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Never new what hit her


She was taken swiftly, being grabbed and dragged into the
doorway she was passing in the narrow street of the market.
Strong hands immobilized her and covered her mouth while
holding her jaw shut. She knew her peril was inescapable
when she saw the man stab the needle into her arm and the room
start to fade. The time that followed was a drugged blur.
She was only occasionally aware of the voices repeating
demands for sexual gratification, the drugs that made
her want to cum more than anything else in the world, and
the probing hands and vibrators bringing her near to, but
never beyond orgasm. Eventually however, her world started
to clear and she found herself tied tightly in a dark small
place. As her consciousness increased, she was aware that
she was in a long crate. The gentle rocking motion and sloshing
sounds told her she was at sea. She could tell that she was
naked and blindfolded, and she could feel the numerous
broad straps that kept her arms pinned to her side and her
legs pressed together. She could feel the wrist cuffs linking
her hands to the wide belt about her waist. With some distress
she noticed the pressure in her ass and cunt that was the
manifestation of the large dildos impaling her. The edge
of the wide strap cutting into her inner thighs and the pressure
on her cunt told her that she would not be able to expel the
invaders even if her legs were free to move. With even greater
distress she noticed the coolness and breezes that told
her that her breasts alone were exposed to the world outside
her crate. She began to struggle, testing her bonds but
that proved a grave error. Her first attempt to rock the
crate set off an alarm, and in moments she heard two male
voices comment on her alert state.
One voice spoke “Time to begin the fun, now that she can
properly feel it, ” followed by a sharp pain, as what she
later learned was the riding crop striking her left breast.
The muffled yelp that escaped the crate encouraged further
abuse until both her breasts were red and welted, and she
was begging loudly for mercy. A moment of respite was all
she received, as she heard one of her tormentors say, “now
watch this.” She felt a stab of a needle into her right nipple.
Then, hands were rubbing a soothing ointment onto her sensitive
breasts. The treatment seemed bizzarly gentle compared
to what she expected, and in moments she was more aware of
a desire for sexual gratification than any pain she was
experiencing. Indeed, the pain in her breasts seemed to
fuel the fire growing between her legs. Suddenly, the dildos
in her ass and cunt came alive, buzzing and turning. The
wide strap between her legs that had previously brought
only discomfort as it crushed her cunt transferred the
vibrations to her clit. Despite her justified terror,
she could feel herself building towards an incredibly
powerful orgasm. The hands now tugging and twisting her
nipples encouraged her headlong fall towards ecstasy,
though she knew under normal circumstances such treatment
would be very painful. However, just as she was nearing
the edge, the vibrators ceased and her cunt and ass exploded
in pain as a shock ripped through her nether regions. The
pain pulled her from the brink of bliss, but she was more
in need of sexual release than she had ever remembered.
One of the men said, “OK bitch, do you want me to turn the vibrators
back on ? I’ll let you cum if you promise to do everything
we tell you to. Do you understand?” She did not answer, but
a few moments, the vibrators began again. The men played
with the vibrators teasing her mercilessly. There must
have been some sort of sensors within the dildos though
as they commented on how aroused she was getting and seemed
to know just when to turn the vibrators off before she could
cum. One commented about how well the drug she was injected
with was working, thus confirming her fears that it was
designed to increase her sexual desires. It wasn’t long
before she was nearly insane with her need to cum. She began
to plead with the men to give her the orgasm she needed. “What
will you do for us if we let you?” one taunted. “Will you beg
to suck us off as we beat you with hoses?” the other asked.
This set her back a bit, and she kept quite for a moment, realizing
that she might actually do so if she were allowed to cum.
“Yes, ” she said, “if you’ll just let me go afterwards.”
“Not a chance, ” said one of her tormenters, and they began
teasing her again, this time while idly whipping her exposed
breasts. After a good half hour of torment, she was begging
to have to the most depraved things done to her if they would
just let her cum but once. Finally, the men hit her with a
shock long and strong enough to make her forget about her
need to cum and took her well back from the edge. She sobbed
and begged to be let go, but knew that they were having too
much fun for that to happen.
As if in confirmation of that thought, she heard one say
“Well she begged pretty nicely from pleasure, lets see
what she’ll agree to do from pain.” “Beg us to whip your breasts!”
“No, ” she sobbed, only to be greeted with a severe shock
that ripped through her cunt and ass. Twice more the demand
was repeated with similar results of increasing severity.
After the third, she whimpered, “Please whip my breasts.”
“Sure thing bitch, ” and they began whipping her tits in
earnest as she screamed and pleaded with them. She knew
what they wanted and again began begging to use her in the
most depraved ways. “Beg us to shock your cunt harder than
the last time whore!” yelled one of her assailants. Stunned,
she said nothing and her breasts were whipped furiously
and she screamed in pain. They continued until she was hoarse
and could barely croak out her pleas and promises.
However, she soon knew it was not mercy that caused them
to stop, but rather their own needs. She heard the lid open,
and from the motion of the air could tell only her head was
exposed. Roughly, her jaw was pried open and a large metal
ring was forced into her mouth, locking it open. From the
smell, she guessed one of her captors was squatting over
her open mouth and unceremoniously; his cock was thrust
down her throat. “Use that tongue of yours bitch, ” he growled.
A shock to her cunt encouraged her to follow his orders.
However, she had little to do as he thrust his rather thick
cock deep into her throat. What additional pleasure he
gained however was more from the spasms and gagging than
from the work of her tongue on his shaft. Fortunately for
her, he was already very excited, and came in less than a
minute. She had little time to breath however, as his partner
soon took his place. He also simply thrust his cock down
her throat and held it there. He however, seemed to enjoy
her attempts to scream as he repeatedly and severely shocked
her cunt and ass. It was also only a matter of a few seconds
before he spewed his load directly into her stomach.
“Well, that should serve you for your dinner today, ” one
said, “We’ve got other sluts to attend to.” Before they
left though, they sprayed her damaged tits with an antiseptic
that, though likely effective, burned a lot. She also felt
them fix a leather or rubber strap around the base of each
breast, and her nipples and areolas were pulled through
metal rings with sharp spikes facing inward. They pulled
hard and stretched her nipples upward while pushing the
rings down so that when they let go, her areolas were impaled
on a dozen short spikes as they tried to regain their normal
shape. A moment latter, they had also placed clamps on her
nipples. After a little fumbling, she felt some dull hook
like object placed into her nostrils. “Were gonna let the
machine keep you happy while we attend our duties, ” laughed
one. “Just lift your head when you want us to turn it off and
play with you some more.” “The cord attached to your nose
will trip our buzzer. Of course it will also release the
5 pound weights tied to your nipple clamps too, ” the other
commented with amusement. “Were likely to get back with
you some time before your nipples are ripped off… unless
were busy, ” the other laughed. “In the mean time, just
to help you along, here’s another does of the stuff.” She
felt another jab as they injected more of the drug into her
left breast. Oh, one more thing. We’ll set the machine to
give you one orgasm randomly every three hours. Otherwise,
it will either shut down to keep you on the edge or take you
to the brink and bring you back with shocks.” Immediately
the vibrators came to life, and even after the previous
abuse, the drug and the humming soon began to have an effect.
“Have fun!” she heard, and was left alone to stew in her juices.

She had no idea how long she was tortured with the combination
of pain and unfulfilled passion. She thought she’d be able
to keep track of time since she was told she would be allowed
the orgasm she craved at least once every three hours. Even
though she could only guess how long the machine cycled
on and off, keeping her stimulated, but not too near orgasm.
She figured she’d be able to at least count the number of
orgasms she’d be given to help her maintain some semblance
of control, or at least knowledge, of her situation. The
first couple of times the machine brought her to the brink
she had not expected anything but a shock (which is what
she received). But after the tenth near orgasm experience,
she began to expect each to bring her over the long desired
peak. Her torment increased as she realized she could not
remember how many times the machine shocked her back from
the edge, and began to fear that her desire was distorting
her sense of time or that her body was responding so intensely
to the drug and the stimulation that she was only spending
seconds in the valleys and her climbs toward ecstasy were
faster than she perceived. She began to wonder how many
times she might be brought ever so close to bliss only to
have it ripped away before her luck would win out and she
would be allowed to cum. The intensity of the denial was
so great that on several occasions, she started to lift
her head to call for her captors, even though she doubted
not their promise of additional torment. In her mind, however,
she wondered at her weakness- being unable to withstand
such seemingly innocuous torture for less than a few short
hours. Also, there was the constant hope that the next time
she was brought to the brink, she would be allowed to leap.
What she didn’t know was that her tormentors had not set
the machine to provide her with any orgasms, but had said
so just to keep her hoping every time the machine brought
her to full excitement before shocking her back from the
Finally, she gave in. Her hope for strength, and orgasm,
had been in vain, and she knew she could no longer stand the
waiting for bliss that never seemed to come, and she only
longed for it to cease. In hopeless fear, she lifted her
head, but the trigger on the alarm was a heavy one. She had
to actively strain- her nose was stretched and injured,
but finally the catch gave way. She heard the zip of the rope
and then felt an incredible pull on her nipples. The spikes
on one side of the ring dug deeper into her tortured breasts.
She screamed until she accustomed herself to her new torment.
Only then did she notice that the buzzing in her cunt was
continuing. Fear and longing raced through her. The intense
pain in her nipples again seemed to feed the fire between
her legs rather than quench it. Higher she went, and this
time, she was sure the extra sensation would drive her over
the top, painful as it was. Then, her world exploded like
never before. Her breasts, cunt, and ass lit up like fire
as the electricity coursed through her, and her world went
The next thing she remembered was an awful painful sensation
in her nose that pulled her from the darkness into a new world
of pain. Once conscious, she realized she was no longer
in the box, but was out in the open air. The strength of the
wind and the warm sun on her skin told her she was likely on
the deck. However, she was far from free. Her hands were
bound together and pulled over her head. Her legs were held
wide apart by what she later learned was a spreader bar.
Before she could fully assess her situation, she was hoisted
into the air by her wrists and swung a short distance. Before
her momentum swung her back, she felt herself fall a good
distance and struck the surface of the water hard. Before
she could get her bearings, she was snapped feet first and
was dragged quite quickly through the water. The rush of
movement forced water into her ass and cunt. Since she hadn’t
had time to take a breath, her lungs were soon screaming
for air. However, before she could fall into darkness again,
she was hoisted clear of the water by her hands. The water
that had filled her nether cavities gushed out, and she
was again dropped into the sea with similar chain of events.
Three times she was dunked before she felt her self swung
again and heard the familiar voices of her captors exclaim
that she was “clean enough to fuck.” Coughing and sputtering
she was lowered until her feet touched the hot deck. Though
the air was warm, the evaporative effects of the drying
breeze chilled her and her nipples were erect and aching.
“Hmmm, looks like she could stand some warming up, ” she
heard, and an instant later a crop smashed onto her turgid
nipple. Erect and cold, the crop seemed to hurt immeasurably,
and she screamed for them to stop. However, the sun and crop
had warmed her to sweating before she was given any respite.
The way her pain seemed to bring focus and heat to her cunt
told her she was likely still, or again, under the influence
of the drug. At one point her tormenters hoisted her legs
into the air and alternately lashed and toyed with her clit
until she was nearly out of her mind with fear, pain and pleasure.
But never did her captors bring her enough pleasure to allow
her to cum (though they came maddeningly close on several
Finally, her captors ceased beating and teasing her, allowing
her to hang loosely in her bondage. They were not idle, however,
as one set to stringing out three parallel 50 foot lines
between two mast poles. The lower line on the deck and upper
line suspended about six foot high were thin steel cable.
The middle line was about 4 foot off the deck and was made
up of short lengths of chain and rope of varying sizes tied
together. While he was busy, the other summarily injected
her tits and her cunt lips with the drug. In moments, she
was fully under its effects. Despite her abuse, she was
soon dripping wet. Her tormenter noticed and commented
that she was likely to need that lubrication for her next
Blindfolded as she was, she had no idea what that was to be
until she was hoisted into position. One ankle was initially
released from the spreader bar and she was lowered and forced
to straddle the line before the bar was reconnected to her
ankle. She was lowered until her weight rested on a section
of thick hemp rope. Her attempts to pull herself off the
coarse rope were soon thwarted when one of her captors linked
the center of her spreader bar to the lower cable. A second
later, her hands were released from the suspension boom
and all her weight soon rested on her cunt. One of her captors
quickly grabbed her still bound wrists and snapped them
to a loop of cable encircling the rope. She tried to lean
over to spread out her weight and take it off her cunt, but
her captor grabbed her hair and pulled her upright. As he
held her there, the other cinched slip knots over her nipples
and then pulled them cruelly upwards and snapped them to
a similar loop on the top line. This effectively forced
her to take all her weight on her cunt. “OK bitch, here’s
the scoop, ” said one of the men. “If you can make it to the
other end in one hour, we’ll tie you to the deck and fuck you
till you see stars, and then toss you onto the beech of the
next land we find. If not, we’ll tie you deck and force our
cocks down your throat, and beat your tits and cunt till
We see stars. Time starts now!”
She knew that at least the second of the promises were likely
to be true, so she began to pull herself along the rope. Initially,
it felt somewhat good given her excited state. However,
as she dragged her cunt past the part that had been drenched
in her cunt juices, the pleasure rapidly turned to pain.
After the first two feet, she was sure she would be cut in
half by the coarse rope, but knew what was in store for her
should she fail, she did her best to continue. The movement
of the ship intermittently aided and hindered her progress.
She had no idea how long the line was so when she reached the
end of the thick rope and felt the heavy chain she thought
for a moment that the task was to be an easy one. However,
a yell to keep moving from a good distance in front of her
told her otherwise. The Heavy chain was both easier and
harder. As there was less surface area, it pressed against
her cunt much more severely than did the rope. However,
dragging her self along it was easier as the smooth metal
did not rub her as raw. Thus, she was able to pull herself
along slightly faster. She was quite dismayed when she
realized the next section was also of chain, but made of
much smaller links. She hesitated overly long before venturing
out on this length. Consequently one of her captors decided
she needed some encouragement. He picked up a propane torch
and directed the flame to the chain under her ass. She pulled
herself forward, but he kept up the heat so she was forced
to traverse this section quite rapidly. The middle section
of line was made from three strands of 5/50 cord. The cord
was smooth as silk, but very thin. Under the tension it was
on, the strands often separated and pinched at her nether
lips as she tried to traverse it. There was also more sag
in this section so that she could occasionally just feel
the deck if they hit a wave that caused her to bounce a bit.
Unfortunately, the additional slake also caused her to
roll a bit more side to side, which increased the pinches
she was receiving from the strands of 5/50 cord. The next
section was again made from a coarse but thinner hemp rope
that burned her greatly as she tried to force herself along
it. The pain she was in was so great that she had nearly forgotten
about the effects the drug should be having on her. She was
horrified however when she reached the end of that painful
section and realized that the final length appeared to
be made of barbed wire. “10 minutes left bitch!” she heard
and tried to force herself to straddle the thin steel wire.
However, the pain was too great, and she started to back
up. “Oh no, none of that!” said one of the men. And he clamped
some sort of a sharp studded metal ball to the rope behind
her. “You can sit there all day if you want, ” said one, “but
if you want off, there’s only one way to go.” After a moments
more hesitation, she heard one of her torturers yell, “
turn her into the waves!” A moment later she felt the ship
twist, and she slid backwards into the spiked ball and screamed.
Her pleas were answered, but only because the ship dove
forward and she slid forward into the wire. Her tormenter
took advantage of this and moved the spiked ball to the end
of the rope thus preventing her from moving off the wire.
“Ya got five minutes left babe. If you hurry, you can gain
your freedom.” She doubted the promise, but anything was
better than staying where she was, and she tried to lift
herself over the first spikes. She would have been successful
had the ship not rocked forward again and caused her to slip.
The spike missed most of the vital areas, and she learned
that they were fairly dull and short, but it still hurt like
hell as it dug into her pudendum. She began working as hard
as she could from then on, to finish the course. “Ha, you
made it with a minute to spare, ” was nearly the last thing
she heard as she passed out from the pain and exertion.
When she came to, she soon realized that she was suspended
upside down. Her ankles were still locked wide apart by
the spreader bar, and she had a large studded dildo imbedded
in her cunt. Her hands were bound behind her back and pulled
high enough to cause her back to arch. They were held in place
by a coarse rope that went through her crotch and was secured
to the rope encircling her waist. The ring gag had been once
again placed into her mouth. As she gained more of her senses,
she felt a stinging in her cunt and was aware of a greasy salve
covering her nether lips. From the depth of the sting, she
guessed that the dildo had been liberally coated with the
astringent ointment. One of her captors roughly grabbed
her tits and summarily thrust his cock into her open mouth.
Sorry about the lack of fucking bitch, but your cunt was
too tore up to bring us any pleasure. We stuffed the cock
into you though just to show we were nice guys.” As he talked,
she began to squirm for lack of air. However, the man just
pulled down on her tits to keep her from pulling away and
let her struggles bring him off. She had nearly passed out
again from lack of oxygen before he pulled out of her throat.
Her respite was brief however as the second man took his
place and treated her to the same experience (and she him)
again. “That was great said the first man, and he positioned
his flagging but still swollen cock into her mouth again.
“Suck it in and hold it there, or I’ll rip your tits off bitch, ”
he said with a sneer. In his semi turgid state, she was at
least able to breath. That was until he started to get hard
again. “Hey, that viagra is great stuff ain’t it, ” he said,
and was soon thrusting deep into her throat or lifting her
up and down by her tits. The fucking however did allow her
some time to breath, but it was quite a while before he tensed
up and pulled her down hard by her tits as his cock erupted
deep into her gullet. “Me again, ” said the other and he
thrust his already hard cock into her throat. “Hey, take
that cane and whip her legs for me will you, ” he grunted
as he rocked his hips around and yanked on her tits. She knew
what was coming, but still screamed in pain around his cock
as the cane struck her thighs. “Oh ya!” Love the vibrations
she makes when she screams he moaned, “Keep it going.” His
partner was all too happy to comply.
It was getting dark before the two men seemed to tire of fucking
her face and torturing the woman. Each had cum at least a
dozen times, and she was covered with welts. “Well bitch,
it seems you had enough food to last you a month, ” one said
as he patted her ass almost tenderly. “We’ll have to put
you on an exercise program or you’ll get fat.” “Looks like
it might rain, ” said one, “we best head inside, I think
there’s a storm comin.” Good deal, ” said the other, “we
won’t have to bath this one tomorrow then.” We better secure
her a bit better though, ” said the other, “else she’s likely
to smash her skull on the bulkhead.” Thus before the left
her hanging and went back into the cabin they bound a rope
around her breasts and tied it off to the deck. The night
was a long one, and the wind and rain chilled her. The crashing
waves took her breath away while the salty water burned
her wounds. Her bound breasts were savagely pulled with
each twist and roll of the deck. However, by midnight the
storm had subsided and she was just left to rest (as best
she could) until morning.
Blindfolded as she was, she could not tell when morning
had come, but she was eventually aware that she was no longer
cold, and thus the sun was most likely coming up. She was
initially relieved by the added comfort, until she realized
it meant her torturers were likely to awaken soon as well.
Her fears were soon realized when she heard one come out
of the cabin and remark loudly that she had survived the
storm. His smell and movements told her at least one was
next to her a moment later. He seemed almost kind as he caressed
her ass and legs, and his fingers gently probed her tormented
cunt. “Ah, no permanent harm done here, ” he remarked,
“it is already starting to heal.” “Lets see how your tits
are doing.” Soon he was unbinding them from their anchor.
He slapped them a few times to get the blood flowing again,
and then remarked that they were still in good shape as well.
He then did something a bit unexpected (though it probably
shouldn’t have been), when he grasped her by the hair and
thrust his cock into her mouth and up her inverted throat.
He fucked her face casually, mostly just using her to masturbate.
Right before he came, her thrust his thick cock deep into
her throat and told her he wasn’t going to pull out until
she swallowed what he was giving her. Too tired to fight,
she did as she was told, and did her best to swallow as his
cock began to erupt. He seemed to cum, forever, and even
after he was clearly done, he told her to keep swallowing
as he held his softening cock in place. “God that feels good!”
he said. “Now, use that tongue of yours. You’d best do your
damndest to make me happy!” My turn she heard, and the soft
cock was replaced with a hard one. She was given the same
treat again. However, unlike the day before, they seemed
to have had enough, and soon lowered her to the deck. The
strong tropical sun was doing its work, and the deck was
fairly hot. Thus, she squeeled a bit as her raw tits first
contacted and then were crushed under her weight as she
was laid face down on the deck. She tried to raise herself
up, and then to roll away, but one of her captors stepped
on the spreader bar and the other forced her mouth over a
rubber dido that was secured to the deck. As he held her mouth
in place, he inflated the dildo until it securely immobilized
her head with her nose just touching the deck. Meanwhile,
the other secured the spreader bar, and she was shortly
pinned helplessly to the hot metal. “Our cum is enough to
keep ya fed, but it looks like you’re getting a bit dehydrated, ”
said one. “I know how to fix that, ” said the other. A moment
later, a lubricated rubber hose was shoved into her ass.
This too was fitted with some form of a pump, as it began to
expand inside her. “Fill her up, ” she heard, and unbearably
cold water began forcing its way into her gut. “I think three
gallons ought to keep her going a while- no pun intended
said one with a laugh.” “We’ll leave it there till she absorbs
most of it. Hey add some of the drug too.” She was then covered
with a tarp and mercifully ignored for several hours.
She assumed she spent the rest of the day tied to the deck.
Twice her mouth was freed from the inflatable dildo and
she was forced to pleasure both her captors, but was immediately
re-secured. She was given an additional dose of the enema
after her second “feeding.” By what she assumed was mid
afternoon, the effectiveness of the enemas was becoming
apparent by the swelling in her bladder. Unfortunately,
the dildo in her cunt was large and effectively prevented
her from relieving herself even if she wanted to. She was
also incredibly horny due to the effects of the drug. The
feeling of the intruders in all of her openings, and visual
images of what she must look like exacerbated her wantonness.
Consequently, she was almost hoping that her captors would
her when they began releasing her from her spot on the
deck. That was not to be however, as they proceeded to reattach
her spreader bar to the overhead boom and lifted her off
the deck. As she hung upside down, they untied the crotch
rope, and she felt them manipulating the dildo and butt
plugs. Time for your bath again, she heard, and was soon
feeling herself swung out over the water. “hey, check out
the sharks, lets do some fishing” she heard. Sure said the
other, though lets bring him in a bit closer first. An evil
laugh preceded intense pain as the butt plug and dildo were
ripped from her body, and she shit and pissed almost simultaneously.
Hanging upside down, her filth flowed over her and then
into the water. They let her hang there dripping shit for
a few moments and then heard, “drop her now!” She felt her
shoulder strike what she assumed was the shark. It swished
out of the way, and the rough skin abraded her arm. Just then,
the boat started forward, and she was snapped around and
dragged through the water again. She hoped they were going
fast enough to keep the shark from biting her head. As she
had previously experienced, the water soon was forced
into her cunt and ass until she was hoisted clear of the water
only to be dropped back in and dragged again. Like before,
she was treated to three good dunkings before being hauled
back over the deck.
We want you to be good and clean before we have our last bit
of fun with you. We’ll be leaving you on the beach like we
promised. She wasn’t sure she liked the sound of the way
they spoke, and began to fear her life was near it’s end.
“Don’t worry, though, ” one said, we aren’t going to kill
you.” “After all, you have no idea who we are or where we’ve
been since you were picked up. Besides, knowing who lives
in these parts, I suspect whoever finds you is likely to
keep you anyways.” She was dropped to the deck, and the dildo
was again placed in her cunt and the crotch rope tied tightly
to secure it. Her legs were then bound together, and she
was hoisted into a small boat and motored to shore. Once
they reached the land, she was lifted out and stood upright
in the sand. Her captors then set to tying her breasts up
very tightly. They ended with attaching tight clamps to
her nipples that were weighted with heavy bells. “Hop this
way she heard, “or we’ll drag you where we’re heading by
your tits.” A solid tug on her breasts informed her that
they were both likely and capable of fulfilling this threat.
Hopping however was exceptionally painful as well. The
bells tore terribly at her nipples and banged against her
ribs and, on occasion, her face. She fell several times,
and was (mercifully?) lifted upright by her tits. Finally,
she heard a happy, “Here we are.” A moment later, the rope
connected to her tits was pulled violently upwards and
secured in place. She wasn’t lifted off the ground, however,
her position inspired her to stand on her toes to reduce
the strain on her tits. Although she didn’t know it, she
was half suspended from a tree branch along a forest path.
She was sweaty from her exertion, and as she got a sense of
her surroundings, she knew she was in a cool wooded environment.
She also realized that wherever she was, there were mosquitoes.
“Gimme some of that bug spray will ya? The bastards are pretty
“Well, bitch, here we are. This is where we leave you. I suspect
you’ll be found some time, as there is never any trace of
the others we’ve left here abouts. At that moment, a large
beetle flew in and impacted on her forhead then latched
on and tried to crawl onto her head. She immediately started
shaking her head and screaming through the O ring in her
mouth. She was unreasonably scared of bugs. One of her captors
laughed and said “so you don’t like bugs eh? Bummer for you
cause there’s lots of em here.” He picked the bug off her
hair and she started to calm down when he placed it in her
mouth. She squealed again and pushed it out with her tongue.
“Well, that’s not very nice. He was only looking for some
place warm and wet…. Heyyyyy” She knew she was in trouble
before they even began unbinding the ropes holding her
legs together. “This should be interesting, ” said one,
after they had lowered her only slightly and staked her
legs wide apart. They removed the dildo and she felt a rough
stick wedged into her cunt and another was soon wedged up
in her ass. She heard the sound of a can being opened, and
a moment later, liquid was poured down her front and back.
“I hear bugs like soda pop, ” said one, confirming her worst
fears. Lets look around and see what we can find while the
bugs find her. And in moments she was left alone. The mosquitoes
were of course the first thing to find her, and as she was
now worried most about bugs, she was acutely aware of each
one as it landed on her exposed skin to feed. All she could
do was shake and twitch, tied as she was, and that seemed
to serve more to attract them and torture her own tits than
it did to dissuade them from landing. It wasn’t long either
before the first ants discovered the sweet trail leading
to her sensitive cunt and ass. Although they didn’t do much
more than crawl over her, it was enough to make her nearly
insane with fear. Every once in a while she would hear one
of her tormenters yell “hey check these out, ” or “oh that’s
a big one.” Perhaps an hour later, her captors returned
to check on her, and show off their finds. She nearly went
crazy as they began dropping bugs of all sorts onto her body.
A few bit and stung her if they got trapped beneath her bound
arms. Her captors thought it was a most amusing sight judging
from their sadistic laughter. One took a large insect of
some sort and stuffed it into her cunt where it wiggled and
bit and tried to claw its way out until it suffocated inside
her (which took some time). Finally, they seemed to have
exhausted their supply and she heard one say, “Well all
we have left are these.” Seconds later, a rope was looped
over her neck to hold her upright while the rope binding
her breasts were removed, (as if the sticks in her ass and
cunt were not going to be enough to hold her in place). Had
she been able to see what was in the two mason jars, she would
have likely tried nearly anything though to keep her captors
from proceeding at will, for in the jars were fire ants.
“Watch this, ” one said and then she heard a match being
struck. The man dropped the match into the jar and then immediately
held the open end over her left tit. As the match quickly
went out, her tit was sucked tightly into the jar. The ants,
sensing the danger went wild and the woods soon erupted
with the woman’s tortured howls. She tried shaking the
jar off, but the suction held it tight, and the actions just
elicited more frenzied stings. Wow, check it out the way
her tits are starting to swell, ” said one, “they will probably
have to break the jar to get it off.” Finally, the vacuum
and smoke did in the ants, and she was left sobbing in pain.
She didn’t know what was happening when they bound some
sort of a soft cloth between her breasts, but had the two
sticks in her now ant covered groin not supported her, she
might have considered the merciful end promised by the
noose when she heard her tormenter say, “now for the other
one.” Seconds later, her world again erupted in pain as
the second jar was stuck over her right tit. She realized
why they had bound the cloth to her chest as her twisting
bounced the two jars against each other. Realizing a faint
hope, she shook her breasts even more violently, but to
no avail as the cloth kept the jar holding the still living
and stinging ants intact and served to infuriate them further.
At last though these too succumbed and her breast swelled
mightily, nearly filling the jar. It was clearly night
by now, and one of the men started a fire. “That should keep
the big animals away for a while. Oh, before we go, here’s
one more thing, ” and she felt the stick of a needle in her
thigh. Moments later, she knew they had given her more of
the drug. There that was a triple dose. Should be enough
to keep you wet even with the pain, ants, and mosquitoes.

Thus, they left her. The drug did indeed do it’s work, and
though they scared her to death, the ants crawling over
her clit served to excite her as well. She wondered how long
it would be before she was either found or exhaustion took
it’s toll and she would impale herself and strangle to death.
The bugs kept crawling, and the mosquitoes intensified
as the hours (or minutes) dragged on. The drug coursing
through her veins put fire in her loins, and thus, as she
soon realized that the stick in her cunt was thick and rubbed
close to her clit. She also realized this might be her last
chance to cum ever, and began pressing downward and rocking
as far forward as the noose would allow. Painful as it was,
with the help of the drugs, the motion soon began to have
the desired effects and she was slowly building to a powerful
orgasm. Higher she rose, knowing full well the building
orgasm was likely to leave her without the strength to stand.
Lost in her lust, and with the belief this was to be her last
act of pleasure, she didn’t hear the approaching footsteps.
“Those idiots!” someone yelled. And the stick in her cunt
was yanked away abruptly. “Oooooo, ” she yelled as her
instrument of pleasure was taken from her leaving her hanging
(literally and figuratively). “If I had come a second later
…., ” she heard through her lust and pain crazed haze. “Have
you cum?” He asked. “Oo, ” she said, not realizing how odd
this question would be from a would-be rescuer. He undid
the gag. “Please help me, ” she said as it came free of her
mouth. “Help you what, ” he said as he sprayed alcohol on
her groin, washing away the ants, and then fingering her
abused hole after flicking out the dead beetle. “Help me
cum she moaned, please god, make me cummmmm.” “What’s in
it for me?” he asked. “Anything… anything, just please
let me cummmm, ” she whimpered. “Perhaps in time, ” he
said, “if you prove worthy.”

In the doctor’s house

The doctor, as she would later learn was his profession,
examined her swollen tits stuck tight inside the jars.
In a calm and professional voice, he commented that removing
them would likely cause a phenomenal amount of pain, but
leaving them on until he could get to his supply of anesthetics
would not be practical. “I will have to render you unconscious
to remove them, ” he said. She was at first confused, and
then appalled as he reached up and pulled down on the opposite
end of the rope around her neck. He didn’t pull hard enough
to lift her off the ground, but just hard enough to force
her up onto her toes. “Just relax your legs, and I’ll free
your breasts after you loose consciousness, ” he said.
He then stepped back to observe her. However, though she
wished to comply, her natural instincts prevented her
from doing as he ordered, and she continued straining to
keep her up on her toes. She tried to bargain with him, offering
him anything to help her in any other way, but he only smiled
kindly and told her no other way would work. She eventually
resorted to just whimpering as she struggled to maintain
her posture. The doctor however, knew that it was only a
matter of time before gravity won this battle. Besides,
it was a rather interesting experiment. He looked at his
watch and then pulled out a pad of paper and began taking
He was amazed that she managed to regain her strength and
keep herself from strangling 17 times after the initial
loss of stamina placed all her weight onto her neck. Two
more times even after that when he began massaging her clit
a bit with a gloved finger. Finally, with a strangled moan,
wild wanton terrified eyes, and twitching leg muscles,
she passed out. The doctor then picked up a rock and broke
the jars into which her breasts had swollen to large to just
be pulled out, and sprayed them off with alcohol. He then
quickly loosened the noose and lowered her to the ground.
He made a quick examination of her condition, slapped her
a few times to get her breathing again, and released her
ankles. He did not however release her arms, or completely
remove the noose. This fact was not lost on her as she regained
As realization that she was not free sank in, she thought
about making a run for it. But the doctor had a tight grip
on the noose rope, which he tugged on solidly as he told her
to follow him. He allowed her to move fairly slowly at first,
but soon began to pick up the pace. She was still well under
the influence of the drug, and the brisk walk soon got her
juices flowing such that the bouncing of her swollen tits
began to feel more good than bad. However, she was unable
to bring herself off before they reached a small set of buildings
and he lead her into a well lit single room shack. An examination
table was in the middle of the room, and the doctor wasted
no time in securing her to it. Her feet were bound into stirrups,
and he began to leisurely examine her abused cunt. He took
time to both clean it and treat the abrasions before turning
his attentions to her distended clit. He began gently rubbing
it with a soothing lubricant and asked her how it felt. “good”
she said, “please don’t stop.” Interesting, ” he said,
almost too himself. He then flicked it hard with his finger.
She yelped, and he asked her if it hurt. “Yes, ” she moaned.
“Would you like me to stop completely or continue flicking
your clit till you came, ” he asked. “Oh god, ” she cried,
“anything, just please let me cum.” He didn’t continue
though, but instead jotted notes into his book.
Turning his attention to her breasts, he began cleaning
and treating their wounds. “Did you know that there is a
nerve that runs directly from the base of the nipples to
the clitoris;” he asked. “It is most intensely stimulated
by gentle pinching right here, ” and proceeded to stimulate
the spot. Immediately she began to squirm. “I am an expert
on female sexual arousal, ” he noted casually out loud,
“I have obtained a good bit of my knowledge from subjects
such as yourself.” You might be interested in knowing my
current line of inquiry. I have been awarded a very lucrative
grant to develop two drugs by a certain group of Saudi princes.
One of the drugs you have intimate experience with, and
seems to be working quite well. It is designed to heighten
sexual desire in women. One surprising side effect is that
it appears to act most intensely if coupled with fear or
pain responses. As he talked, the Dr. continued to stimulate
her nipples, watching her closely. She was just on the verge
of cumming when he stopped, and walked to a nearby cabinet.
“Given your recent treatment, I’d guess you would do just
about anything to be allowed to cum eh?” he asked rhetorically.
She noted with faint hope that he returned to her side holding
a very large knobby vibrator. He continued talking as he
began to smear some sort of greasy substance on the vibrator
he was holding. It is an interesting behavioral characteristic
of the Middle East, that the men prefer to have their women
to maintain great sexual desire…. The Dr. thrust the large
vibrator into her hungry cunt slowly, pulled it slowly
out and, much to her horror, began working it into her ass…
but seem to also wish to prevent them from acting on it in
any way as to obtain self gratification. The Dr. took a strap
and secured the vibrator deep in her ass. He flipped the
switch, and the vibrator buzzed loudly. Even though it
caused considerable discomfort, the vibrations were
transferred through her stretched tissues to he clit.
The Dr. readied a syringe and continued. “Consequently, ”
he said, “I have also been working on a separate drug.” He
stuck the needle into her thigh. The vibrations were rapidly
bringing her towards her long awaited orgasm. “This one,
is designed to prevent orgasm without diminishing desire
in any way, ” he said as he set down the needle and picked
up his note pad again. At first, she thought he was crazy.
There was no way she would not cum unless something happened
to pull her back. She could feel herself getting closer
and closer to the orgasm she craved…needed! The buzzing
in her ass was now being felt like a hammer in her clit. The
feeling became terribly intense, but just kept building.
The Dr. placed a finger on her clit and began rubbing, driving
her higher and faster. She began screaming and thrashing
in her bonds, worried that the orgasm building inside her
was too great and would rip her apart when it crashed over
her. However, the orgasm didn’t break, but she just kept
getting more and more excited. She was only vaguely aware
of another vibrator being thrust into her spasming cunt.
A more persistent buzzing, directly humming on her clit,
filling her to capacity. She should have cum instantaneously,
but instead she just climbed higher. It was wholly maddening.
Leaving both devices to continue their work, the Dr. began
pinching and toying with her nipples, sending inconceivably
closer towards what was sure to be a fatal orgasm. However,
even after 40 minutes or more of such an assault on her sex,
she hadn’t yet cum. Finally, the Dr. made some final notes,
and abruptly removed the vibrators from her. Still, she
was on fire, her need to cum was insanely overpowering.
She was babbling incoherently, begging for release, begging
the Dr. to replace the instruments of her torture which
she was sure would give her the release she needed. The Dr.
however, smiled and told her no, that the last time he let
someone that excited cum it was indeed fatal, and he needed
her for a few more experiments yet. Instead, he wiped her
down with a damp cloth, attached some wires to her head,
abdomen, and breasts, and then left her as she was, bound
inescapably and in great need before turning off the lights
and leaving her for the night.
Throughout the night she was plagued with wild erotic dreams.
However, each time she was about to cum, she was startled
awake. Each time she awoke, she wondered at how dreadfully
powerful her desire was. She knew without a doubt, that
she would do anything necessary to achieve an orgasm. She
would gladly fuck, suck or be sodemized by man , beast or
both if she thought it would gain her the final push to ecstasy.
In fact as, the night wore on, such occurrences frequently
entered her dreams. The Dr. arrived late the next morning
to find her strapped to the table, dripping in sweat with
her ass in a pool of her on juices. Feebly, she begged him
to let her cum. OK he said, you may cum, after you’ve eaten
and cleaned yourself up. However, just to keep you in line,
you’ll need another dose of both drugs. Noting the apprehension
on her face, don’t worry, I have the antidote for both. However,
if you give me any trouble, I will give you a double dose of
both and keep you stimulated for a week.

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