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Never Too Old


If there's really one thing my mother ever taught me
that I still try to practice even today it is: "Whenever
life throws you a lemon, make lemonade"! OK, I know
that's corny, but IF I hadn't have always had that
kind of outlook on life, then maybe things would have never
happened the way they did! Now what does all this have to
do with the title of my story being your never too old, well
I'm getting to that, I promise!

The "lemon" in my story was the fact that not
too long ago we discovered our house had mold! You know,
that ugly black stuff that can also be harmful to your health!
Anyway, the carpenter we hired informed us the repairs,
and renovations (since we decided to do that as well) would
take as long as three to five months to complete, and so we
decided to lease one of this small "patio homes"
in a subdivision near by. At the same time I decided to take
a leave of absence from my work, so that I could help supervise
all the repairs and renovations. Besides, the main contractor
we hired was a kind of hunky, sexy looking guy, even though
he did have a wedding ring in his ring finger! Still, I think
it mainly just gave me an excuse to take off work and relax
for a change, and besides, it's not like we really needed
the income from my job anyway!

Much to my dismay however, things were going so well with
the work on our old place, that I really didn't have
all that much to do anyway! Oh well, I figured I could just
lay out and work on my tan a lot, especially since I do have
a rather fair complexion! Hard work I know, but someone
had to do it! Now the so called "patio homes"
we were living in were more or less what some people would
simply call condos in other places really! You know, small,
two bedroom jobs, with the living room, small den, kitchen
downstairs and couple of bedrooms upstairs! Small postage-stamp
back yards with fences on three sides, and butted right
up against the neighbors house and back yards on either
side. Since we didn't have a pool at this new house naturally,
I made Steven (hubby) put up one of those above ground models,
and we also had this small deck out back where I could lay
out as well.

On the one side of us, that patio home was empty, and on the
other side of us loved a man named Ted. He was an older man
in his mid-sixties I would guess, and recently widowed
from what I heard. He did seem very nice however, and actually
came over to introduce himself to us the very day we were
moving in, but after that I kind of got wrapped up in the repairs
to our old house, until I wasn't really needed anymore
that is. It was only a couple of weeks really after the repairs
on the old place had started, that the sexy, hunky contractor
kicked me off the job with threats of quitting, if I returned!
I guess I was just underfoot a little too much! Anyway that's
when I fell back to plan "B", and decided to just
relax and hang out a do some "sunning" at our
new place.

And so I know I kind of jumped around a bit so far, but I just
wanted to kind of set things up a bit, so you'd have at
least a little background to my story! Now our old place
is sort of out in the country a bit, and actually on five acres
of land also. SO, if I happen to way to go out back and sunbathe
topless or even nude for that matter, it wasn't like
we had any nosy neighbors around to see me! Once again I'm
telling you this because I honestly just wasn't used
to living as we were then. Neighbors possible on either
side of us, and windows that could actually look down into
our private back yard! SO that very first day I walked out
onto our little back deck to catch some morning rays, and
I unsnapped my bikini top in back and slipped it off before
laying down on the lounge chair, I just wasn't really
thinking you know!

Probably the only reason I didn't slip off my bikini
bottoms as well, is that Steven happens to find some "tan-lines"
sexy, and especially when he's looking down at my bare
white ass, as he's fucking me from behind! He also says
it makes a really sexy contrast to my pinkish/brown, puckered
little asshole as well! Hey if it turns him on a keeps his
cock rock hard, then I'm all for it anyway! Oops, sorry,
sort of got a little side-tracked there for a moment! Anyway,
I didn't think anything of sunbathing topless that
day or the next or the next! As a matter of fact I'd been
doing it almost every day for two full weeks, that is until
the afternoon our neighbor Ted dropped by to chat with me!

As I said earlier, we'd met Ted the very day we'd
first moved in, and since then we'd seen him off and
on, and we'd even had him over for a late Sunday afternoon
cook out once since moving in. I thought he was a very nice
man, and for his age he was actually quite nice looking as
well. Steven and I had talked about him a time or two, and
after I'd gotten myself thrown off our job site, Steven
had actually suggested I might get to know Ted better, since
he was single, a widower and all, and at least as far as we
could see he didn't really have friends, and didn't
seem to go out much or anything. Up till this point however
I'd just not taken the time to really do it, but then
the afternoon he came over to see me, it was for an entirely
different reason that just a neighborly chat.

Besides being a nice looking older gentleman, Ted was also
just that as well, a real gentleman kind of guy. A bit quiet
and polite, as we sat there that day on my back deck sharing
a bottle of wine, I could tell he had something he wanted
to say or tell me, but he just seemed too embarrassed to bring
it up or something like that? Finally after a couple of glasses
of wine Ted kind of clears his throat before speaking again,
and then he looks at me and asks me if he could tell me something.
Of course I'm like "sure", and then he starts
talking real slow and polite like, as he finally tells me:

"Look Teri, it's none of my business mind you,
and I've never, ever been the type to, well to butt into
other people's personal business mind you, but ..."

OK, I'm thinking to myself then, but I sit silently
and I politely continue to listen, until he goes on!

"It's just that, I mean I probably would have
never said anything, oh, no, I mean that's sounds bad
too, but, I ah, well ..."

OK ONCE AGAIN, but this time I'm getting just slightly
impatient, and so I tell him to please go ahead and just tell
me whatever it is he wants to tell me. I tell him that he doesn't
know me all that well, but that nothing usually offends
me much, if that's what's worrying him! Ted took
another larger gulp from his wine glass then, and then he
FINALLY started to speak once again!

"OK, it's just that, I mean, well, it's just
that you know how you ah, well you, ah sunbathe topless and
all, and oh my God I do hope you don't think I've
been spying on you or acting like some peeping Tom or anything
like that but ..."!

"You know these houses all butt up against each other
and all, and so you can see down into your neighbor's
backyard, from at least one of your bedroom windows"!

"Now I, I mean I could care less, but, NO, I don't
mean it like that, but .... ah hell, anyway, the house on
the other side of you, I don't know if you've noticed,
but there is a new couple moving in and they have kids and
all and I just didn't want, I mean for your sake and all,
I mean ..."!

Of course I got the point! I got the point that Ted was apparently
concerned the new neighbor's kids (which I hadn't
noticed anyone moving in yet by the way) but that their kids
wouldn't get the shock of seeing me sunbathing topless,
even IF it was in my own back yard! I also got the other point
as well, the one I'm quite sure that Ted wasn't
planning on me getting! The point that HE had been watching
me, even if by "accident" and that HE had seen
my bare tits, but up until then, hadn't bothered to,
well to mention this little fact so far! Also of course I
wasn't the least bit angry at him! I was actually grateful
he had alerted me to the fact we were about to have new neighbors,
and that they did have kids! More important to me however,
I was also very, very turned on right then as well! Hum, my
sexy older neighbor had apparently been staring, (just
a little mind you) at my bare tits!

I thanked Ted for being gentleman enough to tell me, to warn
me really, and then I have no idea why I did it, but I suddenly
smiled at him and said; "SO other than all that, did
YOU like looking at them"? Ted's face suddenly
went as red as the borders to this page, and he squirmed around
in his chair, before he finally said:

"I, uh, well I mean yes Teri, they are, I mean YOU are
quite beautiful really"!

Having said that, I think it was only AFTER he said it that
he realized just what he'd really said! Or something
like that! At any rate he suddenly "downed"
the rest of his glass of wine, and then quickly stood and
excused himself, saying that he really needed to go! He
was up and out our back gate even before "I" got
out of my chair, and I suddenly felt bad for having possibly,
NO, for have definitely embarrassed him like that! I thought
about going over to his place and apologizing myself, but
then decided that might make matters even worse! I finally
decided to just let things be, and then Steven got home from
work, and I sort of forgot all about it when he had some other
news to tell me. It's not that his news was all that important,
just some junk about his work, but it made me forget about
Ted for a while, at least until that next day!

It was around ten in the morning when the front doorbell
rang, and when I answered it, there stood this delivery
guy with TWO DOZEN ROSES! There was also a card for me of course,
and it was basically an apology from Ted, for interfering
in business that wasn't his own or something to that
effect! Whatever, I just thought it was so sweet, and that
night when Steven got home from work again, I definitely
remembered to tell him about the day before with Ted, as
well as the reason for all the roses! Later in bed my always
horny, always kinky husband asked me the question I already
anticipated he'd probably ask, "did I want to
fuck Ted"? I KNEW that question was coming ahead of
time, just as I already knew, and I'd already been thinking
about everything Steven said next!

"Doesn't it turn you on Teri"?

"I mean the guy is good looking, and you've said
so yourself, and he's a recent widower, so no telling
how long it's been since he's had his hard cock
in a nice wet pussy like yours"!

"Hell you pussy is soaking wet right now just taking
about him, and no telling how long he's been staring
down at your bare tits, and no telling how many times he's
probably jacked off while he's been doing it, while
HE'S probably been thinking what it would be like to
FUCK YOU darling"!

Damn it that man knows me all TOO WELL, and he KNOWS every
button to push, to get me all worked up, wet, turned on and
horny! Even though it doesn't take all that much to
do that anyway! Hell yes I'd already been thinking
about all that and more! I'd been thinking about it
all day, ever since those roses had arrived! As a matter
of fact "darling" I'd been thinking about
it to the point, where later on that after noon I'd actually
gone upstairs to take a little "nap"! I'd
stretched out naked on our bed, and using my favorite BIG
pink vibrator, I'd masturbated and I'd given
myself two wonderful orgasms, before I'd finally
gotten back out of bed to start fixing dinner that evening!

Well, since I've never really been one to beat around
the bush as they say, and especially since my own pussy is
clean shaven, and I don't even have a bush anyway, I
decided to go over to Ted's the very next day to thank
him in person for the roses! I wasn't exactly sure what
my "plan" was at that point, but then again I've
always found that hings usually tend to just work out on
their own anyway if you let them! The first time I went over
to see him was around noon, but apparently he'd gone
out, and so I went back home and I waited. About an hour or
so later I heard his car pulling up to his house, and so I waited
maybe thirty more minuets, and then I went over and knocked
on his front door. Ted opened it wearing a T-shirt and shorts,
and I think that was really the first time I REALLY noticed
what a good body he had for a guy his"age"!

Ted invited me in and I immediately thanked him for the roses!
He immediately turned as bright red as those roses when
I did it. He then offered to show me around his place and I
accepted, and that's how we ended up in the upstairs
bedroom, that he'd converted into a study. This was
the room where he could look out his window and see right
down into our back yard, and I saw him blushing once again
as I walked over to the window, and looked out of it and down!
When I'd come over I'd brought with me a bottle
of wine to thank him for the roses, and as I stood there looking
o9ut that window and down into my own back yard, Ted suddenly
felt the need to go get us some glasses, so we cold have a drink.
I thin k he just needed to get away from me for a moment, to
try and regain his composure a bit!

While he was gone to get the glasses, I was just sort of standing
there waiting, and looking around a bit. It was then I noticed
this digital camera, and it wasn't hard to miss, since
it was sitting there right on a small table, next to the window
itself. Being my regular nosy, snoop self, I picked it up
and turned it on! I then his the "review" button
on the back, and the screen suddenly lit up and it was filled
with ME! More accurately, it was a picture of me laying out
in my lounge chair, and I was topless of course! It was actually
a very clear, very good picture of me, and so I hit the next
arrow button, and I began scanning through all the pictures
on that camera! Picture after picture were all of me of course,
and all but a few were of me topless! Those that weren't
had me either standing and ab out to remove my bikini top,
or in the process of doing just that!

Several of the shots of me were closeups, and ONE in particular
had been zoomed in so close that all it actually showed was
a very clear, very close picture of both of my tits! It was
so close as a matter of fact, that you could actually see
both of my nipples, and how hard and erect they already were,
at the time the picture was taken! I was still standing there
holding the camera in my hands, and I was still on THAT very
picture, as Ted suddenly walked back into the room, carrying
our two empty glasses! The only reasons I even knew he was
back in the room with me right then, was that I suddenly heard
both glasses fall from his hands, one glass actually break,
and then him suddenly exclaiming, "OH God Teri NO"!

At that point I sort of jumped a bit as I spun around to face
him! I almost dropped that camera myself, but then I quickly
fumbled it around a bit, before regained my control over
it! Ted's eyes were wide open at that point, and they
flashed from me and my face, down to my hands and that camera,
and then back up to my face once again! He quickly bent over
to try and pick up the one glass, as well as some of the broken
glass also! He then promptly cut his finger doing so! After
a rather loud exclamation of "DAMN IT" he looked
back up at ME, and I swear he actually had tears in his eyes!
Of course I knew it wasn't simply from cutting his finger,
but because of me and my snooping, and my embarrassing him
once again! No I really felt bad! I set the camera down and
calmly walked over to where he was still kneeling down,
and I took charge of the situation as I always seem to do!

First I had Ted go get a paper towel for his finger, and then
I had him tell me where I could find a broom and dust pan! He
got the bleeding stopped, I got the glass all swept up and
thrown away, and then I had him tell me where to get us a couple
more glasses, as I made him sit down in his living room on
his couch, and wait! It was funny in a way, because as I took
charge, Ted just seemed to relax and let me do it, and even
seemed grateful I was the one in charge at that point! Back
in his living room with him, I poured us both tall glasses
of wine, and then after we'd each taken a drink I started
to speak to him. Even as I started talking I could tell he
was really embarrassed still, but I did it anyway, not bother
to worry about his feelings with then!

First of all I told him that he had no reason to be embarrassed
at all, and that I was actually very, very flattered that
he found ME pretty enough to want to take pictures of me like
that! As I'd started talking to him I'd also reached
over and placed my hand on his thigh, and as I'd reached
the last word in my first sentence, I'd actually given
his thigh a soft squeeze! Ted immediately tensed up, and
he also immediately drained what wine remained in that
first glass full. I then reached over and grabbed the wine
bottle up, and I refilled his glass to the top once again!
After that I rested my hand back on his thigh, only this time
at least he didn't flinch when I did it! I then thought
about asking him about his dead wife, but since I really
didn't know that much about her, I decided not too at
this point at least!

Instead, and being the kind of person I am (usually quite
direct) I asked him "how long it had been"? At
first Ted didn't seem to know what I was asking him, but
then he finally got it, and once again turned as red as a beet!
At first he didn't answer, but then I reminded him that
HE was the one with those topless pictures of me in his camera,
and that I was supposed to be, or at least trying to be his
friend! He finally managed to simply say it had been a very
long time, and then there was this short silence, as I decided
what to do next! I guess I could have handled the situation
in any one of a hundred different ways, but once again, and
once I do have my mind made up about something, I usually
always tend to take the most direct approach anyway! At
that point I was the one who now drained her wine glass empty,
but then Ted quickly followed suit! After that I stood,
and extended my hand to him!

Ted almost seemed like he was in a kind of trance as he took
hold of my hand and let me help him to his feet. I then turned
and pulling him behind me, I walked straight through the
room, up his stairs and directly into his bedroom. Once
there I turned to face him, and as I did I quickly slipped
my T-shirt up, and off, over my head! At that point I also
took a step back away from him, and I swear I could actually
hear him gulp for air, and it was almost like I could actually
hear his heart beating through his chest, as it was beating
so hard right then! Ted was just standing there, arms hanging
loosely at his side and staring at me, and so before he could
do or say anything else, I reached behind my back and unsnapped
my bra, and slipped it off of me! It feel to the floor at my
feet, and then I just stood there, topless like that right
in front of him!

"Teri, I didn't mean, I mean I do, but I, well I
mean I shouldn't I mean, I ah, well I ah ...."

It was all a jumbled mess, that is at least what he tried to
say, and it honestly took every bit of my own personal will-power,
not to immediately break out in an ear to ear grin! Damn I
was thinking to myself right then as well, I wish I could
have this effect on every guy I stood topless in front of!
Especially that hunky married contractor back at our old
place! All that was neither here nor there right then however,
and as I took a step towards Ted once again, I lowered my voice
and used my sexiest, huskiest voice possible, as I asked
him if seeing "them" in real life, wasn't
a lot better that looking at "them" through
a glass window or a camera lens? BY this time I don't
think it's really necessary anymore to keep saying
how red Ted kept turning, but the surprising thing was that
as I stepped closer, he suddenly just whispered, "YES,
oh God, yes it is"!

Now I say that was surprising, and yet I've often found
that when you do suddenly, REALLY shock someone, that's
when the real truth tends to finally come out anyway! Ted
was standing perfectly still as I came close enough to him
then, so that barely an inch of air space separated our bodies!
As I looked up at him, I could see him just staring down at
my bare tits, and my nipples just stood out from my chest
at that point, they were so hard and so very erect! I could
hear Ted breathing harder then, and once again he spoke
in a voice barely above a whisper, as he asked me, what about
my husband? I was ready! I was more than ready for that question
if if arose, and so I immediately answered him back! I told
him that Steven and I live a sort of different kind of lifestyle,
and that anything I did, he already knew about or would know
later, and he more more than OK with it!

That was salvo number two in my sudden, "shock and
awe" strategy! Sorry I just had to go there, OK! Just
as my response back to him had been so quick, his reaction
was every bit as quick when he suddenly spurt out the word,
"Really"? and then just stood there in front
of me, mouth wide open and STILL staring down at my bare tits!
"Yes really" I whispered back to him as I stepped
forward and closed the remaining gap between us! I then
reached down with both hands, took both of HIS hands in mine,
and guided them up to my bare tits, and held them there! At
that point Ted didn't move his hands, but he did close
his eyes, and more talking to himself really than to me,
he whispered out softly, "Oh my God it's been
SO long"!

SO, ladies and gentleman, there we stood, me bare chested,
Ted's large hands now virtually covering my small
tits, and neither of us moving, and neither of us saying
a word at this point! Every person is different, just as
every situation in life is different as well! I do apologize
if I'm stating the obvious, but I just thought it was
something that needed to be said! The reason I said it however,
was because also at this point any plan I had was at an end,
and from this point on I was adlibing it, but I was also ready
for anything that might happen! I was ready to take the lead
or I was ready to follow, but either way, I was just ready
for something, for ANYTHING to happen! Up to this point
I'd either just played off of whatever situation had
happened, or I HAD taken the lead, but as I just said I was
kind of out of ideas, and so I just stood there waiting, and
of course hoping as well!

Ted's large hands closed around my tits and he squeezed
them, and then he leaned over me, and his lips covered mine!
I instantly opened my mouth to accept his tongue, and as
soon as his lips parted too, I shoved my own tongue in his
mouth! My God I was just so hot and SO turned on right then,
and then just as I was about to reach for his crotch, Ted REALLY
surprised me, by suddenly picking me up, and holding me
in his arms! I really wanted to say he just swept me off my
feet, because that's literally what he did, but I was
afraid that might sound TOO corny if I said that! It really
was what happened however, and then still kissing me while
holding me in his arms like that, he turned and took a step
forward, and then just laid me down on his big, king-size
bed! He then stepped back and yanked his own T-shirt up and
off, over his head, and after letting it drop to the floor,
he then slipped his shorts down and off!

Now "I" was the one suddenly feeling like I as
in shock and awe, as a totally different Ted suddenly emerged!
It's not like I knew him all that well I'll grant
you, but this certainly wasn't the quiet, almost timid
"gentleman" I did know so far in our relationship
as friends and neighbors! Ted stood back up then, and as
he did his beautiful, thick hard cock sprang straight out,
and I just stared at it! Now maybe I'm just weird or something,
but at least sometimes in situations like this I tend to
have the damnedest things go through my head! Here I am laying
there half naked myself, and just staring at a beautiful
naked man and his equally beautiful hard cock, and suddenly
that commercial just pops into my crazy head!

"If YOU have an erection lasting more than four hours,
you should contact your doctor immediately"!

"ME", well I'm thinking "HELL NO
I'm not going to let him contact his doctor"!

"If HE'S got an erection that lasts for more than
four hours, then I'm gonna be one VERY happy gal"!

Sorry about that, but I told you that I do get weird thoughts
at the damnedest of moments!

It was a fleeting thought as they say however, because right
after he stood back up, Ted slowly moved towards the bed
and ME, and then he slid onto it, and right up beside me! I
started to speak but before I could get a word out his mouth
covered mine once again! He kissed me hard, shoving his
tongue into my mouth, and then as he did he rolled me over
onto my back, and slid on top of me! I barely had time to get
my legs spread open for him, before he was already thrusting
down against me! I let him make a couple of attempts to penetrate
me, and when he missed both times I finally reached down
between us and took hold of his hard cock! ""Let
me do it baby". I whispered to him, and I felt him relax
a bit, and so I guided his hard cock up to my wet pussy. Then,
holding it by it's thick hard shaft, I slid the head
back and forth between my wet pussy lips a couple of times,
before guiding it to my wet entrance!

Now with the head of his hard cock right up against my wet
opening, Ted could feel my pussy begin to yield to his hard
cock! He thrust forward once again, and this time his cock
penetrated me, and as it began to slide inside me we both
groaned loudly! Now this is just my own personal opinion
of course, but as far as my own feeling go ... I've always
felt that it's kind of my "job" as a woman
to know exactly what the man I'm making love to "needs"
right then! IN RETURN, it's always my hope that when
the time comes of course, that same man will know my "needs"
as well! Maybe all that sounds like a bunch of B.S. to some
of you, but the point is that right then at least, and with
this particular man, I just felt his need was to fuck! TO
fuck and cum, and not have to worry about me or my pleasure
or anything but fucking, and but cumming! Right then at

Ted began to thrust his hard cock into me, and there was nothing
graceful or gentle about it! He wasn't looking into
my eyes and whispering sweet nothings, and he wasn't
the least bit concerned about anything right then BUT fucking
me as hard and as fast and of course as deeply as possible!
I reached down and grabbed hold of my legs by my thighs, and
I lifted them up and pulled them up against me! At the same
time I spread my legs open even wider for him, and I pushed
my ass up to meet his every thrust as I began to whisper to
him, and tell him to FUCK ME! Ted groaned when I said it, and
he also started fucking even faster! I could feel him building
up his tempo as he breathed even harder, and then began to
grunt with each deep hard thrust! Knowing he was getting
even closer, I began to beg him to "cum in me",
and once again each time I said it, he groaned even louder!

It not hard (for me at least) to tell, to know when my over
is "right there", and so turning slightly and
still holding my legs up and tucked in, I reached down and
found his big balls, and I began fondling them as he fucked
me! One, Tow, and then three more hard thrust, and suddenly
he arched his back and shoved that hard cock as deep inside
me as he could! I literally felt his big balls tighten up
against the base of his hard cock, and then I felt them pulse
in my hand, as he began emptying them, DEEP inside me! Ted
let go this combination grunt, then groan and moan that
almost became a scream, and then I suddenly felt like my
pussy was literally FLOODED with his hot sticky cum, as
his ass jerked in top of me, and his hard cock jerked inside
of me! Now I've got to tell you that I have had my fair
share of men cum in my in my lifetime, and this truly was one
of the biggest "loads", I'd ever had shot
into me!

Ted suddenly went slack on top of me, and his body sort of
collapsed on top of me after that! I could still feel both
him AND his hard cock jerking every once in a while, and I've
got to also tell you that for me at least, it truly is one of
the most incredible feelings! Ted was breathing hard into
my ear then, seeing goosebumps down my arms! I could feel
my erect nipples just being crushed into his chest, and
my pussy was just contracting around his still hard cock!
I suddenly felt so close to cumming right then myself, that
now I was the one who suddenly lost control! With a strength
I honestly didn't know I had in me, I shoved Ted off of
me and onto his back, and then I jumped on top of him and lowered
my wet pussy down onto his hard cock! Leaning over him I began
to hump, rub and fuck, and all the while I was begging him
to "stay hard for me", and telling him I was "SO

Of course knowing my own body so well, I knew when I really
was "right there" myself! Right when I got to
that exact point I sat straight up on him, and bracing myself
up with my hands on his chest for support, I "humped"
him, and rubbed my pussy and my crotch as hard against his
as I could! OH YEA! That was it, and I was suddenly cumming
like some mad woman! Moaning loudly and screaming out myself
then, I suddenly let it out, "OH FUCK YES, I'M
CUMMING", and then I was the one now flooding his crotch,
with both of our sex fluids! By the time I finally collapsed
on top of him, and then rolled off all together, we were both
truly a mess! My pussy was a wet, slobbery mess with a mixture
of his cum and my own juices, and his crotch was a mess with
the combination of the two as well! I was all hot and literally
dripping with sweat, and I felt as satisfied as I'd
ever felt in my entire life right then at least!

We both lay there on our backs for several long minutes,
neither of us saying a word! I finally rolled back over onto
my side to face him, and as I did I reached down to take hold
of his messy wet cock! Much to MY surprise, his cock was as
big and hard as it had been when we'd first started!
I guess Ted must have felt my hand jerk slightly as I'd
first touched him and before I'd wrapped my fingers
around his still hard cock! Because almost as soon as I did
it he chuckled, and then he said something about how "that"
(his cock still being hard like that) used to irritate Judy
(his dead wife) sometimes, because she always took it as
meaning she hadn't completely satisfied him when
they had sex! Of course I'm thinking Holy You-Know_What,
this guy his HOW OLD(?) and his cock is still hard as a rock
after an orgasm like he'd just had? WOW, I LOVE IT!

I loved it and I told him so, and I also added that I'd
never felt that much cum shot in me before, and so I wasn't
the last bit worried about whether or not I'd satisfied
HIM! All "I" cared about was that if HE was ready
for round two, then I was certainly ready myself as well!
Ted just laughed and hugged me as I ran my hand up and down
his beautiful, slick hard cock! Since we were apparently
in some kind of contest now about surprising each other,
I really did surprise him then, when I suddenly bent down
and took his hard cock into my mouth! Being honest though,
it was his instant reaction that surprised me too, when
I did it! "OH MY GOD TERI"! I immediately came
back up off of him, and I actually ask him if he was OK!

After all this! After all we'd already done so far,
Ted was actually blushing once again when I asked him if
he was OK! I guess thinking he might have offended me or something
like that, he instantly told me that he was OK, and the apologized
for his reaction! Seeing I was still puzzled of course,
Ted went on to explain that although his dead wife used to
love sucking his hard cock for him, she never, not once in
their nearly thirty seven year marriage together, EVER
put his hard cock in her mouth, AFTER it had been in her pussy!
It was just something she wouldn't do for him, and he'd
finally given up asking her to do it years ago, and after
at least trying to get her to do it several times with no success!
Didn't make sense to me, but as I've said before,
we are all different!

NOT, that I didn't want to go back to sucking his cock
for him right then, but that reaction AND MAINLY his explanation,
made me curious so I asked him! "What else had he always
wanted her to do, that she never would of course? At that
point Ted actually sort of scooted up and sat up a bit, and
so I slid up next to him, but I continued to stroke his hard
cock for him as he began to tell me! He actually began counting
things off on his fingers, but before he did he made sure
to tell me that in spite of all that, he still loved her very
much, and they still had a great sex life, almost up to the
day she died! I do have to admit however, the list he counted
off did surprise the slut in this gal, that's for sure!

In no special order ....

Number one: Of course was what had prompted this whole conversation
in the first place, not sucking his cock after it had been
in her pussy!

Number two: Although she was definitely a "swallower",
she never let him cum "on her", like on her face,
tits, ass, back, stomach, and you get the point!

Number three: Opposite of number one, she never let HIM
go down on her, after he'd cum inside of her, and that
was something he'd always REALLY wanted to do!

Number four: No "anal" touching, or licking,
kissing it, etc ... and so naturally NO anal penetration,
no anal sex AT ALL, EVER!

Number five: HE'D always wanted to try swinging, to
try sharing her and MFM threesomes, and of course that was
a HUGE No_No in her book as well!

WOW, once again WOW, was all I could think right away, and
it wasn't so much about the whole swinging thing, as
I know this lifestyle isn't for everyone, but some
of the other stuff she WOULDN'T DO .... once again just
WOW! SO I'm laying there next to him and thinking this
whole "wow thing" and yet at the same time, there's
now most definitely an "itch" deep inside my
pussy that I NEED scratched! I'm also already putting
his or rather HER list of No_No's in order in my head
right then. In order of which one I AM going to do first for
him! Of course "I" intend on doing them all,
but since my own immediate need is for some satisfaction,
I decided to start with HIM going down on my still cum-filled
pussy! Stretching out on my back beside him then, I put it
in plain words, and I tell him I want my pussy licked!

You should have seen Ted move! He was down between my spread
open legs in a flash, and licking my wet-cum-filled pussy
as soon as he had his face in my crotch! Everything he was
doing to me felt really good, but once again I suddenly felt
I was doing it more for him that I was for me, and that was OK!
I let him lick me for several minutes, until I knew my pussy
was now perfectly clean so to speak, and then I decided to
let him fulfill another of his apparent fantasies, and
so I suddenly twisted around and slung my leg over his head!It
took me a minute to "rearrange" myself on the
bed, but Ted instantly got the idea of what I wanted him to
do! With my upturned ass now in his face however, he hesitated
until I gave him the words of encouragement I think he was
waiting for!

"Lick it for me baby, I want to feel your wet tongue
in my ass, and I want you to lick it for me, get it all slick
and wet, and then I want your hard cock up my ass Ted"!

As soon as I said it, he dove face-first into my spread open

In the course of my own long sex life so far, and as least as
far as I can remember, I've had exactly two "anal
orgasms" before in my life, and before that afternoon
with Ted! Oh, I've cum several times in the past with
a hard cock up my ass, but almost always with me masturbating
myself to orgasm! I've even been "double-penetrated"
several times as well, a hard cock up my ass and one on y pussy
at the same time, and I've climaxed that way my share
of times also! But as far as "pure" "anal
orgasms" go .... as I said before, it's happened
just twice before, that is until TED, made me cum with his
hard cock up my ass and fucking me like that, that afternoon!
MAN WAS IT EVER, SO GOOD! Oh and after blowing HIS second
load of the afternoon up my ass also, Ted thought it was pretty
special as well!

OK, AND SO .... of course that afternoon was only the beginning
with good old Ted, and man was he STILL full of even more surprises
ahead in the future! All of that is for another time and another
story however, as this particular story is ..... well it's
at an end! At least for now!

I do promise though, there is still a LOT MORE TO CUM, when
it comes to Ted!

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I wish I had a neighbor like you! Very good story keep them


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what a great sotry. It is very ghood, please keep them coming.


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Great rollicking story. I enjoyed it immensely even if
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There are a few erotic writers I like on this site, and you
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good story


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I'm 60 and single, wish I lived next to you two.I have
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U can be my neighbor anytime....


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What a great story...I've dreamt about something


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great story love it. You are a very good neighbor