the time being, only time will tell if I need more work
later and then if I desire to have more cosmetic work done
to myself.

I go to the tanning salon every other week and get a spray
during the winter months, during the warmer weather I lay
out and get a natural tan. Getting the spray tan I get that
all over, I like the look that it gives me. I don’t over
do the tan just enough so that you can see that I have a tan.
Plus when i dress like this I love that there are no tan lines
to show.

It was getting close to the time that Jim was to pick me up,
I had told him 6:30 as the restaurant was only about 20 mins
from my place. I again checked my make up hair, and adjusted
the garter and stockings and check the fit of the dress.
I loved that it was so tight that it cringed to my every curve.
The tightness of the dress showed off my small firm ass and
the contour of it, and it accented my breasts making them
look even larger, and my waist even smaller. I had to be careful
when I sat as I noticed that the dress would ride up my thigh
and show the tops of my stockings. More so when I stood back
up I had to pull the dress down.

Jim rang the bell right at 6:30 I called out that I would be
right there, I got a light coat to put over my outfit; as I
did not want Jim to see me dressed like this right now. I would
let him see my outfit at the restaurant as I did not want to
make it appear that I was trying to seduce him, Which I was
but I did not want it to be so obvious. I went out to meet him
and he opened the car door for me, when I got in I made sure
that I held on the the bottom of the coat so that it would not
open and reveal my legs and the tops of my stockings. Jim
comment that he liked my shoes. Thank you, and I like your
car I’ve never been in one before this is a Land Rover yes.
Correct it’s the Discovery model. It sits so hight, well
it’s 4 wheel drive and really handles well on snowy roads.
The height is for clearance if you’re off roading. Well
you won’t need the 4 wheel drive tonight and we’re not
going off roading.

Do you know how to get to the restaurant I asked? Yes, I’ve
not been there but I have driven past it many times. Ok so
then lets get going, we’ll make it just in time to make
a grand entrance as they say. Our ride there was inconsequential
we main spoke of work and finally of family. I found out that
Jim was divorced twice with no children from either marriage,
and lived out in a nearby suburb about 40 mins from my place.
He owned his own home, had no pets, was an only child and was
from Los Angeles. I told him about myself and that my husband
I had had two grown daughters, who were both married and
had families of their own.

Jim said he could not believe that I was the mother of 2 grown
women, that I looked too young to have children that old.
I laughed and told him sadly that was true I had 2 grown daughters.
Well he said, you must have married your husband when you
were what 15 or 16, again this caused me to laugh, no I wish
I could say that’s the truth but it’s not. I asked Jim
how old are you, I’m 33. Well Jim lets say that I’m quite
a bit older than you. Well you look very young for your age.

When we arrived at the restaurant Jim had the car Valet parked,
he came around to help me out and I again held onto the coat
so as to not allow Jim to get a good look at me. When we walked
inside we told the young women at the front we here there
a work party for our friend Judy. Oh they have a private room
I’ll take you there; would you like to check your wrap
here? At first I started to say no, then I changed my mind.
I wanted Jim to see me a lone form the others and get his reaction
without others there.

I turned my back to the young women and Jim and allowed her
to lift the coat from me. I then turned around and stood there
with my one hand on my hip which I had thrust out just a bit
and pointed the toe of that shoe towards Jim and flipped
my hair back, and put a big smile on and said well Jim what
do you think of my outfit? I knew that he like it, from the
start as I could feel his eyes boring holes into me. He sucked
in a bit of air before me answered me and said wow, that’s
all I can say is wow. You look hot, oh sorry I did not mean to
offend you by that comment. Oh, no I’m not offended quite
the opposite I love that comment.

I slowly turned all the way around letting him see it all.
I then asked if he liked what he was seeing? Oh yes, most defiantly
I love that I’m seeing. I can’t believe you’re the
same women that I work with day in and day out. Well Jim I could
not wear this to work or do you think that I should? Ah, yes
guess you’re right you could not wear this to work as no
work would get done. Oh, no work by whom I asked? Jim was still
starring at me his eyes going up and down from my feet to my
head. Hmm oh sorry I did not hear your question. No that’s
okay you answered it for me. I did well I hope that I answered
it correctly. Yes you did, yes you did. I knew that I had Jim,
that I could get him in my bed any time that I wanted, and I
wanted him there tonight.

It was as least 6 months since I had a lover, ever since Tom
discovered that I was sleeping with someone else. So I was
in the need for a new lover. It was alway exciting to be with
a new lover, seeing what they liked and seeing how accomplished
a lover they were, if they brought anything new to the bedroom.
The excitement to first view their cock and to see it so hard
begging to enter me. To feel their young hard body on mine,
their mouth pressed to mine, oh yes I needed his cock tonight.
Jim may have have thoughts of getting me in bed tonight,
little does he know that I’m going to make his wish come

The dinner went well all wishing Judy good luck in her new
job, and told her to keep in touch. During the dinner i sat
with women that I work with and Jim sat with co-workers of
his. So he did not get much of a chance to speak with me. Afterwards
there was a DJ spinning some vinyl in the bar, I asked Jim
if he would like to get a drink before he took me home? Sure
lets head on over there, sounds like they’re playing
some cuts from the 70’s and 80’s, I love songs from that
era. So we bid our good byes and said we would see them at work
on Monday and headed over to the bar.

I notice while walking over to the bar that Jim seems to be
2 step behind me, I knew that he was checking out my ass. That
was very flattering and was starting to excite me. Jim paid
the cover for us to get in and we found a couple of seats at
the end of the bar close to the DJ. I had to step up to get seated
on the bar stool, and when I did so my dress rode up exposing
my upper thighs and the top of the stocking. Jim was holding
me hand to help steady me and I saw the he got a good look of
my leg. After he walked around to take the seat next to mine,
he asked what I wanted to drink I leaned over and told him
Patron Silver straight up. He gave me a glance, and I told
him that’s why you’re here to drive me home so I don’t
have to watch what I drink. Okay then, and he placed our order
with the bartender. When the bartender returned with our
drinks he asked if Jim wanted to run a tab. Jim looked at me,
and I smiled and told him well my husband is out of town on
business and there is no work tomorrow, so why not.

The DJ started playing again and it was a fast song. Jim and
I sat there and tried to have a conversation but to do so we
had to lean over and speak into one another’s ear, as we
were sitting close to one of the speakers. When Jim was finished
telling me about his parents and where they lived he leaned
in closer and told me how he loved my perfume he said it was
so hypnotic. I leaned over and told him thanks and that I’m
glad he like it that I dab a bit all over my body. He gave me
this look like he wanted to ask me where I put the perfume
but thought better of asking that question. He leaned in
and said you mentioned that your husband is out of town on
business, when will he be back. It depends I told him leaning
over and this time I put my hand on his knee while I told him
anywhere from a couple of days to a couple weeks he does not
always know till he gets there, then he calls me to let me

I left my hand on his knee and with my other hand I took a sip
of my drink. Jim leaned over and asked what I did while he
was out of town. Well it depends I told him, as to how long
he’s going to be out of town. As I said this I purposely
let my hand slip off his knee which caused me to slid over
towards Jim. He brought up both his hands to catch me. I thanked
him and took another sip of my drink. So what is it that you
do he asked again. This time I put my hand high up on his thigh
and leaned in and told him I really do whatever I want and
gave him a quick kiss on his ear. He looked at me and now it
was his turn and he took a large gulp from his glass, while
I took another sip. I motioned to the bartender to bring
another couple of drinks which he did.

I took another sip from the full glass and Jim took an other
gulp from his. I crossed my leg which caused the dress to
ride up exposing more of my leg and the top of the stocking.
I did not want to be to obvious with Jim, I really wanted him
to make the first move, I liked that better this way I knew
that the man was interested in me and wanted my body for his
pleasure. I felt that if I made the first move it came across
as being cheap and needy that I was an old women trying to
relive my youth with a younger man. Jim was trying to be the
gentleman that he is and was trying very hard not to look
down at my legs so I uncrossed them and crossed my legs the
other way, again showing off my upper thighs and stocking

Jim still was trying very hard not to look and took another
drink, so I dropped my purse and started to get off the stool,
Jim grabbed my arm and said no, I’ll get it. He got down
and had to get between our stools to retrieve my purse and
while down there i know that he got a good look at my legs.
Jim would you mind tightening the strap on my left heel,
it seems a bit loose. Sure just give me a moment, he handed
me my purse and then knelt down to tighten the strap of the
left heel. As he was doing that I moved in the seat and slid
forward a bit so it looked like I was trying to help him with
my shoe, but what it did was to allow me to expose myself so
that he could see that I had on a sheer white mini thong panty.

The DJ played a song from the Bee Gees, “How can you Mend
a Broken heart”. I took Jim by the hand and lead him to the
dance floor. Jim pulled me into his arms and held me in close
while we danced. While we danced I rubbed myself against
him wrapped both my arms around his waist and put my head
on his chest as Jim was about 6’ 3” and had a athlete’s
body very firm and strong. I had seem him at the office take
one of the large water bottles that was full with one hand
and lift it to place it in the water cooler.

That song ended and another slow song by the Bee Gees came
on. Jim pulled me in closer and this time he pressed his right
leg between mine and I could feel his thigh rub against me,
which started me to get moist. A bit later I could feel Jim’s
penis start to grow and press against my thigh. Then he lowered
both hands to my ass and cupped them in his large hands and
rub himself against me while pulling me into him. He whispered
in my ear that he wanted me and that he hoped that I wanted
him in the same way. I pressed myself hard agains his leg
and ground myself against his penis and looked up and told
him yes I want you, that he should pay the bill while i freshen
up and that i would meet him out by the Valet area.

i had gotten my coat and was waiting for Jim out front, he
gave the Valet the ticket and a couple of mins later our car
arrived. Jim helped me into the car and this time I did not
hide anything and let Jim get a good look at my legs and ass
while I got into the car. We rode back to my place in silence,
I told Jim to park in the garage so no nosey neighbor would
his car in the drive way. I used the garage door opener to
open and close the door. Once inside Jim came around to help
me out, he opened the door and as I was stepping out he lifted
me up with both hands and then closed the door with his hips
and he placed me against the side of his car and pressed himself
to me and started to kiss me with his lovey full lips and slid
his tongue in my mouth and started to probe me with it. This
really started to get my juices running.

I told him lets go the the bedroom he again picked me up and
cradled me in his arms and said tell me where to go. So I told
him to held inside and to go up the stairs that it was the room
on the left side of the hall. He laid me on the bed and started
again to kiss me and probe me with his tongue. I broke free
and told him to let me catch my breath, and that I could use
a drink right about now, and if he would like one to help himself.
I told him where it all was and would he please go fix a Patron
for me?

When Jim left the room, I went over and got the remote for
the video camera and turned it on. Jim came in a moment after
I had turned it on and i placed the remote under the pillow.
I took the drink and polished off half of in in one gulp. Jim
did the same then he took the glasses and put them on the night
stand as I got back on the bed and waited for him. Jim stood
there and started to remove his clothes, he was looking
at me looking at him. Well are you going to get undressed
or do you want me to do it for you he asked me. Well I know that
some men like to unwrap their own gifts themselves. Well
okay then I’ll do the unwrapping just give me a minute,
Jim had his coat and shirt off and now he removed his under
shirt and I could see the muscles ripped across his chest
and stomach.

He then removed his shoes, socks trousers and finally I
could see his cock straining again the material of his undershorts.
When he removed that his cock came into full view, Jim as
a full 9 inches and very thick I’ve had lover’s who had
large penis;s but not one as thick as this. My husband Tom
is 6 inches maybe 7 if I sit on him and press myself hard on
him. Jim was a firm 9 and I do mean firm. Jim came to the bed
and grabbed the edge of the dress and pulled it up and over
me leaving me there in my bra, panty, stockings garter belt
and heels.

I like the see thru bra and panty very nice Jim commented,
thanks I wore them just for you. Oh so you knew that I would
be sleeping with you tonight? Well a girl and hope can’t
she I said? Well I’m glad that you came prepared, love
the stocking and garter belt that is so old school, not too
many of the younger women dress like this anymore. I think
that they would if they knew just how much seeing this turns
on a man. Then the heels really is the finishing touch. I’m
going to leave those on with the stockings, but I’m going
to have to get the panty and bra off. With that he pulled the
panty off and then reached behind me and unhooked the bra
and took that off.

He got off the bed and looked down on me and said you look so
hot, God Mary you look so fucking hot. Yes and Jim you look
like a Greek God so muscled and chiseled, look at the knots
of muscle in your arms and legs. Jim came over and laid next
to me and ran his hands over my legs, stomach and breasts.
He leaned over and took one of my nipples in his warm mouth
and sucked on it like a child would when nursing. His other
hand reached over and cupped the other breast and he gently
massaged it and would occasionally tweak the nipple. I
could feel my juices start to flow down my legs.

Jim lowed his hand and reached between my legs which caused
me to take in a big breath of air. he ran his hand up and down
my crotch and would caress my thighs and return to my crotch.
He then moved up and once again started to kiss me and slid
his tongue in my mouth and was running his tongue over my
teeth and lips, then one of his fingers entered me. This
caused an electric shock to go through my body and i went
rigid as he slowly slipped his finger in and out of me while
his tongue was doing the same to my mouth. then I felt another
finger enter me and the Jim moved his mouth to my ear and was
kissing and nibbling on my ear lobe and at times he would
press the tip of his tongue in my ear. All while he had two
fingers in me, then I felt another finger in me Jim was sliding
in and out of me and then would use his thumb to rub my clit.

This was driving me crazy, I started to moan and twist on
the bed and was bucking my hips to get his fingers deeper
in me. Suddenly Jim moved to the end of the bed and put his
head between my legs and sniffed deeply of me, and said I
know where you dab some of your perfume. He then lowered
his head and started to lick me with that long hot tongue
of his. Slowly he licked me around the edge and upper parts
of me hight that was not covered by my stocking, while his
hands either was caressing my breasts or running up and
down my long stocking clad leg.

when Jim’s tongue entered me that caused another bolt
of lightening to enter my body, I jerked and let out a scream
I reached down and pushed his head deeper into me. My hips
had a mind of their own they bucked and twisted under the
tongue lashing Jim was giving me. I’ve had other men go
down on me including Tom but no one, no one could equal Jim..
I started to call out to Jim to fuck me with your cock I want
your cock in me now. I told him to please put his cock in me.
Jim just continued to lick me with his tongue. before long
I was cumming I had not had this intense of an organism since
I could not remember. I pushed his face in my crotch while
i fucked his face with my hip.

After I had calmed down, Jim laid next to me and caressed
my body all over with his hand while gently kissing my lips,
face, ears. He asked If I was ready for the next course, yes
I’m ready. He told me to take him in my mouth and get him
ready to enter me. I moved down on the bed and put my mouth
on his semi hard penis and slid into my mouth. I let him slid
part way out then suck him back in and deeper. The more I sucked
the larger his penis grew, soon it was at full erection and
I could not get it all in my mouth as it was just too wide. So
I licked it on the shaft like it was a lolly pop and suck on
the tip of his large penis. Jim told me to stop and for me to
get up and lower myself on to his penis.

I straddled him and slowly lowered myself on to his large
penis, even with the lubrication from his eating me I was
having a hard time getting him in me. I kept rising up and
lowering myself but I guess I was a bit afraid of taking something
that large into me. Jim was watching and finally he reached
out and grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me down while he
pushed up with his hips and impaled me on his blood engorged
cock. God, oh god I called out it hurts I told him it hurts,
please take it out. Jim it’s too large please take it out
it’s too painful. I’m afraid you’re going to tear
something or rip me. Jim just laid there with his hands on
my hips so I could not get off.

We laid like that for what seems forever then slowly Jim
started to raise and lower me on his cock. It still hurt at
first so he stopped again and waited longer and again started
to raise and lower me on him. Now it was not hurting as much
I just felt full, fuller than I’ve ever been. About 5 minutes
had past and Jim was still working it slowly in me. Now I could
start to feel some pleasure from his cock.. I felt the slickness
and liked that even though I was full and it was tight going
in and out of me. After about 10 minutes of Jim working it
slowly in me, I had gotten looser and Jim was moving in and
out of me with easy and there was no pain.

I even started to pump up and down on Jim and after a bit ground
my crotch down on him. Jim rolled me over and pressed his
now hard cock deeper in me. While again his mouth and tongue
where all over me. He grabbed me by both wrists and pinned
me to the bed while he pumped himself in and out of me. While
his lips went from me mouth to the ears and down to my breast
where he would squeeze my nipples between his lips. At times
Jim would slam himself hard into me, which caused me to grunt
out loud.

It was like, no it was more like he was not forcing me, but
taking me for his pleasure. It was the way that he pressed
his tongue in my mouth and how his cock was forced in me and
how he kept the steady rhythm of his hips pressing into me
and the way he would from time to time grind himself on me.
It was like I was his slave or mistress not his lover, but
one who was there to service his needs. Jim released my wrists
and leaned back and was on his knees, his cock still deep
in me. He then started to caress my stocking clad legs his
hands started at my ankles and slow came up to my thighs.
He then grabbed me by both hips and pulled me towards him,
while he pressed his cock forward.

The feeling of his cock pressing deeper into me and the strength
of his hands and arms pulling me towards him was overwhelming
I reached out and took hold of both his arms and started to
rock my hips to try and get more of him in me. Jim looked down
and smiled and said it seems that you’re enjoying this
now? Yes, oh yes, please don’t stop it feels so good. It’s
like a soft silk sheath of hot and oh so firm rod going in and
out of me, I never felt so sexy and wanted. I’ve had plenty
of lovers but i can say none that compares to you. God Jim
where did you learn all this, and why and the hell would those
other two women want to divorce you and miss out on this?

Well I’ll tell you about the divorces at a later time,
right now lets concentrate on taking our pleasures from
each other. I’ve never had a women like yourself who just
gave herself so freely to me. Plus one who was able to take
my cock in her after so short a time period and you’re still
so tight you fit me so snugly and you’re so warm. I like
the way that you can use your inner muscles to milk my cock.
With that Jim once again laid on me and pressed his cock in
me and ground his hips to me, which by now I was again very
near to having another organism. Jim reached down and lifted
my legs over his shoulders and started to fuck his cock harder
and harder in me. I reached up and dug my nails in his back
while I scream out and pressed my hips once again to meet
him as we both groound our hips together. Jim I’m cumming
again oh Jim it’s going to be a big one, and with that I let
loose and shook and twisted under him all the while trying
to climb up his hard cock to get it deeper in me.

Then suddenly Jim started to shake and forcefully shoved
his cock in me, he leaned up and grab my hips once again and
pulled me down on to his hot, so hot cock and started to release
his seed deep in me. Jim shook and pumped hard in me that he
started to sweat and I could feel the drops falling on me.
I too had started to sweet and I felt the bed sheets getting
wet from it. After a while jim calmed down and he again laid
down next to me and started to kiss my face all over.

He whispered in my ear that he had a great time and hope that
I had as well, oh you can bet your life I had a good time in fact
best ever. I’m glad that you enjoyed yourself I know that
I’m a bit rough in my love making and that was one of the
reasons for the two divorces, the ex’s could not take
it. They said that they felt that I was using their body and
not making love to them. Well I could certainly understand
what they meant, to tell you the truth that thought had gone
through my mind when we were doing it.

Oh, does that mean you don’t wish to see me again? No, it
does not. In fact I found that I kind of enjoyed being use
by you. It’s a side of me that I never knew existed, and
I’m glad that you brought it out. Now don’t get me wrong
this does not mean that I’m going to divorce my husband
and marry you. No, I just think that an occasional love making
session with you could be very stimulating.

While I was speaking Jim had moved his hand down to my crotch
and was once again playing with me and had slipped two of
his fingers in me again. My hips started to move by their
own and I looked up and smiled at Jim and told him you’re
pretty sneaky aren’t you? He smiled back and said guess
I am when I want something and I want you again, but I was not
sure that you would be up for it. I looked at him and told him
look Mister you’re the one that going to have to get it
up, all I have to do is lay here and spread my legs for you.
So if you think you can then lets get to it, I can’t wait
to feel that big cock in me again.

That was all that Jim needed to hear he got between my legs
agains and I felt the tip of his cock slip past the ouster
lips and slowly enter me. I just arched my back and purred
like a kitten and let him do all the work and boy did Jim ever
work me over. Once he was in me and after a minute or so he came
to full erection and i could once again feel it filling my
entire inside with his hot cock. Jim was not gentle at all
this time, he pressed him body on mine and he just fucked
me like I was a rag doll. His hot cock kept sliding in and out
of me he forced my hands behind my back and jammed his tongue
deep in my mouth. He held my hands behind me with one of his
and he took the other and squeezed my breasts hard and pinched
my nipples. At times he leaned over and bit and sucked on
them, all while his cock kept pressing into me. I could feel
his need to take me and make me his women, no not women his
whore. He was using me like he had paid to fuck me and he was
going to get his monies worth out of me.

Jim let go of my hands and he started to pant and again i could
feel drops of his sweat fall on me. I could feel myself getting
aroused from the way he was using me, this again was a side
of me that I did not know existed. I bucked up to meet his thrusts
as he entered me. I called out come on cum in me I want you to
come it me, as I pressed and ground myself shamelessly on
his hard cock. Come on I pleaded let me have your cum, I want
to feel you fill me with it, I wrapped my legs around Jim and
pulled him into me all while I pleaded with him to cum in me
and make me his whore. come on I told him shoot it in me, I’m
your bitch fuck me like you own me. With that Jim started
to fuck me harder and faster I could see him gulping in air
and his sweat was coming down like rain.

Jim scream out you fucking whore, you fucking whore here
it is. Jim pressed me hard to the mattress and ground himself
on me while I could feel his hot juices flowing in me. I too
reach my climax with him and kept bucking my hips up to him
while I kept my legs wrapped around his waist. After a bit
Jim pulled out and said may I stay the night? Oh, Jim I’m
sorry you can’t tonight, oh I thought that your husband
was out of town? He is but I need to get my rest, as I know that
if you stay I’ll want more of you and I need to get up early
to run some errands while my husband is out of town.

Okay, but we’ll do this again soon yes? Oh hell yes you
can bet on that. With that Jim got dressed and left. I had
forgotten about the camera and found the remote and turned
it off. Then I went and got my cell and called Tom, he answered
on the first ring. Well it’s about time you called I thought
that you had forgotten that you had a husband. No, sorry
but things just went well what can I say I’m sorry please
come home, Jim has left.

Tom arrived home in 15 minutes, I was waiting for him a t the
top of the stairs, i still had on my stockings and heels as
I know how much Tom liked to see me like this. I also had put
on a sheer black robe and left it untied. Tom rushed up the
stairs and asked how it went? I told him all went well and
that I was again sorry for taking so long but Jim was very
much into making love to me.

Were you able to get any close ups Tom asked, no I did remember
to turn it on but after that to be honest Jim kept me so busy
that I forgot about it all together. Tom got undressed and
into bed and patted the spot next to him and told me to come
and sit next to him while he looked at the video. I went over
and sat next to him on the bed and I could feel the dampness
from my love making with Jim.. Tom reached over and turned
off the light and pressed the start button on the iPad and
the first thing he saw was me on the bed, then he heard me tell
Jim that I thought that he might like to unwrap his own gift.
Then he saw Jim step into the picture, and Tom looked at me
then back at the iPad and said hey, Jim is BLACK!

Part two to come.

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